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Reading Chapters 1 - 3 will help with context (plus they are pretty good!) but is not necessary.
The rest of the drive is kind of a blur. An awesome blur. Half naked or totally naked girls were dozing in the back seat. Kate had her head in my lap and had fallen asleep stroking my cock. My finger played with Kate’s asshole. God I love Australia! After another hour or so, Kate woke up and wordlessly began to lick and suck my cock while playing with my balls.

“Feels lovely, Kate,” I said with a smile. “But you emptied me out. I shot all of my load across your body.”

“I know. Those bitches back there licked it all up and I didn’t get any. I want to taste your cum before we get to Frasier.”

“Please try, I win either way. But those tits got a lot out of me.” Kate has an amazing mouth. She sucked and licked my balls and ran her tongue and fingers the length of my shaft. She coaxed my cock to full erection, which was an accomplishment in itself. Then she went to work on my knob, taking it in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it, eating the small globs of cum she squeezed from my balls. She experimented flicking her tongue across different sensitive spots, trying to make me cum. Her tongue flicked quickly across the money spot on the bottom of my dick, right behind the knob. I moaned. Kate knew she had me. She squeezed and tugged the skin on my ball sack. The tip of her tongue was relentless.

“Shit, Kate…I’m going to cum…like that, like that! Ohhhhh…fuck yeah!” My sperm was quickly filling Kate’s mouth. I heard her swallow two or three times. I have no idea where so much cum came from. God this girl could suck dick!

“There you go Professor!” Kate said brightly as she lifted her head from my cock. “I knew you could do it. You’ll find I usually get what I want.” I couldn’t say a word. I had to concentrate on staying on the road, as most of my blood was in my dick instead of my brain and I was lightheaded from cumming so hard.

Kate sat up, and tried to arrange herself. She stuffed her thong into her day bag, and just put her shorts on. She put those nice tits away in her tight top and smiled at me.

“So Professor, I guess you want to fuck me in the pooper, no?” The girls in the back had woken up to the sound of my orgasm and now burst into laughter.

“Oh, Hell, Kate,” said one, “He would fuck his own ass if his dick wasn’t so tiny!” Again with the size jokes. I don’t get any complaints when they’re gagging on it, I thought to myself.

“Kate, every man who meets you wants to fuck your bum. I’m no different.”

“Is that so?” Kate said with a fake Irish accent. “Maybe I’ll grant your wish, ass pirate.”

I saw a sign indicating we were 20 kilometers from Fraiser. I pulled into a siding to make sure the girls were all dressed and to pull my shorts on, stuffing my most satisfied cock into its lair.

“Everybody act cool when we get there,” I implored them. “I can get in a lot of trouble like this.”

“You should have thought of that before dropping your pants Professor.” Everyone laughed, except me.

I shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised to find that we were the last group to arrive. By a couple hours. Adele, who had become my fucktoy but was still my boss, was waiting anxiously when we pulled into the car park. As usual, her cotton halter top was not quite getting the job done of keeping her tits in place. Even though she was irate, her hard nipples protruded through the thin cotton.

“I don’t want to know what took you so long,” she spat at me. She looked at the girls in the back seat. “With this lot, I guess I’m surprised you made it at all.” She leaned in the open window. “Well, at least you have your pants on. I was expecting you to be wanking away when you got here.” Adele turned and walked off in a huff. The girls broke into laughter as they piled out of the ute and began unloading their gear. Boys from school, shirtless and buff, appeared out of nowhere and began helping the girls with their gear. I don’t know how nobody comes back pregnant from these school trips.

After dinner, Adele and I were relaxing at an outdoor table, taking advantage of some downtime. I had thought to bring a large bottle of tequila, and we had done a couple too many shots. Before too long, Tina, Ronnie, Becky, Mia and Cindy joined us at the table. Without asking, they took some swigs from the tequila bottle. Such things seem fine at Australian schools. I would have been hanged at my home college if I had witnessed such a thing. Adele was tipsy, but she knew what she was saying.

“Girls, thanks for stopping by. I really want to ask you something. Why do you all want to fuck the Professor here?” The girls were quiet for a moment and then burst out laughing. “No, I’m serious! He’s just average looking.”

“Thanks luv,” I muttered to more laughter from the girls.

“No really!” Adele continued. She had been thinking about this. In vino veritas. “He is average looking, his dick is nothing to write mum about.” More laughter.

“I’m feeling the love, Adele,” I added.

“Seriously Professor, don’t you wonder why these lovely young things want to fuck you all the time? I mean with your shirt off you are rocking the Dad body. Isn’t that what they call that back home? The boys down here have abs for days. I just want to lick them!” The girls were hysterical now, and I had to admit that Adele was putting on a pretty funny show.

“I really wish you wouldn’t bring my average looks, tiny dick and Dad bod into it, as they might come to their senses,” I smirked, only half-joking. The girls were laughing so hard they almost had tequila coming out of their noses.

“I’ll start,” Tina volunteered.

“Oh shit,” I muttered to renewed laughter.

“Professor is kind of shy and funny, I love how he blushes when he sees me naked. I love how flustered he gets when I come on to him. He is not like other boys or teachers or other men who just want to rip off your clothes and stick it in.”

“Also, once you get him going, he is up for anything—and I mean anything. He takes his time, uses his lips and fingers to make you cum again and again,” Cindy chimed in.

“Oh yeah, the boys in school, and most older men, don’t eat ass. Professor loves to eat ass, don’t you Professor?” Becky asked. Like my tongue hadn’t been all the way into her rectum.

“Well, maybe…” I demurred to raucous giggles.

“Oh, please…” Tina chided. “He has had his tongue so far up my ass I thought it was going to come out of my mouth. He is a total perv.”

“Really, he thinks of the craziest shit. On the way over here he laid me down on the hood of the ute, fucked my tits while I licked his balls and he came all over my stomach. A big load, too. It took both Tina and Mia to lick it all up.” Then I sucked him off before we got here,” Kate said a bit aggressively.

“Ah, I knew there was a reason you were so late,” Adele said, slurring her words a bit as the tequila took hold.

“Dude has a lifetime supply of cum. Even the high school boys can’t cum that much,” Ronnie said with a wink in my direction. “It took me an hour to wash his jizz out of my hair.”

“Thank you ladies,” I said, blushing, trying to cut off this line of conversation. “I have got to get to bed early, planning a long hike tomorrow.”

“Where are you headed?” Adele asked.

“I need some exercise, so I am hiking up to Lake Bowarrady. About 11 clicks each way. Hear its pretty, maybe see some interesting plant life along the way. I am a biologist, you know.”

“You’re a pretty good student of anatomy, too mate!” someone blurted, again to loud laughter.

The next morning I was ready to set off when the sun came up at 6:30. As I didn’t tell anyone when I was leaving, I didn’t expect any company on today’s hike. I did need to get some work done this trip. So I was surprised to find Mia, leaning against the ute waiting for me.

“Morning Prof!” Mia said brightly. She was wearing a long tunic, made out of heavy material like a sweatshirt, small knapsack slung over her shoulder. My brain instinctively wondered if she had anything on underneath.

“Morning, Mia,” I said, maybe a bit wearily. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to join me this morning.” Mia was a tiny Asian girl with a tight little body. She couldn’t weigh more than 80 pounds. I think every man imagined picking her up and banging her against the nearest wall. I certainly did.

“Oh, it could have been much worse, Professor!” Mia said cryptically. “A bunch of the girls stayed up really late and we got the idea to stay up all night and join you in the morning. You could have had five of us, but the rest had fallen asleep an hour ago. So it is just me.”

“You’re right. I don’t think I could have dealt with everyone.” I imagined the spectacle that crew would make on the trail.

“You need a guide anyway. I’ve done that hike a lot with my family. I know lots of side trails you might find interesting.” I imagined Mia shot me a sly grin at that last comment, but put it off to the lack of sleep.

We piled into the ute, cranked up the motor and switched on the heat against the morning chill. Mia propped her feet up on the dash and her tunic rode up her hips, answering my question as to whether Mia was wearing undies. The answer was no. My cock, which I think has been semi erect since landing in Australia, rose to its full capacity. Mia spied me adjusting my shorts and smiled.

“Pants problem, Professor?” Mia saw my pants tenting over my dick. She rubbed her thigh, pulling her tunic higher as she rubbed. She slid down in her seat, pushing her tunic up around her waist in the process. Her legs were now practically in the air and her cute little ass was bare on the seat. She sighed softly as she watched my cock throb in my shorts in rhythm with my quickening pulse. She bit her lower lip.

“I have to do something, Prof.,” Mia said, blushing a bit. “I always rub one out before I get up in the morning. Relaxes me. I didn’t have time to do that this morning, so I feel a little out of sorts. Is it okay if I take care of this, Prof.?”

I stifled a laugh. “Like any man would say no to that request.” Please, do what you have to do, Mia.”

Mia spread her knees apart, her feet together on the dash. Her hand slid between her legs, and I could tell her fingers were slowly sliding inside her labia, coaxing the wetness out of her young pussy. She threw her head back as the strokes in her pussy turned to swirls around her clit. She began to moan.

“Ohhh…” almost a whisper. “Mmmm, yeah,” Mia sighed as her hips started gyrating, grinding her pussy onto her finger. The cab of the ute was definitely taking on that new fuck smell. My hand reached in my shorts and began stroking my cock, hard. Mia’s breathing became quicker and shallower as she approached orgasm.

“Oh God! Fuck…yeah…” Then in a whisper, “Help me Professor…help me cum.” Mia grasped my left hand from the steering, sliding it between her legs. My middle finger slid effortlessly into Mia’s soft, warm pussy. I fingered her pussy, rubbing against her g-spot. This girl was tight. My cock stiffened further at the thought of stretching this fresh tight pussy. Mia reached over, slid her hand into my shorts and grabbed my hard cock.

“Mmmm…yeah, that’s it Professsor, right there…” She held my left hand on her pussy, my finger deep inside her wet, tight hole. A finger on her right hand swiped a bit of precum from the tip of my cock. She slid the finger across her outstretched tongue, pulling her lower lip as she went. She put her head back again, still biting her lip.

“Make me cum again, please? That felt so good.” Her hand slid up her tunic, revealing her young, taut breasts, with tiny, erect nipples. She started pulling, rubbing and twisting those pretty little nubs while her hips pivoted slowly, taking my finger deep inside her. It was all I could do to keep the ute on the road.

“Ohhhh…sssss…” Mia moaned and hissed through her teeth as her orgasm started to build. “Two fingers…stretch my pussy…” She slid her other hand under mine and rubbed her clit. Her juices ran down my hand, dripping onto the seat.

“Umph…uh-huh…ahh…that’s ittttttttt…Fuuuuuck!” Mia’s body shook from head to toe as the orgasm seized her body. I stroked her spot even faster, milking every last sensation out of her pert little body. She collapsed against the seat.

“Damn…hell yeah, that was good,” Mia murmured to no one in particular as she tried to get her eyes to focus again. I withdrew my finger my finger from her pussy and licked her juices from my finger and palm. She caught me out of the corner of her eye.

“You like my taste, Prof.?”

“I do,” I said, trying to see the road past my hand so I didn’t wreck. “I hope that is just an appetizer.”

“If you’re a good boy,” Mia smiled. Her legs were still spread wide, propped on the dash. The cab of the ute was filled with her musky scent.

“We could go back. We could spend the day in my room and everyone would think we were hiking.” I offered.

“No, you need some fresh air. And the girls would notice the ute and come looking for you. You’re mine today.”

We pulled into the car park at the Dundubara Camping. There were cars and a few caravans, but no one in sight. Everyone must be off on the hiking trails or sleeping in. I was a bit dazed and not paying attention. I found an opening in the bush and backed into a spot with high undergrowth all around. I heard Mia unbuckle her seatbelt and rustle about as I put the ute in park and set the brake.

“Professor I need another favor,” Mia whispered in a throaty voice. Mia was on her knees, elbows on the seat. Her tunic was on the floor and her tiny ass was in the air, pointed right at me. She reached back with one hand and spread her ass, revealing a tiny, light tan asshole. Just beautiful. Mia had no tan lines, showing that she sunbathed in the nude, even tanning her butthole.

“Will you eat my ass, please? The boys won’t do it. They all want to fuck my ass, but no one has ever licked it, no matter how much I beg. Will you lick my asshole? Make me cum? Please?” My mouth watered and my dick hardened looking at Mia’s quivering butthole. I know I am a bit addicted to ass, but I couldn’t believe any boy would refuse the chance to lick this little treat.

“Ummm…yeah…” was all I could mutter as I adjusted in the seat to best enjoy this unexpected delicacy. I took her cheeks gently in my hands and spread them wide, opening her anus just slightly. I slid my tongue between her labia, seeking out her clit in the warm wetness.

“Ahhh…!” Mia gasped as my tongue found its target. I drew her closer, wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently, pulling her pleasure button onto my quivering tongue. Mia began breathing deeply, saying nothing. My face was buried in her pussy, her clit in my mouth, my face plastered against her front hole. I grasped her ass cheeks tighter, holding her in my mouth as she started to squirm against my tongue. Her gyrations became quicker as she rubbed herself against my warm rough tongue.

“Yeah…oh God…yeah…God yeah…yeah…AHHH!” Mia’s body convulsed in pleasure as her delicious pussy juices coated my face. I flicked my tongue quicker around her clit and her body spasmed in a series or orgasmic aftershocks. I released the suction on her clit and proceeded to clean up with my tongue the wet mess her pussy had become. As I licked her hot slit, I grabbed her ass tightly and thrust my tongue deep inside her, as far as I could reach. Mia responded by grinding her pussy on to my face. Mia reached back and grabbed me by the hair.

“My asshole. I want you to lick my asshole.” I reluctantly withdrew my tongue from her tight pussy and licked my way the rest of the way across her slit, and on to her taint. Damn, even this girl’s taint is tanned, I thought. I would love some photos of this girl tanning herself. I dragged my tongue slowly across her anus, feeling it tighten against my touch. I continued the length of her bum crack up to the small of her back. Mia sighed as my tongue ran back down her crack towards her asshole.

“Oh! Geez!” Mia whispered as the tip of my tongue pushed against her anal opening for the first time. I spread her cheeks, causing her asshole to gape just a bit, admitting the tip of my tongue into her back hole. She said no one had eaten her ass. As I wriggled my tongue around her asshole, I wondered if she’d ever had cock in her ass. We’ll see if she can gape for my tongue.

Mia moaned softly as I rimmed and probed her asshole with my tongue. She had such a tasty ass. I could eat it all day. But I wanted inside. Mia came a couple times as my fingers rubbed her clit while my tongue played with her asshole and crack. I paused my exploration of her ass for ass moment.

“Do you like me eating your ass, Mia?” I asked as I rubbed a finger around the rim of her anus.

“Mmmm…yeah. It’s nice. Do more. I love it.”

“Try to relax. Let me inside, baby.” I pushed my finger against Mia’s asshole. It was tight. I don’t think much had been in her ass. I wiggled my finger gently until her sphincter relaxed a bit and the tip of my finger disappeared into her asshole. God, I love to watch a girl’s asshole stretch.

“Oh! What are you doing?”

“Relax Mia. I want you to relax so I can get my tongue inside you.” I slid my finger halfway in and out of her asshole. My other hand massaged her clit, helping her relax. Mia was getting into it, moving her hips to take my finger deeper into her ass. After a minute or two I slid my finger out and thrust my tongue in her ass before her tight sphincter slammed shut again. I was inside, and began slowing tongue fucking her asshole, relaxing her hole so I could go deeper with my tongue.

“What! Whoa! Shit!” Mia exclaimed, but pushed her ass farther onto my tongue. She was digging my tongue up her bum. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my tongue. Her asshole was relaxing pretty quickly now, as my tongue probed deeper into her rectum.

“Oh my God, what are you doing? Yes…” Mia’s finger was now playing with her clit and my lips surrounded her anus. She came hard.

“Fuuuucccck! Yeah! Shit! Geez. Oh my fucking god!” Her asshole tightened around my tongue when she came I grabbed her hips tighter to hold her asshole on my tongue, which was deep inside her. “Shit! Professor! God, that is so nasty your tongue up my ass!” My finger was inside Mia’s pussy, massaging her g-spot, her fingers were stroking her clit, and I was tonguefucking her asshole. I thought she was going explode. “Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Yeah..yeah…yeah! Holy shit!!” Mia’s body kept convulsing as waves of pleasure overtook her body. She collapsed onto the seat, still shaking.

“That was amazing, Prof. How did you do that?”

“Practice, love, practice.”

“That is so fucking nasty, but it felt so good. I mean, really, you are a total perv. Stretching my asshole like that…damn.”

“Well, you need the practice so you can take this cock in your ass.” Mia was still in a semi fetal position on the seat. I had casually pulled out my cock, rock hard and oozing precum. I was stroking it idly, playing with the sticky precum. Mia looked back at me, her brain coming back to earth a bit.

“Oh, no. You just got personal with my asshole. That hurt enough, and I liked it. No way that thing is going to fit in my asshole.” Spying my erect dick, Mia slid around on the seat and began licking the precum from the knob of my cock, like a child might lick an ice cream cone.

“That’s what they all say. And it hurts the first time until you learn to relax and gape a bit. But after that you’ll love it. I’ve never had a woman do it once and never again. Some even prefer it to pussy sex.”

“No way!”

“Not everyone. No. Depends on what you’re into. Your friends all love taking it in the bum”

Mia talked while she casually ran her tongue along my shaft, her tiny hand cupping my balls. “When did you get into it? Ass I mean. Did you just wake up one morning and say to yourself. ‘I think I want to eat ass today’?”

“Ha! No. I never thought about it, and if I had, I would have said no way. But it was sort of forced upon me the first time.”

“Really? Tell me more…” Mia wrapped her lips around my cock and began to suck in earnest.

“I was in 11th grade. My English teacher took a liking to me, decided to give me extra lessons after school. It started out kissing, and her giving me my first blow job, and first fuck. Once she established I was game, she started teaching me all sorts of stuff. One day she bent over, lifted her dress, spread her ass and told me to stick my cock in her ass.”

“Wow…that must have been weird.”

“I was surprised. Today she would be arrested. In those days that stuff just happened sometimes. If no one objected, nothing happened. So yeah, she gave me my first ass fuck. I didn’t think I was going to like it but I loved it. Dirty, nasty and wrong. It was awesome. Also, she loved it in the ass so that increased the excitement.”

Mia was now concentrating on sucking my cock, stopping only for a second to tell me “I’m listening…this is cool.”

“So, to your question about eating ass. My teacher also turned me on to face-sitting. She would sit or squat on my face and I would eat her pussy. I think that’s where I learned that I love to eat pussy. One day in the middle of sitting on my face, she tells me to stick out my tongue. I do, she reaches behind her, spreads her ass and starts grinding her asshole onto my tongue. I was totally grossed out for a couple seconds, but she was so into it, I kept going. I made her cum with my tongue on her asshole. I was hooked. We did it a lot over the next two years, and I became a complete ass addict.”

“She taught you well,” Mia said. “It was amazing. But you are still not sticking this up my ass. I’m too small.”

“We’re going to be together all day. I’ll bet I cum in your ass before the day is over.”

“You know Prof., you are by far the biggest perv I’ve ever met.”

“Only since I’ve come to Australia. Let’s get going.”

The hike was neither long nor strenuous. Trying to be a scientist for just a bit, I was constantly stopping to look at particular plants or to appreciate certain views. This kind of bored Mia, and she started teasing me. On steep parts of the trail, she would walk up first, lifting her tunic and putting her ass right in my face. Or she would stop, bend over, lift her top and spread her ass. Then she would smile back at me and say “No. Way.” At one point, Mia turned down an overgrown side trail I didn’t even see.

“Follow me!” she called after her. She crashed ahead. I forgotten that she had hiked this trail many times with her family. The side trail opened up onto a clearing, with a short, 8-10 foot rock face across the clearing. Mia had climbed up about three feet on the rock face, and was lifting her tunic and wiggling her bum at me.

“Ooooo-ooooh! Professor! Over here!” When I caught up with her, Mia’s perfect bum was at eye level, which I’m sure is exactly what she planned. I wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity, so I grabbed her hips and licked the length of her ass crack. She reached behind her and grabbed my hair, held my face in her ass and ordered “Do that again.” I was only too happy to oblige. A little slower this time, starting at the top of her thigh and across her taint, I licked the warm skin. Mia grabbed her ass and spread it slightly, letting my tongue slide across her tight, tiny butthole. I flicked my tongue on her back hole while sliding a finger into her moist pussy.

“Mmmm…yeah…nice…” Mia murmured as her hips ground onto my face and finger. My cock strained against the thin fabric of my shorts. Mia slid off her tunic with one hand and flung it aside. She was naked, leaning against the rock face, long hair streaming in the wind, fucking my face with her ass.

“You were right Prof. I love having my ass eaten.” Mia leaned back against me for balance and spread her ass with both hands. I wet two fingers in her pussy and slowly pushed them into her tight little asshole. “Uhh…whew…” Mia exhaled hard at the violation. “It’s okay. Lick me.” My tongue penetrated her asshole again while my fingers massaged and pulled at her slick clit. “Umm…fuuucck…yeah.” Mia threw her head back and reveled in the breeze against her naked body and the orgasmic waves flowing through her body. With my free hand, I tugged my shorts off of my hips and kicked them off. My eager cock bounced in the cool breeze.

“Come here,” I lifted Mia off the rock. She maybe weighed 80 pounds. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips as I spun her around. She reached behind her and stroked my cock as I lifted her up to suck her nipples.

“It’s okay to get rough with my tits prof. Bite, suck twist, I love it all.” I gently bit down on her sweet nipple and pulled. Mia moaned softly as she pulled on the loose skin of my balls.

“And you can get rough as you want with my cock. Bite it hard, slap it. Make it yours.” Mia grabbed my cock and pulled it hard, as she positioned it at her opening. My hands were on her ass and her eyes widened a bit as her pussy stretched as I lowered her down onto my cock.

“Mmmm…nice,” Mia whispered as her hips began to move and slide her pussy along my shaft. “Nice and tight, huh prof.?”

“Fuck yeah,” I grunted. I put her back against the rock face and started slamming my cock inside her young tight pussy. I had to pace myself or I was going to cum instantly, her cunt felt so wet and warm and tight. Mia grabbed me tighter around the neck and hips.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh…”Mia grunted with each stroke as my cock pounded against her cervix. “Uh—yeah—yeah---oh God yeah!!” And Mia came for the eighth or tenth time today. She slowed my pounding and started slowly using her arms to pull herself along the length of my shaft. It felt heavenly—smooth, wet, tantalizing. She was bringing me right to the edge.

“You want to cum, don’t you Prof.?” I said nothing. “You want to shoot your load in my pussy, don’t you? How does it feel to have me in control of your dick, bitch? I can do this all day. I can feel your tiny little cock. I can make you cum—or I can keep you from cumming.” The sensation of her pussy sliding the length of my shaft was maddening—and wonderful. I could do that all day too I thought. “If I slide down on your dick real hard right now…just once…that little cock is going to explode inside my little pussy. Do you want to cum, bitch?” I tried to start fucking her hard again, but she wouldn’t let me. She was in control. “No no no, bitch, you don’t get to slam me. Tell me you want to cum.”

“I want to cum Mia.”

“That’s it? How badly do you want to cum? You have to tell me.”

“Please. I want to cum. Badly. Now. Please.”

“Nope. Not good enough.” Mia slid a bit harder down my cock. Close, agonizingly close, but no. “You have to beg me to make you cum. Come on Prof., beg for me like a little bitch.”

“Please Mia. Make me cum. Please.” I actually meant it. I have never been so close to the edge for so long.”

“Beg for it.”

“I’m begging, Mia! Make me cum! Please!”

Mia dug her fingernails into my back and kissed me hard on the mouth. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my shaft as she started to massage my aching dick with her wet young pussy. She didn’t break her grip, just gyrated her hips, stroking the length of my cock with her wet womanhood. Suddenly she stopped, pulled her mouth away from mine and smiled at me.

“You get to cum now, Prof.” she whispered. I’m not sure exactly what happened next, but Mia made two quick movements with her hips that sent me over the edge.

“Geez! Fuck! Mia! Yeah!” My cock danced inside her, spraying her pussy with my warm seed. Mia just smiled as she emptied my balls inside her. Her pussy overflowed with her juices and my jizz, which ran down my balls and dripped into the grass below. This girl played my cock like a violin. She knew just where to touch to get what she wanted. Mia climbed down from my spent cock and spread her legs slightly as she stood to let my cum drip to the ground. She ran two fingers across her pussy and licked them clean.

“Um, yeah Prof. I can’t hike like this. You gotta clean this up.”

“I have a towel in my kit,” I offered, moving to pick it up from where it had been thrown aside.

“Na-ah” Mia replied. “I said YOU have to clean this up. Lay down.” I was going to protest, but the girls of Australia had given me a taste for fresh creampie. I obeyed. “Good boy!” Mia chortled as I lay in a grassy spot. “Open wide!” she smiled as she straddled my face and dripped creampie into my open mouth. “Good boy!” she repeated. “You are a little bitch, aren’t you Prof.?” Mia grabbed my hair and grinded into my face, coating my face with cum from chin to eyeballs. “Stick out your tongue, bitch.” Mia put her clit on my tongue. She pulled my hair hard. “Lick it. Come on, lick it.” I didn’t need any encouragement. I pushed my tongue deep into Mia’s hole, savoring the delicious taste of our comingled juices. Mia bounced a bit on my tongue. “Get up in there Prof. Lick me clean.” She then pulled herself off of my tongue and rubbed her sticky slit across my tongue. “That’s a lot of cum to lick up, isn’t it bitch?’ as Mia pulled me by the hair closer into her crotch. I was cleaning her labia and sucking her clit when another orgasm came out of nowhere, wracking Mia’s little body. “Oh good boy, Prof.! Make me cum on your face.” She grabbed my spent dick and swung it about like a children’s toy. “I’m not done with this bad boy.”

With that, Mia sprung off my face, slid a finger across her slit and licked it. “Come on, Prof., we have a hike to finish.” I got to my feet, frankly dazed by the strength of my orgasm, the volume of cum pumped inside Mia and her aggressive face fucking of me with her nasty sticky pussy. Can’t say I didn’t love it.

We never made it all the way to the lake. I stopped frequently to identify certain plants, make notes of some invasive species, and other science things. But my mind was a whirl from the amazing fuck Mia had given me. Plus, as she got bored, Mia kept trying to distract me by popping out a breast, or reaching up my shorts to grab my cock and tease me about how small she had made it. On several occasions, she called out to me, and when I looked, she was bent over, grabbing her ankles or spreading her ass and taunting me with that pretty puckered asshole she swore I would never get to play with. Every time she teased me like that, my dick got a little less small…

It was getting dark as we got back to the ute, nestled amidst the brush. We were at the dead end of a path in the camping. Some people were milling about, but most were by their tents or caravans. I noticed it was pretty private around the vehicle. Mia stopped at the front of the ute and smiled invitingly. I pulled her close, pulled her hair to tilt her head back and kissed her hard. My cock stiffened at the taste of her mouth and pushed against her stomach. Mia pulled away and smiled.

“Whoa there Prof.! I knew you’d make a comeback.” Mia looked around conspiratorially as she slipped her hand up my shorts and grabbed my throbbing member. “What are we going to do with this, I wonder?”

Without a word I scooped Mia up in my arms and moved around the side of the ute. I lifted her over the lip on the truck bed and deposited her in the back. I clambered over the side after her. Mia was still on her back while I stood over her. She rose to her knees, tugged my shorts down to my ankles where I kicked them off the rest of the way. My cock danced in front of Mia’s face. She gently grabbed my balls and tilted her head to lick the sack. A drop of precum dripped onto her cheek.

“Yum…” Mia whispered as she ran her tongue along the length of my shaft, playing with the head with the tip of her tongue. She was about to suck my cock, but I had other plans.

“Nope,” I said, reaching down and lifting her up by the shoulders. I sat her down on the top of the cab, lifting her jumper above her hips. “Not yet…” I bent down, put Mia’s legs over my shoulders. I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy into my mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah Prof…fuck yeah,” she whispered as my tongue explored her hole and clit. My face was wet with her juices as soon as my tongue hit her clit. I could still taste my cum from our morning fuck. I sucked her clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the base. Mia dug her feet into my back and held me by the hair, keeping my face buried in her pussy. “Yeah…yeah…yeah…just one seconnnndddd…ahhh! Yeah! Fuck yeah!” Mia’s body tensed and I could feel goosebumps rising on her skin as she came on my face.

“Geeez! Fuck yeah! Again Prof. Make me cum again!” I was only too happy to oblige. Mia’s pussy was just luscious. I wet a finger in my mouth and slid it inside her hole. Then my tongue returned to swirling and flicking around her clit. Mia held me by two handfuls of hair, her feet banging against my back. “Eat me…eat me Prof.,” she whispered. “Eat my pussy…yeah…eat it…be my bitch and eat my fucking pussy…” My finger stroked Mia’s G-spot while my tongue tormented her tiny clit. Her back arched as she ground her pussy onto my finger and face. “Yeeeaaaahhhh! Yeah! Owwww! Yeah!” Mia’s skin rose in goosebumps again as the orgasm took over her body. Her entire existence was, for that moment, focused on her tiny, engorged clit. Her grip on my hair relaxed, and I could catch my breath. I stood, lifted Mia off the roof of the truck and lowered her dripping pussy onto my throbbing dick.

“Fuck me Prof. Fuck me hard. Stretch my pussy.” I put Mia’s back against the truck and began slamming my cock deep inside her young wet pussy. She threw back her head and let her long hair dance in the breeze. “Uhh….uhhh…uhh…” Mia grunted each time my cock hit bottom inside her. “That’s it Prof. Hard…give it to me hard.” I slid one hand across her ass until I found her ass crack. I slid my finger along her crack until I touched her tight asshole. I pushed firmly against her butthole, and it started to part and let me in.

“What are you doing?” Mia said, a bit startled, but still riding my cock hard.

“Fingering your asshole. It’s tight, but my finger slides right in.” I pushed my finger up her ass, two knuckles deep. I could feel my cock sliding in her pussy, stretching it against her anal canal.

“Damn. You don’t let it go, do you? You really want to fuck me in the ass, don’t you?”

“All…damn…day…” I grunted with each stroke of my dick inside this cute little girl. I ate your ass this morning, you’ve been spreading your ass for me all day, driving me nuts. Yeah. I want that asshole on my cock.”

Mia paused fucking my dick, sliding down onto me. I could feel the tip of my cock touching her cervix. She was so tight and wet, she could have made be blow my load right then. She wrapped her arms round my neck and tightened her legs around my hips. She locked my gaze with her big beautiful eyes, a mischievous smirk on her face. I could feel my dick throbbing against the walls of her tight young pussy. God this girl could drive you crazy! “So, Prof., give me one good reason I should let you fuck me in the arse.”

“Ummm…” I started. Frankly, I think 90% of my blood supply was in my dick, so I wasn’t thinking straight. “I’ll ask nicely? I’ll say please?”

Mia laughed. “Yeah that’ll work. No.” She stared at me impassively as she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. “Am I going to have to make you beg for it again?”

“Nope. Maybe I’ll just take it.” I slid my cock out of Mia’s pussy, wrapped my arm around her waist and turned her around and put her feet on the truck bed. She instinctively grabbed the edge of the truck cab.

“Wait! What are you doing?” My wet cock landed in her ass crack as I raised her hips.

“Fucking your ass, Mia. I’m done with the teasing.” I had one arm wrapped tightly around her tiny waist, my cock in my other hand. I slapped her pink butt cheeks with my hard shaft. Precum spattered across her bum.

“Nope. Nun-uh. Stop it. I’m too tight and you’re too thick.” I placed the head of my throbbing member against her anal opening and began to push. It started to spread easier than I expected. “Ah! Ah! Ah! What are you doing? I can’t take it!” I continued to push, watching her sphincter dilate, slowly accepting the head of my cock. I was so intent on watching her pink bum hole stretch that I failed to notice that Mia was talking a lot, but she wasn’t squirming or trying to get away. “Ow…ow…ow…Prof., you’re an asshole.” With that she pushed back against the cab and took three inches of my cock up her asshole. Her butt hole squeezed my hard dick as it slid inside her.

“That’s it Mia. Take it. Let me in. So fucking tight. I love your asshole, Mia. I want to fuck it hard. Can I fuck it hard?” My voice was barely a whisper.

“Uh…ouch…give me a minute to relax.” She slid her asshole back and forth over a couple inches of my rigid shaft. “I want your cum in my ass, Prof. Cum in my ass…just a few more seconds…” Mia’s head was thrown back, her face a mask of pain, sort of, but also…triumph? “Now Prof. Fuck me hard. You’ve wanted my ass all day now take it!”

I needed no encouragement. I slid out of her asshole, leaving just the head holding her anus open. With my arm around Mia’s waist, I violently slammed my thick cock into her rectum.

“Ayyyyeeee! Damn!” Mia screamed loudly from the pain of taking my dick.

“Everything okay over there?” A voice came out of the bush from the caravan in the next campsite.

“I’m fine! Just hit my head,” Mia called out, wincing. She looked back at me as the full length of my cock was inside her tiny ass. Her eyes were watering. “You surprised me,” she said softly. “Do it again. I want it again. Hard.”

One arm around her waist, holding her off the ground, the other hand yanking her long hair hard, I started pounding her asshole with the full length of my throbbing member. I was taking my frustration out on her gaped anus.

“You tease me all day with this ass and expect me not to take it? You’re such a little slut! You’ve wanted me to fuck you in the arse all day, haven’t you?” I panted as I talked shit. “You wanted this! Say it!”

“YES! I’ve been wet and horny all day waiting for you to take my ass. You fucking pervert, trying to fuck every asshole in school with your little dick!” At that slight I slammed myself hard inside her until my balls bounced off of her pussy. “OW! Shit!”

“This little dick is going to make you cry, little girl.” I slammed my cock up her ass as hard as I could. I saw a tear run down her cheek, but she didn’t whimper at all.

“Cum Prof. Cum now.” Mia’s voice was just a whisper. I felt her sphincter tighten around my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Bruuuhhh! God damn Mia!” My balls contracted and a huge stream of jizz shot into Mia’s little rectum. “Fuck yeah! Shit!” My cock continued to spurt my seed inside Mia. My cum lubed my cock as her ass filled and overflowed. Some cum ran down my shaft, over my balls and dripped to the ground.

“That’s it Prof. Give me every fucking drop.” Mia was smiling back at me now, my deflating cock no longer stretching her asshole. I put her feet on the ground as my cock slid out of her bum with a wet sound. She moved to the side of the truck bed, kneeing on the bed, elbows on the side. She wiggled her ass at me as cum flowed from her stretched hole. “You know what to do, bitch.”

I knelt down behind Mia and eagerly began licking up the cum dripping down her thighs. I licked her labia clean before putting my mouth on her asshole, still oozing my load. I surrounded her hole with my lips and sucked in as I slid my tongue all the way up her stretched asshole. I love the taste of cum and ass. I slid a finger between her pussy lips and gently massaged her clit.

“Damn Prof., you are such a little bitch. No one ever ate my ass like that. No one ever ate my ass until today.” She moved her hips, sliding my tongue in and out of her asshole. I had to pull all the way out sometimes to swallow, but I plunged my tongue back into Mia’s gaping hole. “Get it all bitch. You dropped a big load in my ass. Lick it all up.” I tongue fucked Mia’s ass while rubbing her g-spot with my finger. It didn’t take long.

“Mmmmm….yeah…nice…like that…” Mia said dreamily. “Oh…oh…oooh...oh…AHH!” Mia’s asshole squeezed my tongue as her body convulsed in pleasure. “You little bitch, making me cum like that.” I stood up and grabbed my semi hard cock. Mia slid around on her knees. I slapped her face with my wet cock.

“Your turn! Clean off my nasty cock for me Mia.” Cum stained her cheeks where I slapped her. She grabbed my dick and licked the head.

“Leave your pants off and I will clean you up on the way home.” We clambered back in the ute. Mia slid across the seat and kissed me hard on the lips. “I don’t know if you picked up on it, Prof., but I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“I was preoccupied, but your protests did seem to die out. Weren’t you crying?”

“Yeah its weird. It hurts like a bitch, but I love it. Next on my bucket list is to get DP’ed.”

“Damn. Pencil me in. That would be fucking hot.”

“We’ll see, mate. Don’t go getting all hard again.”

“Haha! Good one. One question, though. If you like getting ass fucked, why’d you play it so cool all day?”

“Wasn’t it hotter that way? You were so frustrated, wasn’t it hotter just to take what you wanted? Felt like you came harder and you came a lot. If I’d just asked you to fuck me in the ass this morning, it wouldn’t have been so exciting, would it?”

“Yeah, good point. That was fucking amazing.”

“Tell my ass about it. I’m going to be sitting funny for days.” Mia unfastened her seat belt and slid across the seat. She grabbed my cock and stroked it gently. “Let’s get you cleaned up before we get back.” She lowered her head towards my cock. “Maybe there is another mouthful of cum for me…”
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