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Fiona returns from Uni after studying Psychology could she hold the key to her brothers crippling shyness?
Testing Out Hypnosis On My Brother

My name is Fiona. For the past five years I've been away from home at University getting my phd in Psychology, my final paper was on the benefits of Hypnosis in Psychology. I'm sure that sounds very interesting and it was but ultimately I found the results just were not substantial enough except in certain circumstances and indeed in many cases it can be harmful to the patient to be forced to repress memories or feelings using hypnosis. For example ptsd it sounds like a dream come true to simply wipe their memories and allow them to live a normal life right? Well in attempting to repress their memories many of our research volunteers experienced a violent outburst. Simply put it was like holding a bottle of air underwater. Eventually one way or another it will surface and the more it needs to struggle the more violent the eruption that follows. That's not to say my research was fruitless, I found the patients I did not repress entirely their memories but instead tried to mitigate the effects like the dreams and the flashbacks benefited enormously.

The other discovery is that helping people discover things they keep repressed is far more interesting than I thought. This was an accidental discovery as it turned out one of the veterans I had tried to help, had been sexually assaulted when he was young. I was able to help him remember the details and confront them. With his permission of course, it turns out a big reason for his ptsd wasn't because of his horrific experiences in Iraq but more to do with the assault in his formative years.

This brings me to today, finally home and I had a fantastic idea. I was going to attempt to hypnotise my brother. You see, my little brother has had a real problem with shyness since he was young. He is smart, handsome, kind hearted but really shy with girls and at 21 we (my mother and I) are convinced he hasn't even kissed a girl or boy for that matter, we had explored the possibility he might prefer men but everything we could find out about him indicated he was straight. Our Father left when we were still young and we have barely had any contact with him since. I thought for a while his shyness could be to do with the rejection from his father or just a male presence in the house growing up but long since has my education disproven that fact.

My cab pulled up to our driveway. It had been a long journey. I loved the idea when I was young of attending Uni at the other side of the country just so I can be free of the distractions of Family and friends but I missed this place terribly. I paid my fare and went up to the door. I smiled at myself as I thought about knocking. It had been five years but this was my home. I reached for the handle and it opened before I got to it. My mother came barrelling out the door and enveloped me in her arms. She was short and a little fat but the red hair was a dead give away she was my mother. ‘Oh my Fiona it’s been far too long where have you been, you look so thin, have you no time away from your books to eat?’ I smiled at the welcome and in truth I was more than a little hungry and while I'm studying I tend to eat when I start to get a little dizzy from lack of food. I had a good figure for that though I wasn't like anorexic but you wouldn't believe that to hear my mother talk. ‘I've missed your home cooking ma, food just isn't the same in the east’

With that I was whisked into the kitchen and in no time my mother had me at the table with a meal a King would blush at. My mother was a talented chief and worked at a fancy restaurant on the weekends. For which she managed to keep us happy even without any support from my father. ‘Is Adam home?’ I asked, always thinking of my studies and to be fair from what I know of my brother he was often away in his room not interacting so it was a fair question. ‘No he is at his job, programming computers, if he isn't in front of a screen here he is in front of a screen there’ my mother sounded annoyed at Adam. ‘Why so upset? At least he is out the house and doing something he loves’ I tried ‘urgh how is he ever going to meet a woman if he is always in front of screens’ a thoroughly pragmatic mother right here. Always thinking of them meeting someone but to be fair to her Adam's case was more born out of years of frustration. ‘What about you, did you and Dr Speckle get back together?’ My turn under the flame I guess ‘nope, Martin Specs and me are done for ever, turns out that bastard like them is a bit younger and less committed to their studies’ I replied sounding as disgusted as I could. ‘Men are all bastards Fiona, but some are less bastards than others’ laughed my mother. After that my mother caught me yawning and insisted I go to bed and get some rest.

I did and didn't wake until the next day. Thirteen hours of sleep is a lot for most people but it was tons for me, I guess being home close to family with a good meal in my stomach does wonders for anyone. I managed to catch Adam coming out of the shower and my had he had grown. Now 21 he clearly spent some time away from the screen because he looked great in a towel. I knew him enough though not to raise that in conversation with him. ‘Hi Adam how are you?’ ‘I'm good sis just getting ready for work, mum said you got in but you were already asleep when I got back’ he replied looking me over ‘Odin's sleep, can't even remember the last time I had such a good long sleep. Ma says you have a job now’ I stretched as I said that it was true I was really well rested ‘Oh uh.. Yeah I work for a coding outfit downtown its small but we've made good money on mobile games, it's not entirely what I want to do but it's a start’ he was already looking past me nervous in his towel this wasnt unusual for him he struggled to hold a conversation with anyone really even his own sister. ‘Oh, i’ll let you get on, I need breakfast later, what time are you back? I'd like to chat to you about stuff when you get in’ ‘I should be home by 5pm ish’ he said passing me going to his room.

The day passed peacefully. I found time to read a novel but in truth Psychology ruined it for me. I find most authors don’t properly consider what characters' motivations should be and change them on a whim to suit the plot. Ma fed me well, but kept out of my way, she was working this evening so she used her time pottering about in the garden before getting ready for work. She left before Adam came home. I fed him what my mother had left him in relative silence as I didn't like interrupting his meal. In fact I wanted his full attention for what was coming next.

‘Ok sis, I can see you are wanting to grill me, Nope no girls yet, yes there is a gym at the office and yes I'm looking for a job with a real programmers’ This was typical of him he was obviously trying to head of every possible conversation so he could disappear to his room and not have to actually chat to me. ‘Uh huh, Adam I've spent the past five years curing people with psychological conditions many worse than yours, if your willing to talk to me tomorrow night I have a proposition to make to you.. I know its not easy for you but I really think I can help’ I saw his face drop eyes on the table and I knew nothing that had come out of my mouth was anything he was prepared for. ‘Umm.. I mean... ‘ He stumbled. ‘Adam I don’t want an answer right away this is a lot for someone with your condition to digest.. I'm home now and we have all the time we need for a while to talk about it’ trying to ease his mind a little. He nodded and he got up and headed for his room.

The next day Adam went to work before I got up which was fine, I wanted him to think about it. I was sure he would spend the day thinking about it giving me the maximum chance to get a result. Mother left for work but when Adam came home he ate his dinner with me again but he simply said ‘I don't really feel like I need help, thanks for your offer though’ this was always a possibility I knew but with his condition and the cure I needed him to volunteer to the process I couldn't badger him into it. ‘That's fine Adam, It's a pity but in the end it has to be up to you, if you ever change your mind you just need to ask.’ I looked him in the eyes to emphasize I was sincere. He didn't hold my gaze for long but his deep brown eyes looked almost sad as they turned away.

The next couple of months were busy for me as I set up my practice in town, Adam helped hooking me up with a computer, website and even a sign outside he really was a great brother. My business quickly took off and I was busy but I didn't want to overwork myself. My mother had waived any rent until I had a deposit ready and this job pays really well so that wasn't going to be long.

It was a surprise when on a Friday Adam walked into the kitchen for his meal and something looked off. ‘You ok?’ I asked and for the first time he looked me in the eyes and it was a look of anger and frustration ‘uh… think my job might be in trouble’ ‘oh? I thought it was going well making money’ ‘it was, i mean it still is but… it's difficult...’ ‘Come on in and get your dinner, looks like it's been a tough day’ I tried to sidestep the issue. I knew he was dying to tell me all about it but if I pressed I would get nothing. After he ate, he looked at me then the table but I was right he had to get it off his chest. ‘They hired a new lead for the department, her name's Debrah, I was called into the office and I couldn't… talk to her’ It was clear that he was frustrated by this. ‘I guess that's going to happen a lot unless you find a job with males only huh?’ I said ‘The could just give me the job then I wouldn't need to worry about it happening’ he ventured ‘Sure but wouldn't you need to talk to female programmers in the team?’ ‘I wouldn't hire any’ I laughed at that and he looked up and smiled. ‘Wow that's…. Wow’ ‘sorry… I didn't mean it’ Adam meekly said. With that I got up and moved to the living room. Sometimes when you have your hook in the fish the worst thing you can do is yank on it, sometimes it's better to take it to a different part of the pond.

An hour later Adam opened the door and popped into the living room and sat next to me. ‘You really think you can help me… with my condition’ This was great not only was he asking for help he was facing up to himself having a problem. Time to make my pitch ‘Its difficult Adam, you put up so many barriers but I think I can, if I can get you hypnotised I can find out what's going on and work to cure your problem, but make no mistake it depends on if we can get you to relax enough to put you under. From there I need you to trust me to poke around that mind of your mess with it a bit and put it back together better’ there it was cards on the table and it was up to him to come with me. ‘Hypnosis huh? If you can hypnotise me, it stays between you and me… and don't make me bark like a dog’ he actually laughed a rarity for me. ‘Listen i'm a professional anything said will be between us, and I promise i’ll only make you bark once or twice’ a comment that he even smiled at. I was curious now more than ever and it even made up my mind on how to treat him, what was the secret he was worried about telling me about.

‘Ok lets go now’ I said standing up ‘Go? Go where?’ he looked confused and worried but now was the time to press the issue. ‘To my office we have a lot to get through this weekend, this is going to take a few attempts and even if I get you under right away there can be a lot of time setting up your mind to safely work on it’ She went out to her car and he followed without fuss. The journey wasn't long and it was strange for me to be in the office out of hours. Isn't it funny how a street can seem totally different if you visit it at different times. The building opposite mine had a neon sign up at the front and seemed to be some kind of nightclub underground. We got in the office and I got Adam sitting on my couch comfortably. I took out the instruments of my trade which was more or less an iplayer with soothing music and a clicker. People often have funny ideas about hypnotism. They seem to think some sort of watch or visual aid is needed but I've never come across that method personally. Maybe after this is over I'll give it more research.

‘Ok Adam first attempt, try and relax, close your eyes and listen to me’ . From here I softened my voice, turned on the music and went through my routine slowly trying to ease him under. To my shock and delight he went under right away. From there I started to create a Pharius box which is like setting up an island within his head, it was aware of everything his mind was but once I had it I could cut it off from the rest of him, why? Well I wanted him to tell me everything and for him to not know I knew everything. This relaxed him more and was beneficial in another way, I could run experiments to find out what worked and what did not with no harm to him. Now working on the mind isn't a click of the fingers and it's done. I had to be careful in how I set up the box step by step. By the time I was done it was late and I was tired and I could tell he was too. I set the last couple of commands one too allow me to instantly send him back into the box at my command the next for him to feel the need to continue with the therapy.

‘1-2-3 wake up Adam’ With a jolt he was awake and wide eyed looking about the unfamiliar surroundings until his eyes settled on me. ‘Oh.. did it work’ He seemed startled. ‘Yes you are a great patient, I honestly thought you would be a lot harder to put under, that's the set up done’ I smiled ‘set up? How long have I been out’ He had seen the window and the darkness of night outside ‘oh about 4hrs, the setup will allow me to work safely with your mind’ I yawned tiredly ‘Come on let's get home we will get into this properly tomorrow afternoon’ Adam agreed and we got home just in front of Ma ‘Hi Ma, I'm just gonna head to bed, I should tell you I'm going to be working with Adam for a couple of days, so if you see anything funny with him let me know’ I said as I found her in the kitchen glass of wine in hand. ‘Adam being strange.. What is there to notice is that he is always strange.’ I laughed at her dry humour ‘Ok if you see him being more normal than usual let me know’ I beamed. My mother obviously wanted to know what was going on and I explained most of it although I dumbed it down a fair bit for her. ‘You think you can help him? Really?’ She sounded hopeful. ‘Hard to say until I get to the bottom of his shyness really, if he is repressing something then maybe I can help but I will be careful he is my brother and your son I won't risk harming him.’ It's important that I stress that I am fully educated in the art of hypnotism. I'm not some stage performer who knows enough to make you moo or dance like a fool on stage causing real mental damage on my victims in the process. I swore an oath to do no harm and I never will. My mother seemed happy enough with the idea as I left for my bed.

The next day at a minute past noon Adam appeared at my door knocking this was possibly the first time that had happened ‘you ready?’ he asked. I guess I did ask him to be eager. ‘Sure I'll be down in a sec’ We grabbed a McDonalds on the way to the office, mother would disapprove but sometimes you just want some nuggies you know?. Time for the real work, I put him under and back in his box ‘Ok Adam I'm going to ask you some questions in your own time answer them as best you can’ ‘yes’ I asked him some basic questions about his age, name, mothers name etc this is normal and everything went well time for some deeper stuff ‘When you think about females what comes to mine ‘… fear… love’ that was interesting to me sex is always first with heterosexual males but fear is unusual. ‘Why fear Adam?’ I asked curious, ‘....I'm scared they will humiliate me’ ‘Why would you think a woman would humiliate you Adam?’ I probed further ‘... the ones at school did, because I wouldn't fight back’ so this might be key. Was my brother bullied at school by females and this is why he is like this? ‘Why didn't you fight back Adam?’ ‘’s wrong to hit women’ there was a hint of anger in his voice, he was right but it didn't stop me wanting to get their names and beat seven grades of shit out of them. I calmed myself, reminding myself that I'm a professional. ‘Have you ever kissed a girl Adam?’ ‘’ that was unsurprising ‘Any girl you are attracted to at work Adam?’ ‘’ ‘Any girl you would like to have sex with you know Adam?’ ‘....yes’ now we were getting somewhere ‘Who is the girl you would like to have sex with Adam’ ‘........Fiona’ wait was he asking me something I thought ‘who is Fiona Adam?’ ‘....My sister’ That realisation was a shock to me, I had known guys had fantasised about incestus relations with their siblings and even at time their mother or father but to be the one person on his list of people he would like to have sex with was weird.

It took some time for me to gather my thoughts to continue ‘Why do you want to have sex with your sister Adam?’ ‘...she is beautiful, smart and kind to me’ I smiled at the compliment, confused at my ego being happy. ‘How would you fuck your sister Adam’ ‘...In the shower, against the wall’ that was pretty specific and the image in her head didn't disgust her ‘Why the shower Adam’ ‘....because I have watched her shower’ wait what? ‘When did you watch her shower Adam?’ ‘…. Yesterday and a few other times’ ‘How do you watch her Adam’ ‘...A crack in the roof.’ little bastard was perving on me ‘Bark like a dog Adam’ ‘...Woof...Woof’ ‘Enough, what are your deepest sexual fantasies Adam?’ ‘....Sex with Fiona, Pegging, Threesome, Blowjob, Anal’ Most of that was pretty standard for a young man of todays age, I’d no idea what pegging was though.

Like I explained earlier you can run scenarios within the box without it affecting the patient when he was fully awake. I was about to do something. I was going to wake him up within the box fully aware of what we had just talked about, I was ready with a keyword to send him back to sleep. ‘3-2-1 and wakey wakey Adam’ ‘Oh God...Jesus Christ…’ his hand was at his mouth he looked suitably shocked ‘Im sorry Fiona I didn't mean to peek It just sorta happened I saw the crack in my room and when I looked through you were there’ ‘Uh huh, and you went back to it several times just to make sure it was still there huh’ a part of me was enjoying him squirm but his head started looking down at the floor and he looked disconsolate. This was the opposite direction of what I was hoping to achieve ‘Pharus’ and he was back under. I wiped the past scenario and he would never know. How do I approach this next then? ‘Ok Adam tomorrow afternoon I want you to report to my room 12 noon, until then I expect you to behave with more confidence in the house and spend more time with Ma and me ok’ ‘....ok’

You might note that I was using his name a lot during this all this is common practice it just reinforces the bond between patient and psychologist. We got home and Ma was cooking and to her surprise Adam helped with the setting of the table and even chopped a few leeks for her. She was delighted but I knew it was temporary. Adam headed for bed after the meal even kissing his mother goodnight on the cheek. ‘I don't know how you are doing it but that was good to see.’ ‘It's temporary, I'm afraid he is a complex case.. I'm not sure how to go about things with him’ I confessed to her I really didn't want to raise her hopes. ‘I hope he doesn't end up like his great uncle Alex’ she said sadly, dropping her book on the table ‘What happened to him?’ I enquired. ‘Well it's a different issue really. He couldn't get it up, his wife left him and humiliated him, he killed himself poor thing’ As my mother left looking sad I thought, maybe Adam has the same issue, erectile problems can be hereditary or at least some research shows. The next day Adam was at my door at Noon as requested. ‘You ready?’ ‘I’ve still to have my shower, has ma gone?’ ‘Yeah…’ I quickly put him back under using my keyword and back in his box ‘Ok Adam I want you to follow my instructions when i wake you, you will still be in your box, you will go to the bathroom where you will strip naked, you will watch me shower and do whatever you do when looking through the crack as if I cannot see you. ‘...ok’

This was iffy on my part. I wanted to know for sure he could achieve an erection. The talk with ma last night made me more determined than ever to help him. I arrived at the bathroom and Adam stood waiting for the show. I removed my robe and then my underwear. There he stood rubbing his cock as I got in the shower. I turned to look and he had a hold of his 8inch cock stroking it as he watched her soap herself, It was kind of an unexpected turn on for her to see him openly ogling her and masturbating. She couldn't help feeling slightly turned on I lowered the shower head to my crotch enjoying the sensation of it as he watched on, cranking his cock. Adam came before me ejaculating thick ropes over the floor, I followed soon after with an eruption of my own. It felt great, no lie it had been a while since I had been with a man. I instructed Adam to clean up before wiping his memory of the event. I didn't bother taking him to the office today, instead I conducted the rest of the session in the living room. Honestly I never got any further with him. He explained what pegging was, which was… an eye opener but nothing was apparent that I could work with, tired and needing rest before my week at work I called it early.

Monday past like any other day work was work but I kept racking my brain for ideas. I got home and collapsed on the couch ignoring everything until Ma worked me for dinner, to my surprise Adam was already in the kitchen and had helped again with the cooking. I hadn't given him the instruction so I thought maybe I was getting to him with basic instructions which gave him practice to do things regularly. ‘Uh… Fiona… I have to thank you… I don't know what you did but I was able to talk to the department head today’ ‘Really that's great’ That was more than great, nothing he had done so far would lead to that size of breakthrough. I was thoroughly confused.

Next day I was in the shower before work and I had the feeling I was being watched, I didn't hate the idea either. I made a show of soaping my tits towards the crack and I showed off fingering myself, that's when it came to me. The shower the Sunday before, he had somehow gotten confidence from that. That was a revelation, a eureka moment. I was one moment elated and the next surprised at my conclusion, for me to cure him I had to make his subconscious more confidant about sex… by having sex with him. I thought about it as I dried myself and headed to work. It was a terrifying idea but not entirely unpleasant, Is it justifiable to have incestual sex with my brother if it cures him of his infliction. I mean he wouldn't actively remember it but I would.. The ethics was one thing but on the other side she remembered the feeling of the shower and him standing there. He was a good looking man and his cock was a bigger size than any she had seen before, she found herself fantasising about it even. The rest of the week passed slowly as she knew what she would do at the weekend.

Finally Friday rolled around work finished, Ma headed out and Adam knocked on her door. ‘Hey sis, you want to do therapy on me tonight?’ said Adam still programmed to be eager. I put him under right there and told him to meet me in the shower room. There I woke him in his box he was aware I was nude and so was he. ‘Ok Adam this is part of your therapy I want you to wash me. Adam looked hesitant ‘You sure Fiona?’ like a child looking for permission. ‘Yes I'm sure now get in here Adam.’ He did eager to please I deliberately made him wash me with just his hands raising my arms in front of him to allow him free access to my tits and it felt great he did as commanded and washed every part of me, He touched my anus and that was a surprise I jolted at as he moved on to me pussy which felt great especially when a finger entered me. I rinsed with the shower head and then ‘Ok Adam I want you to let me wash you, hands behind your back’ Adam eagerly obeyed sticking his cock out which I in turn ignored entirely and watched every part of him except that part including his ass. Then I dropped to my knees and he moaned as I wrapped my hand around his girthy 8 inch cock, He moaned louder as I licked the tip looking up at him in the face as I did it then I started sucking his cock god It felt good to have his cock in my mouth the taboo of sucking my brothers cock had me flowing and my spare hand found my pussy as I began taking more and more into my throat. I was hardly a slut but I had done this once or twice but never had I enjoyed it as much as this. I cupped his balls and I could feel them tense getting ready to explode. That was my signal to go and I bobbed my head looking up at him ‘I'm gonna cum Fiona… fuuuck…’ and boy did he, spurt after spurt jolted down my throat and I loved the taste. After that I cleaned up and took him by the hand to my bedroom.

‘I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum to Adam’ ‘You sure we won't get in trouble sis’ Was all he could say before his face me my pussy at the edge of my bed. He lifted my legs for better access to my entrance and he licked inside touching all the walls of my pussy. He had never done this but he clearly had some idea of what he was doing as he began to explore for the clitoris. He didn't find it so I pointed it out to him. He got the idea and quickly began cycling it and lapping at it while his finger entered my hole then another. His hand reached up and began playing with my big breasts and I came hard on his face. Legs shuddering, it was such a sexy feeling. He stood up and his cock was again begging for attention. This time though I didn't instruct anything he slowly turned me over and slowly positioned his cock at my entrance and was playing with it as if he was waiting on permission, he didn't wait for long as he slowly pressed the head inside slowly the enter 8 inch thick cock entered me it fit me perfectly and he began to fuck me I was moaning louder with each stroke. I felt my ass slapping against his thighs then he slapped my ass but I wasn't complaining. He grabbed my hair and I loved it as I raised my head. He rapped his hands around me to play with my bouncing tits. Eventually I came and he turned me over and re-entered missionary with my legs high in the air. It felt deeper and he kissed me tongues intertwined. He erupted deep inside me and I loved the feeling of him pouring out inside me. He held me for a while. I was disappointed when his cock slipped out of me.

(insert optional part 2 here)

The next week was a revelation for Adam. He was suddenly able to talk with girls and spent time even looking to hit on one or two of them. He discovered bars and made new friends. He didn't know what his sister had done but he had cured him of his shyness and he would forever be grateful. One thing though whenever he looked at her he couldn't help but feel aroused for some reason. He had peaked at her in the shower and knew her body was a sight to behold but she was his sister and it worried him a bit that he had them thoughts. Still he had his freedom now and he was determined to find a girl as hot as her.

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