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The arrogant and self-entitled Professor Stacey Putnam is put firmly in her place when a student 25+ years her junior finds something that could jeopardize her career at a crucial time, should it get out.
It’s a few hours later when I wake. I’m not used to sleeping naked, but then again, I’m not used to waking up curled up to a naked woman, either. ‘Old’ Double-P’ is double my age, but damn she looks good, and the last few days of fucking have been incredible.

She’s not laying on top of my arm, so I climb off the bed and grab another gel I just-so-happened-to-have. I dab a little on my finer and reach around her giving Stacey Putnam a caress. She responds by sighing as she wakes, and slides back into me. I use the moment to grope her and give it a quick apply to her clit. While she is still waking, I manage to grope a bit more on to her nipples.

“mmmph….morning. Stacey manages to get out thru the fog of waking. She knows she is still with This Man, and she feels oddly turned on already.

"Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes please. If you’re offering, I’ll take it black."

"Stay put. I will be right back."

I get up and grab 2 cups of coffee, one black & head back to the bedroom. Stacey is coming out of the bathroom, with an odd look. I put the cup in her hand. She takes a drink & shifts a little as she settles back on the bed.

"Are you ok?" I ask.

"I just need a minute or two. Lets just say I’m not used to quite this much, and thigs are….never mind." she takes a sip, and shifts a bit.

"When was the last time you had sex?"

"I am not answering that." She says, then counters with "How long has it been for you?"

"Two coeds since school started, but both were total prudes. My hand would have been better.”

She laughed, then finally answered. "Ugh. OK-OK... Old boyfriend. We ran into each other at a bar more than a semester ago. I brought him home and he was gone when I woke up." With that she took a large gulp of coffee.

"Did he make you cum like I did?"

Stacey looks with total bitch-face and says. "Really?"

"Yes really. Don't be a smartass."

"Fine then. No. I haven't cum that hard in a long-long time. Does that make you feel like a big man."

I take her now empty cup from her and grab her hand, pulling her over my lap. "That’s what I get for being too nice, Stacey Putnam. It’s time you were reminded who’s-who.”

Stacey tries to fight me but I have the leverage. My hand lands solidly – WHACK! – Stacey yells, and gets a pink spot. The next shot is the same spot, but even more solid – WHACK!, and she screams louder. This leaves a light red mark. Much better. I start rubbing her cheeks to lessen the sting. "You want to be a smart ass, then your ass will smart."

Stacey was beyond shocked when This Man did that to her. She thought she was past that, damn his hide. It DID feel good though, as he gently rubbed her butt. It was a lesson learned though. "I am sorry. I won't do it again."

I smile. Her ass does look good, all rosy red like that. "With a little pain comes pleasure. Answer me honestly are you turned on?"

"No, dammit. That hurt, especially first thing this morning."

I reach down with one hand and feel her nipples. "Then why are your nipples hard?" She is still over my lap, and I use my two hands to hold her ass cheeks and pussy lips apart. "There is literally pussy juice leaking out of you. If you aren't turned on why is that?"

"Dammit, OK-OK…I haven't stopped feeling turned on since I woke up."

"I know why." I said with a grin

"Because you made me cum real hard." Catching her tone Stacey quickly added “hey I’m not being a smarta--.”

I hold up my hand, stopping her. "This morning I put a sensitizing gel put on your nipples and clit."

"What?" she said, totally shocked and indignant.

"Stacey Putnam, I know and you know that I’ve brought out the submissive side in you, same as I saw in those pictures and that good old video. We’re going to have some fun today as we explore some more of that side of you." I take a ball gag I’ve snuck in with me, and push the ball in her mouth, and buckle it behind her head.

She tries to complain but all she gets out is garbled moaning. I pull her off my lap and stand her up in front of me. “Deny it Hell, those nipples are rock hard.” I say, and I flick them with a finger on each hand. She moans and drools a little out of her mouth. I pinch them just a tad hard, and she moans.

"Nod your head. Moans of pleasure?" I ask, knowingly

Stacey has to admit, This Man is right. The door is now open, and she cannot deny it, her body is obviously showing it. She nods her head yes.

I play with her pubic hair. "Is your clit still tingling?"

She nods her head yes again, emitting a light moan.

"Get on the bed, ass at the edge, and raise those sexy legs.” My plan is to fuck Stacey Putnam, my professor, and hopefully her tingling clit is going to go off like fireworks. Again she tries to reply but I get only garbled moans. I step between her legs. I flick her clit back and forth with my dick and she moans. I then use my dick to smack her clit a few times and again she moans more, and louder too. I then push my dick right into Stacey Putnam, feeling her cunt yield to me. With one steady, deepening strokes back and forth, I make sure I am fully coated in her juices and sliding in and out rather than feeling un-lubed skin pulling.

It drives Stacey Putnam wild, the way This Man goes deeper and deeper inside her, forcing her body to yield to This Mans dick. He’s holding her wrists, and pulling her towards him with each in stroke. Stacey’s legs are over his arms, and the feeling of helplessness is enhanced by the ball gag. She cries out into it, and This Man bottoms out inside her. She is being used like a cock sleeve, and the submissive side of her is loving it.

She is constantly moaning very loudly with each stroke. I then go from nice steady strokes and hard fast fucking. This causes her to gasp and let out a loud HHRRGGGHHH. I am pounding her now, throwing my full weight into this helpless pussy. Her yelps have a pleading resonance to them, and I can also hear my heavy breathing, the wet sloppy sounds of me pounding her wet pussy and her gurgled responses. My balls actually hurt a bit as I’m smacking into her ass.

Between gurgled sounds Stacey looks at me and I gather through grunts and the like that she wants the gag out. I slow to stop, enjoying her groaning as I grind all my length inside her. Now that I have stopped I can feel little quivers through her pussy. Nice.

"Do you want that out?" She nods yes.

"Were you close to Cumming when I stopped?" Again she nods yes.

"If I allow you to take it off there are conditions." She nods yes.

“If you mouth off or deny me again I will tie you down and spank you so hard I will raise welts, understand? Again a yes nod.

I release her wrists and say "Take it off." She raises her head up and reaches back and unbuckles it.

There is a part of Stacey that loves it when a dominant man just pounds himself in and out of her, using her like a toy, and This Man, know it or not, is doing it to her right now. After she pulls it out she swallows and looks at This Man and says. "Thanks. I was having trouble swallowing."

"Well it looks to me,” I say as I grind my entire cock inside her, “that the submissive Stacey is coming out.” I then proceed to pummel that pussy with at least 10 hard strokes, all my weight and all I’ve got. At the end she is yelping loudly as I slow. “That’s all I want from here on out, Professor” I repeat the earlier pounding, but only half as long. It makes her scream this time. “Don't forget I can still make this pleasurable for me only."

"Yes sir I understand….Oh GAHHH!!!!” she says as he pounds her like a flesh-light. “I am sorry. I will do better – AHHH!!!!." She quickly responds. This man is driving her absolutely fucking crazy. Stacey Putnam has totally melted.

"Good” I tell her. “Now as I fuck you I want you rubbing your clit until you cum. I want to feel that pussy orgasming on my dick as I fuck you."

She smiles, and I now know I have Professor Stacey Putnam, PHD, right where I want her. I resume fucking her and her hand reaches down to rub her clit. When she does her mouth pops open and I start pounding. It takes less than a minute of fucking her like this I feel her quiver as we fuck.

"PLEASE SIR – SO CLOSE!." She begs between gasps.

"shall I stop?"


I double down and grab her by her legs and fuck away. It doesn't take but another three or four power strokes and with a deep low groan and "Oh Fuucckkkk". Her pussy pulses around me. It quickly moves up in pitch to a high scream as she shakes and convulses in her best orgasm yet, I’m sure. I pull out and lay on the bed beside her. Once she catches her breath she looks towards me. "You didn't cum did you?"

"Oh no. You are going to work for this next load."

"That wasn't enough work?"

“No Ma’am. Now I want you to lick this clean” I say, motioning towards my pulsing cock. Obediently, Stacey starts with my balls. She licks them and then gently sucks one and then the other into her mouth. She then moves to my thighs and licks those clean. Finally she puts her mouth on my dick and takes it in until it's right at her throat. She gags a tad and then pulls off me sucking as she goes. She repeats this 3 times and then lets me pop out of her mouth.

"So do you like the taste of yourself when you suck a guys dick after he has fucked you?"

"You really want to know?"

"If I didn't I wouldn't have asked. Now answer me." I tell her.

“Well yes actually, I do…but only under certain conditions.”

“I think I understand those conditions.” I respond.

‘It seems you do’ Stacey thinks, but keeps the comment to herself.
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