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A high school teacher receives an essay without name on it, and is shocked that it is about a girl learning to deepthroat. He confronts the student who he suspects wrote it, and is surprised by her confession and what happens afterward.
I reread the essay for what felt like the thousandth time, still not believing my eyes. It had been turned in with the others from my fourth period tenth grade English class, but without a name. The title, “Learning to Deepthroat,” had led me to believe, at least initially, that it was some kind of tasteless joke.

The assignment, the first major essay of the school year, was to write a narrative essay about a first-time experience. Given the age of my students, most of whom were from just fifteen to almost sixteen, I frequently received essays on learning to drive a car, staying at home by themselves, cooking a meal, or other kind of age-appropriate topics. But in my eight years of teaching, I had not received a sexually themed narrative essay before.

My eyes flicked to the pile of essays, half of which I had already graded. I wondered if I could discover the author by process of elimination. Whoever had been present but not turned in an essay would likely be the writer. So, I did my best to put the explicit narrative--one in which a neighbor takes pictures of a girl sunbathing topless, then blackmails her into giving head before finally forcing her to deepthroat--out of my mind. With some effort, I succeeded.

Once all the essays were graded, I recorded the grades. However, I was left frustrated. None of the students present that day had failed to turn in an essay, and the only two absences were boys. And yet, the essay had been in the pile from my fourth period class, and I knew it could not have come from anywhere else. Then my mistake hit me. I had set the deepthroat essay aside without noting which essays came before and after it.

Staring at the stack of papers, I attempted to remember which essay I had graded immediately after the deepthroat one. It had been about cooking a thanksgiving meal for the first time after her mom passed away, or at least I thought it had. I searched for the essay, finding it eighth from the top, which seemed about right. Skimming it, I confirmed it was the one I recalled. And it was written by a girl – Emily Breckenridge. I set it aside next to the one without a name, then looked at the essay that had been seventh from the top. It was by a boy named Craig and was, of course, about the first time his dad took him driving. I put it back on the pile and turned my attention back to Emily’s essay, picturing the girl in my mind.

Like all girls that age, or at least most of them, she possessed the attractiveness of youth. Whether that would last into adulthood was difficult to tell. She was cute, not pretty, which a small, turned up nose; full lips, with the top one forming a high arch so that her lips were usually parted when her face was at rest, showing large front teeth and a bit of an overbite; a soft, round face except for a pointed chin; and large blue eyes. Her shoulder length hair could be charitably called light brown, or uncharitably labeled as mousy. To complete the look, she often sported thick glasses over her large, blue eyes.

Her body, however, was a thing of dream and fantasy, at least for me. Standing about 5’2”, she was on the shorter side. But while clearly fit and possessing a narrow waist and flat stomach, I doubt anyone would have ever called her thin. A prominent bust, medium to large for her age, stood proudly from her chest, defying gravity on a daily basis. And her hips were gloriously curved, flowing from her narrow waist to create that perfect hourglass shape that defined bombshell in the 1950s. Her derriere, rounded and full and bouncy, was a joy to watch from behind, her cheeks jiggling as she walked the halls. Or put another way, from the neck down she was perfect, at least in my estimation. And while her facial features alone would not have attracted my attention, they were not at all off-putting. She was a cute girl, bordering on plain, who had a killer body. And it was possible that she had also turned in an essay about being forced to learn to deepthroat.

But why would she have done such a thing, I asked myself. For that matter, if she had not been the writer, why would any of the girls in class have done so. Without a name, it would not receive a grade. And whoever had turned it in, she must not have thought I could figure out her identity. And If that were true, why turn it in at all.

“Maybe it’s a cry for help,” I said aloud, staring at the essay in question. But it did not feel like that. The writer seemed almost proud about finally being able to swallow all of her neighbor’s penis, and she also mentioned how she had made herself orgasm later thinking about the experience.

I picked up the essay, reading it again.


The Essay:

Learning to Deepthroat

Last year, the summer between High School and Junior High, an encounter with my neighbor taught me that I was able to exceed my own perceived limitations. With a combination of forcefulness and encouragement, he made me go beyond anything I had done before, accepting that I could give more than I ever thought. And while I resisted his efforts at first, when it was over the sense of accomplishment filled me and let me find a powerful release. That’s why I’ll never forget the day my neighbor forced me to deepthroat his cock.

It all started with me sunbathing topless in my backyard. It was a bright, hot sunny day. I’d already sunned my back with my bikini top untied to keep from having a tan line where the string was, and given that I thought no one was around, I decided to do the same for my tits. They were smaller then than now, but still full for a girl my age, and I was very proud of them, Especially since they were bigger than all my friends. So there I was, sitting in the sun, my lotioned up boobs soaking up the rays, when I heard a voice calling my name.

I covered my boobs with one arm, using the other to shade my eyes so I could see who was standing on the other side of the fence, peering over and watching me, I saw my neighbor, his piggy little eyes fixed on me and a phone in one hand. My first thought was that he was a gross creeper, especially since he’s older than my parents. Then the phone in his hand sunk in, and I felt a sinking feeling in my tummy. I asked what the fuck he thought he was doing, and he smirked. “I got pics of you with your tits hanging out, girly,” he said, “And I’ll email them to your parents and your school and everyone you know. Unless you suck my cock.”

Now, I’d sucked cock before, but guys my age, and only a few. I knew I wasn’t an expert, but I was sure I knew enough to make my neighbor happy. So when he told me to come around to his yard, I did, putting on my bikini top first, I needent have bothered. He made me take it off the second I was in his yard, then grabbed my boobs, squeezing them and pinching my nips then twisting. It hurt but also made me warm between my legs. And wet too, I soon realized. But at that point, I didn’t know how excited I was. In fact, I thought I was pissed and horrified. But when he pulled his dick free and I saw how thick and veiny it was, I kinda wanted to go down on it. He was as long as any guy I had been with and thicker than any too. So when he pushed me to my knees, I didn’t resist. I just opened my mouth and started sucking when he shoved it in.

Everything seemed to be going great at first. Sure, my mouth and jaw got sore really quick, since he was so thick, but I was bobbing and slurping and wiggling my tongue and all that shit that drives guys crazy. So, when my neighbor grabbed my hair and thrust really hard, slamming his dick against the back of my throat, it took me by surprise, and hurt too. I gagged and tired to push him away, but he held me in place. I’d had two different guys do shit like that before, but I stopped both times and they never got blowies from me again. But my neighbor wasn’t stopping for shit. A did bite him, not hard, just a little nip. And he got super pissed and redfaced, he yanked my head back, slapped me so hard my teeth felt like they shook, and told me all the shit he’d do to me before he sent the topless pics of me to everyone I knew. So when he told me to start sucking again, I did, I took his dick as deep as I could, gagging myself as I tried to take more than I ever had before.

My neighbor let me try for a bit before he took over again. He grabbed a big handful of my hair, twisting it so much I started really crying. Then he pushed his cock forward while using my hair to pull my mouth toward him. It hurt like hell for second or two, then with a pop I definitely felt and maybe even heard, the head of his dick sunk into my throat. I panicked, scared I would choke to death on it, hitting his legs with my fists. He pulled me off, backhanded me, shoved his dick back into my throat, and this time didn’t stop until my nose was buried in his smelly pubic hair. I was balling at that point, but with my throat full of cock, no sound was coming out. And at the moment, I hoped if I died from being chocked by his cock, he would tell my parents something else. I didn’t want them to know I’d died with a dick down my throat.

But I didn’t die. Yeah, breathing was tough, and a couple of times I started to see dancing lights as my neighbor throat fucked me, but he never let it go too far, always pulling back enough for me to breathe just before things got really bad. And before I knew it, it was over. He used my hair to pull my mouth up so only his cockhead was still in, then held my head in place as he cummed into my mouth. I tried not to swallow, but he clamped his hand over my mouth and tilted my head back. His cum tasted very bitter, so I swallowed just to get it out of my mouth. He then thanked me, told me I was a great cocksucker, and that he couldn’t believe a girl as young as me had been able to deepthroat him. I didn’t bother telling him it had been my first time, but to my surprise, I felt good that I had been able to do what he thought I couldn’t.

That night lying in bed I replayed the whole thing in my mind over and over. And I thought about how when I went back to my yard, I realized my bikini bottom was wet. I’d been horrified while it happened, or thought I was, now I knew I had also been excited. A warm glow came to my pussy, and I rubbed it while squeezing my boobs with my other hand. Quicker than I thought, I cummed all over my fingers, my mind flashing back to the feeling of my neighbor’s cock forcing its way into my throa, and I relieved that in my mind as I climaxed. Next time I blew a guy, I knew I’d try to take him all down my throat, something I thought I could not do, but I now knew I could because I had done it, my first deepthroat! I fell asleep happy despite the soreness of my throat and jaw.

End of essay.


I put the essay down, aware that my penis, which had stiffened a little each time I had read the essay before, now strained against my pants at full erection. This time, I had pictured Emily while I read the narrative, and that had made quite a difference. It also set me on what I knew was a perilous course of action. I was going to ask Emily whether she had authored the essay.


“Emily, please wait a minute,” I said as soon as the bell rung. Until I actually spoke those words, I was not sure I would go through with my plan.

Emily waved goodbye to her friends and stood at her desk while the rest of the class filed out. Since my free period was next, no students would be arriving while we talked, which gave me maybe five minutes before she had to scurry to her next class.

“I have an essay that came in with no name…” I started, but Emily shook her head.

“I put my name on mine, Mr. Roth. I know I did. It’s about cooking Thanksgiving dinner after my mom… was gone.”

“I have that one. The one without a name was with yours, and everyone else turned one in as well. Further, the writing style is a lot like yours, with many of the same… issues with structure.” I had almost said ‘mistakes’, although I tired to avoid that word with my students.

“What’s it about,” the girl asked, and if she had written the essay in questions, she was giving a credible performance of innocence.

“It is more intimate in nature,” I said, handing her the essay.

Her eyes went wide at the title, then she started to read. As she did so, I noted a red creeping into her cheeks and then down her neck. I found myself pondering whether it reached her breasts, a thought that made me all too aware that my penis had stiffened a little.

“Okay, I admit it,” Emily said in a small voice after she had read maybe half the essay. “This is mine. I just wanted to… I don’t know. I wrote it first, and I liked it, but I knew I shouldn’t turn it in. But I wanted you to read it. So, I threw it in with my other one. I didn’t think you’d figure out it was me. I should have stuck it on the bottom or something.”

“Well, since it is your work, I’m giving it back to you. I think that is for the best.” I did not tell her that I had scanned a copy into my personal computer at home.

“I guess,” she shrugged, her large, blue eyes staring up at me. “But did you wonder why I wanted you to read it?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Maybe I wanted you to catch me. To confront me. Maybe that’s why I didn’t put it on the bottom of the pile.”

“Why would you want that?”

“To get you thinking about me like that, imagining me being forced to deepthroat my creepy neighbor because he caught me with my tits out.”

Emily’s words, and the intense look on her cute features, made me hyperaware of the open classroom door and the students still passing by on their way to their next classes.

“You should probably head to your next class,” I said, turning a bit and hoping the girl could not see my crotch. My penis was at that point more than a little stiff.

“Or we could close the door,” she countered, her eyes holding a challenge. “I bet no one could see us if we went in the supply closet.”

“It’s not a very big closet,” I replied, the words banal to my own ears. The size was not the issue.

“I bet’s it big enough for me to get on my knees and…”

I rushed to close the classroom door, not caring if Emily saw my erection. For her part, the girl headed to the closet door, just left of my desk. After locking the main door, I followed. Emily had already shed her sweater and knelt on the floor, a pink bra revealing as much creamy white cleavage as it hid. She ginned up at me as I gaped. I took a step closer, moving all the way into the small space. Emily’s grin widened, and she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. When it fell away, I stared at her full, high, pert breasts, marveling at their defiance of gravity. In a couple of years, they would start to sag a little, although no doubt still be magnificent. But in that moment, they stood proud and undaunted, topped with small pink areolas and nipples.

“You like, Mr. Roth?” she giggled, giving her chest a little shimmy and setting her glorious bosom shaking.

“Yeah,” I grunted, reduced to primitive, guttural expression. Reaching down, I palmed her breasts, feeling the small, firm nipples press against my hands. The girl groaned and thrust her chest forward. I concentrated on her thickening nipples, rolling both lightly. A slight whimper preceded another moan, this one longer and lower.

Without warning, the mousy haired girl moved my hands from her breasts to her head. She winked, reached forward, and after a little awkward fumbling, pulled my throbbing shaft from out of my pants and underwear. From her narrative essay I doubted I was as long or thick as her neighbor, but I was at least average in the former and I though maybe above in the latter. The smile on Emily’s cute face seemed to show she agreed. Then I lost all ability for reason, at least for few seconds, when Emily slurped the head of my penis into her mouth and suckled, all while her tongue swirled around the sensitive glans.

“Fuck, you’re good.” I finally managed to say between shuddering breathes.

“I hope so,” she said, smiling. “I’ve been doing this for my dad for the last couple of years, ever since mom died.”

I did my best to process Emily’s shocking confession, but I could not. The expert technique of her young mouth as she sucked up and down my shaft drove almost all conscious thought to the background, and what little was left did its best to reconcile her new admission with the essay. And even that faded when, with just a hint of a gag, she swallowed my entire length.

After several seconds of pure bliss as the talented young fellatrix drew her mouth all the way up and down my shaft, my brain started to work again. I reminded myself that the essay was set the summer before last, and that could account for her being so skilled at deepthroating. But that thought prompted a memory, one in which I was quite certain the essay had indicated that the writer’s experience prior to her neighbor had been with boys closer to her own age. That did not fit with what Emily had said about her father.

Glorious vibrations around my erection, the result of the sophomore humming as she held my penis down her throat, proved too much for both my thought process and my staying power. Grabbing a shelf in the closet for support, I managed to blurt out that I was going to finish. Emily slid her lips up so only about an inch or so was enveloped in that wet warmth and suckled with gentle authority. Groaning, I held her head in place with one hand while I grasped the shelf with the other, unwilling to trust my weak-kneed legs to hold me up while I exploded into my student’s expert mouth.

“Yummy,” the girl announced a little later, after she had sucked out every bit of semen and swallowed it down. “Nice and sweet. You don’t drink coffee, do you?”

“Um, no,” I said, trying to stand on my own although I was still a bit wobbly.

“Well, that a bit of extra incentive to be a good girl and swallow, isn’t it?” she said with a wink.

I attempted to think of some reply, but at the same moment Emily sucked my half-hard manhood into her mouth, her tongue caressing my sensitive flesh.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting you hard again,” she grinned. “You’re younger than my dad, and since this always works on him, I bet it will on you too.”

“Why are you…?”

“So you can fuck me, silly,” she said, rolling her large, blue orbs. “I like to have some fun too.”

“I… um…”

“Just relax and enjoy yourself until you’re ready, okay?”

I nodded as Emily continued with her efforts. And to my surprise, it did not take long at all. Indeed, when she let my fully hard member fall from those amazing lips, I felt a wave of disappointment wash over me. However, when she stood, turned around, pushed her panties down, leaned over about forty-five degrees by using a shelf for support, and wiggled her skirt covered bottom at me, that feeling dissipated in an instant. Lifting her skirt, my fingers probed between her legs, encountering wet, puffy labia before they slid into a warm, moist tightness.

“You are ready,” I said, which received a sarcastic “Well, duh” back in reply.

Withdrawing my fingers, I positioned the head of my penis at the entrance to her sex. Emily moaned and rocked backwards at the very moment my mind had started warning me what a bad idea this might be. The sensation of her exquisitely snug vagina gripping the head of my rigid shaft drove away all concern, and the next instant I buried myself all the way inside of her.

“Fuck, you’re tight.” I groaned, lost in a pleasure even greater than that from her well-trained mouth.

“Daddy says I have the best pussy around,” she said, looking back at me over her shoulder. “And he says it’s at its best when he fucks me doggy style. I figured you’d like it too.”

“I do,” I said, my voice a husky rasp.

“Daddy likes to fuck me hard like this, and abuse my tits and slap my ass while he does it. You can do that too.”

I nodded, but she had already turned her face back forward. Grasping her hips firmly in both hands, I picked up speed. The tightness of her vagina never eased, but the slickness built and built, and soon I was sliding in and out of the gripping tunnel with ease. That is when I began thrusting with more force.

“God yes! Fuck me hard, Mr. Roth!” Emily said, her voice a mix of teen girl and sultry woman. More aroused than I think I had ever been, I moved my right hand from her hip to her firm, hanging breast and squeezed it hard. The sophomore girl gasped and shuddered, then yelped when my other hand smacked her round ass. But the next blow brought a moan as well, and after a few more smacks, each harder than the one before, a constant string of moans came from my student as she thrust her hips back to meet both my thrusts and the smacks on her bottom.

“You are one hot like teenaged slut,” I grunted, twisting her breast at the same time. Emily let out a small whimper before her body shook. A sustained moan, deep and low and primal, filled the small space of the closet as her muscles went rigid. Deep inside her, a rhythmic undulation squeezed my penis in rippling waves, and it was only her desperate words a few seconds later that stopped me from filling her with semen.

“Don’t come in me!” the girl groaned, trying to pull forward even as her limbs began to tremble again.

I pulled back, letting my hard manhood slide free of her. A deep sigh came from the girl, and I wondered what I should do next. But before I could even think about it too much, Emily turned and dropped on her knees in front of me. Taking my shaft in both hands, she pumped up and down it while licking the head. In almost no time, I let her know I could not hold back. She leaned back a little, pointing my penis at her firm, young boobs.

After the first spurt splashed against her chest, my student seemed to change her mind. She aimed my shaft at her face and jacked up and down it. Several jets of semen, one after the other, hit her young face, covering forehead, nose, lips, and chin. The last few dribbles, she sucked out, her eyes fixed on my face.

“Holy fuck,” I said when she finally let my mostly soft penis out of her mouth again. I had only seen a sight like that--a girl with her faced covered with a man’s drying semen--in videos, and I have to say it was much more exciting in real life.

“Sorry,” the girl said, using her fingers to clean her face, then licking them clean. “Daddy says not to let guys come inside me, even though I’m on the pill. He says mom got pregnant that way, and he doesn’t want me preggers.”

“Nothing to be sorry for,” I assured my student. “This was… fantastic. All of it.”

“Did you like coming on my face then?”

“Yes, I did.”

“You’re a perv, Mr. Roth,” Emily laughed, holding out her hand so I could help her to her feet.

After a brief silence, she said, “But so am I. For instance, I’m not going to clean up this cum on my tit.” She pointed to her left breast and winked. “I’m going to put my bra back on and know it’s there for the rest of the day.”

“That is… pretty pervy,” I agreed.

“Yeppers. Hey, can you give me a note, since I’m really late for my next class.”

“Oh, sure,” I said, stuffing my limp penis back inside my underwear and then zipping my pants.

“Great! I’ll be out in a sec.”

I went back to my desk, sat, and wrote out a note explaining that Emily had needed to meet with me about an essay, which was true enough. However, I no longer believed that she had written the deepthroat essay. What she told me during sex did not match up with the essay. However, that made it all the stranger that she had done what she just did, but

“How do I look?”

Emily, stood in front of me, sweater and skirt smooth, hair brushed, makeup flawless. If I had not known better, I would never have suspected that she had engaged in anything more strenuous than sitting at her desk.

“Perfect,” I said. “That’s quite a skill.”

The girl shrugged before walking to her desk and retrieving her bag.

“You didn’t write the essay, did you?” I asked the question just as she reached for the doorknob.

“No,” she said, turning to face me.

“Then why did you…”

“Because I wanted to. I’ve wanted to for a while. I didn’t know how to bring it up. But when you showed me that essay, I knew I had my in.”

Emily’s smile shone dazzlingly as she looked at me. I shook my head.

“Are you upset I sucked your dick and then let you fuck me?”

“No,” I sighed, and it was true. I would not have traded that experience for anything. “But I want to know who wrote the essay.”

“I’ll see what I can find out, Mr. Roth,” Emily said, giving me a wink before adding, “And maybe we can have a threesome. How’d you like two girls deepthroating your hard cock?”

And with that, the mousy-haired girl was gone, leaving my alone, my mouth hanging open.

The End… or is it?

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"The End… or is it?"
No. Definitely not the end. It can't be.


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Outstanding story, enjoyed the way she seduced him rather than an adult seducing her. Also, enjoyed the little twist of she not being the writer of the essay! Mrs. Strywriter


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