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My friend Tethys is an artist, Taylor is a software creator. Tethys loves Taylor, but she's aware that she could never be true to him alone. She'll always need lovers on the side. Preferably more than one. Taylor accepts it for now, but will he always? Maybe he needs some friends of his own to play with.
A Tribe For Tethys

Part 1 – Gesso

Chapter 1: A Hot Date

I’m a lucky girl. It’s Friday, five o clock in the evening. I shut down the computer, and push away from my desk, my tablet, my pencils and brushes. I didn’t quit early, but I’m not working late either. I have a date tonight.

It’s a short commute, I walk from the spare bedroom where I’ve set up my studio into the master bathroom. I’d gotten a little sweaty during my lunchtime run, but nothing serious. My shower will be quick and efficient, my dressing and preparations afterwards somewhat more leisurely. There’s no rush.

I pause at the sink, and do a quick study of myself in the mirror. I’ve gotten in the habit of this lately, and I like what I see. I’m not ravishingly beautiful, my face is pleasant, but maybe a little wider and rounder than what would be considered “classic.” I have nice green eyes, though, a clear complexion, and an olive skin tone that has deepened to near-bronze over the summer months. My heritage is Greek, Ionian actually, and I like to think of myself as in the direct lineage of the princess-goddesses of Minoan Crete. Not that I have the prominent breasts that are so proudly displayed in those elegant, bosom-baring dresses from the sculptures and wall frescoes, but at least I share the slender waist, the strong shoulders, and the womanly hips of the images. I look better without the dress anyway, I tell myself. I spend most of my day nude, except for the necessary outfit I wear during my run. I keep a smock close at hand while I’m working, in case of unexpected visitors, but rarely have a need to grab it. I’m truly comfortable in my own skin.

I was downright scrawny until a couple of years ago, and I’ve worked hard to sculpt my body into one that I can be proud of, one that is visually arresting. I have no tan lines, quite an accomplishment for someone living in a two-bedroom apartment with no private yard, but my skin responds well to the sun, and it darkens deeply and effortlessly when I’m able to be naked outdoors. I’m a lucky girl.

I’m thirty two years old, and physically I feel like I’m in my prime. I’m not rich, but I’m not the stereotypical starving artist either. I do ok. I sell some of my work online, and some in a couple of galleries downtown. I mostly paint old-style, in oils. I do a lot of pencil sketching for my detail studies, and I use a combination of Inkscape, GIMP, and Blender to work my ideas up into templates, which I then translate onto a standard self-gessoed canvas using paints based in linseed oil. It’s a lot more time consuming than acrylic, but I love those deep, glowing colors, and my customers seem to like them too.

My dirty blonde hair looks slightly disheveled, but I’ve seen it worse. It would be shoulder length if it would hang down like normal straight hair, but it’s always had a mind of its own. Taming it will be the most time-consuming part of my evening preparations, but by the time I’m done…

The shower takes a little longer than I’d planned, running my fingers along my skin made me realize it’s time for a shave. In short order my armpits, legs, and cunt are silky smooth, but then I spend more time caressing them and enjoying the sensation. I caress them often.

I dry off, and settle in to make myself socially acceptable. While I’m putting on my face and adjusting my hair, I activate my tablet and open a porn video from my list of regulars. I’m a visual, aural, and tactile person, and while porn is a hidden and guilty pleasure for many women, I’ve never felt any guilt about it, nor the need to hide it. I like porn – at least the concept. Finding a good example of it is rare, with most of it being either boring or annoying, and sometimes offensive. This one isn’t too bad, a group of college students picnicking at a lake, which predictably turns into an outdoor orgy. Taylor will enjoy it later. It’s enough to encourage a little self-rubbing, just enough to dampen me between the legs, and release a whiff of sex pheromones onto my skin. I don’t want to overdo it too soon.

By six-thirty I’m looking pretty hot. My wild hair has been shaped, thickened, and slightly reddened. My eye and lip makeup is minimal, just the barest of highlights do the trick. My earrings are homemade, a somewhat abstract triangular design of wires and tiny hanging pendents. I put on a gold chain necklace with an emerald hanging just below my breastbone. I like how my skin color compliments it. I don’t need a bra, and my cream-colored short tie romper doesn’t need any panties either. A pair of lace sandals finishes me off, and I’m out the door, into that sweltering oven that is Austin in July.

It’s a fifteen minute drive to Taylor’s house, in one of the newer cookie cutter neighborhoods with small plaster-walled homes on identical cul-de-sacs. Definitely a nicer neighborhood than my own apartment complex, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra rent. It has a river rock front yard with a couple of small, straggly willow trees and a boxwood hedge. I pull into the driveway and walk through the front door without knocking.

“Right on time!” comes the cheerful male voice from inside, as I pull open the screen door. Taylor practically leaps across the hallway towards me, wraps me in his arms, and gives me a long, enthusiastic kiss. His shining eyes are crinkled in joy. He steps back to take in the sight of me, and the eyes widen.

“Tethys, you are so fucking sexy!” he breathes. “You look fantastic in that outfit.” I follow his eyes down to my nipples, subtly visible through the soft hemp fabric. The blouse hangs off them, and gives just enough stimulation to keep them a little extended. I like the feeling, and I like that Taylor likes the view. His attention stimulates my nipples even further, and I feel them tightening under the cloth. Taylor notices. I can see it in his eyes.

His eyes. Those eyes! Those eyes are what captured me from the very beginning, and never yet have let me go. They’re green, like mine. Almost the exact same shade, but they somehow seem brighter, clearer, deeper. If they truly are a window to the soul, then Taylor has a very green, clean soul. But there’s lot more to him than that, more that thrills and captivates me. On paper, maybe he’s nothing special: average height, average weight, average proportions, the shape of his face is almost exactly the standard you’d find in a drawing manual. But those averages belie the qualities that make him so exquisite. He’s fit, that average weight is distributed over a tight core, a nice chest and abdomen, the body of a good runner. There’s rarely a 10k or half-marathon run in town that he misses. I enjoy my daily lunch runs, but he puts me to shame in that department. He doesn’t do full marathons, though. He stops before he runs out of glycogen, he’s explained to me. He wants his exercise to be aerobic, not catabolic. He won’t break his body down just to race.

He applies a wide smile generously in my direction, his mellow sonorous voice can sing all my favorite songs, a somewhat pale skin color contrasts nicely with his dark hair and eyebrows and with my tan, his ass is tight and fine, his cock large and skilled, and when he’s not displaying those assets to me he knows how to dress well, too. I adore this guy.

Taylor is a software developer, putting together apps for phone interfaces on the front end, and cloud servers on the back end. He works mostly in Java, or Swift, or Objective C, but at home he programs in Python, just for the fun of it. He’s built some impressive stuff for himself and friends; a gravitational program that allows the user to build their own solar systems or star clusters or even galaxies, an evolution simulator that puts a population of a species into a changing habitat and tracks how it responds, using both natural and sexual ***********ion and genetic drift. Currently he’s building an app for our mutual friend Carl to help him track his weight training progress.

At the moment, Taylor is indeed dressed well, a little fancier than me. It looks a bit much for this central Texas blast furnace, but he’s not sweating yet. He takes another step back, eyeing me appreciatively once more.

“Nobody in the place tonight is going to be able to eat a bite, they’ll be too distracted looking at you.”

I blush, even though I know it isn’t true, my nipples and my pussy don’t know that, and they both react with anticipation. The very faint aroma of sexual excitement reaches our nostrils.

“So, are you ready to go?” he asks. “The reservations are for seven-thirty, we’ll make it in plenty of time.”

We step through the utility room into the garage, and the door begins to rise. We’ll be going in his car, of course, his pride and joy, a brand new Tesla Model 3. The grayish-green color seems understated, but it’s all elegance to me. My ten year old Hyundai will be in no danger in his driveway while we’re gone. It takes nearly half an hour to get to downtown Austin, Friday night traffic is always a pain. It’s a pleasant trip for me, the Tesla is a great ride, and Taylor is great company. He keeps me entertained with stories and jokes as we wind our way into the city, he laughs easily, and it’s easy to laugh along with him.

We finally arrive at our destination, one of the side streets connecting Fifth and Sixth street, a small restaurant called “The Taino”, advertising Caribbean and Cuban cuisine. It has an even smaller outdoor courtyard, but the heat drives our preference for indoor seating tonight. Small though it is, it’s furnished very nicely, the menu is pricey, and reservations need to be made several days in advance. We are quickly ushered to our small booth near a corner. The menu is a little bewildering, but enticing. Taylor orders a spicy sea bass with red beans and rice. I go for the jerk, the pulled pork with mango salsa, black beans, sliced sweet potatoes, and amaranth greens. It’s all beyond delicious, with complex flavor mixes that I can almost identify, but completely savor!

About halfway through the meal, the chef, Henri, makes his appearance. He casually visits each table, chatting amiably with the guests, absorbing the heartfelt compliments and expressions of delight with experienced grace. Eventually he makes his way to our table. Visually, he’s a striking man: tall, a face that’s young for his age, a broad smile, shining eyes, and the blackest skin I’ve ever seen. I’ve read that African Americans generally carry a significant amount of European DNA, but Henri is Haitian. According to the bio on the back of the menu, he came to the United States as a child in a refugee boat. I’m sure there’s very little similarity between what we’re eating this evening and any traditional Haitian or Caribbean fare, and Henri does not claim to be a traditionalist. If anything, he’s a culinary adventurer.

Henri reaches out towards Taylor, one hand resting on his shoulder and the other grasping in a firm handshake. Both men have sparkling eyes, and when their glances meet I can almost feel the electricity.

“Good to see you, my man,” Henri intones in his deep, musical voice. “You have excellent taste in your menu picks. That sea bass was unusually good today.”

“It’s beyond good,” Taylor gushes. “Best I ever had!”

“Thank you kindly,” continues Henri. “I’m sure that’s also true for your lovely companion here. Again, sir, you have excellent taste, and you’re a gentleman of discretion and discernment!”

He turns to me, takes my hand, and lifts it to his lips. “My lady,” he says with a slight bow, “my drab little space is so much brighter since you’ve chosen to grace it with your beauty.”

It’s some of the most mawkishly insipid phrasing that I could have imagined, but coming in that voice, from that face, with those bright-dark eyes fixed upon me, it works. My face burns, and my groin gushes. I can feel the moisture spreading into the crotch of my romper, and I suddenly feel genuinely shy. That is not who I am! Henri sees. He knows exactly how I’m reacting. His smile broadens almost imperceptibly, and he winks.

“Enjoy the rest of your meal,” he says as he steps back slightly. “I’m glad you both came. Be sure and call me if there’s anything you need.”

It takes me a few minutes to recover my composure. Taylor is somehow immune to Henri’s charms. He is chatting happily about the delights of the meal, and somehow segues into current events and politics. There’s nothing he says that I disagree with, so I feel comfortable enough with a few approving grunts and expressions of “that’s right” and “exactly”, until my brain starts to kick in again. Once it does, I can focus my entire attention on Taylor, the cheerfulness in his voice, his animated expressions, his enthusiastic gesturing. Taylor is nothing if not enthusiastic – about everything. You rarely meet a more fundamentally happy person than Taylor. It envelops you, makes you feel that all is right with the world. He’s a calming, loving, beautiful man.

I wait for him to pause. “Have I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?”

He knows I have. But still, coming so unexpectedly now it leaves him flustered. He blushes, and chuckles with embarrassment.

“They’re nothing compared to yours,” he finally stutters. “You are the most beautiful and totally sexy woman I’ve ever known.”

This may be as deep as our conversation gets the rest of the night. I’m not here for profound insights into the human condition. I slip out of my sandal, reach my foot out under the table and stroke his shin.

“I can’t wait to get you alone,” I respond.

The check arrives, and Taylor takes it. I want to pay half.

“No way!” he says firmly. I asked you out tonight, I picked the restaurant, I knew what the prices were before we started. This is my treat.”

“Can I at least get the tip?” I beg.

“Not a hint of Dutch tonight. This isn’t charity, you know. You’ve already made this evening well worth it.”

Yes, Taylor brings home about triple what I do. This is not a major expense for him. But I’m terrified of appearing financially dependent on him, or anyone else. I pay my own bills. Money is tight, of course. But I do get by. I can feed and house and clothe myself, I’ve got my computer and tablet and phone, and I can buy the supplies I need for my art. I’m with Taylor because I choose to be, not because I need to be. I don’t want to appear bought for the night.

He seems to read my mind. “Look, Tethys, I’m not trying to get all male-dominant patriarchal on your ass,” he says. “This was my idea, and I intended to pay from the very beginning. You’ll get your chance to buy me lunch soon enough.”

“Ok,” I sigh. “I just have one other request, then. Can we skip the movie and just go back to your place? I am so horny for you I’m about to explode.”

“Well, it’s a big sacrifice on my part, but I guess I can make it,” Taylor intones. “Just for you, though. Nobody else could talk me into that.”

We had planned on a movie after dinner, the latest blockbuster superhero spectacle. I wasn’t the slightest bit interested. Taylor enjoys the genre, but of course he can watch it anytime. It’s already nearly nine. A two hour movie plus drive time would get us back after midnight, and tonight the last thing I want to be in his bed is tired. Not yet, anyway.

No sooner do we get seated in the car than I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. It’s completely cooperative, and Taylor is all sighs and smiles the entire way home. I don’t think he’s too upset about not seeing the movie. At a couple of stoplights I manage to lean over and give it a couple of full strokes with my mouth. Taylor gasps, and I giggle. There’s no reason to put it back in his pants, and it’s still throbbing eagerly when we pull into his garage and lower the door behind us. My hand is back on his cock, squeezing firmly, once he unlocks the door, and I lead him confidently into the bathroom. I let go only long enough to drop my romper and my sandals, place my jewelry into my purse, and for him to dispense with his clothes.

Showering with Taylor becomes a tug-of-war. Usually we take turns leisurely washing each other, but tonight neither one of us wants to wait. I desperately need to feel his skin sliding under my fingers, to feel the curves and angles of his body, and to examine and manipulate that wonderful cock. It’s not just wonderful, it’s striking, and unique. Flaccid, it’s handsome enough: large and thick, proportional, not too much of a lean to one side. Erect, though, it’s remarkable. His corpus cavernosum expands outward to the sides more than it does upward, giving the upper surface a broad and nearly flat expanse, curving along the sides like a very thick tongue, with a cylindrical bottom acting like a deep keel. The entire shaft curves smoothly upward, tapering below an expanded glans that protrudes mushroom-like towards the sky. I’ve occasionally had him pose while I sketch studies of it, and I’ve taken quite a few photos of it from different angles. I’ve taken to calling it “my aircraft carrier,” or “the flight deck.” It also sometimes reminds me of a thick tongue. Taylor used to be a bit embarrassed and insecure about it, but I think I’ve corrected that misunderstanding. I love it. I love the way it looks, and I love the way it feels inside me. It’s instantly recognizable, if I were blindfolded and fucked by a group of men, I’d know by feel whether any of them were Taylor.

I can’t ignore the rest of him either. Slender, but not too skinny. Nice round ass, tight waist, strong legs. Body hair not too thick, pubic hair soft, not too bristly. I soap him up and scrub him down, getting all the good parts and of course paying extra attention to his cock and balls. I’m ready to pull him out of the shower, but he won’t go until he washes me just as thoroughly. I hate waiting. I was too impatient for the movie, I want my own action.

It’s not always like this. I’m with Taylor nearly every Friday night, and have been for more than a year and a half. Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes dancing, sometimes karaoke (Taylor has a great singing voice; I can’t carry a tune in a bucket), sometimes just hanging out at a pub with him and his friends. He’s got fun friends. He’s a great guy, I love his wit and his laugh. And oh, did I mention his eyes? But not tonight. I’ve been desperate to fuck him all day, I’ve thought of little else. It even interfered with the design of my current painting project. I need him now!

Finally we’re both clean. A quick dry with the towels, and we’re off, still a little damp – me VERY damp! – to the bedroom. I pause for a moment to pull a USB stick out of my bag and plug it into his computer monitor, which conveniently faces the bed. I quickly find and *********** the picnic orgy video. Taylor loves porn almost as much as I do, and the right subject matter can get him intensely aroused. This one works, despite the cliche’ theme, it’s languid, sensuous, full of sighs, caresses, kisses, not the simple fuck and suck quickies that we too often see.

Taylor’s eyes light up – those eyes! He pushes me down onto the bed and spreads my legs. For a moment, I close my eyes, awaiting the delight of that big puffy glans and that odd-shaped shaft to slide in. I’m completely ready, I need no foreplay at the moment. I want to fuck, to be fucked, to be fucked hard. It’s almost a letdown when instead I feel his tongue, his real tongue this time, dipping into my sloppy cunt, and his lips and chin and nose all sliding around my labia. His fingers crawl up my body and find my hard nipples. Ok, I guess I can wait! It’s exquisite torture, the gentle pinching, the wet clitoral nibbling, the sucking, the licking, the dipping.

But I want that cock! I protest, but all I can garble is “I want it! Fuck! Ahhhh! Don’t… stop… fuck!” It takes only a few minutes, and the growing tightness in my belly both focuses and explodes simultaneously, it feels like every cell of my body orgasms as one. I’m dizzy, gasping, collapsing while already prone. Taylor laughs. He always laughs at my orgasms, and it’s a beautiful, rumbling laugh that comes from a face soaked in my juices. Once I’ve caught my breath a little, I start laughing too. Taylor is so joyfully passionate in his lovemaking, I can’t help but share the joy myself.

“Get that thing inside me, goddam it!” I finally gasp out semi-coherently, and Taylor obeys instantly, smiling. His fingers never detach from my nipples as he stands up beside the bed, leans forward and expertly directs that instrument – tongue, aircraft carrier, whatever you call it, into my well-prepared opening. I unavoidably release a pent-up “umf!” as he slides in, which rapidly turns into another “ahhhhh!”

His stroke is long, smooth, and deliberate, not too fast, but deep. I feel the tip of his glans bottom out against my cervix with each penetration. Some women have told me how painful it is when their man’s cock impacts their cervix, but that’s not my experience at all. It’s an electric jolt that goes straight to my forehead, rolls my eyes back and sends me into the stratosphere. The orgasms come rolling in, breaking rhythmically over my consciousness.

“Stop, stop!” I finally rasp out. “Let me breathe.”

Taylor stops thrusting, and leans motionless with his cock still inside me at full depth. Now, instead of impacting my cervix, he’s resting against it. After a few deep breaths, I can take charge again.

“You lie down,” I order. “I want to be on top.”

Wordlessly, my man pulls out and flops lengthwise onto the bed. I roll over and clamber atop him, my hands on his chest, and lower myself easily over his saturated cock. From this angle I get a better view of the porn show on the computer screen, and notice that the picnic is proceeding very happily. I look down at Taylor, and our broad smiles match. He’s in a quandary, he can’t look at the video without turning his head away from me, but I’m the better view at the moment. I start moving on him slowly, deliberately. I move up a little, then lower myself down gently. I tighten my kegel muscles on the way up, and release him on the way down. He gasps. I have strong kegel muscles, the result of much very enjoyable practice. I wiggle side to side, then front to back. The sensations are exquisite, but I can see it’s driving Taylor even wilder. I laugh again as I pick up the pace, and soon my up and down bounces onto his crotch are fully instinctive, fully engaging, and fully spellbinding. I lose all rational sense, aware only of the magnificent orgasm, larger than any of the others so far, that’s building up within me. It detonates, and I collapse forward onto Taylor’s chest.

Now he is gasping as well, and as I recover I can tell he won’t last much longer. Maybe I can milk a little more out of his cock before I actually milk it dry. I sit back up and pivot around his shaft until I’m facing his feet. I lean back, and without any prompting from me, he reaches his hands up to cup my breasts and gently squeeze my nipples. It’s heavenly. I begin moving again, up and down, back and forth, just a couple of inches per stroke. The sensation is not as intense as when I’m facing him, almost delightfully relaxing, but it gives me a better feeling of control. I can feel his response, the subtle inflation and relaxation of both his shaft and glans, the pulsing of the arteries, and his muscular contractions. My kegels grip, release, caress, and squeeze him at will.

He’s good for a few more minutes, and then I feel the tension building, a tightening in his shaft within me, a stiffening of his pelvic movements. I dismount quickly, shift my position backwards so that my pussy is hovering just over his chin. My hands grab his balls and the base of his shaft, and my mouth envelops the bulbous head and flight deck below. Taylor instinctively grabs my ass and pulls my pussy down to his mouth, which I expected and hoped for. At the same time, I feel the vibrations coming from the vas deferens right at the base of the scrotum. I know the sperm is on its way. I form a pocket with my mouth over the head of his cock, and at the moment I feel the touch of his tongue on my clit, his hot spew rampages into my mouth, I count six big spasms, each adding a little less of the thick musky fluid than the first. It takes two good swallows to get it all down. One of Taylor’s most attractive qualities, to me at least, is the prodigious amount of semen he produces. When he fills me up, I’m really filled.

I flip to face him, and stare into those eyes. They are shining. I lay atop his chest, and nestle in. He sighs happily. “I love you, Tethys. You are such an amazing woman in so many ways, and such a beautiful lover.”

The afterglow is relaxing for both of us, and soon I hear Taylor’s breathing slow. Those eyes are no longer shining. They are closed, and sleeping peacefully. I feel warm and calm, for the moment fulfilled. I’m a lucky girl.

I know Taylor loves me, not just because he says so. Everything about him telegraphs it. He treats me like a queen, he confides in me, he laughs with me, he craves my company, he is supremely happy when we fuck. Most of all, he accepts me as I am. He never has tried to change me, or to tame me. He knows I’m not monogamous, it’s not something I’m capable of. He would still marry me if he could. He would remain faithful, even while I’d be openly seeing other men. More than anything else, this troubles me. I love Taylor too, and it would horrify me to think I was breaking his heart. I wish he would date other women. I’ve encouraged him to. He doesn’t seem opposed to the concept, yet when it comes to acting on opportunities, he just doesn’t seem motivated.

I want Taylor to be happy. Deep inside, I suspect he needs a woman who will be unquestioningly, exclusively loyal, faithful, and passionate for him alone. If he ever finds that woman, I will willingly and cheerfully step aside, tearful at my own loss, but grateful for his treasure. I would hope she allows me to be part of their lives, as a friend, and I would be a fiercely loyal and faithful friend. Taylor deserves no less. But I don’t see it happening in the near future, and until it does, I hope I can keep Taylor as satisfied as he makes me.

I awaken, suddenly aware of my tight grip on Taylor’s cock, which is as big and hard as it ever gets. I flatter myself for a moment that it’s a result of my attention, and of a desire for me, but my own bladder tightness tells me that it’s just a stiff morning wood, and he really needs to pee. He wakes up at the same time, and comes to the same conclusion.

There are two bathrooms in the house, but of course we both race for the same one. I get there first, and as his reward for waiting patiently while I pee, I stand him in front of me and give his cock a thorough licking. It drives him crazy. I give myself a quick wipe, and open up the space for him. There’s no way he can aim in that condition, he’s going to have to pee sitting down just like I do.

My belly is as empty as my bladder has become, and I want breakfast. I know my way around Taylor’s kitchen, and I’m not shy about getting what I need. An omelet, or something vaguely resembling one, would be great right now, and I can assume without asking that Taylor will want one too. I grab six eggs out of the fridge, and break them into a bowl. I pour in a bit of milk, and start whipping. I’ve got butter melting in a pan. Add a bit of black pepper, turn the stove heat up a little, and pour the mixture in.

Taylor comes wandering into the kitchen. “Go back to bed! This is my project!”

“Hey, it’s my kitchen,” Taylor protests.

“Not this morning it’s not. Now be a good boy and do what you’re told. You can still be a bad boy later.”

Taylor disappears cooperatively. The eggs are half done. I sprinkle in cubed cheese and cubed ham, then begin folding it over. The smell is wonderful.

It’s done. I pull out a big platter, and two forks. No need for separate plates here. I add a couple of bananas and glasses of juice. The challenge is to carry the whole thing into the bedroom in one trip. I never worked as a waitress, and juggling multiple items is going to be awkward. I decide to make two trips. First I take the juice into the room, and set both glasses onto the small dresser beside the bed. Taylor looks up, flashes those eyes, and smiles. I run back to the kitchen, grab the platter and the forks with a couple of napkins, and return.

Taylor looks great laying naked on top of the bed with his re-swollen cock bouncing just above his belly. I set the plate on that belly, and we snuggle as we dig in.

“Oh, wait!” I remember. “There’s another video I want to watch.”

I activate the computer, scroll through the directory from my USB drive, find the video. It comes up quickly, and I lay back next to Taylor.

“I think you put this one on for your own benefit,” he chuckles as it gets going.

“We can always turn it off and discuss politics,” I laugh.

“Uh, let’s not,” he concedes.

The video features a very muscular bodybuilder type at a gym, training a willing and nubile young client. He’s wearing a wife-beater and gym shorts, while she’s dressed in skin-tight stretch pants and a sports bra. The training session doesn’t last long, predictably, but the sweat accumulates rapidly. After guiding her in a few movements, the guiding touch becomes a caressing touch, the facial expressions become more passionate, and the lady smiles as she pulls the bodybuilder’s shorts down, freeing his very massive member. It’s not fair, I think, that someone can posses both a perfect physique and a big, charismatic cock. I glance at Taylor. He has nothing to be ashamed of, I actually like his cock better. He doesn’t seem insecure either, and he smiles back at me with a confident look.

The video continues, and so does our breakfast. By the time we’re done eating, the couple is naked and in full fuck mode, the woman getting pounded doggy style on the bench. I find it altogether inspiring. I lean over and give Taylor long kiss on the mouth, we use our tongues to swap little bits of egg and cheese.

“You gonna give me a morning workout, boy?” I ask huskily.

“Mmm, hmm!” he answers with enthusiasm, and before he can adjust his position I’ve flipped around and swept my leg over his face, laying atop him facing that fabulous cock, in a position that allows me to see the video and suck him at the same time. My clit is dangling just over his lips. He takes it expertly, and the ecstatic shock of it almost makes me bite the shaft of his cock.

Almost. I quickly recover, and start applying my techniques of getting it deeper, a skill which I’ve gotten pretty good at. Still, it never hurts to practice. I don’t get much this time. Within a minute or two, Taylor has decided to take charge, and he suddenly rolls me over onto my back and looms over me. Now he’s the one who can watch the video and have his way with me at the same time. He grabs my legs at the ankles, and lifts them up over his shoulders, pushing forward directly above me.

This is exactly where I want him to be. I look up at him, and my pussy is thrusting skyward. Those eyes, those eyes are positively blazing as he pumps that cock downward deep into me. Deep is good.

“Oh, cum on, mother fucker! Slam that cock into my cunt! Make it deep! Fuck! Get it, you fucking stud! Ahhh, yes! Hit me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

I’m making more noise than the couple on the porn video. A few minutes later, they’re done, the video is off, and Taylor is still stroking deep, and fast and hard. It’s driving me crazy. There’s no controlling my kegels now, no manipulation, I’m not in charge this time. I can only lie there and take it, and the pace is Taylor’s to control. He’s masterful. I lose track of my orgasms, I lose track of everything. When I can open my eyes and see anything at all, it’s Taylor’s glowing face and shining body, rocking me up and down like an erotic storm at sea.

His grin turns into a grimace, and his gasping turns to grunting. He’s close. I’m beyond close, and way over.

“Keep going, big man! You can do it! Blow that cock into me, drown my cunt with your flood of cum! Fill me up, baby, blast that cum right up into my cervix!”

It’s almost a scream escaping from the back of his throat as he begins another massive spew. He’s obviously recovered from last night. He’s flushing out my insides, and making his deposit as deep as I’d hoped. He comes to a slow stop, and rests inside me.

“Don’t move, sweetie! Let it soak in. I want to hold it all inside me. Keep my pussy pointed up.”

He slowly pulls out, his cock slathered with white creamy residue. I draw my knees up, keeping my pelvis as high as possible, while he scoots over towards my face, and offers his flagging, dripping cock to my mouth. Of course I’m going to clean him up. He is delicious!

Taylor returns to bed, relaxed but energized, when I finally regain control of my vaginal muscles, and can push myself up and stand. I give him another long kiss.

“You are so fucking wonderful!” I say.

“Back atcha!” he responds with a smile. “Have I mentioned that I love you, Tethys? I feel lucky to know you.”

“I’m the lucky one. I’m a very lucky girl.”

“Yes, I know you are,” he sighs. “Are we still on for tomorrow?”

“Most definitely!” “I answer. I wouldn’t miss it. You know I love your family.”

I head quickly to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I can feel the volume of semen inside me, it wants to drip out. My challenge will be to hold it in as long as possible.

Taylor is still naked when I slip my romper back on, wiggle into my sandals, and kiss him goodbye.

“I’ll meet you at the park tomorrow,” I remind him as I walk out the door. “I love you!”
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