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Please be patient with this tale. This is 100% true and has been something I have thought about writing about for a long time. I may not be the best writer but this is how it happened and I am sticking to the facts instead of embellishing. There is a lot more to come after this.
This is part three of the true to life tale between my cousin Marie and I many years ago when we would travel together from Minnesota to my Bio-Dads (BD) house in Arizona.

The next morning we had to be up early so my Bio-Dad (BD) could drive us over to our cousin Jennie and Amy's house. Their household was just getting moving as we arrived, we dropped our stuff off in the spare room and went to join the family for breakfast.

Neither of us had seen our cousins in a few years and yet it seemed like not much had changed. Jennie had definitely gotten taller and was developing quite well. She had a nice set of breasts, not quite as big as Marie’s but quickly getting close.

Amy on the other hand was still quite short and still chunky, she always had a sour look on her face and a pissy attitude. Jennie was the kind of kid who always liked to have the best story and if you didn't think hers was the best you were wrong.

Still, they were family and some of the more fun family to hang out with.

Sitting around the table we spent an hour catching up on family events back home in Minnesota, school stories, family stories, it was fun to hear about adventures everyone had...though we left some of the more recent ones out.

Our Uncle said that we would be going to an outdoor adventure park later, but we were welcome to go swimming or just hang out inside until then. We decided to go swimming.

I got to the bedroom first and was getting my suit out of the bag when Marie walked in. The door was slightly ajar but I knew we could be heard easily through the house. I was already dying for more private time with Marie, risk be damned I wanted to play.

Marie closed the door and we quietly started to change. My eyes didn't leave Marie as she stripped off her top and bra, her outstanding breasts setting into their natural positions, capped with half dollar sized nipples which instantly started to harden in the open air. She gave me a look that told me to get a move on, I instantly dropped my shorts to my ankles and started to take off my shirt.

It became clear that I was not alone in aching for touch when I felt a hand wrap around my half hard cock as I was taking my shirt off, Marie had snuck over and grabbed me, thankfully I was able to stifle my shocked noise.

I finished taking off my shirt to find my topless cousin in front of me face to face with her hand softly stroking my now fully hard cock. My hands reached up and started to envelope her breasts, her nipples against my palms. I leaned forward and my forehead rested against hers, feeling her breath wash over my face, feeling her fingers rub against the head of my cock, the tingles washing over my body.

I used my fingers to softly pinch her nipples one at a time, her body shuddered against me.

I could start to feel the beginning of my orgasm building when suddenly there was a knock at the door.


Me: “Hey it's me, whats up?”

Amy: “Where’s Marie?”

Me: “I don't know, she grabbed her suit and left, i'm assuming a bathroom”

Amy: “Nuh uhhhh I checked the bathroom is she changing in there with you?”

I looked at Marie with a half cocked smile and tried to stifle my laugh, even so my stomach was churning with nerves at the risk of being caught. Just then Amy started to turn the door handle and I screamed “HEY I'M STILL CHANGING!”

This stopped Amy in her tracks and I heard her walk away in search of Marie

We realized we were on borrowed time so we quickly changed into our suits, not so easy to stuff my hard cock into the suit mesh but the pain of doing so helped to make it go down partially.

Marie snuck out and went down the hall to our Aunt and Uncle's room and quietly closed the door and made a show about coming out with her clothes in her arm. This seemed to quell Amy’s inquiry.

The pool was a decent sized pool, deep enough to dive into and had an attached hot tub. There was a wrought iron fence surrounding it. We brought our stuff out and set some drinks and towels on the lounge chairs and then dove into the water.

The ladies were busy doing handstands and flips underwater while I had my goggles and was swimming end to end enjoying the water. An enjoyable byproduct of goggles was I could enjoy the ladies swimsuits without being caught gawking. Amy had a regular one piece on, didn't do much for the eyes.

Marie was wearing her new bikini which was extremely enjoyable, it hugged her curves, created a large amount of cleavage and the bottoms hugged her ass and showed off the curve of her mound.

I found myself several times finding reasons to come close to Marie and brushing my hands against her thighs, or across her stomach, I got smacked several times and laughed and swam away.

Jennie was wearing a normal bikini bottom with a tank top above. The interesting thing was how much impression her nipples made on the tank top material.

I would have guessed her nipples to be at least a half inch long hard under her top, I knew my brain was focused solely on sex and tried to focus somewhere else as I would not have been able to get out of the pool at this point.

We decided on a game of chicken. Amy and Jennie vs Marie and Me. This seemed like a great idea and we instantly had the advantage. Marie was on my shoulders and Jennie was on Amy's shoulders as she made a better base. The advantage was I was taller than Amy so I could push them to the deeper end and use the depth to cause them to fall easier.

This was going well until I noticed Marie’s thighs around my neck and next to my face. We continued to play but my focus was elsewhere, I could feel Marie’s mound pressed up against my neck and could swear I could feel warmth emanating against me.

It was then Amy made her move and Jennie pushed Marie backwards, I fell into the water and felt Marie separate as she swam away. We decided on enough chicken for now and I climbed out of the pool and laid on a lounge chair enjoying the warm sun on my body.

The ladies continued to swim around for a while until my Aunt came out to let us know lunch was ready.

While eating we discussed the afternoon trip to the adventure park, this was a park that had opened just this year and apparently had a ton of fun things, roller coasters, go-karts, mini golf and so much more.

We changed into dry clothes and headed off.

The adventure park was all it was advertised and so much more. The roller coasters had upside down loops, the mini golf was more than the run of the mill windmill setup, the go karts were fast and fun. We spent the afternoon and into the evening running around the whole park and by the time we finished we were dog tired.

We got home late in the evening, our Aunt and Uncle went straight to bed and Jennie and Amy decided to throw on a movie. The living room had a sectional couch and a couple recliners. Jennie and Amy took the recliners and Marie and I were given the sectional to sit on. I laid on one end while she sat near my feet. The movie was boring and I found myself nodding off.

I felt Marie put her hand on my shins and start rubbing her fingers along my leg softly. The room was dark and if either of the other girls had looked over they would have seen but it was all innocent.

The feeling of Marie’s fingers on me was enjoyable, just the ability to have that connection.

After the movie was done we all went to bed.

Marie and I were sharing the spare bedroom which had two twin beds, one on either side of the room.

I quickly stripped down to my boxers and climbed under the blankets, Marie hit the lights and I heard her stripping down and getting into bed.

Lying there in the dark I found myself no longer tired. I could hear Marie’s breathing on the other side of the room and assumed she had quickly fallen asleep.

I was deciding whether to crank one off as I had been hard on and off through the day and I knew my time to be able to do this was limited during this trip. I was surprised from across the room

“Hey…….you awake?”

Me: “Yeah…..can’t sleep”

Marie: “Yeah me either…..can I come over there?”

Me: “Yeah...sure!” Trying to keep my voice quiet enough to not be heard.

I heard Marie get out of her bed and her footsteps as she snuck over, she pulled up the covers and got under with me, the central air made it very comfortable in the house. I had my arm out when she got in and this allowed her to lay on my arm and I felt her naked leg cross over mine. Two teenagers in a twin bed were still a tight fit and she was up close to me.

My arm wrapped around her and went down her side, I could feel the strap of her bra and I could feel her panties against my leg. We laid there for a little while and I started to feel her thighs flex softly occasionally, this had her mound softly grinding against me. I looked over and as my eyes had been adjusting to the dark I could see her looking back at me.

We didn't speak but just laid there, feeling her softly push her pussy against my leg. I started to get hard but didn't move. I was enjoying the simplicity of it.

As we looked at eachother I saw her start to move and suddenly her lips were pressed to mine. This...was my first kiss. I felt her held against me, her soft lips touching mine. Her mound ground harder against me, my hand pulled her tighter against me.

She pulled away “I'm sorry….please don't be mad, I have wanted to do that all day and I couldn't stop myself”

Me: “Please...don't apologize, I liked it”

I leaned back in and kissed her back, feeling her lips softly part, feeling her body press against me, she shifted her leg and it came into contact with my hard cock, she wrapped her leg over it and ground it against my body as she pulled her pussy against me more. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs against my body again.

We broke our kiss and our breathing was getting faster. “I want to taste you again, lay still”

Marie broke away and started to flip around in the bed. As she worked down she pulled the covers off of me. Suddenly I had her legs and her panties near face level and I felt her hands pulling my boxer fly open. I felt her fingers reach in and grasp my cock, pulling it through the fly, it was full erect and throbbing.

She suddenly let go and I could feel the pulse of my heart causing my cock to pulse. I felt Marie adjusting something and heard her hair tie snap, and then her hand was back around the base of my cock.

Suddenly I felt heat from Marie’s breath and then the most amazing feeling as Marie’s tongue started at the base of my cock and slowly licked up. I felt her mouth close over the head of my cock and her tongue embrace the head, as she slowly started to work my cock down into her mouth.

I saw stars as she worked as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, I felt the head hit the back of her throat and felt her gag slightly. She pulled back off and took a breath and went back to licking, she licked the slit where pre-cum was oozing out and went back to sucking on the head and working it into her mouth.

I felt her shifting in the bed and noticed she was grinding her legs together. I reached over and slid my finger between her legs, feeling the extreme heat and how wet her panties were becoming.

I grabbed both sides and started to pull them off. She used her feet to lift herself up so I could slide them off. And suddenly I had a naked pussy in my face, I spread her legs so I could tease my fingers along her mound and on either side of her slit, sliding across her lips.

I could feel the wetness dripping out of her and down her pussy lips. Out of curiosity I dipped my finger in and brought my wet finger tip to my mouth.

The taste was phenomenal, it was extremely arousing to taste her feminine fluids. I was hooked.

Without thinking what I was doing I grabbed her hips and pulled, she took my hint and lifted herself up. She placed a knee on either side of my head and I grabbed her ass with my hands and pulled down. My hands wrapped around as her pussy came close to my mouth.

I took my right finger and slowly slid it deep into her pussy, I felt her moan as her mouth was wrapped around my cock causing me to moan softly.

I stuck my tongue out as soon as she was close enough and licked her slit from top to where my finger was. I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my tongue, sliding my tongue as deep into her as I could.

I could feel her bobbing her head up and down on my cock and felt her hands reach around and start to play with my balls. It was unlike anything I had felt before, her spit was dripping down my shaft and around my balls. At the same time I had my tongue sliding up and down her pussy slit, I found that when I grazed my tongue over her clit she would mash her pussy against my mouth even more.

I was rotating between sliding my finger in her pussy and my tongue. Her juices were flowing more and more freely and suddenly I felt that my orgasm was coming soon.

I made an effort to focus on bringing Marie to an orgasm before I finished. Her juices were flowing down my tongue and I was thrilled with the taste over taking my senses. My fingers were sliding in and out of her over and over, finding that rough spot with my finger tips.

I felt I was going to lose the battle and my body started to tense up as I slid my fingers in her one last time and was swirling my tongue over her clit. The cum rose up my cock and I felt jets start to fly out as Marie continued to bob up and down my cock using her tongue to milk my cock for every jet. Suddenly she stopped and added suction directly on my cock head.

I felt a hum which grew into a moan on my cock and suddenly my face and mouth were awash in Marie’s juices. It was a constant stream flowing out of her and I again felt my finger being pulsed by her pussy.

The last of my cum leaked out of my cock into Marie’s mouth and I felt her pull off as my softening cock laid down on my thigh, her face laid down on the other and I slowly pulled my finger out. Her pussy lips were wet and spread before me. I laid my head back and enjoyed the feelings from finally having release after a long day of teasing and waiting with hope. Marie slowly climbed off me, leaving my cock outside my boxers and came back up to the top of the bed.

She came face to face with me and suddenly her lips were on mine again, I felt her lips part and felt her tongue probing mine. I was met with mixed flavors as residue cum from her mouth and her pussy juice mingled on my tongue, it was intoxicating as our tongues tangled.

Finally she pulled away and rested her head on my shoulder.

Marie: “Wow…...I really can’t describe how good your tongue felt…..”

Me: “Yeah...I could say the same about you”

Marie: “Do you feel that what we have done is wrong?”

Me: “I dunno, I am not angry about it, I am having fun, I am not going to complain”

Marie: “Good cause I am having a ton of fun, we just have to keep this a secret”

We laid back, knowing the risk we were having lying in the same bed. I fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and her leg wrapped over mine. Thankfully sometime during the night she woke up and went back to her bed. Waking up alone was extremely saddening but unfortunately necessary.

In the morning our Aunt knocked on the door saying it was time to get up for the day. Marie got out of bed and quickly dressed, she stretched and walked over to my bed as I was enjoying the view of her. She leaned over and came close to my face.

I closed my eyes, feeling her lips touch mine, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into the bed, kissing her firmly and intensely.

I knew that this day would be even harder than the last.

After I finally let Marie escape the bed I grabbed fresh clothes and went to the bathroom to shower.

That day we took a hike up into the mountains surrounding Tucson. We spent the day exploring the trails and enjoying the scenery. I enjoyed walking behind Marie and watching how her shorts hugged her ass.

We found moments to sneak away and kiss, or get handsy with each other but that was all. I was thankful for boxer briefs that day otherwise I would have been sporting an extreme hardon pointed straight out all day.

We got to sit on the mountain paths and watch the monsoons come into Tucson and the explosive downpours with lightning and thunder. It was one of my favorite nature events in Tucson every summer.

We were sitting in the parking lot watching the last of the storms start to dissipate when we voted on dinner. A local buffet won out.

We ran home to change out of our sweaty clothes and went out for dinner. My muscles were still exhausted as we sat in the booth enjoying our food. Marie started to fall asleep and fell onto my shoulder. I decided I had eaten enough. My uncle and aunt thought it was cute and innocent, I was enjoying having her head on my shoulder. My thoughts of my cousin had quickly changed, I was a teenage boy smitten with my cousin but she was a beautiful woman in my eyes.

My uncle paid the tab and we woke Marie, the ride home was quiet, as we got home the adults decided to head to bed. We cousins all decided to go sit in the hot tub and relax our sore muscles.

I just wore my shorts I had on and jumped straight in. Marie followed suit in her running shorts and tank top.

Jennie and Amy came running out in their suits. The sun was just starting to set and we all chatted about relationships and school and trips.

The bubbles felt great and the heat soothed my sore muscles. Marie was in a reclining seat in the hot tub and had her feet up near my leg. I pulled them up into my lap and started to rub them with my thumbs. Her eyes closed and things got quiet. Marie flexed her feet in my lap as I rubbed out the soreness from the day's adventures.

Jennie suggested we should all go to bed, Amy agreed but Marie and I looked at each other and said we were going to stay out a little longer.

They told us to shut off the lights and the bubbles before we came in.

We sat listening to the bubbles and the hum of the jets. The house backed up to a wash (anyone who lives in the south understands this) and we could hear animals in the wash rustling through the brush.

The lights in the house went out, we turned off the pool lights and sat in the dark. Marie reached over and turned off the jets so all that was left was the sounds of nature.

Marie sat up and leaned up against me, my seat looked out over the wash and across to another road full of houses, but up to the right slightly was the mountains. There was a light breeze coming down the wash and it brought with it the smell of nature.

We sat there for what seemed like forever enjoying the silence and then Marie stood up, turned to face me. She got on her knees and straddled my lap. Arms around my neck she looked into my eyes. “I don't know what has happened, but I can’t help myself, I love kissing you, I love when we experiment, and I love feeling new things with you”

She leaned in and I felt her lips touch mine. My arms wrapped around her and pulled her body against me. I felt her breasts press against me, her legs scooted closer to me. We sat quietly kissing repeatedly, our tongues dancing together. The feeling of her body against me started to send blood to my cock, my hands were dancing up and down her back, my finger tips grazed the bottom of her shirt and tucked under, upon this Marie leaned back and gave a naughty smirk.

She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. I was surprised to see she was not wearing a normal bra as it was built into the tank top and her bare breasts fell out in front of me, she leaned in again and I felt her nipples press into my chest.

My hands roamed across her bare back, working to the sides, my fingers reaching between us to rub across her nipples. I felt the skin pucker under my fingers, Marie sucked in her breath and leaned her head back, sitting up higher on her knees as she straddled me giving me better access to her breasts.

The silhouette of her body in the dark against the night sky was something to behold. I could see her breasts rounding out from her sides, I could just make out her nipples hard and inviting. Her body was arched back and she was looking up at the sky. Instinct and desire overtook me.

I leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples between my lips, my tongue instantly flicking across it. Her whole body convulsed and she shouted out, enough where she instantly opened her eyes and stared at the house making sure we were safe.

During that time I switched to her other nipple and sucked it into my mouth. My hand worked on the other. The taste of her skin was sweet, the smell of body wash and chlorine intermingled.

Marie pulled me away and came down and started kissing me deeply again.

I felt her start to grind her pussy against my ever hardening cock.

Our tongues continued to mingle as she ground harder and harder against me.

Her breathing was ragged, I felt her hips thrusting, I could feel the heat of her pussy against my shaft even through our clothes. I ran my hands down her sides and hooked into her shorts. She shook her head no. I was confused but continued to kiss her deeply.

My cock was rock hard between us, I started to thrust up against her pussy bringing my hands down to her hips and pulling her against me as I thrust. Her moans were growing with each push.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder as I continued to push into her, I could feel I was hitting the right spots as she mewed and moaned into my ear. “You are making me so wet” She whispered in my ear. “My whole body is tingling” she continued.

Suddenly she stood up and took my hand.

We grabbed our clothes and quietly snuck into the house, her still topless with her boobs jiggling and swaying as we snuck in. The cold air of the central air causing her nipples to get even harder. We snuck our way into our room and closed the door.

Marie stood in front of me and grabbed my shorts and yanked them to the floor. I stepped out and she pushed me back onto my bed. I fell and twisted to lay down. She quickly climbed on top of me and leaned down and kissed me deeply.

Her wet shorts clung to her skin and my cock nestled between her legs. I could feel how hot her pussy was even through the wet clothing. My hands reached down and hooked inside of her shorts, I pulled down feeling them start to slide down her hips.

She pushed up and lifted her hips. She shimmied the rest of the way out of her shorts and put her legs on either side of my hips.

Her arms on either side of my head, her breasts were hanging just inches from my face. I leaned up and sucked on her nipple. I could feel her ass on me and feel the heat from her pussy emanating on my shaft.

She moved up so that my cock was pinned between my stomach and her pussy. She leaned down and started to kiss me deep, grinding her pussy against me. I could feel her wetness spreading across my cock. Her breasts pressed against me, hard nipples pushing hard against my skin.

Finally being fully naked with Marie laying on top of me I couldn’t have asked for anything more. As my cock became soaked in her juices her sliding got longer and longer. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing over her clit and then down to just above the entrance, right where I wanted to be at that moment.

Then she would slide back up and grind her clit on the head of my cock. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of my cock mixing with her juices, the mixture was dripping down my shaft and across my ass, hearing the wet sounds our privates made together and her moans were getting louder. I was using my mouth to silence her.

She was jolting on top of me and I wanted to take control of this. I pulled her down to me and used my momentum to roll us over. Suddenly she was looking up at me, my body between her legs. She spread her legs wide. I reached down and lined my cock up against her slit. I slowly started to thrust. Feeling her juices coat me, soaking me. My cock rubbing up and down against her clit. Watching her boobs sway and jiggle was a site to behold. Her nipples poking out, I leaned down and sucked one in as I thrust, dragging back I could feel my cock start to go down almost towards entering her, but she shifted her hips and I thrust again and came back up, the head of my cock splitting her pussy lips and coming into direct contact with her clit making her groan out.

I came back up and put my lips against hers letting our tongues dance with each other. The momentum building as our groins ground together. Our juices continued to mix. She pushed me away and got a devious grin. She grabbed my hips and flipped me back over. She settled and made sure I was stuck between her pussy lips again and continued thrusting up and down on me.

I could feel my orgasm coming up and I could only hope she was getting close as well. I started to thrust against her, increasing the friction. She leaned down pressing her breasts against me and stopped thrusting, soft kisses were exchanged. I could feel my cock pulsing and could feel her heat enveloping me, her juices dripping down my body and down my balls. Marie took her mouth off of mine and buried her head in my shoulder. “I feel so close to you, this feels so good” She whispered. She slowly built up the thrusting against me. “I cannot tell you how amazing this is, I have never felt anything like this” I whispered back.

Our motions became faster, slipping higher and lower. I felt her slide just slightly too far up and suddenly I felt her pussy lips envelope my cock head. She noticed right away but it was beyond her control, as right then she tipped over the edge and I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock head. I was only a half an inch in but the warmth surrounding me was beyond belief. I lost all control and my orgasm overtook me.

I felt my cock swell and the first rope of cum shoot up the shaft of my cock as my head was inside of her and felt it coat her insides, instantly she became more slippery and I could tell she felt it as she moaned with my cock swelling inside of her. She pulled up as she felt my cum shooting into her and caused the rest to shoot over her pussy lips and up between us. I held her against me as she moaned into my shoulder and as I came down from my shudders and shakes from my sky high orgasm.

We lay this way for a while, I could feel her juices still coating my cock, my cum was sticking us together. Marie lifted her leg and slid to my side. The exhaustion started to over take me after all the days exertions added to the night's activities. I could feel Marie's body start to relax and suddenly her arm twitched on me. It was clear she had fallen asleep. I pulled her tighter to me and let sleep take over my mind…….So close….I knew I wanted to be fully inside of her….

I awoke to the sunlight coming through the shades. I was surprised to find Marie still in my arms. I could feel the combination of our fluids had caused my groin to be sticky and I reached down softly playing with my cock, I brought my finger up to my mouth and sucked the combination off my finger tips.

Marie was softly breathing against me, her naked body pressed up against me, feeling her breasts pressed against me, it was less sexual energy, and more emotional intimacy. I couldn't help myself, these feelings were new, something I had not felt before. I kissed her forehead.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, my Uncle yelled “TIME TO GET UP LAZY’S! BD will be here soon”

Marie woke up with a start and I put my fingertips to her mouth to quiet her. I called out “Ok, I will wake Marie and we will get our stuff together!”

I heard his footsteps moving away and took my fingers away from Maries mouth. She started to laugh quietly, though we both realized we were lucky he didn't come in.

Marie looked up at me from my shoulder, she reached up and kissed me. I could tell she was deciding whether to say something or not so I asked what was on her mind.

“We…..can’t do that again” heart sank to the ground…she must have seen the blood drain from my face and my heart aching because she continued “What I mean is….you came inside of me last night….I have no protection from getting pregnant..I have had my period for awhile now so I can get pregnant...and let's be honest….not going to be easy to explain that. So we can continue playing, but you cannot shoot inside me again”

I was torn, I was excited that the play could continue but I questioned whether I would be able to feel that warmth envelop me again.

This controlled the majority of my thought as I finished packing up my stuff. We dressed quickly and grabbed our bags and headed out to the car port where BD had pulled up. Marie smiled at me and I smiled back...what would the next few weeks bring?

Chapter 3 was one I was really looking forward to. I remember the mind blowing speed with which this occurred in real life and then I felt as if it was all taken away. At that age, thoughts of pregnancy were far away and of no concern, I wanted to be in her. I appreciate all of your patience with my story, but I am enjoying telling it in such detail.

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Incredibly hot read....Really well written....
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2021-10-11 19:37:23
I remember those days
Too young but it didn't matter
All ya wanted was more


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Wow, that was wonderful, I really loved the part of the first kiss, can't wait to know what's next!!

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Really an enjoyable read, can't wait to read what comes next.


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Great story.
The plural of lazy is lazies, not lazy's

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