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Short story for Luna and Killen as their story is coming to rest for a little while. They will be back later eventually I promise.
Luna stood in the doorway as Killen showered. He grew annoyed as she stood there her arms crossed over her chest, "What?"

"You are going to just let the wolven princess move on with a Minotaur as her lover?"

"What would you have me do Luna?" He reached down and turned the water off pushing the glass door open to step out. "She has done as you and given up her old life."

"But you accepted that she let him name her."

"Yes, remember it was I who named you." he said as he moved his towel over his fur drying himself, "Though betrothed to the prince you accepted the name I gave you and you became my mate. Knowing that had you told me of your betrothed I'd have no claimed you."

"You wouldn't have?"

"No, as it is I will have to pay for what I did without my knowledge." he stated as he tossed his towel in to the hamper.

"I should have told you before…"

Killen moved toward her, "Yes you should have." his hand tipped up her muzzle to look him in the eyes, "You are still young Luna. What and who you where before you became mine matters not." he touched his nose to hers, "You are my mate, I have no regrets in taking you as such." He knew his eyes where glowing as he looked down at her. her white fur was tinted blue. "Upon the full moon that approaches you and I shall go on our first hunt together." he told her. "Something we should have done on our first full moon as mates."

A smile moved along Luna's lips. She had always wanted to go hunting with her mate. even as a child when her mother and father would go on their yearly hunt she had always thought about what it would be like to go with her own mate.

When the morning sun broke the horizon Luna sent the servents out to the barn with a meal for Brick and Clara. "Our Alpha has requested they leave before mid day." she told the head servent.

"Yes Mistress." The servent relayed the message when he took them their meal. He placed a bag of dried meats next to the tray of food as well. "From the Mistress."

Clara opened the bag as the servant left.

"What is it?"

"Just some dried meats for the travel." she said closing it and putting it in her satchel.

"That is kind of the Alpha mate." He said as he ate his portion of the meal.

Clara nodded and began to eat as well, "You said 2 more days?"

"Yes, Now that you have eaten properly we will continue once done here." He set the bowl of porage down, "Clara, are you truly sure of this?"

"I told you the Alpha here has stated I am not of wolven kind any longer." her fingers set down the bone she was eating meats from, "Does it disgust you? that I eat meats?"

"I do not say disgust is the right word." he told her. "More it is unsettling."

After they finished eating Clara let Brick lead her out of the barn. Luna stood beside the barn speaking to a servant.

"Hurry along as much as you are able to with the west field, the east is nearing completion for the season."

"Yes Mistress." The servant turned, "Mistress, what of the wounded from last night?"

"Our Alpha has sent those he could to the local hospitals, the humans so far are honoring their word. but keep everyone mindful, we do not wish for more injured and press our luck with the humans."

"Of course ma'am."

Luna turned as Brick approached her, "Our Alpha had to leave early to meet with another pack. He has asked if there is anything else you are in need of before you continue on."

Brick shook his head, "No. we will continue on. I again thank your pack for assisting my companion."

Luna nodded, "Then our pack wishes your safe return to your lands." she turned to head toward her own home when Clara called out to her. "What?"

"Will you inform the king of your station?"

"My mate is seeking to do so once Prince Torak is found. It seems he has gone missing as well as the princess from the capital." Her green eyes looked over Clara, "As a leader's mate I suggest the two of you are not found until you are on Lord Brick's lands."

She headed toward her own home and went inside.

Clara chewed her lip a moment, "If Torak is missing as well." her hands clutched her robes, "Father will seek out his next heir. Alpine is far too young and inexperienced to rule."

"Clara you gave up that life when you acepted the name I gave you."

She nodded, "I know. let us continue on then."

Luna stood in the doorway of her home as Brick and Clara moved toward the woods and continued on their way.


Luna turned toward Mina, "Yes?"

"You ok?"

"I am fine, I worry for our Alpha. for these bovine to show up upon our doorstep and then for him to be called away with such urgency."

Mina nodded, "Killen is called away from time to time. It has only been a few moons since you came to be our Mistress. I can understand your worry."

Killen returned to his home long after the sun had set. he parked his truck and got out. Luna stood from the porch bench. "Mate."

"How did your meeting fair?"

"Well enough, there are humans from other lands that are encroaching on our neighboring packs. They are asking assistance of us. Late last night a child was kidnapped."

"A child?"

"Held for ransom. The humans are resorting to using our spawn now to try and get our lands from us."

Luna frowned, "What can we do? This is getting out of hand."

"I do not know in all honesty." His hand brushed her arm, "have you eaten?"

"Yes but Mina saved a meal for you." She turned to head inside but Killen stopped her.


She stood silent a momemnt, "The capital will not assist us will they?"

Killen sighed, "No. Upon learning that I have taken their prince's betrothed as my own mate they have cut us from protection."

"I should have told you before. I have put our pack in danger because of my own desires."

Killen moved inside with her. in the kitchen of his home she warmed his meal for him. "I have yet to ask but it seems you know your way around a kitchen."

She nodded, "My mother taught me to cook and clean. our servants where all skilled farm hands. they raised our cattle and tended the farms at my father's side. my brother was learning the lands. Once I became of age I was directed in homestead as I was to…" she stopped speaking and put the pan in her hand down on the stove, "I was taught to cook and clean so that I would be able to tend to my spawn once I was married." her head tipped forward and she leaned her palms on the counter top next to the stove, "before you gave me a wolven name I was betrothed to Prince Torak upon my birth. I told you due to the color of my fur my family is highly coveted." she turned toward her mate, "Our last name was Euphoria."

Killen watched her as she leaned her bottom on the countertop, "Euphoria is the royal name of beast kind."

She nodded, "I told you this last night, My mother was the descendant of the king's father. My father was a Knight who stole her heart long ago. I am not the eldest of my parents but I am the oldest living. My twin older siblings fought at my father's side 200 years ago against the humans. Both died in the battle. my father barely escaped with his life. he did as you do and hid my mother away during the battle. when reunited he was near death. it was his second at the time that brought him back to my mother."

Killen tried to think back 200 years ago. Luna's white fur was highly rare in their kind. "Who did you inherit your white fur from?"

"My mother. The elder of the twins, Cedar inherited our white fur as well. My grandfather from my father's side was my mother's care taker while my father was in battle. before I was born he took a human sympathizer as a lover. She betrayed our family nearly a year ago and took my grandfather to his death."

"Cedar…" the name was familiar to him he tried to remember if he had met a white wolf with that name. He thought as she finished warming his meal and set it infront of him. as he ate he lost himself in thought.

"Cedar…" He put his fork down and looked up at his mate, "Cedar was female?"

"Yes, though she dressed and acted as a male. she did not wish to be a burden if captured from what my father said. so she imitated my father and her male twin. very few knew of her being female."

He nodded, if it was who he thought it was then Cedar had been of the most capable in battle. He now realized he knew her family it had been her siblings that had fought at his side. he himself had laid Cedar and her twin brother Rux to rest. "I am guessing your parents spoke of them."

She nodded as she sat down across from him, "Yes. my father was very proud of both Cedar and Rux. The look on your eye tells me you knew them."

Killen nodded, "I did."

Luna leaned on the table that sat between them, "Then I'm right aren’t I. You are the father of Totem." She sighed, "I figured."


"Cedar's cub."

"Cedar had a cub?"

She nodded, "The cub was left with my mother when my father left her in the care of my grandfather."

He sat surprised, he had not realized that Cedar had carried their cub to term. she had never told him though he had known she had been pregnant for a time before she had left on a mission from her father. when she had returned a year later she had not spoken to him of a cub. only that she wished for him to take her as his mate once the battle was done.

"She never spoke the name of the cub's father but she did tell many stories about him to our mother and how she loved his red fur and blue eyes. Totem carries both." Luna said pulling him from thought. "She only asked our mother to care for him until she returned with Rux and father."

"Totem… is he alive?"

She shrugged. "Can't say." she stood and moved to the refrigerator and pulled out a drink for herself. "Last I knew he was." She said as she continued to look at the metal door of the fridge. "He had left to find those that would assist us in keeping our lands. a month after he left our home was ravaged, my parents killed and I and what servants that could ran for our lives." She moved toward the door pausing for only a second before she left him to eat his meal and be with his thoughts.

Killen processed what his mate had said before he too headed up leaving the meal mostly untouched. He found his mate in the shower. "Are you jealous?"

She continued to shower her body. she didn't turn to him, "Jealous? No I am not jealous." she said. her face tipped to the stream of water as it fell against her fur. she ignored the breaze of cool air that moved across her when he opened the shower door.

"Then look at me and say such."

Her face turned her green eyes holding irritation, "I am not jealous." she turned her face back to the water.

Killen grasped her arm and span her around, "Yet you look at me with distain."

"How else would I look at you?" she asked him as he to stepped in to the shower the door creaking closed behind him.

"You are my mate, I would expect you to look at me with admiration."

She snorted, "You bred my elder sister yet you will not breed me." she said pulling her arm from his grasp."You may wish to protect me but you do not understand the way a woman thinks."

"You are correct. Though I had no knowledge of a child I knew Cedar became with child. she left on a mission her father gave her and never spoke to me of her condition nor of anything of the matter. I once asked and all she said to me was that should we both live the battle she wished to become of my pack as my mate."

"So had she lived you'd have become her mate?"

"I did not say that. I said that is what she asked of me."

"Then what about you, what did you wish to do?"

"At the time I was still young. not even the Alpha of our lands yet. I had no intention to take a mate. Cedar was just a place to plant myself when resting from battle."

"So what she was just your whore?" Luna pushed him away from her body she moved toward the shower door but he pulled her back and slammed her against the wall. His body pressed to hers tight.

"I never wished for a mate until I saw the glow of your fine fur in the moon light."

"Could have fooled me. you treated me like a sack of potatoes!"

He growled as he pressed himself tighter to her body. his hands moved under her bottom and lifted her until she was level with his throbbing cock. she tried to resist as he placed himself against her but her weight slid her down his pole. "You are mine to do with as I please." He growled in her ear.

Luna shook her head trying to fight it. Secretly she loved how rough he was with her. Had she ended up fulfilling the life laid out for her she'd have been treated delicately but she didn't want that. Killen was not gentle with her at all. he seemed to try and be sure to remind her that he was not of the considerate type. She bounced on him as he moved within her sliding her wet body up and down the slick shower wall.

"Look in to my eyes and tell me that you are mine Luna."

She tried to refuse to look at him but her body betrayed her mind and began to quake in pleasure. "Killen…" her green eyes met his, her Alpha glowing stronger than it had ever before. To him a sign that though she fought herself and her desire for him, her inner beast knew she was his. his beast howled in victory as the beautiful creature in his arms, riding his meat, knew in her primal mind that she was his property. Her legs clenched his waist as he continued to thrust in to her. pulling whimpers and groans from her enchanting voice. "Killen…" Her eyes rolled back as she orgasmed around him a second time, "You're…. you're stretching me too much."

"You enjoy being knotted to me when I take your body and give you pleasure."

"No." she said her mind still determined to rebel against her body.

"You lie well in all other things, Luna. but in this your body betrays you. even now I feel your tight hole clenching me as my knot swells within you." he growled. "Cedar meant nothing to me. But you." His teeth moved to her neck nipping at her throat. "You are my mate."

Her arms moved around his neck. She held on to him tightly as her laid her head against the shower wall, "Yet you will not give me what you gave her."

"No, because I care for your well being." He slammed his hips hard in to hers stuffing her completely with his mighty knot. his hips stopped as she cried out. "Now, do not lie to me again. Tell me where is Totem."

"Ahh." she grunted as he shifted her against the wall, "he… he was headed to the palace last I knew. I would assume…" her voice stopped as she let out a gurgling sound when he shifted with in her again. "I think that is why Torak is now missing as well."
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