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Helping out my High School ex-girlfriend mother and two of Maria’s single co-workers out when she is in Brazil for work.
I woke up as normal to hit the gym, shower, breakfast, and head to the store. We had the morning meeting and everyone was off to do the normal routine. I stepped outside to call Luz. Hi Mark..How did you know it was me? I added your number to my phone when Maria gave it to me before I departed the bar last Friday night. Will 1PM work for you today? Yes, that should be perfect time so her is my address. I write it down and told her I will see you at 1PM. Great I can’t wait! I ended the call and went back inside the store. Jackie did you reconfirm the supply order was received with PVC supplies as I sat down at my desk? I called but didn’t get in hold of our Account Rep. Can you call them now to reconfirm? Sure, she turned around grabbed the phone and pushed the PVC Supply button. She bends over the desk and I looked right at her ass in some tight jeans shorts. Damm Jackie! She looks at me with the speaker phone muted. What? Your fucking ass in my face. She wiggles her ass at me and I slap it? Ouch..Do it she laughs. I slap it again and hold on to her ass squeezing it. O Mark that feels good..then I hear her Can I speak to Bill? and she puts the phone on speaker with mute. Mark you keep rubbing my ass like that I am going to jump your bones here because I need some badly. I moved my hand on her inner leg from behind as I moved it up. Mark you better stop or I will hang up this call and attack you. I moved it all the way between her legs and said I guess I better check on my customers as I stood up. You baster Mark! I laugh leaving the store.

I did a quick stop at Debbie’s to check on the water level for tomorrow acid wash. I dropped off all the acid and pressure spray bottle for the job. Debbie gave me a cup of coffee and asked me to sit down to talk a little as we both did. Mark you really did a job on me yesterday because my pussy is sore. Sorry you are sore but that only means you are out of shape for we laugh together. I can’t go to the gym to get in shape for I guess that means you need more to get in shape. I guess so but not today if you are offering. Nope, not today because I have a very busy day and should get to another customers house. She stands up and tells me Mark “Thank you again”. No problem. I departed to another customer in the area and check on the water balance because it was just resurfaced a week ago. I called the store and asked Jackie to order lunch for us and I would pick up the sandwiches at the market. I picked up the lunch and headed to the store as Jackie was bending over the desk as a joke when I opened the back door. Wow..who is teasing now I said to Jackie and she laughs at me.

Mark did you buy me lunch because you felt up my ass today? Nope, but it I can pay for it that way I will. You pig Mark as she hits me in the arm. Your jeans shorts do look good on you so I am guessing you are wearing a thong too. How did you now that? When I was feeling your ass I felt only jeans and skin. Your girlfriend must be in heaven with your hands grabbing her butt. Why do you say that? You have a great touch when you grabbed my butt. I am glad you like my touch but I shouldn’t have done that to you. Yes, you are right if we worked in a big company but I know we are just joking around with each other. True, I wouldn’t want to hurt are work relationships for a fuck up move. I understand Mark but if we did I would be ok with it because we are friends with benefits coworkers. Really? If we are honest I would be totally fine having sex with you because I have dreamed about it once or twice. Really? Yes, totally. Ok, then don’t get me drunk and I need a ride home Jackie because I see you taking me to your house. Hell YA! We finished up lunch and told Jackie I was going to a friend of Maria’s to find a leak and fix it.

I headed to Luz address that was about 30 minutes away from the store. I got to the Luz house and rang the doorbell. Luz opens the door standing in a Jean mini skirt, black top, and barefoot. Hi Mark come in as I walk inside and she closes the door. It’s great seeing you Mark as she gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Nice house Luz. Thank you it’s my parents house and they are at the mall with friends. Show me the pool as I follow her through the house. When we got out to the pool I noticed the water level was just below the deep end pool light. We have not added any water to the pool and I turned off the pool timer as you told me. A lady that listens to Can you show me your fuse box so I can make sure no power is going to the pool light? Sure come with me to the hallway. Right her Mark as she opens the fuse box door and I made sure the switch was off to the pool.

We walked to the pool and I ask Luz could I have a towel to dry off after I come back out of your pool. Sure I will get you one now. I put the water hose in the shallow end and turned on the water. She came back with a towel in hand as I got in the pool by the steps. I walked to the side and asked Luz could you bring me my tool bag to the side of the pool? She brings it over and squats down giving me a perfect view up her skirt with no panties on. In my head I was speechless and my cock went hard automatically. What do you need Mark? I need a flat head and screwdriver as she was looking for it and I was looking between her legs. Wow she has some smooth legs and her lips look untouched from my view. She hands me the 2 screwdrivers and I move back to the light with some food color dye. I wanted for all the pool waves to stop moving by the light as she walks over to me a squats down. I look up at her with a smile and told her you might feel more comfortable sitting on the pool edge and your feet will not get wet. Good idea Mark.

How is Maria doing in Brazil and do you miss her? She is doing ok and yes I miss her. The big day is coming up soon under 2 weeks right? Yes, it’s coming to soon. May I ask what is wrong Luz because you don’t sound excited? I placed some dye near the light and it was sucked into the wall. I found the link and I can fix it today. O Mark that is great as she moves over the light sitting on the edge on the pool. My parents are going to be so happy because they are worried on cost with the wedding. No problem I will not charge you because you are a friend of Maria. As I look up at her as I look quickly between her legs. No, I need to pay something. No need, I just need to drain the water another foot so let me get my pump in my truck. Mark I would hug you right now but I would get all wet. Yes, let me start to get the water out and then you can hug me.

I walked out of the pool forgetting I had a small boner. Luz runs over to me with a towel let me dry you off as she starts rubbing the towel on my legs as she knees down in front of me. Rubbing the towel over my legs and manhood then she felt it as I said I got it Luz. She says sorry Mark. No problem you were trying to help out but you cause the problem as I started walking to my truck. I came back with the pump and hose then plug the power cord in the house as the pump turned on. The water was coming out of the hose into the yard and I told her it will take 1hr before I can fix it. Would you like a drink Mark? Sure...take a sit Mark and I will be right back. She comes back out with 2 glasses of lemonade and hands me one. Cheers as we raise the glasses together to the pool. She takes a swallow and places the glass down on the table and ask me to stand up. I did as she asked me as I put my glass on the table. She walks up to me and hugs me “Thank you Mark”! I wrapped my arms around her feels her back. No problem Luz. She looked up at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then the phone rang. She picked up the call and spoke Spanish very happy with the other person.

Luz ended the call as she walked back to me and leaned over to give me a hug again as she tell me it’s from my mother. You can tell your mother she can give me a hug in person at the wedding with a dance too. She will love that and can I get that as a request too? Sure, I always dance with the bride. She gets up and sits down in the other chair. So want is on your mind about the wedding because when I asked you about it was not feeling good with your answer. She laid her head down and the said I am not sure I should do it. Why not? I am going to tell you something that you better not even tell Maria or anyone. I promise I will not tell anyone. I have only been with 1 man and only had sex 3 times in my life. I was shocked after hearing her saying that and she says are you speechless Mark. Yes, Luz not sure what to say right now give me a minute. So your fiancé is your first? only had sex with him 2 other times only. Yes, and he will not have sex with me until we get married now. When was your last time may I ask? About 10 months. Holly shit Luz! Yes, I want it and not sure if he does it right to compare. I agree with you.

I looked over at the water level and it still had more to remove. So what are you going to do about it because your marriage date is under 2 weeks? Not sure yet. I have only seen 1 penis in my life and not sure if it’s big or small because I have nothing to compare it against. Are you going to ask me? I wanted to but I don’t want to hurt are friendship. You sure Luz? Yes, would you let me see it? I stood up and walked over to her. Ok, go ahead but you can’t tell anything to Maria. Hell no she will kill me. She pulls my wet shorts down to reveal my penis as it hangs down..she gasp wow. Its smaller then your fiancé? Hell no you are bigger for sure. You are not even fully hard so can I see it fully hard? Sure, you do the work if you want to see it. She moved her hand over my penis as she slowly stroked it as it was getting harder. I think you better stop before we regret it later. She looks up at me I don’t turn you on? Hell No, I want to fuck you like crazy since I met you at the office and specially your sexy ass. Mark I would love for you to fuck me.

We heard a car drive up as I pulled up my short and Luz fixed herself up. Luz I think you are beautiful woman but I am with Maria and I care a lot for her. If she told me that I could do you I would in a heartbeat and make sure you didn’t forget it either. So if I get Maria’s ok you will fuck me? Yes, but I think we both know that answer. Yes, you are most likely right but I might ask hear next week if we are drinking..joking around to see her reply. Good luck as the front door opens up as her parents come in the house. I looked at the water level and it was almost good to fix giving it another 10 minutes. Mark let me introduce you to my parents as they came out to the pool area. Papa here is Mark that is fixing the leak as I shake hands call me Jose. Jose was around early 60’s 5’5 and Mark here is my mother “Maria” as she walks over to me as I went to shake her hand but she came in for a hug. Thank you Mark. I am sorry I don’t have a shirt on because I am working in the pool. Maria was much younger 40’s with a very nice body 34C/32/38 big hips. Maria spoke to Luz in spanish and Luz spoke as she looked at me with a big smile. Nice meeting you as I told them I need to get back to the pool.

I walked over to the power cord and unplug it. I pulled up the pump from the pool and carried my patch mix to the deep on the edge of the pool. I walked into the pool as Luz parents walked into the house and she walked over to sit on the edge with her legs hanging over. As I walked into the water in slowly in the deep end and looked up at Luz smiling. Is the water cold she ask me? Nope, specially when I am walking toward you. Don’t tease me Mark because I want you. I look between her legs. I think you have been teasing me since I arrived. How? I stood right in front of her and blow some air between her legs as she opened them a little more. No panties Luz. She smiled at me you like the view? Yes, do you want it? Two people can play that game as I popped my cock out semi hard. You are teasing me now.

I chipped out the area on the surface and started fixing the surface area with new cement patch. Mark can I come down and see what you are doing? Sure, but you are going to get wet. I already am wet as she smiles at me walking into the pool. She stood next to me so we’re was the leak? I pointed to the new patch area waiting for it to dry up before I put the light back in. Maria came out...speaking Spanish to Luz as they both her laughed together then walked back in the house. What did she say? She asked me if I wanted to get in the pool business. She said she would get in the pool business if she could work with someone like you Mark. I think my mother likes you. She is a nice lady but I don’t understand spanish. You should have no problem learning many languages with Maria because I think she speaks like 6 different languages. I didn’t now that.

I put the light back in the wall and screwed it in. Come on sweet ass all done as I told her let’s get out of the pool. I hope you can get Maria’s approval because I would love to make you feel good before you get married. I will decline anything that happen with you today. I understand Mark I don’t want to screw up anything for you and Maria. I love you both and I think you both love each other too. Maria came out speaking to Luz about something and Luz told me she wants you for dinner. I laugh she wants me for dinner? Luz laughs and said sorry she wants to invite you over for dinner. Sure, but I get you first Luz...she laughs. Luz tells Maria something in Spanish as Maria looks at me with a smile...saying yes in Spanish to me then walks back inside. I looked at Luz as she had a smile of shock. What’s wrong Luz? I joked around with my mom telling her that you would love to have her for dinner. Thank you maybe next week because I am very busy this week. She smiled great next week you with come over for dinner. Let me help you out Mark as she grabs my tool bag from the other side of the pool as I wrapped up the pump hose and carried the pump to the truck. I got in my truck as my door was still open and asked Luz should I bring Maria with me for dinner? She looked at me really...I was thinking maybe a threesome..Her eyes got big with a look of surprise. I never did that and it’s in my bucket list. I guess I have to get that approval from Maria...Yes, that is on your side. She reaches over on to my lap to feel my cock and tells me I hope I get to feel him next week. Me too as she lets go of me and closes my door.

I started driving when I noticed the clock was 3:45PM so I headed to the store. I needed to call Nicole to reconfirm tomorrow will work for her to stopover. Hi Nicole it’s Mark. Hi Mark How are you? Good and you? Ok, just got home and working from home tomorrow. Great I was planning to stop over tomorrow if that works for you? Yes, anytime. Ok, I will see you at 9AM if that works? Yes, that would be great after dropping off the little one at school. Ok, see you tomorrow. After ending the call I called Maria and to my surprise she picked up Hi Mark what a surprise. Hi Sexy How is you day going? Ok, sitting by the pool right now. have a hard job as we both laugh. I just fixed Luz parents pool and heading back to the store. How did everything go for you? All good I guess. What do you mean but I guess? Luz don’t feel happy about getting married for some reason is my feeling. Yes, I was getting that same feeling last week talking to her. I think she is getting second thoughts on getting married for some reason. I told her to talk with you when you get back because I think she needs a female friend. Thank you for looking after her because she is a special person to me and the firm. I wanted to call you and hear your voice. You miss me? Yes, always!

It’s good to hear because I miss you like crazy like right now. Why now? You would make me feel good right now talking how sexy I look in my Brazil swimsuit. O please tell me more but don’t make me wreck my truck? I am wearing a red Brazilian thong swimsuit that show off my butt that we both want you to have when I return home. O Maria I wish I was with you to rub some suntan lotion on that beautiful Portugal butt. I would love to feel your touch anywhere on my body right now. I love you so much Mark and I would do anything for you but I think you know that already. That hit me straight to the heart and that is when I think that pushed me over but I could say it over the phone. What are you doing for dinner? Going to dinner with my bodyguard somewhere. A date with your bodyguard? No, do I feel a little jealousy from you Mark? Maybe...I want you safe to get back to me on Friday and I trust you. Mark that is good to hear you care for my safety and you trust me. I trust you always but I don’t trust the other side of people. I understand what you mean. Maria I am back at the store so will let you go back and enjoy the sun. Mark don’t forget to call my mom. Ok, I will call her when I get take care sexy. Bye Mark I love you.

I walked into the store with the whole crew was inside. Great timing I got you all here now because I need some more employees. We have the new development starting next month. Boss my brother just turned 18 but he is not out of school until May so that is 2 more months. If he is like you tell him to see me when he is free. Ok, will do. Maybe he can work with us after school like 2PM and ride with someone to show him the ropes. He has a DL? Yes...Good. Anyone knows anyone please have them call me on Friday because I will be here all day. Jackie speaks up seriously you are going to be in the office all day? Yes, what is the problem? I guess I will bring in two cups of coffee to work with you...I take with cream and sugar...everyone laughed out loud. Ok, I will bring 3 Ok, everyone have a good night I am heading home.

I called Rose...Hi Rose it’s Mark. Hi Mark are you coming over tomorrow night for dinner? Yes, what is for dessert? I didn’t get one but I can range that up if you are a dessert man. Yes, I love a good taste dessert. You like cake or pie? I like any kind of pie...I heard her breath a little heavier and then said ok I with give you dessert too. How is Marco doing? He misses you. Is he around to talk to? Yes, let me get him...Marco phone call from Mark. Mark is on the phone as I heard him running on the wood flooring. Hi Mark Hi Buddy how are you doing? Ok, but I wish you were here so I could play you in soccer. Tomorrow night buddy. Ok, her is Grandma. Hi Mark so I will see you tomorrow night with dessert. Great I look forward in coming over. Me too...bye Mark.

I had normal dinner with my mom and showered for bed with some TV. It was about 8:30PM when Maria called me on my cell as I picked up. Hello Maria...Hi Sweetie I had to call you after speaking to Marco and my mother. What did you do to my mother? What do you mean? She told me she is going to get her hair and nails done tomorrow? I just called to reconfirm dinner tomorrow night and teased her a little about dessert as I laughed. That must have done You are a good teaser for sure and specially to my mother. Thank you because I told her many times to take care of herself like doing a beauty day for her. She even joked around if she should get a bikini wax. Wow...why did she want to get that done? No clue but your dessert talk must have made her want to now. Remember you told me to tease her so I did as you told me. Yes, you have my approval to tease her and make her feel good. I will be nice to your mother because she could be my mother-in-law someday. Really? Yes. Mark you just gave me goosebumps. When I see you on Friday I will give you more then goosebumps. Stop teasing me right now before I hump my pillow thinking of you. Ok, get to bed and good luck tomorrow morning in court. Thanks sweetie and I Love you goodnight...Sweet Dreams Maria.

I woke up and did my normal routine then headed to the store. We had the morning meeting and off they went to handle the customers for today. I told Jackie that I am heading over to a customer that needs a pump replacement at a minimum. Ok, have a good day boss. I got in my truck with the new pump and headed to Nicole’s. When I arrived at Nicole’s house she opened the front door standing waiting for me. I walked up to the door Hi Mark as she gives me a hug and tells me please come in. I walked in behind her and told her you must want to go swimming. Yes, but I am just laying out getting some sun on my day off before I start to clean the house. I don’t want talk bad about your husband but he is a jackass leaving you. She looks at me saying Thank you and yes he is a jackass because I did anything for him...I mean anything. He is a Big Jackass then.

Nice house Nicole...Thank you but it needs some work. Show me where the pump and fuse box is located? Right over her is the pump as I drop my tool bag and I switched the pump to check if the power came on. It did but I can her the pump bearings are gone. Follow me to the fuse box...I have no problem doing that Nicole as she looks over her shoulder smiling . She opens the cover of the fuse box and steps to the side. I looked and switched off power to the pool. I walked back to the pump to see if the power was dead and it was killed. Mark do you want anything to drink? Sure, water would be great. I watched her walk back in the house for the water and her black bikini with see through beach skirt. She has a sweet body and in my head what the fuck was her

ex-husband thinking to leave her and his own son. What woman did he go for over Nicole in my head.

Nicole returns with the water as I was removing the power cord to the motor and I closed all the inlet and outlet pipes. I disconnected the motor from the unit and added the new pump motor back on. I connected the power cord and cleaned out the hair trap on the pump. I told Nicole to step away because this acid can hurt your eyes, lungs, or skin. I grabbed the water hose from the house and start pouring the muriatic acid on the cartridge filter as she watched. I washed down the filter then put it back together and opened the inlet/outlet pipes for the water flow. I cleaned out the pool skimmer and brushed away the leaves from the main drain. It was getting hotter so I removed my shirt and Nicole said should I get my money. Yes, only $20 or higher for me. With that body it would be worth it. I turned on the pump as everything was working like a new pool.

Nicole I am going to vacuum your pool and add some chemicals to balance it out. Mark you don’t have to do that for me because I am glad the pump is working. No, I want to see you swim before I leave. Do you? Yes, with that bikini body. You think I have a nice body? Nicole if I was not dating Maria I would be after you. Thank you Mark but I think Maria has a killer body and no one wants a soon to be divorced lady with a kid. You are crazy because you have everything a man would want in a woman. You are pretty, smart, good job, nice house, sexy, and as you said earlier do anything for her man. Let me make you lunch after you clean the pool. Ok, that will work for me. I completed vacuuming the pool then brushed the walls and steps. When I was brushing the wall Nicole come up to me from behind and hugged me with a kiss on the cheek. Thank you so much for your help on my pool. No problem Nicole. I carried my tool bag back to my truck as Nicole said she would make us sandwiches.

Nicole told me to sit down and dropped off a cold beer for me and 10 minutes later she was bring sandwiches, chips, and a bucket of beer to the table. You trying to get me drunk at lunchtime and make me spend the night. No, that was not my plan but I do like it. We ate the food and drank some beer as we talked about everything. Mark I can’t wait to see my Ex-husband know that my pool is working and better looking then his next door. I told her to show me his pool from the fence and she tells me to come with her. Nicole moves the cherry bushes open with one hand and she grabs my hand pulling her up against her side from behind. See that pool it’s dirty and not clear like my pool now. I moved my right hand on her right butt cheek feeling her smooth skin. Your right Nicole you have a better looking pool. Yes, but I like your touch more. I am sorry Nicole as I moved it off her. Don’t be sorry I like your touch as we both stood up facing each other. Let’s go swimming Mark and she walked toward the pool as I watch her walk that gave my manhood flitch.

Come on Mark as she reached out for me with her hand and I grabbed it. We walked in the pool together as are hands slide on top of the step rail. I watched Nicole body enter the water and swim away to the deep end. I went under the water swimming toward the wall side wall. Nicole turned around then swims toward me. Standing in front of me she ask me “Can I kiss you”? Yes...She moved her body on me and then placed her arms around my neck then moved her lips on me. Her lips were soft and she moved her tongue between lips. I moved my hands straight to her butt holding her against my body. She hopped and moved her legs around my hips as I moved away from the wall. I broke the kiss as I looked at her I am sorry Mark for kissing you. No problem you are a very beautiful woman that I would love to do more with but I can’t do that because I am with Maria. It was me not you Mark I have not been with a man in almost a year and you are so sweet to me. I squeezed her butt and told her you have a killer butt. You like my butt? Yes...I wish my ex like it because he told me I got a fat butt after the baby. Your ex has no taste in a good woman and she hugged me crying a little on my shoulder.

Maria is one lucky lady to have you as her man. You going to tell her we kissed and I holding your sweet butt as I squeezed it again? No, I will not tell her I kissed you but I will tell her that you passed the love test. What is the love test? I will tell her that I checked to see if you really love Maria by asking me to kiss me. You told me I can’t because you are with Maria. You are not lying because I didn’t kiss you. You kissed me and a good kiss too. She smiles at me as I moved my hand under her rubbing her pussy. She gives me reply Mark what are you doing? Nicole you are really wet for me. She smiles and slaps my arm telling me you are a bad boy. I am bad boy when need to be, Nicole if I was single I would be all over you for many reasons. You will find the right guy one day and he will be one lucky ass guy. Mark I think I found him but he is taken already. Nicole I am sorry but how would you feel if you were Maria? I would be smiling because I have you. Seriously you are Maria and your man is swimming in a pool with your hot girlfriend from work with her legs wrapped around him? Ok, I see your point as she releases her legs to stand up facing me. I am sorry Mark..No don’t feel sorry I liked kissing you and feels your unbelievable butt. She smiles at me...Do I kiss good? Yes, I think so...You are a teaser so do I need to kiss you again? Maybe...She moves closer to me and kisses me long, strong, and passionate. I had to feel her tit as we kissed..she moaned as we kissed then we broke from it. She tells me we better stop because right now I want more from you but it’s not right. I hate to agree with you but you are correct.

I should leave before I do something crazy and hurt two pretty ladies. I wish Maria and you all the best but if something ever happens please contact me. Ok, you would be the first lady that I would look up out of all of Maria’s friends. Really? Yes...she had the biggest smile on her face. I started to walk to the front door to leave and turned around before grabbing the doorknob. Nicole if you need anything please feel free to call me. Thank you Mark for fixing the pool and I can’t wait to see Nick’s face when I tell him the pool is fixed. Maybe one weekend we can come over for a pool party? Absolutely the boys would love it. Nicole I would love it more seeing two sexy ladies in bikinis around a pool. Ok, as she gives me a quick kiss on lips. I open the door and see a car pulling up next door and Nicole says that’s my ex-husband. I grab her hand and told her to follow my lead as we walk to my truck. We stood at my truck and watched her ex-husband girlfriend get out of the car with him. I looked at Nicole grabbed her close to me and kissed her strong, deep, and passionate holding her close. As I watched her ex & girlfriend watching us as grabbed her butt squeezing it. I broke the kiss and moved my mouth to her neck and ear telling her you should have seen your ex-husband and girlfriends face when I was kissing you. Then I felt Nicole’s hand slide in front to feel my semi-hard cock stroking me in my shorts. Wow..Maria is really a lucky lady and thank you again for everything as we parted. I got in my truck and headed to the office.
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