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While the events described in this story are entirely accurate, names have been changed and certain details omitted to protect me, the other party and the company I work for.
This happened eleven years ago when I was a working as an Engineer for a very large UK company. At that point in my life, I was thirty four years old and married. I had started a family at the age of twenty, so had missed out on a lot of the excitement guys that age usually have.

In hindsight, I believe that was the reason I took the job I did, as it meant working away from home for weeks at a time on the other side of the country, staying in accommodation provided by the company. I enjoyed the single man’s life when away at work and played the dutiful husband when at home.

The site I worked at was as large as a small village and was split between a main work site and an accommodation area that included a large staff restaurant. During the week, the site was chaotic with activity; both during the day and in the evenings when those staying in the onsite accommodation would often party or go out drinking in the nearest town. The weekends were a different story – most people went home leaving, at most, four staff members and an engineer, to keep things ticking over. It was on a Sunday that the events leading to my first and only gay encounter took place.

I woke up with a hangover following a heavy Saturday night session in town. I had a headache, felt dehydrated and thinking about the woman I’d been trying to chat up all night, was horny as fuck. I began masturbating but gave up after a while as I was getting nowhere with it and had to get to work.

After a shower, I got dressed in my usual work clothes of suit trousers, long sleeve shirt and shoes and strolled over to the restaurant to grab some breakfast. As I ate my breakfast, Dave smiled and waved from the other side of the large room. Dave was the restaurant manager and, I guess, in his late fifties, early sixties. He was gay, but not in an obvious way; in fact, I didn’t know until someone told me. He was always friendly and we often had some great conversations, well after the restaurant had actually shut.

After breakfast, I made my way to work, mumbling my regrets at having to work on a Sunday to Dave as I went passed.

“You in for lunch” he shouted after me.

“Yep, table for one, as always” I shouted back.

The restaurant was usually deserted on a Sunday.

The morning passed slowly and after making sure everything was operating as it should, I left to go to lunch. I arrived to an empty dining room about half an hour before it was due to shut. I was still eating when Dave came over and sat down at my table. This was not unusual as only a chef and Dave worked on a weekend and Dave enjoyed conversations with us customers to break the boredom.

“Any luck last night?” He asked, giving a knowing wink. He knew my situation well enough.

“None, mate. I wasted my night chatting up this bird with massive tits, only to get nowhere.” I replied.

“Maybe you should think about broadening your horizons a bit. Ever been with a bloke?”

“What!?” I exclaimed. “No, I’m married, I…” I tailed off, slightly embarrassed.

In fact, I had wondered what it would be like. I watched a lot of porn in my accommodation and had occasionally watched bisexual videos and other stuff.

“I think you should give everything a go at least once. You’re a handsome lad. What’s your, you know, equipment like?” He said nodding towards my crotch.

I was really embarrassed now, although slightly flattered at the attention, and still horny…

“I don’t know, average I guess.”

“I’d suck you off.” He said it just like that while looking me square in the eyes.

“Fucking hell, Dave! What are you like!?” I spluttered and laughed it off. I noticed I was getting hard.

“Seriously, you don’t know the half of what I get up to”

“What?” I asked, slightly relieved to turn the subject of discussion onto him.

“Dogging, cruising the rest areas and truck stops, you name it. You wouldn’t believe what goes on out there at night.”

As Dave spent the next five minutes or so telling me what he ‘got up to’ in graphic detail, I got more and more horny and was sporting an erection. I was surprised at myself for feeling like that and at being in that situation – I had only known Dave about five months and he was telling me all this stuff.

“Wow.” was all I could say.

“You look like you enjoy hearing about that kind of stuff.” He said, looking towards the obvious bulge in my trousers.

To be honest, I did and I was horny as fuck. I made a decision.

“Er, yeah, look, I’m just going for a piss then I’d better head back to work.” I replied.

As I walked to the toilets, I knew he would follow me in at some point. I was thinking what are you doing, is this real, am I really doing this?

The toilet had three urinals and a single toilet in a cubicle with a lockable door. I was stood at the urinal on the far left and was pissing when I heard the door open. My heart skipped a beat. Dave walked in, stood next to me, not pissing, and looked at my semi erect cock.

“You’ve got a nice cock.”

“Er, thanks!”

“Can I hold it?”

“Er, yeah, OK.” I replied nervously. And turn to face him.

He took hold of my cock and gave it a squeeze. I became hard instantly and a groan escaped from me as he pushed my foreskin back. He began to masturbate me really slowly and with obvious expertise. I watched, still in shock that it was happening. As I looked up, he moved forward a little as if to kiss me but I pulled back and said “I’m not ready for that Dave.” He took hold of my throbbing cock again.

“No worries, I understand. Shall we?” He said looking towards the cubical.

I didn’t say anything. I just followed him in, closing and locking the door behind me.

Dave put the toilet lid down and sat on it before reaching out to take my cock in his hand again. After stroking it for a while, he reached in through my trouser zip and pulled my balls out so my genitals were completely outside of my trousers. He fondled my balls with one hand as he continued to masturbate me with the other. As I watched, leaning back against the wall with my hands behind me, I was full of different emotions; excitement, surprise, confusion, shame but mostly bliss.

“Do you want me to suck you off?” Dave asked.

“Yes.” No hesitation from me this time.

He leaned forward and licked the precum from the tip of my cock before swirling his tongue around my swollen end, finally taking my entire cock in his mouth. He reached around to grasp my buttock with one hand while gently squeezing my balls with his other as he slid his mouth up and down my shaft. I have honestly never had my cock sucked so well in all my life. I was breathing heavily and trying not to make any noise. I felt my release was imminent but Dave abruptly stopped and stood up.

“How was that?” Dave whispers.

“Fucking amazing.”

He undid his apron strings and slung the front over his shoulder before unzipping his trousers, letting them and his shorts drop to his knees. His cock was reasonably long but smaller in girth than mine. His balls though, were massive.

“Do you want to trying sucking me?” He asked in a hushed voice.

In all honesty, I hadn’t anticipated this and mentally struggled with it. It came down to about 10% inquisitiveness and 90% not wanting to be selfish.


I crouched down in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I can’t say I enjoyed the taste and I didn’t like the feel of his pubic hair as my nose pushed into it on every down stroke, but I felt obliged to ‘return the favour’. I remembered what he had done and cupped his massive balls in my hand and squeezed them gently as I sucked his cock, my other hand on the toilet for balance. Dave let out a barely audible groan and placed is hand on my head and gently began to move his hips back and forth.

The sound of the door opening caused us to freeze, Dave’s cock still in my mouth, the salty taste of precum as it oozed onto my tongue.

“Dave, you in here? I want to start shutting down.” The Chef.

“Yeah, I’m having a shit. Be out in a minute.”


The door closed.

Dave pulled his cock out of mouth and pulled his trousers up. I stood up and put my flaccid cock away.

“That was close. You better stay in here in a minute.” Dave said as he sorted his apron out. “Did you enjoy that?”

I just nodded as Dave left.

During the ten minutes it took for me to walk across the site back to work, I felt a range of emotions. I felt a bit dirty, ashamed almost, but also horny as fuck. I got into work and made sure things were running OK and that there were no messages before retiring to the toilet to finish what Dave had started. After about five minutes of stroking my cock, I shot stream after stream of cum into the toilet in what was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.

The afternoon passed reasonably quickly and I finished work at five O’clock. I was still feeling strange about what had happened at lunch so was in two minds about going to the restaurant for dinner. In the end I decided to go as I couldn’t be bothered to drive into town to get something else.

I didn’t see Dave in the dining room and was both disappointed and glad at the same time. There were a few other people in there and I didn’t want any awkwardness. Just as I was finishing up, Dave wandered through with a tray of cups and as he went back, diverted to my table.

“If you ever want to do anything away from here, give me a call.” He said smiling as he placed a slip of paper on the table.

“Yeah, sure.” I smiled back.

With that he was gone. I felt glad that there had been nothing awkward between us as I left the restaurant and headed back to my room. After a shower, calling my wife and watching the news, I lay on my bed looking at the ceiling thinking about earlier. I found I was getting aroused and began to play with myself.

I woke up and it was just after nine. I had fallen asleep for about two hours and was now wide awake and fucking horny. I resumed where I had left off and stoked my cock as I replayed the lunch time events, imaging how things might have progressed. I imagined Dave fucking my ass as I kneeled on the toilet seat. I was getting more and more aroused when I remembered the piece of paper Dave had given me. Fuck it I thought and rang Dave.

I drove the five miles to the address he had given me which turned out to be a small chalet type building in a row of about eight others down a lane in the middle of nowhere. I sat in the car, again feeling apprehensive. As I waited, trying to decide if I would go through with it, I started thinking about him sucking my cock in the toilet earlier in the day and felt the familiar feeling of excitement stirring in my groin.

Dave opened the door wearing just a dressing gown.

“It’s late, sorry Dave, I didn’t think. I…”

“Don’t worry, get in here. I don’t sleep until late; I’ve just had a shower.”

I stood in his kitchen as he made a coffee and we talked about random stuff, finally getting around to the subject of that afternoon.

“I’m guessing you’re here because you want to finish what we started earlier?” he asked with a knowing smile. “I was hoping you would call.”

“I thought of little else all afternoon.” I replied quietly.

Dave put his coffee down and stepped closer. He put his hand out and cupped my balls through my joggers. I instantly felt my cock grow and relished the feeling of his expert hands groping my crotch. He moved his hand up and began rubbing my cock which was now fully erect and with his other hand lifted my T-shirt up at the front trying to pull it off. I removed it as he knelt down and pulled my joggers and shorts down to reveal my throbbing cock, the head already slick with precum. He began masturbating me and then shuffled forward so he could take my cock into his mouth. I was in ecstasy as he worked my cock, performing some miracle with his tongue each time he pulled back.

After a while he stood up and moved behind me, placing one hand just below my stomach, on my pubic bone, while he masturbated me with his other hand. I could feel his raging hard cock pressing in between my ass cheeks as he stroked me, which aroused me to a new level.

Sensing my impending explosion, he stopped and stepped back. His dressing gown was open at the front and I could see his erection pointing skyward. His face was redder and looked desperate.

“Do you want to try to something new?” He asked.

“Yes.” I simply said knowing he was implying what I think I had secretly hoped would happen.

He reached round and pulled out a kitchen chair from the table and gently guided me towards it until I had no choice but to kneel on it, joggers and shorts around my ankles. His dressing gown slipped to the floor and I jumped as I felt his tongue in my ass crack. It felt amazing. He licked around my ass hole, making it slick with saliva before slipping a finger in and holding it there. He moved it around before removing it and spitting more saliva onto my hole.

I sensed him move closer behind me until he was straddling my legs and I felt the hardness of his cock at my entrance. He pushed it against the resistance of my sphincter until it slipped passed into the chasm beyond. I grunted with the pain and then the pleasure. It was a feeling I can’t describe.

He slowly fucked my ass with a steady but firm rhythm, his hands on my hips, me gripping the edge of the table to stop myself falling forward as he hammered his cock into my hole. His massive balls were making a slapping noise with each thrust and I’m sure I was grunting or groaning. The air around me felt electric. I took a hand off the table and reach down to my cock which was completely flaccid but oozing fluid all over the chair seat. I was amazed by the volume of fluid that seemed to endlessly drip my soft cock.

I felt Dave tense and he quickly pulled his cock out and shot load after load of cum all over my back. He grabbed a tea towel and wiped me down apologising as he’d assumed that I didn’t want him to cum in my ass. I told him that frankly I wouldn’t have cared.

I got off the chair and stood on unsteady legs, but Dave put his hand on my shoulder and said: “We’ve not finished just yet.” He reached around and fondled my cock which became instantly hard and began stroking me. This time he pressed himself up closer and reached round to squeeze my balls with one hand while masturbating my cock at a furious pace with the other, until I erupted, shooting great strands of cum over his kitchen table.
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