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Hannah has quite the question to ask Miranda.
I opened the door to the hallway and took a deep breath. "Crap, this floozy has my heart ready to break out of my chest," I whispered before walking in there.

I strolled down to the end of the hall towards where our door was. Although, I stopped about at the twenty-foot mark, and leaned my back on the wall.

I dug into my pocket and pulled it out. "Why do I love Miranda so much? She is a psycho bitch, but I can't picture my life without her now," I muttered, bringing it to my lips.

I kissed it. "If I'm willing to give the hussy this ring, I guess I love her more than any other woman, besides my mom. I never thought of doing this with Barb, Erica or any other ex-girlfriend. I hated Miranda for the first couple years I knew her because she was the cheer captain and a tart to me. I don't think it was because she confessed her crush, but maybe it was the hate sex we had."

I glared at the ring for a moment in silence.

"Shit," I sobbed, rubbing my face. "I'm crying because I just don't know what to do. I love Miranda and don't want anyone else, but she cheated," I pointed out, lowering my hand. "Despite that, I still love her, and she knows how to keep my motor going. I guess the crazier the chick is, the better she is in bed. If I love her so much and don't desire to be with another woman, then why isn't this the easiest decision to make?"

I remained in that spot for a few more minutes, but didn't speak a word. I felt my heart, and it was looking to burst out of my chest. I felt tingles because I wanted to do it, but my brain knew it wasn't that simple.

I clenched my hand with the ring and hit my palm. "Fuck it, you only get one 'Miranda' in a lifetime," I grumbled before I put my ring back into my pocket.

I stretched out and took in another deep breath. "Here goes nothing," I said, prior to ambling to the door.

As I got closer to the door, I jiggled around a little bit more, and my nerves felt to being poked at by a needle. Although, I wasn't about to stop because of that.

On the other hand, I halted at the three-foot mark. "What the hell, do I hear something going on in there?" I questioned before I calmly closed the gap and placed my right ear on the door.

"Oh, fuck, Miranda, you are some crazy lady," I heard a woman moan.

I closed my eyes halfway. "Was that Mia? The chick from our old apartment complex?"

"Yes, eat my pussy as Barb eats yours, psycho bitch."

I slanted my head back and covered my face with both hands. "Is my psycho bitch girlfriend cheating with both Mia and Barb in our office right now? Could she really be that stupid?"

I brought my hands down and bit down on my bottom lip. I peeked down at the handle and calmly grabbed onto it.

I turned it and lazily cracked the door open. "Yes, I recognize Barb's ass anywhere, they have that three woman chain going on," I sobbed before opening the door. "What the hell, Miranda?!" I roared, walking in there.

I came to her and slapped her ass. "You are cheating on me with Barb and Mia? You psycho bitch, how could you do this to me?" I cried, putting my hands up.

She looked right at me. "Babe, I'm sorry, I was planning on surprising you," Miranda wept, getting off the desk.

"Oh, you surprised me, Miranda. I thought we had an agreement: you'd tell me if you wanted to see someone else. You certainly forgot to mention this, but I've noticed that you haven't asked for permission in months now. Have you been seeing them behind my back?" I inquired, placing my hands on my hips.

"I would never deceive you, Hanna," Miranda replied before she kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. "Please don't be mad."

I shoved her away. "Seriously, what the hell, Miranda? We've been in a committed relationship for almost two years now, and you are still pulling this psycho bitch bullshit."

She stood naked and just cried for a moment. I peeked back at her desk and noticed both Mia and Barb seemed worried too, but they were holding each other.

"I just wanted to surprise you with a foursome, that's all," Miranda explained, closing the gap and placing her palms on my thighs. "We've had sex in here many times before, and I just thought it would be hot to invite them in here. You could have three different pairs of boobs to glance at, you know what I mean?" she pondered, placing her hands on my butt.

"It is true, Hannah. We were waiting in here for about forty minutes before our pussies got the better of us. It wasn't even Miranda's idea for us to start doing it before you came back," Barb pointed out. 

I noticed Mia getting off the desk too, and she came to my right side. "Hannah, we all know how much you love her, so don't be upset," she advised me, prior to pecking my cheek. "She is an incredible woman, and you should hold onto her."

"I respect your opinion, Mia, but this is between us, and not you or Barb," I informed Mia, peeking at her.

She put her hands up and slowly backed away. I looked back into Miranda's teary eyes, and my hand also made its way down onto the pocket in my skirt.

I bit down on my bottom lip for a few seconds before I brought my hands up. "Why are you such a psycho bitch, Miranda? Do you have that gene in your DNA? I guess that's why, but this is too much, Miranda," I informed her, shaking my head no. "Barb and Mia are beyond sexy ladies, but I've never thought of being with them or any other woman since we started our weird relationship," I related to her before taking her hands. "You've always been more than enough woman for me, but you've proven that I'm not enough woman for you."

She had tears forming on her face every couple seconds. "Please don't break up with me, Hannah. Don't let this mistake be the end of us; I know we can make it work. If you want me to commit to you, I will. I swear I'll cut myself off from every single other person on the face of the planet if you want me to. I just want you, that's all," she pleaded before she kissed me. "I'm at your mercy now, Hannah."

I covered my face again. 'Oh, Miranda is the craziest chick I've ever met and probably ever will. And to think I was torturing myself on whether or not to propose. What was I thinking? Oh, now she is encasing her arms around me.'

We held our positions for a moment, and everyone failed to speak. I felt my anger going down a bit, but I was still pissed off. After that moment, I uncovered my face and broke away from Miranda gradually, but I still didn't talk.

"Shit, you are still upset," she whined, breaking eye contact.

"Yes, Miranda, regardless of what your intentions were, you cheated on me. I let you get away with it once, but I won't allow it to happen again," I informed her, shaking my head.

"So you are breaking up with me?" she sobbed, slanting her head down.

I viewed her cry as if she just lost a family member and then my hand calmly found my ring through my skirt again.

I took in a deep breath. "I don't know, Miranda. I love you, but I hate you right now," I answered, waving my hands around. "I swear I've never loved anyone quite like you, but you are a psycho bitch," I branded her, grabbing her arms. "I just don't know how this is gonna work between us. You can't keep cheating and always be so insecure about our relationship."

"What are you talking about?"

I took a deep breath, let go of her and hit my palm. "We're still inseparable for the most part, that's why we're both working in this office. You sold us as a package deal to our boss. Don't get me wrong, I love working with you and having sex in here constantly, but it is at the cost of us having our own lives. I can't see anyone without you tagging along, not even my mom. It is like you think I'm going to bail on you if I just want some time away," I explained before a pause and began walking back towards the door. "Just give me a couple of days away, Miranda. This time, I think we need some time apart. If you want to screw Barb and Mia here, then do it. I'm not gonna guilt trip you; I just want you to be happy. Although, I'm not sure at all that we're gonna last forever at this pace."

"Are you saying I haven't lost you?" Miranda asked, wiping away her tears.

"You haven't lost me, but I'm leaving now, Miranda. Do not you follow me out, text, call or contact me in any way until I contact you. Do you understand?"

"No, can't we just talk about this?" she asked, coming to me again. "I swear, I'm a changed woman, I'll give you space if that's what you want. I'll get a different job if you want me to, Hannah. I'll be fully faithful to you, so I will even close my eyes when there is nudity in movies if you'd like. I only want to see you naked for the rest of my life," she made clear before taking my hands and pulling my lips to hers.

We made out for a moment, but I failed to close my eyes. 'I have no idea what to make of this witch, but I'm still quite upset,' I thought, prior to pushing Miranda off me. "No, we just need some time apart," I objected, leaving my hands up. "We know we love each other, but you hurt me. At the very least, I should be able to count on you to be faithful to me," I sobbed. "I want to be more a woman you can sleep with; I want to be your..." I explained before I suddenly halted my words, clenched my fists and bit my bottom lip.

"What, Hannah?" Miranda cried, washing away her tears.

 I shed quite a few of my own tears then as we just eyeballed one another.

"I don't think either of us knows what we want, Miranda," I put on the record before I turned around.

"What does that mean, Hannah? What was the end of that sentence, you want to be my, what?" Miranda questioned, grabbing my arm. "We both know that I'm capable of listening, so please tell me. If you love me at all as of this very moment, then finish that sentence."

I held my position for a moment as my heart began pumping into overdrive again. I slanted my head down and shook it a few times too.

"I swear if you tell me that you are ending things with me, I will throw a hissy fit so massive; you'll want to beat the living shit out of yourself for not just going back to your place and showering there that first day. I'll create the biggest scene you can imagine, Hannah. So don't you dare tell me we're over," she explained before she took a deep breath and wiped her forehead. "You are my angel, and I'm your psycho bitch. There is no way that we're ending this over me getting busy with Barb and Mia just ten minutes early. I won't let it happen; you have to know it is true."

My head arched back up, "Miranda, I'm not pulling the rip cord, but I'm gonna stay with my mom until Sunday," I let her know before I kissed her one more time and gathered my stuff.

I turned around and went to the door without making eye contact with anyone.

As I was ready to walk out, I glanced at Miranda one more time. "Miranda, if you run after me naked, I will lose it. I'm not breaking up with you right now, but if you pull your classic move, you might just get me to yank it. I love you more than the day is long around here, but you can't just pull this shit and get away with it. Please don't make this harder than it needs to be."

"Okay, are you entirely confident you'll still want to cuddle with me as we watch The Walking Dead Sunday night?"

"Just respect my wishes, and maybe I will," I replied, opening the door. "Goodbye, Miranda," I said before I left.

I calmly strolled out into the hallway and shut the door without peeking back at them. I stopped just a couple feet down there and leaned my back on the wall.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" I sobbed, hiding my face. "I feel even worse than last time."

I grieved for a moment and just stayed right there. I didn't hear anyone else walking around, but after that moment, I just began ambling towards the door.

I mopped away my tears again as I reached the end of the hallway. "Fuck, I can't believe I was thinking of proposing," I fretted, prior to opening the door to the stairwell.

I failed to step into that area just yet.

First I glanced back my office door. "Proposing should be the easiest thing imaginable, but the psycho bitch complicated it."

I continued to look at the door for a moment, but I didn't speak a word. Suddenly, the door flung open.

I saw Miranda's melons come out yet again. "No," I protested, pointing at her. "Beam your ass back in there, Miranda! Do not do it, just don't!"

She began walking rather quickly towards me. "Make me!"

I bit my bottom lip and just went into the stairway area. I didn't say a word, but I thought of every single mean word imaginable. My eyes were wide open, and I moved as quickly as I could without risking tripping down the stairs.

I made it down six floors as my heart just continued to pump harder and harder. Even with the air conditioning, I felt my body getting rather drenched, everywhere from feet, all the way up to my forehead.

"Hey, Hannah!" Miranda yelped.

I made to the door that led outside and grabbed the handle. Although, I couldn't just open it. Before I knew it, I heard the slight footsteps on the final steps of the stairwell. I leaned my head back and shed more tears, but my hand wouldn't open the door.

"Hannah, you never uttered the words, 'Miranda, I forgive you.'."

I breathed rather heavily in efforts to catch my breath, but I didn't turn to her. I heard her trying to do the same thing, but after only a few seconds, I felt her hand on my shoulder. No words became spoken, but of course, our actions said everything.

"If you love me, Hannah, then tell me you forgive me. You never actually said the words."

I let out a deep breath and calmly turned to her. "I swear, I will forgive you if you just go back to the office right now. Have Mia or Barb give you a ride back."

"What about us, I don't want you to just to go your mom's place and become more angry with me. Call me crazy, but I don't think she likes me. I just know she is going to tell you to dump me. Please, come home tonight, and we can talk about this. Barb and Mia won't be there, and we can just be there for one another. Just let us hold each other and listen to each other's heartbeats. You'll be able to see how mournful I am."

"Until when though, Miranda? Am I seriously going to find out the hard way that you did it with my mom next? You've done this twice now, so what is to stop you? How can I trust you to control yourself? You seem like a chocolate fiend surrounded by it in a locked room. How are we ever gonna have kids with a relationship like this? Are you really confident that you only want me, both emotionally and physically?"

"Yes, Hannah. Let's face it; we work because hated each other so much before. We've never talked about having kids, but I'd love to have them with you."

"Okay," I said before taking a deep breath. "I swear to you, just give me until Sunday night. I'll come back, and you can apologize a million times, we can talk about having kids someday, and we'll watch the show. We can do it naked or fully clothed. Then we can have mind blowing sex six million times if you want. We can just call in sick Monday and just fuck each other in every possible way, but you have to let me go," I explained, putting my fists up. "I just need some time, please, give me a couple of days."

I just watched her cry for a moment. 'She is effectively tweaking my nerves now. Why, why, why do I love her so much?'

"Tell me you rather cut your legs and arms off than break up with me, Hannah," she sobbed, jiggling around.

"You are standing out here naked when anyone could come out and see you. Why must you just make a case for you being a stupid tart?" I questioned, putting my hands up.

"Cheating on you was beyond dumb, because we always have mind blowing sex, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or night," she listed, gradually strolling to me.

She took my hands and kissed me. "I... love... you, Hannah. We can stop having sex; I don't care, I just don't want to lose you."

"You won't," I let her know before I kissed her. "Now I'm gonna go," I mentioned, prior to walking away.

I couldn't help, but to peek back at her. 'She is balling now, but she did this.'

"Goodbye, Miranda," I said before I went out the door.

I immediately looked for my car. "There is the sex box; we did fuck on top of it twice now," I mumbled, walking to it.

I arrived at the driver's side door, but I didn't pull out the key just yet. I placed my right hand on the window and closed my eyes. I instantly pictured our past sexual escapades, and I couldn't help, but to lick my lips and quiver somewhat.

I placed my other hand on my crotch. "Miranda, I couldn't possibly love and hate you more right now. You are the dumbest psycho bitch in the world; I don't know how anyone else could surpass you. My panties are soaked, you should feel happy about that, but how heartbroken you have me right now, you should feel horrible for that. I swear, I don't think I'll ever have a better emotional and physical relationship with someone else, but cheating is a dealbreaker," I explained before my hand slithered onto my pocket.

I calmly pulled out the ring again and looked at it for a moment.

"Are you okay?" a woman asked, coming to me.

"Yes, I'm just having a moment with myself, Jackie," I answered, glancing at her.

"Well, you are holding an engagement ring, so I agree, you need to think about it."

"No, I disagree," I mentioned, turning to her. "Shouldn't it be the easiest thing to decide? You know you love them and they love you, so if you already bought the ring, shouldn't you just do it? Plan it out of course, but just do it and not fight with yourself?"

Jackie featured a blank face. "I have no idea, but good luck to you," she chuckled before she left.

I kept my eyes on the ring for a moment and shed a couple of tears too. "Oh, I love you, Miranda. You are a giant hussy, but my heart belongs to you. It just does, I guess. I have other people walking through here as I'm just standing here. Maybe I'm like you and just don't care if people watch. I'm not naked, but still, I'm just standing here having a heartfelt moment. Maybe Jackie just told people that I'm thinking about proposing. I know we've kept our relationship a secret, but I'm sure at least a few people have figured it out. We have our door locked all the time, so I know that some people have put those pieces together."

I closed my eyes for a moment and held the ring in my right fist.

"I'm not letting you break us up!" I heard Miranda shout.


"And there she is," I murmured, putting the ring back into my pocket.

I wiped away my tears and stood in front of my car.

"Right here, psycho bitch," I announced, waving my right hand.

She quickly found me and came right to me. "Even if I have to fuck you nonstop for three hours straight with more people watching us again," she said before she stopped in front of me and kissed me. "I'll do it to win you back."

Her arms went around me, and her lips parted from mine. "I'm not losing you. Not today, tomorrow, not ever," she cried, shaking her head. "Any questions?"

"Yes, what took you so long?" I pondered, bringing my hands to her butt. "You are three minutes late."

"We tried to talk her out of it," Mia answered, strolling towards us.

I looked at her. "What, are you and Barb a thing now?"

"Yes, we're kind of in a serious relationship now too. Thanks to your girlfriend, she introduced us," Barb responded before they turned to each other and began making out.

I looked back at Miranda. "You are my psycho bitch girlfriend, so it wouldn't be right if we didn't have our make up sex out here," I mentioned before I brought her down with me.

Our arms went around one another, and we superglued our lips together. I didn't even look around at the people this time, but I knew they were there.

"Hey, it is just a lesbian couple getting ready to have make-up sex on their car! There is nothing to see here!" Mia yelled.

 After a five minute make out session, I gently pushed Miranda off me. "Don't ever let me break us up."

"Not as long as I'm in love with you, Hannah. You are my angel, my queen, and my entire world. Now, I'm going to pleasure you as people watch again. Even if we get fired, all we need is each other. We'll just get other jobs," she mentioned, prior to leaning up off me.

She immediately helped me up and brought her hands to my skirt. She got it off me and then she ripped off my blouse too.

"How about this," she murmured, positioning her hands on my back. "How you like to have a threesome with them?"

"No, I just want my psycho bitch, that's all."

"Fair enough," she said, throwing my bra.

Her hands dropped to my thong, and she yanked it right off me. "Yes, I love this outfit on you, Hannah. I loved it even before that first day," she moaned before she turned to Mia.

I saw Mia hand the psycho bitch our strap on, and she immediately put it on.

She came back to the car, but sat next to me. "Come here, and be my cowgirl."

"Yes, please do that, sexy lady," a man groaned.

"Fuck off, asshole!" Barb yelped.

"Yes, our girlfriends are having make-up sex, so get lost!" Mia added.

I granted her request and positioned myself right over her with my face to hers. She guided the dildo right into my slit, and our boobs came together.

We both looked at each other. "I guess we have another lesbian couple to hang out with too and we have them standing behind us too."

"Yes, but shut up now, Hannah. This psycho bitch is trying to fuck you now," she moaned, placing her hands on my butt.

She instantly began thrusting the dildo in and out of my slit.

'We have the car rocking already, but we're leaving nothing to the imagination. Once again, we're having sex right out in the open. Fuck, I don't know what to make of her, but I love her. Congratulations, Miranda, you have the summer sun beating down on me again with witnesses.'

I placed my hands on her shoulders, and then we put a small gap between us. Once again, we could have peeked down at one another's breasts, but our eye contact was stable and not about to break.

My pussy dispensed out juice rather rapidly and I bit down on my bottom lip too. Needless to say, my psycho bitch girlfriend always knew what buttons to press at the right moment. She still managed to get the dildo in as far it could go and pleasure me.

"Yes, sweet, Mia, eat that pussy while our girlfriends fuck each other," Barb moaned.

Even as we heard those words and could easily visualize the sexy action, neither of us looked away from each other.

"I only wish we could go to our first college and let all those other cheerleaders see us. I would certainly want them to see us now, whether we were naked or not. They should know just how much we love each other. I would fuck you right in front of our male and female classmates until the sun goes down, there is no shame in admitting it. Even when we're in our fifties, Hannah, I still want to us to be in love. I'll still be more than eager to get you off, every single night," she elucidated before she kissed me. "Literally nothing can compare to the feelings I have for you, Hannah."

"You want to be with me into our fifties?"

"Until the day one of us dies, Hannah. Then when the other dies, I want to both go to our personal heavens, where we'll be together forever. All throughout eternity."

"That's a long time, at least twice as long as the run time of the movie Titanic, are you sure you want me for that long?"

"Yes, and there, we can go on for days, if not weeks, months or years. We'll just be together, having sex, shopping for shit where we don't have to pay, or watching a never ending movie marathon of the Die Hard films, Dirty Dancing, and The Notebook. When we cuddle, even in our old age, I'll still have my hand slither into your panties so I can finger fuck you."

"Okay, but fuck The Notebook, after we die, I'm never watching that movie again. It is both of our heavens, Miranda."

All of the sudden, she began shedding tears briskly. "Tell me you love me again."

"I love you, Miranda," I made clear, wrapping my arms around her.

We held each other for a moment and rubbed each other's backs.

"I will fuck you some more in a minute, but I just want us to hold each other for right now."

"Don't worry; I love the sexy bitch side of you too. You don't have to be a 100% psycho bitch."

"Are you sure?" she questioned, leaning her head back. "I'll be whatever you want me to be, as long as you'll stay with me."

"I will," I whispered, getting off her.

I lied down on the side of her and put my legs up in the air. "Although, right now, you have to stick that dildo back into this cherry you seem to love so much."

"I will," she moaned, positioning herself up.

She brought the head right to my twat and looked at me again. "Maybe we'll go to jail, and we'll get to have sex there too. That would be a hot memory," she pointed out before the dildo sought shelter inside my pussy.

"Yes, Miranda, show me how much you love me and let the entire thing in there," I moaned, slanting my head back.

"Damn, this is hot," Mia muttered.

I failed to look at them, but I knew both Barb and Mia were close by and watching us. I felt Miranda thrusting the dildo at a slow, but pleasurable speed. Every time it went back in, I had just a small twitch, but I managed not to throw her off course.

"Are you crying, babe, am I hurting you?" she asked, halting the dildo.

"No," I replied, peeking at her. "Keep fucking me slowly. Just remember this day, Miranda."

"I will, I always remember days I have sex outside quite fondly," she whispered, caressing my butt.

We looked at each other for some time, completely aware of our surroundings, but we didn't let it bother us at all. The intimacy remained stable and be both blew kisses to each other a few times too. Nothing and no one seemed to compare to her, and I seemed to love that at the moment.

 "Even when we're in our sixties, are you still going to find me attractive enough to fuck me?" she pondered.


She leaned off me and let the dildo slide out. "You want to stay with this psycho bitch?"


"Turn over and let me thank you," she muttered, rubbing the dildo.

I did as she commanded and peeked back at her. "Fuck me if you are gonna fuck me, bitch. All these people want to see."

"Damn right I do," we heard a female voice respond.

We both looked to the side. "Hi, Ms. Good," we both greeted her with guilty faces.

"Oh, I knew you two were a thing, why else would the door be locked so often?" she pondered before a pause. "What, even the blonde curly haired boss is a horny woman," she moaned, letting her right hand slither into her skirt.

That didn't stop her; she just inserted the rubber dick right into my pussy. "I'll fuck you right in front of our boss, it is just the kind of psycho bitch I am," Miranda muttered, placing her hands on my butt.

As she began thrusting, my eyes closed and my head slanted back too. 'Holy shit, even our boss likes us. Maybe it is just Miranda; she might be a sexy magnet.'

The car began shaking a bit, and my slit already started hurting. Of course, the emotional spike was worth everything. I had no idea how much many other people were out there, but we had a cheering section.

"Come on, fuck your woman like you mean it!" I heard a male yell.

"Yes, do it and make her cum," a female added.

I couldn't look around; as I became just lost in Miranda's pleasuring sex. I felt the dildo inside me a million times before, but with the added exhibition effect, she left paralyzed to some extent. All I could do was stand firm and fight the pleasure as much as I could.

"Take it, Hannah, take it. Take all you can right now because you love me. We're both covered in sweat and getting worn out, but these people want a show. Let those titties shake around down there and keep moaning too. I'm not gonna stop until everyone is satisfied," she explained, shoving it into my slit. "I love fucking you doggie style."

"And maybe I can join you two sometime," Ms. Good pointed out, lying on the side of me. "I know I have nice tits to stare at and I knew my way around a woman too."

"You are naked, Ms. Good," I muttered, looking at her.

"You can look, but not touch, Hannah. If I'm not allowed, then you aren't either."

"Too bad, but you two and your lesbian friends are quite lovely."

"Thank you," Mia said.

"Tell me you love me, Hannah" Miranda ordered me, slapping my ass.

"I love you, Miranda," I sobbed somewhat. "I love you more than you know. Every time I see you at work, home or anywhere else, I remember how much I adore you now."

"Tell me more, Hannah. Why do you love me so much?"

"I guess because you are you, Miranda. I don't know why exactly, but I'm in love with you," I cried, dragging my breasts on the car.

"It is alright, sweet Hannah," Miranda moaned, rubbing my ass. "I accept you for who you are, just as you accept me. I acknowledge that love and want you to know that it is worth it," she whispered, leaning down on me.

We both just felt one another in silence for a moment. We also caught our breaths and enjoyed the intimacy.

"Damn, my psycho bitch power is wearing off now, I don't want to have sex out here, I just want to hold you now in private."

I smiled, and she wrapped her arms around me. We still heard plenty of chatter going on, but we just enjoyed the intimate moment.

"Oh, you two are in love," Ms. Good moaned.

"Yes, we are," Miranda added.

She calmly let the dildo out and then I arched my back up.

I turned to her and kissed her. "You are my rock."

"I guess that makes you my diamond."

"Oh," Ms. Good let out.

I was sure our boss was letting out her lady juice on the car, but we kept our eyes together.

"You mean everything to me, Hannah. I swear, I will never ever cheat on you again," she made clear, placing her hand on my cherry. "I can't risk losing you again."

"Maybe we can invite the boss at least once, but that's it. She does seem to be supportive of us."

Suddenly, I felt my heart was to pop out. "Shit, the cops are here!" I roared, widening my eyes.

We looked around and saw a couple of squad cars with the lights on come towards my car.

"Shit, we might be going down together for real, hun," Miranda said, wrapping her arms around me.

Most the people skedaddled, but our boss and lesbian friends stayed behind. Cops from both cars got out and strolled over to us.

"I swear, I'll never break up with you," I cried, shaking nonstop.

"Dare I ask: what is going on here?" the first officer asked.

Everyone stayed quiet for a moment.

She smooched my forehead. "Do not take away anyone else, officers, just me," Miranda pleaded, turning to them.

They were both guys seeming to be in the forties, and they couldn't help, but to check out the nude female figures that stood before them.

"And why should we do that?" the second officer asked. "You five ladies are naked in public, and we can't just get away with indecent exposure. Besides, you are having sexual intercourse, that's a big no-no, ladies."

Miranda walked to the first one with her hands together. "My girlfriend and I were just making up, and our friends and boss just got comfortable. Please, just take me away," she cried, putting her hands out. "She caught me cheating, and I chased her out here naked. I can't let this come between us; she means everything to me."

"Then why did you cheat on her?" the first officer asked, crossing his arms.

She slanted her head down. "Simply put: I'm a psycho bitch. Please, just take me, officers. I'll do anything."

They both looked at each other for a moment. "No, we want all five of you," the second officer mentioned, pointing at all of us.

I came up with her. "I'm with her," I said, putting my hands up.

"Us too," Mia added as the rest of them came up with me.

They both chuckled for a moment.

"So, you two are in love then?" the second officer pondered, pointing at us.

"Yes, she is my angel, even though we once hated each other," Miranda answered, encasing her arms around me again.

No one said a word for a couple of minutes as they failed to look away from us. I had no idea what to think, but I couldn't calm my heart down to save my life. All five of us nude ladies did start to shed tears, but we all stood our ground.

"Okay, Miranda," the first officer said, coming towards her. "If that's what you want, we'll just take you," he announced, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

He put them on her with her hands behind her back, and I couldn't stop crying to save my life.

"I love you, psycho bitch."

"I love you too, babe. I love you so much; I couldn't describe it to you."

"Okay, you had your tearful moment," the second officer pointed out coming behind her.

He covered her with a big gray blanket and brought her to his car.

I covered my face with both hands for a few seconds, but then I ran right to her as he put her in the car. "Can't you please just let her off with a warning?"

"No, the rest of you are getting warnings right now, so you should feel lucky. Don't worry, it is not like Miranda here is gonna go to prison over this, but she will spend the night in lockup unless you ladies would like to pay her bail," the first officer said, leaning on the door.

"I'll go down there right now. I won't let the woman I love spend one second in jail," I made clear, looking at her.

Both cops nodded and looked up.

"Wow, that's commendable, Hannah. You hated her to her very core, but now you are in love with her?" the first officer pondered.

"Yes, in the end, fortunately, it happened. I can't picture my life without her, and now she is my world. If we needed to hate each other enough for it to happen, then I'm happy it did."

"Did you both get shot by Cupid's arrows the first time she did this?" the second one questioned.

"Yes, but..." I said before a pause. "Wait a minute, how did you know she has done this before, or that her name was Miranda. None of us said her name in your presence, but you just referred to her by her name a minute ago."

"We have our ways, Hannah. Having sex in public like this is nothing to be ashamed of, but it is rather risky. We've never done it, but we're sure it is hot, don't you think?"

I rubbed my face with both hands for a moment, but my tears suddenly halted.

I showed my face again. "What's going on here?" I questioned, scanning on three of them.

"You can call me Bob," the second officer stated, opening the door.

She got out, he took the blanket off her and uncuffed her too. I put my hands up and felt confused.

"And I'm Rick," the first officer let me know, getting in front of her.

As Miranda became uncovered again, she had both of her hands clenched up by her chest.

"What the hell, Miranda?"

She separated her arms as she got close to me.

She wrapped them around me and kissed me. "Hannah, we've been seeing each other for almost two years now, and we love each other to no end. You introduced me to the wonderful lesbian world, and accepted me that day," she explained, bringing her hands back. "I can't thank you enough for that," she mentioned, opening her hands.

"Holy shit, Miranda, is that engagement ring?" I inquired, covering my mouth and nose.

She calmly lowered herself to her knees and kept her eyes on me. "Hannah, I had other things I wanted to say at this moment, but I think all I need to ask is: will you marry me?"

I cheesed for a moment, but then I peeked around at the fifty plus people that were all watching us. "You psycho bitch, you planned this, didn't you?"

"They are real cops, but they are also great friends of mine. I'm sorry, I guess, but that doesn't change the fact that you are my queen and I'm yours."

I just laughed for a moment and closed my eyes. As far as I knew, everyone held their positions, but I just had my own moment.

I took my hands down one more time. "Fuck, somehow I'm not surprised, but I still have my mind blown, Miranda. I love you, yes, I'll marry you, psycho bitch."

She slid the onto my finger and stood up with me. "I'll always be your psycho bitch, Hannah," she made clear before kissing me.

We wrapped our arms around one another and made out for over three minutes. Over that time, I had to giggle somewhat.

Our lips parted, and we maintained eye contact. "Ms. Good, we're gonna take the rest of the day off and Monday too."

"Fuck this 'Ms. Good' shit, you call me Jeanine, and you better invite me to the wedding. You two have been quite insubordinate, after Monday, you better be on your best behavior."

"No promises," Miranda mentioned.

"Well, this is all well and good, ladies, but you really need to get decent if you are gonna stay outside," Bob warned us, getting into his car.

"We will," I replied, leaning down and snatching my skirt.

I pulled out my ring, and she immediately began laughing. "Really?"

"Yes, so will you?"

"Yes, Hannah," she answered before I put the ring on her finger.

We hugged each other again and rubbed our foreheads together as the cops left.

"Damn, you are witch wrapped in an angel, Miranda."

"I know, so let's go home and physically express our feelings."

"Would you two get out of here already?" Mia wondered, coming up behind our boss. "Maybe you'd like to come to our place, Jeanine?"

"I'd like that too," Barb mentioned.

I just grabbed my clothes before we got into my car and took off.

"I guess Jeanine is getting along with Mia and Barb," she pointed out, prior to smooching my cheek.

"I swear, if you pull this shit at our wedding, I'm gonna do something psycho too."

"Hey, it is our wedding, I have right to prance around nude if I want, sweet woman. Now let's go home, get into bed and not get off it for three days."

"Sounds good to me, you psycho bitch," I answered before I kissed her.
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