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This is my first erotic fiction, I am not the best writer so please forgive my spelling and grammatical errors. I enjoy stories that have a base in reality and could almost be believable with a slow build, I have many more in the pipeline, I hope you like them as much as I enjoy fantasizing about them. This is a multi part series, which is a bit of a slow burner, but hopefully you get off reading it as much as I did writing it.
How had I ended up in this situation? Sure I was going to need to make ends meet, but I could find a normal job couldn’t I? was I this desperate? Perhaps desperate wasn’t the right word, just over a month ago I had started out camming as a bit of fun, to maybe make a few pounds while I masturbated, which was going to do regardless of being on cam. And here I was, hairless, in a bra and thong, was I OK with this?

As overwhelming as the situation was, I looked down at myself, and staring over the hard nipples inside the empty cups of my ex-girlfriend’s bra, to my still very stiff, throbbing and now leaking cock encased in a lacy thong. I rationalised that it didn’t matter. I was just going to masturbate like I had that first time, it didn’t matter how many people were watching, but the more that watched the more I might be able to earn, and then I wouldn’t have to worry about my job. I was sure no-body was going to recognise me, and I could stop any time it got too much. This was fine.

I looked back up to the screen, and said “so would you like me to do tonight?” with a grin, I secretly hoped it would lead to an orgasm like I’d had the other week, something that intense and powerful, if I could earn the same tokens that would be a massive bonus.

The messages started to pop up on screen, and I slowly wrapped my hand around my dick. Not really stroking it, just pulling a little, I felt a bead of pre-cum dribble from my helmet and instinctively slid my index finger up to scoop it. Pulling my finger a way a long string hung down, I lifted it to the camera for everyone to see. Instantly messages pinged in telling me to suck it and I looked quizzically back. I’d never tasted myself before, and wasn’t sure I wanted to, thinking for a second I made the money sign with my other hand and with a little wink said “I think that’s going to cost you”. My moderator quickly set up a target of 200 tokens and the pings gradually trickled in. I rubbed the glob of pre-cum between my fingers, it was very slippery and smooth, raising it to my nose I gave it a smell, but it wasn’t overly flagrant, maybe this wouldn’t taste so bad after all.

10 minutes or so later the target was met but I realised my fingers were now not so wet, I would need a fresh scoop, reaching down I pulled my cock free from the thong and wrapped one hand round the base, squeezing and sliding it up I coaxed another sizable drop from the head and pinched it onto my finger. I held it to the camera asking “are you ready? I’ve never tasted it before so you’re going to witness my first time”.

Slowly drawing it to my mouth, I opened wide and extended my tongue, playing to the camera as seductively as I could I liked my finger, only taking a little bit of it into my mouth. To my surprise it didn’t really taste of much, I was going to need a bigger sample. I brought my fingers back to my lips and closed my mouth round them, licking with my tongue and sucking it off.

I thought for a second, I don’t know what I was expecting, but my first impressions were that it wasn’t disgusting. I was expecting it to be salty and pungent, but I dare say it was almost nice, kind of sweet and a bit tangy and as I swished it around my mouth I wasn’t left with any unpleasant aftertaste. I smiled at the camera and stuck out my tongue to prove I had sucked it clean.

Over the next 30 minutes I responded to many different requests, my moderator always quick to put up a target for tokens. They were fairly mild, lots of stroking my cock, and a surprising amount wanted me to turn around and flash them my asshole, some just happy for me to stick out my bum and spank it a little. All of which I did with a smile, and it was genuine too. I was enjoying the interaction, it was making me horny, I would joke and tease them and I especially enjoyed the tokens pinging in.

Through all of this Biggie had been ominously quiet. I had managed to amass an extra 1000 tokens by this point, and fed myself quite a few more fingers of pre-cum in the process, but I really wanted to move things on. Sitting back in my chair I called out Biggie, in as girly princess voice I could muster (knowing that he would probably like that) I asked if he had any special requests.

He replied “of course, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the reward after” with a winking face and I waited on baited breath. “I want you to lay on the bed like before, but keep the underwear on, and don’t move”. I’d now figured out how to enlarge the chat so I could read it from further away and quickly stepped back on to the bed. Getting into position on my side, I raised my legs a little, opened them and pushed my hard cock down. As I closed my legs I felt that divine pressure around my dick and the extra sensation from the G-string running up my ass really added to it.

I settled down with a hand cupping my chest, lightly pinching my left nipple. But my hips had their own ideas and gently started to move, causing my cock to ever so slightly thrust up between my legs. In capitals on the screen Biggie wrote “I SAID TO NOT MOVE” and I froze.

“Now, I want you to take your right hand and reach round to the head of your clit” It didn’t really register what he’d called it, maybe it was just a typo, I was already too horny and my hand slid over my leg and made contact with my throbbing cock. I was so slippery and the tension of laying in this position was driving me crazy, I rubbed in circles making my fingers all wet. His next command appeared on screen “once your middle finger is nice and coated, I want you to play with your ass, no putting fingers in, just run your finger around it, and any time you need more lube, just take it from your clit”.

This time it can’t have been a typo, but my hand was already moving to pull the thong to one side, and as my index finger made contact I let out a gasp. I had never played with myself there before, but I had to admit that it felt really nice. I kept circling it and every few minutes I’d return my had to my dripping cock and get my fingers all wet again.

The pings of approval rang out, matched by my vocal reciprocations. This was genuinely pleasant, and I craved to be able to cum already, but I could also see my total and while it was another record I knew I could get more.

Biggie kept on offering encouragement, telling me to play with my nipples, allowing me to thrust my hips a little which not only caused those delicious sensations on my cock, but seemed to pucker my asshole with each movement, as I circled it with my wet fingers it invited me to go further.

My mind was now becoming more over stimulated with pleasure, and without any further instruction I started to push more. My eyes were closed, now it was time to get myself off and I didn’t care what anyone wanted me to do. When my fingers began to dry on my ass, I would frantically pull at my cock to get them wet and has good as it felt to stimulate it, I would always return to my butthole to carry on my teasing.

The longer I drew out my orgasm the better and more intense I knew it would be, and I needed another big one like before. I was now thrusting and bucking with abandon, my fingers circled my hole and with each thrust they would enter a little more. Still without going in, but the pressure felt sublime and I just chased whatever felt the best. With my finger right on my hole I thrust my hips forward pushing my soaked dick into my legs. I kept the pressure on my finger and as I drew my hips back I felt the tip slightly part my hole.

The sensations of my cock dripping over my legs, my wet finger just slipping inside pushed me over the edge. My ring tightened around my finger pushing it out and my cock begun to uncontrollably throb and spurt jet after jet up my legs and onto the bed. That amazing full body shiver centring from my pulsing member radiating out and up my body, I had been unknowingly holding my breath and I moaned in release. It was pure pleasure, equal if not better than the last time.

My world was white light and tremors, my body spasmed uncontrollably even though my balls were spent the aftershocks continued. This was pure pleasure, so all encompassing.

Gradually my high subsided, my ragged breathing coming into range of my ears but everything still sounded numbed, I was done. But so satisfied. I rolled onto my back and sighed. As consciousness slowly resumed, my ears became aware of the pings from my computer. I wearily sat up, which gave me a massive headrush. With breathlessness I smiled at the camera and said “That was incredible, I have never cum that hard before”.

My mouth was dry, my body was sticky and weak. I didn’t have the energy to say any more, I staggered up and took a giant gulp of water. Looking down over my lingerie clad body at the mess between my legs and the soaking bed sheets, I let out a giggle. Leaning over the keyboard and looking into the camera I thanked everyone, including my biggest tippers. “That was incredible, maybe you’ll join me at the same time tomorrow, I hope you can make me cum like that again”. There was a flurry of congratulations and praises, including Biggie, I felt genuine satisfaction that he was happy, this was another record not only in tokens but in the number of people watching, there really were more people into a hairless guy in nickers in the trans room.

I closed the chat and went straight away to the shower. Stripping out of the bra and thong I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a mess, drying cum all over my legs, matted hair on my very flushed face, and the imprint of the lingerie on my chest. “wow” was all I could say to myself, “that was amazing”. As I stepped into the hot shower I felt a genuine satisfaction like I had never before. It wasn’t just the afterglow of the most intense and powerful orgasm I’d ever had, I really enjoyed the positive feedback, I enjoyed the praise which up until that point I never really had much of in my life.

And seeing how much I’d earnt. Tonight four hours of work had paid as well as my day job, there was a real chance I could make a go of this. I’d never have to go back to that office, and I could spend all my time having incredible climaxes like that every day, what was not to like?

I soaped myself and luxuriated at the feel of my skin, being hairless really was an enjoyable sensation. Although I could feel the regrowth coming through, so reaching for the removal cream I reapplied it and waited before washing it off. As I stepped out he shower and dried myself off my skin felt a little dry. Remembering back to my ex’s night bag, there were a few bottles and things at the bottom that I’d looked past when I rummage through it.

Going back to the bag I emptied it out on the sofa, and sure enough there was a small ***********ion of makeup. A few shades of lipstick, foundation, a little compact with 8 shades of blusher, some mascara and bingo, a little tube of moisturiser. It was only meant for hands, but with my body now slightly itchy all over it would have to do. I squirted the cool cream into my hands and spread it all up my legs and body, down my arms and everywhere I could reach.

Well not quite everywhere, I squeezed the last out of the tube and spread it on my ass, making sure to get everywhere I had put the hair remover on. Realising I needed to do my dick as well I saved a little and applied it to my cock and balls. By now they had shrunk back to their usual dormant state. Which for me was always very underwhelming. As I’ve said before, I’m a grower, but whenever I cum really hard it seems to shrivel back to a particularly small size and today was no exception.

With just a 1.5inch nub sticking out and my smooth balls hanging tightly below a completely hairless pubic mound, it really didn’t look like a dick. Maybe Biggie was right, and I really should call it a clit. The thought lingered a little and I went to my boxers draw and pulled a pair out. With my newly moisturised smooth legs they felt so very rough as I drew them up my legs the thought of the other panties and things in the overnight bag came to mind.

I pulled the boxers off and tossed them back in the draw, on the sofa were 3 sets to choose from. All quite girly with either hearts or bows on them, but the most comfortable looking ones were black and a soft cotton with only a small number of frills. I stepped into them and pulled them up. As I settled into them I luxuriated at how the soft material felt against my sensitive skin. Way better than the boxers, they were perhaps a bit sung, but it actually felt quite nice having my cock and balls supported and the way they encased my ass wasn’t so bad either.

I walked over to the mirror to look at myself. They fit great and I didn’t look totally stupid in them. I wondered what the bra would fit like and without thinking grabbed it and stepped back to the mirror to watch myself put it on. Settling it into position I smiled with pride, it fit great and was very comfortable, much more so than the lacy bra and thong I had worn for the show.

I turned left to right and stuck out my butt a little, I laughed at the thought, but my body wasn’t that bad for a girl, certainly no worse than my previous girlfriends. With a feeling of pride I walked back to the sofa and the other items. There was a silky feeling top and picking it up I realised it was one of her nighties. It was quite short and I remembered her wearing it the last time, with a smile I slipped it over my head.

Stepping back in-front of the mirror I was quite taken by the reflection. Breathing in and striking as feminine pose as I could, it really wasn’t bad, ok the small bulge in the front of my panties was out of place, and the bra cups could do with a little padding. But my body was really quite acceptable. My face was still too boyish and my still damp hair wasn’t going to cut it either. But there were those bits of makeup I thought to myself, maybe it’s worth a try.

That would have to wait though, my exertions catching up with me and tiredness filling my eyes. I stripped the top over from the bed and threw it in the corner, cleaning that mess could wait till the morning. Pulling back the covers I slid in, my newly smooth skin and the night ware felt so very comfortable I didn’t even consider taking them off. Once again, as my head hit the pillow, by eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep. What would the next day bring?
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