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Continuing story of the Nite Of The Pigs:: Where the wife and daughters of a missionary get sacrificed by the village.


And he was led into a dark yet glowingly fire lighted hut that had scents that hit his nose and overtook his senses as they walked up to a grass and banana leaf covered bed.

Face to face now with his youngest daughter who was nakedly spread out on it , and tied at her wrist and ankles.

Several women were now rubbing a strongly scented clear yet a bit of green syrup like substance all over her body.

Paying most attention to her firm but small breast, her nipples were swollen out like hard marbles.

She was shuddering and moaning as the women attended her rub down.

Jungue leaned over and said::

"Your youngest daughter is our best ever sacrifice to the gods."

"She is being prepared for a very special breeding since she could not take the boar beast cock."

She now saw her father before her yet her state of foggy headedness made it seem more like a dream. A fog filled seeing him before her thing.

But unlike his wife and oldest daughter who's language was totally eradicated by their being drugged by lord only knows what.

His young daughter was able to at least look at him and with pleading lust filled eyes she said:

"Ohhhhh dddaaaddddy tthhheirrr mmmaking mmmeeee feeeelll sssoooo hooot inside!"

He knew his youngest daughter now just over 18 had started developing into a full woman but to see her laid out like this and being prepared like some offering at a sacrifice had him beside himself with anger for bringing them here to this god forsaken place.

All he could hear was his daughter telling him how the women were rubbing her down with whatever it was that was making her body succumb to desires it had never felt before.

As Jungue now himself said:

"Your beautiful young woman daughter is beside herself with lust, she talk out of head do not heed what she say or it will engulf you with terrible feeling!"

The tribal priestess came into the hut with yet another woman whom Louis had known could speak at least some bit of English, though not much in fully understandable fashion but you could make out her meaning.

As he continued to hear his daughters out of head talking like she was filled with demon spirits and they had taken over her body and mind, as he heard her saying:

"Daddddy theeeyyy ppput sssomething in meee and it bburned ssomething aaawfull and I'm not a virgin anymore I ffffelt it melt awwway and ittt madddee meee cummmm!"

As suddenly now he heard her gasp and saw her whole body writhe and she said:

" Ohhh itttss dddoinnnng ittt againn in meee oh it's so hhhot and feels ssoo baaadddd!"

While Jungue seemed to step back and the tribal woman "speaker" stepped up now beside Louis, As his writhing churning daughter was greatly saying what was happening inside her pussy and belly.

The woman now said:

"She was injected like your wife and other daughter with the bel-bel-belly opening potion we use to help oour women stay fertile that is why your wi-wife and daught daughter were able to get their wombs filled by the baarraccas, your language is hhhog I thhink."

She be fine for bree-breeding soon just as the priestess knealt between her wide apart legs and glared at his daughters pussy a moment.

Stepped back and gave a nodd of some sort of yes as if whatever she was waiting for was finally happening.

She now pointed at the interpreter and gave a motion as if saying tell him by her hand gestures as the woman now said:

"Your beautiful daughter is n-now ready to be pleasured as she will soon be!"

Pointing down directly at her pussy now itself swollen lipped, like his wife's and oldest daughters were, and it was clutching out and in as if it had become some fish sucking water through its mouth and closing as the woman now said:

"Seee ssshee clut clutches and m m mouths open now so she ready."

Had it not been for whatever to hell had been blown in his face and not for the damn leaf gag he had tried to chew but only had gotten even more euphoric.

Whatever it was that had made him not only watch, but he almost enjoyed seeing his wife and oldest daughter get fucked by hogs!

And now his youngest was succumbing to the same stuff.

He was now in the state of mind that he was wanting to see her fucked to!

Now he was pushed back by the woman, as several painted and costume dressed tribal women now came to his youngest daughters side, and began untying her as she lay there moaning and writhing.

She was in complete and total ecstasy, as they helped her up from the bed like table and now helped her stay upright and now led her slowly from the hut as the woman nudged Louis and said::

"Come we must watch her b breed for hher fffirst time!"

Louis and the tribal interpreter followed behind his daughter Amie being led and helped by the other tribal women as Louis couldn't help but admonish how beautiful Amie's nice rounded firm butt moved as they walked.

As back into the midst of where his Wife Ellen and oldest daughter Marie were still laid out over their carved logs and their moans of both pleasure and pain became louder as both Louis and his youngest daughter Amie were led to the seemingly breeding arena.

Amie so lost in her world of the affects of the potions rendered her was saying:

"Oh mmy bbelly is dddoing something,wwhat is it,oh what's happening to meee?"

As she moved her hands on her belly and was holding it as if she was having pains but these were not pains of stomach but pains of her pussy being rendered for her breeding ritual.

As soon she was led back to her own carved log as the Priestess was awaiting her and grabbed her by the arm, and pushed her onto the log.

Amie now cried out:: "Oh III cccannnottt dddo this!!"

But the Priestess heeded her pleadings with no avail and simply forced her head and shoulders, onto the carved log and made her get on her knees, onto the pad placed under them.

Stepped behind her now and spread her long legs out, And pulled at her hips raising her ass up into the air, higher and higher now comfortable with how she had her.

One of the other tribal women knelt beside her then reached and opened her butt cheeks widely.

The Priestess now had knelt between her legs, and had the same sort of straw used on Ellen and Marie, and now shoved it as deeply as possible into Amie's virgin pussy.

And blew into it as Amie let out a squeeling and painfull echo as her head flung back as she said:

"OOhhhhhh mmmyyy pppussssy oh my pussssy is opp oppening up innside meeeee!"

"Ohhh II cccan't tttake it annymorreee!!"

Her whole body quivered and shook as her pussy was clutching and becoming ever more swollen out, As the Priestess removed the straw from herdepths and now made a motion with her hand.

And began once again chanting into the heavens above, As the drums began to pound and beat loudly as Louis was now being seated only feet from his daughter.

His eyes glued to the site before him as Amie's head slumped into the log and she was now making loud gruntal sounds, Her breathing becoming deeper and much more labored.

The Priestess once again tossed a thick skin like garmet over her small lean back. And tied it tightly as she had with her mom and sister leaving Amie there shuddering and shaking from head to foot.

Thhe woman who had knelt beside Louis now said:

"Do not fear for your daughter for she is in the full throes of woman heat the substance the priestess blew into her makes her "womb" willing to accept the cum of her chosen breeding partner!"

Louis had no answer, he had no qualms, he had no desire, to stop anything now, and hated himself for being drugged as he was and not staying in control of all this.

Skinny lithe little Amie seemed to be coming around ever more now as her garbled screams and cries were becoming slightly more almost understandable.

She was grunting and groaning out through labored breaths of air:

"My belly isss hhottt its bbburning up in me,and i'm ffeeeling lllike I neeed tooo peeee!"

Only she didn't pee but what she did do was have one huge gushing orgasm then and there!!

The tribal woman sitting beside her began to massage her back and was chanting up at the heavens. As Amie lay quivering and shuddering beneath her massaging hands still crying out her pussy and belly were on fire inside.

Now from afar of the village came the two women who had led her Moms and sisters breeding partners to mate with them.

Were now dancing and chanting about as they paraded up to the log altar where Amie was now ritually prepared for her own breeding.

As behind the dancing and chanting women was led a huge dog of the tribe.

Louis had wondered about this animal because the tribe had almost treated him as some supreme being almost like a living god.

The women had bathed him daily, and sat combing his coat and singing to him and now, He was being led into the ritual arena to bred with his daughter Amie!

The huge very much mixed breed of dog was led to Amie awaiting her first breeding.

Another woman ritually painted and garbed sat at her head now and took Amie's head and turned her face to look back as she now bestowed the huge dog being led to her alter for her sacrifice.

Her dad Louis could see her glassy eyes, though faintly from the light of the firepits, that surrounded the village.

Amie's mind and eyes captured the huge beast being led to her as she let out a cry of::

"Ohh nnnnooo nnnnottt annnn animall oh no it can't be my first!"

But first ever it was going to be!

No one paid any heed to her pleading cries, as the animal was now pranced right behind her and then sat.

He knew all this from heart somehow and awaited as the tribal women now took the leashes off his neck, as his huge black colored tongue hung from his snout.

Amie's young womanly body shuddered all over as she pleaded for this to not happen all the while no one paying one bit of attention to her at all.

The Priestess stood beside the huge dog and then gave a motion with her hand.

Immediately the huge dog pranced right up to Amie's upturned beautiful ass and lowered his huge head and then and there gave her small unused pussy a swipe with his tongue.

Amie's head tried to throw itself up but the tribal woman held it in place as she screamed out:

"Ohhh nnnooo ooohh I cccan't taake that!!"

As the huge dogs tongue licked out over and over capturing her entire swollen vagina and right over her engorged exposed clit, And even up onto her sparse mound of pubic hair.

Then another lick reached above there and licking her lower abdomen showing just how powerfully long and big his huge tongue was.

Now the Priestess chanted something to him and he seemed to back his head back just a bit.

Then and there tried to force his huge black curled up tongue to enter Amie's once virginal cunt but her tightness was that where only the tip of his huge tongue seemed to enter her.

He now began shooting his tongue out over and over again as Amie was now crying out:

"It's ttoo big ohhh shyyytttt it's to damn big!" " He'lll rrruin me ffforevvver!"

But the dog nor Priestess nor even her own damn dad sitting right there watching it all seemed to care none about her pussy being so tight and unused it would all tear her apart if this animal worked that huge tongue up into her pussy.

Work it he did forcing her to take it as further and further it seemed to plow up into her cunt.

After numerous tongue lashings, her whole body defied her mind, and shuddered all over as her beautiful tight pussy now began to cum and cum again as the huge dog lapped her every drop of juice right up into his mouth.

Her tight little pussy was stretched out as far as it could be as that tongue sank up into her and right back out!

Deeper and Deeper it sank into her now spasming and quivering swollen pussy it went.

Her tight little belly quivered, and moved as he dug her pussy out good.

As Amie's once pleading cries, now became more gruntal moans of pleasure, as her body began to rock back and forth as the animal plowed his tongue deep and fast now taking every drop of her cum straight into his mouth.

Savoring each full curled tongue lap of it. He licked her out until she just all but seemed limply uncaring to anything her body to far gone from such pleasure to care.

The dog gave her a few last laps then sat back on his hunches as all could see her pussy was now opened a whole lot more and ready!

To now be fucked, and fucked senselessly good, by their choosing.

Again the Priestess made a motion with her hand forward and the huge dog leaped up, and landed onto the whole of young Amie's small back, his entire body seemed to shadow her totally.

His front legs now grasp, and wrapped, around her slender but nicely curved waist just at her hip line.

And easily made her ass move up as if himself adjusting her for proper angle to now feel something she'd never forget if she could remember this night at all.

Amie's head was trying to thrash about, as all that came from her were gruntal cries of mmmhhpphh as the huge animal towered over her like some huge prey over it's tiny meal.

Out from his sheath emerged a very pointy but very red hot looking tip dripping with wetness as it showed it's evil self to all as if torturing their minds with the thought of just what that was going to feel like inside Amie's pussy!

As more and more emerged as the huge animal pranced his hind legs about between her outstretched legs and suddenly the tip of it touched her pussy lips.

Amie's head shot up like a cannon ball as she screamed out a gruntal crying moan of: "Hhhhottttt oh hhhottt"

As he seemed to hold there teasing her pussy, with it's heated pointy dripping tip, then the huge animal gave a lunge with his flanks and the prick sank deeply up into Amie's tender pussy.

Her head thrashed wildly about, the woman trying to hold it could not contain her any longer as her entire body shuddered, and shook all over, as she just gave out a loud gruntal moan almost as if all the wind had been knocked out of her.

As no doubt it was easy to see and tell that the huge dogs cock had landed squarely right to bottom in her pussy!

He just stayed there and savored the moment and feel of such a fine tight pussy.

And was about to breed her fully and wholly.

Amie's head still thrashed about and random scream outs of::

"Hhottt its tooo hhhottt"

"To bbbiggg too bbig for mee!"

"Oh it's soo deep up in meee!"

seemed to almost be understood-able from her almost evil sounding moans as now the huge dog pulled almost half his cock from her depths making her pussy drag out against it, as the wetness between them was dripping like a leaking faucet.

He furiously plunged all the way back into her, making her tiny body shoot forward.

His huge front legs grasp at her hips tighter and held her from becoming unlodged and unimpaled from his huge size.

He now set out to slowly fuck the young woman with his red hot dog cock, as she was all but loosing her senses.

Her pussy began to pull and drag with each stroke of his cock the juices getting wetter and much wetter between them as now the dogs huge knot emerged from his sheath.

That tight little pussy of hers was squeezing his cock so much and her pussy dragging back out as he fast and furiously fucked her.

It absolutely made his cock pull out of the sheath and that huge knot emerge making Louis want to scream out it would never go inside her little pussy.

But he wanted to watch and see if she could take it!

He sank that dick further and further into her pussy now and began to pound that huge knot into those swollen and soaking wet lips of hers making them flower open and out.

After pounding it again and again at just into her cunt lips.

Suddenly it sank into her and she instantly shook from head to foot her head shot up again and she tried to scream out but nothing but garbled evil sounding animalistic sounds came from her as now the woman beside her.

Reached her hand under and began to massage her belly that was going absolutely crazy, with it's writhing and spasming.

A small almost knot could be seen just above her hair mound line and it grew outwards.

Amie's head gave one last lunge upwards, and fell down onto the carved alter log, and then and there heavy sounding labored breathing came from her as her mouth was wide open and gasping wildly for air as her body shuddered and quivered!

That now hugely swollen out knot in her pussy was absolutely throbbing outwards just above and in her swollen out mound.

Her little belly began to extend outwards ,just as her own Moms and other sisters had, when their wombs had been overfilled, and overstuffed, with hot pig cum, but she was being filled with red hot doggy cum!!

Jungue now appeared and stood beside the sitting Louis and said:

"We men must go now for it is our custom that the women in breeding be left alone until daybreak!"

As he ushered Louis away and back to his tent as all the rest of the nite he so wanted to go back and check on his family. But men guards were posted outside his hut.

The rest of the nite Louis had fallen asleep having terrible dreams his wife and 2 daughters had left him.

And assumed rolls as being the mere bitches for the tribes animals.

But stirring inside his tent awoke him, to find his wife Ellen, and 19 year old daughter Marie, and just over 18 daughter Amie all back in the hut their bellies still swollen out from the nites rituals.

All three still were euphoric from the potions given them as he tried to hug his wife and daughters only to be pushed away and each seemed far to interested in holding their swollen bellies and giving anguished cries out as they each lay in their beds still naked and leaking cum from their well fucked pussies!

What happens next?

Does his wife and daughters want more?

"Is he now fully cuckold to watch them fuck more?

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