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Becoming a whore for vengeance and staying one for herself
Jez fluffed her curly red hair in the mirror admiring herself one last time before today’s lover came. She loved her big thighs and plump butt and her big breasts and hourglass shape. Everything about herself really. Which is why at a young age she had decided to do exactly what her body had been designed for. And that of course was to be a whore.

Jez had started living her purpose in her first year of college. A week after losing her virginity to her loser boyfriend he had dumped her to focus on joining a frat. That was when Jez learned the power her sex held. One by one and sometimes two at a time Jez screwed all of the frat members. Needless to say her ex did not become a brother. She helped celebrate by letting the entire frat gang bang her. The next morning Jez had a sore throat and puss soaked in cum. It was that morning that she discovered that not only did she like the soreness and used feeling but craved it. And so she stayed the rest of week between classes and overnight. At times being used as stress relief for one member and at others having trains ran on her. In such a short time she’d gone from a virgin to having two cocks in her puss and one shoved down her throat on a nightly basis.

Then Gordon, one of the more well off and hometown members, gave her the keys to a condo his parents were paying. Jez found out the conditions of her new living arrangements when she woke up on the third night to a cock sliding into her lower lips. Thankfully she had been creampied by Gordon and a couple of his frat brothers earlier so while she was surprised there was no pain. As her eyes adjusted to the dark and being open Jez realized it was an older man diligently stroking inside her. She was soon flipped over and faced the opposite way so the other cock that had been waiting silently in the dark could be shoved down her throat.

“Does she suck cock good Gordo?” The older man wondered behind her.

“She always does dad.”

When it clicked for Jez she had the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She was the slut that a father and son could share. She was getting the son’s cum fucked out of here by the father. When the red haired whore noticed the father was going to come she started sucking Gordon as if trying to steal his soul through his cock. Jez achieved her goal. At once the father and the son came in her.

Gordon’s father came back quite often. Sometimes with his son. Sometimes with other older men who were eager to fill a young whore with their seed. But often he came alone. Those times he would walk in and flip Jez over. His strokes were hard and fast with little regard for her pleasure. Using her instead of just masturbating at home. Once he came the older man would zip up and leave without a word. Jez would use his semen to touch herself after he left. Though he had had no intention of giving her pleasure he taught her it pleased her greatly to be nothing more than a fuck toy. And a fuck toy for this man she was all throughout college.

But she became a true whore a bit after graduating. Jez had been sitting in a bar day drinking when she noticed a businessman continuously making eyes at her. She’d been horny anyway and decided to saunter over and ask him if he had a room. With the closing of the door he had her on her knees. Gripping a handful of her scarlet hair he stroked in and out of mouth perhaps in an attempt to activate the gag reflex she’d long ago lost. Once he had gotten fully hard he bent Jez over the bed, pounding into her. After a while he spit on her asshole and began fingering it. His fingers were swiftly replaced with his average cock. And much to Jez’s discomfort he stayed in that hole until he came. Then passed her a roll of bills asking if it was more for going raw. That was the first time Jez was paid for her true talent. Also the first and last time she did anal.

Recently Jez had slept with her 1000th man and was going to celebrate in an unusual way. One of the frat guys,Scott, had never lost touch with her and loved hearing her escapades. Eventually they married with one condition. Jez was free to continue to whore her way through life but when she hit 1000 men she owed him a CNC scene. And one for every 100 men after that. Being able to quit her day job and only fuck men all day instead was quite appealing so Jez agreed.

Scott entered their sex room and Jez crawled to him and took his cock in her mouth. He immediately pulled all but his tip out, looked down into her eyes, and began pissing. Without giving her a chance to swallow it all he plunged into her throat watching piss dribble out of the corners of her mouth. It reminded him of the last time his frat buddies had come to town and they decided to see how many loads she could keep in her mouth.

On the bed Scott ate Jez out until she came before flipping her over. Grabbing their cat o nine he whipped her until her bottom was a nice shade of red. Then switched to his palm for good measure. Today Scott was going to finally turn Jez into a three hole slut. And to do that he would give her an anal experience so intense she wouldn’t want it repeated a hundred men from now.

Bringing Jez to her knees he slowly began entering her hole that heretofore was forbidden. Jez hissed underneath him garnering a chuckle from Scott which turned into a groan. Her body was tightening around him in an effort to push him out but all that does to a thick cock is further excite it.

When finally Scott got balls deep he paused. Jez was crying softly under him from just that one stroke. She still hadn’t relaxed yet which would only make it worse for her but feel so much better for him. Later this week he would show her how good it could feel but today is for him. For years he had to get anal elsewhere when he had a perfectly hot wife at home. With that thought Scott began pumping at her asshole as if he were inside her pussy. Jez’s soft cries turned in loud sobs.

While Scott had been getting anal elsewhere no woman was willing to let him do anal naturally. His wife was a good whore though and save for the movements caused by her sobs stayed obediently still as he pounded her asshole sans lube. And tightness of her unwilling and dry hole milked Scott’s cock of cum much quicker than usual. Jez seemed to be relieved by that fact. She shouldn’t have been. Scott spread her cheeks and to his dismay there wasn’t a gape but a tight and angry hole. That could be fixed.

One finger slipped in just fine thanks to his large load. And a second and a third. Scott played with three fingers for a while testing motions and speeds until he found the one to make Jez moan. He continued, delighting in his wife’s first anal orgasm. Then bent down to eat her out to another. She would need these for what’s to come.

Soon his entire fist was in her asshole. He spanked her just to watch her cheeks ripple around his wrist before roughly moving his fist in her. But as fun as the visual and her sounds of struggle were Scott was hard again. He put his cock in with his hand and slowly stroked himself. Despite his wife struggling and in pain beneath him he continued his slow masturbation in her rectum for quite some time before cumming. This time when Scott pulled out there was certainly a gape.
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