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I met my uncle after year, i was told to stay at his place. He wanted to fuck me and did different methods to seduce me.
Im an 18 year old,i am about 5ft 6, tiny body but i have good curves and a big wide ass. I have minimal body hair and a very feminine figure. I am straight guy i liked girls, but was a virgin. I recently hit puberty and liked every teenager was masturbation addict. I had a small penis 4 inches erect. A friend gave me some porn magazine and thats the only thing i fapped to.

I was straight but i was always curious about how the pornstars felt taking a cock or what i felt like sucking it. I soon started fantasizing and was getting more and more curious. I came to a point where i saw a man my eyes would look at their crotch and imagine how big they must be. I started getting attracted to men specially big hairy buff daddies. To matters worse there was this uncle(name: mark) who i started getting attracted to, he and i had a good relationship when i was young, but then he moved to another city and we lost contact for years. I used to remember our wrestling sessions and masturbate to them. Of course i didn't still thing i was gay i was in denial, i still used to consider myself as straight because every time I used jerk off thinking of him i felt disgusted. I stopped doing this and eventually led a straight life until one day my family had to go abroad for 2 months but couldn't take me. They asked uncle mark to come and pick me up so i could stay with him for the time being since i had summer holidays.

Uncle Mark was gay, of course no one knew about it because he led a completely secret life and why he moved town away from family. He was 54 years old, had a rough fit body, he was ripped, hairy and was about 6ft 4. When he came to pick me up he couldn't just get his eyes off of me, he had lust in his eyes. I at time had left all those gay fantasies behind and accepted myself as straight. He made up his mind there and then that he had to fuck me at any cost. He was preying at me like a hunter.

We got in his truck it smelled like cum, im sure he had sex in here. On the way i felt the urge to pee badly, and i told uncle mark to stop at the nearest toilet but he kept skipping them saying there is a good one ahead. I wasnt sure what he meant, we went off the freeway and towards a forest. We stopped outside this motel, i was pretty spooky. I quickly rushed to the toilets as i couldnt hold it anymore. I was peeing and then i noticed that the stall next to me had a hole, i was worried someone might come and peak through it. It actually happened someone did enter the stall and was peaking through it, i was embarrassed and trying to pull up my trousers before he got to see too much. As i got dressed i turned around and saw huge cock coming out of the hole, it was already leaking precum. I should have left, but i was curious. I stayed there watched him thrust back forth through the hole. I dont know what got into me, i grabbed the cock. I was just looking at it and admiring it, the guy started thrusting into my hand, i kept my hold of his cock, his precum leaking on my hands, after about 10 mins he shot 8-9 burst of cum on me. My hand, my clothes and also a bit of face were covered in cum. i was cleaning the cum that i saw 3 fingers coming out of the gloryhole and signaling me. I understood he wanted my cock, i was already hard i pulled my trousers down and shoved my cock through the hole. At first i felt him jerking me off with his hands then i felt a weird sensation. It was wet, was he sucking my cock? I was feeling extreme pleasure and i came in seconds. I cleaned up and went to the truck and Uncle Mark was there smiling, he said" that took you look" i was embarassed and said "had a bad bowel" to which he replied "did u enjoy it" i was taken aback by this comment and just remained silent.

We reached his place, it was a small trailer. We got there i got settled in. We had to share beds, i was tired from the day i just fell asleep. I got up and couldnt seem to find uncle mark. There was breakfast in the kitchen with a note that he was off to work and will come home soon. I spent the day watching tv and fell asleep, i woke up to uncle mark standing infront of me and staring at my body. Then he said he was going to shower, i went outside to get some fresh air, came back to him sitting naked infront of the tv. He saw me and apologized saying he wasnt used to company here, i said its alright. I liked watching him he was the perfect man, He asked if he didnt mind me being naked at the house. I was silent for a bit then said i was okay with it. Infact now i used to stay in my boxers all the time.

Few days went by just like that and i was getting seduced by his body. I used to get hard one everytime i saw him naked at the house. One night i woke up to see that he wasnt sleeping next to me, i went out to see. He was watching porn on the tv and masturbating to it. It was Gay porn, an older bear fucking a young twink. He caught me staring at him and acted like he didnt notice me there and continued to jerk off. I realized it was the same cock i saw at the glory hole at motel and that made me hard that i jerked my uncle off. I stood there took my dick out and started jerking off. He was jerking off his thick 8 incher and i heard him call out my name, i was shocked. Was my uncle jerking off thinking about me. It made me more horny and i shot my load. I immediately went to bed and tried to sleep but i couldnt. I soon head uncle mark come to the room, i pretended to sleep. He was still hard, he got on the bed and hugged me from behind. i could feel his rock hard cock on my back. He was grinding his cock on my ass. Caressing my boobs, touching my body, soon his hand towards my cock. I started getting hard, he pulled down my boxers and rubbed his cock between my ass(he didnt try to insert) he was giving me a handjob as well. In matter on minutes i came in his hand and he too came on ass. Pulled up my boxers and slept hugging me.

I got up in the morning he was still hugging me naked. He had a hard on, i pulled down my boxer and exposed my ass. I dont know what got into me, and started grinding in his cock. I saw him twitch a little and i went to pretend to sleep, he was up and noticed what i was trying to do. He then continued what i started, he was humping me. After some time he came and pulled up my boxers like last night. I tend pretended to wake up, and wished him good morning. We chatted a bit, not about what happened between us i acted like i didnt know, but he knew that i did know. I told him i wanted to shower and got up and took off my boxers, this was the first time i willingly got naked infront of me. I went to the shower and left the door open thinking he might follow. He actually did, he said it might save us both time showering together and asked if i am not weirded out, i told him i have been seeing him naked for a few days and i think we have passed the getting weird out stage, he laughed and jumped in. While i was taking a shower he just stood there and was rubbing his cock. I turned around and looked at him, he had a grin on his face, he broke the silence and said i usually do this before shower if you dont mind. I smiled and got back to taking shower. Soon i heard him grunting, he noticed i had a hard on and said why dont u take care of it. I told him its weird doing it with you here, he said come on its natural. He and i started stroking our cocks. He came closer and started kissing me, i was totally taken back by this action but i didnt even stop him i was liking it. He hugged me and started to rub our dicks, It was such a great experience. After some time we both came on the same time. We broke the kiss and were totally silent. We cleaned ourselves, We both left the shower. I was getting my briefs that he told me that i don't need them anymore we both can stay naked.

After that we watched tv and were silent most of the time. Finally we addressed the elephant in the room, what happened in the bathroom? He told me he was gay and all telling me all his sexual adventures. Also giving me tips about sex and all. I was getting horny from the conversation. I had a raging hard on and he noticed it. He said do you want me to take care of that, i said what do u mean and he leaned and kissed me. He was also jerking me off, the broke the kiss and starting sucking me. I was in heaven, i stopped him and asked him if he was the one in the motel toilets, he said yes and told me he was eying me since he saw me. He got back to sucking and i came in his mouth i was shivering. My eyes rolled up. He kissed me with my cum in his mouth and made me swallow my own cum. I felt disgusted by this act and was coughing up. I saw him get up grab my hair. He started saying nasty things to me like i was going to be his bitch, he turned from an sweet uncle to an dominating monster. He shoved his cock inside my mouth and started roughly fucking my mouth. i was choking and couldnt breathe. He started deep throating me, He was slapping me. Dragging me by my hair and all. After 15 mins i was able to take his cock down my throat. He took his cock out and asked me if i wanted to be his bitch "i told him please leave me" he slapped me and picked me up. Took me to his bed and threw me there. He said why should i leave you when you were enjoying it before. i admit i was enjoying it before but then he was taking it slow now he was just a monster. And i never thought about taking his cock up my ass but here we are. He grabbed my arms and held me tightly. He shoved my cum stained boxers from last night in my mouth so i dont scream. Then put his hard cock on my hole and without any lube started pressing it. i was in pain I was tearing up. This isnt what i fantasized. Soon he entered and only the tip went inside, and i was in hell of a pain, he had a big fat cock. As soon as he started pressing a bit more i started blacking out. He gave a thrust and half of his cock was inside and i actually blacked out. I woke up i dont know when and he was still fucking the shit out of me. My asshole was sore, but the pain decreased. He was fucking me really roughly. soon the pain finished and i started enjoying it. Now i was in ecstasy i was moaning, he made me get on top and ride him i happily did that. I was calling him "daddy fuck me hard". I came without touching my dick. He had already came once in my ass when i was blacked out now he gonna cum again. I soon felt a warm liquid inside my ass. I fell on top of him and his cock was still inside. I was tired but enjoyed it even though it pained at first.

After that he started treating me like his bitch, made me wear lingerie and female clothes. He made me his slave. He even tried BDSM with me. He used to fuck whenever he wanted. He used to call his friends and they all used to tie me up and fuck me. I enjoyed it. I was addicted to it. I remember i used to be curious about this stuff once then i stopped and considered that "NO IM STRAIGHT" but my uncle showed me i was born to be a bitch. After 2 months of being used as a cumdump, i went back home. I starved for sex till i saw my grandpas junk then seduced him and got fucked by him.

To Be Continued....
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