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My Asian Sweetheart had finally grown to enjoy my penetration inside her super tight love canal after I deflowered her. I found her all the more irresistible and she seemed more receptive to our 'dates' and continued to surprise me with her amazing techniques.
For those readers that had not read the earlier chapters, here are the Chapter Headlines. You might want to read them to get a better context of my adventure.

1. Her First Orgasm, Cum in the park & Campus Adventures

2. Night Adventures & Failed Entry

3. Main event(s)!

4. Birthday Gifts

5. More Surprises

We started exploring different positions. Playing with her firm tits and big hard nipples while watching her firm round ass wiggle during my slow penetration from behind was so thrilling. I also loved to massage her firm round cheeks doing doggie but she never got orgasm that way so it became a transition between other positions. A few times I was banging super fast that nailed her cervix hard, her 'ough' came back! 'I like better when you are not banging so hard!' Watching and caressing her firm tits while riding me front or back were other favorites but somehow were hard for her to climax so we usually ended up exploding in missionary. We really loved the intimate embrace and passionate kissing during our orgasms. 'The tingling sensation from your cock retreating so slowly inside me is the best!' 'I love the contractions in your vagina when you cum, makes me feel like going again!' 'When I held your balls I can feel your sack tightening when you are ready to cum! That's crazy!' 'Your nipples grow to half an inch and hard when you start cumming! I love sucking them!' 'Your nipples are hard as stone just like your cock when you cum! I love sucking them too!' Clearly we had a wonderful time exploring each other.

We learned about her safety period and booked the day after her period each month as 'full contact day'! Some months I managed to even get us cum full contact three days in a row!!!  Obviously we both enjoyed most the amazing sensation of squirting and contractions with our organs tightly wrapping each other. Time passed quickly when we were having fun. Then her family bought a big house. I was depressed when she said she will get a large room upstairs. This meant our secret 'date' will have to come to an end!


My Sweetheart got to show me their new home before they moved in. I brought my camera to help show off their new home. Her carpeted room appeared huge without furnishing except for a large mirror left by the previous owner. Alone in the house, of course we started kissing. I got excited seeing ourselves in the mirror as I undressed her. First her bra, then her thin panties. She was now completely naked in daylight in front of me! Her beautiful reflection on the mirror highlighted another sensual perspective to me. I put in a new roll of film and took erotic pictures of my Asian sweetheart. I had not seen her completely bare because in her basement we were cautious and always just pulled up or down our clothes just in case. I took many artistic poses of my Asian beauty. My hands holding the camera were shaking when she demonstrated her oral skills on my throbbing member. Then I set up the tripod and set the camera to 10 sec timer to record our love. I looked at the mirror to set up our 'poses' before taking our shots. Both of us became so aroused with the various poses. Penetration standing, missionary, doggie, spoon, etc. I was thrilled when she allowed a 69 position although she was still too shy to let me really engage her private parts. She stared at our sensual bodies in the mirror. Her pussy was soaking wet when I inserted my manhood for the shots! Finishing the 36 film roll was just too much, so hard to keep my load!

Within seconds after I thrust my throbbing manhood all the way against her cervix, her first climax came as I pressed and rubbed my pelvis firmly on her swollen clit.  The spasms inside her tight and warm vagina were so intense, squeezing me, milking me, I exploded too.  As usual, we embraced and kissed passionately while my manhood slowly softened inside her.  That was enough to start her next 2 orgasms as her breath sped up and her body tightened while my pelvis pressed hard on her mound.  After catching her breath she gently drew circles on my nipples which was a sure way to get me hard again.  Suddenly her pussy tightened and grip my cock tighter than ever.  Her vagina was always very tight but penetration was not difficult after deflowering, thanks to her ample juices. This new tight feeling was similar to her squeezing my cock manually. Then her vagina relaxed the grip although still tightly wrapping my re-expanding manhood in the normal fashion.  Then her grip tightened again!  'Oh my God, what are you doing? This is amazing!' 'I learned this Kegel exercise, thought you like my Valentine gift!  It's good for me too!'  She said she read up our anatomy and the subject. She had been practicing!  With that she let out a series of contractions and I was in heaven, again!  We kissed feverishly while caressing each others hard nipples. Our breath speeding up and moans louder. I pumped madly while my balls slapped her firm ass on each stroke. I screamed as I exploded again. Good that I didn't take off that condom!  As we slowly kissed and exchanged fluids, she straightened out her entire body, quickly opened wide then close her legs several times, pressed hard on my buns to add pressure, took a deep deep breath and froze. Her 4th and 5th orgasms were even more intense! Totally exhausted, we slept in each others arms for hours before going for dinner. The condom was overflowing when we finally checked!

Indeed her new room was not suitable after she moved in as her mother monitored us if her door was closed.  I was desperate as the car or a park just didn't give us sufficient privacy and comfort now.  We had to resort back to the woods on campus by staying out real late but our love making positions were limited and then the risks of getting caught too. Spring term ended. I booked a motel in a resort town to getaway before the summer work.  We had high expectations for our first time away together.  I missed her basement room so much.  We were so excited getting there that I could hardly focus on the beautiful scenery outside.  My focus was more inside the car. 'Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel! It's too dangerous.' LOL!  But we did have a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful scenery as lovers do.


I immediately covered her mouth with mine soon as we got inside the motel room.  She was anticipating too.  We started caressing each others body.  I unhooked her bra and slipped off her silk panties and my Asian sweetheart was once again in all her glory. 'Stop staring and come to me!' She blushed and commanded.  I was planning to take some pictures but that had to wait.  We got in the shower together. Soaping became caressing. Soon we were kissing and she started rubbing my nipples and cleaning (stroking) my super hard cock.  In return, I 'washed' her firm tits and gently her pussy lips and clit. My other hand rubbed her firm buns and her rosebud. She moaned.  When I slipped 2 fingers inside to wash her vagina she started panting. I went down to lick her pussy lips and clit. 'It's clean now! I just washed it!' before she could say a word. My tongue found the vagina entrance and I invited myself deep inside and explored as she moaned. Then out to taste her hardened clit! She started shaking and moaned louder. She jumped as I gently licked her rosebud. 'No no no!' She tried to push me away and then pulled me back up. Instead she held my manhood tight and close her mouth around my shaft and swirled her tongue around it. 'Oh oh god!' I yelled as she licked under my glans and then slowly making circles around the head. I could feel my balls tightening. Knowing I should not cum in her mouth I pulled her up and kissed her passionately.

I turned her around and slowly penetrated her from behind until my balls were resting against her firm buns. My hands held her in place while massaging her tits and hard nipples.  She turned her head to kiss me and reached behind to rub my stiffened nipples.  We both moaned and breathing fast as the warm water fell on our united body.  Then she sensed my climax cumming and turned around.  She grabbed my manhood and slipped inside her tight vagina.  I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and massaged her soft tits and firm nipples.  She reached down to scratch my balls while rubbing my nipples. She sucked my tongue and performed Kegel as I screamed and squirted again and again deep inside her. (I planned our trip during her safe period.)  We continued to kiss as my cock gradually softened inside her. She grabbed my buns hard while moaning loud. Knowing she was cumming fast, I pushed her against the wall to put maximum pressure on her mound. I sucked her tongue, massaged her firm tits and super sensitive nipples as she tensed up totally, moaned loudly and burst into 2 orgasms. We rinsed off our love juices and dried each other.

We came back from dinner and fell on the bed.  Of course we kissed passionately, taking our time, caressing each other.  She licked and sucked my super hard manhood but unfortunately still reluctant for me to reciprocate. Then our very intense intercourse started with her ride facing me as I stared at her perfect proportions.  My hands were busy caressing all over her body and settling on her soft breasts and hard nipples. Her moans got louder as I gently rubbed her clit.  She reached behind to scratch my balls while playing my firm nipples. Then she fell on top of me, pressing and rubbing her swollen clit on my pelvis with my manhood deep inside.  Her pace accelerating, moaning even louder, then with a deep breath, her body straightened and tensed up completely.  I sucked her tongue while enjoying her spasms.  She began licking and caressing my hard nipples after she calmed down.  Still deep inside her, I moved slowly in and out, enjoying her warmth and tightness.  I could not keep my moans down when she suddenly applied her Kegel contractions. Then she grabbed my balls and I lost control.  Bursting wide open, I squirted and emptied completely deep inside her tight and warm vagina.  We rolled over, continuing our embrace kissing, knowing that her orgasms were cumming fast and furious.  She pressed hard on my buns and quickly opened wide then closed her legs several times. I pressed my weight on her mound, sucked her tongue, rubbed her very hard nipples and began to feel her spasms as she straightened her body.  Her deep moans were almost screams. I could only tell her next orgasm by the contractions inside her vagina! The creamy mix eventually pushed my softened cock out. But she wasn't finished!  She pressed hard on my buns again and repeated opening wide and closing her legs a few more times. To celebrate her 4th climax of this session I pressed my weight down on her mound, in effect rubbing my softened cock on her clit to create frictions and against her pussy lips as our cums leaked out.  Totally satisfied and exhausted, we fell asleep in each others arms.

After breakfast, we drove around and stopped by the lake. We took pictures, then sat down to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I reminded her of her birthday picnic with me. She blushed 'You were so bad! I almost wanted to break up with you!'  I laughed, we kissed. After lunch we went back to the motel. I setup my camera similar to the time we spent in her bedroom before her family moved in the new house.  I took erotic pictures of my maturing Asian sweetheart and she reciprocated. Then of course I used the timer to capture various poses of us making love in different positions!  I was almost too excited to finish the roll of 36 shots. 

Her 1st orgasm came right away even before penetration when I pressed and rubbed my hard manhood on her mound. She was moaning and panting much louder since we weren't concerned about passers-by nor parents!  Sensing her 2nd climax starting, I slid my rock hard cock balls deep all the way inside her warm vagina, getting tightly wrapped while enjoying fully her spasms. She pushed her tongue in me, I sucked hard along with her fluids.  After catching her breath, she began her service by massaging my balls while I thrust slowly in and out of her tight but soaked vagina from the front.  My moans got louder as she licked, flicked, rubbed, scratched and sucked my super sensitive nipples. Suddenly she wrapped and squeezed her legs around my waist.  I felt a whole new sensation of an urge to cum as my balls tightened.  I saw in the mirror she crossed and locked her feet together behind my lower back to tighten her grip!  'Oh my God, Wow! I'm cumming!' Her legs pulled me in so deep my glans pushed against her soft landing while my balls slapped on her firm buns. I squirted and squirted into her cervix opening, deep inside her tight warm vagina in ecstasy. She didn't release her grip until I emptied completely and eventually stopped panting. We continued our embrace as she began her 3rd then 4th most intense orgasms. She suddenly moaned really loud and bent her knees by pulling her legs, then straightened her legs, which looked like a variation of her scissor moves. She repeated this motion several times while moaning loud, then straightened her entire body completely and froze. She locked her fingers together behind my lower back and used her arms instead to squeeze tight, pulling me hard onto her mound! After her first set of contractions, she let out a big sigh and immediately began her next climax while I kept my weight on her mound, effectively pressing and rubbing on her swollen clit. After she finally calmed down and opened her eyes, I looked in her eyes smiling,'How did you do that? Shocking and amazing at the same time! I surrender!' 'I knew you would! I felt your hot semen kept shooting deep inside me! That was so amazing too!' She smiled back and obviously once again so proud of her accomplishment!  She never told me how she figured out that move!

Back home I was depressed without a suitable place to make love during the summer. Luckily soon my family also moved and I got the attic room.  My parents probably figured what we were studying up there behind locked doors but they liked my sweetheart and hence said nothing. So we settled in our new love nest!

My Asian sweetheart, started so innocently, never even played with herself, gasping at her first sight of an erection, had mastered superb techniques that kept me amazed. Reading about love making positions and watching porn don't even 'cum' close to her erotic moves. Depending on her sense of my urgency, she would mix and match the following during foreplay and penetration:

1. passionate kisses, probing her tongue in me, sucking my tongue, robbing our tongues and exchanging fluids;

2. scratching my nipples on my shirt, drawing circles with her tongue and finger on my super sensitive nipples, licking, flicking, rubbing, scratching, sucking;

3. kissing, licking, then sucking my cock hard while licking the bottom of my glans;

4. caressing, scratching, massaging, licking or sucking my balls;

5. performing Kegels with my hard cock wrapped tightly deep inside her creamy vagina;

6. wrapping her legs around my waist, locking her feet together behind my lower back to pull me in deep and squeezing her thighs.

To give me maximum sensations during front penetration, she would lick one hard nipple, caressed the other, wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed, then reached down to massage my balls, and Kegel squeezed my manhood all at the same time! She knew these multiple attacks combining sensations always made me burst immediately so she was in fact controlling me depending on her wishes!!! I, on the other hand, loved to be surprised and controlled by my sweetheart!  Relax and enjoy, as they say, she gave me complete satisfaction!

I like to end this adventure here.  Hope you all enjoy reading as much as my writing this.  Like one reader, I kept this series for my regular re-reading (and sometimes stroking!)  Another reader asked whether we got married. I'll leave that to your imagination, or a future adventure.  In the mean time, take care and keep cumming!


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This is really good! In my mind, he gets het rosebud one day when she is on her period. In other scenarios, she lies sucking it so much she is willing to accept the taste and lets him finish in her mouth. Soon enough, she gets to liking the flavor.

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