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Hardy has now left home and is living at a Jr Academy, where his training for his journey to mars has begun in earnest. Only 20 % of his class will graduate and hardy is willing to do anything to insure he is at the top of the list of graduates.

After living his childhood on a government ordered rural farm with his parents, Hardy Cochran at the age of seventeen had been recruited for a special academy; training young men and women for an astronaut program. Mankind had squandered almost all of the world’s resources and now governments were collecting gifted children and training them to save the planet. Some were sent to colleges where forestry was taught. These youngsters job would be to figure out a way to stop deforestation, speed up the growth of plant life while all the time still supplying the world with energy. Others were sent to science colleges in an attempt to discover alternate energy sources with enough power to keep the world alive.

Hardy was a back-up plan. He and others from around the world were to be groomed for an historic flight. A space journey to Mars where the team would prove that mankind could inhabit the planet and then set up domiciles for others to come and populate the new world. It had been four years since Hardy had left his parents, farm and best friend Ron behind. He worked night and day to be top of his class and that left little time for anything else.

Everyone at the Junior Academy of Aeronautical Studies, knew that only the top twenty percent of the class would graduate and move on to the next stage. The others would be returned to whatever government job their family was assigned to, marked as failures for life. Hardy was not about to let that happen. He had kept a close eye on all the professors and Dean Dustin, of the junior military college looking for anything he could use to get in good with them and increase his chances for advancement. So far they all remained aloof.

The living situation in the barrack was set up for maximum study, physical conditioning and sleep. It was an open bay dorm in which at the beginning of the year at least forty beds were filled with young men cadets. Now as the final semester was coming to a close there were less than half the beds filled and only a few of those had what it would take to graduate. One day while running from one class to another, Hardy turned a corner and ran smack into Dean Dustin, who was carrying a cup of coffee. Hardy’s laptop briefcase went one way and the coffee spilt right down the dean’s shirt and pants.

Without thinking Hardy grabbed his handkerchief and while stumbling over apology after apology he tried to wipe the coffee off the dean’s uniform. As Hardy wiped downward from shirt to pants he was so upset at what had happened he didn’t realize he was rubbing the dean’s crotch; that is until he noticed Dean Dustin’s cock was beginning to respond. The dean backed up a step and ordered Hardy to attention. When Hardy snapped too, the dean smiled an oddly seductive smile at him and laughed, “Its ok. These things happen. Grab your laptop and don’t be late for class.”

Hardy was so grateful; he thanked the dean, grabbed his briefcase and stood at attention to salute him. He looked his commanding officer in the eye and then let his eyes drift down to the dean’s crotch for a moment and then they made eye contact again. Hardy looked into the deans eyes and said, “Thankyou General Dustin sir. If there is anything I can ever do to make it up to you; you can count on me.”

The dean paused a moment and quizzically said, “Is that so? I’ll remember this conversation if I ever need anything. For now just do your best and make sure you make the cut.” Hardy and the dean then parted ways and for the most part Hardy forgot the conversation had ever happened. The incident had unfolded a few weeks before final exams and now with the testing days of the final semester right at his doorstep, Hardy was notified that General Dustin wanted a meeting with him in is office. He was scheduled to arrive at the end of the day when he was through with his classes. Hardy’s heart sunk for that is the way all of the cadets received their dismissal notices, when they had fallen below the expected mark and were sent home.

Hardy finished his last class and was crossing the campus lawn when he was met by the dean himself. “I am having some construction work done in my office cadet, I hope you don’t mind if we have our meeting at my private office in my living quarters.

“Of course not, sir.” Hardy said. In his mind he thought “what office did it matter to him to be in when he got sent home.” Hardy fell in line behind General Dustin as they changed direction and headed toward the deans car. Hardy had never thought about the general’s living quarters. He knew that the dean lived alone and enjoyed his privacy. Beyond that he was in the dark. They had driven for about five miles when the dean turned into the officer quarters village. All of the homes were huge and together they looked like a high end millionaire’s neighborhood.

The dean drove to the gate of a fenced in home. The fence wall itself was over six foot high and made of red brick. The gate was made of wrought iron covered in green ivy. At a push of a button the gate swung open and the general drove in allowing the gate to close behind him. The dean’s home was by far the largest in the compound. It was built to look like an old colonial home with a wide porch that ran along the entire front of the house with white pillars holding up the structure every ten feet. It was three stories high and wings stretched out in both directions. Hardy couldn’t help but think “What does a man who lives alone need with a home this large?”

The dean must have sensed Hardy’s question because as they slowed to a stop he said, “Cadet when I am at the college I am all work and I do one hell of a job. When I come home I want privacy and a chance to relax. Besides as dean of the college I am expected to have some very large parties with dignitaries from around the world.” The dean parked his car at the front door and escorted Hardy inside. The inside of the mansion was just like Hardy imagined. There was a lot of dark oak, rose wood floors and paneling. Decorations were few and those that ordained the home were mostly of a military fashion. Everything was very manly and orderly.

The general lead Hardy down first one hallway and then another to what Hardy thought would be his private office. Hardy was shocked when the dean led him into a gym complete with a pool, Jacuzzi, and steam room. “I thought that we could unwind a little, while we talked about your future.” The general said as he loosened his tie. This didn’t seem like a “You’re being washed out speech” and so Hardy tried to go with the flow.

“I think I’m going to sit in the sauna for a spell before we get to business. There are towels on the wall and a closet to put your clothes, if you care to join me. I’ll be back in a moment, make yourself at home.” The dean said as he left the room.

Hardy walked around for a moment taking in the plushness of the generals Home. He saw the clothes cabinet in a small changing room and the towels the general had mentioned and thought, “What the hell. If I’m going home I might as well go in style.” Hardy took off all his clothes and wrapped a large white towel around his waist and walked into the sauna. The rush of hot steam hitting his face felt nice. It was clean and fresh, not like the stagnant air outside. He was surprised to see how large it was from the inside. It had three tiers of benches and could easily seat a dozen or more individuals.

Hardy sat on one of the benches and began to enjoy the steamy heat when the dean walked in. He was naked with a towel wrapped around him just like Hardy. The general stood almost six foot tall. Even at his age the general was wonderfully toned. Hardy couldn’t help but notice the silver and black, salt and peppered hair which covered not only the dean’s head, but his chest, arms, legs and back. Hardy hoped he would look that good when he was the general’s age.

The dean sat down quite close to where Hardy was sitting. “Well son how do you think your finals are going?” The general asked.

“I’m hoping I’m doing………. No, I know I’m doing well, sir.

The general and Hardy talked small talk for a little while about Hardy’s favorite classes and the professor’s he liked most and least and why. As they spoke the general would move his knees a little to the left and then to the right until the towel that he was wrapped in slid open. Hardy felt himself take a deep breath as he looked at the deans exposed hardware. Nestled in a fluffy mound of salt and peppered curly hair was the dean’s manhood, draped between his legs for anyone to see.

The general was semi hard and Hardy could already tell that the dean’s cock wasn’t as long as his. But he could also tell that where he fell short in length he made up for it in girth. The generals ball sack and testacies were a lot bigger than Hardy’s as well. “Have you met any interesting cadet’s here at the college son?” Hardy heard the general say in a softer more relaxed voice.

“Well sir, not really sir. You see I can’t afford to fail and so I pretty much stayed to myself and my studies the whole time I’ve been here.” Hardy answered wondering where the conversation was going.

“Look son it’s just you and me talking here. Relax, and you don’t have to call me sir.” The general said placing a hand on Hardy’s towel covered knee.

“Thank you, sir.” Hardy said. As he spoke he could see the general’s cock beginning to elongate and swell. “But for the last four years you have been General or dean or sir. What would you like me to call you?

The dean slowly withdrew his hand and with it the towel which covered Hardy’s cock and balls. The general looked into Hardy’s eyes and smiled the same odd seductive smile Hardy suddenly remembered from the incident in the hall. “For tonight you can call me………. Daddy.”

Hardy had looked at a lot of cadets around his age and had wanted to approach them. A couple of times he saw cadets in the showers jerking off and he joined them but there was nothing more than a spontaneous jerk circle of a few young men needing relief. He had never thought of the dean in that way and yet looking at the general now, he had a new appreciation of his silver hair covered muscular physique. Instinctively he knew what the dean wanted. It was like the first time he and Ron had gotten together. Neither one knew what they were doing but both knew it was what they needed. This was the advantage Hardy was looking for. If he could please the general there was no way he could be washed out.

Hardy slowly slid the towel off his other knee. As his own cock started to rise and become hard he stood and faced the general. “Daddy is there anything you need?” He stepped forward and reached out his hand which the general took. “Come sit a little closer and talk to me.” The dean said.

Hardy sat next to the general with their thighs pressed tight against each other. He turned toward his silver fox and said, “Daddy?”

The general reached over and for the first time caressed Hardy’s throbbing cock and wrapped his fingers around its shaft. “Yes son.”

“I don’t want to talk.” He said as he leaned in and pressed his lips against the generals. Within moments the two were intertwined in each other’s arms, kissing deeply and passionately while stroking each other’s cock and exploring each other’s body with their roaming hands.

The general broke their embrace and stood. “Follow me son I want to show you something.” The dean left his towel behind and walked out of the sauna. He led the way out of the pool room across the hall to a bedroom where he sat on the edge of the bed. “You want to make your daddy happy son?” He asked.

Hardy looked at the general in awe. Sweat from the sauna still glistened on his tanned flesh and was rolling down his skin. His firm muscled chest and six pack stomach beckoned to be touched. His thick throbbing cock stood straight and tall as any of the young cadets he had seen. “Yes daddy.” Hardy answered as lust was filling his entire being. He wanted the general as much as he had wanted Ron. But now he was a man, not just a boy and was ready to take his time and enjoy every moment.

“Then come here and lay on the bed on your stomach. That’s right son, now spread your legs a little and let daddy take care of you.” The general said as he opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube.

Hardy’s heart began to pound. He was filled with fear and excitement. He knew what was about to happen and knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. He also knew he didn’t want it to stop. Hardy had never done anything like this before and was afraid it would hurt. But he was a man after all and could take it. He laid his head on the bed and tried to relax. “Daddy I’ve never done this before. Be gentle.”

Cochran closed his eyes and tried to relax as he heard the lid on the bottle of lube pop open. The next thing he knew his ’daddy’ lowered his face toward Hardy’s ass and began licking his crack. His tongue probed his tight hole each time it passed lubricating it with the general’s saliva. His tongue was followed by the dean’s well lubricated finger. It slowly slid into Hardy then began to stroke in and out. Soon he added a second finger and a third. The sensation was driving Hardy wild and he had to concentrate with all his might not to cum too soon.

Suddenly daddy pulled his fingers away and Hardy heard the sound of the lube being squeezed from the bottle. His legs were spread a little further apart with the dean’s own thighs. Hardy moaned as he felt daddy’s cock slippery with lube slide up and down his ass crack. Hardy lifted his buttocks ever so slightly and pushed back against the dean. On the next pass the general stopped the tip of his cock on Cochran’s virgin hole. He leaned forward applying pressure as he lay on to top of Hardy. Cochran grunted and clinched his teeth as the thick mushroomed head popped through his tight sphincter.

“Relax son, relax and enjoy.” The general whispered in Hardy’s ear as he pushed his hips forward and with one slow thrust filled hardy with the full length of his shaft. Tears fell from Cochran’s eyes as he first experienced the burning pain of entry. Once inside his daddy paused and allowed his son to get used to the new sensation. After a few moments the dean pulled his cock back almost all the way out and then slid it back all the way inside. Slowly and surely he did this again and again.

Soon the pain was replaced with a wonderful pleasure which Hardy had never before experienced. His entire body was tingling and his ass was on fire for more. Hardy began to push back on his daddy’s thrusts with a seamless rhythm. He began to moan as the general began to pick up the pace. “Oh daddy I want more. Faster, harder; fill me up. Oh daddy I want you to cum inside me please daddy please.” Hardy’s role playing words sent the dean into a frenzy of lust. He grabbed Hardy’s arms and began to buck like a stallion. With each thrust Hardy’s insides burned with a pleasure pain beyond compare. He could feel the cock inside him become even more rigid then the general gave one last mighty thrust deeper than all the rest and shot rope after rope of hot white cock juice into Hardy’ willing ass.

After his seed stopped flowing the general collapsed down on Hardy’s back. Hardy whispered, “Thank you daddy.” Then lay silent. Suddenly in one swift move the general rolled over taking Cochran with him. The general’s still hard shaft never left Hardy’s hole but now Hardy was on his back laying on top of the dean.

The dean reached up and took Hardy’s cock in his hand which was still coated with lube. He began to move his cock in and out of Hardy as he stroked Hardy’s shaft from top to bottom. “You’ve been a good boy son, let your daddy bring you over the top too.” The general began stroking Cochran harder while plunging his still hard cock up his ass again and again. Hardy moaned and groaned at the same time. “I’m cumming daddy I’m cumming!” As huge wads of semen spurted out of his rock hard cock in an orgasm stronger than any he had had before, the General began to shudder and cried, “Me too son together oh God we’re climaxing together!” It was a phenomenal sensation Hardy was feeling as he shot rope after rope while feeling the general doing the same as he came for the second time.

Finally it ended and the two lay in the bed covered in sweat and man seed. After several minutes the dean’s tool shriveled up and he pulled out of Hardy’s gaping hole. He showed Cochran to a shower and the two showered together. They then got dressed and the general took Hardy back to the dorm. As they pulled up out front the dean turned to Hardy and smiled. “You know your grades put you at the top of the class but tonight, put you on the top of my list. There are three weeks left until you graduate. I hope to have you over often………….. son.”

Hardy got out of the car and before he walked away he reached back and put his head thru the car window and whispered, “Good night daddy general.”
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