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Alana he problems with her Art class, luckily her brother is able to help her out but just how far is he willing to go?
The Artist

I have three siblings. My name is Adam and I'm the 2nd child. My eldest sister is currently studying abroad, the apple of my parents' eyes. Personally I thought she was too up herself. It's nice that she’s abroad in France. She would fit in there. My little brother was wild even with our family being relatively well off. He chose to hang about with the local wannabe gangsters. Hopefully he gets out of that phase before he ends up dead or in prison.

My little sister Alana, is easily my favourite. She was always a bit odd in a nice way. She was still in school but her only love was art. Her enthusiasm for it is infectious, myself I struggle with stick figures. I love watching her paint and generally love her company. Often she would seek my advice on mundane things like learning to drive, how bank cards work etc. She is kind of detached from reality and often I’ve thought she should be tested for autism or I don't know something.

My sister was short at 5ft2 dark long hair that she kept in bunches ever since she was a child. It’s still strange to me to describe her body to people. She looks underdeveloped even at 18 she didn't have breasts to speak of, she was quite thin but her pretty face and stick out bum were pleasing to the eyes. She struggled to buy things because of her look, which was something I teased her about.

Myself, I am presently doing an apprenticeship with my father who runs a builders company. He is a good teacher but work has kind of dried up with the pandemic. I am 6ft4 and the work keeps me well in shape. I'm often described as quiet and closed off, in reality i'm a bit shy until you get to know me. My Father says he is the same and it's a trait that helps him run the company.

Like I said the business has been on the slow side which meant spare time for me. My Mother took advantage of this and my driving now to the max. I was forever sent on errands, currently I was driving to pick up my sister from one of her classes. I didn't mind my father was paying me anyway and I was saving to build my own home.

I pulled up just as she got out and she smiled as she saw me jumping in the car. ‘Heya bro, you my taxi today?’ ‘Seems like i'm gonna be your cab for a while, The contracts for next week are all gone’ ‘That's great, but uh… I’m needing to practice some stuff, that class didn't go well and I have to work on it’ she sounded a bit concerned ‘That's not like you, you usually do great.. You know, aside from oranges..’ I should explain this was a tease, a few years back she went through a stage with oranges she had struggled to paint them during a class. Now to me an orange circle filled in with more orange is how you do an orange not so with actual artists.

‘Very funny, I just need to practice like I did with the oranges’ I laughed at that, cutting her off, “practice” was a dramatic understatement, days of painting and repainting the fruit occurred, oranges all over the house. She was frustrated and as close to tears as I'd ever seen her by the time her “practice” ended. She did though conquer the orange in the end. ‘Oh god another weekend like that will kill you, what's the trouble?’

She reddened suddenly. It was actually quite cute to see her tense up. ‘Uhm… just a bit of a problem with natural life painting.. I’ll get it’ I had no idea what that meant. She soon changed the subject asking about what I was doing this week. We chatted about nothing all the way home. My mother was waiting for me when I dropped her off and she made straight for the garage to practice.

I was sent for more milk and some onions, thrilling stuff. Later that night I was sent to get her from the garage for Dinner and what I saw shocked me, she was holding a model in her hands examining it. It was unmistakably a penis and balls. She turned at the sound of the door, she reddened again. ‘Uh… it was a nude… today's class.’ She said when she recovered I looked at her work discarded to the side all of it focused on the model that was in her hands, all slightly off somehow. Accurate yes but something was lifeless about them. ‘Uh… dinners ready’ It was a good change of subject and we went and ate with the folks and we never discussed her painting at all during dinner.

Once dinner was over Alana had disappeared back to her cave and I didn't, for once, feel like joining her. The next morning I was woken by my Father unusual for a Saturday I was normally left to my days off. ‘It’s your sister, she’s had a crash in Paris, your mother has us booked on a flight out in a couple of hours so we need you to look after the house and your sister’ ‘Is she ok?’ I asked genuinely concerned for my elder sister, she might be a bitch but she was still family ‘She’s fine a broken leg and a bit banged up but fine’ They quickly left and I thought I should at least tell Alana about it.

I couldn't find her in her room and I thought she was up early to practice more. I did find her in the garage but she was asleep surrounded by paintings of cocks.. It was an unusual sight. It was clear to me she had been up all night painting the thing. I picked her up from her chair and carried her to her bedroom. She woke up when I put her in bed, ‘Uh… sorry Adam did I fall asleep?’ ‘Its fine, mum and dad are on their way to paris. Sis is in hospital after a car crash… she's fine just bit banged up’ answering her worried look. Get some rest and i’ll get you breakfast when you are up.

She curled up and slept only a few hours. I went for a shower and then my own breakfast before she woke up properly. ‘You should sleep more’ ‘can’t’ she yawned. I knew what she meant when she was obsessed like this she couldn't sleep ‘So what did you do with the oranges that helped’ I asked trying to be helpful ‘I started eating them I think I got to the point where I broke them down and through using them as food I was able to understand them more’ She said earnestly I snorted a laugh back I tried to hold in. She looked at me curious and innocent ‘What?’ I paused and looked at her thinking she was joking but I was surprised she really hadn't realised. ‘Uh… I mean.. It's funny… it's not like you can eat.. a bunch…. Of…’ She had cottoned on and went bright red at the thought of where I was headed.

‘I-I… uh I suppose I don't have as much experience with that sort of thing as you’ I raised my eyebrows. She wasn't asking it as a question but it was often assumed thanks to my size and features I was a girl magnet. ‘Uh… I've…. not as much experience as you might think..’ I was surprised at my own honestly. Usually I just allow people to think what they want but, this was my sister and we were close. ‘Really?’ she brightened at my confession and it was my turn to blush. I smiled ‘I just haven't gotten around to it yet I guess’ That hung in the air as Alana seemed to get distracted by the thought.

‘A-adam?’ when she finally broke out her thoughts. ‘C..can I ask you a favour?’ ‘What’ ‘would you pose for me, I mean it's fine if you don't I just think.. A real ….subject would help… models are fine but i'm finding it… har…. Difficult to put life into it.. You know what I mean’ I had been drinking when she asked and she was really lucky I hadn't spat it out all over her. She wanted to paint me nude and I was shocked at the thought. ‘Oh er… never mind… I’ll get someone else’ she reacted to the terror on my face. That said I knew Alana was a lot of things but a social creature wasn't one of them.

Then I thought of her asking some kid from their school to do it and I was a bit worried and weirdly jealous. Was it so bad really to be nude in front of her? I mean I trusted her more than most people on the planet, anyone to tell the truth. She wouldn't make fun of me and she was professional. Alana was already on her way to the door that connects the kitchen to the garage when I heard the words come out of my mouth.

‘Uh… I didn't say no’ She stopped dead and looked at me with a strange look on her face ‘you mean you’ll do it?’ ‘It depends, let's chat’ She came back to the table and I continued ‘I have a couple of hangups I guess… no one is to know and I mean it’ ‘I would never tell anyone or show… it’d be me and you that's it’ She was serious and ernest but I did have another issue. ‘Ok, uh last issue… uh if I do this.. I might have a… natural physical.. er.. Reaction.. You know?’ Alana reddened getting what I was hinting at ‘uh… I’m sure.. It’ll be fine’ ‘Your my sister and I know that but… he doesn't know that ok’ indicating down towards my cock. ‘Its ok, Its part of getting to know it, it might help’

So it was that I found myself in a robe in the basement with nothing on underneath Alana in her red painters garb behind her pedestal waiting on the reveal. I was thankfully not hard. When I let the robe fall and I even smiled as her hazel eyes dropped to my cock. She spent the next half hour painting uhmming and humming to herself. Afterwards she turned her work to me so I could see. It was better than her earlier efforts. It was added to the discarded pile though she still wasn't happy. ‘Do you mind if I move closer’ she asked and I was fine with it so I nodded. She moved within a foot of me though and thanks to the chair my crotch was at head height for her.

I thought about asking her to turn back as I was worried but decided it would be more embarrassing to admit I was getting turned on. My concerns were well founded as my cock began to grow. I looked at my sister worried but she was wide eyed with fascination ‘uh… sorry’ I uttered ‘Oh… its fine… it’s amazing really’ I can see all the blood vessels and Its ...bigger than I thought’ I was a solid 8 inches, heh I had a measuring tape growing up what is a young lad to do? ‘Should I cover up and we will wait it out…’ ‘No this is great I kind of want to paint this’ She began painting fast and with a rare passion finally I began to wilt a bit… ‘Uh… can you do it again? Im almost finish’

I laughed at the request ‘It doesn't quite do requests, you know it needs uh.. Stimulation or er… maybe some porn or something’ My sister looked at me as I thought about grabbing my phone and watching something to help. She decided something and in one smooth motion pulled her gown over her head with her dress.. She was shaven down below and suddenly naked in front of me ‘Alana what the hell…’ Her flat chest was pretty and he nipples puffy and erecting in front of me her slit free of hair but undoubtedly womanly it was intensely erotic. My objection died in my throat as I looked at my sisters erotic body. ‘Oh I think its fair you’re nude in front of me and I'm naked in front of you, besides it worked’ She was right I was at full attention now.

‘What's that coming out of the top?’ she asked a while later ‘Oh its precum… it's like lube to help… uh during... ‘ ‘Oh amazing... ‘ she declared, rescuing me from the embarrassment my explanation was becoming. She look at the painting and said ‘Well that's the best one yet.. Maybe I should paint in the nude from now on’ She giggled as she put it to one side. h ‘Uh Adam… can I touch it?’ This to me was very definitely a line we shouldn't be crossing. ‘Uh I don’t think that's a good idea… I mean what would the parents think?’

That was the wrong thing to say as she reached forward anyway ‘The parents aren't here and they won't hear about it’ Apparently she took my reasoning as me being worried of the consequences should we be caught. Her little hand wrapped around my cock and she moved her other hand picked up a brush, she started using the brush on my cock just lightly going over the different areas of my cock then down to my balls.

I was about to object but the sensation quickly overcame my reasoning as I let out a little moan. Alana adjusted her grip and my hips pushed forward a little bit as I felt her breath on my cock My skin pulled back and it felt great. ‘Uh… wait Alana… it's too good’ Alana was enthralled by her own action but looked up as I spoke. I looked into her eyes as she dropped the brush from her other hand and looked at my cock. She then moved forward and kissed the tip of my cock I shook my head not believing what I had just seen and felt. She looked up as if she was looking for approval and I heard myself say ‘Oh god… Alana... that felt nice..’ She took it for assent and to be honest at this point it was’

She took the top and tongued it, peeling back revealing the tip fully. It was glorious and I moaned as she took the head in her little mouth. I looked down again and all reason left me as I put my hand to the back of her head and pushed it down on my cock. I began fucking my sisters mouth as she looked up at me.

She smiled around my cock and winked that set me off as I felt I was gonna cum. ‘Uh Alana I'm close and with that I removed my arm from her head, this thought only seemed to encourage her. She began bobbing her head and I watched in fascination as more and more of my cock seemed to enter her little mouth. When I came she seemed shocked as my sperm entered her mouth and throat she swallowed most but removed the cock and another couple of ropes covered her face.

She seemed transfixed at the cum and played with a little with her fingers as I slowly recovered ‘Uh… where did you learn that?’ I asked of all questions. ‘Oh a girl in class was talking about it, but she didn't do it justice that was great. I looked down at a pleased with herself little sister. I got off the chair and down to her level I hugged her ‘We really can never tell anyone about this ok?’ ‘I know but… I don’t want to stop’ I was very aware she was still naked and I picked her up and headed for her room.

There looking in her eyes I laid her on the bed as I kissed her for the first time. ‘Ok but only this weekend’ I then started kissing her neck down to her nipples that reacted quickly to my attention stiffening. ‘That feels nice i'm sorry they aren't pretty big ones’ she seemed sad ‘They are beautiful. Every part of you is perfect.’

I made it to her snatch and gave it the first lick and it was Allana’s turn to mew slightly as I parted her entrance with my tongue licking around it as she moaned with delight, I made my way to her clitoris and her eyes opened with shock. Her moans changed as I first alternated from her entrance to her clit then settled on her clitoris swirling it around with my tongue. I felt my sisters stomach with my hands finding my way up to her nipple rubbing them. This sent my sister wild as she experienced her first orgasm of her life.

‘Oh wow, what was that?’ ‘Uh you mean the orgasm’ ‘That was great, I can see why people do this stuff..’ I looked at her surprised, ‘you mean you haven't… you know done it by yourself?’ she looked embarrassed ‘uh… people do this alone? That seems such a waste’ To shut her up I kissed her and her hand found my cock again and it was once again towering strong in her hand.

She looked me deep in the eyes and said ‘uh… I think I want to put it in..’ ‘ you sure it.. could hurt… and don't you want it to be with.. Someone else’ She kissed me again ‘I don't think there is a man alive. I want to be my first more than you now lay down.. Please’ She was literally begging for it and I felt her need. I lay down as instructed and she straddled me with my cock head pressed against her entrance. She never looked so beautiful as the head slipped in and she bit her bottom lip concentration etched across her beautiful face. She sank lower until my cock was up against her maidenhead and then her face looked pained as she pushed through it.

It was done. She was a woman and neither of us were virgins, It was tight and I wasn't all the way in yet. ‘You ok?’ ‘Yeah it just stung like a mother fucker’ I used my hands to touch her stomach and around to her ass sitting up slightly as I did it, her ass had more flesh to it and I enjoyed the feeling of it. She suddenly pushed me down and with a look of concentration began to ride my cock and It felt great slowly centimetres at a time my cock went in further and I was enjoying it… but I really wanted something. ‘Sis… wait’ she stopped worried something was wrong I pulled myself out and stood up off the bed she followed and I turned her around kissing her neck a few times as I bent her over.

I put her knees on the bed and spread her, placing one hand on her hips. I pushed my cock on and waited on her, She turned and looked at me understanding. ‘This feels nice.. You can move me.. If you want’ In truth she was already moving gently back and forward on the tip of my cock. I pushed it in slowly all the way to the hilt, and she let out an ‘oh god’ as I grabbed her lovely hips I began to rock us together and she began to moan I grabbed her shoulders and moved a bit faster until I was pounding against her delightful ass which shook with the slapping from my thighs. I grabbed her bunches and used them to pull her head up.

She let out a shocked yelp, ‘Are you ok with that’ ‘God yes… ‘ Was all she managed as I decided to go full throttle I caught her face in the mirror at the side of her bed and the look on her face was one of pure ecstasy as I took her from behind. I felt her twitch down below and I knew she was close, I felt her explode under me screaming with pleasure. I wasn't far behind and unsure about the birth control stuff. I pulled it out and turned her around stroking my cock in a frenzy as I came all over her body.

‘God I can't wait to try “art” again tomorrow’ she beamed at me from the bed ‘Nothing you can ever paint will be as beautiful as you are right now Alana’ She smiled at the compliment… I wondered what she would want to try tomorrow


2021-09-04 05:17:00
I have a soft spot for artists. My husband has a hard spot for them! Sweet story!

L KingReport

2021-09-02 01:40:19
Woah... This one is on the main page pretty high. I've learned a lot about writing already but I'm still new at this. Thanks everyone who voted and commented you made me smile

L KingReport

2021-09-01 13:59:00
@wantsomecandylittlegirl thanks I will look into it. I'm always looking to improve


2021-09-01 13:22:18
The story line and plot are good, but it’s the telling that needs work. I’d highly recommend you use a proof reader (Grammarly is a free, online app and is configurable for British or American English). It would really help with the overall flow. Formatting the dialogue and checking capitalization will also help. Still, good story and I gave it a Positive vote.


2021-09-01 06:07:25
Nice; I want to see her painting of the moment it begins spurting. I bet THAT one inspires some thoughtful feelings!

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