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A long story of sexual brinksmanship by a father and daughter

"Huh?" I said, looking up from my plate at my daughter Sarah.

"What's wrong, you haven't said anything in a while."

She was right. We were having dinner together, which was usually the time we caught up and talked about our days, how work and school were, and so on. But tonight I was totally in my head.

"Oh nothing sweetie. Just work stuff." This was sort of true. I was dreading going to work tomorrow as I knew what was coming. I knew they would be pushing the issue.

I tried to engage. "Anyway, how is your senior year going?"

Sarah chatted away about finishing up high school. At 18, she was excited to be putting away things she associated with being young: High school; living at home; having a curfew; etc. She would soon be heading off to college a few hours north of where we lived.

It was tough letting her go. She was my little girl. I had memories of her entire life that told me she needed my protection and guidance. Scraped knees, recital nerves, mean boyfriends. How could I just send her off to the hardships of the world? And the boys...

I tried to snap back and pay attention to what she was saying, but in my head I was lost in worry about her and about tomorrow.

After dinner, we settled on the couch to hang out and watch a movie. Sarah cuddled close, and put her head on my shoulder. She had always been a daddy's girl, and since her mother stepped out on us years ago, we had grown incredibly close.

She looked up at me. "I can tell you're still thinking about work." She made a little mock frown. "Why don't we put on one of your favorites."

"Sure," I replied. She was so attentive and caring and I guess I should be proud of instilling that in her. "Thanks for looking out for me honey." I gave her a weak smile back and tried to commit to myself to be more present.

She smiled and got off the couch to search for the DVD. Looking her over, I was reluctant to appreciate what a woman she was turning in to. She was kind, smart, and as much as I hated to admit it, very beautiful. She stood at about 5'6'', with long, blonde, straight hair, light hazel eyes, a slender waist that met a perfectly plump ass. Her breasts stood out as a proud C cup. Through years of high school sports she developed a fit physique but still kept the curves in the right places. Anywhere we went, she attracted a ton of attention from the boys...and the men. She was a lot like her mother in that way.

Her mother...what a horror. I had always shielded Sarah from my anger towards her mother, but when my mind went to her it was sometimes hard to hide. She was a whirlwind in my early life. Sexy, impulsive, brash and ego boosting. She was a beautiful woman who I fell in love with but that just could not be tied down. I guess I am a bit to blame. It's not like she hid who she was. Eventually, she gave me a beautiful daughter, then vanished to go live her life unencumbered.

"Got it!" Sarah exclaimed, once again pulling me back to the present. I looked over to see her ass high up in the air as she had been searching around the TV console for the old DVD. My dick twitched a bit at the sight of such a delectable ass, but fear and shame quickly flooded me.

"You're such a nerd," she said holding up my copy of the Fifth Element. I don't know what it is, but that movie always brings me joy.

"Oh, come on," I said in retort, "you know you love it too."

She snuggled up close to me on the coach. "I know. I'm just giving you a hard time."

As she slid close, I felt the softness of her breast against me and felt the jolt of arousal. I had to get myself under control. My guilt was not only because I shouldn't be having these kind of thoughts about my daughter, but because of what I feared at the office.

The movie successfully got my mind off things, and with the help of a few xanax I was able to sleep through the night.

The next morning I woke up late and was in a frenzied rush getting to work. I had a meeting at 9 and wanted to get in some prep work before. The morning went by in a blur and by 12:00 I was back in my private office, exhausted, but pleased with how the meeting went.

My intercom buzzed and my secretary's voice filled my office. "Mr. Brandt, I just want to remind you of your meeting upstairs with the other board members in ten minutes."

Fuck. I had got through a full morning of work before I had to think about that again. I made my way to the elevator and took it upstairs to the penthouse conference room. This floor served to impress our clients by housing nothing but a luxurious waiting room that abuts a glass conference room with impressive views. The shades were drawn, but I knew John and Frank would be inside waiting. We had started this company together forever ago and were as close as friends could be while still making a business relationship work.

As I opened the door I could see that the only source of light came from the large conference room TV. To my horror, there I was completely nude on the screen, dick deep in Frank's daughter, Stephanie.

"Hey Stan. Just playing some highlights," Frank called. "You know, my little girl had trouble walking the next day, and she blames you." The men all shared a laugh, but I couldn't bring myself to join in.

I had no need for the video as I had already gone back in my mind to that night a month ago, replaying what went down. Frank's daughter had given us all such a thrill.

She was a small girl, no more than 5 feet tall, but took us on like a champ. I remember enjoying the sight of my dick disappearing into her small frame as I fucked her from behind. Her amble ass shook with every thrust as Frank moaned encouraging phrases to his daughter as she sucked his dick. Another scene flashed in my mind of her riding John and watching her B cup tits bounce.

"You raised her right, Frank," John offered with genuine admiration. "She was incredible."

Frank smiled. "I appreciate that. But it was a complete surprise to me. I had no idea how she would react, but it has really brought us closer." He looked like a proud father talking about his daughter's piano recital performance. "And I have to add, the month since has been great. She's joined the wife and I in the bedroom on more than a few occasions. She can't get enough."

John smiled admiringly. My stomach could only turn. Frank turned off the video, and they both turned to me. "OK, should we get on with the planning?," John said.

This was no ordinary business meeting. Although it was listed in the ledger as a meeting of the board of directors, the real purpose of this meeting was to talk about fulfilling a promise made amongst friends many years ago.

In the early days of our business we had been meeting at John's cabin as a way to escape the pressures of the city while we planned our futures. We were young and full of ambition and vigor.

One fateful evening, after rounds of heavy drinking, we found ourselves in the hot tub with John's daughter, Becca. Like my own, Becca was a beautiful girl. Tall, slender, with pale skin and bright red hair. We had often teased John about her, talking about how all the boys must be after her. Secretly, these were all just projections of our desires to be with her.

Becca was not a shy girl at all, and very much enjoyed our attention. She would call us all "uncle" as she had known use for years, and had never shied away from running around in skimpy outfits or bikinis when we would come by. Frank and I had joked separately about what we would do with her if the opportunity came up. All in slight jest, but fun nonetheless.

That night in the hot tub, Becca took charge and sat on Frank's lap. Feeling his obvious erection, Becca started to give him a mock lap dance. Well, what started as a joke didn't remain one for long. As Becca moved her hips over Frank's crotch, his face turned from laughing to serious. He slid his hands over her hips and guided her body. Becca too had turned serious in her work and moved in seductive ways.

I looked over to John, worried about his reaction, but to my surprise John only stared intently at his daughter's display.

Becca too, looked at her father. She moaned and said "Is this Okay Daddy?" John, clearly drunk but not enough to not know what he was doing, only replied, "Yes baby."

Those two words were the catalyst we all needed. Frank let his hands roam and unleashed Becca breasts from her bikini. Her two pale mounds were topped by perfectly pink and hard nipples. Frank took her nipples in his mouth and enjoyed her young body as she rode him.

John was transfixed and clearly stroking himself. Becca turned her body and continued to gyrate on Frank, but to allow her father a better view of her breasts. She then looked over at me. "Don't be shy, Uncle Stan."

Hearing her use my name like that enhanced how sexy her beckoning me was by ten fold. I stood up and made my way to her, not bothering to hide my massive erection from my colleagues. Becca wordlessly got off Frank and bent herself over the side of the hot tub. I needed no instruction and was past the point of feeling the need to check with John. I pulled off my swim trunks, slid Becca's bikini to the side and entered her with a grunt. We all took our turns with the young slut, giving her as hard a fucking as she asked for. She was experienced and knew what she wanted, demanding we all fill her to the brim with our cum.

John was the last of us. By that time the alcohol had clearly worn off,but we were instead all disinhibited by lust. Watching John fuck his daughter was beyond erotic. They looked to be made to fit together as Becca's pussy hungrily took in her father's generous dick. Becca finished her father off in her mouth, seeming to want to savor every drop.

In the morning, after the guilt and fear had subsided, Frank and I agreed to also share our daughters, close after their 18th birthdays, with the group as a way to bring them into the fold. Our girls were still so young and classmates of each other at that time. We agreed that the experience had brought us all, including Becca, closer. Indeed, we all continued to have on and off trysts with her over the years, but also took a greater interest in her life and success. She was many years older now, married and with a daughter of her own. She still introduces us as "uncle" and enjoys us doting on her and her family.

Frank started the planning." So should we talk about a date?"

John laughed," Frank, you sound so eager, you old perv."

Frank reacted in mock surprise, "Perv? Come on, you can't tell me you haven't been looking forward to Sarah turning 18 for years. I'm tired of stealing glances at that body of hers. Plus, I really just want Stan to finally have what we have." I couldn't tell if his thinking of me was a cover for his own lust or real.

"Alright, I'll buy it. I know my Becca's life has been much better because of our arrangement and I know Stephanie's will be too," John relented.

I had to put aside my internal struggle. They were right. Giving up my only daughter to them would be hard, but if she consented, her life will be made easier by ten fold. Plus, I owed them.

We spent the rest of the meeting time discussing the plan of easing Sarah into our arrangement. We set the date for two weeks from that night.


I started to prepare Sarah in the week after my meeting with John and Frank.

"Sarah honey?"

"Yes daddy?" she replied sweetly.

"Honey, make sure to not make any plans for next weekend? John invited us up to his cabin for the weekend. We are going to do some business, but I thought it would be fun for you to enjoy the lake and take some time away to de-stress from finals."

Sarah jumped for joy, causing her chest to noticeably heave. "Yay! That sounds so fun. I promise I won't make any plans. Is Stephanie going to be there?" Sarah and Stephanie had been friends for years.

"No sweetie. If you are OK with it, it'll just be you for the weekend. Do you mind?"

"Not at all. I haven't been swimming for ages! I'll have to go shopping."

She jumped up and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. I blushed and felt a mix of arousal and guilt as I knew what lay in store for her. "Here take this." I gave her my credit card, knowing instantly that I was using money to assuage my guilt.

Sarah loved to shop, so she grabbed my card, thanked me and sped out the door.


The days leading up to the weekend away were excruciating. I knew I had to go through with it, for the sake of my colleagues and the sake of Sarah, but one could not blame me for not wanting to turn my daughter over to be fucked. At the same time I had a twist of guilt as I also had to admit that I was looking a bit forward to the experience with Sarah. With each passing day, my mind seemed to be opening more and more to seeing her in a sexual light. Each hug and kiss seemed to linger longer than usual. Her bra suddenly seemed to disappear when she was walking around the house in her t-shirts. We had always been very casual with our bodies in the house, but this seemed extra. I put it off as my imagination though.

The drive up to the cabin was mostly uneventful. We passed the time with dumb car games and talking about the future. I was occasionally distracted by the sight of Sarah's long legs when she stretched herself out to put her feet on the dashboard. She was dressed in cut-off jean shorts, as if she jumped straight out of a teen road trip movie.

Eventually we pulled off the highway and made our way up into the mountains on a winding road. With each minute that passed we saw less stores and more trees. By noon, the road had turned from asphalt to dirt, and we finally made it to John's lakeside cabin. John's Range Rover and Frank's X5 were already parked in front.

We unloaded the car and headed inside to start our weekend. Despite the cars in front, when we opened the door we were greeted with an empty house. Splashing sounds and the smell of BBQ showed us the way, and we headed to the back.

John's cabin was situated on a very private and idyllic lake. We were met with inviting clear blue waters that were perfectly still, a clear sky and lush green trees. John looked over from the grill and shot us a huge grin. "Welcome!" he bellowed. "Come grab some grub."

"Perfect, I'm starved," exclaimed Sarah, as she bounded past me and gave John a big hug. From over her shoulder, John shot me a smile. He fixed her a plate as Frank came up from the water soaking wet.

"Hey guys. Glad you made it. Is that you Sarah!? You've grown so much since the last time I saw you. When was it, a year ago?"

"Hey Frank," Sarah said, blushing at the attention. "How's the water?"

Frank gave a broad smile. "The water is great, you should head down and put your feet in while you eat."

"I just might," Sarah said sheepishly. It was hard not to notice that Sarah enjoyed the attention from the older man. It didn't hurt that Frank was a pretty good-looking guy, even for middle age. I shot him a look that said "Really? Right in front of me you're going to flirt?"

Frank gave me a defiant smile, then turned to Sarah. "Here, take this down with you." He stretched out his hand to give Sarah a beer. She took it then froze and looked directly at me like a deer in headlights.

"Is it OK, Daddy?"

Ugh, so it starts. "Yes, dear. While we are here safe at the cabin you are allowed to drink...within reason!"

Sarah let out a squeal. "Oh thank you, thank you." And with that, she bounded off to enjoy her meal and beer at the water.

When she was out of earshot, I glared at both men. "You guys don't even give a guy a chance to put his bag down before you are all over her."

"Lighten up, Stan. If you can't handle a little flirty banter, how are you going to handle later tonight?" John questioned. "You good?"

I let out a heavy sigh. "I'm fine. I'm fine. Just slow down."

Despite my plea, the boys didn't slow down. The afternoon was filled with moments where they had their fun. Soon after eating, Sarah stripped down to her

bikini and jumped into the water to join Frank. She was such a sight in her little red two piece. This must have been a new suit she bought with my credit card as I hadn't seen it before. The suit hugged all the right places and accentuated her prominent ass.

In the water, John had fun mock wrestling with Sarah, and she seemed all too game. Several times he would lift her and throw her in the water, and she would scream in delight. On shore, John and I would get flashes of skin every time this happened.

John looked over to me. "Look who decided to join the party," he said smiling and gesturing to my shorts which had tented considerably at the scene.

"Fuck, I...."

"Stan, relax. Frank and I have been through it too. It's ok. Your daughter is a wonderful girl, and she's incredibly sexy. Just let go. And remember, nothing happens that she doesn't agree to."

I decided to let my guard down a bit. I gave a small smile. "She does look pretty hot, doesn't she."

"There we go!" John exclaimed. This got Sarah's attention who waved to us from atop Frank's shoulders in the water. Her legs were dropped down his muscular chest and Frank gave use a face that told us he was enjoying himself thoroughly.

Later inside, John took his turn while playing pool with Sarah. He seemed very interested in giving her very close "guidance" on certain shots that seemed like poor excuses to rub up on her and steal some feels. For her part, Sarah was enjoying herself and the attention. She backed herself up into John's crotch as she asked for extra guidance on an especially difficult shot.

We had dinner and as often happened when staying in the secluded cabin, we each helped ourselves to generous portions of wine and beer. Sarah was clearly enjoying the privilege and was looking rosy cheeked, but not drunk. I had to say I was proud of her for knowing her limits and a little less reluctant to see her off to college where drinking will be the norm.

As we finished up, John cleared his throat. "Shit. We are out of beers. I think there might be some in the club room downstairs. Should we head there?"

"Downstairs?" Sarah asked.

Fuck. She took the bait. Just like I told them she would. Sarah had no idea that this was a set up to push her to make a decision about the night.

John looked at Frank, "Dude, we can't. Not with kids here."

Again, this was part of the set up. I told them Sarah hated being left out, and was always curious. She also was at the perfect age where she didn't feel like any part of life should be withheld from her on account of her age. She liked to challenge boundaries.

"What the fuck, what are you guys talking about?" Sarah exclaimed predictably.

"Language Sarah."

"Sorry dad. But I've been hanging out with you guys all day and even having beers. Suddenly I'm not allowed to go somewhere in the cabin like I'm a five-year old?"

"I dunno Sarah. Your dad's in charge of you. And if he says you can't go downstairs, then you can't. It's fine. We'll find something else to drink. I'm sure there is juice or something..."

In a huff, Sarah stood up. "Like hell. Sorry dad but I'm 18 and perfectly capable of making decisions for myself." She bounded toward the door that led to the basement in the cabin.

Frank and John smiled at me, feeling satisfied that their ruse had worked. We all followed Sarah downstairs to the finished basement John had put in years ago.

Sarah stood still and took in the room. " long has it been like this."

For many years we had used the cabin for business trips and planning sessions. Ultimately, we needed an area to have a little fun. We called the basement a club area since it was kitted out with a fully stocked bar, another pool table, but most importantly and very prominently displayed, a stripper pole.

"It's been like this for years. We obviously never let any of the kids down here. But it's where we like to...unwind," Frank said casually.

"I bet," Sarah said, one eyebrow raised as she smirked in my direction. All I could do was look at the floor.

Frank spoke next. "Come on, let's get the drinks and head back upstairs. This is no place for a little lady whose not on the clock." Frank was pushing the goading a little too far there.

Sarah shot back. "No way. This place seems cool. Stop treating me like a kid."

And then she did something that I think none of us expected. Sarah hopped up onto the stage, and in an act of defiance, expertly gave a twirl around the pole with her legs pushed far out. There was not a bit of clumsiness to her and her legs looked sexy in her cut-offs. As she arched her back, her t-shirt clung to her generous chest and showed off her curves.

I yelled, "Sarah!" but my cry was drowned out by the encouraging hollering and applause by my colleagues.

"Oh wow. Maybe you're not a kid after all. Where did you learn moves like that?," Frank said in astonishment.

Slightly winded, Sarah laughed. "You like that? Every gym offers some 'Pole exercise' class now. Let's just say my girlfriends and I put in a lot of practice. It takes a lot to wow the boys nowadays."

My friends-- no, we-- had successfully pushed Sarah to feel like she could let loose to prove herself. I felt a mix of shame and anticipation.

"OK, OK. That's enough. This isn't a way to act," I chided, knowing I would only provoke her further, but also hoping she would listen.

"Oh come on Stan. I know you most of all will miss our usual girls for entertainment. Let us have fun," John said.

"Oh? Dad, do you have regular girls you hire here?" Sarah said, still holding on to the stripper pole.

"I..." I started, but was interrupted by Frank.

"Your dad is well-known in every champagne room in the area."

Sarah hopped off the stage and grabbed her beer. She was making such a show of being able to "hang" with the boys. "Oh yea? There seems to be a lot to learn in this club. Good for you dad."

I continued to play my role as a restricting father, knowing that I was about to push her over the edge. "Sweetie. What I do in my free-time is none of your business. Frank and John both have daughter's too, and I am sure they don't approve of a young girl like you flaunting her stuff on stage."

"Sweetie! Honey! Babe! You still see me as a little girl. You have no idea how many men I might have given shows to. How many men have enjoyed what I have to 'flaunt.'"

Sarah downed the rest of her beer and jumped back on stage. "Turn some music on. Frank and John, you tell me how you feel about this." Without hesitation, John lowered lights and turned on some rhythmic music. Both men took seats close to the stage, feeling satisfied that their goading had worked to get Sarah to volunteer herself.

Sarah wasted no time in starting her sexy dance. She gyrated and moved to the music, making good eye contact with the men. I held myself back, not wanting to interfere. I watched as she moved her hands over her body, caressing her legs and bringing them up to graze the sides of her tits covering by her shirt. She knew what she was doing.

"Hey Stan, your little girl is not so little," Frank hollered, for my and Sarah's benefit. Sarah smiled in response and kept up her movements. As planned, Frank upped the ante by taking out some money.

"Wouldn't be a proper dance without some cash," he said as he began showering her with singles.

This encouragement pushed Sarah even further. She enjoyed how the men were reacting to her. With no further prompting, Sarah seductively lifted her shirt to reveal her bikini clad breasts. They shook with every motion she made, causing blood to rush down to my dick.

John kept up the pressure. He whistled and hollered up, "Nice body. But I saw more of that in the lake earlier. Come on, give us a show!"

These comments were make or break moments. They would push Sarah to want to please us or would also give her an out to say it's gone far enough. Thankfully (I guess I was all in at this point), she went further. Without a word, Sarah turned her body to face away from the boys, spread her legs, and stripped off her cut-off jeans, giving us a wonderful view of her ass. The bikini hugged her nicely, gathering in-between her ass cheeks and showing off her amble curves.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Frank yelled, throwing even more money on the stage.

The song changed but Sarah kept dancing. I played my part once again. "OK, you proved your point. You can do big girl things. Song's over. How about we do something else?"

Working like a charm, Sarah shot back. "I'm not done dad. You still think of me like a little girl. But we can change it up. Frank, get up here. I need a new pole."

Frank dutifully shot up and stood on stage. I watched as my daughter moved her beautiful body against one of my closest friends. A mix of arousal and jealous rage swam inside of me. Sarah rubbed herself on him and pushed her ass into his crotch. A change registered in them both. Frank had to be hard, and Sarah had to have just felt it. Hesitant, she backed off a bit.

OK, I thought Maybe she's had enough. But I was wrong.

"You like the show?," Sarah purred. Frank could only nod. "Good. I'd like some eye candy too. I can't be the only one half-naked. Shirts, now!" Sarah demanded.

Wasting no time, both men gave her their shirts. Being half-naked only made their stiff cocks that much more obvious. "There we go," Sarah said satisfied. She looked over at me, but made no demand for my shirt. I was apparently just going to be a witness to her rebellion.

Sarah continued to give the boys a show, with the added sensuality of rubbing her hands on Frank's muscular form. She made several passes around his dick and down his legs, at times face to face with his contained raging hard-on.

I noticed that John had begun to stroke himself through his pants, and it was only a matter of time before Sarah noticed too. Little did I know, Frank was about to really push the envelope.

"Mmmm. You certainly aren't Stan's little girl anymore. You remind me of a girl your father and I had taken to the champagne room a few months ago."

Sarah continued her dancing with her arms around Frank's neck as she shook her ass out to John. "Oh yea? Dad what happens in the champagne room exactly?"

"Nothing honey. It's just a more private dance." I lied. Our area was pretty liberal with their rules when you paid enough.

"Oh no. You don't get off that easy," John interfered. "Let's just say, the guys and girls get a lot more comfortable in those backrooms."

Sarah shoots me a look. In her eyes are a mix of anger, defiance and mischief. She is drunk now more on my discomfort than on the booze. "Dad? Is this true? Is that what you do with someone else's baby girl?"

"Sarah, I's part of..." I stammered. I began moving closer to the stage.

She looked at Frank and John. "How much?"

They looked back at her confused.

She started again. "How much do you guys pay to play around in the back rooms?"

"$400," Frank offers.

"Frank, what the fuck?" I yell.

"I've got $500," John counters.

Sarah smiles. She seems to be enjoying the control she had. "That might be the price for these backwoods girls you get here. I'm young and fresh. $1500, and I'll let you both show me a champagne room experience." I shower this girl with money and make sure all her needs are met. Plus she has been working odd jobs since he was 14. I know she had no need for extra cash. This girl who has no need for extra money was selling herself off. She loved the control, but also had no idea how much nudging and goading we had done to get her here.

"Deal, but you better make it worth the money." Frank says, and John nods.

"I'll decide how far your money will go. Now show me exactly what 'comfortable' means in the back room of some dingy club." Sarah demanded.

"Frank. John. Don't you dare..." I warned. I was beginning to blur the line between being a mock authority to push Sarah along and my real instinct to protect my daughter.

"Your'e daughter is 18, Stan. She's making her own choices here. And she's being handsomely rewarded. So just sit back and let her show us she isn't a child anymore," John replied.

"Well, Sarah. There's no backroom here. So we'll have to forgo some privacy. Are you sure you want this?" Frank said as he hitched his hands at the waist of his shorts. Sarah nodded silently.

And with that Frank and John stripped out of the rest of their clothes. John was still seated near the stage, completely naked, giving absentminded strokes to his hard cock. Frank was on stage with Sarah, his raging hard on inches away from Sarah's bikini clad body. Sarah stared at both the men and took in their naked forms. I saw some hesitancy in her eyes, as she was weighing just how far she was willing to take this. I knew I could stop this or push her further to fulfill the agreement my friends and I had made.

No. It wasn't just the agreement. This would be to fulfill what I actually wanted. I wanted to see her getting fucked. I wanted to fuck her. I made my choice.

"Sarah. You've made your point. Now listen to your father and don't you dare touch my friends."

The hesitancy in Sarah's face disappeared. She started to walk toward me, lowering herself from the stage. "Dad," she said, in a softer tone. "I am a big girl now. I am leaving for college. I am going to make 1000 decisions everyday for myself." She was now directly in front of me.

I could see the lightness of her eyes. The small freckles that splashed across her cheeks. Her perfect lips.

"So if I want to touch..." as she said this she reached out her hand, and with a flat palm, rested it on my crotch where she could clearly feel the hardness of my cock "... I will touch." She moved her hand away and walked back to be near John who was enjoying the whole scene.

It was clear Sarah had touched me just as a way to show me she was in control. A big power move meant to make me back off. All it did was make me want to strip my clothes off and fuck her hard. Watching her sexy body walk slowly away from me, with the bikini riding up her ass, all I could think of is how fast I could bend her over and enter her. My own power move. I was all in now. I moved closer, but was still going to just watch the scene play out for now.

"Come Frank. Sit by your friend," Sarah said as she moved a chair next to John, who was basically salivating watching my daughter play with her control. Frank dutifully sat down, legs almost touching, with John. Sarah stood before them, surveying their hard cocks. "Not bad." She looked over to Frank, who was holding the base of his massive dick. Her eyes grew a bit, as if to be impressed. "So, once you two have become comfortable, what happens next?"

John spoke up, hand still gripping his hard cock. "Usually, the girls give us a dance. Full contact." He emphasized these last words.

"$800," Sarah said. As she did, she she gently ran her fingers over her skin, making her already irresistible body even that much more so.

"Whoa, what did we just pay $1500 for?," Frank said in shock.

"The privilege of having a girl like me see your filthy cocks, but..." and as she said this she bent her knees bringing her face closer to their straining cocks, "If you don't want 'contact,' we can end it here and call it a night."

Frank and John smiled. In answer, John simply picked up his phone and cued up the song "Pour some sugar on me," to blare through the speakers. A classic strip club anthem.

Sarah nodded and I watched as she moved her body in front of them men, working her hips and running her hands along her breasts. She turned herself and placed her hands on the stage and slowly bent herself to give them a shot of her ass. Sarah expertly reached down to her toes, which made her ass stick up and a hint of fabric covered pussy appeared. She then slowly spread her legs out and gave us all a view of her puffy lips underneath the bikini, making slow movements over her pussy with her fingers. It could have been my imagination, but it looked like there was a little wet spot forming. Putting her legs together, she turned back around, and put one flexible leg stretched out to reach the lip of the low stage, spreading herself before the men.

I burned a hole through the fabric of her bikini with my mind, willing it to disappear and to let me see her sex. She teased us by running a finger up and down her slit, though it wasn't clear from where I was if she was actually making contact. She moaned with pleasure - real or for show, I didn't care.

She moved her body closer to John, placing her one leg between his legs, and her arms around his neck as she bent her body to move her breasts over his face. I watched as one of my close friends got to savor her young body.

John instinctively raised his hands to placed it on her sides. Sarah let it happen, probably not knowing that she could have charged extra. She bent further, stopping right before her tits got to his waiting penis and instead turned herself so her ass faced him. She waved her ass over his dick and ran her hands over, pushing her bikini together so it appeared to be no more than a string between her ass cheeks. John had his hands still on her hips and seemed to be willing her to press her ass against his waiting cock. Sarah held herself back and looked over to Frank, who was watching while slowly stroking his dick. Pre-cum glistened at the head of his waiting cock. "Someone is getting a little messy," Sarah teased.

"I'm getting impatient too," Frank chided.

Sarah, showing herself to be more of a tease with every passing moment, smiled more broadly. "You'll wait your turn or you'll get none of this." She knelt in front of John, with her eyes on Frank.

My daughter was on her knees. I couldn't help but touch myself, hard with arousal and somehow even harder with envy. I watched as Sarah teased the boys, bringing her face close to John's cock, and rubbing his legs and thighs with her body. She was so careful not to make contact with his dick, and John twitched with every move she made. His handsome dick stood out proudly and begged for attention.

"Touch it, baby girl," Frank urged her from his seat. Sarah only stood up and wagged her finger at him. "John is being so patient and deserves a reward. You still need to learn". And with that she lowered herself slowly and allowed her ass to make contact with John's waiting dick. He let out a moan, and she slowly moved her ass on him, rubbing his cock between her ass cheeks.

My own cock raged in my pants and begged for release. The time wasn't right, so I satisfied myself by stroking from outside my pants. I made my way to sit closer to the action, but was quiet so as not to shake my daughter from her determined trance.

Sarah gyrated her hips on John's cock over and over. How he did not cum I'll never know. For his part, he held firm on her hips and pushed her down onto his lap. His moans grew loader as she worked her hips, until she placed both her hands on his knees and raised herself up again.

"Your turn," she said, turning to Frank. She side stepped to face him, but as she did so her eyes caught mine, and she realized I had moved closer. She looked puzzled but smiled and turned her attention to Frank.

"Let me reward you for finally learning patience". She slowly reached behind her and untied her bikini top. All three of us stood up more straight, yearning for a site of her young breasts. Sarah took note of this and just before her top slipped off, she caught it by placing one hand on her chest, but still moving her hips in a sexy dance to the music.

"How much?"

Frank, who somehow became the master of ceremonies here, spoke first, "$500."

Sarah thought for a moment. "$500 for something you have been trying to see for years? Don't think I haven't noticed you leering at me since I started to get a pair. Show me how much you want it."

"Let's make it an even $1000. You are already raking it in here. You'll be richer than us by the end of the night," Frank said with a laugh.

"Now we are talking." She released her grip and allowed her bikini top to drop to the floor. Her perfect tits stood out against her lean frame nicely. Her breasts were perfectly round and topped by small, pink nipples. She ran her hands over her perky pair proudly, and looked at Frank and John, enjoying their oggling. She shot a quick look at me to see if I was watching. I rewarded her with eyes as big as saucers. I was watching baby girl, don't you worry.

She pushed things further. "Sorry daddy," and in one swift motion stripped off her bikini bottoms as well. Her perfect little pussy was plain to see as there was not a patch of hair on her. Her pink lips stood out against her white skin, and as she seductively shifted her weight from leg to leg, her lips opened ever so slightly.

"Worth the wait?" she said to Frank.

"Mmmm, baby. I want you on me so bad," Frank replied.

Sarah moved herself between Frank's leg and buried his face in her chest, while her legs push against him. She moved her body down until she straddled one of his legs, leaning back to give him a view of her tits. She made of show of stroking them and teasing her nipples. Frank grabbed her hips and guided her gently to slide up and down his leg. Sarah kept up her show, but her face took on an intensity I remembered all those years ago with John's daughter. The game was turning more serious. She let out moans that were more real than show. She put one of her hands on Frank's shoulder and used the other hand to steady herself on his knee, rolling her head back as she pleasured herself on his leg.

We all watched my girl use my friend's leg to get off and were entranced by her display. Frank let his hands roam over her and John stood to move over them while stroking his dick.

Frank moved to take her nipple in his mouth, causing Sarah to moan and move faster, but only for a moment. The trance was broken. Sarah stopped and smoothly got up from Frank, leaving a trail of evidence of her pleasure behind.

As if putting herself back in control after a momentary lapse, Sarah stood tall. Seeing her, flushed with sex, standing nude and confident, I felt proud of her. I could see her more as a woman rather than a girl for the first time.

Standing before Frank, Sarah suddenly put her finger out and slowly brought it to the tip of his dick. He nearly leapt out of his seat to meet her hand, but Sarah stopped herself before actually touching his ridged member. The skillful slut that she was, Sarah touched the glistening orb of pre-cum at his tip, not making contact with his cock, and raised her sticky finger to her mouth to take a lick. Frank nearly burst from the sight of it. "Mmm, sweet. How much?"

"Sarah, no. Please darling. You don't have to do this." I pleaded with her. I was still torn, but seeing her almost touch his dick was too much.

Frank began to interject, "Stan, you can't stop this now..."

Sarah wasn't going to let Frank speak for her. "I know I don't have to do this. I know I don't need the money. Don't you get it? I want this. I want you and your friends to know that I am not to be treated like a child anymore. So you are going to watch me do what I want." She turned back to the men. "So..."

I couldn't take it anymore. She was clearly in all the way. And I didn't want to be on the sidelines anymore. I wasn't going to just watch these men ravage my daughter in front of me. I was going to need to take back control.

"$10,000," I said suddenly. Sarah looked at me in shock.

"Dad...what?" She was taken aback. "10,000?"

"You heard me. You are right. I have been watching and I see that you've grown. But if you really want to show me what a big girl you are. That you can handle yourself. Then you'll take the 10,000, quit the games, and we can finish what we've started. All three of us get to have you. In any way we want."

Frank and John smiled, happy that I've made my move.

Sarah just looked at me dumbfounded, unsure of what to do. I decided to push further. Knowing that money was no motivator for her, I needed to do more. I stood and walked up to her, taking her hand and sliding it down my pants while looking her in the eyes. I had a purpose, but my god if it wasn't hard to keep a straight head. I was nearly pressed up against my daughter's completed naked body. Her perfect breasts threatened to soften against my chest. Her smooth skin begged for me to caress her. Her soft hand now pressed against my straining cock, fingers wanting to curly around my member, but resisting. One last push to force her into making a decision.

"No more games. Show me what a big girl would do."

The look in her eyes remained confused for a moment. A fear crept up in me that I had crossed an unforgivable line.

But then something shifted. Her eyes softened, but her grip tightened around my cock. I watched her body lower as she took my shorts down, allowing my dick to spring free. She then stood up and moved forward, pressing her body against mine. I could feel her heat and my cock pressed against her stomach. She gently lifted my shirt off me, so I would be as naked she was.

Sarah looked over her shoulder at my two friends and made a silent motion for them to join us. She turned her attention back to me as my friends surrounded her.

Then she kissed me. Her lips were against mine as she brought her hand up to place it against my cheek. She kissed me softly at first, as if exploring. Then her mouth opened, and we drank more deeply of each other. I placed my hands on her body and explored her curves as we kissed. I pushed her closer to me, wanting to envelop her. Her tongue shot into my mouth, and we kissed more passionately. I gripped her ass as she kissed me and delighted in its firmness. I felt like a virgin boy finally touching what he had dreamt about for so long.

After some time she stepped back slightly to end our kissing. I came back to reality and realized that my friends were near, stroking as they watched us kiss. Sarah dropped slowly to her knees, looking up at us three as we surrounded her. She wrapped her hands around mine and John's cocks and began stroking. She gripped tightly and jerked us both until finally taking the head of my dick in her mouth. She kept full eye contact with me as her tongue moved circles around my head.

The feeling was so intense I wanted to close my eyes, but I did not want to miss her eyes on me. She wanted me to watch her. Waves of pleasure shot through me as she took my head out and licked the shaft of my cock, then back up to my head. I arched my back, willing my cock down her throat even further. She then took me from her mouth and stroked me more, my cock now lubricated from her mouth. She turned her attention to John and took him in her mouth.

She was crouched with both knees bent, which spread her legs and gave a nice view of her pussy. She was such a beautiful site to see. I watched as she gave John the same pleasure she had given me. She bobbed her head on his dick, and he looked to be in heaven. I could see his paunch of a belly flex, and he got what he was waiting so long for. She kept up her pace stroking my dick while she expertly sucked my friend.

Frank pushed himself forward and Sarah took John out to turn her attention to him. Sarah was breathing heavy from the effort, but still cracked a joke. "So impatient," she said, calling back to earlier.

"And I'm going to be rewarded for that patience. Open wide," he said as he pushed his cock forward. "I'm going to fuck that pretty face of yours."

Frank had done the same with his daughter and with John's. He liked to be rough. Sarah eyed his big dick (the biggest of all three of us) and looked at me. Frank turned her chin to look up at him. "You father said 'in any way we want,' and this is what I want."

Sarah opened her mouth and took Frank in. He placed his hands gently on each side of her face to hold her steady and began rhythmically moving his cock in and out of her mouth. He moved slowly and pushed down deep into her throat. Sarah looked up at him the whole time, taking it like a champ, wincing slightly when he went far. I had to wonder how much "practice" she has had in her young life.

John then held his body steady and moved her head to control her rhythm. He moaned with pleasure as he forced her to deep throat him. He took his cock out of her mouth to give her a chance to breathe and Sarah took in a deep breath.

As her eyes watered slightly from the effort, she looked him dead in the eyes and said, "more."

Frank smiled and fed her his dick once again. This time she grasped his ass and worked his shaft herself. Several times she moved him deep into her until her nose pushed against his skin, then would gasp for air as she took him out. "Good girl," Frank encouraged between moans. Frank, then turned his attention to John. "Hey man, don't leave our girl with a hole unattended."

Knowing exactly what he wanted, Sarah draped herself over a chair and presented her ass to John who happily squared up to her, gripping his shaft with one hand. Sarah turned to me, seeming to make sure I was watching, and scooted herself back to John's cock. She continued to suck on Frank's big dick while John rubbed himself against her pussy.

I moved to get a better view, wanting to watch my daughter get fucked. I stroked myself slowly, but gripping hard. Her pussy was red, wet and seemingly begging to be entered. John took the fat head of his cock and rubbed it across her lips. Sarah let out of gasp and begged John, "Fuck me. Please!"

I watched as John parted her lips and pushed himself deep into her, not bothering to ease in. Sarah's head bucked down while still gripping Frank's cock, and let out of loud cry of pleasure. John began his thrusting and Sarah let out soft whimpers and moans until Frank fed her his dick again. I watched the men spit roasted my girl until John pulled out.

"I need a breather! I don't want to cum just yet, but your girl isn't making it easy," John said to me.

Sarah took Frank out of her mouth and begged, "No, please. Don't stop." She was ravenous and had a pleading look in her eyes. She took herself off the chair and brought herself to me. "Get down daddy. I need you," she begged as she put a hand on my chest to gently encourage me to lay down.

I obeyed and laid on my back, watching as Sarah's perfect body straddled mine. She was glistening with sweat, skin mottled red with arousal, and was breathing heavily. Her face had an expression of concern and need. I admired her breasts and the shape of her hips. She was so perfect. Sarah lowered herself onto my cock and took me in easily.

It was my turn to gasp in pleasure as I let out a deep moan. The walls of her pussy held me tight and soaked by shaft. It felt like heaven as I had been given what I knew I had wanted for so long. She placed both hands on my chest to steady herself as she fucked me. The pleasure was incredible, but I wanted more. I wanted to take everything from this moment.

I lifted myself up, not letting her off my cock, and took her nipple into my mouth. I fucked my daughter while licking and biting at her perfect tits. She yelped in pleasure and bucked on me harder, seeming to enjoy my attention to her nipples. I pushed harder and harder into her, wanting nothing more than to cum deep inside. But I caught a glimpse of my two friends gathering close. I slowed down and leaned back, letting Sarah continued to ride me.

My friends surrounded my daughter, their cocks in her face. She dutifully grabbed Frank's dick, while turning her head, eyes closed, to take John's in her mouth. She worked the men, taking turns on their dicks by turning her head left or right, while moaning in pleasure as I worked her from below.

Frank's moans grew more and more intense as Sarah sucked him and massaged his balls. She knew she had him close, and she doubled her efforts, milking him for all he was worth. She took him out of her mouth and smiled up at him, working his cock hard. She seemed to be loving it, wanting to finish him off. She took his cock in her mouth for a few more strokes, then took it out just in time for Frank to explode with a huge groan. Cum painted Sarah's face, her eyes closed and opened mouth like a good girl. It dripped from her chin and onto her chest (I ignored any friendly fire). Sarah panted with pleasure and licked her lips to take in Frank's seed.

"Mmmmm, and then there were two," Sarah said, turning her attention back to John. I continued to fuck her pussy, but couldn't help to smile. Frank took her chin and turned her head to shove his still hard cock back into her mouth.

"Oh no you don't," he said, laughing as Sarah's eyes bulged with surprise. Frank's cock wasn't only big, but he could stay hard after cumming. In the last session, he was even able to cum again soon after. He truly was a monster of a man. As if punishing her for her hubris, he took his cock out and patted her face with it, before shoving it back in and fucking her face hard.

Sarah stopped riding me, apparently shocked. I felt a bit defensive, watching my daughter be used by my friend. But then she used her hands to brace herself against Frank's legs and pushed his dick from her mouth. She then lifted herself off my dick and stood up to Frank. "You like to be rough?" She slapped him in his face, and it was Frank's turn to look surprised.

Sarah slapped him again and then pushed him back so his back was against the stage. "Lay down," she commanded and gave him another push. Frank, enjoying the turn in play, obeyed and laid himself down. Sarah climbed onto him, steadied herself by crouching and guiding his cock into her. Frank moaned with pleasure as Sarah fucked him hard. John and I watched her as she twerked her ass and moved her hips, as if you pound Frank into the stage. As she fucked him, she periodically punched his chest with her small fist.

"Maybe you could treat the other little girls that way, but... I'" With each emphasis she pounded down on his chest while fucking him. Frank moaned from the mix of ecstasy and pain. Sarah looked back at John and I who watched the show. "I'm going to finish all three of you."

John and I joined them on stage. John took his place at Sarah's mouth. Sarah looked at me. "You're going to fuck my ass, Daddy," she commanded. No more pleading in her voice.

"Baby...are you sure?"

"Fuck my ass," her face softened. "It's OK, daddy. It's not my first time."

Something stirred in me. Not her first time? Apparently my little girl was a bit of a slut. Anger and lust boiled over and I positioned myself behind her, standing over Frank's legs. She held herself steady, and Frank and John looked over to watch. I spread her ass cheeks to find her puckered, perfect asshole waiting for me. I pushed by dick to the edge of her hole and rubbed it over. I pulled back and put a finger against her edge, testing it and slowing inserting it. The hole welcomed my finger and I fucked her a bit to ready her. Sarah let out moans yelps of enjoyment. I rubbed the head of my cock against the hole, then slowly, while griping the shaft, pushed into her.

I slowly entered Sarah's asshole, feeling the intense tightness of her. I felt her flex and moan as I did so. She backed herself into me, but couldn't move much as she did not want Frank's cock to leave her. Her ass took me all the way in. Frank and I then began our work, fucking Sarah with a steady rhythm. Her head bucked down as she moaned and groaned, enjoying being filled so thoroughly. She then lifted her head up, eyes dreamy with pleasure, but not so lost as to forget about John.

She took John into her mouth and sucked his cock hard. She pumped him as we pumped her. From the sound of it, John was about to lose it. No doubt this was the hottest scene he'd ever seen. None of the other girls had been so brazen. None of the pros we brought to this cabin had been so bold. He watched this young girl he had known for years, whose body had blossomed into a beautiful woman's, take on all three of us like a practiced whore. John was the quiet one amongst us three, but he loved all things dirty. Soon his groans grew louder until he finally let go and released himself into Sarah's mouth. She took all of him in her mouth, pumping him as to not waste a single drop. She looked up at John and made a show of swallowing and smiling, her body still shaking from Frank and I fucking her.

Relieved to have finished one of us off, Sarah again bowed her head, eyes closed and focused on the steady pleasure in her ass and pussy. I watched her beautiful shapely ass and slender back as her fucked her. I knew I wouldn't last long in her tight asshole and I wanted to look at her face while I fucked her.

I pulled myself out, watching as her asshole was left gaped open. Frank looked up and knowing what I would want, stopped as well. He pulled Sarah off of him and guided her to turn her body to face me. Sarah looked up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes, not yet sure what we wanted.

"I just wanted to look at you baby," I said to her, and she smiled. Frank, happy that he would get to sample something different as well and wanting to keep things rough, shoved himself into her ass, breaking up the sweet moment between father and daughter. Sarah's eyes once again opened wide in surprise then narrowed in pleasure. I took my place and pushed into her perfect slit. Sarah's legs were left splayed high and to each side, holding the underside of her knees for support. Frank and I pumped her hard and I watched as her tits bounced on her chest and her stomach flexed in pleasure. I arched my back to push more of my length into her, enjoying the warmth of her pussy and the sounds of her moaning.

Frank moaned from underneath her and I could tell he was about to cum again. Sarah, enjoying being filled, was stroking her pussy and clit with one of her hands. I couldn't see Frank, but could see the grip her had on Sarah's legs tighten hard as he let out his second climax. Sarah's face seemed satisfied as she continued to pleasure herself and Frank's grip slowly relaxed.

"Keep going Daddy. Cum in me. Please, cum in me," she begged, rocking back on and forth from my effort. Frank had kept himself in her but was no longer pumping, having no strength left in him.

My daughter's pleadings pushed me further and further to the edge. Feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as she got closer to climax, and hearing her continued begging calls for daddy, I knew I wouldn't last. Soon Sarah's entire body flexed tight and her head pushed back into Frank's chest. She let out of an intense moan of pleasure and I felt her pussy grip my cock hard in climax. I pushed harder and harder, wanting to use that moment to cum as well. Soon the pressure of ecstasy was too much for me and I couldn't hold back anymore. Her body was still flexed and strong looking, her tits perfect and her beautiful face contorted with the pleasure I was giving her. Overwhelmed by her, I filled her pussy up and pushed myself so deep inside of her as waves of pleasure seemed to radiate throughout my entire body. I felt as if I would nearly black out for the pleasure. Still holding on to her legs, I felt frozen as the waves subsided and I felt my dick twitch inside of her. I eventually backed myself off, and Frank pulled Sarah down off him and laid her at his side. She lay in a contended mess of sweat and cum.

We all lay there for a while, catching our breath and letting the moment settle. Frank and John eventually left us alone, but not before shooting me a look, a kind of tacit acknowledgment that I had fulfilled my part of the bargain. Also not before John could collect the camera he had placed earlier to record the action. I guess we would have a conference room viewing in a few weeks.

"Sarah, baby" I said quietly, sitting next to her with a hand on her hip. I stroked her soft skin. "You ok, sweetie?"

"Mmmm," she replied, and smiled with her eyes closed, still lost in the pleasure. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked down at her naked body. "I'm a mess. You think there's a shower down here?"

I knew there was from past experience. "Yea, I think so. Let's go find it."

We shared the small cabin shower, and had fun soaping and caressing each other.

I was flush with happiness that I got to finally fuck my daughter. There were a million ways today could have gone wrong, or just different. Somehow Sarah had been game and even excited to fuck. I felt bad at deceiving her a bit and not just telling her about the deal my friends and I had made. But how could I have. She wouldn't have understood.

I had to also laugh to myself to think about how we were going to add up all that we had agreed to pay Sarah over the course of the evening. She really earned every penny of what she bargained. Something was curious though. "Sarah?"

"Yea, dad?" she replied, as she looked down and washed her arms.

"Back there, you said, 'Maybe you treat the other girls this way.' Something like that. What did you mean?"

Without looking up from her work in washing her body, she only smiled. "I've been friends with John and Frank's kids for years. You guys think girls don't talk?"


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