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Sex between the Teacher and the student at its best.
Serving The Teacher


The Principal, Mr. Lloyd Griffin walked in the class as all the students sat quiet like the logs. Mr. Lloyd had heard the noise at the other corner of the corridor coming from this class room as he walked to it but could not resist smiling for himself to imagine that at least the students had some respect for him and there were no aero planes flying and there were no shouts of “Fuck You”, “You mother fucker” or something equal to that effect.

“Listen up kids”; he addressed the class. I am very happy to tell you all that the school had hired a new music teacher. I am sorry that we had to let go the very good teacher Ms. Nelson but Ms. Nelson had excused to continue her services with this school because she was shifting out of the country. From Monday onward, Mr. Edward White will be taking the music class and I am pleased to announce that he will be equally good and talented to teach and make you learn to play different musical instruments.

There was a kind of combined sigh heard from the class when they heard the news of their music teacher leaving but Thomas Wang was glad deep in his heart that she left. Somehow Thomas did not like her at all and he did not care what was happening to her, long as she did not come to the school as a teacher.

Come next Monday, Thomas was a bit late for his first class. As he entered the class room, he was shocked to see a big burly man was sitting in front of the class. He was no ordinary man. He was tall, handsome, had sharp and distinctive features that looked beautiful and almost perfect. Thomas immediately noticed the name tag ‘Mr. White’. He could not refrain from smiling to see a big black man displaying his name as ‘Mr. White’. He stood up from his seat as Thomas entered the class and greeted him while reminding him that he would like to see all students on their seats at least 5 minutes before the class was to start and no one late shall be very much appreciated. From that point on Mr. White was the nicest and easy going teacher. The school year went fast. Thomas had thought that he would never be a close and a very good student in the eyes of Mr. White. On the contrary, he was the best student of the class and Mr. White had become the senior class advisor as well helping all the class and especially Tom on many occasions.

Finally came the time for the class trip of the senior year class and everybody agreed with Mr. White to go up in the hills for the 3 day weekend trip. Now the search started for the facility that would have enough cabins for the students, who had consented to go with the class and everybody knew they will be a pair in each log cabin up in the hills. Tom was glad to find out that Mr. White had put his name, next to his name as a rooming partner in the hotel. He also realized that he will get a lot of opportunity to admire the body, for the 3 days, he had secretly venerated throughout the year. The secret of bulging crotch of Mr. White, that had brought water in Tom’s mouth, every time he saw Mr. White stand up in front of the class now shall be known to him foreverl. Tom’s cock suddenly shifted place in the shorts with a big jump from one thigh to the other but soon all was calm as Mr. White closed the hotel room door.

It was a large room and the hotel had provided two full size beds. With the consent of Mr. White, Tom took the bed closer to the window. The trip to the hotel was long for everybody but for the no obvious reasons, Tom was sweating more profusely and his clothes were also more wrinkly and crinkled. He unpacked his duffle bag, took a couple of things out and started to strip down for a shower. Tom had never been shy to show his body to anyone, rather got a kick out of it to pose as an exhibitionist. All the boys in the gym and the swimming, weight training classes had seen him naked in the shower room to cherish his smooth body and the extensive cock length and girth along with the massive basket for the balls. Mr. White noticed the naked boy and warned him not to use up all the hot water and Tom assured him that he would not.

Tom went to the bathroom. By now his young cock was sticking out hard in front of him. Thinking of Mr. White, Tom began playing with his hard on. As he pumped himself, he figured out, he was really turned on more and more, as he moaned and his hip moved in and out of his fist. Suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door. Tom found out it was Mr. White, concerned about the hot water and he had come in to shave. Tom had nothing to hide, Mr. White had seen Tom’s limp glory and now it was hard, the shower door was also see through and Mr. White was already in front of the mirror and started to shave. While shaving, he had glanced and smiled at Tom in the shower stall making his cock throb each time and jump up. Quite unexpected, Mr. White finished shaving and left the bathroom. Tom had also finished the shower. He turned the water off, and before drying off himself, he decided to bring his cock down and started jerking off vehemently, spilling his load onto his hands and the shower walls. After licking and consuming all possible, he once again rinsed himself, dried with the towel and walked in the room to put some fresh clothes on.

Most of the guys had perhaps decided to rest as no one was seen out of the rooms. Mr. White and Tom decided to take a tour of the area. They walked around the shopping areas, had something to eat and returned by almost 10:00 PM. Tom was tired, he sat on his bed and turned the TV on to watch a porn video on the cable. A humongous cock was sliding in and out of the woman’s hurting pussy on the screen. Tom was expecting Sir White’s cock fucking his throat but he did not get his wish granted. Seeing Mr. White getting ready to retire, Tom shut the TV off and began to get ready to go to bed. Stripping down to his underwear, he jumped in the bed. He did it fast on purpose to have his chance to watch Mr. White strip. Maybe this was his only chance to see him as naked as possible.

He watched very intently as Sir White stripped out of his bikini underwear. Mr. White turned his head, looked in Tom’s eyes and they exchanged a big smile. Tom had enjoyed the eye candy and loved it too, making it impossible to take his eyes off the huge crotch. As Mr. White mumbled good night, Tom also rolled in the bed, rubbed his cock as he whispered the good night back to Sir. It was quiet for about 10 minutes and then Mr. White spoke saying that he could not sleep. Thomas asked him, what was the reason and he could not think any but just asked Thomas if he could exchange the bed with him and getting a yes from Thomas, Mr. White jumped into the bed with Tom and almost ordered to stay in the same bed with him. Thomas agreed almost happily. It must not be more than another 10minutes when Mr. White said that he was used to sleep naked and once again Tom told him that he had no objection and Thomas saw the teacher’s underwear fly in the air.

WTF! Thomas heard his teacher once again sigh loud and tell him that he was still not able to sleep. By then Tom knew what Mr. White wanted. He turned around and slipped his hand down the sex muscle length of Mr. White. It was bulky, phat but not very big or long, although fully erect. Sir moaned, turned around and kissed Tom’s lips. After the long wet kiss, nothing was a secret between the teacher and the student. Thomas desired to see Mr. White’s beefy black naked body and getting off the bed turned the lights on, dropping off his underwear just before pulling the bedsheet to see Mr. White’s sex mass sticking up from his body. Already yearning to take it in his mouth, his mouth fell wide open as he smiled and held the black cock in his hand for massaging it. It was uncut with a lot of loose skin flopping at the end.

Mr. White asked Tom to take it in his mouth and suck it and Tom obeyed him in a jiffy. The whole area smelled wonderful and so was the taste, pulling Thomas down to lick the big black balls. He took them in his mouth one by one and rolled them around, chugging on them like a washing machine to wash them clean in his mouth. Slowly then, he moved up to his cockhead hiding in the foreskin and swallowed it, taking almost all 5 inches deep in his mouth. Sir had held Tom’s head in his hands and moaning out loud, expressing his joy as Tom fucked the black cock lump with his mouth all the way to the balls. After about 5 minutes or so, Sir White asked Tom, if he could fuck him in the ass. He had so much lust in his eyes as he held Tom’s hard cock with love and affection. Thomas was in a kind of hurry to spread the teacher’s legs and expose his tight asshole. First only one finger slid in the wet warm dungeon but soon 2 more fingers followed to slip in and out of the black hairy ass.

Mr. White, moaning louder with the need to take the young cock inside his bare ass, Thomas pulled his fingers out and pushed his young and very big cock of huge girth in the cock hungry asshole. After about half the length of nearly 4”, he pulled out about an inch and pushed all the way to the hilt in the teacher’s asshole making him cry as he felt every centimeter crushing his ass walls crashing them, graving them to the sides making room by dilating, stretching the musculature. Mr. White could feel his opening damaged and enlarged by the boy’s big cock. The boy started to fuck his teacher harder. His balls slapped against the teacher’s ass, driving him wild. The boy was really fucking his bamboo into Mr. White’s fuck hole with bed creaking and shaking. Both partners moaning and groaning with ecstasy of the events. The boy did not seem to be an expert as he fucked for no more than 5 minutes and exploded violently in his teacher’s warm ass. Mr. White also ejaculated between the two bodies to glue them together.

Thomas stayed inside his teacher until he was hard again and fucked his brains out this time. The weekend was very enjoyable and not only that, when they got back their lovemaking did not stop for the few months left in the year to end and the final exams. Thomas had as many chances to suck out his teacher as he had to fill his teacher’s ass with his warm sex fluid.

He End. Your comments please. AWC March 29/ 2021.
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