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Sam was overjoyed it was friday , a special friday his parents were leaving for the weekend not returning until monday. They had hired his favorite baby sitter to stay with him. That meant her girlfriend would also be here. Ashley was a beautiful sixteen year old girl physically fit from swimming and had long tanned legs and firm c-cup breasts. Her girlfriend was also a fit sixteen year old part asian american part african american.

Her breasts were slightly larger than Ashleys. Sam lay on his bed waiting and finally the doorbell rang and he heard his dad answer it inviting the two girls to come in to the house. His parents talked with them for a short time then called him out of his room at the back of the house. He admired the two girls as he rolled his wheelchair into the living room. Ashley introduced him to her girlfriend Kayla.

His mother told them they were set till monday with food and money for food to be delivered or emergencies. An emergency number was on the fridge and his parents left. Sam was prepared for the weekend a weekend of wild sex. He was ready to lose his virginity to one of the two girls. The three of them sat in the living room and talked as they watched television. Nine o'clock arrived and it was time for him to go to bed.

The three went back to his room and he prepped for bed. When he finished Ashley picked him up out of the wheelchair and layed him on his bed. She blushed as she saw his hard cock tenting his pajama shorts. Wow Kayla said you must really like us and he blushed. Ashley said we can't let you go to sleep in that condition. She gently pulled his hard penis from his shorts and kneeling down she took it into her mouth.

He barely managed to hold back as he felt her warm wet mouth take him in. Then Kayla said what about me and she stripped and straddled his head and began licking and sucking her pussy. He could not believe this was happening. It was not long before all three experienced satisfaction. Sam suggested they move to his parent king size bed for more room which they did.

They lay on the bed cuddling for awhile. The two girls fell asleep and Sam got up and began enacting his plan. He retrieved the new sex cuffs he had acquired and cuffed the two naked girls spread eagled on the bed then put the special sex gags on them. He fell asleep and when he woke up the two were staring at him angrily and trying to get free. So he " stated who is first".

He lay down on top of Kayla and slowly slid his hard penis deep into her cunt feeling the warm pussy enwrap his cock he lost control and began pounding into her as fast and as hard as he could until he erupted filling her with his sperm. He heard her moan as loud as possible through the gag as she orgasmed.

Then he moved to Ashley and entered her also filling her with his sperm. He was surprised to find both girls were virgins and he got a warm wet washcloth to clean blood from between their legs and from his cock. He told them this was going to be a fun long weekend. He smiled as he went into his closet and pulled out his special box. Setting it on his desk he pulled out a tube of sex gel. Smearing some on each of their nipples and on their clits.

Blowing on them the gel began heating up causing them to become aroused and nearing orgasms. Sam climbed on top of Kayla and entered her vagina and began pounding into her as fast as he could. He ejaculated into her and quickly moved to Ashley and repeated with her what he had just done with Kayla. Both girls moaned as they orgasmed. Sam repeated this as often as possible all weekend.

Sam decided to try one of the things he had read about in his magazines. He oiled his right hand up to the elbow and began slowly pushing it into Ashleys cunt he reached in till he was up to his elbow the began pulling it out and back in till Ashley orgasmed. Then he washed up and drying his hands slipped his hand into a long rubber glove that went up over his elbow Kayla started violently shaking her head as he shoved his hand into her anus she screamed through the gag as he went in up to his elbow. Then he pounded into her anus for thirty minutes until she experienced a powerful orgasmed. He pulled out of her and disposed of the shit coated glove. Kayla shivered when he was done and Ashley started crying as he walked to her and did the same to her.

Monday morning came and he freed the two girls but he took pictures of them apparently freely having intercourse with him before letting them leave. Sam thought he would never see them again but the next friday his parents called Ashley to sit for him once more for another long weekend. It was a holiday and his parents were going away for nine days. The two girls arrived friday evening with back packs and clothes to hold them for ten days.

Sam was prepared also he had paid a man to go into the local sex shop and he spent five hundred dollars on a list of sex toys , oils , gels , and ointments. After his parents had left he asked the girls so are you two going to submit to me or are we going to do this the hard way. The two young women looked at each other and knelt before him and said "we are ready to do what ever you tell us to do , master.

A long week of perverted sexual activities began but that is another story that could be titled "who let the dogs in" see you next time when Sam , Ashley , and Kayla are joined by the family dogs.


2021-04-07 02:27:52
I love it!


2021-04-03 01:57:00
Good story , I agree.

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