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In this chapter, John is excited to continue the discoveries made while jerking his best friend's cock with his butt. But, life has its own twists and turns leading John to try something.
Trying too hard 3

My name is John.

And I'm a gay man.

But I don't call myself that. I don't really identify with gay people. Or straight people for that matter. Gender just seemed so limiting. I've always been a quiet guy. I kept to myself through my youth until I met Randy. That's when everything changed. In the terms of what life meant and what my focus would be for the rest of my life. That's what this story is all about. In the first chapter I recalled how I grew up, how I met Randy, and how sex began to be a big part of life. In the second chapter I continued Friday's adventure of wearing the butt plug and then trying Randy's cock. Twice. In this chapter I wake up recalling the adventure.

Friday had been a big day; I tried a butt plug for the first time the 'Raging Hard-on' that Randy had given me as a special gift after we tried his cock but failed, wore it to class at school, let Randy put his cock in my ass at school which made me cum, and later that evening at his house I rode his cock till we both came. All in one day. I thought I would wake the next morning exhausted and sore. But I woke early with a hard on. I even dreamt about it. My ass stung and it felt funny when I sat down. It was quite a predicament around the house. I couldn't stand up without having a tent in my pants and I couldn't sit down without squirming around like... Well, like I had something up my butt.

I did my Saturday chores and was eating lunch when Randy called. It was hot out and he wanted to hang out in the culvert near his house. You know... do stuff. I knew what he meant and I was looking forward to paying my debts. Then seeing what would happen next. I put on my swim shorts, commando style and a t-shirt and rode my bike over to his house. The ride reminded me of riding over last night with the 'Raging Hard-on' in my ass. I could still feel it when I went over bumps in the road.

When I first saw Randy I laughed. We both had trouser tents. I felt the urge to stick my hand down his pants right there and then. Randy knew what I was thinking and we raced to the ravine. As we neared the cement culvert that ran under the road we could hear voices echoing from the other side of the street. Randy signaled me to be quiet and we hid in some blackberry vines hanging at our end of the tunnel. It was a perfect lookout spot. Randy watched closely as two boys entered the other side. I recognized them both from school. They were both wearing wet swimming trunks and laughing. They also appeared to have tents in their pants. We could just hear their echoed voices, “I'll show you mine if you show me yours.”

The stockier one of them lived across the street from Randy. Tom was his name. The other was Eddy. They were both seniors from our school. Tom's family had a pool and from the noises we could hear in the distance they must be having a party. Something I was never invited to. Still, they seemed to be playing a familiar game. They both lowered their pants to show off their dicks to each other. Tom's was almost as big as Randy's. Eddy's was smaller. More the size of mine. Eddy was examining Tom's intently as we watched from our hiding place. He couldn't take his eyes off of it.

“Go ahead, touch it.” Tom said, waving his pudgy dick back and forth with a knowing smile. Eddy eagerly grabbed it. He couldn't resist stroking it in his hand as he kept staring at it. I knew the feeling and I looked at Randy for a sign. He just shushed me. Tom pulled and pushed his hips making his dick fight against Eddy's grip. “It's so big and heavy.” Eddy said as he stared at the growing piece of meat in his hand. He was really stroking it now and Tom was enjoying it, “I figured you would like it.” I was getting excited just watching and I noticed Randy's shorts begin to tent.

I reached over and tried to slip my hand into his pants but he forcefully stopped me and shushed me again. He signaled me to keep watching intently to see what was going to happen next. I figured they were just going to jerk off like we did all the time in this same place. We were just watching quietly as Eddy lovingly stroked the big dick when we heard Tom say, “Suck on it.” Eddy pulled back pretending to be shocked, “That's disgusting.” But he continued to stroke his hand up and down on Tom's stiff dick. He was right, I thought to myself. It sounded disgusting. All I could think was 'our pee comes from there.' I could feel my face twist into a sour look. Tom's voice chuckled like Randy's does, “Oh come on. I heard a rumor at school that you liked it. Especially big one's like mine.”

“It is big.” he said still staring at it. “But I wouldn't do that. Not to anyone.” Eddy said turning his head away in mock disgust. He was still stroking Tom's dick with a firm grip. Tom grunted as Eddy kept up his pace and stroke, “Fine. Tell you what, I'll close my eyes. Then if you want to taste it, you can and no one will know.” Except us, I thought to myself. Them Tom must have closed his eyes as he put his hands behind his back and waited. Randy and I watched excitedly as Eddy bent over and got closer before sticking his tongue out and licked the front of Tom's dick.

I was about to gag when Randy put his hand over my mouth and shushed me. He mouthed, 'Just watch.' I did. Tom didn't move, didn't speak. Eddy opened his mouth and slowly licking the head again savoring the moment. That made me curious to what Eddy was thinking. Tom still didn't move. Eddy looked around to make sure no one was watching then licked it again. After he felt it was safe Eddy knelt down in front of Tom and began licking the head of his dick like it was an ice cream cone. It sure looked like Eddy knew it was good. He licked the sides, the front, and then put the whole head in his mouth and rolled it around. My mouth dropped open.

We heard a slurping sound and a groan came from Tom. As I watched I couldn't believe my dick was getting hard. Eddy made it look so tasty. Like a kid with a lollipop or ice cream cone. As we watched Tom was beginning to rock back and forth while Eddy let the big meat slid in and out. Eddy seemed to be getting excited and began to pick up the pace and work Tom's dick excitedly. Tom put his hand on Eddy's head and finally broke the silence, “I thought you didn't like doing this.” Eddy looked up at Tom and made a little grunt but kept sucking. He was working it deeper into his mouth in long strokes. “I think you lied.” Tom started thrusting his hips causing Eddy's head to bounce but he wouldn't take the sucker from his mouth. He obviously wanted it. Eddy worked that dick deeper and faster in his mouth. “You probably don't like someone doing this either.” with that Tom pulled Eddy's head closer, forcing his dick really deep.

Eddy's hand furiously stroked the remainder of Tom's dick rapidly as most of it was forced down his throat. Tom's body jerked as he held Eddy's head tight. We could hear the echos of gagging before we could see Eddy struggling. Tom let him go and Eddy pulled back coughing. Long slimy strings hung between Tom's dick and Eddy's mouth, “Bastard. You weren't supposed to cum in my mouth.” More blobs of slimy liquid dripped out of Tom's bid dick. Tom grabbed Eddy's head again and forcefully pushed his dick back into his eager mouth, “Quiet. I know you liked it.” he said and pumped his dick to prove the point. Eddy didn't fight. He obviously wanted it. Tom chuckled, “Now clean me up and I'll let you suck it some more later.” Eddy shook his head eagerly grunting something like, 'OK.' Tom looked around, “Then we need to get back to the party before someone comes looking for us. You don't want anyone to find out, right?”

Eddy sucked and licked Tom's dick with loving care until it was clean and then they left. Randy was very excited as we watched them leave, “You want to try it now?” I thought he was suggesting that I try sucking his cock, “Try what? That?” Randy looked at me surprised, “No. Jerk me off. You owe me. Remember?” I did but I felt a little embarrassed thinking Randy wanted me to do that to him. We'd never done anything like that. But Eddy made it look so easy and tasty. I had never thought of something like that before so I was fine with just jerking him off. That's why we came here in the first place. What I really wanted was to jerk Randy's cock with my ass like last night. Still, I couldn't help thinking about what we had just seen as I jerked Randy's 'bigger than Tom's' cock until he came.

Randy just grinned as I paid one of my debts. I owed him twice. It was a rule he started after we began to masturbating together. When we jerked off together, if one of us came before the other we had to finish the other person off. Or, had to do them solo at their request. And I owed him big time. I was glad to pay him back. The last time I came and he didn't was yesterday in the bathroom at school. With his cock in my ass. It was awesome and I couldn't wait to do it again. So, I was glad to pay him back and hope to use my ass on it again soon.

It didn't take long for Randy to cum as we were both excited about what we had just witnessed. I felt my ass twitch when he came. He cock was so hard and shook every time he squirted. I almost had an ass-gasm reliving our session in the vault the previous night. Randy sighed and then put his cock back in his shorts, “Nice. Now you only owe me one more.” I nodded my head. He was right and as I said 'I don't mind.' He's my special friend and I've experienced amazing sensations in the last two days that I never thought I would. And I never would have if it wasn't for Randy. Besides I wanted him to feel good too and I didn't want to be on his bad side.

We climbed out of the ravine and headed out to the other side of the hill. That's the valley where the grass is green this time of year and the streams still have some runoff. It must have been a couple hours of climbing in trees, chasing fish and tadpoles in the streams, and collecting frogs. All the while a thought was growing in my mind. I kept seeing Eddy sucking on Tom's dick in my mind and every time I noticed Randy's bulge I froze. My throat would get dry and I would feel a gag in the back of my mouth imagining how it might feel to try. Questions kept running through my mind; Why did Eddy like it so much, What would it taste like, What would it feel like, Would Randy like it?

Randy caught me one time and asked, “What?” I was embarrassed and couldn't bring myself to mention it. So I played it off as nothing or spacing out, or something unrelated. But when we started back to his house I felt like something needed to happen. However, I didn't know what or more to the point which I wanted first; his cock in my ass or try it in my mouth. Just to taste it. Like Eddy I didn't think I wanted him to actually cum in my mouth. Even tho he seemed to enjoy it non the less. Still, the thought had a hold on me and I felt like trying it just the same.

On the way we passed the old barn near the back of their property and I made my move, “Randy? I want to try something.” That was the first time I was the one who wanted to try something. I felt funny saying it. It was always Randy to come up with experiments. I was always just following along. This time I headed for the barn and signaled Randy to follow. Randy followed behind me thinking he knew what I wanted next, “Can't wait, huh?” I looked over my shoulder, my face was red, “Just come with me.” I led him up the rickety stairs to the loft where we were hidden from prying eyes. He came up close to me. Randy put one hand on either side of my groin. One on my dick and one on my ass. He pressed and rubbed, “You know we don't have any lube up here.” I was glad he wanted to do that again but I wanted to answer my own questions at the moment.

His hands made me even more excited and I couldn't decide: do I ride his cock, or try to suck it. Then it came to me, why not both. That way he wouldn't cum in my mouth. Or so I thought. So I put my plan into motion. I pulled down his shorts and rubbed his long shaft, “Close your eyes for a minute.” Randy looked at me quizzically but shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes. I looked at the head of his cock for what seemed like a long time as I stroked it hard. A small bead of glistening juice formed on the tip as usual and this time I had the urge to get a taste of it. It seemed so simple but my face scrunched up as I thought about it. I closed my eyes and remembered Eddy's performance.

I knelt down like Eddy had in front of Tom when he licked it. I stuck my tongue out and licked across the head where the glistening bead hung. I was surprised. It tasted fine. No nasty flavor. No repulsive reaction. Just a little salty. So, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put the head in and closed my lips around it. I could feel Randy jerk when he felt what was happening. When he did his cock shook my mouth. I sucked on it to keep it from wiggling loose. It felt good. It felt alive. I stroked the shaft with my hand like Eddy did and rolled the head around in my mouth with my tongue. Randy groaned, “That feels good.” His encouragement bolstered my confidence and I continued stroking and sucking, moving his cock in and out

I felt Randy's hand on my head just like Tom did to Eddy. He pumped his cock in deeper. I don't know what Eddy had been feeling but I felt the need to eat more of Randy's cock. As my hand stroked faster I began bobbing and slurping letting the head push as far in as it felt it would go. My dick was getting hard and I could feel my ass quiver with that big cock in my mouth for the first time. I put my hand down my shorts and rubbed my dick. Randy was holding my head and rocking back and forth, “That must taste good. You really seem to like it. You're a natural.”

That's all I needed to hear from my special friend. My excitement drove me on. I sucked as hard as I could all while stroking my dick, his shaft and trying to swallow his big head. I was drooling and gasping with excitement as I gave my first blowjob. Randy was enjoying it and now had both hands on my head, “You're so good. I'm gonna count this as your last debt.” I was so focused my brain wasn't putting it all together until I tasted something salty getting stronger in my mouth. 'Count as my debt.' He's going to cum in my mouth like Tom did to Eddy. My brain was trying to get my attention through my excitement as I continued sucking and stroking. My own voice shouted inside my head, 'He's going to cum in my mouth!'

That brought me back to reality. I let go of my dick and tried to pull away but Randy had a hold of my head. His grip pulled me closer and I could feel that big head of his cock force it's way into my throat. It felt like I was going to gag but he just kept pulling me closer. I closed my eyes and began jerking involuntarily. I could feel his cock head swell as it pressed deeper down my throat. It crept deeper and deeper as I jerked and gagged. Then I could feel Randy's pubic hairs push against my nose, “That's it. We're all in now.” My eyes shot open and looked up into Randy's face. He was looking down at me with that evil grin, “Here it comes.” His body jerked and the salty taste filled my mouth.

I was gagging as he pumped his big cock with each squirt down my throat. The shaft swelled in concert and I felt each one strain my mouth and throat. Randy grunted, “Yeah.” My eyes watered as I struggled to keep from choking or passing out. The feeling of knowing he was cumming in my mouth, or more correctly into my stomach was frightening but it also made me proud. I found a new way to make my special friend happy. So I just let him use my mouth for his cum bucket. This time. I'd rather ride his cock so I could cum as well. But this wasn't as disgusting as Eddy had professed.

It didn't take long before I was running out of oxygen when he pulled back letting the head pull out of my throat and end up in my mouth. I coughed around it but wouldn't let it go until it was clean. That's what Eddy did. When I finally let go of his cock Randy smiled at me, “Watching those two really got you excited didn't it? Did you like it?” My eyes were blurry and I panted like I'd run the mile, “You weren't suppose to cum in my mouth.” It was the same thing Eddy had said and I blushed thinking it wasn't so bad. Randy must have known and just chuckled, “It wasn't that bad. I think you liked it. Besides that was only your first try and you got the whole thing in.”

First try? My jaw was stretched out and my throat hurt a little. I wondered how Eddy dealt with it. And how often he did it. Maybe he likes to do it all the time. I don't know if I'm gonna do that again anytime soon. But Randy was right, it wasn't that bad and it all fit. Of course that's what I first thought about having Randy's big cock in my ass and now I'm looking forward to doing that again. Real soon.

After we had a snack prepared by Randy's mother we went downstairs to 'do some homework' in the vault. It was cool and dark as I stepped inside. The quiet made everything seem louder, our breath, any movement, and the sound of that door closing with a solid clunk. Randy locked us in and that sound was like a bell to Pavlov's dog. I could feel my dick wake up and my ass itched. I squeezed my cheeks together thinking about how things might unfold. He was cool and collected. He turned on some music we both liked. Then he came over to me and stood real close. I was just staring at his face. His evil grin should have been a clue.

I felt like I should do something. He usually had a plan but after the surprise in the barn he was probably wondering what I might do next. I looked down and saw the tent in his pants. Again. Oh, man. I didn't know what I wanted. More to the point, I knew what I wanted but I didn't know where to start. Or how to start this time. My eyes kept checking his face for a sign but he was cool. His smile just bored through me as I stood there. I knew what he liked. I knew what I liked. I just couldn't start. He just stared at me as he waited for my signal. Finally I stripped naked in front of him and smiled back.

Randy stripped. His big cock stuck straight out from his waist. Mine always felt small next to his, but that wasn't important anymore. I put my hand on his throbbing cock. Then I loosely slid my hand over it as it pulsed and grew. I thought about how it felt in my mouth less than an hour ago. What I really wanted to do was to ride it again. My ass twitched again and my knees got weak thinking about it. Yeah, I wanted it and he knew it. I gripped his cock and stroked it with purpose. Randy's face got that evil grin again. Something I still wonder about.

Randy put his hand on my shoulder near my neck, “You're all paid up. So I'll make you a deal.” A deal? That's a first. Randy and I have shared all our experiences. It was a game with rules that made things fair. Oh course most of the time it benefited Randy more than me. Still, he wasn't bending the rules to get his way and I was usually at fault and I didn't mind the payback plan. It just seemed like I would owe him and he would always point it out when payment became due. I guess I enjoyed being in debt to him for everything we'd been through together. But he never offered to make a deal before. Not when it came to masturbating. I guess we're a little further down that road now. Either way I wanted to hear his offer, “Yeah?”

“I really liked what you did earlier. If you suck my cock again, I'll do all the work to jerk my cock in your ass until we cum.” It shocked me at first, in an exposure of 'my inner desires' kind of way. Randy's hand urged my head down. My mind went blank and I felt weak. I couldn't resist. I bent over following his direction all while my mind was going over his offer. He's going to jerk his cock in my ass solo? That would be my dream. Since last night I've been wondering what it would feel like. I did most of the work yesterday. Both times he wanted me to do the work. Now he's offering to do all the work. His hand kept pushing my head closer to his cock. If I suck his cock again. He always wanted me to do the work. His cock was sticking straight up now and I just opened my mouth without thinking. Randy turned to the side and guided my eager mouth onto his cock. As soon as it touched my lips I salivated. I couldn't believe my reaction. My mind was still wondering what it was going to feel like when he jerked his cock in my ass solo until I came. My mouth however was preparing for my second blowjob.

Pulling it out of my mouth, I licked that big cock from side to side then put the head back in my mouth to suck on it a little. Randy slid his hand off my head once he could tell I was committed and ran it slowly down my back to my ass crack. I was bent at the waist with my ass exposed. I could feel him exploring my sensitive areas and I bobbed up and down on the head. He slid his fingers up and down my crack. It almost tickled. But it made me more excited to suck on his cock. My legs shook as he pressed against my tender hole. Yes. Finally I was going to get to jerk his cock with my ass again. Or more to the point, he's going to jerk his cock in my ass this time. My dick started to twitch as I thought about last night at the end of our session when Randy jammed his cock deep in my ass while we both came. Is that what it's going to feel like?

I remembered watching Eddy and how he looked like he was really enjoying Tom's dick as he gobbled it up. I stroked the shaft as I worked the head with my tongue. I couldn't believe how good it tasted this time. The concern and disgust were gone and I was feeling his cock moving between my lips. The sensation of it sliding in and out of my mouth while thinking about it being in my ass was crazy erotic. Just then Randy's finger slid in to my asshole. I really felt charged up and was working his cock hard. Suddenly I realized I was sucking his cock to the back of my throat again. Pulling back I caught my breath. Then Randy slid a second finger into my waiting ass all the way to the last knuckle. This pushed me against his cock. It drove his cock into my throat and I swallowed over and over as he pumped his lubed finger in my tight sore hole. I couldn't wait.

My groin was hot and I felt like I was going to cum. But I didn't want to cum like this. I wanted his cock in there instead of his fingers. I pushed him back onto the old couch and looked for the lube jar. Randy wasn't complaining as I straddled him on the couch, “Sure you don't want me to do it?” I lined up his lubed cock with my hungry ass and tried to get it to go in. I was excited and tight. After all I hadn't been wearing the 'Raging hard-on' all morning. This might take a little effort. Randy grabbed his cock and held it still while I wiggled around trying to loosen myself up. After an embarrassingly long time I finally got the head in.

My body shook with the shock but I wasn't going to let that stop me this time. So I rocked myself back and forth as it started to press in deeper, “Oh Randy, your cock is so big.” Randy smiled as he watched my efforts. He seemed to like hearing me tell him it was big. I kept trying. I didn't want to give up and I sat up straight and lowered myself down slowly. I could feel it inching it's way in. I paused and then lifted myself back up. I slid it all the way out and twitched. Randy chuckled, “Sure you don't want me to do it?” That wasn't what I wanted at that moment. I was determined to get his cock in my ass and ride it till I was satisfied. I sat back again and felt the head pop in a little easier, “I want to do it.”

My legs and knees were getting weak as I kept raising and lowering myself on his long shaft of a cock. The pain was easing and now I could feel it pumping inside me. Randy grinned at me with his evil stare as I worked up and down again. Then slid his hands under my legs up to my waist. I could feel him rocking his hips and adding some stroke to my efforts. His strong grip urged me up and down as his hips worked his cock in and out. Randy had been patient but his desire was done waiting. He pulled down hard when his hips pushed up and I slid all the way down on his cock with a shout, “Fuck.” His cock pushed up into my belly, “There. We're all in now.” I knew what that meant. My butt sat firmly on Randy's groin and I remembered what it felt like last night. I felt faint from the shock and fell forward onto Randy. He held me there and kept rocking his hips pumping my ass as I lay there. The feeling of it sliding inside me made me ignore the pain and I thought about how deep it was. Suddenly I felt myself falling and in a flash Randy was on top with his cock never leaving my ass.

Now I was laying on the couch under Randy. My knees were held against my sides with Randy laying between my legs. My dick and balls were squished under his body but I didn't care. His cock was filling me up inside. He started humping and pumping right away. In moments he was bottomed out. It felt like his big cock pumped all the way into my stomach at every thrust, “Fuck me, Randy!” Randy grunted into my ear with his heavy breath, “That's the idea.” His body weight drove his cock with great thrusts that caused my whole body to shake. Then he propped himself up on his arms and watched me with that devilish grin as he kept humping, “I know you're gonna like it. I do.”

I couldn't move. I lifted my head and could see my limp dick and balls shaking with his thrusts. With my knees nearly touching my shoulders my hips were turned up so far I could almost see my own asshole. Yesterday I only caught a glimpse of what was happening. Now I had a front row seat as it were watching Randy's rippled abs flexing. Each one driving his cock forward. The shaft of his cock disappeared into my ass as his hips pressed against me. Then I watched in amazement as his hips pulled his big shaft out and then thrust it all the way in between my legs again, in quick succession. He was doing all the work just like he said. I was just laying there enjoying the view.

Something triggered in my mind and I thought about our words, 'Fuck me...' and 'That's the idea.' What was his idea? I knew what fucking meant but I didn't quite see it. My delirious mind struggled to break it down. What are we doing here? We weren't masturbating. That's for sure. We weren't just playing with my butt hole. We were well past that. I wasn't using that cheap version of the real thing, butt plug. We were using the real thing. When I jerked his cock with my ass last night was I masturbating his cock? No. And today I'm not letting him jerk off with my ass. Randy's groin just slapped against my sweaty butt over and over. No, this was his very real, very strong cock pounding into my ass. That's when I realized, 'We weren't jerking off, he's fucking me in the ass.'

My eyes rolled back in my head as that realization sunk in and I felt his animal lust taking control. I felt trapped under his weight, his grip, and his invading cock. His drive was relentless. I didn't want it to stop. He pounded me over and over until I began groaning, “Oh fuck... Yes.” My stomach tightened and my ass quivered around his pounding cock then a small squirt of cum dripped from my bouncing dick. My body jerked as my ass and stomach twitched. It was like a different kind of orgasm. It felt like what happened last night only much stronger. It came to me in waves just like an orgasm and I groaned in time with them, “Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. UH.”

Randy chuckled, “Good huh? I knew you were going to like it.” I looked up at him completely overwhelmed, “Just fuck me.” That made his stop and give me a stern glare, “You asked for it. Roll over!” I was groggy and wondering what he had said when he pulled out and forcefully turned me over. I was limp and struggled to keep my bearings. What is he doing? For some reason I felt the need to get loose from his grip. But I was delirious and before I could regain my coordination he grabbed my leg and pulled. He straightened out my legs and climbed on clamping my legs together, recapturing me. I could barely wiggle my ass. I felt him lay down on top of me. Then he slid his cock between my butt cheeks and back into my stretched hole.

“OH!” I cried as Randy's weight crammed his cock all the way back in. I was squished into the couch cushions as he returned to pounding my poor ass with that big cock. It ground into me as I felt his hips push with all his might. My back arched as his pubic bone lifted my tailbone. Each thrust made me sink into the couch and my body was buzzing. I was so excited I cried out, “Fuck my ass.” Randy snickered and grabbed my shoulders to aid his drive, “Here we go.” He pulled on my shoulders and drove his cock so deep and just kept pumping. The feeling was incredible and I slowly melted into the couch. I don't know how long he was going on. I lost track of time. My body was lost in the sensation of his cock sliding inside me, pounding into my butt. Over and over, bouncing my hips on the couch cushions. I could feel my stomach tighten, my ass began twitching again. Then it happened right on cue. My body felt that amazing sensation of having an orgasm in my ass. An ass-gasm, "Yes, Yes, YES!"

It was overwhelmingly exciting. Everything was a blur. The room was gone and I was floating, enjoying Randy's rhythm as he fucked me in the ass when I heard his voice close to my ear,

“You like my big cock, don't you?” I had to answer, “Yes!”

“You like stroking my cock, don't you?” Again, “Yes!”

“You like sucking my cock, don't you?” I admit I did, “Yes!”

“You like me to fuck your ass, don't you?” His relentless rhythm never stopped. “YES!”

At that moment I didn't even understand the consequences of my answers. All I knew was, Yes.

Randy slowed down to a steady pace and I realized my dick was hard and rubbing against the couch cushions with every one of his thrusts. It felt so good. The slower pace was really erotic. Randy spoke in a deep voice, “Are you going to cum for me?” I was, soon. Remembering the last two day's experiences, “I'm going to cum with your cock in my ass. Again.” Randy snickered, “Good. Cause I'm going to cum in your ass... Are you ready?” I was, “Oh yeah.” I tightened my ass around his pumping cock and I could feel how hard it was between my cheeks.

He slowed even more and his thrusts began to jerk right at the deepest point. My dick was ready to explode, “I'm going to cum...” Randy grunted, “Good. Cause... Here... It... Cums!” I felt his cock pulse just as my dick began to dump my juice onto the couch cushions. My whole body flushed, “Oh! Yeah! So... Good!” Randy's cock kept surging as he dumped his cum into my waiting ass. Everything became a blur as I could feel Randy's and my orgasms seem to synchronize. I could hear Randy's voice through the haze, “This makes me feel so good. You're really a special friend.” I felt a warm sensation all over as I faded off.

Thus began our long practice of Saturday's being anal sex night. Oh, we continued to jerk each other off and I'd suck his cock. But Saturday nights were planned out and Randy expected my best unless he had something else in mind. This started out as my only friendship who became the center of my universe. When I tell this story to folks they always tell me, “You're trying too hard.”
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