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Another Lance Thompson adventure

Lance frat brother brings a young girl to frat party and abandons her at frat house. She wants Lance anyway..

The next several weeks I spent most of my time studying for my final exams of my sophomore year. The semester was finally over. My grades were not as good as I would have liked them to be but at least I passed them all. The last half of the semester had been fairly routine, at least, as routine as it can be, for three people living together as husband, wife, and wife. All three of us had adapted to this arrangement. There seemed to be no jealousy between Barbara and Sandy. Barbara was now 6 months pregnant. Both of the girls were excited about the birth of Barbara’s and my baby. Barbara was hoping for a girl. I was hoping for a boy and Sandy was just hoping for a healthy child.

The spring dance was held in early May. It was a formal. Since it was a formal and Barbara was six months pregnant, she had decided not to go. Sandy finally talked her into attending. The dance was held at a downtown hotel. Since Barbara was pregnant and didn’t want to drink, she was the designated driver. Sandy had taken Barbara out about three weeks before the dance to have a dress custom made for Barbara. She looked beautiful in it. It was a white off the shoulder down with a pleated front and lacey ruffles down the front to minimize her now expanding belly. Sandy wore an off the shoulder light blue gown that provide her the opportunity to show off her magnificent figure. I was low cut as Sandy always wore with a tight waist and floor length. It was patterned after the type of gown worn by Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind. We were double, double dating with Johnnie and her husband, Mike. Since he graduated last year, he was going as an alumnus.

Sandy had rented a Limo for the five of us to go to dinner and then the dance. I had been studying so intensely the last few weeks that we had not seen Johnnie and Mike since Spring Break. Johnnie looked as good as she ever did. She seemed very happy and in fact was planning on returning to school in the fall. She didn’t know that Barbara was pregnant and was very happy for us when she found out. Johnnie was wearing a gown that came down to just below her knees. It was pink and also off the shoulder. I don’t think I’d very seen her look more feminine.

I still didn’t know if Mike knew about Johnnie’s past. I felt it might have been too nosey for me to ask her if he did. Not that it mattered; Johnnie was a female in every sense of the word with the exception she could not get pregnant. She had a vagina and all features of a female even some mild feeling in her clit. She was so happy that she was she now. All of us had a great time at dinner. It was almost like a family reunion since it had been so long since we were all together. After dinner we got to the dance about a half hour after it started. Almost all of the brothers were there. We had just initiated 15 new brothers last week. The dance was scheduled to end at 12:30. Everyone that wanted to was then going back to the frat house. We’d hired a DJ and had several kegs of beer. The band was pretty talented. They knew most of the new rock music. My favorite was Ray Charles’s, “What I’d Say”.

When we got to the dance there was a table reserved for us plus a couple of other 2nd year frat brothers. One was married. The other one’s girlfriend was from Memphis. She was very attractive. She was a senior in high school. This seemed to be the year for off the shoulder dresses. She was wearing one similar to Johnnie’s except she her breasts were quite a bit bigger than Johnnie’s “B” size. She was a brunette and had a very pretty face with a beautiful smile. She also had the most intense bedroom eyes I’d ever seen. Her voice was soft and sultry with a strong southern accent. She was 18 years old. She had a full figure, but her body was very well proportioned. Sandy said she looked like she weighed about 130 pounds. Her name was Lacey. The other couple had been married for about 3 months. His name was Sal and his wife’s name were Lorie. She was extremely pretty. She had dark hair, dark eyes, and a slender compact type of body. She was 18 years old. Looking at the five girls at the table I couldn’t believe what a beautiful group of girls were at one table. Mike made a comment about how the brothers knew how to pick good looking women. All but three of the brothers had dates. One was a senior and his girlfriend was in Europe going to school. Another one was a junior and had just broken up with his girlfriend the previous week. The third one a freshman didn’t have a girlfriend.

Since everyone was paired off, except the three brothers. There were not many dancing with anyone except their dates. Since everyone in the fraternity knew both Sandy and Barbara, most of them having gone to bed with Sandy and a few with Barbara, the brothers felt very comfortable coming over and asking one of them to dance occasionally.

It seemed to me that Lacey kept looking at me with those bedroom eyes as if she really wanted me to ask her to dance. On one of the slow dances one of the single brothers had asked Sandy to dance. I asked Barbara if she wanted to dance but she said she was getting a little tired and wanted to rest. For some reason or the other Jack was not at the table then so I asked Lacey if she wanted to dance. Since it was a slow dance, it gave us a chance to dance somewhat close together but not too close. It also gave us a chance to talk. I loved hearing her talk in that sexy and sultry voice of hers. About halfway through the dance she started getting closer to me. She whispered in my ear that she couldn’t wait until the party move to the frat house because she wanted to spend some more time with me alone.

I told her I couldn’t do that. Jack was my fraternity brother.

She said, “Don’t worry about that he likes to share me.”

When she said that she pressed her body up against me and to my embarrassment she could feel my hard. When the dance was over, I had to concentrate on getting my erection down before someone noticed it. Jack had come back while we were dancing and Sandy was also back at the table. I knew that somebody was going to notice my hard but if they did, they didn’t say anything then.

A little while later Johnnie and I were at the table by ourselves. It was another slow dance. We were watching Sandy dance.

Johnnie remarked, “It sure seemed like mom has changed her attitude about sex”.

I told Johnnie about our experiences at Spring Break and about how Sandy wanted to change when it came to sex. I also told her about taking Sandy to the bar and how she was successful in turning down the offers of sex. On none of the slow dances that Sandy had danced with someone else did she even come close to dancing the way she used to dance. She was very proper even with the guys she’d gone to bed with before.

Johnnie told me she was very proud of her mom. I asked her how she and Mike were doing. She told me that they were doing well. That married life agreed with them. She said the only issue they had was over children. She said she hadn’t told Mike about her history and sex change operation. She said he wanted to have a child someday but not right then. She’d told him she wasn’t interested in having a child.

I said, “Johnnie, you had better tell him about your change and quick. The longer you wait the harder it will be to tell him.”

She said, “Lance, I’m afraid to tell him. I don’t know how he will react and I’ll die if I lose him. I love him so much.”

I said, “You must tell him. You’re building a relationship on a lie. Mike’s a pretty understanding guy. And you are a very feminine and beautiful woman.”

Before we got to say anything else the song ended and everyone came back to the table. It was about midnight and Barbara said she was getting really tired and she was going to have the limo driver drop us off at the frat house, then drive her home and come back to the frat house.

When we left the dance Jack and Lacey were still there. We ended up going straight home to drop Barbara off. I left Sandy, Mike, and Johnnie in the limo while I walked Barbara to the door. We went inside and I asked her again if she was sure she didn’t want to go the frat house for a little while. I told her I was going to miss her.

She grinned at me and said, “You won’t miss me. That girl from Memphis has her sights set on you.”

I said, “Well she’s really cute but you and Sandy are enough for me and besides she is Jacks girlfriend.”

Barbara said, “Believe me she wants you.”

I replied, “I guess Sandy and I will just have to keep each other out of trouble or maybe you should come to protect your interest.”

“I’m sorry Lance I’m just too tired.”

I took her in my arms and gave her a long passionate kiss, told her I loved her and left. When I got back in the car. Sandy grinned.

She said, “What took you so long? Did you and Barbara go have a quickie?”

I told them what Barbara had said about Lacey.

Sandy said, “I noticed that too. She is really hot for your body.”

Mike and Johnnie chimed in and said they noticed the same thing.

I said, “Come on you guys, she did no such thing.”

Johnnie said, “If you don’t think so just ask her to dance when we get there.”

I said, “I’m not going to do that, Jack is my frat brother and brothers don’t mess around with each other girlfriends.”

Sandy said, “That’s certainly not true. I’ve been to bed with more half of your fraternity brothers.”

I said, “Yeah but you’re different”.

A warning bell went off in my head. The look on Sandy’s face said it all.

I said, “I’m sorry darling, I didn’t mean it that way.”

I’m sure she thought I meant because she was such a slut.

I tried to explain. “You and I are married and besides I said it was ok.”

I didn’t know if I dodged a bullet on that one or not. Sandy didn’t reply she just got quiet.

Johnnie tried to fill in the awkward silence with, “Mom, Lance didn’t mean you’re a slut or anything like that.”

Both Sandy and I looked at Johnnie just as she realized what a dumb thing she had just said. She turned about three different shades of red. Sandy stared at Johnnie for a minute then burst out laughing.

She said, “Johnnie you do have a way with words. I’m sure that Lance would just as soon you not try to help him”.

As she continued to laugh, she leaned over and gave me a long lingering kiss.

“Don’t worry darling, I know what you meant besides quite possibly that’s a correct assessment of me at that time too.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “Sandy, I love you more than anything in the world. I want you to know I would never say anything I thought would hurt your feelings. I did mean because you were my wife and we had a much stronger relationship than Jack and Lacey do as just boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Mike was grinning all the whole time while this was going on.

He said, “Man, Lance you just barely got out of that one.”

Johnnie grabbed her little soft purse and threw it at Mike. Mike grabbed her and before we could say anything, they were acting like they were two dogs in heat.

Sandy leaned over to me, grinned and said, “I’m sure we’re much more mature than those two dogs in heat there.”

With that she grabbed me and was on top of me in a flash. She was grinding her hips into mine as much as she could in that fluffy dance dress. We kissed each other as hard as we could each trying to force each other tongue back into their mouths to stick ours down their throat. In a few seconds the kissing turned from rough to gentle.

Sandy looked down into my face.

She said, “I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have a wonderful husband like you”.

By the time we got to the frat house the four of us were so hot that we headed straight down to the Cave. We didn’t even stop for a drink. Unfortunately, there was only one empty shelf and no room on the sofa. I told Johnnie and Mike to go ahead and take it. Sandy and I would go upstairs and listen to the music. By this time, it was after 12:00pm. Sandy and I got a beer and sat down on a sofa.

It wasn’t more than two minutes that Lacey came up to us. She had changed out of her formal. She was wearing a short red top thingy that Sandy said was a bathing suit cover-up. It came down about halfway between her knees and her butt. It didn’t look like she had anything on under it but I was sure she must have had panties on. She definitely didn’t have a bra on. It was very exciting to watch her tits bounce as she walked. She had really great looking legs and thighs. He sat down next to me on the sofa.

Lacy said, “Y’all don’t mind if I sit here with you, do you?”

Sandy grinned and said, “No go right ahead”.

Lacy sat down so close to me that her thigh was rubbing up against my leg. I was afraid to talk. Still grinning,

Sandy said, “Where is Jack?”

Lacey said, “I’m not quite sure. I think he is downstairs with a girl from the business school dorm across the street.”

As she said this, she was slowly wiggling closer to me. I could see her breast jiggling with each breath she took. I was beginning to get hot all over again. I sure hope that Sandy and Lacey didn’t notice it. But I was afraid that Lacey did by the way she looked at me with those bedroom eyes of hers. I’d never seen such raw sexuality and desire so blatantly displayed for my benefit except for Sandy and Barbara.

I gulped and said, “Sandy why don’t we go dance.” The DJ was playing, the Platter’s version of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”.

Sandy just grinned at me and said, “I’m kind of tired right now, why don’t Lacey and you go dance.”

Lacey bounded up with my hand in her hand and practically pulled me up and said, “That’s a good idea, Lance, let’s dance.”

We went into the dining room. There were only three other couples in there. One of them was Jack and I girl I vaguely recognized as being from across the street. She was hanging on to him and they were making out not even bothering to move to the music at all. Lacey acted like she didn’t even notice. As we started to dance, she put both of her arms around my neck and lay her head on my chest. She got as close to me as she could and ground her hips into mine until I was so hot and hard, I could hardly stand it. I was completely hard and aroused by the time the record was over.

I thought to myself, “thank goodness the record is over. If it gone on much longer, I would have embarrassed myself, Lacey and Sandy by attacking Lacey right there on the dance floor”.

As we turned to leave Jack grabbed my shoulder, pulled me away from Lacey.

He said, “Lance, how about taking Lacey down to the Cave. I want to leave for a little while”.

I said, “Are you crazy she already wants to have sex with me. If I make out with her, I’ll want to do it too but I can’t she’s your girlfriend and besides Sandy is here with me.”

Jack said, “Don’t worry about the girlfriend thing just go ahead and have fun with her. I’m going to be busy for about an hour. And besides look at Sandy I don’t think she’ll mind.”

I looked into the living room and Sandy had fallen asleep there on the couch with her head on one of the senior’s shoulders. His head was lying on top of hers and he was also sound asleep.

Lacey still ignoring Jack, said, “Lance, I’ve heard so much about the Cave. Please take me down there.”

As she said this, she rubbed her hand across the front of my pants and gave my cock a hard squeeze. It instantly got hard again. When I looked back at Jack he and the girl were already gone. Lacey then turned me around until I was facing her and planted a soft lingering kiss on my lips as she slowly rubbed her hips up against my hard cock. I was so aroused that I could hardly think.

I stammered, “No I can’t do it. It’s not that I don’t like you or find you attractive because I definitely do. You have a great body but my wife is in there in the living room.”

Lacey put her arms around me again and stretched up on her tip toes and gave me another long lingering soft kiss.

She then whispers in my ear, “Sandy’s asleep so she’ll probably never know about it. Plus, from the stories I’ve heard about her she surely can’t object to you have a little fun with me.”

I gently pushed her away and said, “I’m sorry Lacey, I just can’t do it.”

My back had been to the living room and I didn’t see Sandy come up behind me. She got really close behind me.

She said, “Well, if Lacey wants you bad enough, she’ll have to take me along too, in order to have you.”

Now I was sandwiched between two incredibly gorgeous females.

Lacey responded, “I’m more used to having threesomes with two guys not two girls but I’ll do it if that’s what I have to do to have Lance.”

The girls grabbed my hands and led me downstairs to the Cave. In the dim light I could just barely make out the outlines of the couples in the shelves. I wasn’t at all sure there was one available that was big enough to hold the three of us. They had been designed for just one couple not threesomes. One of the bigger one’s was vacant so the three of us tried to get in. It turned out we would fit but all three of us had to get undressed outside and then get in.

By this time my eyes had gotten used to the dark. Sandy was the first to undress. When she finished, she was standing there completely naked looking like some kind of goddess. Then Lacey got undressed. She also looked like a goddess. She had a body very similar to Sherry’s. She was about 5’6” tall, her face was soft with ruby red lips. As my eyes traveled down to her breasts, I saw a perfect pair, totally symmetrical and firm. Her waist was bigger than Barbara’s but she had a nice little pillow tummy and her hips flared out from it perfectly. While I was examining Lacey, the girls were undressing me. When Lacey pulled my pants down to my ankles my cock sprang to attention and was standing straight out.

Lacey took it in her hand.

“Nice flagpole you have there” as she stroked it.

Sandy took my shirt off and was rubbing my chest. As we all three stood there naked Lacey’s mouth went straight to my cock. She started to suck it in and out slowly.

I said, “Ladies, I suggest we get on the shelf.”

Sandy got in first and lay on her side; I got in next and lay on my back. Lacey got in last and lay on top of me. Both of the women were so aroused that I was sure I wouldn’t be able to satisfy them. Fortunately, the self was long enough that Lacey could scoot down on me enough to suck on my cock. When she began to suck it, Sandy leaned over and we started to kiss. The three of us were so aroused by the situation and our actions that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Lacey had my cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down on it, each stroke bringing me closer and closer to coming. I was leaking a lot of pre-cum and Lacey was lapping it up as soon as it came out. Sandy was getting very frustrated as I was starting to pay more and more attention to Lacey. Finally, she got so frustrated that she told Lacey to let her have my cock.

Lacey looked up at her and in a very stern voice said, “Shut up Sandy, he’s mine for now. It’s ok if you kiss him but that’s all your allowed to do. If you say another word, I’ll make you get off the shelf and watch us from outside. Now be quiet and don’t disturb Lance and I again. And Lance get your hands off her pussy.”

All traces of her sweet southern accent were gone. She was more like an animal protecting her young. I was shocked when I heard that here was a girl that was only 18 years old telling my 33-year-old wife to leave me alone. What was worse was she was lying on top of me and had my cock in her hand. It took Sandy by surprise too. It took her a minute or so and then she started to say something. Before she could say anything,

I said, “Now hold on here you oversexed teenager. Sandy and I were trying to be nice to you by letting you participate in our love making session. I don’t belong to you by any stretch of the imagination. Sandy is my wife and we love each other. Girl you’re not good enough at sex, or pretty enough or mature enough to even coming close to having me. Now I want you to get out of here, put your clothes on and go find you date. I don’t think he’ll want to but I’m sure that somebody will want to have sex with you. Your body is nice enough for that but not for a real relationship. It might be better if you keep your panties on and wait until you grow-up. I bet you don’t even have a diaphragm in. If you don’t start making the guys you *********** for sex wear a condom, you’ll end up with either VD, pregnant or both. Now get out of here and home to your mother.”

Lacey didn’t say a word she just went back to giving me a BJ.

I turned to Sandy and said, “what do we do now”.

I could see her white teeth in what was obviously a grin.

She said, “Why do either Barbara or I have to keep bailing you out of these sticky sexual situations. Oh well here goes.”

She reached over and put both hands on Lacey’s side and gave her a big push. In that instant I thought, I sure hope Lacey lets go of me or I’ll fall right on top of her. Lacey went rolling off of me right onto the floor. She had the presence of mind or maybe it was the surprise but she let go of my cock as she fell. It was all quiet for a second and then

Sandy started to laugh and Lacey stood up.

She said, “you bitch I’m twice the lover you are and I’m only 18. And Lance you really missed something. I could outperform any 33-year-old broad any time”.

She turned and went up the stairs her clothes in her hand. Sandy was still laughing.

I growled, “It wasn’t that funny.”

Sandy just continued to grin and said, “Yes it was.”

She rolled over on top of me and gave me a very tender kiss.

She said, “Lance thank you for defending me. That makes me feel so much more secure that you are willing to turn down a hot number like her to defend me.”

I had been completely quiet after our brief kiss.

I finally said,” Sandy let get out of here we need to talk.”

We both got out of the hole, fumbled around and finally found all our clothes, put them on and went upstairs. Neither Sandy nor I had said anything as we walked up the stairs. I had Sandy’s hand in my hand and led her up the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, we almost tripped over Lacey’s panties and red cover-up. She had dropped them there. We wondered where she was. She obviously was naked. When we passed the living room, we saw Lacey. She was on the couch with one of the brothers her feet curled up next to her giving him a blow job.

I said, “I think he’s asleep. Too bad for him she is good at giving blowjobs and he would have wanted to remember.”

I started to walk away but Sandy didn’t move. She just stood there looking at Lacey.

She turned to me and said, “Do you know who she is?”

What kind of question is that it’s Lacey?”

“Yes, it’s Lacey but it’s also me. I was exactly like that when I was her age. In fact, when I was 14, I was like that.”

She turned to look at me and in a very emotional voice she said, “Lance I don’t want to be that girl anymore. I feel sorry for her. If she keeps going, she’ll end up like me. A man hungry slut that tries to screw every man she meets.”

Her face was titled up to mine. I could see the tears glistening in her eyes

I said, “Sandy, I love you. I’m proud of you to. You came here and didn’t even make a pass at anyone. You tried to keep yourself out of temptations way. I’m so overjoyed right now because I believe you’re going to get well.”

We glanced back into the living room and Lacey was frantically sucking on the active’s limp penis.

Sandy again said, “that’s me”. She went into the living room and grabbed Lacey hair and pulled her off of the couch.

Lacey looked up at her and said, “what in the world are you doing.”

I wondered that myself. Sandy jerked Lacey to her feet by her hair. She took her shoulders in her hands and started shaking Lacey.

She said, “You stupid, dumb bitch. You don’t know what you’re doing. You keep this up and you’ll end up a whoring slut that nobody will love or respect. I know I’ve been there. You’re a nice loving girl but you’re a sex addict like me and you’ll end up betraying your family, your friends and if you manage to get married your husband. Look at yourself your 18 years old, 250 miles from your home and standing naked in the living room of a frat house trying to get some sort of sexual satisfaction out of a dead asleep drunk frat boy.”

I could see the fire in Sandy’s eyes. Lacey was looking at the floor.

She looked up at Sandy and said, “why do you care, nobody else does.”

Sandy pulled Lacey close to her.

And said, in a very gentle caring voice, “I do Lacey. I care about you.”

Sandy just stood there and held her close for several minutes and Lacey started to cry.

“Shush, Shush girl you can get out from under this if you want to. I’ll help you. Do you have a place to stay tonight.?”

Through her tears Lacey said, “I was supposed to stay at Jacks apartment tonight but I think he left with that other girl.”

Sandy continued to hold her.

In a louder voice she said,” Lance we have to take her to our house tonight. I don’t want her out on the street.”

Sandy was right it wouldn’t be safe for a half-naked 18-year-old out on the street or in a frat house as far as that goes.

I said, “It’s ok with me but maybe she doesn’t want to come home with us.” Sandy said, “She has no other place to go. You want to come home with us tonight don’t you.”

Lacey had stopped crying and she replied, “Please take me home with you. I’m so sorry about what I said in the cave. I just wanted Lance so bad. He’s so sexy and he made me feel safe.”

Sandy put her arms around the naked girls’ shoulders and said softly, “Let’s go get your clothes.”

When they came back a couple of minutes later Lacey was dressed.

Sandy said, “Let’s go home.”

As they walked out the door, I grabbed Sandy’s arm and told her I was planning on us having a heart-to-heart talk.

“I know Lance, But this is really important. She needs us now. We can talk later.”

I knew she was right but I really wanted to tell her something. We got in the car and silently drove off. Just as we pulled out from the curb a police car turned his lights on and pulled us over. It was our old friends Frank and Joe. Joe walked up to Sandy’s side of the care and Frank walked up to mine. Since we had Lacey in the car, I didn’t say what I would’ve said if she wasn’t with us. Instead, I rolled down my window.

I said, “Is there a problem officer.”

Frank shined his light into the car. He saw Lacey and said, “She’s a cute one are you taking her home for fun.”

I replied, “No Officer Frank. She my niece visiting from Knoxville. You wouldn’t be harassing us would you Officer Frank.”

Frank replied, “No I was just checking. Y’all have a goodnight ya hear.”

As we drove away Sandy said, “I think your right about the harassment. Oh well another problem to solve.”

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. When we pulled up in the drive every light in the adult side of the house was on. I said, “I sure hope nothing is wrong with Barbara.

Lacey spoke up for the first time, “You guys sure have a beautiful house.”

Absent-mindedly Sandy said, “thanks.”

Sandy and I hurried in to see if Barbara was ok. She met us at the door and looked Sandy up and down.

“I was worried about you guys. It’s so late and I called the frat house and nobody answered the phone’.”

I said, “We’re sorry but something came up. We thought you’d be asleep or we would have called. Barbara, this is Lacey.”

Barbara said, “It’s nice to meet you. “I asked Sandy if she’d take Lacey upstairs and get her some PJs and put her in Johnnie’s old room.

When she left Barbara asked what was going on.

I said, “Come into the living room”

We sat down and I said, “I had some good news.”

I proceeded to tell Barbara how well Sandy had done at the dance. I told her I thought she might be on the road to recovery. Again, I saw that fleeing look in Barbara’s eyes then it was gone and a warm happy smile took it place. That really worried me. I knew for as a stone-cold fact that Barbara loved Sandy and only wanted the best for her but there was something there that was bothering Barbara. Sandy was still upstairs getting Lacey settled in.

I said, “Barbara something is wrong. What is it? “

Barbara replied, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m happy for Sandy” I looked at her for a second but her same smiling face was still there.

I said, “Barbara, I didn’t say it had anything to do with Sandy. Something is wrong please let’s talk about it.”

Barbara smiling eyes were gone and in their place was sadness.

I said, “So it does have something to do with Sandy”

Barbara lowered her eyes and nodded her head yes.

“I asked her if she wanted to talk about it.

She said she did but she wanted to wait until Sandy came back down. I told that was ok and I continued my story of what happen at the frat house and why Lacey was here. I told her everything not even leaving out the part about the Cave. Barbara had that sadness in her eyes again only this time it was not fleeting. It makes my heart hurt to see that in her eyes. I loved her so much.

In a broken voice she said, “Would you have had sex with Lacey.?”

I considered her question very carefully and tried to find the right words to express how I felt.

Before I could say anything, Barbara said, “I was hoping for a no. Well, I guess we don’t always get what we want.”

I could see the hurt and loneliness in her eyes. There were no tears just this terrible hurt.

I started, “Barbara I’ve always been completely honest with you. Even if that honesty would hurt one of us. I never want our relationship built on a lie. The reason I didn’t answer wasn’t because I thought I was going to have sex with her. It was because I wanted to explain in the right way the temptation I felt. The short answer to your question is no. I wouldn’t have done it but I was tempted. I’m sorry if that hurts you but I’m still a young male and I see a pretty girl I look at her. If she naked on the top of me with my cock in her hand I’m tempted but I love you too much to be unfaithful to you or Sandy but especially you. When Sandy threw her off of me, I was about to tell her to get off of me.”

Sandy walked in just as I finished. She had only heard a small part of what I was saying.

She said, “I only heard the last part of what you said, Lance but I knew you were not going to let her have sex with you.”

I said, “Yes but Barbara wasn’t there to see it. She has a right to be concerned. Do you girls want to talk tonight or would tomorrow be better”.

Barbara said,” I’m really tired, I’d prefer tomorrow.”

Sandy said that she agreed. “Off to bed with us we’ll continue tomorrow.”

The girls went upstairs and were in bed by the time I turned out all the lights and made sure the alarm was set.

When I got upstairs the girls were settled in for the night. The girls were pretending to be asleep. but they weren’t asleep. Since there where many times I was studied late and the girls were asleep. We had a 7-foot-wide custom-made bed with no foot board so I could get in bed between them without waking them up. Tonight, they were curled up in each other’s arms. Usually in this situation when they were cuddling thy would slide apart and I’d get in between them. Tonight, they didn’t do that. I took me a moment and then I realized what they were doing They thought they’d force me to choose a side of the bed to get into and that would be next to the one I loved the most. I didn’t know what to do. I loved them both dearly. They both had borne me children. We’d all three been through hell together. This wasn’t a good sign. Both of the women were suffering from insecurity about how I felt about them.

Most of it was my fault. If I hadn’t let Sandy and Lacey take me down to the Cave both Barbara and Sandy would have felt better, Especially Barbara. Sandy felt insecure because of her past problems and I didn’t act quickly enough to get rid of Lacey. Sandy had to do it. As I looked at both of them lying there next to each other I felt very sorry for them. I’d also had a small sample of how hard it was for Sandy to overcome her addiction. I had almost given in to Lacey and if Sandy hadn’t been there, I might have given in to Lacey. I realize that they both were hurting and it was up to me to try to help them feel better.

So, I said, “Alright girls I know you’re not asleep. It not that simple. Please move over and let me in. We need to talk and not wait until morning. What I meant by it’s not that simple is that you can’t determine which one I love the most by forcing me to choose whose side of the bed I get in. It also made me think what if this arrangement didn’t work.”

I was so afraid of that. If one or the other of them left I don’t know how I’d make it. I needed them both. I’d have a huge hole in my heart if one left me. If both of them left I’d have two holes and I know I’d die. I just couldn’t bear the thought of living without them. I looked at them and there was pain in both of their eyes.

They had moved apart but neither of them had said a word. I crawled in between them and sat up. I started speaking.

“My loves I don’t know exactly where to start. I feel a low point in our relationships. I do know that it is mostly my fault. I have created doubt in your minds about my love for each of you.

I hope I reiterate to you Barbara what happen at the frat house accurately. To ensure that was true and to help us get our feeling out I’ll do it again now that Sandy is here to correct any errors I might make.”

At this point I just wanted to make sure that Barbara understood what had actually happened and what did not. I went on to describe what happened before and at the frat house. The story ended when we got to the house.

Sandy said in a flat monotone voice. “Yes, that was exactly what happened”.

There was a period of silence when none of us said anything. After what seemed an eternity.

I thought, “This doesn’t look good. Both girls don’t look very happy.”

I finally broke the ice and said, “I’m very sorry for what happened. I didn’t really want to have sex with Lacey. However, she is really cute and I’d had several drinks and she was very pushy. Once we got down there and the three of us got on a shelf, I realized that I could not go through with it. If Sandy hadn’t pushed her off of me, I was going to ask her to leave. I really didn’t need or want sex from her. You two are the only women in the world I need and want to have sex with. However, this experience has given me a little insight to how Sandy must have felt at times.”

I stopped talking and drew a breath and continued. “I promise it will never happen again without both of your permissions”.

At this point I thought about whether I should talk to Barbara about her feelings and the pain I’d seen in her eyes. Was it because of Sandy or was it something else? Neither of them said a word.

Once again, I said, “I’m sorry. I know it has caused you both some pain. I went on to say, “It also made me think what would happen to us if our arrangement didn’t work. I am so afraid of that. If one or the other of you left, I don’t know how I’d make it. I need you both. I’d have a huge hole in my heart if one of you left me. If both of you left, I’d have two holes and I know I’d actually die. I love you both not just with all my heart but with my entire being.”

I was very emotional when I said this because every word was true. When I’d finished saying what I had to say I sat there looking down at the bed and trying not to cry.

We all sat there thinking our own thoughts for at least five minutes. I knew that none of us really wanted to break up our triangle but I was afraid that they might have begun to feel it was not working and no matter how much love there was it was over. At this point I felt Sandy reach out and touch my arm. I didn’t raise my eyes but I could hear the compassion in her voice.

“Lance, It was partially my fault that you went to the Cave with Lacey. I gave permission to Lacey to sit with us., I told you to go dance with her and then said we’d both take you down to the cave. You said you didn’t want to, twice while Lacey was rubbing her body all over you and feeling you up. I’m sorry Barbara I should not have down that since I didn’t have your permission. That won’t happen again either.”

I looked over at Barbara and there was still pain in her eyes. I said, “Please Barbara tell us what you are feeling and thinking.”

Barbara looked straight into my eyes and said, “I’m a second-class citizen because I’m black. I don’t mean you guys are prejudiced because I know without a doubt that you’re not. But because I’m black the rest of the world looks at me differently than they do at you. Even my own people. When the three of us go out everyone assumes the two of you are married and you’re probably taking your black maid out for her birthday or something. When Lance and I are out alone some people look at me with hatred in their eyes Even some black people Some think I’m a whore and some just don’t want me there.”

I could see she was fighting very hard to hold back the tears.

She continued, “Then we come home and I remember that it’s you and Sandy that are married and I’m just second fiddle. I know you love me Lance and you to Sandy but Lance loves you first and me second. I’ve done nothing wrong and I can’t help I’m black.”

She couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and she started sobbing and great big crocodile tears ran down her face. Her evident pain made both Sandy and I cry right along with her. We both put our arms around her and scooted up next to her and held her as tight as we could. I didn’t know what to do or say. I felt so helpless. So, we just sat there and cried. I’m sure Lacey could hear us and was probably wondering what was going on.

Hesitantly Sandy said, “I have an idea. It won’t fix other people’s feelings but maybe it’ll help ours. I know this may sound crazy but it might help. What if Lance and I were to get a divorce for two years and Barbara you and Lance get married for those two years. Then In two years you and Barbara get a divorce and Lance and I marry again. We keep alternating that way until one of us dies.”

I said, “Won’t that confuse our friends.”

Sandy replied, “I don’t think it’ll make any difference to the kids. They already know they have two mothers. As for our friends, if they don’t understand to hell with ‘em we’ll just get new friends that do understand.”

Sandy looked at Barbara and said, “What do you think Barbara?”

Barbara turned around and got a Kleenex to wipe her eyes. I think she did it to give herself a little time to think. She pulled about 6 Kleenexes out of the box, wiped her eyes and then turned around. It seemed to me that the pain was a little less in her eyes but not gone.

She haltingly said, “I’ve told Lance on a couple of occasions that I love him with an all-consuming love. I will never leave him even if I have to leave this house, I will be true to him no matter what happens between you and Lance. But you’ve seen the looks people give us when they find out we’re married. And what about my kids. A marriage is very hard on interracial children.”

With that she started to cry again. Not big crocodile tears but tears of sadness, nevertheless. I thought about what Barbara had just said. Most of them were feelings she had stated before. Sandy had reached out to Barbara again and they were crying together.

I said, “The most important thing is the ****. I know we agree on that. As I said before the ******** know they have two mothers and as far as I can tell they don’t know the difference between you two as mothers. What I mean is Robert doesn’t say, Sandy’s my mother and Barbara is not. Hannibal is the same way he calls both of you mother. The other **** will too when they get *****. Another point is don’t forget there are already two interracial ******** in the house. One by each mother so who can tell which is which. As for our friends my frat brothers know the story, they are friends to all of us and treat you and Sandy as equals. As for the rest if they don’t like it then they’re just not our friends. The biggest problem that I see is with our parents. We’ll have to decide what to tell them. I would love to have both of you married to me at the same time but we all know that’s illegal. So, I think Sandy has a wonderful idea.”

I looked intently into Barbara eyes and I could see the pain slowly fading away. Barbara turned to Sandy.

She said, “You would really do that for me!”.

Sandy smiled at Barbara and said, “If you’ll do that for me. You’ve true and loyal to Lance ever since you two had sex the first time. I should be glad you both will let me be Lance’s wife at all. You deserve to be married to each other as much as I do.”

Barbara looked at us both and said, “I love you both so much it hurts. I don’t know why God has blessed me, Hannibal, and baby X so much. We are truly blessed. And that reminds me the three of us need to pick out a boys and girls name for baby X soon.”

Sandy looked at Barbara and had this loving glint in her eyes.

She said, “I think I’ll leave that up to you and your husband. You guys will be Mr. And Mrs. Thompson by then. We have a wedding to plan and of course a quick trip to Vegas for a divorce. But let’s talk about that tomorrow I’m falling asleep here.”

I looked at my watch and saw it was a quarter to six in the morning.

I said, “Wow look at the time. What are we going to do with the **** in the morning and what about Lacey?”

Sandy said, “Barbara is the one that’s pregnant I’ll sleep an hour and a half and get up with the kids and take care of Lacey also. I’m the one that brought her home I need to come up with a solution you guys think is right. You guys can sleep in. Now good night”

We all found our usual places in bed. There was no doubt in any of our minds that the three of us were right where we should be. The three of us all cuddled up and were asleep in minutes. I don’t know how Sandy made it up and out of bed in time for the kids to get up. She told us that when she got up Lacey was still asleep. Sandy didn’t disturb us when she got up so we didn’t wake up until noon. I woke up a few minutes before Barbara did and I lay there just looking at her and thinking how much I loved her. She wasn’t under the covers and her body looked so beautiful and pregnant. She was lying on her side with her stomach out in front of her and her now enlarged breasts looked like mahogany globes. Almost perfectly round and about a large C cup now. She had not gained a lot of weight except for what the baby weighted. The doctor told us she was at a perfect weight now but would gain more until Baby X was born. Barbara woke up and caught he staring at her.

She smiled and said, “What are you looking at”.

I replied, “The most beautiful looking woman in the world.”

“Ah come on I bet you say that to all the girls.”, Barbara said.

She leaned over and gave me a long passionate kiss which turned into more than just a kiss. I pulled her close to me and my hands started caressing her body as if they had a will of their own. She pressed her body tight up against mine and just as things started to get serious, she jumped up out of bed.

I hollered, “Hey where are you going?”

“It’s almost noon and I need to get up and go help Sandy. She must be exhausted.”

I patted the bed and asked her to come sit on the bed with me. When she sat down.

I asked her had she thought any more about what Sandy said last night.

She got serious and said, “You and Sandy must love me very much. Only someone with a lot of love in their heart could make an offer like that. All of the problems of a mixed marriage will still exist. However, as you said. Hannibal, Baby X and Tommy will have that problem anyway. All we can do is love and support them as well as try to make them understand why people do what they do and it’s really not personal. I think it’s a great idea if we can figure out what to tell your and Sandy’s parents. I don’t even know where my Dad is or if he’s even still alive. I wish my mom had lived to see the precious babies you’ve given me.”

I told her that I wanted to get the divorce from Sandy and marry her before Baby X is born.

Barbara grinned and said, “Do you mean you don’t want to raise another bastard.”

“No, I don’t. We only have two legitimate ******** out of six. What are people going to say.”

Barbara threw a pillow at me and told me to go take a shower.

She said,” I’m going down to see if I can take over for Sandy so she could come and take a nap. I hope the nanny is full of energy today because I’m still tired too. “

When I finished my shower, I started downstairs and I remembered that Lacey was here. I sure hoped I didn’t get a hard on when I saw her. Or better yet she was dressed. When I got downstairs, I heard voices coming from the kitchen. When I walked in Barbara, Sandy and Lacey were sitting around the table. Lacey was as naked as the other two. Lacey said her soft sweet southern voice.

“Good morning did Y’all sleep well last night.”

I said, “Yes thank you” and tried not to look at her.

Barbara laughed.

Sandy said, “Don’t trip over anything while you’re walking around trying not to look at Lacey, you might hurt yourself”.

I mumbled something about that not being funny.

Barbara said, “I made you some bacon, eggs and toast.”

She got up and warmed it up and set it down on the table next to Lacey. I started eating and half turned away from the table so I didn’t have to look at Lacey.

Barbara said, “Come on now Lance you can look at her. If you get a hard, you get a hard it’s alright with me. “

When she said that both Lacey and I turned red all the way from our head to our toes.

Lacey said, “I do declare I don’t know what to make of that. You all sure do talk plain and you hide nothing.”

With that statement she put her hand on my upper thigh. I was up in a flash before any started to come up.

Lacey continued, “Lance, y’all aren’t afraid of me are you.”

I responded, “I sure as hell am.”

All three of the girls laughed.

I said, “Sandy would you come to the living room with me,” as I walked out the kitchen door.

I heard Sandy say, “I’d better go see what He wants”.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room and waited for Sandy. When she got there, I said, “You’ve got to get her out of here. I don’t want to be tempted by her constant flirting and bedroom eyes.”

Sandy said, “I tried calling Jack this morning but he not at the frat house. They think he shacked up with that girl from the business school. I don’t think he cares anything about Lacey. I talked to her for quite a while this morning. It hurt her feelings that Jack brought her all the way here and then abandons her. I called her home this morning also. Apparently, she lives with an Aunt. The aunt didn’t seem to care much about Lacey either. She called her a little tramp. She told me she’d come in a couple of days to pick her up. I tried talking her into coming now but she said she was “busy”. I heard a guy in the background telling her to get back in bed. I feel sorry for Lacey. We can’t just throw her out on the street. “

I asked if she’d talked to Barbara about her staying for a couple of days

Barbara said,” Sure as long as it was ok with you.”

I replied, “Well it’s not ok with me. The girl is a terrible flirt and she’s young and cute. Maybe even more than cute. If she’s around here I know eventually I’ll get a hard and I won’t be able to control her.”

“But Lance, we can’t just dump her on the street. No telling what might happen to her. She might end up at the TAU house or worse. She reminds me so much of myself and if I’d had some help at 15, I might not have become a nympho. She’s going down the same path I did and at least I had loving parents even if they didn’t know what to do with me.”

Lacey told me her Aunt did care about her but in fact she considers Lacey sort of a nuisance. Lacey’s constantly having to fight off her Aunt’s boyfriends. She’s been forced to have sex with several of them after her Aunt has gotten so drunk, she passes out. That wasn’t my problem but I believe she just feels bad about herself”.

I ask her to go get Barbara and we’d talk it over. When Barbara came in and sat down.

I said, “What do you think about Lacey staying for a couple of days.” Barbara said, “It was ok with me. We couldn’t just throw her out on the street. We need to try and help her.”

I said, “Alright girls but what if her Aunt doesn’t show up in a couple days.” They both said we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“OK what happens when I get a hard watching her run around naked with her constant flirting. She might just come up and grab it. What do I do then?”

Sandy said, “that’s easy. Just take her hand off of it and firmly tell her no.”

“Yeah, right I’m sure I’ll be able to do that after she pulls on it a couple times.”

Barbara spoke and said, “you went to bed with Johnnie for over three years. It’s not liked your running around looking for someone to screw. I don’t mind you having sex with her if Sandy doesn’t mind.”

“But look girls I don’t want to have sex with her, you two are all I want and need, Besides she only 18 years old.”

Sandy said, “you were only 14 when I first had sex with you and you weren’t even legal. At least she’s legal. I’ll talk to her and ask her to lighten up.”

I said, “You’d better because I’m not going to be responsible if I end up in bed with her. Let the record show I stated I didn’t want to, she’s way too young and I’m way too busy at school to keep three females satisfied especially since one of them is a teenager.”

The three of us went back into the kitchen. Lacey was at the sink washing the breakfast dishes.

She turned around and said, “I bet y’all were talking about me.”

Sandy said, “Yes we were. We’ve agreed that you can stay a couple days until your Aunt comes to get you. However, there are some rules attached to that offer. Do you want to stay with us?”

Lacey’s eyes brightened up.

She said, “Y’all have got to be the nicest people to me ever. Of course, I’ll stay with you. “

Her eyes got sad all of a sudden and she said, “Besides I got no other place to go. What are the rules you was talking about?’

Sandy said, “Knock off the syrupy sweet southern accent. No body actually talks that way”.

Lacey replied, “Lawdy Miss Sandy I sure do.”

“The second rule and one of the most important is to stop flirting with Lance. You’re here as our house guest and you should remember that Lance is married and he’s also very busy with school”

Lacey said, “Yes ma’am I’m mighty grateful that you’re letting me stay here and I don’t want to cause anybody any problems.”

Sandy continued on, “the next thing is that with all three of us girls being naked at some point Lance will get an erection. That doesn’t mean that he wants to haves’ sex with you because he doesn’t. The erection is just a byproduct of all if us being nude all the time.”

“I don’t mind that one-bit ma’am. I imagine it’s a right pretty one when it’s hard. I know it sure felt good last night.”

Barbara said, “Well just remember the rules and we’ll all get along fine. If you break any of the rules, we’ll ask you to leave. Is that understood?”

Lacey replied, “Yes, ma-am. I understand”.

I still tried to keep from looking at her any more than I had to. She wasn’t beautiful in the way that Barbara and Sandy were but she was so darn cute even though she was just a little plump. But those eyes. She’d look at me and it seemed like she was pulling me down into her soul. I sure hoped that she wouldn’t be staying for more than the two days because I knew she wouldn’t stop trying to get me to have sex with her and I knew if she stayed long enough, she would get me to do it. I didn’t want to hurt Barbara or Sandy by going to bed with a teenager. I could put money on her being fun in bed. The girls had just told her not to flirt and on her way out she quickly checked if they were watching. When she saw they weren’t she grabbed my cock and gave it a little squeeze.

As I thought her aunt didn’t come to pick her up. In fact, we didn’t even hear from her. The next day we heard from the news that her aunt had been killed in an auto accident on her way to Nashville to pick Lacey up.

I was in the office studying and Barbara came in with this sad look on her face. I knew immediately something must be wrong because they almost never bothered me when I was studying. She knocked on the door and then walked in.

I said, “Is there something wrong? Are ****, ok?”.

She told me they had just heard that a person name Marguerite Sampson had been killed on the Nashville highway yesterday morning. It listed her only next of kin as Lacey Redmond. I told Barbara that was Lacey last name.

Barbara said, “Oh my God what are we going to do. We have to break the news to Lacey. “

I asked where Lacey was. Barbara told me she and Sandy had gone shopping for some clothes for Lacey. I guess when they get back, we’ll tell Sandy first and she can help us tell Lacey. I told Barbara to get Sandy as soon as they come back and bring her to the office. About an hour later Barbara and Sandy knocked on the door. When they came in, I could tell by the look on Sandy’s face that Barbara had already told her what happened. I ask Sandy where Lacey was. She told us Lacey was upstairs putting her new clothes away.

I said, “We need to decided who will actually tell her but we should all be there. I suppose Sandy, you should tell her since you are the closest to her. We also need to decide what to do with Lacey. I think she said the aunt was the only relative she had. Probably the first thing to say is to ask her if her aunt’s name is Marguerite Sampson. Since the newscast said her only relative was a Lacey Redmond, we can be pretty sure she is but it’s a good thing to do in case there’s some kind of mistake”.

Then we heard a loud scream come from upstairs. All three of us went running upstairs. When we got upstairs, we could hear Lacey crying as if the world had come to an end. We rushed into Johnnie’s room and Lacey was on her knees on the floor crying her eyes out. Sandy went over to her and knelt down beside of her and took her in her arms and tried her best to comfort Lacey. As she held her.

Lacey in a broken voice said, “I just saw on the news that my aunt was killed on the way up here.”

Sandy just continued to hug her and say over and over, “We’re so sorry.”

It was but a minute and she was crying right along with Lacey. Of course, it wasn’t before Barbara had gone over to hug them both and she started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I knew nothing I could say would make it better so I asked Lacey if there was anyone, I could call for her. She let out another big wail.

“Aunt Marguerite was the only relative I had. She didn’t have anyone but me either.”

I thought, “Oh man, What are we going to do with her.”

I just stood there in shock for at least five minutes. Sandy had stopped crying and was starting to get Lacey calmed down. Barbara had gone into Johnnie’s bathroom and gotten a glass of water for Lacey. That helped Lacey stop crying. Everybody knows you can’t cry and drink water at the same time. She was still sniffling but she had much better control of herself.

I said, “Why don’t we go downstairs and talk. Maybe Lacey can tell us a little about her aunt”.

I didn’t know anything else to do right then. I thought talking would help calm her down some more. I kept thinking what are we going to do with her. We can’t take her home right now. She’s too young to handle this kind of thing alone she’s only 18. None of the three of us had much experience with death except Barbara. I hope she’ll have some idea what to do and what Lacey will be going thru.

Then I thought, “What if she ends up having to stay with us. I don’t know if I can take her hitting on me all the time. Maybe we can send her to Juvenile Hall”

When we got downstairs, we sat in the living room and talked for almost 2 hours. Lacey told us even though her aunt was an alcoholic her aunt was the only relative she had. She told us that she was always drunk and had men over all the time. She had some money so she didn’t have to work so she just lay around and drank and went to the bars to pick up men. She was only 35 years old. She had never been married or had any kids. Lacey also told us she couldn’t wait to get out of the house because a lot of her aunt’s men friends would hit on her and she had been raped several times. She loved her aunt because she was the only person who would take Lacey in. Her aunt was generous with her but every time Lacey tried telling her aunt about the men molesting her, her aunt just told Lacey to give the men what they wanted and they wouldn’t hurt her. We all looked at each other and I’m sure we all thought the same thing. No wonder the poor girl has a sex problem.

The nanny came in and told us she had fixed the children’s dinner and did we want to say goodnight to them. We went into the kitchen to tell the kids we’d come tuck them in in a little bit. Robert in his usual direct way asked,

“***** is there something wrong?”

He must have heard Lacey crying.

Albert chimed in and said, “***** Sandy you weren’t crying where you? I sure hope not I don’t like ***** Barbara and ***** Sandy crying”.

Albert was very sensitive to other people’s feelings. We told the **** yes; the ******* were crying because they were sad for our friend Lacey because her aunt had died. We probably should have said something else because then the **** wanted to talk about what it meant to be dead. I heard Lacey start to sniffle again so I ask Sandy to take her upstairs and get some pajamas on her while Barbara and I talked to them about dying. Barbara asked the nanny to take the younger kids to their bedroom and we’d put Robert and Albert to bed ourselves. Barbara whispered to me on the way to the children’s wing.

“We need to keep it simple and short.”

I replied, “Yes you do.”

I was surprised Barbara didn’t have a response to that but she didn’t say a word. Robert and Albert shared a room so We tucked them in and Barbara told the boys in very simple and brief terms what it meant to die. She tried to say as little as she could She must have done a pretty good job because Robert only asked a dozen questions which was a small number of questions for him. He questioned everything. We were very lucky. Albert just lay there and listened. He hadn’t asked a single question until we were saying goodnight to them. I gave him his goodnight kiss.

He said, “***** will your friend Lacey ever see her auntie again?

I said, “No Albert she up in heaven right now.”

Albert said, “OK ***** goodnight.”

We told the ^^^^ we loved them and turned off the overhead light and turned on the nightlight. We left their door open in case they got scared. We usually closed it.

Sandy was just coming down the stairs as Barbara and I finished talking. I suggested we go in the living and talk about what we should do with Lacey. When we all got seated, I asked the girls if they had any ideas on what we should do about/with Lacey. Barbara said we should check to see if Lacey has any close friends she could live with for a year until she graduates from high school. Sandy thought we should let her stay with us if Lacey didn’t have any close friends she could stay with.

I said to the girls, “I still objected to her being in our house. She will continue to come on to me and I do find her attractive. I suggest we turn her over to the juvenile authorities. She just turned 18 and they can find her a foster home.”

Both Barbara and Sandy said they didn’t want to do that.

So, I said, “What do you want me to do? Fight her off for a year or risk me finally giving in and hurting Barbara and maybe even you Sandy.”

Sandy said, “Well we can’t just throw her out on the street.”

I was starting to get a little upset. On the one hand they were saying we should let Lacey live a year with us and finish high school. Then on the other hand they didn’t think I should have to fight her off for a year either. I was very upset at this point.

I said, “Sandy given your background you think it’s ok for me to go to bed with her if she pressures me a lot. Barbara, you think I should just fight her off the whole year. Well, it a lot easier for you girls to decide what you each want me to do but neither of you gives a damn about my feelings. I tell you what you two reach an agreement about what to do with her and leave me out of it.”

If she bothers me too much, I’ll just tell her she has to leave. End of story.”

After I had said all that, I walked out on them and went out to the pool for a swim and to get rid of my anger. I was hurt because I was going to marry Barbara in a month and she didn’t care if I had sex with a 18-year-old. Barbara on the other hand was saying she didn’t want to throw her out but she still didn’t want me to have sex with Lacey, which I didn’t either. Barbara felt like I could just fight her off because we were going to be married and she had been faithful to me ever since the frat party a year ago. I feel that was quite different because she didn’t live with another man that was coming on to her constantly. I jumped into the pool and did about 50 laps as fast as I could. When I got out, I lay down on a chaise. I still had not come up with another solution and I was still mad. Not as much as before because the 50 laps had calmed me down. The pool was 60 feet long and I swam the laps as fast as I could. As I lay catching my breath Barbara can out and lay down in the chair next to mine. She lay there in silence for a few minutes.

Finally, I spoke up and said, “Barbara you know I’m working very hard to stay true to you and Sandy, most particularly you.”

Barbara said, “Yes I do and I know it’s very hard when you’ve got a perky 18-year-old coming on to you with her sexy full-figured body and large boobs. Sandy and I talked it over and we think we should keep her here until she finishes high school. Sandy feels very strongly that Lacey is a sex addict like she is and she wants to help her. We feel if we put her out on the street, she’ll be dead before she’s 20. We also realize that us making her promise to leave you alone will not work. She’ll stop for a few days and then start up again. We can’t let anything interfere with your school. The only thing we can do is for the both of us to give you permission to treat her like another wife for this coming year.”

I said, “Barbara the point is I don’t want to have sex with her. I want to stay true to you”.

Barbara sat up in her chair leaned over and kissed me strong and hard.

“Darling we both realize how much you want to stay true. Especially me since I will be married to you. But this is not a causal affair you’ll be having. It’ll be just like Sandy and I only now it’ll be Sandy, Barbara, and Lacey. And maybe if we can make progress on her addiction, we can help get over it and she’ll leave you alone.”

I said, “You both are kidding yourselves it you think that will work. I’ve seen what she does. If we include her in our marriage she’ll just take over. Sandy and I saw that in the Cave when Lacey tried telling Sandy what she could and couldn’t do with me. It just won’t work.”

Barbara replied, “Yes I know Sandy told me about that, but Lance we have to try. Her life maybe at stake.”

I sighed and said, “OK I give up she can stay and I’ll start having sex with her too. I’m very sure she is really good at it. Go get her and meet us in the living room. We will talk to her together. “

I was still a little bit angry that the girls wanted to do this. I was sure that the best thing was to turn her over to child protective services.”

I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water and sat down in the living room. About ten minutes later the three of them came down and sat down. Lacey still looked like the end of the world was coming. And from her point of view, I guess it did look that way. I sat there for a couple of minutes trying to decide how to say she could stay.

I started out by saying, “Lacey the three of have decided to ask you if you would want to stay here with us and finish high school.”

Lacey sad eyes light up like a Christmas tree. “Oh man, would I ever. Thank you, Lance.”

I said, “Don’t thank me, thank Sandy and Barbara. I don’t think you should stay.”

Lacey replied, “I’m really sorry you don’t want me. But I promise you won’t be sorry. I’m going to study really hard, get good grades and try not to bother you about sex. Sandy and I have discussed that and I’ll try really hard to leave you alone. The girls said I would be treated like an equal in sex if I followed all the rules the two of them do.”

I told her I wanted as little contact between her and the nanny and the children as possible. I also told her that on issues not involving her she would not be included in the discussion and have no decision power. If you don’t follow those two rules, I will send you to Child Protective Services. Is that understood?”

“Oh yes sir. I promise.”

I said, “OK welcome to our home”.

Lacey looked the happiest she looked since before she moved in. She ran over to me and gave me a big kiss. Not a sex type kiss but a real smacker on my cheek. I grinned at her and slapped her on the butt just to see what she would do. She just laughed.

She said, I’ve got to go put my new clothes away. Thank you, guys, so very much. I love you”.

With that she was gone. I turned to look at both my wives.

I said, “We’ll see. I bet that within a week she’s trying to tell you when and how you can have sex with me. In another week she’ll want to move into our bedroom.”

Sandy told me not to be such a pessimist. She also told me you’re going to really like making love to her.

I said, “Yeah I know that’s the problem.”

I was wrong about Lacey, however. She did not flirt with me once in the first two weeks of her being there. Towards the end of the second week. Jack came over and wanted to take her out.

Sandy just looked at him and said, “Lacey’s in a precarious state right now and I know all you want to take her out for is to screw her and that’s not going to happen. For one thing you should be ashamed of yourself and besides she too young for you. Jack was pleading his innocence when I came downstairs and saw he and Sandy sitting in the living room.

I went in and said to Jack,” Hi brother, what brought you by?” Jack replied, “I came by to take Lacey to dinner and a movie but I can’t get by the housemother here.”

I said, “Well she the final authority when it comes to Lacey. So, I guess the answer is no.”

Just as I finished Lacey came bounding into the room and when she saw Jack, she stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to him and with fire in her eyes.

“Why are you here?”

She put emphasis on the you and with the look in her eyes I knew he was in trouble.

He said, “I came over to ask you if you wanted to go to dinner and a movie. But your housemother Sandy said no.”

He had hardly finished getting the words out when Lacey eyes were practically shooting fire out of them.

She said, “you really thought I ever go out with you again. All you really want is to screw me until you meet another girl and then you’ll come back when she either dumps you or you get tired of screwing her. Jack you’re a real asshole. I’m glad my mother cared enough about me to kick your ass right out of here.”

With that being said she turned around to Sandy and said in a soft loving tone. “Thank you, mother.”

She then made a grand exit.

I said to Jack, “I don’t think she likes you very much anymore.”

He replied, “It looks like that. I guess I’d better leave before she comes back here with a gun and shoots me.”

After he’d left, I ask Sandy what was the deal with Lacey calling her mother.

Sandy said,” she asked me if she could and I said it was ok with me. I never knew it was possible to have a child born at 18 years old. I’m really proud that she stood up to Jack that way. By the way you were wrong weren’t you about her. She hasn’t come on to you, once, has she?”

I told no and how surprised I was but it has been only two weeks. Let’s give her a little more time to get horny. Nobody can change that quick. Besides she’s probably still grieving.” Sandy acknowledged that was a possibility.

I grinned at her and said, “Just keep up the good work, Mother.”

Sandy came over and gave me a big wet kiss.

“I guess that makes you, her Dad.”

A couple of more weeks went by and Lacey was still being good. No flirting. She was studying hard and helping out around the house. I was in my office studying and decided to take a break. As I was sitting there a thought came to me. I was wondering what would happen to her aunt’s house. Lacey, as the only heir, should inherit it. The next morning, I called a friend in Memphis and ask him to please check it out for me. He told me he bet there was a mortgage on it and when the mortgage didn’t get a payment for three months they would foreclose. My friend’s Dad was a lawyer so I thought he’s probably right. It made sense. Since almost all decisions in our house were made by all of us together, I ask the wives and Lacey to come to the living room we had to discuss something. When everyone was there, I started explaining what had occurred to me about Lacey’s house and what my friend said. I told the girls that I though we ought to do something to make sure the house didn’t get foreclosed on.

Lacey said, “I hadn’t even though about the house or my stuff in it. I’ve got a lot of nice clothes in it. She glanced at Sandy and said, “Not as nice as those you bought me.”

Sandy replied, “I understand. It would be nice for you to have the rest of your clothes. OK, guys do anybody have any ideas. She’s only 18 now so that means she not old enough to sign any contracts or other legal documents.

Barbara spoke up and said, “Lacey do you know if your aunt had a will?”

Lacey replied, “I think she did. I sort of remember her telling me a couple years ago that since she had no other relatives, she wrote a will and left everything to me. That must have been one of her more sober moments.” I ask her how long before she was 18.”

“I just turned 18 two weeks ago.”

Sandy said, “Jack asked you up her when you were only 16? Man, that playing with fire. I have an idea what we can do. Lance you and Lacey drive down to Memphis this weekend and see if you can find that will. I’ll pay Lacey’s mortgage for the next 12 payments and then she won’t have to get a guardian. She will be able to inherit her aunt’s property. The mortgage can’t be a whole lot of money.”

Lacey spoke up, “Sandy you would do that for me? I can’t believe it. I love you guys. I’m so lucky.”

I said, “Sandy we’ll have to pay someone to look after the house. Cut the lawn, make sure that the hose is ok and not broken in to. Sandy if you don’t mind springing for electricity and water, I ‘ll get them switched over to us when Lacey and I get there Saturday. I’ll hire a management company to take care of house. Sandy, you realize that for a year it’ll cost you about $15.000.”

Sandy looked over at Barbara and said, “If it’s ok with you and Lance, I think she’s worth it. Lance I’ll transfer $15,000 from my savings account to your checking. We’ll just pay everything up front so there’s no questions ask.”

When Sandy finished talking Lacey broke out in tears. Barbara went over to her and put her arms around her.

“Lacey, dear what’s wrong?”.

Lacey stammered, “Nothing it’s just so hard to believe that there are people in the world as nice and loving. God must have brought me to you guys. I don’t know what I would have done if the three of you hadn’t rescued me.”

Barbara hugged Lacey.

In a half whisper, “I know what you would have done and we don’t won’t let that happen to you.”

Lacey said, “you mean I would have had to become a prostitute. And find a pimp to support. I would never do that. All of the sex I’ve had has been free. Not all willingly but free.”

I felt uncomfortable with this conversation so I told them the meeting was adjourned and let’s take the kids and the nanny to dinner somewhere before she starts dinner.

Barbara said, “I’ll round them up for us”.


I didn’t have any classes on Friday afternoon so Lacey and I left for Memphis about 1:00pm. As we said goodbye to Barbara, Sandy and the kids, Sandy said to Lacey, “Be good y’all.”

After we had been out on the road for about an hour Lacey turned to me and said, “What do you think Ms. Sandy meant by “be good.””

“I think she was reminding you to behave yourself and not flirt with me”, I told her.

We drove a little further in silence and I could tell Lacey, who was usually very talkative, was working on something in her mind.

About 30 minute later Lacey, “why would she do that she knows I been good and I haven’t bothered you at all, though Lord knows I’ve wanted too. It kinda hurts my feelings that she felt it necessary to say that. Lawdy, I think she doesn’t trust me. Besides didn’t she say we could make love if we wanted too.”

I replied, “As I remember the making love part was if all four of us were together. Not you and I alone especially if Barbara and Sandy didn’t know about it.”

Lacey said, “Well I just want y’all to know I’m still mighty attracted to you and just because I haven’t flirted don’t mean I don’t want you. It doesn’t make any difference if we’re home or on the road we won’t do it. Then we won’t ever have to lie.”

There was a few minutes of silence and Lacey said, “I learned it’s Ok to tell a lie once in a while especially if it would hurt a person if you told them the truth. Like when someone says do I look pretty tonight? You wouldn’t tell them they looked terrible even if they did.”

I told her she was right about that but there was a big difference between a small white lie and a big lie like we hadn’t slept together unless we hadn’t. I ask her if she understood. She said she did.

It had been a long time since I had been back home. My Mom and Dad were excited when I told them I’d be home Friday evening. It is normally a four-hour drive. I took the Mercedes because it had the most room in to bring stuff back for Lacey. We were scheduled to meet my parents at 7:00pm and go to dinner. We were almost to Memphis when Lacey spoke up again. You know I don’t have a key to the house. I hope my aunt left one under the mat. She usually did that when she went out. I turned to look at her.

“You don’t have a key”, I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, Lance, I didn’t bring one with me to Nashville. I hardly brought any clothes. But don’t worry the neighbors saw me climbing in and out of my window all the time they won’t think anything about it. Just the little O’ slut coming in after sneaking out”.

“Lacey you’ve got to stop thinking of yourself that way. You are not a slut. You’re a beautiful young teenager.”

“Oh, Lance, I do declare you sure make a girl’s pulse quicken”. She then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When we got to Memphis it was about 6:30pm so we went straight to my parent’s house to take them to dinner.

When we went in the house my Mom was still getting ready to go. My dad was reading the newspaper.

I said, “Dad this is Lacey Redmon. Lacey this is my dad, Mr. Thompson”.

Lacey put on her best smile and said, “It surely is nice to meet you Mr. Thompson. I do declare you don’t look old enough to be Mr. Lance’s dad”.

My dad came right back with, “and you Miss Redmon don’t look old enough to be such a flirt but an old man appreciates it anyway.”

Shortly after that Mom came in saying she was ready to go. I introduced them.

Lacey said, “It is very nice to meet you ma’am. Mr. Lance has told me so much about you. Lawdy you sure look young Mrs. Thompson to have a son Mr. Lance’s age.”

Mom looked at me as if to say, “You have to be kidding me. Is this girl for real.”

She said, “why thank you, Lacey. Tell me about how you and Lance met.”

I was curious as to what Lacey was going to say.

“We met at one of Mr. Lance’s frat parties. My boyfriend, Jack Westmoreland, brought me to the party.”

Mom turned to me and said in the usual voice she has when she thinks something is suspicious.

“Lance, How is Sandy doing.”

Mom didn’t know about Barbara she still thought she was our nanny.

I replied, She doing really well, Mom.”

Lacey pops up with, “Mrs. Thompson is surely the nicest person a body could know. She’ and Mr. Lance are letting me live at their house to finish high school. I don’t know if you know about my aunt dying on her way to pick me up from Vandy”.

Mom got a shocked look on her face and said, “You’re the Lacey they talked about in the papers.”

That at least got her off of the subject of Lacey living with us, or so I thought. We left for dinner and my Mom wanted to know how school was going. I told it was going ok but it was hard. I had to spend a lot of time studying. I thought, “Yeah all I do is eat, study, have sex and attend classes.” I didn’t think Mom wanted to hear about the sex part so that was a thought I kept to myself. Mom then asked Lacey where she goes to school. The answer even surprised me.

She said, “I was going to Sacred Heart Academy but now I’ll be going to a school in Nashville.

I said, “Wow SH is a hard school to get into and stay in. I’m impressed.”

Lacey said, “My aunt may have been an alcoholic but she wanted me to have the best education possible. It was expensive and I had to pay for part of it. So, I didn’t make any close friends there.”

Mom asked the same question I had asked when we were deciding to let Lacey stay with us. “You don’t have any relatives or close friends here in Memphis to live with while you finish high school.”

Lacey replied, “No. My aunt was the only relative I had and I was her only relative. My mom and Dad were killed in an airplane crash on the way to Colorado to go skiing when I was 10 years old.”

Mom replied, “you poor dear”. “Lance are you sure y’all have enough room with all the children, the nanny and her child”.

“Yes, Mom she will be staying in Johnnie’s old room. You’ve seen our house it’s huge”, I assured her.

It seemed to me that my mother didn’t want Lacey staying at our house any more than I originally had. My mother was a very good judge of people. She must have felt uncomfortable with Lacey but wasn’t sure exactly sure what it was.

We got to the restaurant without any more probing questions. We were waiting for dessert.

Mom said, “Lance are you staying with us tonight”.

I said, “No I staying at Lacey aunt’s house with her. I don’t think it would be a good idea for Lacey to stay there alone after what happened. Since your house only has two bedrooms Lacey can’t stay there”

Lacey was listening very closely to what my mother was saying. Not the words so much as her meaning.

She spoke up, “Mrs. Thompson y’all don’t need to worry I made a most solemn promise to Ms. Sandy that I’d not flirt with Mr. Lance. Not even one time. So, you don’t need to worry he’ll be safe with me.”

It startled my mother that Lacey had understood what Mom meant and then just came out with the answer.

I thought, “You’re a very smart girl Lacey. Way to go.”

I believe that Mom felt better but was not comfortable with the idea of Lacey and I spending a long weekend in her aunt’s house alone together. I had forgotten to call home like I’d promised so when we got to Mom’s and Dad’s house I called from there. Barbara answered the phone. Since the only phone in the house was in the living room there was no privacy. I told Barbara that I was sorry I didn’t call before we went to dinner. I hope we didn’t worry you and Sandy. Barbara said that she and Sandy figured that was what had happened. They knew we’d probably be hungry when we got there. I couldn’t tell her I loved her in front of my parents so I just asked to speak to Sandy. Sandy must have been on an extension because she came on immediately. I asked how everything was going just like any normal loving husband would do. Sandy told me they were doing well.

I was glad that the children were ok except they missed me. That made me feel good. I love those kids with all my heart. All of them. None was more precious than the other. I’d started to say good-bye when Sandy asked me to put Lacey on the phone. I handed the phone to Lacey and told her Sandy wanted to talk to her.

She whispered,” what about”?

I told her I didn’t know just take the phone and you’ll find out. I was very curious as to what she and Sandy were talking about. I watch Lacey’s face for any expression to give me a hint but she just had a deadpan look on her face.

Every once in a while, she’d say, “yes Ms. Sandy” or sometimes just as simple.

When she gave the phone back to me, she could see the curiosity not only in my eyes but in mom’s eyes also. When I got back on the phone Sandy said she and Barbara loved me and missed me. I told her I loved them too and told her to give the children a hug for me and tell them I missed them too. Sandy hadn’t said a word about what she was telling Lacey.

When I hung up Lacey said, “did Ms. Sandy tell y’all about my school. I’m all registered and start Tuesday. It a private girl’s school in Brentwood. She said it was one of the best in Nashville.”

I said, “I’m glad to hear that. According to some of my frat brothers it’s a really good prep school for college. I glanced over at Mom and she looked relieved.

Dad just kind of smiled and said, “You kids had a long drive. It’s getting late. Stop by tomorrow and lets us know if there is anything, we can help you do.”

I said. “Thanks Mom and Dad for dinner. I really enjoyed it”.

Lacey spoke up and said, “I really enjoyed it also. Now I know where Mr. Lance gets his niceness from. It surely was a pleasure meeting y’all.”

We said good-bye to my parents and left.

We got in the car, I told Lacey to give me directions to her house. I asked her what Sandy had said. Lacey said with a perfectly straight face.

“she told me just what I said. Oh, I also forgot she said something about a surprise. I don’t know what she meant. Do you have a surprise for me?”

It was dark in the car but I thought I saw just the hint of a smile on Lacey’s face when she said that. When we got to the house it was totally dark inside and out. We kept a flashlight in all our cars. It was just a small ranch style house typical of the late 40s and early 50s. We looked under the mat for the key. Lucky for us it was there. We walked in and Lacey turned on the lights. It wasn’t very well decorated but it was clean and everything picked up.

With a little pride in her voice Lacey said, “I did all the cleaning. I paid all the bills too. My aunt was usually too drunk to keep up with the bills.

She took me back and showed me her room. It was like the rest of the house not much in the way of furniture but sparkling clean. When we opened her aunt’s bedroom door I was almost overcome by the smell of cheap booze and beer. Lying on the bed was a man completely naked and totally pasted out. I ask Lacey did she know who he was.

She said, “Yeah he’s just one of my aunt’s drunken friends.”

She went over to him and shook him hard. He just mumbled and rolled over on his back.

I thought, “Well if her aunt depended on him for sex no wonder she drank.”

Lacey shook him again. He just mumbled this time and didn’t even move. She bent over and put her mouth right by his ear.

“All right your asshole get your drunk ass out of bed, get dressed and get out of our house before I get a knife and cut your little bitty prick and balls off. If you are not up by a count of five, I’ll get the knife. Now get up.”

His eyes popped open. He stared around the room.

“Where’s your aunt is she back yet?”.

Lacey yelled right in his face, “she dead you asshole. Now get the fuck up and get your sorry butt out of my house and don’t ever come back.”

She picked up his wrinkled clothes and threw them over to him.

She said, “One, two, three”.

By the time she said three he was up and trying to get his clothes on. He wasn’t doing a very good job of it.

She said, “Ok asshole you’ve got till the count of five to get out of my house. All he had on was a pair of boxer shorts. With the rest of the clothes in his hand I grabbed him and searched his pants for his car keys, I took them out of his pocket and half carried him to the door.

I said, “Ok buddy I hope it’s not a long walk to your house or maybe you can go down to the filling station on the corner and ask them to call you a cab.

I open the door and push him out and closed the door. That was the last we ever saw of him.

Lacey came up to me and said softy, “I’m sorry Lance that you had to see this. That was one of the men that used to screw me every time he came over. Thank you so much for your help.”

I looked down at her face and saw tears start to roll out of her eyes. I pulled her close to me and hugged her.

“Shush its ok. I think you’re a remarkably strong girl.”

She put her head on my chest and continued to cry. I put my hand under her chin and tilted her head up and kissed her. I don’t know what made me do that except I just felt so sorry for her and the terrible life she’d led that I had to do something to comfort her. It was not a father/daughter type kiss either. We stood there for several minutes kissing. Not French kissing just with our lips together. She had very sweet lips and she kissed much more maturely than most barely 18-year-old I thought. I t was a different kiss than the time at the frat house. The kiss had more passion and feeling. That time at the frat house was more lust and almost no feelings. I broke off the kiss before it became more serious although I could have stood there and kissed her for another hour even without using our tongues. I continued to hug her for another minute or two. Then I put my hand under her chin again and looked down into her eyes. The tears had stained her face but they were gone now and looking into her eyes was like looking at a puppy’s eyes. They seemed to say I love you and trust you. I didn’t know what to say at that moment.

So, I said, “I’ll help you clean out your aunt’s room tomorrow. We were still looking into each other’s eyes.

She teasingly said, “You didn’t know what to say so you said that? I would have thought you would have said Lacey you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, besides Sandy and Barbara, I’ve ever seen and I want to ravish your body.”

I grinned back at her and was glad she could have a sense of humor again.

I said, “Yeah but you’re not a woman yet. You still a teenager for another three years.” Lacey replied, “That’s true but I bet I can make love better than any other teenage girl you ever seen. Since we are in my house now, I get to make the house rules. I want to have the same rule as you do at your house, no clothes while in the house.”

With that being said she unbutton her skirt and dropped it to the floor, then she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Before she could take off anything else, I said,

“Hold it right their missy what happened to the no flirting or teasing rule.”

“It’s not flirting or teasing this is what we do at home.”

I thought, “Yeah but that’s a different setting. If you take all your clothes off, I’m going to have to take mine off and with a body like yours I’ll surely get an erection.”

She didn’t reply to that she continued to take her clothes off until she was standing 5 feet away completely naked. She looked beautiful. I didn’t know how long I could resist her. She was a little taller than Sandy, about Barbara’s height. She was a little heavier for her size than either Barbara or Sandy. Maybe 5-10 pounds more. She was perfectly proportioned. If I’d had to guess at that I would have guessed 37 26 37. She was at least a C cup which was pretty large for a 18-year-old. She just stood there and let me look at her. I never paid that much attention to her at home because nobody was prettier than Sandy and Barbara.

She said, “you know it’s time to go to bed anyway and my aunts’ room is unusable. That leaves my room. Come on sugar let’s get some sleep. She came up and gave another kiss like earlier, No French kissing just the sweetest kiss just like before. She turned around and walked toward her bedroom. She was just as pleasing to the eye from the back. She had her hair in a ponytail and as it bounced around on her back, I began to get aroused. I didn’t know what to do. After she disappeared into her bedroom, I sat down on the couch to try and figure out what to do. The couch was the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I’d ever sat on. It certainly was not a usable place to sleep. Lacey came back out about 5 minutes later. She looked like she was going to cry again. I thought for a minute she was faking it but when I looked closer, I could see the sadness in her eyes. She sat down on the couch nest to me. I asked her what was wrong. She just stared straight forward.

“Lance you are the first man or boy I’ve met that wasn’t just interested in my body. You really care about me and not just about what a great body I have or how am I going to get her to let me screw her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. You really do care what happens to me. You’re the first male that’s treated me that way. I felt so sorry for her. She needed someone to love her so bad. I didn’t necessarily mean in a sexual way but in a caring way. However, I did suspect since she was somewhat like Sandy a good sexual encounter would help. I pulled her to me and once again hugged her. She lay her head on my shoulder.

She said, “I feel so alone. I don’t have any family left”

I said to her,” Lacey your part of our family now. All of us love you. Beneath that harsh exterior that could get up the courage to throw that guy out is a young teenager that is capable of a lot of love and tenderness. Whoever you meet and marry you will be a very lucky guy? You’ll have so much to offer when you meet the right guy,”

In a barely audible voice she said, “I’ve already met him.” I was afraid I knew what she meant but I thought I’d play it straight. “Who is he, “I said.

Again, in an almost inaudible voice she said, “you, Lance”.

In a louder frustrated voice, she started to cry and continued, “It’s just not fair. I want to be part of the family just like Barbara and Sandy are. I want to be able to have you whenever we want each other. Not like I am now where I have to have Sandy or Barbara give me permission to ask you to make love to me. You’re the greatest guy in the world and all I want is to spend time with you, love you and make you happy.”

That’s when it hit me. Sandy’s conversation on the phone was giving Lacey hers and Barbara’s permission to have sex with me while we were here. For a second or two that made me angry. I wasn’t just some kid they could pass around and he’d perform. However, then I realized that was not their intention. They both realized the fragile state Lacey was in and thought my making love with her would help ease the pain of her loss and all those bad things that had happened to her. So here we sat, this naked teenager and me.

I said, “Honey I’m not the only good guy in the world. You’ll find one someday that will make your heart sizzle. Lacey looked at me and I could read in her eyes the pain and lose she felt. I was very tempted to tell her that her aunt didn’t give a damn about her. Then I thought that would only make her pain greater. It’s better to let her go on thinking her aunt really loved her. Instead, I asked her exactly what Sandy had said to her. Lacey said, “Sandy told me if I wanted to tell you that Barbara and she said it was OK for me to have sex with you while we were here.

I asked her, “What else did she say”

. Lacey said, “Sandy said. “Be sure and use condoms because she didn’t want me getting pregnant.”

I told Lacey, “I didn’t have any condoms.”

Lacey replied, “That’s OK with me. I don’t mind if I get pregnant as long as you’re the father”.

I was shocked she said that.

“Hold on here a minute girl. Your way too young to get pregnant. You have school to finish. One year of high school and four years of college. Beside I’m married. ““Lacey had an answer for that one. “Well since you’ve got two wives. A third one would be OK. Besides I was just kidding you. My aunt has a whole drawer full of them. I’ll go get some.”

“No, Lacey, we can’t do it. It’s not right.”

Lacey didn’t say a word. She just threw one hip out and held her arms over head and did a slow pirouette.

I thought, “Man she does look good. She looks older than 18. Her C cup breast stood straight out. Her legs and thighs were perfectly proportioned. She walked slowly over to me and put both arms around my neck and rubbed her body up against me. He looked up at me.

“Lawdy sir, you sure feel good to a lady. I bet your right good with that big thing I feel.”

She was right I was hard as a rock. Looking at her and not in our house where I’d seen her naked every day for three weeks.

I said, “Come on Lacey knock off that phony southern drawl. It’s time to go to bed we’ll talk about this in the morning. Now get me a blanket I’m going to sleep on the couch.”

Lacey said, We surely don’t have any extra blankets. I know you wouldn’t want a naked girl to get cold so you can’t use mine. Besides that, couch is hard and lumpy you’re going to have to sleep in my bed.”

Like a fool I said, “OK but tomorrow we’re cleaning up your aunt’s room and I’m sleeping there.”

We picked up our suitcases and went to Lacey’s bedroom. I had lost my erection by that time thank goodness. I got undressed and we got in bed.

I said, “you promise to stay on your side of the bed.”

She gave me a pouty look and said, “I promise.”

I looked at the clock. It was already 1:30am. Lacey turned off the lights. I stayed awake until I her even rhythmic breathing.

I thought, “Good she’s asleep. She’ll probably stay asleep all night. I then relaxed and went to sleep myself. Sometime during the night, I dreamed someone was playing with me and I was very hard. I dreamed they were very good at giving blowjobs. Then they climbed on top of and slowly rocked back and forth on me. I couldn’t see who they were but they sure smelled very good. The dream continued. As they continued to rock back and forth on me, I felt my self-start to cum. It felt so good. In my dream I reached up and pulled her to me as I came and started to kiss her. She had the sweetest lips I’d ever tasted. She responded to me like we’d been making love all our lives.

When I finished coming, I dreamed she rolled off of me and then was gone in an instant. I slept soundly for the rest of the night. I awoke about 6:00am and thinking what a good night sleep I’d had and what a fun dream I’d had. I was still about half asleep and I looked over a Lacey.

She looked like an angel. She was out from under the blanked sleeping on her back. The early morning daylight from the partially closed window fell across her breasts and her small pillow stomach. I looked at her and thought, “How could someone let a 18 year be treated the way she had let Lacey be treated by her boyfriends (or fellow drunks). That was one of the main reasons I didn’t want to have sex with her. I was within what I considered the bottom age range for me to have sex with. I’m 20 she’s 18 which meets the legal requirements. In addition to that I’d had sex with Sandy when I was 14. I thought that was OK at the time and I still think so for us but not for 99,9% of the other 14-year-olds. Lacey’s life and been for of men taking advantage of her and I wanted to show her that I was interested in her because she was her and not because she had the killer body she did. I would have liked to have sex with her. She was beautiful and had a sweet and fun personality. I knew she was good at sex. I needed to keep her think Mr. Lance not Lance baby.”

As I sat there looking at her, her eyes popped open and she smiled up at me and said, “Good morning Lance”. She looked very happy and fulfilled. I wondered about that as she got up to go to the bathroom. On the bed where she had been lying there was a big wet spot. I thought, “Please let that be from an over full bladder”. Lacey came back to the bed and got in on my side and leaned over and gave me a big warm kiss.

I said, “Lacey please don’t do that. I have enough trouble remembering you’re a beautiful high school girl but a high school girl nevertheless.”

She looked at me with a puzzled expression. As always when she was unsure of herself, she slipped into that syrupy southern drawl. “Lance darling, I do declare you sure didn’t mind little ol’ me being in high school last night. Thank goodness, I hope I was able to please y’all.”

I said, “What” as the awful truth dawned on me.

That was no dream. It was real. “Oh man, I had actually had sex with her last night.” I remembered thinking in my dream she was better than either Sandy or Barbara. “With have I done.”

She sat across from me on the bed with her legs folded up under her. Before I could say anything, she reached over and took my cock in her hand. It wasn’t hard at the time she touch it but two yanks later it was hard as a rock.

Lacey said, “My what a beautiful penis you have. I think I want to taste it.”

She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. I was finally able to move after being frozen with surprise. I backed up and my cock came out of mouth with a pop. “Lacey, I’m sorry I’ve confused you. Last night I thought what happened last night was a dream.”

Lacey grinned at me and said, “Y’all sure was a dream. It felt right good to lil’ ol’ me.”

I said, “Lacey please knock off the fake southern accent this is serious.”

Lacey replied, “you’re right it was serious and I loved it. You don’t remember it?” I told her I remembered some of it but not all. When I said that she burst out crying.

Through her sniffles and tears she said, “It was really alright and I thought you were trying to make me feel wanted and loved.”

The big boo who’s started and the tears were rolling down her face. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to use her. I didn’t want to make her think I was just interested in her for sex. I sure didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

I pulled her close and gave her a hug. I sure wished my penis would go down but it just kept sticking it’s head up in the air. I hugged for a couple minutes making sure my hard did not touch her. However, as we hugged, she snuggled up against me with my cock pushed into my leg. When she felt it touch even through the tears her hand went down and grabbed it. She looked me straight in the eyes.

“Why would you want to do that wonderful thing we did last night and then tell me you didn’t think it was real. That it was just a dream.”

I didn’t want to lie to her but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings again.

I said, “I never knew who it was I thought I was dreaming about but whoever it was, They were really good and very loving.”

Lacey looked at me in the eye again, nodded her head and said, “Thanks, I loved it too. You were very tender with me and I thank you for that. It felt so good to me to have some who really cares about me make love to me like that. Not like the others who are drunk, smell of alcohol and just want to use me for their pleasure.”

The whole time she was saying this she was playing with my cock. Running her hand up and down on it with a tight enough grip that it was just like it was in her vagina. I started to tell her to please let go of me. I was afraid I was going to cum. Before I got it out, she pushed me down on the bed and in what seemed like a repeat of last night she started using her legs to push her body up and down on me. My body involuntarily started to respond. I no longer could control myself. I flipped her off of me and got on top of her. I put my arms underneath her legs and lifted her butt off the bed while I pumped her as hard as I could.

The whole time I was doing this Lacey was saying, “Oh Lance it feels so good. Thank you, thank you. I’ve never had anyone feel so good to me. I love it.”

As I started to cum, she screamed in ecstasy she was wiggling and squirming under me to heighten the sensation of her orgasm. As we both were coming down off of our highs, Lacey began to cry. Her tears were great big crocodile tears, I quickly rolled off of her and grabbed her close to me. I was concerned that she was having strong regrets about having sex with me. I didn’t say a word as I held her close to me. As she began to get control of herself, I asked her what was wrong. Had I done something wrong to hurt her. Through her tears she managed to get out

“Oh, Lance I’m so sorry. No darling you haven’t gone anything wrong. These are tears of joy. I’m so happy to have you make love to me. You’re the only person I’ve ever had sex with that I felt really cared about me, including Jack.”

She reached over and gave me a long soft sweet kiss. We lay there in each other arms and kissed for at least five minutes. When we came up for air she slid down in the bed and took my half hard penis in her hands and sucked it into her mouth. She began long slow strokes as she took it in and out of her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down on the back side of it also. It wasn’t very long until I was completely hard again. I reached down and inserted two fingers into her vagina. Her labium was completely filled with blood. That turned me on even more. I started pulling her up to me so I could insert myself in her.

She said, “No darling I want to do this entirely for you. Just lay back and close your eyes and enjoy it. I want to please you and love you until your wonderful cum fills my mouth.”

I replied, “you’re already pleasing me so much I might just cum very shortly.”

She continued, “That’s OK my big, strong wonderful man. You just cum whenever you want to. You’ve pleased me beyond any words I have to describe it. You can’t imagine what it feels like to have had sex with all those men and boys knowing all they care about are themselves feeling good. A lot of them felt good to me at the time but when they were done with me, I felt empty inside because I knew that they didn’t care about me. I know you care about me. I don’t say you love me especially the way you love Sandy and Barbara but you do care about me and what happens to me. I love you for that.”

When she finished saying that she went back to giving me one of the most wonderful blow jobs I’d ever had. As she continued to work on me, I got closer and closer to coming she got more and more excited and the faster and harder she sucked. I’d never seen a woman have a spontaneous orgasm. However, when I began one of the strongest ejaculations, I’d ever experience I could hear her muffled screams of ecstasy. Right after I complete cumming and she had come down from her orgasm. She slowed her fevered actions to a much slower pace as she licked and sucked on me until I was completely clean. She thought she was through but she had been so loving and wonderful to me that I wanted to give her as much pleasure back as she’d given me. So, when she’d finished cleaning me, I pushed her over on her back and grabbed her legs and spread them apart and started giving her cunnilingus. She was laying on her back with her eyes focused on me and she started to moan low in her throat. Every once in a while, I’d flick my tongue into her vagina. Every time I did that her moaning would get louder and more insistent. I was so happy that I could give her so much pleasure back. After about 10 minutes of this she was moaning almost constantly.

In between her moans she was saying, “On man, Lance you feel so good, please put it in me and cum in me.”

I ignored her pleading for another couple of minutes until I felt she was almost ready to cum. Once again, she pleaded with me to put my cock in her. I almost thought I was going to spontaneously cum so I raised up on her and my cock just naturally slipped into her. She was so wet and juicy that I went all the way to the back of her vagina and hit her G spot. At that moment she let out a primal scream of pleasure which triggered my ejaculation. She was bucking and twisting, raising her butt up off of the bed to get the maximum feeling and I was trying to hit her G spot to help her reach another orgasm. It wasn’t long before she had a second one and shortly after that a third one. We both fell exhausted next to each other on the bed. She turned on her side and put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her and pulled her as close to me as I could. Neither of us said anything. We just lay there basking in the glory of the wonderful experience we had until we both fell asleep. Just before I fell asleep, I heard her slow rhythmic breathing. The last thought I had just before I fell asleep was, I hoped this gave her some inner peace and it doesn’t hurt her.

We woke up several hours later to the ringing of a phone that sounded like it was a mile away. Before I even totally became conscience Lacey rolled off of me and was gone to answer the phone in a flash. Remember in those days there were no cordless phone, no answering machines and no last number redial. So, if someone called and you didn’t answer it you didn’t know you it was that called until they called back. One positive was however the phone would continue to ring until the other person would get tired of waiting. There was not answering machine or voicemail to pick up. I could hear Lacey’s voice in the other room but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

In a minute Lacey came back into the bedroom and said, “the phones for you. It’s Barbara. I didn’t tell her about us. I thought I should leave that decision up to you. I did tell her we’d packed some stuff in a box.

She grinned at me and said, “Well it’s true you packed your stuff in my box.” I looked at her standing there. She was so pretty with her hair all messed up and cum running down her legs out of her “box”.

I thought, “Man it hard to believe she’s only just turned 18.”

I didn’t know what to say to Barbara about Lacey and me. I knew that I didn’t tell her now it would just be more difficult later.”

As I walked pass her, I gave her a big slap on the butt and said, “Minx.”

When I got the phone Barbara said, “Hi, stud did she seduce you yet.”

I almost stuttered when I said, “How did you know that.”

I could hear Barbara chuckle and she replied, “Well, Sandy and I told her to do it and exactly how to do it so you couldn’t resist. We knew you would probably resist until your last breath. So, we told her to put a sleeping pill in your drink, get you into her bed or her into yours, wait until you were asleep and then have her way with you. Lance she really needed a man who cared for her and would treat her like a human being and not just another hole for them to stick their cocks into. We knew that if you knew you’d already had sex with her you’d give in.”

I was not too happy with that.

I replied, “Barbara you guys could have at least talked it over with me.”

“I’m sorry Lance but we knew how much you would resist having sex with her. Believe me darling I appreciate your strong desire to abstain from having sex with anyone but Sandy and me. It’s just seemed be more important for you to help Lacey know what normal loving sex is. Lacey told us about never having had sex with a caring loving person. Beside both Sandy and I have had sex with other men. It’s not fair to you for you not to have sex with other females especially one that so pretty and has the most gorgeous body I’ve ever seen. Sandy said to tell you not to come home until next week unless you and Lacey get tired of having sex. But be home by a week from next Monday for Lacey to start school.”

I was still somewhat irritated at her and Sandy tricking me into having sex with Lacey. I told Barbara I call them later and hung up. In fact, I was a little mad at Lacey too because she hadn’t told me what Sandy had said to her.

I went back into the bedroom. Lacey was stretched out on the bed on her back, her breast piled high on her chest her face had this peaceful glow on it. I looked at her and her curvaceous hips and thighs. Her small pillow stomach was rising up and down with her slow steady breathing.

I thought, “Man how can you be upset with such a lovely innocent creature. After all she just turned 18 and Sandy is a master manipulator.”

She looked up at me and her smile of contentment faded when she saw my face. I got a smile on my face but it was too late. She already had seen my expression.

“Lance, what’s wrong?”

Her voice had a tone of concern that I’d not heard before. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?

I always wanted to be honest with the ones I loved so I replied. “Yes, at all three of you. I’m madder at them than you, however. They manipulated you and me both.”

Lacey jumped up off of the bed and came to me. She put her arms around my shoulders and I could see tears forming in her eyes.

She said, “Lance I’m so sorry. I just needed and wanted you so bad. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for what I had last night and today. I knew it was wrong but I wanted it so bad. When Ms. Sandy told me that I had their permission to have sex with you I was almost beside myself until I remembered that there was no way you were going to consent to it. I told Sandy that and She said they knew that and they had figured away around that.” I’m so sorry Lance, please don’t be mad at the three of us. We all love you so much and my need was so strong.”

By this time, she was crying gently and the tears ran down her chest onto mine. I tilted her head up and kissed away her tears. I knew I couldn’t stand to see such a sweet and gorgeous girl cry like that.

I told her that she was forgiven and in order to make light of it I said, “After all it’s impossible for women to resist me.”

She grinned at me and said, You’ve got that right. I’m yours forever even though I’ll have to share you.”

Alarm bells started going off in my head. She calls me Darling and talks about loving me. I’d better be careful I don’t love her but I do admire her strength, maturity, and her beauty. She pushed me backwards onto the bed and with her youthful energy she jumped on top of me. Within two minutes we’d forgotten there was anyone else in the world and we were totally engrossed in each other.

Two hours later she was lying in my arms. She turned on her side and looked at me.

She said, “Lance you’ve made the happiest girl in the world and I love you with all my heart. I know you don’t love me in the same way but you care about me and want what is best for me. You had sex with me because you knew I needed it. You were gentle, considerate of my feelings and you have shown that I’m worthwhile person.”

I looked over at her and I saw a smile on her face I’d never seen before. She looked so beautiful and at the same time so innocent. None of the ugly things that had happened to her showed through. She still had a lot of issues that needed to be addressed but her inner beauty had started to show on her face and in her eyes.

I said, “Lacey I do want what is best for you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. When it comes time for you to marry any man will be very lucky to have you. You are intelligent, you care about doing what’s right and I know you’re going to do well in school. Barbara and Sandy also know that you need some love and tenderness. Barbara just told me that your school doesn’t start until next Monday. The school is out for semester break this week. So, we can stay here all week. Your school doesn’t start until a week from Monday.”

I’ve never seen anyone as happy as Lacey was when I said that. She let out a squeal of joy so loud I knew it could be heard a block away.

She said, “Let’s celebrate” and she jumped on top of me with one leg on each side of my body. I wasn’t hard so she just slid her juicy vagina back and forth on it. I tried telling her it wasn’t going to be all sex but she wasn’t listening to me. She was intent on getting me hard again. We’d just finished making love for almost three hours and I was getting tired.

She bent over and gave me such a warm and loving kiss that I actually started to get aroused again. I wasn’t getting as hard as before so she broke the kiss.

“My wonderful man I know your very tired. You’re just an old guy and I’m a beautiful young teenager just chocked full of joy and sex.”

I replied, “Yeah what is this old man crap?”

With that I threw her off of me and pounced on top of her. She started giggling and laughing pretending to resist my efforts.

“Oh, sir what are you trying to do to me? I’m just an innocent virgin that knows nothing about sex. Are you trying to put that thing inside my body? Well, I do declare if that don’t beat all I’ve ever seen. Why would you want to do something like that now?”

She tried to throw me off but she couldn’t quite do it because I was expecting her to try to. We must have wrestled on the bed for 10 minutes or so before we fell off the bed, I landed on top of her. I was afraid I might have hurt her so I immediately rolled off of her onto my back. We were still laughing and, in an instant, she was on top of my now completely hard cock. She started bouncing up and down on me as fast as she could go. Every time she went downward my cock would hit her G spot and an I would see a look of pleasure and satisfaction. She felt so good to me that I was close to coming within a very short period of time. I was also very arousing to watch her size C breast flopping up and down on each stroke. As I started coming, she bent over and put her hands around my neck and gave me a soft, sweet lingering kiss that lasted until I was completely through cumming.

She sat back up on me and said, “thanks for loving me and showing me what real tenderness is.

I replied, “Why didn’t you wait until you had an orgasm. You cheated yourself.”

“No, I didn’t I just wanted to please you and make you feel good. You don’t know how much I appreciate you making love to me and Sandy and Barbara for telling me it is OK.”

When she said that a thought flashed through my mind, “Barbara and Sandy are telling me who I can and cannot have sex with when they have gone out and had sex with others without my permission. How is that right.”

Then some thoughts occurred to me, “I know Sandy has a sexual addiction problem and Barbara has sworn to be true to me. Maybe what I’m thinking is all wrong. Or since I told them several times, I would remain faithful to them unless we were in group sex that they may want me to have sex with some closer to my age to give me an option to go with someone else besides the. But I’ve had sex with Johnnie and she’s my exact age. I don’t know I’m really confused.”

I heard from what seemed off in the distance a voice saying, “Lance darling are you all right. Lance what’s wrong.”

The sound of concern in the voice brought me back to present. I realized that Lacey was the voice I’d heard. When she saw my eyes snap back in to focus again in a very concerned voice.

“Lance are you alright. You seem off in another world. You have been staring at the wall for at least 5 minutes. Is it something I’ve done?” I pulled her close to me and kissed her. “I’m sorry Lacey, there was nothing you did wrong. I didn’t mean to ruin the loving we just had.”

She replied, “Do you want to talk about it now?” I looked at her and saw this wonderful, beautiful, and almost a woman girl with a very puzzled look on her face.

“Lacey, I don’t want to talk about it now. Maybe tomorrow. We need to start working on getting the house cleaned up. Tomorrow we’ll get the utilities set up in Sandy’s name.

Most of the house was very neat and clean thanks to Lacey except for then parts that her aunt and boyfriends used. We started in the kitchen and worked our way back to her aunt’s bedroom. By the time we got all of the trash out of the bedroom it was almost 7:00pm. We had a lot of fun working together. I had to go down to the hardware store and buy three more garbage cans to hold all the stuff we through away that day. That was in addition to the two cans we already had. I loved watching her work. She was very organized and she in spite of the tragedy at least it was a tragedy from her viewpoint, she was smiling and happy. I put on some rock music on WHBQ radio station.

I was still down about what I’d been thinking earlier but I didn’t want to dampen Lacey’s spirit so I tried to forget it and for the most part I was successful. Besides Lacey spirit and the way, she was dressed really helped. When we were ready to start working, she told me she was going to get her work clothes on. I expected to see her come out in an old sloppy sweatshirt and old jeans. When she came out, she nearly blew me away. Her hair was in a ponytail, she had on a blue denim shirt unbuttoned down almost to her waist, no bra and a pair of cutoff jeans that started below her navel and ended about the bottom of her butt cheeks and were so tight She could barely get them buttoned. I gave her a big wolf whistle.

“With you dressed like that how do you expect me to get any work done.”

She walked over to me in an exaggerated sexy walk and pressed herself tightly up against me and rubbed her hips across my hips until she felt me get hard. Then in that teasing southern drawl.

She said, “Now why do y’all think I was planning on working. You know all of us southern girls are just supposed to look pretty while you gallant southern gentlemen do all the hard work.”

I grinned at her and grabbed her butt and pulled her as close to me as I could and ground my hips and hard cock into her until I could hear her starting to breathe a little heavier and I could feel her nipples getting hard.

I said, Well Miss Scarlet O’Hara how do y’all know I’m a southern gentleman and you’re going to get your butt in gear and get busy cleaning.”

She came right back with, “Well Mr., Ret Butler I’ve heard such tales about you and how you take advantage of us ladies.” I couldn’t pass up the chance to comment,

“Frankly Scarlet I don’t give a damn.”

I then sun her around and slapped her on the butt and continued, “now get to work before I have to whoop you again you lazy bitch”.

She turned back around and gave me this really pouty, yet sexy look.

All she said was, “I do declare” and flounced out of the room with her beautiful hips just swaying as exaggerated as she could.

That’s how our day started and in Scarlet’s own words

I said, “I do declare that their girl is just down right distracting to a fellows work.”

Several times during the day she would catch me looking at her and smiling. When we realized it was almost 7:00pm we quit for the day.

We took a shower together and made love in the shower twice before we finished our showers and once on the bed before we got dressed to go to dinner. A historical note: In the early 1960s in Memphis, they rolled up the sidewalks at 9:00pm every evening. After spending two hours getting dressed, having sex, It was almost 10:00pm so we had to go to a drive-in to get a burger. We went to one that I’d gone to many times with Sandy. There were no parking slots and only a couple of lights. The lot was almost full of cars parked everywhere when we got there. But I managed to find a spot in the very back. I flashed my lights for service. Because it was Saturday night and there was a large crowd, we didn’t get a waitress for over half an hour. We were so hungry I thought we were going to starve. After about 10 minutes had passed, we realized we were not going to get service anytime soon.

When we got there Lacey was sitting in the middle of the front seat. In those days we didn’t have many cars with bucket seats. They were almost all front bench seats. I looked over at her and said, “Look you DDP (It stood for Damn Door Pusher in the slang of the day) get over here.

She said, “If I get over there, you’ll have my clothes off in 30 seconds and if you don’t, I’ll take them off in another 30 seconds.”

I looked at her sitting there. The night was clear, with an unusually low humidity and the moonlight was shining on her face. To me she looked like an angel. I just stared at her for a least a minute I was awestruck. She had to be the most beautiful 18-year-old in the world. Almost before I realized what I was doing I reached over and grabbed her arm and slid over next to her.

My mouth was on hers in another second. She opened her mouth and our tongues met as we both tried to get them in each other’s mouth. I slipped my hand inside her blouse expecting to find her bare breast but surprisingly she had a bra on. Being the stud, I thought I was I tried to reach around to her back and unhook it with one hand while still passionately kissing her. I kept fumbling and fumbling but I couldn’t get the last hook undone.

I commented, “Why did you wear a damn bra.”

She grinned at my discomfort and replied in her own voice, “Well sir I just wasn’t sure where we were going to eat and as you know and remarked many times, I have beautiful size 36C breast and if I not worn a bra my beautiful size 36C breast would have been bouncing all over the place.”

I grinned back at her and said, “So?”

Again, the sultry southern accent came out, “I do declare sir I wouldn’t be much of a lady if I let them just swing around were ever, they wanted in public, now would I.”

Before I could think of a good come back, she was out of her blouse, her bra and her shorts were unbuttoned. I grabbed her breast and gave them a big squeeze and kissed her again. As my hand slid down her soft pillow stomach, I realized she may have had a bra on but she didn’t have any panties on. As I was doing this, she unlike me deftly got my jeans unzipped and pulled my penis out of my shorts. It was as hard as it’d ever been. Both of us had completely lost track of where we were. She raised her hips and I pulled her shorts out from underneath her and pushed them so the floor. This left her completely naked except for her fully unbuttoned blouse.

I pulled her even closer to me and she was on top of me and my penis slid easily into her soaking wet vagina. As I started to thrust myself up into her, she started her own rhythm and soon she was so aroused she no longer realized how noisy she was getting. We had no way of knowing as we started to make love that one of the waitresses was making her way to the back of the lot to our car to take our order. The moon was shining brightly through the windshield on us which clearly made us visible from the outside. In addition, the windows were rolled down so sound in the still of the night carried a long way. As I was saying the waitress was coming to our car and we were so involved with each other we didn’t notice. First, she heard us but couldn’t tell which car it was coming from until she was right next to the open window. When she looked in, she saw two people vigorously engaged in sex. She was on his lap and bouncing up and down on him. We were not aware she was there until she decided to comment,

“Lance when your done with her she can take your order and I’ll get on top of you.”

We came out of our sexual fog in a heartbeat. Not just because someone said something but also because they said, “Lance”.

Lacey was off of me before you I could say, “Oops”. She pulled her blouse around her and reached to get her shorts. This left me sitting there with my hard sitting up at attention in the moonlight. The waitress continued.

“Heavens Lance the rumors around school were right you’re a big boy. And girl don’t bother to put your pants back on if you don’t take care of that piece of wood there I will get in the car and take care of it for you

. At first, I didn’t recognize who the waitress was but suddenly I recognized the voice.

I said, “Dana is that you.”

I thought, “Of all the luck someone I knew would catch us.”

After the initial shock was gone at who it was, I realized that in spite of Dana’s comment about getting dressed Lacey had gotten her blouse buttoned and her shorts on. My erection was also starting to go down as I slipped it back into my jeans.

I said, “Dana this is my girlfriend, Lacey. Lacey, Dana was a friend I met my freshman year in high school.”

Dana grinned and stuck her head inside the window and said, “I’m glad to meet you, Lacey. You’re a lucky girl.”

Lacey replied once again in her crazy accent, “I do declare it’s nice to meet y’all. Did Lance screw you too?”

I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe Lacey said that.

When Dana replied I couldn’t believe what she said either. But in a similar syrupy southern accent she replied, “why no darlin’ I’m a nice girl.”

I thought, Man I better jump in a stop this or I’m afraid I’ll have a fight on my hands.”

Dana was telling the truth though. I’d been with Sandy for a couple of years by that time. Lacey looked at Dana and grinned and said, “No offence, Dana I’m just his girlfriend not his wife.”

Dana grinned back and said, “Yeah I remember Lance introducing his friends aunt to me.”

The way she said aunt implied she knew more about Sandy than her being my aunt. Dana stuck her head in the window again.

“My Lance having a girlfriend and a wife must keep you busy.”

For a second, I was terrified that Lacey was going to say something about her not being my only girlfriend or about me having four children. She didn’t. I wanted to get Dana out of there before this conversation went any further.

So, I said, “I’ll have a double burger, fries and a large Pepsi. What do you want Lacey?”

It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped because Dana replied before Lacey could give her order, “I know what she wants. She wants some more of what you were giving her earlier.” I could tell Lacey didn’t like that any better than I did but she kept her cool.

“you bet I do and unlike you I’ll get some more later but for now I’d like the same thing Lance ordered except I want a 7Up.”

As she said this, she just looked a Dana with a look that said, “girl if you say anything else about Lance or me, I’ll come out of this car and kick your butt.”

Dana just said, “I have your order out in a minute”. She turned around and left. Lacey looked at me and said, “I think your friend was jealous. Did you really not ever have sex with her?”

By this time, I was pretty upset about the whole conversation but particularly with Lacey because she had started the whole conversation with her comment about Dana and I having sex. That was when I learned that Lacey hard life had a negative influence on her than I thought. I couldn’t imagine either Sandy or Barbara saying anything like that to a person they just met.

So, I curtly answered her, “No I already told you that. It sounds more like you’re the one that’s jealous”.

Lacey gave me a dirty look and move over next to the door. At this time in my life, I had not yet learned that women were big on symbolism that indicated their state of mind and feelings for the moment. I had hit the nail on the head when I said she was jealous even though I was trying to make a joke. But that wasn’t the real reason she said what she said. She was embarrassed at being caught by Dana, and she was just trying to level the playing field but it didn’t work because Dana and I had never had sex with each other. She wouldn’t even look at me for a while. I happen to look down at her hand and she was silently giving me the finger. All of the fingers on her left hand except the middle one was curled under.

After a couple of minutes, I realize that she felt very strongly about the situation because what I thought of her was very important to her. I was the only one that had treated her lovingly when we were having sex and she thought I’d betrayed her by appearing to side with Dana when I said that she, Lacey, was jealous. I looked back at her again and realized she was doing her best to keep herself from crying.

I moved over next to her and took her in my arms and said, “I’m sorry Lacey I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was just joking about you being jealous.”

Then the tears started to come. Lacey looked at her lap with the tears streaming down her face. I knew she had a lot bottled up inside of her from the years of being treated the way she had been. I pulled her head over on my shoulder and put my arms tightly around her and let her know it was OK to cry. We just sat there like that for quite a while. Another carhop brought out our burgers and didn’t say a word. She just hung the tray on the door and left. I learned later that Dana realized what had happen so she paid for our burgers and drinks. She sent someone else out to deliver them so she wouldn’t cause us anymore trouble.

Lacey’s tears finally started to dry up. In between sobs she said, “I’m sorry I said what I said to your friend, I know it wasn’t the right thing to do but you’re the only person I’ve ever cared about making love with. All those other drunk old men and even the younger guys I let have my body never ever saw a bit of emotion out of me. I told myself I’d never ever let them see me cry or that I cared if they screwed me or not. So, when your friend caught us, I was embarrassed because it was such an intimate and loving moment between us. I know that some of what’s happened in my life has hardened me but I’ve tried to be a tender and loving to you as you have been to me. I felt very vulnerable at that point. There we were in a moment so joyous between us and this person I didn’t know saw me loving you. And in addition to that I was bare-ass naked. I’m sorry I embarrassed you in front of her. I just felt like a slut.”

I listened to her pour her heart out to me. I felt very honored that she trusted me enough to open up herself to me like that. I knew at that point she really trusted me not to hurt her. I swore to myself that I would never do anything that would hurt her. She’d been hurt before so many times and in ways I’m sure I’d never understand. She had built this shield of sexual hardness around herself to keep from being completely destroyed and I was the only person she’d ever let in. I put my finger under her chin and tilted her head up until our eyes met.

Softly I said, “Lacey I feel so special that I’m the only person you’ve cared and trusted enough about to let me into your heart. I will never ever betray your trust, I promise. And please understand that as long as we both live, I will always be there for you. You can tell me anything and everything about what’s happened to you, how you feel or what your dreams are. I know you are a very good person and none of what happened to you is your fault. I also realize that you really don’t want to have sex with every guy you can. You just really want someone to love you, hold you and keep you safe.”

I really meant everything I said. I found myself falling in love with her. She was so sweet and beautiful. Both inside and out. Not in the same way I felt about Sandy and Barbara but very strongly anyway.

Her eyes glistened from the tears still in them. She reached up and kissed my lips ever so softly and said, “I love you, Lance Thompson. I know your committed to two other people I also love very much. Though not in the same way as I love you. I know that you will never be mine alone but I really want to be a part of your life and have you hold me and make me feel loved and secure. Darling, please don’t say anything more about it for now. Let’s just enjoy each other, play and work together.”

Now it was my turn to softly kiss her lips. I told her how proud I was of her and what a wonderful girl she was. I agreed to her request to enjoy each other, play, and work together. We got our clothes on straight, ate our dinner and then went back to Lacey’s house. It was after midnight by the time we got home. In accordance with the rules of Lacey’s house we took off out clothes and got ready for bed. When we got in bed Lacey said, “Lance I know you’re tired but could we finish what we were doing when we got interrupted at the drive-in? I thought, “Man you sure right about me being tired. It’s tough to keep up with a 18-year-old that loves sex as much as Lacey does even though I’m only 20. I wonder if Sandy had as hard a time keeping up with me when I was 18.” I remembered how much I liked sex when I was 18 although Sandy also had Johnnie to distract me.”

While I was thinking this Lacey, scooted up next to me and kissed me and said, “Please Lance, I need it.”

I turned to her and took her in my arms, pulled her even closer to me and started kissing her. We spent the rest of the night sleeping, waking up and having sex and going back to sleep. I think we spent more time having sex than sleeping. Since we didn’t get much sleep that night I slept late. When I woke up the bed was empty. I got up to find Lacey. She was in the kitchen fixing lunch. When I walked in, she gave a big smile and came over and gave me an even bigger kiss.

She said, “I was just coming to wake you up. I’ve finished cleaning my aunt’s room. It was sad for me to give away her clothes. I called the Salvation Army and they picked them up from the porch.”

I asked her how she got them to the porch without any clothes on.

She said, I broke the rules and put on a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt.”

I thought how sexy she must have looked in that, and that started it. She took one look at me and practically dragged me back to the bedroom. It didn’t take much longer before she was on me. It was almost two hours later when we finally ate lunch. We finished cleaning the house by about 6pm. We watched Star Trek and a show about the beginning of the FBI whose name I can’t remember. It was a beautiful evening. The moon was full so we put our clothes on. I got to see Lacey in her cutoff and t-shirt. I was right she was about the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. We were very tired when we got back. Especially Lacey since she had gotten up at 7AM that morning. We took our shower together which lead to more sex but we both fell asleep after that.

I woke up in the morning before Lacey. I looked over at her. She looked so beautiful lying there. She was sleeping on her back. Her auburn hair was spread out on her pillow. Her breast with their large aureoles looked like two vanilla scoops of ice cream topped with brown fudge. Her small, pillowed stomach looked so inviting. So did her auburn cover vagina. Her leg was spread apart from where we’d been sleeping and touching each other’s leg with our own. I quietly slipped out of bed and got back in and positioned myself in between Lacey outstretched legs. I gently kissed her vagina while I spread the lips to her vagina apart. I started to suck on her clit. Even though she was still asleep her clit started fill with blood. As my tongue darted in and out and across her clit she began to stir slightly and I heard a soft low moan. I continued my working on her clit with my tongue only slightly harder and more frequently. It wasn’t long before her clit was fully engorged with blood and hard as a rock. As I continued to give her head, she slowly became fully awake. She never opened her eyes but her hips started to respond to my attention. I continued my action for over 15 minutes until she was so aroused her hips would jerk every time, I touched her clit. She was beginning to get more insistent with her movements. She was moaning out loud now and asking for more and for me to put my cock in her.

“I wait it. I want it, please put it in me she kept saying over and over all the while getting louder and louder and more insistent until she could no longer control her movements. Her clit had become so sensitive that when I would touch her clit with my tongue, she would have a strong spasm of pleasure. I knew it would be long until she would reach a climax and have an orgasm. Sure, enough in a few minutes she was screaming “O god, o god I love it, I love it. Her clit was so sensitive by this time that I had to put as much pressure on her hips to hold them down on the bed so I could continue to drive her to a second and a third climax. She reached her third orgasm I bit down on her clit. Not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to feel the pain mixed with the pleasure. She loved hit. As her third climax subsided, she was so out of breath that I thought for a second, she was going to pass out. When she didn’t pass out, I got on top of her and held her completely immobile as I slipped my cock into her. I rammed it all the way to the back and when I hit her G spot, she climaxed an again for the fourth time and she drew her fingernails up my back leaving a long streak of blood from where her nails scratched both the left and right sides of my back. It hurt but at the same time it felt good. I’d never had rough sex like what she and I had that morning. I put all my weight on her body so the only thing she could move was her head. I gave her a hickey on her lower neck so deep that it took two weeks to go away. She squealed and wiggled while I was giving her the hickey but she couldn’t get away. We continued to have play and wrestle until we were both so tired, we fell asleep again. We didn’t wake up until almost noon. She woke up before I did and returned the favor of earlier in the morning. I woke up to her sitting on my chest with her back facing the head of the bed. She was sucking on my penis as hard as she could. Not giving a blowjob but giving my penis a hickey. I raised up so quickly that I almost threw her off of the bed. I had to grab her to keep her from falling.

I said, “Hey, you devil what are you doing.”

She laughed and grabbed my penis again and started sucking on the same spot even harder. Before I could get her off of me and keep her away from my cock, she had given me a hickey on the head about the size of a quarter. She finally got off of me and I grabbed her and forced her legs all the way over her head and put my weight on her so she couldn’t protect herself from my thrust and started banging her as hard as I cold. I could feel the blows on the back of her vagina on the head of my cock each time I thrust myself in her. At first, she was whining about how much it hurt. I knew it hurt a little but I also knew from our previous session of rough sex she didn’t want me to stop. Soon she quit trying to get away and put her arms tightly around my back and once again started raking my back with her finger nails all the while she had this look of pure ecstasy on her face and not instead of whining, she was moaning and begging me to cum in her. I grinned down at her just before she came as she once again raked her nails up my back.

I said, “you wouldn’t be that lucky, bitch.”

I then jumped off of her and started running for the living room. Like a cat she was on her feet and running after me.

She said, “Ok shit head you asked for it. If you don’t give me what I want I’m going to make you look like a red and white stripped zebra.”

I ran around the sofa and into the kitchen then out to the dining room. I have to admit she really looked as if she meant it. We ended up back in the living room me at one end of the sofa and her at the other. She was rocking back and forth on first one leg then the other trying to keep me guessing which way she was going to run. By this time, we were both breathing so hard and laughing at the same time. Finally, she let out a loud hiss and cat like jumped straight over the sofa towards me. I jumped back trying to not let her grab me but she was 18 and I was 20 so with another leap she was on top of me knocking me down on to the floor. She pounced on me and grabbed my balls with one hand and put all her weight on me. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t throw her off. With the hand she had on my balls she dug her long fingernails into them. It really hurt.

She said in the voice she could muster she said, “Promise me you won’t try to get away you bastard or I’ll smash one of the nice little round things in between my fingers until you throw up.” She then gave them a good firm squeeze and dug one of her nails into my balls until I almost did throw up.

I thought, “Man she’s tough I sure wouldn’t want her mad at me for real. I said, Ok, Ok I give I won’t move I promise.”

She said, Are you going to do everything I tell you to exactly like I tell you to do it.

I thought. “Well, this masochist and sadist thing should be interesting”.

She slowly got up off of me but kept her hand on my balls. She started standing up on her feet putting me to my feet by my balls. She started pulling me towards the bedroom. When she we got to the bed, she let go of me and ordered me to lie down on my back on the bed. She told me not to move. She left the room and in about a minute she was back with one hand behind her holding something I couldn’t see. She sat down on the edge of the bed and took one of her nails and pulled it across my chest until she drew blood.

She said, “OK my toy close your eyes and put your hands over your head.”

I did as she told me and before I could tell what was happening, she slipped a piece of rope over each hand and tied it to each bed post. Without a word she left and came back with two more ropes and as I struggled to get my hands loose, she tied one foot to each post at the foot of the bed.

She grinned at me and said in her syrupy fake southern voice, “Well I do declare it looks like your right helpless now.” I guess I can do just about anything I want with my little boy toy and you can’t stop me.”

I wasn’t worried about what she’d do because I trusted her completely. I knew she wouldn’t do anything to really hurt me. One thing I hadn’t mentioned before was that every time we’d had sex, I’d insisted on wearing a rubber so I wouldn’t get her pregnant. I didn’t have one on at the time because we’d just been playing around. She started playing around with my cock until I was completely hard. She continued talking her fake voice.

“My lord, look at that thing I wonder how big it is. It’s about the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

I started to say something. S. he put her finger on my lips

“Now you listen here boy toy don’t y’all say a word unless I tell you to.”

She continued on, “now I do wonder what did I do with those rubbery things you insist on putting on that little sweet thing there.”

Again, I started to say something.

She replied, “Now little boy toy y’all can’t seem to keep your mouth shut. I guess momma’s just going to have to punish you.”

With that she started jacking me off. I was already fully hard so it didn’t take long before I started to swell and leak precum.

“Well lord almighty look like the poor things sprung a leak. No wonder you want to put one of the rubbery things on it. You’re embarrassed for me to see it leaky and sticky.

The whole time she been talking she had continued to stroke me. I knew I was going to cum any second. Just as I was starting to ejaculate, she clamped down hard on it to stop the process entirely.

“Now, now dear boy y’all ain’t going to cum until I tell you to, are you?

I was grinned at her and shook my head no. “Well, I am glad y’all learned not to talk.”

She started stroking me again. Just like the time Barbara and Sandy had done. As soon as I started to cum, she choked it off again.

Once again, she said, “where did those rubbery things go. I think you call them condos or something’ like that that. Well, no matter you can’t stop me from doing what I want anyhow. I guess I’ll just have to climb aboard without one.”

She got on top of me and slipped my penis into her very wet vagina. She went up and down on me a couple of times.

In her normal voice she said, “Lance I’m sorry to do this to you but I want you baby so bad. I can tell this is my fertile period and it’s been two weeks since my last period so it’s the right time for me to get pregnant. I hope you don’t hate me for this but both Barbara and Sandy have babies by you and I want one to. I love you and I really want to have a life that you created inside of me.”

She went up and down a couple more times on me.

I said, “Please Lacey don’t do this. You’re not even through high school. A baby now would ruin your life.”

Lacey said, “Lance I was serious when I said don’t talk. You can’t talk me out of this.”

"Come on Lacey this isn’t funny anymore untie me and let’s discuss this.”

“No, I’m going to have your baby and there is nothing you can really do to stop me.”

I was getting desperate. I started to wiggle to try and get loose.

She said, “It wouldn’t do you any good. The more you wiggle the closer you’ll come to ejaculating.”

I realized she was right because the more I wiggled around in her the harder I got. I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

“Lance, I know you’ll probably hate me for this and never want to see me again but no matter what I can’t have you and someday you’ll be gone anyway. This way a part of you will still be with me.”

Suddenly the dam broke and she started to cry. Here I was tied up and I couldn’t do anything. I felt so sorry for her. She continued to sit on me and cry. By this time my hard was completely gone. I knew that didn’t matter though because with just a few right moves and I’d be hard again. Her tears were running down her face and falling on my chest. She leaned over and gently kissed my lips as she started to move her hips. I slipped out of her but as I knew that wouldn’t stop her. Still crying she just got off of me and took my limp penis in her mouth and started sucking on it. In less than a minute I was rock hard again. She got back on top of me and it seemed to magically slip right back into her wet vagina. She started slowly undulating her hips and this time it didn’t get limp or slip out. I tried as hard as I could to think of things that would make it soft again but it was no use. After all there was a beautiful girl sitting on top me. One that I’d held in my arms and made love to practically full time since we’d gotten to Memphis. I knew she knew what she was going was wrong but she was so desperate. She continued to cry as she slowly undulated on me. I tried one more time.

“Please Lacey don’t do this. You’ll regret it all your life. You might even come to hate the baby and me both.

Quietly she said, “No I can’t ever hate you or the baby you are going to give me.”

We both fell silent as she continued to slowly undulate her hip back and forth. I could feel my penis getting larger and harder. I just didn’t know what to do. I could just hope she was wrong and wouldn’t get pregnant. I don’t know exactly what else was going through my mind but I just yelled out,

“Damn its Lacey, I love you but you can’t do this”

I guess the shock of me yelling at her and saying I loved her stopped her movement. All I know is me saying I loved her certainly shocked me. She sat there not moving for what seemed like an eternity not saying a word just crying. We sat there in silence except for her crying quietly for several minutes. I finally thought of what to say to her to tell her how I felt about her and what I was thinking.

“Lacey, I know you know what your doing isn’t right. I also know you feel it is the only way you can ensue you’ll not be alone in the world if something happens between my family and you. Not just me but Sandy, Barbara, and the kids. Since you came to our house you’ve felt like you had a family and it made you feel good. Now that you’ve thought about it some more you’ve become afraid it’s too good to last. I understand that feeling. Barbara went through the same thing. But Lacey what your doing is wrong! The worst part of it is you can’t bring a child into the world just to have something to hang onto. Eventually you would come to resent the child and it probably would end up feeling like you feel now.”

When I said this Lacey, cries became even louder and more tears began to fall.

I continued on, “In addition to that being wrong you know what it feels like to be raped and basically that what you’re doing to me. I know you probably feel that a female can’t rape a male but that’d not true. Rape is when someone forces someone else to have sex with them. You have me tied up and I can’t move so you are forcing me to have sex with you. I know you really don’t want to do that. You feel that you love me and you just want to have a part of me to hang on to. But Lacey neither Sandy nor Barbara will abandon you. But you can’t use a baby as a way to make us continue to take you in. Do you understand?”

When I ask her if she understood she broke out in great big loud sobs and literally fell off of me. In between her sobs she keeps trying to say she was sorry and she loved me and didn’t what to hurt me. I tried to explain to her that it hurt me she didn’t trust me enough to just tell me what she was feeling. She lay curled up next to me in the fetal position for a long time. I tried to convince her to untie me and let me hold her and we could talk about it some more. I knew she was a good girl and to see her so desperate and lonely was breaking my heart.

I made one more appeal to her goodness and feelings for her to untie me. We’d been lying there for over an hour with her curled up in the fetal position as close to me as she could get. I knew now that I’d overestimated her maturity. After all she was only 16 and 2 months old and a junior in high school. She has been slowly crying less and less and softer and softer. She finally stopped crying and came out of her fetal position. She turned on her side facing me and put her arms around my neck.

She began, “Lance I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. You know I’d never do anything to hurt you. I just don’t know what to do. I want you so bad and I can’t bear the thought of not having your arms around me when I hurt or not wanting to touch me.”

I didn’t reply right away because I was thinking what about what she was saying and what we’d been doing since we had gotten here. Before I had said anything, she took her arms from around my neck and reached up an untied my right hand and the reached across me to untie my left hand. When she did that her breast hit me in the face. I could smell her perfume and felt the softness of her breasts. It made me so sad to think of this loving and sweet person in so much pain. As she was untying my left hand, I gently kissed her right breast. When she’d untied my left hand, she got up on her knees to untie my legs. Her bent over like that with her shapely breast hanging down and her small stomach was the most incredibly sexy and arousing thing I’d ever seen. Fortunately, I was able to keep my penis in check and it didn’t get hard. When my feet were free, she just sat up and didn’t move. I sat up also and put my arm around her shoulder and gently pulled her to me.

Out came another flood of tears. Her whole body was shaking with the great sobs that went along with her tears. I slowly pulled her over to me and put her head on my shoulder and tried to make comforting shushing sounds. I held her like that until she slowly began to stop crying. I then lay back on the bed and pulled her down until she was lying on the bed with her head resting on my right shoulder. I didn’t really have a good idea of what time it was but I didn’t dare look at my watch for fear she’d notice and think I wanted away from her.

We just lay there in the semi dark until she had completely stopped crying and then she fell asleep. The whole time we’d been lying there I was trying to think of what I should do. There were so many thoughts going through my head. I was sure of one thing. I really enjoyed having sex with her and I had been growing very close to her until this happened. I knew that Sandy had her fitted for a diaphragm but what if she had taken it out before tonight. I knew that they were only about 90% reliable if the spermicide wasn’t used. I only remembered seeing her use the cream a couple times. I also knew that Sandy and Barbara neither one would be very happy if they found out what Lacey had tried tonight. I also knew how Lacey felt and what was going through her mind. I snuggled even closer to her and put my arms around her.

I thought, “I’ll try to figure something out tomorrow.”

I knew we had to get the utilities set up in her name tomorrow and make an appointment to arrange for the mortgage payments to be made. We slept until late that morning. The stress of the night before had exhausted us both. When I woke up Lacey was lying partially on top of me with one breast on my chest and her hand lying across my crotch. I tried to get out from under her without waking her but as soon as I moved, she was wide awake.

I felt very awkward as I slipped out from under her. She looked terrible. Her eyes were still red and her eyelids puffy from all the crying last night. As she looked at me, I could tell she didn’t know what to say to me and I didn’t know what to say to her. We just sort of stared at each other. I was afraid she was going to start crying again. I wasn’t mad at her or anything like that because I knew why she did what she did. And part of what she did was my fault. If I’d stayed true to my original feelings and we hadn’t used our family house rules and stayed dressed in each other’s company she probably wouldn’t have gotten so carried away. She was looking for me straight in the eyes but she had no idea what to say. We could not just pretend it didn’t happen.

I said, “Lacey, obviously we have to talk about what happened last night. Just tell me what are you feeling right now and what are your thoughts now.”

Once again Lacey proved how strong she was.

She said, “I’m not going to cry, whine or feel sorry for myself. Lance I’m terribly sorry for what I did to you and for what I tried to do by getting pregnant. It was so terribly wrong of me.”

At this point I could see she was fighting back the tears. I didn’t say anything I just waited for her to continue.

“What I told you last night about how I felt I did mean. I understand now that the way I reacted to those feeling was horribly wrong and also immoral. Even though I’ve been taken advantage of many times by my aunt's boyfriends, that is no excuse for me to do what I did. Especially to someone that has treated me so lovingly and kind. Your whole family has treated me just like one of their own and to pay you back the way I did just because I’m scared and lonely is wrong and not what I meant to do. I never wanted to hurt you. I of all people should know better after the others have treated me. Lance I’m so very sorry can you ever forgive me. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t but I sure hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”

I was stunned. I knew she was going to be sorry for what she did but I didn’t expect her to have such an insight as to her own feelings. It took me awhile to gather my thoughts in light of what she had said.

Finally, I said, “Lacey, I knew that you were sorry for what you did even while you were doing it. I forgave you when you did it. All of us Christians have done such terrible things to our Lord, Jesus and yet he has forgiven us all our sins even before we’ve done them. I would have no right not to forgive you for what you did. I feel it’s partially my fault too. If I’d refused to have had sex with you and hadn’t followed the family house rules on being undressed it might not have ever happened.”

Before I could even finish what, I was saying Lacey interrupted,

“Oh no Lance nothing that you did or said or anything caused what happened to happen. It was all me feeling sorry for myself and just wanting to have a part of you for me. Please don’t think that us having sex or being naked around each other caused it. Believe me it didn’t. In fact, I’d probably wanted it even more if you hadn’t shared your body with me. I do love you. I know you can’t respond in the same way to me but that’s OK now. I understand that your treating me with such tenderness and kindness is because you see me as a good person even if I feel that I’m not. Please don’t withdraw from me. I wouldn’t blame you if you did but I promise I’ve learned a lesson from all this and I just want to be with you and have you in any way I can. I really would like to still have you want to continue to have sex with me and allow me to hold you and feel you inside of me. I also realize that when Sandy and Barbara hear about this, they may not want me in the house ever again and I wouldn’t blame them either for feeling that way. I sure hope they can forgive me also. I would just ask that you not tell them anything about it until we get back. I will not ask you to keep any secrets from them. Please just let me talk to them about it face to face.”

Once again, I saw her fighting back the tears but her strength prevailed and not one tear was shed. I then knew that I couldn’t just throw her away because she’d made a mistake. I’d made many of them myself and I sure wanted to be forgiven. I knew Sandy and Barbara would feel the same way too.

So, I said, “I don’t think there is any need for us to change what we’ve been doing here and I will respect your wishes about telling Barbara and Sandy when we get home.”

It made me feel good when I saw the feeling of relief and happiness that crossed her face when she heard me say that.

“There is one question I’ve got to ask you, however. Except for last night have you been wearing your diaphragm the whole time we’ve been here?”

Lacey replied, “Yes Lance darling I took it out for the first-time last night after I tied you up”.

“What about the spermicide.?”

“To be honest I’ve haven’t used it every time we’ve had sex. I felt kind of embarrassed getting it out in front of you and saying wait don’t put in me until I use this. I promise I will from now on. I’ll carry it in my purse everywhere we go and use it faithfully.”

She jumped up on her knees and threw her arms around me and gave me one of those wonderful kisses only she had.

She whispered, “I’ll be right back don’t go anywhere”.

She jumped off the bed and literally ran into the bathroom. She didn’t bother to close the door or she forgot but anyway from where I was in the bed I could she her reflection in the mirror. She got out the case that contained her diaphragm and took it out and carefully inserted it into her vagina. Next, she got out the injector and filled it with cream and inserted it in her vagina and emptied the entire tube. I could certainly understand why she didn’t like doing that. It was awkward and being a young girl, she felt very self-conscience about it. As I watched her, I was trying to decide if I should continue having sex with her or not. After all she was three years younger than I was. It would be hard to give up sex with her. She was probably better than Sandy at sex. Besides you were having sex at 14. what was giving pause about the sex was not wanting to make her condition worse. On the positive side of having sex was it might really set her back if I didn’t give the way she felt about me. As I watched her get ready, I knew it would be almost impossible not to have sex. I thought that I was falling in love with her. As she was preparing for our encounter, I watched her tits swinging back and forth when she bent over. Her auburn hair fell across her shoulders. She had very shapely legs. Not thin like a lot of girls. The closest famous person to her body was Marilyn Monroe except for the color hair. I finally decided that I should go ahead and continue to have a relationship with her including sex. Especially since I’d already said yes and because of her look of happiness when I’d said it. When we got back home, I could get advice from Sandy and Barbara.

When Lacey came out of the bathroom, she had redone her hair, put on some light makeup as well as preparing her birth control. I though “Lance you could never say no to her. It’s a good thing you made your decision prior to seeing her. Now you know what’s the right thing to do. She stood in the bathroom door and made a series of sexy poses for me. After the first one I was rock hard. She walked over to the bed and pushed me down on my back and sat on top of me.

She said, “Sweetheart I want to finish what I started last night only safely no children wanted.” She wiggled her butt just slightly and with the combination of my hard and her well lubricated vagina I slipped into her without any trouble. As with last night she began sliding back and forth on my groin. This caused my cock to move deeper into her as well as pull toward the entrance.

I said, “OK girl you be careful I don’t want to slip out.”

She grinned and said, “you mean like this.” She gave a little bigger push forward and it slipped right out.

I said, “You’re a mean bitch.”

She replied, “No I’m not I just wanted to show you I’m in control now with you volunteering to let me have control. “Having said that she pushed her butt backwards and raised up slightly and my cock slid right back in place. A thought entered my mind. “where in the world did, she get so much experience for a 18-year-old. She also gave the best head I’d ever had except for Sandy and Barbara. Lacey wasn’t quite as good as they were but still very good for a 18-year-old. As Lacey kept her slow rhythm going, I was getting more and more aroused. This is what would have happened last night if it had been voluntary. I was beginning to not be able to keep my body still. I started wiggling underneath her. She put even more of her weight on me to stop my movements.

She leaned over and gave me a long lingering kiss. Her tongue was touching every part of my mouth. This aroused me even more. After the kiss she sat back up and continued her slow rhythmic movements. She got this strange look on her face like she was going to cum any minute but she still continued her slow movements. As I started to swell a look of pure pleasure passed over her face and I heard her sigh of contentment as I started to ejaculate.

I tried not to move so she could maintain control of both of us. She raised up ever so slightly and leaned forward this put her clit directly in contact with my penis. She was able to accomplish two things with this movement. One was it took the curve out of my hard cock which caused a milking kind of action as if she was working on getting every ounce of cum out of me. Man did that feel good. It also was in the correct position for the heads of my penis to hit directly on her G Spot as well as work her clit. In another minute Lacey was cumming.

I was only 20 years old but given the age I started having sex and having one wife and a live-in mistress I’d had a tremendous amount of sexual activity and I’d never ever heard a female have an orgasm like Lacey did that time. When she started to cum, she screamed the loudest cry of pleasure I’d heard except when the Captain was screwing Sandy. Only it didn’t stop there. She had stopped her slow motion and was bucking around on me.

Yelling, “Oh man, this is the best sex I’ve ever had. I love, I love it!! Lance my darling I want you forever and ever. You can screw me anytime and anywhere you want to.”

Her orgasm then peaked and she was just screaming at the top of her voice, “Oh man, Oh man. I’mmmmmm cuuuuuming.”

During the time she was reaching her climax I started cumming also. I’d had not gotten soft after my ejaculation. As she was coming down, I was going up. I threw her over on her side And then flipped her on her back without my cock coming out of her. I then started ramming her as hard as I could. I got so carried away with my own pleasure I was ramming my penis all the way back to the back of her vagina. She started moaning and telling me she was mine and she always would be mine. She was raking her finger nails up and down my back.

She was starting another orgasm while saying, “Give me your wonderful penis. Go as hard inside me as you can, please pleaaaaaase. Screw me, screw me. Screw me.”

She came right before I did and almost bucked me off of her when she came. That started me cumming and I was ramming her as hard and fast as I could and every time my cock hit her G spot and then the back of her vagina she would moan and tell me how much she loves it. She finally reached another climax. As we both came down off of our orgasms, we lay down next to each other on our side and I took her in my arms and we kissed and I sucked on her nipples until they were hard. Then I nibbled my way down to her bellybutton. She started wiggling and telling me to stop it because it tickled. Big mistake. I started tonguing it more and more until she was in a fit of hysterical laughter.

She looked so cute lying there laughing and trying to get away from me while I licked her bellybutton. Then I move on down to her clit. No laughing there. As soon as I started giving her head. She started jerking every time I touched it with my tongue.

We spent the rest of the day getting the utilities changed. We also met with an officer from the mortgage. He didn’t seem too concerned about Lacey’s aunt dying as long as the mortgage was paid. I gave him a check from Sandy for a year’s worth of mortgage payments and he seemed happy with that.

The weather was nice so we decided to take a drive out in the country. We went home and got some stuff for a picnic and stopped by the grocery store for food. One thing I’d found out about Lacey on this trip was she didn’t like to cook. She made a good breakfast but not anything else. I didn’t cook either. In fact, very few males cooked in those days. Now BBQ was a different story but fixing regular meals wasn’t in a male’s skill set and apparently not in Lacey’s either. When we’d gotten our picnic stuff together, we drove over to a large park that also contained the city zoo. We decided to visit the zoo before we found a picnic spot.

The zoo was a lot of fun. Lacey and I both really enjoyed it. It was good to see her able to act like a normal 18-year-old. One funny incident happened while we were watching the monkeys. When we walked up there was not one around but us. We got so interested in watching them we didn’t notice the school group of fifth graders come up. We were watching a pair of orangutans.

he male was sitting outside of what apparently was there sleeping place. The female came out of the cave and started nibbling on the male’s neck. Then she ran over to the entrance to the cave and turned around and looked at the male as if to say, “Come on honey let’s make love.”

The male just shook his head and didn’t move. She waited a minute or two and then decided he wasn’t coming so she ran back over to him and started playing with his penis and balls. Lacey not realizing the class was there much less the one of the mothers standing next to her talking to the teacher. When the female started playing with the males’ genitals.

She said in a voice that was almost a normal volume, “Hey, Lance that’s exactly what happened the first time I got you to screw me.”

Then we realized the kids and parents were there. All the kids went, “OMMMM”. The mother and the teacher said, “child, what did you just say?

“Lacey turned about two shades of red. I just laughed at her embarrassment. I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

I said to the mother, “you think that’s bad you ought to hear what she says after she gets me in bed.”

Both the mother and the teacher were shocked and it was their turn to be embarrassed.

The mother said, “I ought to report you to the police young man you shouldn’t be having sex with a child this young.”

Actually, I’d never thought about that before. Then I realized that the age of consent in Tenn. was 16 at that time.

So, I replied, “Well you got to get them young and train them right”.

The mother got almost apoplectic and replied, “Well I never”

At that point Lacey had been enjoying the exchange but she couldn’t resist either. In her syrupy voice Lacey said, “Well madam I do declare but I’m sure you haven’t either.”

At that point we decided leaving was a good idea. We left the two women speechless and the kids giggling. We never did see if the female orangutan got the male in the cave. We were laughing so hard that we could hardly talk. We finally had to stop and sit down for a minute. We’d laughed so hard that we were out of breath. We finally caught our breath and stopped laughing.

Lacey said, “I guess we shouldn’t have done that but I was so ticked off at them. I was whispering in your ear and besides I didn’t even see the kids. Oh well, that won’t be the last time they’ll hear the word screw.”

We decided that it was time for us to find a spot for our picnic lunch. The part is quite large about 1.5 miles on a side so we drove around until we found a nice spot with a lot of trees that was pretty excluded. It was at the end of a short dead-end road. I got the picnic basket out of the car. Lacey spread out the big blanket she brought. While she set up the lunch I went back to the car and got the radio. It was one of the first transistor radios made. It ran off of batteries and cost $80. In those days that was a lot of money. We tuned in WHBQ. It was a station that played almost nothing but rock and roll music. When I turned it on Elvis was singing Heartbreak Hotel? We had sat down next to each other. I looked at her and at that moment she was the most beautiful girl in the world. She had on a white skirt and a loose white blouse with no bra. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her green eyes blazed with life. The skirt was pulled up over her knees and her legs were so shapely and oh so visible. When she moved, I could see her large perky breasts pushing against her blouse. I don’t think I’d ever seen her this happy.

As the song played, she turned to me and her face got serious as she said, “Lance, you won’t ever send me to Heartbreak Hotel, will you?”

I looked at the seriousness in her beautiful face and heard the tone in her voice. I put my hand under her chin and pulled her over until our lips were almost touching.

“Lacey, I think you are one of the most wonderful and pretty girls in the world. I’d be a fool if I ever let you go. “

I pulled her face the final 2 inches or so until our lips meet. She put her tongue in my open mouth and it started searching every nook and cranny of my mouth. We pressed our lips even harder together. We continued to kiss as I put my left arm around her neck and shoulders as the kissing got more intense. My right hand was on her right knee. I started sliding it down her lower thigh slowly toward her vagina. The closer I got to the more passionate. she became. It really felt wonderful to me to have such a sweet and wonderful girl so hot for me. Once again, I thought of how lucky I was. I had three beautiful females, Two women and one almost woman in love with me. I, to this day at 61 years old, do not understand how I could have been so lucky. Man, I miss Sandy!

As we continued to kiss each of us holding the others head together as if the world depended on it my hand finally reached its destination. When my hand got there, I found out not only did Lacey not have a bra on but she didn’t have any panties either.

I broke the kiss for a second long enough for me to whisper, “where are your panties little girl.”

She quickly replied, “Well I though being at the zoo I might run into the big bad wolf and I wanted to be prepared.”

She reached down and grabbed my crotch and said, “It looks like you are prepared too.”

I knew where this was going. The day was warm but not hot. There was a gentle breeze creating a rustling sound and the humidity was low. A perfect day for screwing outdoors. I slid my finger inside her. As I did, she gave a low moan of pleasure.

In a tender loving voice said, “Lance screw me. Please! I’ve got my spermicide right here with me.”

That was when I learned that using birth control wasn’t as easy as I had thought. I had to break off contact. She had to get her purse and fill the injector. Then she had to pull up her skirt and stick the injector in her vagina and inject the cream. Man, that was a mood breaker. I sure wish that we had birth control pills in those days. But they weren’t available on the market until five years later. Using a condom was probably a little easier but not quite as safe. When she was done Lacey looked at me and gave me a little shy smile.

“Sorry I didn’t do that ahead of time but I wasn’t sure if we’d be having sex while we were out today. I was hoping we would but if we walked around a lot it might start to run out.”

I kissed her lightly on the neck and told not to worry about it.

I said, “don’t feel bad about it. Having sex with you is worth waiting for as long as required. Beside it sure gave me a wonderful view of your body while you were injecting it.”

Lacey came back immediately with her syrupy voice. It was the first time since we’d been in Memphis, I’d her talk that way when she was happy. Well maybe the second time.

Anyway, she said, “Well Mr. Lance if that is what y’all is interested in that, let’s see what little ol' me can do for you.”

She grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up above her waist then in one swift move she unbuttoned her blouse. She was sitting there with almost all of her body visible to me.

She glanced down at the crotch of my jeans and said in her syrupy, “Well Mr. Lance I suspect that I was mighty right about you. It looks like you do want to screw me.”

She was grinning the whole time she said that and when she was done, she fell forward and catching me off guard knocked me on my back and was on top of me before I could say a word. I had come to realize over the three days we’d been in Memphis that Lacey loved to wrestle. The physicality of it plus the closeness really turned her on. She was also pretty strong for a female her size. At that time, I was 6 feet one inch tall and weighed 185 pounds but I had a fight on my hands when we were wrestling.

Since she caught me by surprise, she was able to get on top of my chest. She tried reaching behind her to unbuckle my belt. With her other hand she was trying to keep me pinned down. We were both giggling and laughing as I tried to get out from under her before she undid my belt. She managed to get my belt undone but not my zipper before I rolled over and knocked her on her back on the blanket. It was not a hot day but it was warm enough so that we both were sweating a little. When she went over on her back, she let out a scream of surprise and in a flash, I was sitting on her legs with my knees on each side of her hips. I had her arms pinned about her head. Neither of us paid any attention to the fact that her blouse was all the way open and her skirt was bunched up around her hips. We were still giggling and laughing but not loudly. Our faces were about five inches apart. I stared down into those beautiful green eyes of hers. Sweating running off my face on to her’s. She raised her head just as I was lowering mine to kiss her. While we were kissing and she had me distracted she was unbuttoning my shirt. When she got my shirt unbuttoned, she started rubbing her hands up and down my chest. The kiss grew more intense. Suddenly she squealed and tried to buck me off of her. She was able to throw me off.

I said, “So little girl you want to play rough do you and clamped my hand over her mouth and started to tickle her. She was trying to roll from right to left to get me off of her.

I said in a fake mean voice, “Little girl you don’t think you can get away from me do you.”

Just as I finished saying that I found myself being knocked to the ground on my back by two big police officers. They were calling me all sorts of names. Before I was even over my shock my hands were handcuffed behind my back and lying on the ground face down. From what I could see a third officer was pulling Lacey to her feet. When he did that, I realized they thought I was attacking her. I was on top of her with her naked from the waist down and her blouse open exposing her breast. Somebody must have heard her scream and called the police and they showed up just in time to hear me call her little girl and tell her she couldn’t get away.

I knew we had a problem. Lacey would tell them what happened but she didn’t have any ID and she looked like she was about 15 years old. Even if they believed her, they’d check everything out and find out her aunt had died and she had no guardian. Then she’d end up in foster for a year.

I tried to say something but the senior cop just kicked me in the side and said, “shut your making love mouth, creep”.

I could see that Lacey was terrified. One of the cops asked her, “Did he attack you her or bring you from somewhere else?” I thought good she’ll tell them what happen and they might let us go.”

She was so frightened and shocked she could hardly speak. The officer was very sympathetic and he said, “Don’t worry child he can’t hurt you.”

This was when we found out that she couldn’t always control her speech when she was scared. In her syrupy fake southern voice, “My goodness officer you thought I didn’t want him to have sex with little o me? My goodness. I surely did want him to have sex with me. He was going to pay right handsomely for having sex with me.”

I thought, “Oh no, she’s telling them she’s a whore.” I knew what she was trying to do but they’ll just arrest us both. Before they could shut me up I manager to get out of my mouth,

“Lacey don’t do it. Just tell them the truth.” One of the officers growled at me, “I thought I told you to shut up, boy”.

He started over to kick me again when one of the other officers said, “Let him alone Roy. Stand him on his feet and let’s see what he has to say. Something don’t seem right here.”

The officer jerked me to my feet and said, “Alright boy now you tell us what’s happening here.”

I said, “I’m sorry officers but what she’s saying is not true. She’s just scared. She’s not a whore. She doesn’t use that fake voice and southern accent unless she really scared. My name’s Lance Thompson and she my girlfriend, Lacey Redmond. We just came here for a picnic.”

I pointed out the picnic basket we’d opened up. I continued on, “we got to teasing each other and we got to wrestling around.”

The senior officer interrupted me with, “If that’s true why is your girlfriend almost naked.”

“We’d gone to the Wolf River and decided to take a swim we took off our clothes and swam. When we got back to the shore someone had taken her wallet, bra, and panties,”

It wasn’t a very plausible story but I didn’t have another idea to tell them why Lacey wasn’t wearing underwear.”

In those day almost no decent girl ever went without underwear.

The officer turned to Lacey and asked, “Is what the boy says true.”

Lacey had calmed down by then and got her skirt on straight and her blouse buttoned back up. In her normal voice she replied to the officer’s question with,

“Yes sir. We’re planning on getting married this coming fall. I’m sorry officer about lying to you but I was scared Lance was going to get in trouble. We just got carried away wrestling. We do that all the time. I’m so embarrassed about what I said and how you gentlemen saw me. My mother will kill me if she finds out about this. Please officers don’t tell her.”

The three cops looked at each other. One of the other cops walked over real close to Lacey and said, “girl you look like you’re about 15 years old except for how well your tits are developed.”.

“Oh, no sir I’m 18 and Lance my boyfriend is 20”, Lacey replied.

The senior cop looked at us for a minute and said, “OK kids we’ll let you go this time but girl you better be careful around this boy. Your mama will sure enough kill you if you get pregnant.”

As they were walking away one of them said to the others,

“Did you see the tits on that girl. I wouldn’t mind screwing her myself.” The senior one said, “Yeah like she’d let you screw her.”

When they were gone, we sat down on the blanket. I said, “Wow we sure were lucky. They could have arrested us both. Thanks for trying to save me but your too pretty and dressed to nice to be a whore.

Lacey smiled and said, “Yes except for the no underwear thing. Did you see that younger cop staring at my body before he let me stand up?

By the time the incident was all over we were starving. We got out the food and without saying a word we wolfed it down. While we ate, we talked about the incident. Lacey tried to apologize saying it was her fault. I told her it was as much my fault as hers. I got carried away too. We both agreed that we were going to have to stop having sex in public places or where we could be seen.

While we were eating since we agreed about the sex issue, we got a chance to talk about ourselves a little. I told Lacey about how my high school years went. About playing football and some of the interesting people I’d met. I didn’t tell her about any of my experiences with Sandy or Barbara except about us falling in love and getting married. I told her about the kids and how much I loved them.

Then I asked her about what her aspirations and dreams were for when she completed high school. She told me about wanting to get her life back on track and go to college. She talked with a great deal of passion about how she had always wanted to part of a loving family and how she felt like she had found one with my family. How much she appreciated everything Sandy and I were doing for her. She talked about wanting to join our family after she finished high school and eventually have some children, she told me she knew that might be impossible but that was her dream.

We finished our picnic and I asked her if she wanted to go back to the zoo, take a drive around the countryside or just go home and finish working in the yard. She looked at me and a little smile crossed her face and she said, “Well, you probably know already what I really want to do is go home and have all the sex we can stand. However, we really need to get the yard cleaned up. I don’t want the neighbors to be unhappy with the way it looks”.

I told her I thought that’s what we should do too. I told her that maybe tomorrow. We go for a drive about the county and I could show her some on the sights. During out picnic conversation she had told me that she never farther than five miles from her aunt’s house except for when Jack had brought her to Nashville. I found that incredible that she was so secluded when she was growing up. She had also told me that her aunt had discouraged her from having any close friends after she was about 10. I was beginning to understand why she did some of the things she did and why she felt the way she about family. She’d never really had any. She didn’t know anything about her father and very little about her mother although she could remember some things about her.

We picked up all our stuff and drove home. As we were walking in the door the phone was ringing. Lacey ran and got it. It was Sandy calling to see how everything was going. I hadn’t called home since Sunday. One thing the reader should know was that in the early 60’s long distance calling was a lot more expensive than today with unlimited calling, cells phones, etc. so people weren’t used to communicating on the phone long distance as today. We wrote a lot more letters. Although we could have afforded to call all we wanted to because we had the money, we just weren’t used to doing it. Anyway, Lacey and Sandy talked for quite a while before Lacey handed me the phone.

As she handed me that phone she whispered, “I think you’re in big trouble.” I knew that Sandy knew how busy we were but I also was pretty sure she’ and Barbara knew how much sex Lacey and I were having.

When I answered the phone Sandy in her most sexy voice said, “long time no hear from, stranger. Don’t you miss me.”

I was all most positive she was teasing me but I wasn’t absolutely certain. I told her I missed her, Barbara, and the kids.

She said, “Yeah I know darling but I’m not talking about the kids. You’ve been gone two days and we haven’t heard from you. What are you trying to do, turn Barbara and I into lesbians?”

In a sarcastic but still sexy tone Sandy said, “Lacey told me that you guys had been having so much sex you hadn’t gotten any of the chores done”.

I grinned to myself because I knew for sure she was teasing. Lacey wouldn’t have said that. I thought I’d tease her back so I said, “That’s right. You know how good she is at giving blowjobs and she’s even better at screwing. I’m so tired because she makes me cum about every 30 to 45 minute all day long. I’m tired. Besides you know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

I could see Lacey out of the corner of my eye. She was practically rolling on the floor laughing. I turned back towards the phone. Now Sandy wasn’t so sure if I was kidding or not. Just then I felt Lacey’s hands grab my cock and put it in her mouth. She started sucking on it. It was really difficult getting one of Lacey’s super blowjobs while trying to talk on the phone without giving it away. I tried shooing Lacey away but that didn’t work. Then I tried getting Sandy off the phone but she kept on talking and I was getting more and more aroused. I was almost ready to cum and was having a very difficult time keeping my voice natural.

Then Sandy said, “Barbara wants to talk to you. I don’t think she very happy about all the sex you’ve been having with Lacey. In fact, I bet your having sex right now”.

I said, “Oh no what makes you think that. Barbara got on the phone and started telling me how mad she was about Lacey and I spending all out time having sex.

She said, “when Sandy and I told you that you could have sex with Lacey we meant maybe a couple of times but no you’ve been fucking your brains out with her while Sandy and I have to stay home and playing with each other.”

She repeated how mad she was just as I lost control and started ejaculating. I tried so hard to keep my voice normal because Barbara kept asking me questions. Lacey kept sucking on me as I was coming and she started moaning loudly even though she still had her mouthful. Then I about died when Lacey took it out of her mouth.

“Oh man Lance you taste so good. I love it. I love it. This was the most cum yet.”

Suddenly I realized I could hear Sandy laughing in the background.

I said, “OK you guys that was not funny. Fun but not funny.

Barbara burst out laughing and Lacey was practically rolling on the floor with laugher. Sandy got on an extension phone and was laughing so hard she could barely say it, “Gotcha sucker.”

I said, “Yeah you got me but Lacey was the sucker and I was the sucked.

Lacey is going to pay for this tonight. I’m not sure how or when but she is going to pay.”

Lacey got right up next to me and started making big slobbery kissing noises on my face and said,” did we fool the great big boy. I bet he liked it though.”

I replied, “Remember girls your day of retribution is coming but you’ll never know when until it happens.”

I continued to talk to Barbara and Sandy asking about how the kids where. What else was going on. How they were doing. When I asked how they were doing they both replied simultaneously “Horny”.

I told them I’d fix that when Lacey and I got home.

Then I said, “Yeah and we’re going to have to talk about what we’re going to do with Lacey when we get home. You girls have encouraged her and I to have a lot of sex you know and we need to talk about what to do about that.”

Barbara said,” yes, we’ve thought about that and we can talk when we get home.”

I asked Barbara how the wedding plans were coming along. She said she was developing the guest list but we need to talk about that too. Sandy asked when Lacey and I were coming home.

I said, “Whenever we get tired of having sex.”

Sandy said, “Well I guess you we won’t be seeing you for years. That little minx loves sex as much or maybe even more than me.”

I responded, “Yean but she wearing me out. So, we’ll be home sooner than you think.”

Sandy said, “Seriously she has to start school Monday and I need to take her shopping for clothes can you come home Friday?”

I told we’d pretty well finished everything except for some yard cleanup and getting someone to paint the house inside and out. The utilities have all been put in your name and the inside of the house is cleaned and repaired. I might have to put Lacey on a plane and send her home because the painting might not be completed by Friday”


Just as I said that Lacey walked back into the room. She said, “I don’t want to go back until you do Lance. I want to stay here and screw your brains out.”

Barbara said, “I heard that. Tell her I think she already has. He can’t stay either he’ll miss his chemistry exam.” I thought, “Oh shit she’s right. I’ll have to study all weekend

” Well girls I guess I’ll be home Friday with Lacey. That leaves only Friday night for the orgy and I want to spend some time with the kids. I guess you three girls will have to wait until my test is over for your orgy.” B

Barbara replied, “Us three?”

She didn’t say anything else but I got the tone in her voice that she might not like the idea of the three of them.

She continued, “Well at least we’ll have some time before to talk about it. I’ve got to go now and check on the kids. I love you.”

When Barbara hung up the phone Sandy said in whisper, “Lance we will need to talk. Barbara doesn’t like the idea of you and Lacey having sex.”

I said, “Well why did she agree to it?”

Sandy said, “I sort of talked her into it. I think it’s good for Lacey to have some normal sex with someone who cares about her. Oops, here comes Barbara. Bye Lance, I love you with all my heart.”

I hung up the phone and turned around and Lacey was standing there in her work clothes.

“Ok you slacker go get some clothes on and let’s go work.”

We worked until about 7:00pm that evening when we had to go in because the mosquitoes were so bad. We got undressed and took a shower together and guess what happened. Your right. Two hours later Lacey got out of bed and ordered us a pizza. By the time the pizza got there between the yard and Lacey’s exuberant sex I was so tired that I was ready to fall asleep. I managed to stay awake long enough to eat the pizza but feel asleep stretched out with my head on Lacey’s lap watching Gunsmoke on TV. I woke up about three hours later. Lacey was asleep with her head on the back of the couch and one hand on my penis. I got and careful not to wake her and picked her up and carried her to bed.

The next morning, she woke me up at 7:00am with breakfast in bed, two hours of sex and a command to get my lazy ass out of bed and get my working clothes on. We had to finish the yard, get the painter started and let Lacey give me a blowjob. Thank goodness the painter was outside painting that day. It was Wednesday and we only had until Thursday evening to get everything finished. Fortunately, we’d decided no more outside sex during the day. So, Thursday since the painter was finishing painting inside it was an all workday. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have finished cleaning out the garage. That afternoon we finished cleaning the garage. The painter finished painting the inside of the house. The house was now ready to rent. We called the property manager and told him to start advertising the house the next day. We decided to celebrate the completion of readying the house to rent. Since Lacey couldn’t drink, we decided to dress up and go out to a really nice restaurant for dinner. We would stop by on the way to the restaurant to say good-bye to my parents. After dinner we’d come back early and get packed up Friday morning and leave about noon for Nashville.

Lacey said for me to wait until she was ready to go before, I got dressed because she wanted to surprise me. An hour later she came into the living room ready to go. I didn’t hear her coming until she said, “How do I look?” I almost passed out when I saw her. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were shining and sparkling. She had on a peasant multicolored blouse that had a boat neck top with off the shoulder straps. It came just across the top of her breast. The top was loose enough so when she walked her unrestrained breasts bounced up and down and the material of the top moved with them. The skirt was white and came to just about 3 inches about her knees. Quite short for those days. Her long hair was braided into a ponytail that cascaded over her bare left shoulder. She had on sandals with 4-inch heels. They made her almost 5’ 9” tall. She had tastefully applied a small amount of Christian Dior perfume. She had applied her makeup so that she looked at least 5 years older than she was. I couldn’t believe how mature and beautiful she looked. I was sitting there with my mouth open.

“Do you like it. I bought it especially for you”

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen”

I meant it too. I also knew that I was in love with her. She was prettier and younger looking than Sandy or Barbara but not by much.

She grinned at me and replied, “Well shut your mouth, or you’ll catch flies. go get dressed”.

I put on my dress pants, shirt, and shoes. Fortunately, I’d also brought a tie. When I was dressed, I went to the living room and went over to kiss her. She put her hand across my mouth and said, “No you don’t. I didn’t spend an hour getting ready just for you to jump my bones and mess me up. I knew she was right. If we kissed one thing would lead to another and we’d never get dinner.

We left the house and drove over to my parents’ house. As soon as we walked in my mom took one look at Lacey and said, “wow Lacey you’re sure dressed up sexy tonight. You do know my son is a married man?”

I was shocked that Mom said that. Obviously, she didn’t approve of Lacey and the way she was dressed. Lacey hesitated a moment and then said,

“Yes, Miz Thompson I know Lance is married. He and Sandy are sure going to make wonderful adoptive parents.”

I knew my mother had hurt Lacey’s feelings when she replied in her soft syrupy southern drawl. Fortunately, Dad jumped and to save the day.

He said, “Lance you and Sandy are going to adopt Lacey?”

I replied, “Yes, we are. Sandy and I decided to do that so Lacey can get into the Nashville Academy for Girls. It’s the best private prep school in Nashville. Sandy wants Lacey to qualify for Vandy when she graduates from high school.”

My Mom still looked rather disapprovingly at Lacey but didn’t say anything else. I told Mom and Dad that Lacey’s house was already for renting and that we were driving back to Nashville in the morning. Mom pointedly said, “We’ll miss you, Lance.”

Dad and I both noticed the lack of inclusion of Lacey in that statement. Dad followed up immediately with.

“Yes, we sure will miss you and Lacey”.

Lacey gave my Dad a look of gratitude and said, “We’ll miss you too, Mr. Thompson.”

After we left Mom and Dad’s house and driven away, I pulled over to the curb and turned off the motor. I turned towards Lacey and apologized to her for my Mom’s behavior.

I said, “I know it must have hurt your feelings.”

And then I said something I didn’t intend to but was true. It just sort of slipped out.

I said, “It’s just that she could see I’m in love with you.”

The moment I said it, I regretted saying it. Not because it wasn’t true because it was true. I regretted it because it would put a lot of hope for things in Lacey’s mind that might not happen. I had no business telling a 18-year-old girl that I was in love with her. Even one as mature as Lacey. I was a junior in college and she was a junior in high school. We both need to focus on our schooling and not get involved in a four cornered romance. Before I could say anything, else Lacey squealed with delight and threw her arms around my neck.

She said, “Oh Lance, I love you so much. I prayed so hard that you would love me too, someday. You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world”.

She started kissing me hard. Her tongue eagerly searching my mouth. We were on a very busy street so fortunately we couldn’t go any farther than kissing. She snuggled up against me.

She said, “I’ll do anything in the world for you that you want me too. I love you my darling.”

I couldn’t help myself and I started kissing her back with the same intensity and passion she was kissing me. We must have been there for almost 20 minutes just holding each other and kissing. Finally, we broke our kissing and came up for air. I looked in Lacey’s sweet face and loving eyes.

I said, “Lacey just because we love each other doesn’t mean that everything will turn out the way you want it to. My mom was right. I am a married man. Practically speaking twice married. I have five children. I really didn’t mean to tell you I love you until you graduated from high school and I from college. I have no right to distract from your schooling and dating experiences. You might meet someone who you will want to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who will just love only you. You are a beautiful and intelligent girl. Any man would be crazy not to fall in love with you at the right time.”

I fell silent and continued holding her face in my hands staring deep into her eyes. For just an instant I saw the twinkle go out of her eyes to be replaced with tears. However, they were gone as quickly as they came.

Lacey replied, “Lance, I know that our lives together can’t be the way we’d like for them to be right now. But I know my own mind and I know I’ll love you until the end of time. You are kind, gentle, loyal, and really fun to be with. I don’t have to have the marriage, have children, living happily ever after thing right now. As long as I can be near you and love you both physically and mentally, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. I know you love Sandy and Barbara with all your heart also. As long as I can just have a small piece of you for now, I’m happy. Sandy and Barbara share a bond with you that we haven’t had time to develop. However, you’ve made me feel worthwhile, and given me self-respect. You and Sandy have showed me that I can have a life that I’d never had without the both of you. A life filled with joy and fulfillment. It’s just for now I’ll need to feel your touch and closeness to reassure me that I’m still an important part of your life. I know if Sandy can allow Barbara to become the primary wife for a while, I can keep our love a secret until the appropriate time and just be satisfied with the physical part of our relationship. I just hope when the time is right our relationship can exist out in the open and I’ll be able to have the children, I so greatly want to, with you.”

When she finished saying this her eyes were sparkling as bright as ever. No sign of tears or regrets was visible.

She gave a quick kiss on the lips and said, “Hey let’s go eat I’m hungry.”

We drove off and went downtown to a famous Memphis Italian restaurant. I thought the parking attendant’s eyes were going to pop out of his head when he saw Lacey get out of the car. As we drove the car off to park it, I commented.

“I sure hope he doesn’t wreck it. After seeing you I’m not so sure it’s safe for him to drive.”

Lacey grinned at me and said, “Shucks, sir. You sure do make a country girl feel good. Lawdy you’re about the handsomest man I ever seen.”

When we went into the restaurant about half the people stopped talking and just stared at Lacey. Most of them men. I thought the Mature-D was going to break his neck trying to look down the front of Lacey’s blouse. When he seated us, he did get a good view down Lacey’s blouse. He just sighed and walked away. It made me feel good to have a girl that everyone envied me for.

Lacey didn’t seem to notice all the attention she was getting. When our waiter came over, he was so deliberate about looking down at her breast that his eyes never met her. Lacey grinned when she saw what he was doing and bent over slightly and shook her shoulders. Her breast jiggled back and forth. That gave him a great view. He could hardly force himself to turn to me and asked what we would we like to drink.

Lacey spoke up and said, “We’d like a bottle of champagne”.

Without the slightest hesitation he said, “Yes Ma’am and he hurried off to get it.

When he left, I looked at Lacey and asked her “Don’t you know you’re too young to drink.”

She said, “Of course I do, why do you think I dressed like this besides to impress you. No man would check my ID when I’m dressed like this. Don’t you think I look five years older than my 18 years?”

The waiter came back with the house’s most expensive bottle, took our order the whole time trying not to stare at Lacey’s breasts. We got the best service he’d ever given a customer; I was sure. Every once in a while, he came scurrying back to our table to see if we wanted more bread, butter, or to refill our champagne glasses. Just to egg him on every once in a while, when he was at our table Lacey would bend over the table just enough for her blouse to fall open slightly.

We sat there and ate and drank for almost two hours. We finished off two bottles of champagne. Lacey was getting just a little tipsy. But everyone could see she only had eyes for me. Even as she talked louder and louder. When the waiter brought the bill and left. She leaned as far over the table as she could to give me and the guy at the table behind me a really unobstructed view of her breast. She whispered in what she thought was a quiet whisper but which everyone at the tables could hear her say.

“Darling you don’t need to give our waiter a tip. I’ve been giving him a view of my tits all night. A tit is always better than a tip.”

Almost all the people at the tables around us had seen how the waiter kept trying to look down Lacey’s blouse. They all laughed. I was so embarrassed. However, I didn’t give him a tip. I did right on the check.

“You got tits for a tip.”

We got up and left but I had to practically hold Lacey up. Walking on those four-inch heels was not so easy for a drunk 18-year-old girl.

All the way home Lacey was very loving. Very high but very loving. She kept trying to get my pants unzipped. However, her coordination wasn’t very good and I was able to hold her off until we got home.

She kept saying, “Lance please let me have it. I love you and I want it please, please”.

I kept telling her, no. I sure didn’t want to get distracted and have an accident and when Lacey gave me a blow job it was very hard to concentrate on anything. Just before we got home, she slipped out of her peasant blouse. Her nipples were very hard and engorged with blood. I told her to wait until we got home and then we’d talk about sex. When we pulled into the drive Lacey still topless managed to get herself out of the car and right there in the driveway, she dropped her skirt to the ground and stood there buck naked in the driveway yelling at the top of her voice,

“I love you Lance Thompson and I want you to screw me right here so the whole world will know it.” She still had on her high heels and I have to admit she was a beautiful sight standing there in the drive with the streetlight shining down on her fantastic body. Her breast standing out with the nipples still fully engorged, her stomach was almost totally flat from the weight she’d lost in the last month. Her shapely legs made shapelier by the four-inch heels. It was only 10:00pm so I was very concerned that some of the neighbors would see her. I ran around to the front of the car just as she finished yelling again how much she loved me. I managed to get to her just as she tried to run away from me. She almost fell down but I managed to pick her up. I knew some of the neighbors must have seen us since she was so loud.

I laughed and said, “Ok babe let’s get you in the house. Just stop yelling.

the neighbors will hear you.”

She replied in her syrupy fake accent, “Lawdy Sugar, I know that. I just want to show them how much I love y’all. You can screw me right here in the yard and then the whole world will know.”

By this time, we were at the front door. Unfortunately, I’d left the front porch light on. I had to put her down to reach in my pocket to find the key. By this time, she had kicked her shoes off. The second I stood her on her feet she ran out to the street directly under the streetlight.

She yelled,” I love Lance with all my heart and I want the whole world to know it”.

Before I could get to her a couple of neighbor’s porch lights came on. The bachelor next door came out on his porch. He could see Lacey standing under the light from his front porch.

He yelled at her, “Hey Lacey how about a threesome.”

She yelled back, “Hell no James, Lance is the only man I’m going to let screw me ever again.”

I got to her just as she finished her yelling. I picked her up again and said, “Shut up Lacey the neighbors are watching”.

Which was true because by this time the couple across the street was also on their porch. Luckily, I’d gotten the front door open before I went to get her. As I was walking up the steps Jim yelled,

“Ride her hard and put her away wet” and laughed again.

I got her in the inside and slammed the door shut. I tried to set her down on her feet but she kept falling down. I knew two things were going to happen. She was going to need to pee and then she was going to throw up. I took her in the guest bathroom because it was the closest, set her down on the john and holding her upright I told her to pee. She had a big bladder but she’d drunk a whole bottle of champagne and some wine without urinating so I knew she was going to lose it if I didn’t get her on the john immediately.

When I set her down, she almost fell off the john. I steadied her and said, “Ok my little southern bell, pee.”

She looked up at me with her unfocused eyes and said, “You’re a good man, Lance. Please screw me.”

Just then she started to urinate. She must have had a quart in her because she went and when and then peed some more. When she was done, she almost fell of the john again. I handed her some toilet paper and told her to wipe herself but she couldn’t even find her vagina. so, I took it from her and wiped her myself.

She started to moan and say, “Oh Lace that feels so good. Stick your fingers all the way in.”

I said to her, “You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow. You can’t screw. You’ll probably won’t even remember tonight.”

She mumbled something I couldn’t understand and passed completely out. I managed to get her in bed without her throwing up.

I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips and said, “Goodnight Darling I love you.”

She roused up for a second and said, “I love you too” and clunk she passed completely out.

I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot of sleep because I was afraid, she might roll over on her back and throw up and choke. Luckily, she slept soundly all night and didn’t make a sound. About 4:30 in the morning I too fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to this sweet face smiling down at me. I couldn’t believe it. She had been so drunk last night and here she was all fresh, smiling, and relaxed. She had showered gotten dressed and fixed me oatmeal for breakfast in bed.

I smiled up at her and said, “Wow what a change”. She replied, “I’m sorry about last night, Lance. That was the first time I’ve ever been drunk. I can’t remember much but I do remember enough to know I really embarrassed you.”

I said, “That’s ok it’s not often that a guy gets a beautiful naked girl screaming outside the house that she loves him and wants you to screw her.”

She giggled and kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “No wonder I love you. You’re the best guy in the whole world.”

When I finished eating, she told me she’d pack the car while I got showered and dressed. I was about 11:00 when we left the house. We would get home about 3:30 or 4:00pm if we drove straight through. We decided to stop for lunch at Bubba’s BBQ. We had lunch and spent the time discussing what she should take in summer school. Being a typical teenager, she wasn’t really hot on going to summer school. I told her that the school she would be attending in the fall was not only exclusive but it was a very hard school. I told I knew she was smart but it was still going to be very hard her senior year.

She said, “I trust what you say Lance. I guess I just wanted to be lazy this summer. I can help out with the children and get to know them better. However, I will gladly do what you suggest. She turned and looked at me and put her hand on my thigh and leaned over and kissed me. We finished and while she was paying the check, I went out to gas up the car.

When we got back out on the road Lacey was very deep in her own thoughts. I looked over at her a few minutes later and laughed to myself. She was sound asleep. I guess she wasn’t as well rested as I thought. When we were about an hour out of Nashville Lacey woke up smiled.

She said, “I love you, Lance Thompson. Where are we?”

I told her about an hour from home. She started to say something, “I want” and then hesitated and didn’t finish what she was saying.

I looked at her and said, “What the matter?”

She hesitated and then said, “Lance when we get home and you’ve told Sandy what I did she may forbid me to have sex with you anymore. It would be very hard for me to see you every day and not be able to hold you or touch you. I would do it if I had to though because I respect Sandy and you are so much. But it would be very hard to do.”

There was a moment of awkward silence. I thought, “I don’t know if I can do it either”.

It feels so good when Lacey is in my arms or I am inside of her. Besides it may not be Sandy that doesn’t want me to. Since Barbara and I are getting married in a month it maybe her that has a problem with Lacey and I having sex.”

Lacey interrupted my thoughts by continuing to talk, “Lance, can we please stop before we get home somewhere where we can have sex. I need you so bad.”

I said, “where?”

Lacey replied, “I don’t care, anywhere. In a motel room, alongside the highway, in the woods. Just anywhere I can have you inside of me.”

I said, “OK, I want you too. Maybe we can find a road off the highway that we can pull off on that doesn’t look used.”

I had traveled the highway between Memphis and Nashville many times and I knew that there were a lot of roads that looked unused. Lacey got so excited. She bounced up and down in her seat. She looked over and grinned.

“I want you to screw my brains out. I don’t want you to stop until I’m so sore I can barely walk.”

I looked back at her and smiled at the thought of Lacey walking around with her legs spread apart because she was so sore. I’d seen Sandy doing that several times when she’d had group sex and it was funny looking.

“Lacey, sweetheart you give me a lot more credit than I deserve for being able to make you sore.”

She replied, “I don’t care how you do it Lance darling I just want to be so sore that for every step I take the pain reminds me of the wonderful last time we had.”

About 20 minutes later I saw what looked like a hole in a fence where a path used to be. I managed to get slowed down enough by the time we got there to see that the Mercedes might be able to get through, I stopped beside the hole in the fence and got out to check it out. Sure, enough it looked wide enough for the car to get through and it hadn’t rained in over three weeks so I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get stuck. As I was walking back to the car a Tennessee State trooper pulled up behind the Mercedes.

I thought, “Damn what does he want.”

Then I realized I’d turned on the emergency flashers even though I was a couple of feet off the highway. The trooper got out of his patrol car and walked over to the Mercedes. As I walked toward the car,

I had a horrible thought. What if in her excitement about us screwing Lacey had already taken her clothes off. I remembered what had happened to us at the park in Memphis and I sure don’t want to go through that again.”

I reached the passenger side door just as the trooper got to the back bumper. I glanced inside and sure enough Lacey was naked as a jay bird. She had slipped down in front of the seat and kind of covered herself with her shirt. I stopped right by the door and turned toward the patrolman just as he walked up. The patrolman looked like he wasn’t much more than two years older than me. I was just hoping that he hadn’t seen Lacey in the car.

He said, “Nice car. I sure wish I could afford one.”

I forced a laugh and said, “Yeah I wish I could afford one too. unfortunately, it belongs to my mother.”

Even though it was really my car all of our cars was registered in either Sandy or Barbara’s name. I was just hoping against hope that he wouldn’t ask me for the registration because from where he was standing, I wasn’t sure I could turn around and get the door open and get into the glove compartment without him seeing Lacey.

Without missing a beat, he said, “why did you stop here and turn your flashers on? I said, “I needed to take a leak and I couldn’t wait until the next gas station.”

The trooper laughed and said, “Yeah I’ve been in that situation myself a lot of times. But that doesn’t explain the naked girl in the car.”

I stammered in futile hope, “What naked girl?”

He said, “The one hiding in front of the passenger seat.”

This time in a stern voice he said, “Open the door.”

As I turned around to open the door, I tried to keep my body between the trooper and the car door. I opened the door just as Lacey sat up in the seat fully dressed. I couldn’t believe it. I stepped aside and turned back to the trooper and said, “Officer this is my girlfriend Lacy. As you can see, she is fully dressed. When the trooper saw Lacy was dressed, he seemed embarrassed.

He said, “I could have sworn she was naked. What were you hiding on the floor, Lacy?”

Lacy replied, “I wasn’t hiding. I dropped my lipstick out of my purse on the floor and I was bent overlooking for it. See.”

She held up her lipstick for the trooper to see. The trooper apologized for bothering us. As he was leaving, he said, “you guys better get going it’s not safe for you to be stopped here.”

I said, “We’ll leave right now.” AS I got back into the car the trooper drove away.

I turned to Lacey and asked, “How did you get your clothes back on so quick.”

She pointed to the floor in front of her seat. Piled there was her shoes, socks. Bra and panties. She said, It doesn’t take long when I’m scared to get my skirt and blouse on. Otherwise, I’m naked.”

As she said that, she pulled up her skirt and showed me her naked body.

I laughed and said, “Well we still want to make love but we need to find a better place than here. I’m sure he’ll be back in a while.”

We drove for almost another hour. We were about 25 miles outside of Nashville before we spotted a dirt road that looked suitable for us to pull off on. I pulled off and turned down the road. We’d only gone about 100 yards when the road stated to narrow and made a sharp turn to the left. The woods completely surrounded the entire area. It was a beautiful day and about 3:00pm. The car thermometer said the temperature was 75 degrees. I decided to have a quick look around to make sure this was a safe area to have sex in. We were only about 100 yards from the highway but since the forest was so thick the car couldn’t be seen from the road. In fact, when I got out, I noticed I could barely hear any highway noise at all. I walked up the road about ¼ mile. It looked as if it hadn’t been used in quite a while. Part of it was almost grown over. It was more of a dirt path than a dirt road.

I turned around and walked back to the car. By the time I returned Lacey had gotten the blanket out of the trunk of the car, spread it out in a little grassy patch about 50 feet from the car. She was totally naked and sitting with her lower legs and feet under her butt. Her full beautiful breasts were jutting out like rock outcroppings. The sun was shining on her face and she looked as lovely as I’d ever seen her. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her and thought,

“My goodness she’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Sitting there with her legs folder under her thighs and her butt on her feet in the sexiest pose imaginable. Her hair was down and the warm sun lighting up her trim but full-figured body.

I sat down beside her and said, “How can I be so lucky to have such a beautiful girl want me so much.”

I was so anxious to love her that I immediately started to remove my shirt when she spoke for the first time since I got back to the car. She put her hand on mine and pulled it away from the shirt.

“don’t get undressed now. I want to show you that I completely love you and always will. I’m yours forever.

I responded, “Lacey, I know you love me with all your heart.”

As I was saying that she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her and inserted a couple of my fingers in her vagina.

“Come on baby finger screw the hell out of me. I love, love, love you”.

She fell backwards and spread herself out for me to have access to every part of her body. I lay across her with my fingers starting to gently massage her clit. I didn’t bite her nipples but ran my lips up her soft slightly mounded stomach kissing her as they went up her body. By the time my lips reached her nipples my hand was massaging her clit as fast as I could go. She was moaning and crying all at the same time. When I started sucking on her tit’s she screamed at the top of her voice and her whole body shook as she had one of the strongest orgasms, I’d ever seen a woman have. Much more demonstrative than either Sandy or Barbara ever had been with me. The orgasm must have lasted at least three minutes or more. When she let out a final sigh I reached up and put my hand behind her head and lifted her lips to mine.

Our tongues eagerly explored each other mouths. Our lips pulled apart after a very long deep kiss.

She fiercely whispered, “Do it to me again. Oh, man I love you so much more than you can imagine. Please take complete control of my body. I am yours for as long as we live. Completely, wholly and without reservation. You are such a wonderful lover. So sweet, gentle and kind.”

I lay down on my back and told her to undress me completely. It must have taken her at least 30 minutes to get all my clothes off of me. She started with my feet. She removed my shoes and then socks, sucked, and licked each of my toes. She got up on her knees and reached up and started unfastening my belt.

She grinned at me and said, “I might have a hard time getting all your clothes off of you because I know when I get to that rock of a dick you have, I might not be able to finish undressing you before I make it mine.”

I reminded her of what she’d said about doing anything I told her to do. I said, “I don’t want you to touch it at all. Just take my pants and underwear off and keep on going.” In a fake stern voice, I said, “Do not touch my cock or my balls. No matter how much you want to. Not with any part of your body.”

By the time I’d finished saying that she had my pants off. She very carefully removed my underwear with no help from me. I just lay there and enjoyed watching her intently try to get the shorts off without touching any part of my cock or balls. I was really fun to watch her do it because the harder she tried not to touch them the more aroused both she and I became. It was especially difficult because I was still soft from before. She finally got them off and mostly without touching my privates. She then raised up over me to take my shirt off. I looked up at here and started to get hard once again. It was getting difficult for me to keep my hands off of her as well. However, I wanted us to just lie to gather and talk about out hopes, dreams and ambitions. We had spent some time talking before but now I wanted to have a very serious conversation with her. I realized that I was actually in love with her. Not that I loved Sandy or Barbara any less. That was one thing I wanted to find out from her. Could she love me with all her heart and not get jealous about Sandy and Barbara loving me with all their hearts. After all I loved Sandy and Barbara and we all three knew it was possible for a person to whole-heartly love more than one person at a time. One thing that really worried me about the way I felt about her was she was still so young. She wouldn’t even be 18 for another 11 months.

We starting talking and sharing our thoughts with each other. One thing impressed me right away was I saw that she was being totally honest with me about her feeling and hopes. As we lay on our backs, her head on my shoulder the warm 80-degree wind blowing gently over our bodies we began to share our feeling, hopes and aspirations. I always in the past had made it very clear to her that my love for Sandy transcended everyone else. More than Barbara and more than the children. I wanted to make sure she understood that I loved Barbara almost as much as Sandy.

I then explained to her why the plan for me to divorce Sandy and marry Barbara this summer was taking place. Sandy, Barbara, and I hadn’t worked out all the details yet like what would we tell Sandy’s and my parents, if anything. How would we explain to the kids why Sandy and Barbara where exchanging bedrooms? There were so many issues involved in doing this but it was something that Barbara wanted so very much and Sandy had agreed. The only difference between how we did things when Barbara and I were married was that the decision process would still not change.

At this point Lacey stopped me and asked, “How does the decision-making process work?”

I told her that all decisions except financial where made by consensus. In other words, we discussed a decision until we all reached an agreement. Finances were different sine all our money was from Sandy’s trust we had agreed at first that she would control all the money. We have since modified that to the extent that we have a house account that the three of us control and the majority of the money is still controlled by Sandy and her parents.”

She rolled off of her back and looked me straight in the eye. “do you love me “, she asked.

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I knew what the truth was but I was afraid to tell her the truth. I wasn’t sure what her reaction might be. If I told her that I loved her as much as Barbara which was the truth. Before I could answer her, she said, “don’t answer that I take the question back. We’ll talk about that sometime in the future. For now, well just be whatever Sandy and Barbara let us be. I know you know I love you. Your concerned about me and want what is best for me so you can’t show your true feelings either way. When we get home, I am going to ask Sandy if I can join the three of you even though I’m still young and not fully matured. I don’t think I could concentrate on my schoolwork and have to fight my desire for you at the same time.”

I looked at her face and read the sincerity there.

I thought, “Girl you’re already way more mature than most women in their early twenties.” It’s hard not to love someone as beautiful and loving as she was. I knew she’d do anything I asked her to do and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her in anyway. I also knew our time to go was getting close. I pulled her up against me and started to gently make love to her. I rolled over on top of her and started kissing her breasts. She let out a low moan and suddenly started crying. That completely confused and alarmed me. I didn’t think I’d done anything to hurt her but why would she be crying. I stopped what I was doing and looked into her face.

“Lacey, what’s wrong? Did I do anything to hurt you.”

She replied through her tears, “No Lance it’s just so wonderful that I have you to love and I’m so lucky to have you love me even though you can’t tell me that now. I want you to continue to make love to me every time we can. I want you to do anything you want to me. I trust you with my life and I want to do anything and everything to give you pleasure. I’m completely yours. I know we must go soon and that makes me sad but please make love to me again before we go.

It’s hard to describe how that made me feel. Here was this beautiful young girl telling me she was giving herself to me because she loves and trusts me completely.

With tears in my eyes I said, “Thank you, darling I will always cherish you and would never do anything to hurt you, ever!”

For the next half hour Lacey and I made love tenderly and lovingly. I came twice and she must have cum three or four times. The last time she came I rolled off of her and said the words neither of us wanted to. “Lacey, we’ve got to go. It’s almost 5:00 and we got to be home by 6:30. I knew that when we got home Barbara and Sandy would know what we’d been doing and why we were so late. Both of them were very perceptive. I was sure that they would be able to smell Lacey sweat on me and my cum on her. Lacey used her panties to try and clean herself and me up as much as she could.

In her usual mature way, she said,” Of course you realize that Sandy and Barbara will know we’ve been making love each other.”

I said, “How” even though I knew she was right. Lacey grinned at me and winked. “Because silly they’ll smell traces of my perfume and sweat on you. They’ll also smell your cum on my breath and body.”

She finished wiping me and herself up as much as she could and then tossed her panties in the bushes. I got my clothes on and she put on her shorts and halter top. We got in the car and I looked at the clock. It was 5:30pm.

Since we were only 50 miles from Nashville it didn’t take us very long to drive the rest of the way home. Lacey spent most of time trying to make herself look as normal as possible. She put on lipstick, powder, and eye makeup. She combed her beautiful hair several times until she felt she got it right.

When she was finished, I teased her. “Well, you sure don’t look like you’ve been making love for the last 6 hours”.

She said, “I’m sure they’ll still know what we’ve been doing no matter how I look.”

I responded, “I really don’t care. They both have had a lot of sex with others since we’ve been married. I haven’t except for Johnnie and that doesn’t count”
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