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Today, Jenna is anticipating her first doggy-fuck with a mixture of excitement and reluctance. She’s been invited to Lisa’s house, where Prince will be ready for her. If you wanna know how this all started, read “Lisa and Prince” and “Lisa and Prince – Day2”. Please let me know if you like my canine adventures. There are more stories to tell and with your encouragement, I’ll keep writing.
Lisa and I had been enjoying Prince’s doggy-fucks for several months. During that time, Prince had become a well-trained fuck-dog – eager, but relaxed and easy to control. After jack-hammer humping, he settles down to fill us with more feverish-doggy-semen than I could ever have imagined. Each week, I get it on Tuesday and Lisa on Wednesday. Lisa insisted we limit ourselves to once a week to ‘keep it special’. Other days, Lisa and I just hang out, sometimes getting Prince off by hand or by sucking him – skills we figure should come in handy with boys. We even talked about finding an interested boy, so we could practice our technique, but that was a little too scary and nothing ever came of it.

Meanwhile, I’d begun looking at dogs in a new way. Once a week wasn’t enough for me and sex with Prince had awakened a lust for more and bigger dogs. I began to notice them everywhere, before realizing there was a nice one living right next door. His name was Duke, a large Black Lab with (I hoped) a nice, big cock. His owner, Jenna was my age, but went to a different school. Her brother, Jake was a year or two older.

I was soon having dreams about getting fucked by Duke. Of course, my route to him would be through Jenna. But feeling unsure of myself, I wanted Lisa’s help to introduce Jenna to doggy-sex, but without letting her know my real interest was in a new doggy-sex partner. So, without mentioning Duke, I asked Lisa what she thought about inviting my neighbor, Jenna, for some doggy-pleasure. She immediately pushed back against the idea, pointing out that our weekly routine was working fine – we each were getting good fucks every week; Prince remained eager; and nobody had any suspicions.

She asked, “Why risk messing things up by adding someone else?”

I didn’t have a good answer, so I dropped the subject and figured I might have to make my move on Jenna without Lisa’s help. Nonetheless, I kept mentioning Jenna, always pretending I knew her much better than I actually did.


Jenna walked Duke about the same time every night after dinner. So, it was easy to ‘accidentally’ bump into her and strike up a conversation. I kept it relaxed, focusing most of my attention on Duke. My experience with Prince made me comfortable around dogs, something they sense right away. Jenna noticed too, and was surprised since she knew I didn’t have a dog of my own.

Soon, I was walking with Jenna and Duke most evenings. Through Duke, Jenna and I quickly became friends. After our walks we played with Duke in the back yard and it wasn’t long before he would stretch out beside me, so I could rub the soft fur on his belly. One night, I probed a little closer to his sheath than usual and he responded by rolling on his back sticking out a couple of inches of lipstick. Jenna blushed and started to scold him between apologies to me.

I cut her off, “Jenna! We’re both big girls, and it’s no secret what Duke wants!”

“Yeah. But, I can’t let him behave like that around other people.”

“It’s OK, Jen. Don’t be so hard on him. I don’t mind. He only wants the same thing all boys want – a girl who knows how to make him feel good.”

Jenna’s interest seemed piqued, “You seem to know a lot about boys. You got a boyfriend you haven’t told me about?”

“No. No way! Boys are way too dangerous. They talk too much and one time is all it takes to get you knocked up. There’s better ways for girls to have fun.”

“Yeah. Like what?”

“Oh, c’mon Jen. You know! You’ve been petting ‘Miss Kitty’. Haven’t you?”

Jenna blushed and I knew I’d hit pay dirt. From then on, Jenna and I began spending more time together after walking Duke. We talked about boys, what they’d like to do and what we’d like them to do. Her single mom went out most evenings and her brother worked Thursday through Sunday at the movie theater from late afternoon until 10pm. So, Jen and I often had the house to ourselves. Over the next several weeks, I introduced Jenna to the ‘girly-sex games’ that Lisa used to get me ready for Prince. Soon, we were ‘practicing’ making out, under the pretext of ‘learning how to do it’. Jen got into sex-play right away. Before long we were partially undressing each other and beginning some tentative foreplay. But, there was something about Jenna that I never felt with Lisa. I loved touching her body, particularly sucking her nipples and putting my hand on her crotch. Jenna enjoyed sex-play as much as I did. We both had really strong sex-drives, but there was something more. While I lusted after Duke, foreplay with Jen was becoming an obsession in itself. Hmmm.

One night after we settled in, I told Jenna I was gonna masturbate while she watched. I asked her to help get me in the mood and it didn’t take her long. When I was ready, she unzipped my shorts, and we pushed them down along with my panties. She told me she wanted to hold me so she could feel my orgasm. I lay back in her arms and went to work. I felt totally relaxed with Jenna and soon noticed her hand gently touching mine, following, then guiding my movements. Then almost imperceptibly she had taken over and my hand fell away – something I secretly hoped might happen. That night, I gave myself to her and had a nice little orgasm, before curling up in her loving arms.

When it was her turn, I kissed and fondled her to get her ready. She didn’t hesitate to slip down her shorts and panties, lay back against me, spread her legs and give herself to me. It was the first time I touched her bare cunt. Her strawberry-blond hair felt like silk as I probed under her little hood to find her clit. She made delicious noises as I circled her moist little button. Before getting her off, I ran my finger up and down between her labia along her slit. She like that and lifted her hips each time I passed over her vagina. Her body was begging for a fingering. I’d responded in exactly the same way the afternoon Lisa took my cherry with her mother’s dildo. That day, I knew it was gonna hurt, but I wanted her to do it and was willing to endure the pain.

Remembering how Lisa did it, I kissed Jen’s lips, held her tight, then firmly inserted my finger to break her hymen. But, as my finger slid in, there was no resistance, just the depth of Jenna’s warm little cunt. She was physically ready, so I could move on to other preparation for her first doggy-fuck. With my finger all the way in her, I could reach her G-spot. Her reaction told me that no one had ever touched her there before. Our lips met again and soon our tongues intertwined as she chased-the-sparrow for me. I gave her an orgasm that shook her to the core. When she was done, I slowly slipped my finger out of her cunt, held her and kissed her.

From that day, we pleasured each other whenever we had the chance. One day, as she lay in my arms recovering, she mused about how much bigger a real cock would be and asked me if I knew how it felt. She of course meant a man’s cock and I told her I didn’t know, but felt a rush of adrenaline as our conversation got tantalizingly close to what I really wanted to ask her about. I was pretty sure she was ready, so I began mentioning my school-mate Lisa and started hinting at what she and I had been doing. Jenna seemed interested, but I was still afraid what her reaction might be. So instead of Prince, I told her about the first time Lisa put her mother’s dildo in me – a black one with ‘realistic’ testicles. Lisa had brought it to body temperature in warm water before she started. I told Jenna that the feeling of the dildo inside me plus those warm testicles hitting my bottom each time Lisa pushed it in, made me come like I never had before. She was pretty excited and had lots of questions. She said it was something she wanted to try and we talked about it for a long time.

For weeks, I’d been pestering Lisa and she finally agreed that I could talk to Jenna, ‘just to see if she might be interested’. My lucky stars were aligning!

A few days later, as Jenna lay in my arms in post-orgasm dreamy-time, I told her about Lisa, Prince and what we’d been doing. She took it well – more surprised and curious than repulsed. She peppered me with questions and I did my best to explain. Most of all, she wanted know what it felt like, which was something I longed to tell her. She hung on my every word, as I described Prince’s fully-erect penis, his excited humping, deep penetration and how it felt when his warm semen filled me. Looking at her face, I knew the moment was right, so I popped the question.

“Wanna try it?”

She hesitated, so I told her to think about it for a while. But, she couldn’t stop talking about it, asking questions and asking me about my first time. I told her every little detail I could remember with some embellishments meant to entice her. She was particularly interested in how he settled down before his warmth filled me. I reminded her that it was totally safe and explained why his semen felt so warm. After a few more questions, she just couldn’t resist saying ‘yes’. So, I promised to check with Lisa, and set a date.


It was arranged that Jenna would come over to Lisa’s house the following Thursday for her ‘first time’ with Prince. I did everything I could to prepare her. We talked about what was gonna happen and I told her over and over how good it was gonna feel. But, despite my assurances, as the big day approached, she got more and more nervous.

On Wednesday night, Jen and I kept it “sweet”, just sitting together talking quietly. No sexy foreplay, no finger-fucking, just quiet time together. We were both lost in thought about the next day. After a while, she told me her fantasizes about what her ‘first time’ would be like and how weird it seemed to do it with a dog. I told her it was the best way and ticked off the advantages,

“Jenna, you won’t be alone with some hormone-crazy guy. Lisa and I will be there the whole time to take care of you. There absolutely no risk of pregnancy. When you’re done, there will be no boyfriend pressuring you to do it again, even if you don’t want to... or bragging to his buddies about fucking you. You’ll be in total control.”

She seemed reassured. I held her, kissed her and told her how special she was, which was as close to saying “I love you” as I could come. As it grew late, we parted reluctantly, knowing the next time we’d see each other would be at Lisa’s. There was a last kiss and I was off for home, leaving her to deal with her still unsettled feelings.


When Lisa’s doorbell rang, I met Jenna at the door and led her down to the family room. She was looking around nervously at our preparations.

Her voice was tight, “So, this is where we’re gonna do it?”

I calmly replied, “Uh-huh. Now, calm down. Nothing’s gonna happen until you and Prince have plenty of time to get to know each other.”

Lisa had taken Prince for a quick ‘walk’ to be sure he was ready. I motioned for her to sit on the couch and we waited for Lisa to come back with Prince. I made introductions. Prince sniffed Jenna, no doubt interested in Duke’s scent. Jenna began rubbing him behind the ears and ruffling the fur on his head. Prince loved the attention and settled at her feet. Lisa got a small glass of whiskey for Jenna, just like my first time. I smiled when I saw it coming.

“Here. Sip this. It’ll help you relax.” Lisa said.

Jenna did as she was told, saying, “I guess you know, it’s my first time.”

Lisa answered, “Uh-huh. Don’t worry, everyone’s a little nervous the first time. You’ll do fine. Prince is very gentle.”

Lisa and I tried to make small-talk with Jenna, but she was fixated on what was about to happen. Lisa was able to put her at ease, patiently answered her questions. Her friendly personality was infectious and soon she and Jenna were talking about “red rockets”, “knots”, “ties” and doggy-semen like a couple of old friends. The whiskey was nearly gone and Jenna was getting more relaxed. So, Lisa got Prince up on the couch between them. After some petting, scratching and ruffling, Prince and Jenna were getting very comfortable with each other.

Lisa gently prodded, “Jenna. He’s waiting for you to touch him.”

I took the empty glass from Jenna’s hand. Jenna hand moved down to his belly, where she knew what she’d find. After some preliminaries, she rubbed his sheath until about 2 inches of his red-rocket appeared. Lisa gently pushed back Prince’s sheath, and formed Jenna’s hand until her thumb and forefinger encircled his cock. Without further guidance, Jenna began stroking him until his legs began to twitch with excitement.

Lisa said, “He’s getting ready for you. How are you feeling?”

She asked nervously, “Does he know what to do?”

I smiled, “Jenna. That’s why we’re here. He knows exactly what to do. He’s done it lots of times. So don’t worry.”

Lisa added, “He’s gonna be a little over-excited at first, but we’ll settle him down. Just be patient. OK?”

Jenna nodded. Jenna looked pleadingly in my eyes as Lisa unbuttoned her blouse.

“What are you doing?”

I said firmly, “Jenna, it time.”

We got her to stand for a moment, so Lisa could put a towel on the couch and I could open and ease down her shorts and panties. With her bare butt on the towel, she lifted her feet to let me finish. Jenna’s legs were trembling, so I got behind her, pulled her blouse out of the way and enfolding her in my arms.

“Slide down a little. That’s it. Now, sit back, close you eyes, and relax.”

Lisa parted Jenna’s legs and guided Prince’s head between them. His ears went back as he took her scent. When his cold-wet nose first touched her, she startled and gasped in surprise. I comforted her until she settled down. Then, Lisa let Prince go to work with his tongue.

Jenna wriggled, “Ooh. It feels so strange.”

“I know. Just close your eyes and let him get you off.”

I held her, while Lisa kept Prince on task. Jenna tensed, the first time his tongue hit her ass-hole, but after that I could feel her begin to slip under his spell. It was nice to feel her relax and start to let go. Soon, she was rolling her hips and really getting into it.

“I can’t believe how it feels.”

I whispered in her ear, “Shhhh… Don’t fight it.”

I recognized the look on Jenna’s face that I had seen many times as she descended toward an orgasm. I was so excited I could feel my own panties getting wet. She was almost there when Prince forced his tongue into her cunt. A few more times and she went over the top. Her body stiffened, then twitched and shook. The first spasm hit her and she dug her nails into the terry-cloth towel on the couch. Lisa kept Prince at it, forcing Jenna to endure a delicious series of rolling orgasms. I’d seen Jenna come before, but never like this. As her orgasms peaked, she was breathing hard and covered with sweat. When I knew she’d had enough, I nodded, and Lisa pulled Prince away. I held her as she recovered, a hot sweaty mess of a girl, trying to catch her breath. Little by little her breathing came back to normal. Meanwhile, Lisa command Prince to sit and had busied herself putting towels on the floor in front of the couch beside where Jenna sat, one to catch the doggy-cum that would soon be dripping out of her and the other folded as a cushion for her knees. When Jen opened her eyes, Lisa was already pulling the socks onto Prince’s paws. He knew what was next and began pacing and whining.

When Jenna could speak, all she said was, “Oh God. That was amazing!”

“Jenna.” I waited for her to look up at me, “When you’re ready, you know what to do.” I reminded her, “Down on your knees. Head on the couch.”

But, Jenna didn’t move. When I asked if everything was OK, she quietly told me she was scared and wasn’t sure she could go through with it. My heart sank. What would Lisa think. I patiently comforted and coaxed Jenna for several minutes. Prince was getting increasingly impatient. Finally, I had to accept that she wasn’t gonna do it. She was just too scared.

So, I asked, “OK, Jen. You just wanna watch this time?”

She sheepishly nodded. I told her it was OK, came around from behind the couch, kicked off my shoes, then dropped my shorts and panties. My pussy was already wet. Prince was getting anxious. Lisa was sitting on the floor him by the collar. I picked up the bottle of lube, knelt down, laid my face on the cool leather couch, reached behind, put it in and gave a squeeze.

Prince was more than ready and Lisa struggled to restrain him, as she guided him behind me. I felt him licking my pussy – always a preliminary for Prince. I took hold of Jenna’s hand. It was unnecessary, but Lisa gave the command to mount. Prince landed heavy on my back, then slipped his paws around my waist. Even with socks, his back paws scratched on the wooden floor as he furiously humped away, bumping my ass with his pointy doggy-cock. This was the most exciting moment, anticipating penetration. Lisa got hold of his rocket and hit the target. There is nothing gentle about getting fucked by a dog. He drove it into me, humping me fast and hard, nearly knocking the breath out of me.

I squeezed Jenna’s hand, “Oh, Jen. He’s in me.”

Prince stepped all over my legs as he tried to get leverage to push his cock deeper in response to my warmth. The socks on his back paws kept my legs from getting too scratched up. But feeling his cock growing bigger with each thrust was well worth the discomfort of a few scratches. Lisa let him keep humping because she knew Prince and I both loved it. But, she also knew when to do her magic on him, so he’d think we were tied. Then, he slowly settled down until I felt his full weight on my back and his head resting on my left shoulder. When Jenna saw Prince get quiet, she petted him, perhaps thinking it was all over. But, seconds later, his hips started making little movements. I’d been waiting and knew what it meant. I closed my eyes and quivered as his liquid warmth spread inside me. Trying not to break the magic of the moment, I softly exhaled,

“Jen. He’s coming. I can feel it.”

Prince’s hindquarters twitched each time he shot more semen into me. I couldn’t feel each one, but I could feel his movements, as well as the cumulative effect of the hot-semen as it built-up inside me. By this point, I had gone all dreamy, lost in the haze of doggy-fuck land. I liked to hold his sperm in me as long as I could. I could hear Lisa explaining to Jenna that Prince was still putting semen in me and that she’d hold his knot until he was done. Her voice seemed strangely distant, as if she were in another room. Lisa kept us ‘tied’ until Prince started to fidget and tried to pull away, the signal that he was done. When she let him withdraw, his doggy-juices at first gushed out of me, then ran down my legs. Prince gave my pussy a sniff and a lick or two to confirm he’d done a good job, before casually trotting over to his doggy-bed to clean himself.

Jenna said, “Oh my god! That was so amazing. Can I try it?”

Lisa replied curtly, “Yes, honey, but not today. Prince has done his job and needs a rest.”

I lay on the couch a few more minutes, enjoying the feeling of Prince’s cum running down my inner thighs. When I was able, I took a deep breath and pushed myself up. Jenna and I cleaned ourselves, and then got dressed. She was disappointed and embarrassed. Lisa assured her that she understood and agreed that we’d all get together again. But, a collective sadness descended on us, because I think we all knew it would never happen. As we left, Jenna apologized and thanked Lisa, again. Then, she and I walked home together. I was still feeling a warm glow, having just gotten fucked by Prince for the second time in three days. Jen wasn’t. She quietly told me she was ashamed that she’d let me down and embarrassed me in front of Lisa. I assured her that she hadn’t, that I understood and she’d get another chance.

She asked timidly, “Tomorrow?”

“Let me talk to Lisa. But, tomorrow is their usual day for the dog-park. I’ll see you later to walk Duke and then we can hang out and talk. OK?”

“Oh. Yeah. I almost forgot.”

I was beginning to plan how I’d get Jenna and Duke ‘together’, which would all but guarantee me what I was really after. What I didn’t realize was that Jenna was beginning to make plans of her own for Duke.


2021-04-09 22:55:11
Won't Jenna be surprised when the inexperienced Duke missess the intended target, but finds a warm, wet hole anyway? One is practice and the other payday!


2021-04-01 01:45:41
Good work!
Just a guess but I'm hoping jenna and Duke do it solo the first time. Jenna should be the first of the group to take a knot. Awesome story.


2021-03-31 20:50:34
Great read thank you. Your style is easy to read and de***********ions excite me sexually. Love to read more of Jenna’s doggy sex adventures.

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