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An undergraduate student works a site that will change her life forever
Allison Higgins was clearing the dust from a cavern wall with ancient paintings at least 12,000 years old. She was around 5'8” with long straight blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. She wore thin rimmed copper glasses and peered at the world through lavender eyes. She was wearing khaki shorts and button up blouse. Although it was cool in the cave she was sweating. After clearing away the dust she adjusted the work lamps to light the whole wall, took out her digital camera and took a series of pictures. She was in a roughly circular chamber about 65' in diameter with a couple of adjoining passageways including the one that led to the main cavern a couple hundred meters toward the surface. And the other was a short passage that led to a small chamber that had not been studied fully yet. She was studying the markings intently completely lost in thought.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps startled her and she quickly turned around. Just coming into the room was an older man with short gray hair and mustache. He was tall about 6'4” with an athletic build and tan weathered skin. Professor Hiram Jackson was the head of the archeological dept. in charge of this site. This dig in the middle of nowhere Wyoming seemed to be the home of a previously unknown tribe of natives. It consisted of himself, his best student Allison, and 20 other students and a few volunteers. He looked at the world through hazel eyes that burned with determination but also had a soft quality to them. In his hand was a bottle of water. “I didn't mean to startle you, I just wanted to check on you. I thought that you could use this.” handing her the water. He did his best to remain professional around her, his love of the field overriding his feelings for her but just barely.

Quickly recovering from the shock she thanked him for the water and took a big drink. “Well the others have left for civilization for the weekend. I am surprised that you didn't go home for the weekend?”. She shook her head “Nah I got a call from my mom a couple of days ago, they were going to go on the cruise they talked about during the winter. So I would have gone home to an empty house I think that I would rather be here and get something done.”. He nodded in agreement, he was relieved that she didn't go. “Fair enough have you figured out anything yet?”. Focusing on the task at hand was the only way she could hide how she felt for him. He always made her feel like a young teen with her first crush. But she didn't want to endanger his career with the whole student, teacher scandals. Allison had fell in love with him when she was his student her first year. Then for some reason she didn't get him the following year. He made the subject at least for her more interesting. His passion for the mysteries of the past showing in how he taught the subject. Now having already gotten her Masters degree she was working on her doctorate. “No not yet but I think we are getting somewhere.”. She pointed to a couple of symbols “If our translation is anywhere near correct this says that there is another chamber somewhere beyond this room. This symbol indicates that it has some religious value, so I don't think it's the small chamber over there.” as she cocked her head towards the small chamber.

She turned and looked at him directly “Ok professor with everyone that you could have chosen why did you choose me?”. He looked her in the eyes and for a moment she thought she saw a hint of nervousness. He took a deep breath “Well besides your skills as a researcher and your knack for interpreting ancient symbols I had an ulterior motive. Allison I am tired of living a lie, I love you.”. Before she could react her pulled her close and kissed her. Her eyes widen for a moment before she recovered and wrapped her arms around him returning the kiss. Her heart was racing her mind was a blur of questions. When they separated she looked at him “I love you too, I have since my first year.”. He smiled relief and joy evident in his face and eyes “Then lets get some work done this isn't going to solve itself. Now where were we before we got distracted?”. She stepped back smiling, she loved him but she loved what she did just as much. “Well I was saying that if our translation is correct there should be another chamber somewhere.”.

He stood in the center of the chamber looking around. “I have confidence in your translation now we just have to get into the heads of these people. If they were private about their beliefs for some reason.”. He trailed off as if another thought was invading his mind “What if there is a hidden passage? “Well how about we find out.” he said with a sheepish grin. He made his way to the surface and came back a few minutes later holding a candle. She looked at him quizzically “What is a candle supposed to do?”. That was one of the things he loved about her was her curiosity “It is a candle that produces an harmless smoke, if there is say a hidden passage this should reveal it by showing the air currents.”. She smiled in admiration he always had a trick up his sleeve but there was a boyish glint in his eye. He took out a lighter and lit the candle. The flame burned normal but produced a white smoke. He slowly made his way around the room. After several quiet minutes he waved her over as she got closer “Here, this has to be it notice how the smoke seems to be pulled into the rock. She looked and she could see small wisps of smoke slowly flowing into the wall.

They spent the next 20 minutes looking for a way into whatever lay beyond this wall. Hiram stumbled onto the mechanism disguised in the murals on the wall. The stone slid with the sound of grinding stone and took a full 30 seconds to open a small rush of air pushed into the area beyond. Lifting a lantern and holding it in front of him Hiram slowly entered the next chamber. His lantern revealed a large oval shaped room, it's walls having the appearance of being carved in certain areas. As he moved the lantern around the light revealed the remains of mats on the floor. A large stone block at least 8' long in front of the mats. There was something covering a portion of the stone block. Beyond that a large statue of a woman sat, her arms stretched out before her and her hands held together palms up as if meant to hold something. Her features were similar to other depictions found in the other chambers.

As Allison walked in behind Hiram the room flashed and became brighter. Torches evenly spaced around the room on the walls, their light filling the room. Allison looked around then on the mats she saw people sitting they seemed to be chanting as the strange words began to fill her ears. On the left side of the chamber sat several other figures each with some kind of instrument. Further in the stone block was covered by cloth and a pillow. Laying on the block a nude woman only a single bracelet adorned her. Her body being attended to by 3 other women who seemed to be arousing her, one of them was slowly rubbing her clit and the other 2 were nibbling her nipples. Their hands wandering all over her body.

They began to rub some kind of liquid all over her giving her skin a shiny sheen.. In between the block and the statue stood a well built man with tribal art on his body watching intently he was fully nude with only a bracelet on his wrist. His large cock stood at full attention. Beside him another woman also nude except some kind of headdress on. She was moving like she was performing some kind of dance and chanting with the rest. Allison found herself getting aroused as she watched the spectacle before her. So distracted was she that she failed to notice a couple of archways in the back. She stood quiet as the woman on the slab seemed to be really aroused by the administering of the other women, then suddenly the music and chanting increased in pace and the women stepped away. The large man then climbed on top of the woman on the slab.

She looked at him with lust in her eyes and adoration. Allison realized this was a marriage ceremony. The priestess approached and took the mans cock in her hand and began rubbing the same liquid all over his large member. When she finished she smiled at him and nodded. The music and the chanting now reaching a fever pitch. The man rubbed his cock on her pussy, then pressing the head into her. He looked down at her and in a single thrust buried his cock all of the way inside her. She cried out in ecstasy and pain at the same time as she was a virgin. He stayed still fully impaling his young bride then as she nodded he began to take her. Soon the chamber was filled with chanting, music, and the lustful sounds of the couple as he took his bride and made her his.

Allison watched in disbelief as she watched this young woman get fucked. It was then she noticed that the eyes on the statue began to glow green and slowly get brighter as the man fucked his woman. Eventually the statues eyes were glowing with the brightness of a good flashlight. Then as the man howled in ecstasy as he buried his cock in his bride and pumped her full of cum, the statue's eyes flared and went out. The music and the chanting stopped, the only sounds were the breathless couple in the throws of orgasmic bliss. Then it seemed that the priestess looked directly at Allison “It is done may the Goddess Syllonana bless your bonding and gift many offspring.”.

The vision ended and Allison was left standing there with her mouth agape, she finally realizes that Hiram is calling her name “Allison are you ok?”. Shaking her head clear she looks at Hiram and sees the look of concern on his face. “I'm ok I just had a weird vision, but I think I know what this place is.”. His face changed reflecting curiosity but still showing concern. “Alright lay it on me.”. She smiled as she looked at him. She then began to tell him what she saw, they walked around the room together as she described the scene. At first he didn't believe her but then everything fell into place including the soot marks on the wall from the torches.

The next couple of hours went by quickly as they went to work cataloging the room and it's contents, they would work on the archways in the back later. As they worked it seemed to them that the temperature was going higher. Soon she was just in shorts and a bra and he was in his shorts. They tried to hide their sudden arousal. While they worked in the middle of the room they ended up sitting on the large stone. Their conversation eventually stopped and they embraced and kissed passionately. Their desires eventually took over, they stripped off each others remaining clothing. She got on her knees and examined the cock that was in front of her. This was a surprise his was the biggest she had ever seen before. Slowly she took him in her mouth and did her best to fit him in her mouth. Her efforts were to no avail she had never had a cock like this. She did her best sucking on the head and licking up and down the shaft. Hiram moaned his approval but eventually Hiram lifted her up and laid her on the stone block and began kissing all over her body working his way down. His tender touch driving her crazy she wanted him more than ever before. She wanted him inside her, wanted his cum inside her.

Hiram finally made his way to her pussy and began to nibble and lick her driving her wild with lust and ecstasy. After giving her back arching climaxes he stood up and rubbed the head of his dick against her entrance and finally plunging deep inside her, she moaned loudly and her eyes widened as he buried himself into her. He reached very deep inside and stayed there enjoying the grip her tight pussy gave his cock he began slowly pulling out almost all of the way then plunging back inside her. Soon the rhythmic sounds of their bodies slapping together and moans and groans of pleasure filled the room. The couple lost to themselves and the passion of the moment did not notice the eyes of the statue begin to glow. A faint feminine voice could barely be heard with some kind of chant.

As Hiram began to get close he increased his pace Allison's moans and screams driving him to climax. Deep in her mind some how she knew that she would end up pregnant after this, but she didn't care in fact it's what she wanted. Then suddenly he thrust deep inside her and held her in place as his cock pulsed and shot streams of his cum deep inside her. Feeling his climax drove her to her own orgasm her body convulsing in the most powerful orgasm that she has experienced. As their shared climax subsided they stared into each others eyes and and caught their breath. Unseen the statues eyes dimmed and went dark.

Eventually they would gather themselves together, returning to their camp just outside the cave and get cleaned up. They would end up in the same tent and fall asleep together. The next couple of days of the long weekend without the other students would find them going about their professional business of examining the site including the new chambers. Passion would also fill their day as they fulfilled their physical desires while they took a few breaks during the day. At night they would return to the statue chamber as if drawn their and spend a couple of hours pleasuring one another. Allison would lay there as she recovered holding her lover knowing somehow that she would bear his child. She smiled to herself and in her mind dreams did come true.

The students would return and the camp would swell to 22 individuals but with only 6 females in the group. On the first day that they returned Hiram and Allison would go over their discovery in the cave and what they had already cataloged. The students kind of excited at being able to go investigate new discoveries and a secret room to boot. This stirred them into action and it didn't take long for the routine to set in as the students went about their tasks. Over the next couple of weeks they would work the site as they worked in the chamber with the statue it seemed that inhibitions were loosening up. Several of the students themselves would give in to their own desires at night. The comfort level would increase and a few of the students including a few of the girls who were exhibitionists including Allison herself would work completely nude as if it was second nature.

During the cataloging of the rear chamber on the right which seemed like a private room for the priestess of the tribe. Allison came across a necklace with a pendant bearing the carved face of the statue in the other chamber, along with a number of other artifacts. While on site Allison would make a copy of the necklace she didn't know why she did it, but she would wear it all of the time.

One of the last nights at the site before the season ended the students had a little celebration, they had accomplished a lot. There were boxes of artifacts to study and notebooks filled with copious notes on the site including the symbols and translation of the ancient language. The students found themselves in the statue chamber. With the celebration mood in full swing they failed to notice a slight glow from the statues eyes. Also unseen a translucent female figure with headdress and staff watched a moment then waved her staff and muttered something. The orb at the end of her staff glowed slightly and then went dark. She smiled to herself and then vanished.

With the group feeling the effects of the alcohol they had and the mood of the party, the statue would witness an orgy as the students inhibitions were completely discarded. The walls echoed with the sounds of lust as 22 people gave into their carnal desires. With the females outnumbered by over 2 to 1 it wasn't long before each girl had multiple guys. The orgy lasted all night and seemed like it would never end, as Allison was now on her 2nd round with a guy that had just finished. She found it amazing that even though he had just came inside her, when he came again the volume didn't seem to wane. As the night progressed the moans kept filling the air as the students continued to pleasure each other until near morning. The students would finally make their way to their tents outside. The guys feeling spent and the girls feeling filled like they had never been before.

Allison would find her way to Hiram's tent, she was exhausted and had more cock and cum filling her than she ever had before. As she laid there in the sleeping bag flashes of the orgy flashed in her mind. She recalled watching her man with one of the youngest girls who was about 19. The scene was erotic as she watched Hiram fuck this other girl. She could hear her screams as he rammed his cock in and out of her. Allison watched as she arched her back and writhed in ecstasy as Hiram fucked her silly. Allison would climax herself as the guy that was fucking her took her over the edge of a long drawn out climax that surprised her as she screamed and dug her nails into his back. She felt his cock pulsing inside her as he filled her.

Her brief trip down the orgy memory was interrupted as she climaxed herself. In her replay of events of the orgy she didn't realize that she had started to finger herself. As she recovered she opened her eyes and found Hiram watching her his cock was hard and without comment he got on top of her and buried his cock inside her. She moaned as his cock easily slid in her well lubed pussy. Hiram took his time reveling in how Allison felt. He could feel every small climax eventually building to a full orgasm. In her sensitive state it seemed his cock was larger and filling her fully. She could feel every inch as he slid in and out of her. Then she felt his cock seem to get harder and his pace quickened, until he shot his deep inside her taking her over the edge of her building orgasm. After it was over Hiram got off of her and got behind and held her. They drifted off to sleep and when they woke they set about getting ready to pack up the site for the trip back to campus and the lab. The students went about their business although it seemed like there were a couple of pairings including one girl who stayed around a couple of guys that were real good friends.

After the dig Hiram and Allison would end up marrying and just like she thought, she was pregnant and would bear twins a boy and girl. Allison would eventually succeed and get her PhD in Anthropology with a specialization in the culture she co-discovered with her now husband. They would both see successful careers and when Allison wasn't at home being a mother she would be on other sites from this tribe of natives. Her parents taking the children for the time their daughter was away and enjoying the time they spent with their grandchildren. She would bear a total of 8 children 5 sons and 3 daughters. Hiram would have a long and distinguished career but would pass away long before his much younger wife. She would cherish his memory for the rest of her life and would honor him by continuing the work they started. Allison during her long and distinguished career would work in the field when she could but would work from home when she was taking care of her family. While at home she would also give lectures on the discoveries of this previously unknown people.

A few of her children would go onto continue their mother and father's work in archaeology, the others would go onto their own careers in different fields of science. When it came Allison's time to pass beyond life she would leave behind her 8 children, 27 grandchildren, and several great grandchildren, and one of her great granddaughters was pregnant with twins at 16.

As Allison lay in her bed she closed her eyes for the last time and the breath left her body there was a brilliant flash of light. She found herself in a meadow where the sun was warm and a slight breeze filled with the scent of local wild flowers blew over her. She looked down at herself and was surprised that she was young again. Then she heard a voice call her name, it was a familiar voice one that she had missed for many years. Across the meadow she saw a familiar face, Hiram looked at her and smiled they came together and embraced. He was as he was when they first got together “I have waited a long time for you to join me.”. They walked towards the sun holding hands, in the distance a stepped temple shaped like a pyramid rose from the floor of the meadow. As they neared the structure Allison saw at the base of the temple a beautiful dark skinned woman. Her hair was glossy black and framed a face that displayed warmth. She looked back at Allison with piercing green eyes “Welcome to paradise my child, thank you for letting the world know about my lost people.”.
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