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“Those woman are bat-shit fucking crazy,” Jay said. She didn’t elaborate straight away. She laid in the bath, the bubbles floating around her as she clearly relaxed to let out any tension that had built in the past few hours.

Building a Dream: Part Eleven

Where Jay tells all about her strange day with the wives

“Those woman are bat-shit fucking crazy,” Jay said. She didn’t elaborate straight away. She laid in the bath, the bubbles floating around her as she clearly relaxed to let out any tension that had built in the past few hours.

“What happened?” I asked, making myself comfortable on the toilet lid. I decided it would be best for Jay to tell me about her day before confessing that Manus and I had fucked Sonia. “Where did you go with them?”

Jay sat herself up in the bath. Her wonderful breasts rising above the level of the water with her nipples looking redder and firmed than usual. She got herself comfortable and began telling me about all that went on.

“I was sat in the cab between Cheryl and Sue, both of them still holding a hand each and sitting very close. I could smell their expensive perfume from both sides, they were that close. They were excited and giggling about all the shopping they were going to do this morning; listing the shops they wanted to look in and it sounded like it was going to be expensive. Selfridges and Liberty’s seemed to be their priorities. Mary asked me if I ever shopped at any of them and I told her about the time we went to Liberty’s just to buy something cheap so we could get a carrier bag with the name and logo on. They all seemed to find that quite funny. I just laughed along with them, nodding and smiling as we went. I was nervous and I knew I had to be on my guard, especially since I had fucked their husbands a few nights ago.

We arrived at Selfridges and they headed straight for the shoes. I just stood and watched as they chose a bundle of heels to try on; the ones they didn’t like were discarded to one side for the poor shop assistant to collect and tidy. I tried on a couple myself and, yes, they were very comfy but a quick look at the price tag made me put them back. Those women didn’t even look at the price; if they liked them, they bought them and they all bought a couple of pairs each and then arranged for them to be delivered here. It was crazy. Cheryl asked if I was going to buy anything and I said I didn’t need any shoes. ‘No worries,’ she said, before leading us out and down to Liberty’s.

They just went around picking up dress after dress and then headed to the changing rooms to try them on. Each one of them tried to get me to try something on but each time I refused saying it wasn’t quite my style or I didn’t like the colour. They could be quite persistent too. Holding some very short and low-cut dresses up to me to see how it looked. All three of them stood in front of me as Cheryl held up a very, very short dress that I could only describe as a belt. ‘Oh, go on,’ they pleaded until I relented and went into a changing rom to try it on. I came out wearing it and they all gushed over how well I looked. It was so short. I had a G-string on and I swear that another inch shorter and my arse would be on show. All three women were running their hands over the material and were not shy in running their fingers up against me; my tits, my arse, they did it as if they were just feeling the quality but I knew better and I wasn’t comfortable with it. I said it didn’t suit me and changed. When I came out the changing rooms, all three of them were in individual booths trying clothes on so I wandered around the store wondering what the fuck I was doing there. I know we’re fairly well off, but this was crazy. They weren’t bothered about prices or what their husbands would think. I even considered doing a runner but knew it wouldn’t work, so I waited outside the changing rooms until they were done.

They must have spent a small fortune judging by the amount of clothes they carried to the till. The credit cards came out again and another promise of delivery to here was made. My head was spinning with the amount they were laying out. We left there and I was taken by the hand by Cheryl and Sue as Mary led us to a Sushi restaurant in Soho. A table had been booked and soon we were sat and ordering. A couple of bottles of wine appeared and large glasses were poured. I was famished and soon tucked in. The food and wine helped to relax me after the madness of their shopping. They explained that the shopping they did was to compensate for the amount of time the husbands spend away from home. Phil, Clive and Keith all earn very good money and travel abroad so these London trips are always looked forward to. They get to all meet up, eat, drink, spend a fortune on clothes and do ‘other stuff,’ while the men work at the London office during the day. I told them a bit about us; about how you have your own business, our hobbies, home life, you know, all the boring stuff.

Having eaten, we stayed there for another hour, drinking mainly until Cheryl said she wanted to do some more shopping in Soho. I was a bit pissed and had loosened up a bit by then and was actually starting to enjoy myself. The four of us, hand in hand wandered around looking through the windows of the shops in Carnaby Street. Sue bought some sunglasses from Ray Bans while me, Cheryl and Mary looked in a bag shop. Again I was asked if there was anything I wanted and, despite being a bit pissed, I still managed to resist any offers from them to ‘buy me a treat.’

We wandered around for a bit and found another clothes shop; not quite as extravagant as Liberty’s but they had some nice stuff. Mary and Sue went off and started to rummage among the jeans racks while me and Cheryl looked at the dresses. I found this lovely dress, short, low cut and made of cotton. It was turquoise and, holding it up to me, seemed like it was made to fit me perfectly.

“Try it on.” Cheryl said, pointing to the changing rooms. I held it for a moment and decided I would. It was a bit more than I would normally pay but not as expensive as Liberty’s or Selfridges. I had just taken off my own dress when I heard Cheryl the other side of the curtain asking how I was getting on. I was just about to answer when she opened the curtain, walked in and shut it behind her. I was stood there in just my G-string, but she paid no attention; instead, taking the dress off the hanger and handing it to me. I had flung my arm across my tits to cover myself but she carried on and held it open to go over my head. She pulled it down and smoothed it over my body, her hands repeatedly stroking my tits as she smoothed the material down. “Look in the mirror,” she said. So, I turned and I must admit, it did look good. Short, thin and my nipples were clearly pointing out against the material but it felt and looked good. Cheryl stood behind me and carried on rubbing her hands over the dress, around my shoulders, my tits and my arse, carrying on as if it was perfectly normal. I was a bit shocked at what she was doing but managed to say, “It’s lovely.”

“Then I’ll buy it for you,” she said and began lifting it off me. Just as my tits were released as the dress went over my head the curtain was pulled open and Mary and Sue were stood there. They stared at my tits for a split second and asked, “Ready?”

“In a sec,” I said as Cheryl walked out the booth with the dress and I quickly pulled the curtain shut. I was still a bit pissed, but their actions sobered me up a bit. It was unnerving having them do that. I don’t know these women and they seemed to think it was okay to just do it. I got dressed and took a couple of deep breaths before pulling the curtain open and joining them at the till. Cheryl handed me the bag with the dress and we left the shop, hand in hand again.

They decided to stop for a ‘drink,’ which we did in the closest pub. That turned into two drinks. I was getting a bit more pissed and started to relax again. I checked out the three of them and, I must say, they are three stunning woman. I briefly wondered as we walked from the pub, what it would be like to fuck the three of them. The alcohol and their earlier touching was ringing around in my head and when Sue and Cheryl put their arms around me, occasionally running their hands over my arse as we walked, I didn’t react.

Mary said there was one more shop she wanted to visit and it was then that I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. The three of them went in a sex shop, our sex shop and beckoned me to follow. I slowly entered and the shopkeeper recognised me. He smiled and went to say something but a little shake of my head stopped him. He saw the three wives ahead of me and got the hint, looking away from me as if I was just another customer.

I hung around the entrance, not taking an interest at looking at anything. I mean, I’d seen it all recently anyway, hadn’t I? The wives looked at all the toys, picking them up and showing each other as if it was perfectly normal.

Sue came up to me and asked, “See anything you fancy?”

“Not really, there’s isn’t anything I want.” I replied, trying to play it cool. She held up a purple vibrator wand, the type with the big curved head and said,” What do you think of this? My one is broken and I need a new one. Do you like the colour?”

“Er, yeah.” I replied. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know this side of the women. How open are they with each other sexually? Do they tell each other everything that goes on in the bedroom with their husbands? How much do they actually share? Sue put it in her basket and soon Cheryl came over. Her basket was getting very full with an assortment of toys and gadgets. Whatever she and Phil get up to was none of my business so I quickly looked away. Mary came over and her basket had several items in. This shopping trip had taken a strange turn. “Getting anything?” she asked me.

“I’ve asked her that,” Sue interjected. “She says there isn’t anything she wants.”

Cheryl then grabbed my hand and dragged me to the butt-plugs. “What about one of these?” she said pointing to all the different shapes and sizes.

“I’ve got one of those,” I blurted out before realising what I was saying, pointing to the small, jewelled one I bought the other day. Cheryl’s eyes widened as she faced me and immediately looked down at my arse. I had to say something as Sue and Mary had heard and came over and joined us. “I’ve not got it in, I mean, I haven’t got it with me. I’ve not tried it yet.” I spluttered, totally embarrassed.

“Well, aren’t you a dark horse,” Cheryl said, winking at me. “Is it back at the hotel?” I just nodded and wanted to get out of there as quick as possible.

“Well, well, well,” Cheryl said, still giving me a funny little smile. She looked over at the other two who also looked surprised before saying, “Shall we pay and go. I think it’s time we left and had some drinks back at my room.”

I said I would wait for them outside while they paid. I really needed some air and my heart was pounding in my chest. Why did I say that? It’s none of their business but I had just revealed something that I would never even tell a close friend, let alone three strange women. A short while later, they appeared with a couple of plain carrier bags each. We got to the main road and got a taxi back here.

“I’ve got some wine in my room,” said Cheryl. “But let’s have a quick drink in the bar first, then go up and carry on there.” I couldn’t really see the point but we sat in the bar and a large cold glass of wine soon appeared. I think it was the panic at revealing I had a butt-plug that made me down it quicker than normal. I really needed that drink and soon my glass was empty while theirs was only half-full.

“I’ve got an idea,” Cheryl said quietly, leaning in so only the four of us could hear. “Jay, why don’t you go up and get your butt-plug then come and join us. You could model it for us.” I think I must have been in shock at what I had just heard and the fact that I had just downed a glass of wine very quickly. I should have said, ‘no thanks. I need a lie down. Maybe another time?’ Instead though, I said, “Sure. Give me half-an-hour to freshen up?”

“Excellent,” Cheryl replied and told me the room number. I came up here, came into the bathroom and started running a cool bath. ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ I thought to myself. ‘I can’t do this. I don’t know those women. What do I think will happen?’ I stopped running the bath and sat on the edge, indecisiveness running through me. I finally made a decision. I would go through with it. It would probably just end up with a group of drunken woman having a laugh and a drink until the men returned. I might get to know them a bit better; after all, I had fucked all of their husbands, so I knew the men quite well. I had a bath and got myself very clean, inside and out, if you get what I mean?”

Jay was looking at me directly now. I hadn’t interrupted her at all as she told me her tale. I nodded to show I understood before she continued.

“Having made sure that I was completely fresh and clean, I put on a bit of makeup, got the butt-plug and some lube, bent over and slipped it in. It felt a bit wider than a finger or a cock at first, but after a bit of persuasion it slipped itself in and stayed there. I stood up and bent over in front of the mirror. I could see the jewelled head fit snuggly between my arse cheeks and felt a really nice sensation as it seemed to hit the spot. I felt sexy, very sexy. I put on the new dress Cheryl had bought for me, a clean G-string then headed out to her room upstairs. I would stay for one drink then come back here. I was that turned on that I needed to relieve myself. As I walked up the corridor I got more and more turned on. The plug filling my arse as I walked aroused a nice sensation from the little movements as I walked.

I knocked on the door of the room and it opened a little bit, Sue’s head poking around it. She stepped back and held the door open for me to enter and quickly shut it behind me. I soon realised why. All three women were naked. Cheryl and Mary, who were sat on the bed going through their purchases, looked up, smiled and said ‘Hi,’ while Sue poured me a very large glass of wine. I took it and Sue motioned for me to sit on the spare chair as she sat down on the other and took an assortment of purchases from the sex shop bag. None of them batted an eyelid that they were sat there without a stitch on. I sat in silence while they compared their goods. It was quite an assortment of sex toys and other bits and pieces.

Cheryl looked at me and asked, “Are you okay, Jay? You look a bit uncomfortable.” I took a big swig of my drink and replied, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t quite expecting everyone to be…”

“Naked?” Mary said with a little laugh. “Don’t let that bother you. We do it all the time.” ‘A bit like some other people I know,’ I thought to myself.

“Feel free to strip off yourself,” Cheryl said as she inspected a very large dildo. “You’re amongst friends here.” I didn’t move, nor reply. I kept taking nervous swigs of my drink and trying not to stare. I had to admit, their bodies were great. Their tits were firm and prominent with gorgeous erect nipples. They were all shaven, waxed even and they were not shy in how they sat, completely exposing themselves to each other as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Come on Jay,” Sue said standing up and walking over to me. “Get your kit off, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“I’m okay thanks,” I replied and finished my drink. I decided that maybe I should make an excuse and leave. I stood up to give a reason that I had to leave, something like ‘needing to make a call,’ or ‘that you would be back soon and I was meeting you at the station,’ but Sue misread my actions and, thinking that I was standing to get undressed, she gently started to lift my dress off and over my head. I should have resisted, but didn’t, I let her do it and soon I was standing in just my G-string.

“That’s my girl,” Cheryl said standing up and coming over to me. “My god, your tits are wonderful,” she said and started to rub them, running her thumbs over the nipples. I must admit, it did feel nice. “They’re so natural. Feel mine. All natural.” Cheryl said standing back a bit. I kept my arms to my side and didn’t move. I was now very unsure as to what was going on. Mary came up behind Cheryl, put her arms around her and grabbed both of Cheryl’s tits and squeezed them. “Go on,” Mary said, squeezing and pinching Cheryl’s nipples. “Give them a feel, they delectable.”

She let go and I looked down at them. They did look inviting. I didn’t want to just touch them; I wanted to suck them and bite the nipples, but instead I slowly bought my hands up and gently gave each a gentle squeeze. “Nice, aren’t they?” Cheryl asked as she continued to fondle my tits. “I’m proud of my body, we all are. We like to keep fit and supple and our men certainly appreciate it…and others.” They all gave a little laugh at this and it made me wonder what she meant by ‘and others.’ Did they shag around? What exactly do these women find to do all day apart from shopping while the men are at work when they visit their husbands in London?

Cheryl let go of my tits and I did the same, returning my arms to my side. Sue passed me another glass of wine and I took a big sip just as Cheryl asked, “Did you bring your butt-plug or are you already wearing it?” I nearly choked on my drink. I had to put it down in case I spilled it. The question was so blunt and forward. I nodded, not entirely sure how to reply and a nod just seemed the only thing to do.

All three of them were stood around me and I felt a pair of hands slowly and gently pulling my G-string down. Sue dropped them to the floor, pulled them out from my feet and turned me around. I felt three pairs of eyes looking at me before I felt a pair of hands bending me over. I parted my legs a little as I did so and heard a chorus of, ‘wow!’ as they saw the jewelled head snuggled in my arse hole. I then felt a gentle prod on it which made me grab the arms of the chair with both hands. The sensation shot through me as Cheryl poked at it, making it move in my arse. I let out a gasp which wasn’t unnoticed as Cheryl grabbed the rounded head and started to do little twists so it moved inside me. I let out another gasp. As exposed as I was in front of three almost strangers, this actually felt good.

“Do you like that, Jay?” Cheryl asked as she twisted the plug around. “Oh fuck,” I said as she did so. It was all I could say, the sensation was not like anything I had experienced before, even with all the anal I’ve gone through lately. This was different. “You certainly look like you’re enjoying it.” She said as I felt a finger gently run along my pussy lips. I was wet. The excitement of walking to the room with it in had turned me on and I could feel the moisture when I had sat down. Now my pussy was exposed and all three could see how wet I actually was.

Cheryl stopped and I stood up and turned around. Sue went and sat on the bed and patted for me to sit next to her, which I did before she passed me my drink. I took a sip before the glass was taken away from me by Mary who had sat the other side of me. They didn’t say anything as Cheryl bent down in front of me. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and rolling around in my mouth as she held my face, pulling my mouth on to hers. I enjoyed the kiss and put my arms around her and got really into it, holding her tight to me as she did the same. She then pulled away and her lips were replaced by Mary’s, who proceeded to kiss me long and hard before releasing me and letting Sue have her turn.

As they kissed me in turn, they started running their hands over my tits, pinching and tweaking the nipples which made me moan a little, not easy with a series of tongues going in and out my mouth. After a little while they stopped and laid me down on the bed. Sue and Mary took a nipple each in their mouths as they laid next to me. Sucking hard and nibbling, which felt great but it was Cheryl who parted my legs and started to run her tongue up the inside of my thigh before reaching my pussy. I was so wet and she knew it. She parted my pussy lips with her thumbs and ran her tongue up and down, teasing my hole. She worked up to the clit and put her mouth over it, creating a vacuum by sucking and flicking my clit with her tongue and, oh fuck, it was fantastic.

I held her head there, not wanting her to stop, especially when she put a couple of fingers straight in and started finger fucking me. She was doing it so fast. I could feel myself getting to the point of screaming when she stopped and moved away. That was so, so frustrating as I was at that peak. Mary moved above me and lowered her pussy down to my face so I could lick and suck her. She was wet and I could smell and taste her juices as her pussy engulfed me. I licked, I sucked, I nibbled on her clit, causing her to hold my face tight against her. Sue and Cheryl had started sucking her nipples as I did this and Mary responded by pulling my face harder into her. I grabbed her arse cheeks and dug my nails in. She started to pant, then yell before screaming and I felt strong jets of warm cum hitting my mouth and dribbling down my chin as she came. She rocked on my face as she came, rubbing her clit on me as her orgasm subsided.

She stayed there for a moment before moving off and I received Sue’s tongue in and around my mouth licking Mary’s cum off my face. She rolled over and pulled me on to her as we kissed. I laid there holding and kissing her before she started to move my head down to her tits which I readily sucked and chewed, making each nipple hard and red. She kept pushing my face down until I was face-to-face with her bald pussy. The lips parted wide, eagerly waiting my tongue and fingers which I soon got into action. I wasn’t gentle. I finger fucked her with three fingers and attacked her clit hard with my tongue. I was into it now. I would fuck Sue then have a turn with Cheryl. My own pussy was gagging for some more action and I figured I would get my reward once I had got all three of them off. I rammed my fingers into Sue quite violently and considered putting a fourth in before she started kicking her legs in the air and she came. She let out a series of long squeals before she shouted, “YES…YES…YES!” and she came. She was a proper squirter. I was covered in her cum and it just kept flowing; jet after jet, hitting me and filling my mouth which I still had open next to her warm and pulsating pussy. I swallowed as she came; the warm liquid flowing down my throat with a slightly bitter taste; different, but not unpleasant.

I expected Cheryl to be next but instead she turned me on my back and laid next to me. She took me in her arms and kissed me, wrapping her arms around me as enveloped our arms and legs other each other. What I didn’t notice was what Sue and Mary were doing. While me and Sue enjoyed each other, they had run a pair of wrist restraints up over the pillow either side of us. I felt an arm lift one hand, slip it in the restraint and pull it tight. Cheryl broke away from me and Sue slipped the other restraint over and tighten it on my other hand. I was now flat on my back, arms above my head and held in place by the restraints which, I found out later, had been looped around the feet at the top of the bed.

Cheryl moved off the bed and picked up the wand vibrator Sue had bought earlier. She clicked the button and the head soon started to audibly buzz. She clicked it a couple more times and the tone told me it was a faster setting. She laid between my legs and gently rested it against my clit. It was like, ‘pow!’ as it went to work. Straight away, waves of pleasure ran through me. She pressed it firmer on me and with her other hand, slipped a couple of fingers into me and started to fuck me. I lost my breath and went rigid with the sensation running through me. She twirled the wand around on my clit and I felt another finger go in. I started patting and I remember moaning, my climax building as I opened my legs wider, allowing Cheryl to get nearer. I was there, I was about to come and Cheryl knew this as she retracted her fingers and moved the wand away, turning it off. I was out of breath but manage to shout, “NO!” But she just sat back and turned the wand off. Sue and Mary had been laid either side of me playing and sucking my nipples throughout and they also stopped.

“What are you doing?” I panted. “I was there. I was about to cum.”

“I know that, dear,” Sue said and, leaning over me, forced her tongue into my mouth which I attacked with my own, hoping she would resume the action on my clit and pussy. She pulled away to be replaced by Mary and said, “But I don’t want you to cum yet. In fact, I’m not sure you deserve to cum.”

Sue replaced Mary with exploring my mouth before she stopped and held up one of my legs while Mary held the other. They pulled them up and apart, totally exposing me to Cheryl who had reached down and was now playing with my butt-plug. She started to pull it slightly out before pushing it fully back in again, each time pulling it out a bit more. I could feel my arsehole stretching to accommodate the bulk as it started to come out and then get pushed fully in again. Oh fuck, it felt marvellous but I really needed to cum. “Please,” I started to beg as she did this, “please, fuck me. I’m so close to cumming. Please.”

The women laughed and I watched as Cheryl moved away and got something out of her carrier bag. I couldn’t see what she was doing exactly before she turned around and I saw she was wearing a strap-on with a very big dildo attached. She approached me and lay over me, guiding it slowly into my pussy. I could feel its head pushing against my butt-plug as it went in which made me wince at first. The size and hardness of it entering me made me gasp which Cheryl seemed to enjoy as she smiled down at me. She pushed it fully in and started to fuck me and not gently.

She hammered into me and at first and it felt uncomfortable as it rubbed through my skin against the butt-plug. The dildo head, being quite thick and hard, was pushing into me and making my body shunt against the bed but after a short while it became enjoyable as I started to relax. I wanted to bring my arms around her and hold her body to me as she fucked me, but I was totally restrained. Mary and Sue held my legs high up and back, letting Cheryl get right into me. She reached down and grabbed my tits hard and really pinched my nipples. The pain of that, the dildo in my pussy and the constant little shunts on the butt-plug was bringing me to an almighty orgasm and I started to yell as it built up in me.

Cheryl sensed this and stopped. She moved the dildo out of me and stepped back to stand in front of me with her arms crossed. “Oh, come on,” I pleaded panting to get my breath back. I was sweating, my arse was pulsating against the butt-plug and my pussy was wet and throbbing for completion. But Cheryl just stood and smiled. She reached around and pulled something out of the carrier bag but I couldn’t see what. She then reached down and gently pulled my butt-plug out, discarding it on the table.

She moved over me and I felt her fingers exploring my arsehole. They felt cold and I realised she had lubed them and was using two fingers to push the lube in and around my hole. I looked at the big hard dildo and started to plead, “No, please not that. It’s too big. It’ll hurt.” Cheryl ignored me, smiled and started finger fucking my arse, pushing in and out with ease as the lube did its job. She did this for about a minute until my arse was fully receptive and she entered a third finger which made me yelp. She then stopped and lined the head of the dildo to the hole and started to gently push as Mary and Sue pulled my legs further back allowing my arse to rise to meet the dildo easily. I could feel my hole stretch as the head forced it wider and wider until it was at its peak on the width of the hard plastic. I screamed a bit and was about to beg her to stop before Mary undid the lid of a small glass bottle. She held it under one of my nostrils and ordered, “Breathe.” I ignored her and held my breath. I didn’t know what type of drug she was forcing on me, but it certainly seemed very wrong.

Sue reached down and grabbed me by the throat; not hard or forcefully, but more to hold my head still as Mary held the bottle under a nostril and said again firmly, “Breath. It’s only Poppers. It will make it easier.” I couldn’t hold my breath much longer; Sue’s hand on my throat made me exhale and she quickly covered my mouth. I had to get some air in me so I took a deep breath of the liquid in the bottle. It smelt weird, very weird. Not unpleasant though, a bit musky perhaps but as soon as I had taken one breath Mary held it to my other nostril and said, “Again.” I did so and after a couple of seconds I felt a strange sensation run through me. I felt light and loose; my whole body felt sensitive, not in a bad way, but calming. I seemed to go on a bit of a high and it must have relaxed various muscles within me as Cheryl slowly forced the dildo fully into my arse and, whatever the liquid had done to me, it made it feel good-very good. I let out a long sigh, this was a sensation I had never experienced before. As you know, I’ve never approved of drugs but, whatever these Poppers were doing to me, it was good at that moment in time.

My heart started beating fast in my chest and I experienced a bit of tinnitus as the feeling started to subside. It must have lasted for about 30 seconds and when it eventually wore off, I realised that Cheryl was slowly fucking my arse with that big dildo; pushing her hips into me so the entire length and width was deeply imbedded in me. It didn’t hurt, it was actually very good. Cheryl took my legs from Mary and Sue and held them back as she knelt before me, fucking my arse and looking down at me and smiling. Mary held the Poppers to me again and I readily took a big sniff in both nostrils. The sensation returned and I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of Cheryl fucking me hard in my arse.

I then felt a sharp pinch on my nipples. Because of the effect of the liquid, it didn’t feel bad, but the feeling of my nipples being pinched stayed. I glanced down and saw a pair of nipple clamps had been snapped on to them and was connected to each other by a small chain. The clamps were rubber and quite small but were squeezing my nipples very hard; not enough to damage but enough to show definite flattening. Mary took hold of the chain and lifted it up; both tits rose up with her hand as the clamps tugged on the nipples. She pulled it taut and I almost came then and there. The feeling was amazing, although I did put that down to the effect of the Poppers that was starting to subside again. She held the chain high and kept it there while Cheryl sped up with her pace.

I started to moan as I could feel an orgasm building and started to pant and lay further back to allow Cheryl deeper in my arse. But she stopped. I looked at her and pleaded, “Please, not again. Let me cum, please let me cum.” Cheryl lent forward and bought her face close to mine. Mary and Sue bought their faces closer to. I thought we were going to start kissing again, but instead Cheryl smiled and said in a loud whisper, “We know you fucked our husbands.”

“Oh fuck!” I said as Jay told me this. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” For the first time since Jay had started telling me what happened she turned and looked at me. I couldn’t see any bruising or cuts so they can’t have attacked her, at least, not like that. “What did you do?” I asked.

“I froze. I turned my head and looked at all three of them and they were smiling. I expected a fist in my face since I was trussed up and unable to do anything. I wanted to say they were wrong or it was a misunderstanding but I knew that wouldn’t work. I started to stutter a denial but stopped when I realised it wouldn’t help. Cheryl lent back and carried on fucking my arse while Mary continued lifting the chain up then releasing it before jerking it up again, slight pinches of pain hitting my tits with each pull. This wasn’t pleasant anymore. I now knew that they were planning on raping me. Would they all take turns fucking my arse? Would they use a bigger dildo and permanently damage me? Would they beat me to a pulp? Cut and scar me? Cut off my nipples? All these thoughts were running through my head and I needed to do something. I was now very, very afraid and they knew it. Cheryl fucked me for about another minute but stopped when she saw I wasn’t responding. She gently pulled the dildo out of my arse, stood up and took the strap-on off and dropped it on the floor.

I had to say something and an apology was the only option. “I’m…I’m sorry.” I said. I could now feel tears starting to well up and soon they were running down my cheeks as I started to cry. “Please,” I said sobbing. “Please, I’m sorry.”

Cheryl didn’t say anything. Mary and Sue were still holding my legs up and I looked to each of them pleading, “Please don’t hurt me. I didn’t know they were married. I’m so sorry.”

They looked at Cheryl who was now stood holding a different type of dildo. This had two heads; one long and thick, the other shorter but thicker and was set at an angle to the other. Cheryl came over and leaned down to me and took my face in her hands. “There’s nothing to be scared about,” she said in a surprising soothing tone. “Our men have fucked you so it’s only fair that we get too also, don’t you think?” I didn’t know how to answer but if it got me out of there alive then so be it. I didn’t reply, I just nodded.

She wiped my tears away and then reached down and put the shorter dildo in her pussy and let out a sigh as it slipped in past her lips and stopped at the hilt. She then moved between my legs and entered the bigger dildo in my pussy, gently pushing it in until we were both connected. She must have pushed a button on it because it started to vibrate as she made small movements, using her hips to move the dildo in and out to fuck me. She leant down and kissed me to which I didn’t respond. I was still scared of these crazy women and wasn’t sure how this would pan out. Mary held the bottle under my nose again and I eagerly took a big sniff up each nostril. It took a couple of seconds to kick in before that familiar feeling returned and my worries about being raped or beaten up by them disappeared.

Cheryl fucked us both with the double headed dildo and took sniffs from the bottle herself. She let out a yell and fell on me, her tongue forcing its way into my mouth and I responded, kissing her back, hard and hungrily, the Poppers making my defences weak but my body feel like it was floating in ecstasy. I felt myself building up another orgasm and I could tell that Cheryl was there too. This time she didn’t stop. I let out a scream and came hard as Cheryl did the same. Our bodies stiffened as it swept through us and I felt my thighs getting wet as I squirted and, boy, did I squirt. Cheryl’s body shuddered as she came. She stopped fucking me and went stiff as it went through her. She clawed at the bedsheets and panted out loud and shook as she finally let it go.

We were still for about a minute and Mary and Sue let my legs down gently. Cheryl gently pulled the dildo out of us both and sat on the floor at the foot of the bed. I was soaking wet; my thighs and the bedsheet was soaking. I had never squirted that much although I suspect that Cheryl may well have contributed to that. My hand restraints were taken off and I put my arms down, relief flowing through them. I didn’t move. I stayed still, not sure of what to do next.

Mary had the solution. She came around and knelt between my legs and, leaning down, began to lick my cum from my legs and pussy, making me quiver as I was sensitive after my orgasm. Sue laid next to me and kissed me. She put her arms around me and I embraced her as she ran her tongue around the inside of my mouth. She then did something odd, something I’ve never seen. She moved my face back and parted my lips to open my mouth. She then leaned very close and dribbled some of her saliva into my mouth and on to my tongue. This was weird, very weird, but I didn’t object. I let her do it and kissed her again before she dribbled more saliva into me, kissing me immediately afterwards so our tongues were awash with it.

Mary entered a finger into me which made me jump but I didn’t object, nor did I object when it was followed by another then another. She was nibbling on my clit as she did this and that familiar sensation returned; the tingling, the anticipation of a build-up of something in my nerve endings telling me to relax and enjoy the ride. I then felt some tightness in my pussy and was about to say something when Sue held the Poppers up to me again. I nodded and took two big sniffs before she did the same. I shut my eyes and let my head fall back as I went into that space where my body was floating and sensitive to every touch. I could still feel tightness in my pussy but it was eased from the liquid. I felt something slowly going in and out of my pussy and twisting around. The sensation was amazing and I could feel another orgasm approaching with whatever was being put inside me.

I looked down and Mary had her fist completely inside me. With her small hand, she was fisting me, slowly and carefully. She was spinning her hand around and moving in and out, slowly and gently. I put my hand down and went to hold her wrist but most of it was inside me. Mary was on her hands and knees on the bed as she fisted me and I could see Cheryl stood behind her at the foot of the bed. She was doing something to Mary but I couldn’t see what. And then I didn’t care. The orgasm hit me with a thud. It was unexpected, it just hit me. I shook and Sue had to hold me as I started to buck and lift myself up on my heels, wanting Mary to probe deeper. I screamed out as I came and felt a large trickle of Sue’s saliva slide onto my tongue as I did so, my mouth wide open to let out my joy. I swallowed the saliva and continued kissing Sue as my orgasm subsided. I felt Mary slowly move her fist out of me, a bit of tightness as the knuckles slid out but no pain and no damage done.

Sue then sat up and swung her leg over my head until her pussy was above me. She lowered herself until I could cover her pussy completely with my mouth. I did so and thrashed my tongue on her clit hard. I was so turned on and had forgotten about the surrounding threat and what these women might have planned after they had fucked me. I grabbed Sue’s hips and pulled her down tight on to me, my tongue attacking her clit, lips and hole as she moved her body to rub herself against my mouth. She was panting out loud and giving out little yelps, especially when I nibbled her clit with the edge of my teeth. She reached behind her and grabbed the chain on the nipple clamps and yanked it in time with the stabbing of my tongue. I sped up as did she and then I felt something entering my pussy again. I couldn’t see what it was because of Sue but I opened my legs wide to allow whatever it was easier entry. It must have been a vibrator as I felt a familiar buzzing. Sue was now starting to shout and tug on the chain harder and I knew she was going to cum. She held on to my head with her spare hand and held me tight to her as she came. She shuddered and shouted out “AHHHH…..FUCK….FUCK…..AHHHH….FUCK…” before I felt a jet of her cum hit me in the mouth and over my face. I swallowed what I could while still flicking her clit with my tongue. She shuddered and her body relaxed as the orgasm stopped before letting go of my head and the chain and moving herself off me. I looked down and watched as Cheryl pushed a vibrator in and out of me. Mary was wearing the strap on and had bent Cheryl over the bed and was fucking her as Cheryl fucked me. Sue moved over and kissed Mary hard before leaning down and doing the same to Cheryl between her gasps and puffing.

I needed a break. I couldn’t cum much more and reached down and stopped Cheryl’s hand. She pulled the vibrator out of me and gripped on to the bed as Mary built up a rhythm and fucked Cheryl hard. I moved off the bed and stood up, my legs were like jelly but Sue came and put her arm around me. Mary was fucking Cheryl up the arse with a different dildo attachment. It looked thinner than the one used on me but longer. Mary was panting with each thrust and I realised that there was another head attached that was rubbing up and inside Mary as she fucked Cheryl. Cheryl reached down and started to play with her clit while trying to hold herself up with her other hand on the bed. I moved away from Sue and sat on the floor, moving under Cheryl and leaning against the bed. I moved up and covered Cheryl’s pussy with my mouth and inserted a couple of fingers into her, feeling the hard-bulk rub from the dildo in her arse rubbing against them.

She clung to the bed with both hands and let me eat her as Mary fucked her arse. I pushed three fingers into her and built up the same rhythm with Mary and jabbed at her clit with my tongue. “OH FUCK,” Cheryl shouted as I ate her. I jabbed harder with my fingers and tongue and I felt her shudder as she screamed “THAT’S IT, THAT’S IT!” I made sure she was right on the edge and then I bit her clit. Not just nibbled, but a proper bite. This made her scream very loud and long; whether it was in pain or pleasure, I didn’t care but it definitely did the trick because in that instant she came. I carried on biting and jabbing with my fingers as she screamed and shook her body and experienced probably the longest and most intense orgasm she’s ever had. She kept screaming and shaking. Mary extracted the dildo from Cheryl’s arse and stood to one side as Cheryl stayed where she was; bent over the bed, supporting herself up on her arms with my mouth and fingers clamped on and in her pussy.

Eventually she stopped shaking and went quite; puffing to get her breath back and as I stopped licking and finger fucking her, she slumped to the floor next me, lying on her back and breathing heavily. I unclipped the nipple clamps and felt a short moment of relief as they started to slowly expand back to their normal shape. Mary had taken off the strap-on and was sat next to Sue on the floor waiting for Cheryl to recover. “Oh….fuck.” Cheryl said, rubbing her hands over her face from where she had been sweating. “That was…fucking amazing.” She turned her head to me and asked, “Are you okay?” I nodded with a small smile. Although we had all just shared an experience together, I knew I wasn’t off the hook yet.

She slowly sat up and came and sat next to me, leaning back on the bed. Mary and Sue sat in front of us so we were in a small circle. It felt like I was back in the brownies and sat around the campfire waiting for a story. It turned out that I was to be the storyteller.

“So,” Cheryl said now she had fully recovered. “Tell us how you fucked our husbands and leave nothing out. We’re not going to hurt you. I promise you.” Sue had reached up and refilled the wine glasses and passed one to each of us. I took a bigger than normal sip and told them everything.

I told them about how we met the guys in the bar, about them offering the fans, about them coming to our room and stripping off. Cheryl stopped me at this point and asked, “Didn’t you think it was a bit odd that they decided to get undressed? I mean, they were complete strangers who you had only just met and they’re now getting naked in your room.”

“I was drunk and very, very hot. The heat earlier this week was unbearable. I needed to cool down and just didn’t care at the time.” I could feel myself getting upset but Cheryl put a comforting arm around me and pulled me close to her.

“It’s okay,” she said. “It’s okay. Carry on but tell us everything and I mean everything. We want to know exactly what went on in every detail.”

So, I told them and I didn’t leave anything out. They sat calmly and listened, nodding along as I described all that was done to me. When I finished the three women gave me a small round of applause which I thought was odd. I had just described in explicit detail how their husbands had fucked me and now they were clapping. Sue could see the puzzled look on my face and reached forward to hold my hand. “Don’t worry,” she smiled with a little laugh. “We don’t care what you did or what they did to you. Did you enjoy it?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer this so I just nodded which bought more clapping. Mary topped up my glass and said, “It doesn’t matter what our men do. We know they all fuck around and it’s okay because at the end of the day, it’s us they come home to. It’s us they really love and we know they would never leave us and visa-versa. Besides,” she said, looking at both Cheryl and Mary who nodded, giving her permission to continue. “We get gangbanged all the time. Cheers!” She lifted her glass and the three of them clinked glasses and took a swig of their drinks.

I was lost for words. I didn’t know what to say or how to react to what I had just been told.

“I don’t quite understand what’s going on here.” I said before having a sip of my drink. “Are you saying that because you fuck around it’s okay for them too?”

“Yep,” Cheryl said, hugging me tighter. “We always know when they’ve been up to something. They get guilty and a bit shifty. They spend a bit more money on us and put us on a pedestal for a day or two afterwards. At some point over years all three of them have confessed to ‘playing around,’ and we, sometimes, confess about our own indiscretions, so it becomes quits. They always try to keep it under wraps which can be frustrating because nothing turns us on more than finding out what they did, including all the yummy details.”

“So, how did you know about me?” I asked.

“That was easy,” Sue replied. “They told us over dinner that they had lent you and Steve the fans. But something didn’t quite add up. Clive said they dropped them off and left. Keith said they stayed for a coffee and a quick chat.”

“As for Phil,” Cheryl interrupted. “Phil said they stayed for a cold drink, had a long chat and they all sat around under the fans in their underwear. They couldn’t even get their story right. When we met you the other morning I saw the panic on their faces and simply put two and two together. They had to have fucked you. Simon and Jim would never tell and they tend to avoid us anyway, well, ever since we tried and failed to seduce them.”

My head was spinning. What the fuck was going on here? I had to know more. “So when do you ‘play around’? Is it whenever you visit them in London?”

Cheryl nodded. “London, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Cairo. Wherever we go to see them, we make our own fun.”

“How?” I asked.

“We go to clubs and pick men up, sometimes women. Sometimes we’ll organise a gangbang in advance on a swinger’s site, sometimes we’ll seduce whoever happens to be close to hand. Since we’ve been in London this week, we’ve fucked at least different four men each and two women, you’re the third.”

“Oh fuck,” I said in shock taking in everything that had been said. “Oh fuck.”

Cheryl laughed and said, “See? We don’t mind that you fucked them. Was it your first gangbang?”

I nodded and replied, “First gangbang, first anal, first fisting, first time having two cocks in my pussy. It’s been a whole week of firsts.” Mary looked at me with a quizzical look on her face and asked, “A whole week? What else have you been up to?”

I didn’t answer. I had already said too much. I changed the subject. “How do you pick people up?” I asked.

“A bit of flirting,” Cheryl answered. “A sly comment dropped into conversation, a bit of exhibitionism, anything to get someone’s attention. Room service is always fun. We order something and, if we see the persons fit, we fuck them. That reminds me. There’s a gorgeous young thing working here. Young girl on housekeeping. I definitely want her.”

“Oh yes,” Mary said nodding. “I am so going to fuck her before we leave. Maybe we could share?” she continued looking at Cheryl and Sue who were nodding.

“No, don’t fuck her.” I said a little bit too quickly. All eyes fell on me so I said, “That’s Kylie. She has a boyfriend. Nice lad called Paul.”

“How do you know that?” Sue asked. “How do you know she has a boyfriend and how do you know he’s nice?”

“Because I set them up together.” I realised that I must have been blushing when I said it. I tried to avoid eye contact as I felt them staring at me.

“Why would you do that?” Cheryl asked letting me go and moving so she could see my face better. “Is there something we should know? Why would it bother you if we tried to fuck her?”

I had to stop this. So I took a deep breath and said, “Because I’ve already fucked her and her boyfriend. I realised afterwards that they would be perfect for each other so I set them up on a date together and it seems to be going well.”

The women were agape at what I had just told them. Mary took both of my hands in hers and said, “I think you have a lot of explaining to do.” I nodded, made myself comfy, accepted a top up of my drink and told them everything that’s happened this week and I mean everything.

It took a while. Occasionally they would interrupt with a question which I answered, but I gave them every detail. Every place we’d been, every man I’d fucked and everything about Kylie and the paintings. I finished with explaining that you and Manus were going to Dorking to scope out the house and that I was due to go with you but went with them instead. They were clearly shocked but gave me another round of applause.

“And Steve is okay with all this?” Mary asked.

“He is fine with it,” I replied. “I think he’s enjoying it.”

“Oh fuck,” Cheryl eventually said once I’d finished. “Oh fuck. This is so exciting. You are such a bad slut. We should have pissed on you as we planned as well as fucking you earlier.” I ignored the comment and just smiled. Cheryl continued. “Count us in. I promise we won’t fuck her but we will help Kylie get the paintings back. This is brilliant!”

I nodded and said, “Okay, great.” I looked at the time on my watch, stood up and started to get dressed. “I ought to go,” I said. “Steve will be back soon.”

“Okay,” Cheryl said standing and helping me put my dress on. “Let’s all meet up for a drink. You and your friends, us, the husbands and Simon and Jim. Let’s all get involved in helping that poor girl. Fuck, this is brilliant!”

They each gave me a hug and a kiss and promised to give us a knock later. As I headed for the door Cheryl said, “Hang on, you’ve forgotten something.” She was holding my butt-plug out to me. I went to take it but instead she put her hands on my hips and bent me over. I knew what she was about to do just as it happened. She bent me over and slowly fed the plug into my arse which was still lubed from the fucking earlier. It slid in easily and held itself in place. I thanked her, came down here, and ran this bath and a few minutes later you arrived. How did you get on?”

To be continued in part Twelve. Friendships and a plan is made.

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