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Ephus - A demigod possessing the power to repower the gods

Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus


Norse Deities


Odin - War god, main god of the Norse gods

Freya - a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr.

Frigg - Wife of Odin, promoter of marriage and fertility

Loki - a mischievous god who can shape-shift and can take up animalistic forms.




Brynhildr - Armor Battle

Eir - Peace, clemency

Geirahöð - names means spear - fight

Göndul - War Valkyrie

Prima - Name means fight


Egyptian Deities


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites


Ephus eyes suddenly snapped open, where in the hell was, he? The last he remembered he was fighting Anhur, Sekhmet and Enyo. A stirring beside him quickly drew his attention.

"Bast?" Ephus said drawing a smile on her face.

"Really husband, this is something that you haven't experienced before. You being a godling, your powers are more connected to your emotions than ours, are. You might want to remember that the next time you grow so angry. Though I have to ask, what grew your anger to such proportions?" Bast asked.

Ephus was quiet a moment as the memories started to flood back to him. "Do you remember how much of a pain in the ass Zeus was? How no matter what I did he refused to listen?" Bast nodded waiting to hear who she was going to blame for unhinging Ephus. "Odin was far worse, even after I brought his power up to half."

"Worse? What happened?" Bast asked.

"He said I was weak, then tried to attack me, a mistake on his part. You know that I won't help if those that asked me there refuse to listen, or even worse refuse any other help I am offering." Ephus spit out. "It took Zeus actually coming to me, apologizing then promising to help, to get me back to that realm."

"I see, should I gather the others, declare war? Takeover, rid the god realm of their presence?" Bast said a little bit of blood lust shining in her eyes.

Ephus did a double take, it seemed the further along she got in this pregnancy, the more violent she got.

"No Bast, I will wait to see if Odin, will make a move to get me back to help." Ephus looked at Serket who was approaching. "Is she going to be like this throughout this pregnancy?"

"I am afraid it is a lot more than that. Ra, along with all our brother and sisters are holding council about the two that she is carrying. The last time two were born to a goddess, it had extremely bad results." Serket said grimly.

"Bad results? What," Ephus started, then his eyes went wide as Serket lightly touched his head. At first Ephus face had shock and horror, these though quickly twisted into anger. "They wouldn't dare harm my children!" Ephus growled.

"Not outright, considering that it is you, I think they want to see just how they are. They have a piece of your humanness, far different than a full god. I believe they feel that these two will be far more than what the last few sets were." Serket said a slight look of worry on her face.

"Husband, I also believe they feel that you might possibly lose control. This power you have, has touched a great deal of the gods of not one but now three god realms. It is highly unlikely they will act without consulting you. Besides," Bast said a small look of anger on her face. "I don't think they want to see my ire either."

Ephus nodded as he looked at both of the pregnant goddesses in front of him. If they became as angry as he had been, there might not be anything left of the god realms.


Freya looked at Odin with disbelief on her face. "You want me to do what!?" Freya yelled still not believing the words that Odin had just uttered.

"Go where he is. demand he come back to Asgard. It should be simple for you, after all you are the goddess of love. Use your power to beguile him." Odin said.

"You don't realize what you are saying Lord Odin. He is a human/godling, much of his thinking is human. He came to help us of his own accord, you my Lord, angered him very much. If I do as you say it will drive him away. I also don't think you realize; he is immune to almost ALL god power."

"Then you still wish to pursue the afore mentioned course of action? I feel that I am unable to do this. What," Odin started when Freya touched his head. A moment later Odin's eyes flew wide. "He felt that dishonored? Never have I felt anyone warrior or otherwise feel this dishonored, especially by me or mine."

"We have to amend this; I gave you the knowledge. The thing is can you do this after I put it to the terms I did?" Freya asked.

Odin nodded his head looking at the floor. "I have to, if we are to have any hope of saving Asgard."

A small smile crossed Freya's lips then was quickly gone. Perhaps she thought, we might stand a chance after all.

"I shall be back as soon as I can," Freya said as she was about to vanish. She stopped when a hand grasped her arm.

"Mistress Freya, allow me to accompany you. Neither of us know what Midgar is like now, you may have need of my services." The Valkyrie Göndul said. "Odin, has both my sister Valkyries here to aid him.

Freya thought about it a few moments then nodded. A wave of her arm, the both of then vanished.

Ephus had just sat to relax, trying his best to get his head around how Odin had reacted. He'd been back from Asgard for a few hours, he could still feel the realm, how weak it still was.

His power was now fully recharged so he was truly feeling almost normal, for him. He was, 'til he felt two approaching powers, not especially huge, though strong enough to worry him.

A moment later Bast and Serket bristled, then there were two flashes. Two heavily armored, well-armed with wicked sword, females appeared.

Ephus sighed when he felt both Bast and Serket go to their full power. Taking a quick breath Ephus stood moving between the two sets of females. Shit he thought, this is a dangerous position to be in.

Ephus put a hand up in front both sets hoping it would help to calm the situation. "Hold Bast, Serket this is the Valkyrie Göndul," indicating the Valkyrie. "I would have thought that you would recognized the goddess Freya."

"When we feel a threat to you husband, it is difficult to think that straight. We almost lost you the last time. All your wives have pledged to not let that happen again. Both sets in both realms have promised that if you are harmed again, nothing will stop the war that will happen. All the brothers have also pledged to help, the war won't last long though, it will be devastating to whomever did the harm."

Ephus did a double take seeing the deadly serious look in both Serket and Bast's eyes. The mere fact that the usually calm and shy Serket was talking with such force made this very serious.

"My dear wives, I do not intend to go into this without a lot more knowledge than the last two times. I also do not wish to face a situation, like I did last time." Ephus shakily said.

Bast, walked up to Ephus, kissing him deeply and passionately. "You would do well to remember that husband, you. Nor does any realm want to see the full fury of Bast." Here Bast looked at then intense look on Serket's face. "I don't think that, they would wish to face the fury of your wife Serket either."

Ephus looked at Serket, then Bast, shaking slightly. He'd rather face the titans than go against one of his wives when they were furious.

"Do not attack, either of you, I have given my word to help. As the both of you know, I will give them another chance. You also know that I will only go so far, before I won't help anymore. I did twice in your realm, I almost did three times in the Greek realm. This realm," here Ephus shook his head, "if I can't convince Odin then, I don't know if they can be helped."

Bast and Serket both nodded, their faces showed their anger though, because of Ephus they were holding back.

"We will do as you ask husband, know you this though, NOTHING, no-one will stop us. You are the most important being in any realm right now. We meant it when we said that, both realms will destroy this Asgard realm, if you are harmed." Bast slightly growled.

Ephus turned to see both Freya and the Valkyrie Göndul, standing where they had arrived. Ephus started to walk to them, seeing Bast and Serket cross their arms over their chests, as they watched the new arrivals and Ephus closely.

Both females immediately went to a knee bowing to Ephus the closer he got. Out of the corner of his eye Ephus saw both of his wive's nod with a smirk.

"Lord Ephus," Freya started, "I have come to enter a plea to have you return to Asgard. I believe I have expressed to Odin what he did wrong. I also believe that, he now knows that you are the only hope our realm has."

Ephus stretched his hand out to touch Freya's head, seeing all that had transpired between the two. A smirk, quickly came to his lips. "I am not seeing this with the confidence that you are. I wouldn't, want to waste my time going there just to have him try to attack me again."

A grimace came to Freya's face, "I do not think it would, I believe, I may have a solution for this. I have not been able to get through to Odin much, though, there is one who can. I am hesitant to suggest it though, the last I heard she also had been captured."

Ephus was nodding, who he thought could have such influence over him. "I'm sure that she is nowhere as guarded as Odin was."

"Do not be so sure, If I have thought of this, I am sure that Loki has also. Then again," Freya said looking up momentarily at Ephus. "Loki is the only one that I feel would stand a chance against you. Especially if I and Göndul go with you."

Ephus stood still trying to think of a reason for them not to go. Finally, shaking his head he decided that it would be a good idea, someone to watch his back was practical.

"Alright, you listen to me, if I tell you to go, go. I don't want to be killed because I was arguing with you. Nor do I wish the same fate to befall the both of you, is this understood?" Ephus said sternly.

Both females nodded vigorously, both with wry miles on their faces.

Ephus could only shake his head at that. "Freya. please allow me to touch you. I can get us there far closer than I feel either of you will."

A slight touch, then Ephus nodded to both females, a slight look to Bast had her nodding as Ephus group vanished.

It seemed only a moment had passed, before they appearing in what appeared to be a large, dimly lit room. There were several shouts with several dark skinned, beings appearing. Each had either a wicked double edge sword or spear.

A tall female with brown hair and golden earrings was chained to a wall nearby, though they could get no closer. Ephus concentrated a moment then watched with a smile as the female appeared next to his group.

"Queen Frigg, we are here with the halvgud Ephus." Freya said as they took up positions beside Ephus.

It seemed as if a great multitude rushed at them. All three started to mow down the dark skinned, tall, pointed eared beings.

Ten minutes later there was a growing mound of dead and dying before them.

"I know that you two are enjoying this greatly, I think it is time to depart." Ephus said as the mounting dead were taking up more and more room. It was actually getting difficult to move much in the large room now.

"It might be good for us to go; we have exacted a fair amount of retribution on the dark elves." Freya said as decapitated three more in front of her. Looking to the the Valkyrie Göndul, then Frigg both nodded as they all four suddenly winked out.

Less than a few seconds later all four appeared in Freya's home. The two Valkyries there, bristled then dropped to a knee when they saw not only Ephus, also Frigg.

Odin stood from the chair he'd been sitting in. Freya was whispering hurriedly in Frigg's ear who was nodding her ascent.

Odin was walking rapidly to Frigg, who suddenly held her hand out to stop him. "My Queen?" Odin said, "what is wrong that you deny me?"

"I have been advised that the halvgud Ephus saved not only me, freed three of our Valkyries, has also saved, then repowered you. You attacked him after he used most of his energy. Here you expect me to welcome you after all this. I think that perhaps you are not Odin, my mate was not that foolish." Frigg said with a scowl on her face.

Odin's mouth dropped open as his head hung slightly in shame. "I realize what I have done wrong my mate. It was explained most heatedly by Freya."

Frigg looked at Freya, then nodded her head. "I am glad that someone kept their sense while I was gone." Here she turned toward Ephus, "I am elated that you have come to aid our realm, even if others are acting as if they aren't." Here Frigg turned her slightly icy stare on Odin.

A large smile crossed Ephus mouth, he remembered conversations not far from this from several of his wives.

"Queen Frigg? If I may?" Ephus said.

Frigg blinked as she looked at Ephus, then slowly nodded. Ephus placed a hand on Frigg's shoulder. At first there was nothing, then her eyes opened wide, then her skin glowed. Finally, Frigg's eyes glowed a moment then Ephus released her.

Frigg floated off the floor a huge smile on her face. "I haven't felt this much power in a very long time." Here all gasp as Frigg floated to the floor, then bowed to Ephus. "I can never repay you for what you have done."

"I am only here to help, nothing more. I have a great many wives to worry about. I have no interest in ruling or controlling.

"I believe it is time for a great many, to reassess our actions. Do you not feel the same my mate?" Frigg said to Odin.

Odin nodded his head then walked to Ephus. "I had thought you were going to take the Asgard realm. It wasn't 'til later that I realize that you had no interest in our realm. I can only ask that you forgive the hasty actions of a worried ruler."

Ephus looked at the females in the room, Frigg and Freya were smiling, Göndul was smirking, the other two Valkyries were staring their mouths agape.

He then turned to stare at Odin. A smirk again crossing his lips. A shake of his head had Odin's mouth dropping open. "If I am going to help all of you, if what you said is true? Why do you feel the need to lie or hide something from me?"

A heavy sigh escaped Odin's mouth even as Frigg was starting daggers at him. "I again am at a loss, this trust that Freya told me of is a very foreign thing. You might have noticed that I am not at full power."

"I was wondering that, you're the first I haven't been able to fully power." Ephus said.

"With what you have given me Loki can no longer take over the realm. Still as long as I am without my weapon, Gungnir, I am at a loss with only half my power. If I had it, Loki, might not have gotten as much control as he does." Odin said.

Ephus could only shake his head, it figures he thought. Here he thought, freeing the leaders of the realm would have done the trick. Now, he had to recover a source or rather the other half of the leaders power.

Almost afraid to ask Ephus said, "ok just where is it?"

"I knew that I was going to be taken, so I sent it away . You see without it, no-one can rule Asgard, well, not all of it." Here Odin smiled wryly.

Ok Ephus thought, why am I getting a bad feeling about this? "Ok, so you sent it away, where?"

"I sent it to the one place that Loki would never find it. A place that is so confusing," Odin was saying.

"WHERE!" Ephus shouted feeling frustrated.

"Why you," Odin stopped realizing who he was talking to AND what happened the last time he got mad at Ephus.

"I sent it to Midgar, it's the one place I knew that Loki could never find it. The only problem is that the longer I and Gungnir are apart, the easier it is for Loki to gain control." Odin said.

"What? I thought he was in control when I saw him." Ephus said.

"Of certain things yes, most of this realm though not yet. Though I am afraid that the control is starting to slip a little more each day." Returned Odin.

Ephus sighed, then sat to think. "Do you happen to know where you sent it?"

"No, I am afraid not. Though I had sent it to the that land where you live. I believe you call it North America?" Odin asked.

"Yeah," Ephus said as he tried to think through what he'd need to do. "Ok I need to touch you to feel what this weapon's energy feels like."

Odin nodded as Ephus touched Odin's head, hmmm Ephus thought powerful. The he saw what it looked like, then the energy signature he would need to touch it. "Alright, I think I have it." Ephus released his touch on Odin, then turned to Frigg.

"Queen Frigg, I would feel better if you and Odin have more protection here." Ephus said.

"What do you propose?" Frigg asked.

"Please all step back," Ephus said as he concentrated. A moment later a tall redheaded female appeared. Just as suddenly beside her another tall blond female appeared both with swords and wings.

Both females drew there double edged, long swords when they saw all that were in the room.

"So, I see that the three of you have betrayed Lord," the red head started.

"Save it lady, heard already a few times starts to get boring." Ephus said as he removed his sun glasses.

Both females turned to glare at Ephus then both gasp as they both physically started to shake.

Don't you dare give in! Bah the whole lot of you are completely worthless. Much like the dark elves, that I had guarding mother. Loki's voice said.

"You know Loki? I still say you talk too much!" Ephus said as this time he'd powered up far more than before. This time when he hit Loki, he felt a satisfying crunch as Loki's armor slightly caved in. Then Ephus smiled as Loki was driven through two walls only stopping when a field of energy that wouldn't permit him access.

A tall, giant male, looked at Loki then toward Ephus, "you will pay for that!" The giant roared.

"No, I don't think so," Ephus said as he punched the giant rising it off ther floor. A moment later the giant hit the floor as an undignified lump of flesh.

A quick look at the two new arrivals showed that they were still partially under Loki's control. "I know that you have a war within you, look in my eyes, feel what he has over you break."

The blond's body shook a moment then her eyes cleared as she looked around. Suddenly she dropped to a kneeling position. The red head scoffed then turned to find she was staring straight into Ephus's eyes.

Again, the red head's body started to shake, 'til a moment later her eyes also cleared, she also kneeling before Ephus.

"Lord Ephus, I thank you for freeing myself and my sister valkyrie Eir. I am Brynhildr, how may we help you?"

Ephus nodded his head for once things seemed to be going his way. "I have to return to midgar. The goddess Freya and Göndul I believe are accompanying me." This was confirmed when Ephus looked at the two mentioned females who nodded their assent. "Since both Frigg and Odin are also here, I feel that the four of you would be better protection.

Ephus looked at the Valkyries, Geirahöð and Prima when he said this, seeing them also nod their assent. Ephus then reached out feeling the building, making a few more rooms in it he hoped it would be enough. He then strengthened the shield more.

Finally, satisfied Ephus turned toward the others. "I am sorry that I didn't ask, I have added six more rooms to you home," Ephus said as he addressed Freya. I am hoping that it allows all of you a chance to rest and grow your power to where it was. I knocked Loki unconscious, that might be why I managed to free the two new Valkyries."

"Luck to you on this journey." Odin said grasping Ephus arm. Nodding to each other, Ephus raised a hand, then he Freya and Göndul, vanished.

All three of them appeared not far from a major city in North America. Ephus started to reach out, then spread his search further and further 'til, an hour he'd searched the world getting noting.

With his brows furrowed, Ephus changed his search. Finally half an hour later he felt it, what the hell? Ephus reached out to the Odin's weapon, right in front of him the air started to swirl then the very air split. A vortex appeared inside the split.

Shocked, Ephus felt his self, pulled with incredible force into the vortex. Ephus didn't know how long he was within the vortex, though when it opened again he fell through hard. That wouldn't have been bad except two bodies landed on him after he hit the ground.

All three of them were recovering when they heard something coming toward them. Ephus had the three of them hide, a moment later an old appearing cart stopped next to them.

A small boy walked right up to Ephus. In the Greek language the boy stated. "Sir? I was told to stop here and bring you to a home just outside Athens."

"Athens?" A startled Ephus said.

"Yes sir, the man gave me a silver to bring you. Is he your brother you look a lot alike." The boy said.

Ephus looked at Freya and Göndul with a confused look, looked alike? Ephus shook his head guess we'll see he thought as the three of them climbed aboard.
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