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A lonely widow turns to her teenage children for comfort and creates a new family dynamic.
Chapter 8

I got up the next morning and got ready for work. That day I wore a skirt suit. Although the skirt wasn’t as short as Brian would probably like, I wore it without hose or panties. I thought about not wearing anything under the blazer but decided that might be a bit too far for work. I thought maybe I’d wear a sheer, lacy bra, but instead, I wore a very light weight silky camisole. If I took off the jacket, my breasts would be quite on show.

The kids were already up and getting ready for school. Before I was finished getting ready, Stephanie came in.

“Mom,” Stephanie said, “after last night, I made up my mind that I do want Brian to take my virginity. Can you make an appointment for me with the doctor to get birth control pills?”

“Of course, Steph,” I replied. “I’ll call their office today to make an appointment. I’m sure Brian will be excited and honored to take your virginity. I’m also sure that you will enjoy it and have nothing but great memories of that night. You do know that you’ll need to be on the pill for at least one full cycle before you have sex, right? At least for those pills to kick in. If you don’t want to wait that long, I can pick up some Plan B pills to use in the meantime.”

“Oh yes, mom, please do,” Stephanie said. “I’m not sure when I’ll want to do it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out for a whole month. I wanted him inside me so much last night watching the two of you fuck. Do you really think Brian and I should go down that road? I mean, I think I want to, but it could get messy at some point.”

“Well, Steph, sex is usually messy. I’m just kidding you. But, yes, I think Brian would be the perfect guy for you. You don’t want to just be fucked your first time. You want to make love and have a good experience. I can’t think of anyone better than Brian to give you that. And I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to keep it private between you two or if you want me there for support, moral or otherwise.”

“Oh, I definitely want you there. I want you both making love to me. I think that will make it really, really special. On another subject,” Stephanie said, “if we are going to be naked all the time at home, how do we have friends over? I’d like to have Beth come over. I think she’d love to be able to be naked here, but what about Brian? Would that embarrass him or be a problem?”

“I’m sure Brian would love it, actually,” I replied. “Beth is a real cutie so I doubt Brian would mind seeing her naked and letting her see him get hard looking at her. But what about Beth? Would she have a problem being naked around Brian?”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Stephanie said while smiling. “Beth has had the hots for Brian for a long time. I’m sure she’d love to see his big cock. The biggest problem may be keeping her from jumping Brian’s bones.”

“Somehow, I don’t see that as a problem,” I responded. “As long as the sex is consensual, it shouldn’t be a problem and I don’t see Brian turning down a cute teenage pussy. A bigger question is will you be able to handle them having sex before you have sex with Brian? Are you okay sharing him with her?”

“If it were anyone else, I’m not so sure actually. But Beth is like a sister to me so it’s almost an extension of our incest. I’m sure I’ll be jealous or, more accurately envious, but I know Beth would be thrilled to have sex with Brian.”

“Then I say invite her over, but you need to tell her about our new nudity policy in advance to make sure she’s okay with it. And it might be fun to not tell Brian to make it a nice surprise for him.”

“That should be fun to watch,” Stephanie said. “Okay, mom, gotta go catch the bus. See you tonight.”

“Have a good day at school, sweetheart,” I called after her.

At the office, I took off my coat and I sure got a response. The guys in the office all found reasons to come by my desk to talk to me. They were obviously staring at the tents my nipples were making in the camisole. And that just made them harder and stand out even more. I had to make several runs to the rest room to dry myself between my legs so I didn’t soak my skirt with my pussy juices.

I of the guys in my office a quite good looking so when he came by I made sure to find a reason to bend over so that when the camisole fell away from my chest he was able to see almost all of my tits. I wasn’t watching him, but I heard his intake of breath when I did it to know he got a good down-blouse shot. I was tempted to spread my legs and show him I wasn’t wearing any panties either, but thought better of it.

I got a text from Stephanie telling me that Beth would be coming over later that day and spending the night. Steph wondered if Beth could join us for dinner. I texted back that it was okay with me and maybe we should just order a pizza. I told her we’d have to flip for which one of us would open the door for the pizza guy naked. Stephanie suggested that all three of us be at the door to blow the guy’s mind (and maybe his dick).

I had an appointment later in the day to show a house to a single guy. It had been really hot out so when we opened up the house, it was pretty warm inside. When we got to the kitchen, I commented that is was really hot and took off my coat and laid it on the counter. My client stared at my obviously hard nipples poking out on my chest.

“That’s quite a good look,” he said while staring right at my tits.

“Well, you know, we are a full service real estate firm,” I countered.

“Oh, really,” he asked? “And how ‘full service’ would that be,” he asked while using air quotes?

I slowly raised my skirt up all the way to my waist and showed him my wet pussy. I turned around and leaned over the counter and raised the skirt up over my ass. “I’ll provide the service, if you provide the fullness,” I replied cheekily.

I heard his zipper go down and felt a fairly large cock slide straight up inside me in one push. “Shit, you have a nice tight pussy, Daphne. Are you full enough?”

“Oh, yeah, Chris. Give it to me hard and fill me up. I want to feel your cum dripping out of me for the rest of the day.”

Chris started slamming my pussy hard and it felt so good. This was definitely not very professional of me, but we’d been flirting for a couple of weeks as I’ve shown him various properties, so I knew he was interested.

One of his hands came up and under my camisole to play with my left tit as he continued to pound his cock into my pussy. He didn’t last quite as long as I had hoped. I didn’t quite get to my orgasm, but that was okay. It scratched an itch and I love the feeling of cum shooting into my pussy. When he was done and pulled out, I spun around and got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth to clean him off. His cock was a pretty average size, but that’s all a girl really needs. Bigger is better, but average is good enough.

As I was slurping on his cock licking it clean, he said, “I guess you really do give full service to your clients. I’m not sure now if I should buy this house in appreciation or if we should keep looking so that we can do this again,” he joked.

I gave his cock one last squeeze and suck to get the last possible drop and said, “This doesn’t have to be last time either way. If this isn’t the right house, we’ll keep looking and if the opportunity arises for some more fun, all the better. But if you like this house, let’s put in an offer.”

We left the house with him saying he’d think about it and make a decision. It was my last appointment for the day, so I headed home.

I got home and went straight to my room to take off my clothes. I thought about taking a quick shower, but decided to let the cum continue to drip out of me and see if either of the kids noticed it.

Stephanie was in her room working on her homework when I stopped into see her. As I got closer, I saw that while she was writing something down with one hand, she was rubbing her pussy with the other. “I’ve never seen someone masturbate and do homework at the same time,” I kidded her.

“Hey mom. Yeah, this being naked all the time makes me constantly horny. I can’t keep my fingers out of my pussy.”

“Well let me know if you need any help,” I said. “And by the way, I made a doctor’s appointment for you next Wednesday. If you want, I can pick you up from school and take you there.”

“That sounds great, mom. Thanks. The more I think about Brian taking my virginity, the more excited it makes me. I don’t know whether to tell him in advance that I want him to do it, or let it happen during a moment of passion as if I didn’t plan for it to happen. What do you think?”

“Hmm. That’s an interesting question,” I said. “On the one hand, it would let him prepare so that he would try extra hard to make it special for you. On the other hand, letting it happen during the heat of passion would eliminate the awkwardness of planning to do it. I had originally thought we would tell him and I would give him some pointers to make it really good for you, but now I think letting it happen naturally would be more romantic. And, besides, Brian is already a very giving and attentive lover so I can’t really think of much more I could tell him to make it any better. Let’s not tell him. And since I picked up some Plan B pills from the pharmacy today to use until the pre***********ion pills kick in, you will be able to do it whenever you feel the time is right. I think it’s going to be awesome.”

“Thanks mom. I think you’re right. That was kind of my thinking as well so it’s good to see we’re on the same page. And I haven’t told Brian that Beth is coming over tonight so it should be fun to see how they both react. I’m sure Beth is going to want to fuck Brian’s brains out if he is interested. She isn’t a virgin, but has only done it a couple of times and she said it sucked each time. Hopefully they’ll fuck more than once so that you and I each get a chance to lick Brian’s cum out of her pussy. She’ll love that.”

“Sounds like we’re going to have some fun tonight,” I told Stephanie. “I already had a bit of fun earlier today. I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I let one of my clients fuck me in a house I was showing him. His cum is dripping down my legs right now.”

“Well, shit. Then get on my bed so I can clean you up,” Stephanie shrieked.

I laid down on her bed and spread my legs. I barely got them open and Stephanie was between them with her tongue starting to lap up the cum oozing from my pussy. She is really good at cunnilingus from all of her times with Beth. I was running my hands through her hair as she sucked and lapped at my sloppy pussy. Stephanie was enjoying it from the sounds of her moans.

Suddenly we heard, “Damn. Looks like I missed the invite to a party,” Brian said. He was standing in the doorway watching Steph eat me out.

“Sorry, Brian,” I said. “I had just told Stephanie about the client I let fuck me today and she nearly pushed me onto the bed and attacked my pussy to lick it clean. There wasn’t any time to send out invitations.”

“That’s okay,” Brian said. “I was just kidding. Watching the two of you together is pretty special on its own. I think it’s hot when two women have sex together.”

“I like watching most anyone have sex,” I admitted. “I even like watching guys sucking each other’s cocks. I think that’s hot.”

“Ooh, I think that’s a bit too far for me. I don’t think I’m going to be sucking on any guy’s dick,” Brian countered. “And the thought of a guy sucking my dick doesn’t do much for me either.”

“Well don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, Brian. I’ve told you that you don’t know if you like something until you’ve tried it. You don’t have a problem licking your cum out of my pussy or out of our mouths, so what’s the difference if it’s someone else’s cum? I wouldn’t ever force you to do something you don’t want to do, but just know that if the situation came up, I’d love to see it. Look at Stephanie. She not only likes licking my pussy, but she is sucking a stranger’s cum out of my pussy and she can’t get enough. Why should a guy be more inhibited than a girl? I think it’s just some old-fashioned macho crap.”

“Intellectually, I know you’re right, mom. But it’s tough not to think it’s gay to suck another guy’s cock.”

“I know. I get it,” I replied. “Just know that if it happened, not only would I not think any less of you, but I think it would be hot. Your sister and I are clearly bisexual and there’s nothing wrong with guy’s being bisexual as well. You’re already having sex with your mother and your sister so we clearly don’t give a shit about what society would think about our lifestyle. So don’t let society be your guide. What you do in the privacy of your home, is no one else’s concern. Be yourself and enjoy yourself. Your dad proved to us all that life can be short. No sense not living life to the fullest every day then.”

“Very true, mom. Very true,” Brian repeated. “So what are we doing for dinner tonight?”

“Well, if your sister is still hungry after she gets her fill of cum out of me, I thought we’d just order a pizza. I’m not sure yet which one of us is going to open the door and surprise the pizza dude.”

“It’s up to you two. I’m sure as hell not opening the door naked to a guy,” Brian replied.

“There you go again worrying about showing your junk to a guy. All right, one or both of your sluts will do it for you.” I winked at him as I said it so he knew I was kidding him.

Stephanie finally stopped licking me and climbed up on me, gave each of my tits a kiss and then kissed me on the lips and stuck her cum coated tongue in my mouth. I had been too distracted talking to Brian to have my own orgasm. But we’d had fun.

Chapter 9

Stephanie had told Beth to text her when she was at our door so that Steph could let her in quietly without Brian knowing she was here. I kept Brian company watching TV and playing with his cock while we waited for Beth to show up.

They must have done a real good job of keeping quiet because I never heard Beth come in or the girls go upstairs to Stephanie’s room. In there, Beth took off her clothes and who knows what else they did until the two of them walked into the family room.

“Hi, Mrs. Fletcher. Hi, Brian,” Beth said as she walked into the room totally naked. Beth was always a cute girl growing up, but I hadn’t realized just how much she had grown up until I saw her standing there naked as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Her tits were about the same size as mine, so a bit smaller than Steph’s but on her slim body they were perfectly sized. Her nipples were like hard pencil erasers on rosy pink areolas. She has black, shoulder-length hair, which was tied back at the moment, and grey eyes. Her pussy was completely shaved smooth with just a hint of her inner labia peeking out between her outer labia. Standing at least 5’7” her legs seemed to go on for miles. In a word, she was stunning.

“What the fuck,” Brian asked while trying to cover his cock which was rock hard and still wrapped inside my hand?

“Surprise, Brian,” Beth exclaimed! “When Steph told me of the new family dress code, I knew I had to come over as soon as possible. I’ve wanted to see your cock for a long time, Brian. You must know that I’ve had a crush on you, like, forever.”

Beth walked over to Brian and got down on her knees in front of him and wedged herself between his legs. “Let me see it Brian. Please,” Beth begged.

Brian took his hand away and I stared stroking him again. “Oh, god, it’s so big,” Beth gushed. “Can I touch it?”

I looked at Brian and he gave a slight nod so I unwrapped my hand from Brian’s cock and pointed it at Beth. She tentatively touched the tip and ran her finger around the crown making Brian moan. She then grabbed his cock and squeezed it and then started stroking it. Her other hand came up and started massaging Brian’s balls.

Beth looked at Brian and asked, “Can I lick it? Can I taste it?” Brian again nodded his head. Beth bent forward and licked the head and then opened her mouth and took a couple of inches of cock into her mouth.

Brian finally found his voice and said, “Look at me Beth.” She lifted up her eyes to look at him as she was sucking his cock. “You are really beautiful. I really hadn’t realized until now just how beautiful you’ve become. I can’t believe you’re naked in front of me sucking my cock.”

Just then the doorbell rang. Our pizzas were here. Stephanie had called in the order when she knew Beth was on her way over. As Beth was busy with Brian, Stephanie and I went to the door together. I opened the door wide to not hide our naked bodies and there was a young guy holding the red, hot box with our pizzas. It was then that I heard Stephanie groan and say, “Oh, shit. Uh, hi, Adam.”

“Hi, Stephanie,” the boy answered back.

I turned and looked at her and she saw the look on my face and said, “Mom, this is Adam Weston. He goes to my school.” Now I knew why she was embarrassed. When she thought she’d be naked in front of a stranger it was exciting, but doing it in front of someone she knew was something else.

“Nice to meet you, Adam,” I said. “How much do we owe you?”

He looked at the bill slip and said, “Um, it’s $21.35, ma’am.” I turned away from him to the chair in our entry where I had placed my purse and bent over to get the money out. I took my time fumbling a bit with my wallet to give him a chance to look at my ass and my pussy. As I bent over, I heard a soft “Fuck” come from Adam.

I went back to the door and gave him $25 and said, “Keep the change, Adam.”

“Th-thank you,” he finally managed to say, “but just seeing you two beautiful women naked was really all the tip I needed.”

“Well, that was very sweet of you to say, Adam,” I replied. “I think Stephanie would probably appreciate it if you didn’t spread the word around school about this.”

“Of course,” he said. “But any time you need a pizza, please call and ask for me to deliver it.”

“We’ll do that, Adam. So now tell me,” I said, “are you going to go to your car and jack off thinking about seeing us naked?”

He gave kind of a sheepish grin and said, “Probably, or at least as soon as I can find some place private to do it. As you can imagine, I’m a bit excited right now from seeing both of you.”

“Well,” I said, “why don’t you take it out here and jack off and cum on our tits. We simply love cum. What do you think?”

“Are you serious,” Adam asked? “You want me to just jack off in your doorway?”

Stephanie said, “Why not, Adam. I think it would be hot.”

I gave Stephanie a little tug on her arm as I got down on my knees in front of Adam. Stephanie put the pizzas down on the floor and got down with me. I held out my tits to Adam and said, “Come on, Adam. Cover our tits with your cum.”

Adam unzipped and unbuckled his jeans. He unsnapped them and pushed them down to his knees and then slid his boxers down to meet them. He was, indeed, already excited as his cock was hard and standing up proudly. It wasn’t as big as Brian’s but it was a nice size and he was circumcised which I appreciated. I prefer a cut penis.

He started stroking his cock and looking from me to Steph and back again. “I can’t fucking believe this,” Adam muttered while jacking off.

“Cum for us, Adam,” Stephanie begged. “Cover our tits with your cum. Maybe next time you deliver a pizza, we’ll give you a tandem blow job. Would you like that, Adam?”

I think that was what put Adam over the edge because very shortly after that the first jet of his cum shot out of his cock and caught Stephanie high up on her chest. Adam pointed his next jet of cum at my tits and painted a stripe across my right tit. When he went back to Stephanie, she had her mouth wide open so Adam pointed his cock up and his next shot landed across her lips and onto her nose with some of it landing in her mouth. He turned back to me, so I opened my mouth and he tried to give me a shot in the mouth but he was running out of steam. It didn’t quite make it into my mouth and mostly ended up on my neck. From there, his cum just oozed over his cock and covered his hand.

When he was done, I grabbed his hand and started licking his cum off of it. When I had it all scooped up, I turned to Stephanie and gave her a kiss and snowballed the bit of cum I had in my mouth. Adam was staring with his mouth hanging open. “Holy shit,” Adam said, “that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry I never thought about you this way, Stephanie, but you’re not only beautiful but you’re fucking hot.”

“Thanks, Adam,” Stephanie said. “And, so you know, your cum is delicious. I sure hope to get some more of it sometime.”

“I think that can be arranged,” a smiling Adam said. He pulled up his boxers and jeans and got buttoned and zipped up. “I guess I better get back to work. This has been the best night at work I’ve ever had. Thanks a lot. Enjoy your pizzas.” Adam turned to leave but kept looking back at us. Rather than closing the door, I took Stephanie in my arms and we rubbed our cum-coated breasts together to smear the cum all over them. I figured the show was finally over and closed the door and Stephanie and I started busting up laughing.

“The look on his face when he saw us was priceless,” Stephanie said.

“Well, the look on your face when you saw Adam was pretty priceless too,” I countered.

“Yeah, I really wasn’t expecting anyone I knew to be delivering the pizzas. We really just kind of know of each other, but don’t really know each other, if you know what I mean.”

“I think he knows you pretty well, now,” I chided.

Stephanie picked up the pizzas and we walked back into the family room where we had left Beth sucking Brian’s cock to find her on top of him and bouncing on his cock. “Geez,” Stephanie said, “what a fucking slut. We leave you guys for five minutes and you’re fucking each other’s brains out.”

Beth looked over at us grinning and said, “I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist. Steph, you know how long I’ve lusted after your brother. But wait a second. Talk about slut. Is that cum all over your tits and mouth? Did you give the pizza dude a blow job?”

“Not quite,” Stephanie replied. “We got him so worked up that we let him jack off and cum all over us. But, guess what? The pizza dude was Adam Weston.”

“Adam,” Beth asked? “Hey, he’s kind of cute. Did he have a nice cock and give you a good cum bath?”

“He’s got a pretty good cock. Not as nice or quite as big as Brian’s but it’s nice. He did a pretty good job of covering us. We’ve already licked some of it off so you’re not seeing all of it. I better go put these pizzas in the oven because it looks like you guys aren’t going to be ready to eat for a bit.”

As Stephanie took the pizzas to the kitchen, I sat down next to Brian on the couch. I reached up and started playing with Beth’s tits. “Oh, fuck. That feels so good Mrs. Fletcher,” Beth said.

“You know, Beth, if we are going to be intimate, I think you can start calling me Daphne. Doesn’t Brian’s cock feel good inside you,” I asked?

“Oh, yes, Mrs., I mean Daphne. I’ve only had sex a couple of times before and it wasn’t really that good. But Brian feels so good inside me, I feel like I’m about to explode. Cum in me Brian. I want to feel you shoot your cum in me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long. Cum for me, Brian,” Beth pleaded.

I helped her along. I bent forward and took one of Beth’s nipples into my mouth and started sucking on it. At the same time, Brian was playing with her other nipple pinching and pulling on it. I heard Beth take in a big breath and kind of paused for just a second and then started shaking in orgasm. If it wasn’t for Brian and I holding her tits in our hand and mouth, she would have fallen over onto Brian. But we held her up and I moved a hand to her clit and started gently rubbing as she continued to convulse.

“Oh, fuuuuuccck,” Beth screamed! I pressed on her clit and held my hand there as she finished her orgasm. Just as she was finishing, Brian grunted and I knew he was shooting his cum into Beth’s very wet pussy. He was pumping up into her and she was hanging on for dear life. It was very sexy watching them fuck.

Beth finally pulled herself off of Brian and just laid down on the floor trying to catch her breath. But she’d no sooner hit the floor and Stephanie was there between her legs to lick Brian’s cum out of her pussy. With Beth being taken care of, I got down between Brian’s legs and started licking his cock clean of Beth’s pussy juice and his cum. They were delicious together.

We eventually all got up and took the pizzas out of the oven and started chowing down. While we were eating, Beth said, “Well, with this new policy you guys have here, I don’t think Steph and I will be doing any more sleepovers at my house. I think they’ll all be over here. And just so you know, Brian. Any time I am here, any of my three holes are available to you whenever you want. I’ve actually never had anal before, but if you want it, you can have my anal cherry. Sex with you was incredible. I loved every second of it. You felt so good inside me.”

I looked at Beth and jokingly said, “What about me? I’ve been looking forward to tasting that pussy of yours that Stephanie has been enjoying for the last couple of years. From what I got off of Brian’s cock, you taste really good.”

“Of course, that should go without saying, Daphne. Your tongue, lips and fingers are always welcome,” Beth said.

“It’s a good thing the three of us love the taste of pussy,” Stephanie said. “Otherwise, the three of us would fuck the life out of poor Brian. What a tough way to go.”

“Yeah,” Brian said laughing, “I’m a bit worried about being able to keep up with three beautiful hot women that all want my cock. I might have to call in some of my buddies to come in and help out sometimes.”

“I think we girls can work it out,” I said. “I could always buy us a strapon so we’d have two dicks to use. The important thing is that we all just have fun with each other. Any combinations of us will be fun but we need to make sure we all have time to recharge our batteries.”

I saw the Brian was looking a bit worried or something so I asked him what was wrong. “I just realized,” Brian said, “that I never asked Beth if she’s on birth control. I mean she asked me to cum inside her, but was it safe?”

“Don’t worry, Brian,” Beth said. “I’ve been on birth control for a couple of years. Originally it was because my periods were really bad sometimes and the pill helps with that, but now there’s even more reason to take them. Stephanie, you need to get on the pill. I can’t believe you are preventing Brian’s big cock from enjoying your sweet pussy.”

“Really, Beth,” Stephanie said, “you don’t think it would be weird or wrong for me to fuck my brother?”

“Hell no,” Beth said. “If he was my brother, I’d be fucking him every day. I still may be here fucking him every day. Who gives a shit about it being incest? If the two of you want to fuck, who is it going to hurt? No one. Believe me, the difference between the other two jerks I’d fucked and Brian is like night and day. Of course, I’m assuming here that Brian wants to fuck you. Do you Brian?”

“Well, of course I would if she wants to. But if Steph doesn’t want to, then I understand. Shit, look at me sitting here naked with three such beautiful naked women. I don’t see a reason to be looking for a girlfriend any time soon. And Steph, don’t worry about it. Take your time and figure out what you want to do; what’s right for you and when it’s right for you. There’s plenty the three of us can and will do to pleasure you fully without having intercourse.”

“See,” said Beth, “that’s what I’m talking about. How sweet is that? You can’t ask for more from a lover than someone that understanding. And as far as girlfriends are concerned, Brian, if you ever decide you want me for more than my pussy, just say the word. You already have my mouth, my pussy and my ass. If you want my heart too, it’s available.”

“Damn, girl,” Stephanie said. “One fuck and you’re ready to marry my brother. What a slut!”

“Well after being fucked,” Beth replied, “I think I have the right to announce my feelings to your brother. You’ve known how I’ve felt about him forever and you never tried to get us together. Well, I’m tired of being quiet about it. I’m not going to push myself on you, Brian. If you just want the sex, I can live with that. But I’d seriously love to spend more time with you to get to know you better.”

“I think I’d like that, Beth. I didn’t really know you felt this way. I mean, I kind of knew years ago that you had a crush on me or something, but I guess you’ve hid it from me pretty well these past few years because I assumed you got over it. And because you’re Steph’s BFF, I didn’t even think of coming on to you. It’s a bit weird to have fucked before we’ve ever been on a date, but this family isn’t big on being conventional in case you hadn’t noticed.”

Beth laughed, “Yeah, I think I’ve figured that out. And unconventional seems to be really fun. I hope we have many fun nights like this has been.”

“Well, the night ain’t over yet,” I said. “Let’s clean up a bit and then see if we all fit together on my big bed and have some more fun.”

“I’m thinking maybe showers first,” Stephanie suggested.

“You’re probably right,” I responded. “Unfortunately, we can’t all fit together. So, how are we going to pair up?”

I was sure that Beth wanted to shower with Brian after all she’d said to him, but Stephanie called it first. “I want to shower with Brian,” she said. I looked at Stephanie and raised my eyebrows. She kind of blushed. “Well, you guys get to spend a lot more time with his cock than I do, so I’d like some time alone with Brian.”

“I think that sounds really nice,” I said. “Plus, it will give me some time with Beth since you’ve all had her naked body in your hands and I haven’t. Let’s get our showers and then meet together in my bed afterwards and have some fun together.”

Chapter 10

Beth and I showered together and thoroughly washed each other, paying special attention to each other’s naughty bits. It was a bit strange for me at first. After all, I’ve known this girl for years. She and Stephanie have been besties since they were in elementary school. So, I’ve seen this girl grow up from a little kid to now being a very lovely young woman. And then there’s the fact that I hadn’t been with another woman sexually in many years until just a day or two ago with Stephanie.

But because we’ve known each other for so long, any awkwardness we felt when we stepped into the shower together melted away pretty quickly as we melted into each other’s arms. Our tits are about the same size, but hers are noticeably firmer than mine, crowned with very suckable nipples. We fondled each other as we soaped each other up and we spent some time with our tongues exploring the other’s mouth. We got out and dried off and went into my bedroom and got on the bed. Brian and Stephanie weren’t there yet so we continued our little make out session from the shower.

A while later, Stephanie came in leading Brian by his hard cock. It seems that none of us can keep our hands off of it. They came over to the bed and Stephanie said, “I have a bit of an announcement to make. While in the shower with Brian, I told him that I do want him to take my virginity and I’ve decided that I want to do it tonight, right here with the other two people I love most in this world. I want Brian to make love to me and fill me with his cum while you two touch me, caress me, kiss me, or whatever you want to do. I want us all to make love together to relieve me of my virginity.”

Brian looked kind of shocked for some reason when I looked at him and then he said, “I know we talked about doing it, Steph, but I didn’t know you wanted to do it now. What about birth control? Are you sure you want to do it tonight?”

“Yes, Brian, I want to do it tonight as in right now. Don’t worry about birth control. I’m due to start my period in a few days so it’s a very safe time in my cycle. In addition to that, mom stopped at the pharmacy today and picked up some Plan B pills. Next week, mom is taking me to the doctor to get birth control pills. Oh, and I guess I should tell you that while you will be taking my virginity, you won’t be breaking my hymen. I did that myself a long time ago with a hairbrush handle. So, it will probably still hurt some, but I’m not going to bleed.”

I got up off the bed and said, “Get comfy on the bed, Steph. If we’re doing this tonight, we need to set a mood. I’m going to get some candles lit so it’s a bit more romantic in here.” I went out to the hall closet and got a couple of candles I hadn’t used in quite a while. Sometimes when I wanted to make sure Jeff made love to me instead of fucking me, I would light the candles and it always set the mood. I hoped it would help for Stephanie.

Once the candles were lit, I turned off the bedroom lights and joined the kids on the bed. Stephanie was in the middle, of course, while Beth and I each took a side. Brian was currently rubbing Stephanie’s feet waiting for me to join them.

Once we were all set, Beth and I started using our hands to roam over Stephanie. We ran our hands through her hair, over her nice tits (the biggest ones in the room), played with her nipples and rubbed down her stomach to her belly button and back up. At times Beth and I kissed the two sides of Steph’s face at the same time and at other times, Steph turned her head one way or the other to get lip kisses from us. Meanwhile, Brian was slowly working his way up Stephanie’s body. He had licked and sucked each toe and then started kissing his way up the insides of her legs. He intentionally skirted around her pussy when he got there, making her moan in frustration while he continued up to her tits. He would lick and suck one while either Beth or I played or sucked the other. The three of us worked over her tits for several minutes until Stephanie was squirming like mad with desire.

Apparently, at the same time, Brian had been using one of his hands to rub up and down Stephanie’s pussy lips and occasionally dipped his fingers between the folds. Brian started working his tongue back down her body until his face was directly between her legs. He exhaled several times right onto her pussy making Steph moan each time. Finally, Brian started licking her pussy in earnest. With a tongue in her pussy and two other mouths and four other hands all over Stephanie, she was going out of her mind in ecstasy.

“Brian, please. No more teasing. I need you inside me NOW,” she screamed. “Please make love to me now.”

Brian lifted his face out from between her legs and wiped some of her pussy juice off his face with the back of his hand. He moved up and placed his cock between her legs.

“Mom,” Stephanie said, “put Brian’s cock into my pussy. Put your son’s cock into your daughter’s virgin pussy.”

“Well, aren’t you the kinky little slut,” I said laughingly. I reached down and grabbed Brian’s cock and found a big drop of precum on the head. I ran that drop around the head of his cock and I rubbed the tip up and down Stephanie’s slit to get some of her juices on it. Then, I moved his cock right to her vagina and said, “Make love to your little sister, Brian. Make her a woman and fill this pretty pussy with a load of your cum.”

Brian pushed his cock into Steph’s pussy and with some effort it opened and allowed the head to pop in. Brian held it there for a bit when he saw Steph squeeze her eyes shut in some pain as it went in. He then pushed about an inch of his shaft into her and stopped again, waiting for her to get used to it. Then he pulled out until just the head was left inside and pushed in a bit further. Brian kept that up for several minutes pushing in about an inch at a time into her tight, once virgin, pussy. Finally, their pubes met and Brian’s big cock was lodged all the way into his sister’s pussy.

“Oh, Brian,” Stephanie moaned, “that feels so fucking good. I feel so full. Your cock is so big and is filling me so well. Go for it, Brian. Just start out kind of slow. I can’t believe how good it feels. Thank you, big brother. I love you so much.”

Brian started pumping slowly while I started kissing Stephanie again. Then I moved my mouth down to her tit and let Beth take over the kissing duties. The entire time Steph and Brian made love, Beth and I took care of the upper half of Stephanie’s body.

“Didn’t I tell you how good it would feel to be fucked,” Beth asked Steph? “Doesn’t his cock feel heavenly inside of you?”

“God, yes, Beth,” Stephanie panted out. “I can’t believe how good it feels. I don’t want Brian to ever stop. Don’t you stop Brian. I want your cock in me forever. I can feel I’m about to cum. I’m so close. Keep going Brian. Harder. Harder.”

“I wish I could stay in your forever, Steph, but your pussy feels too good,” Brian countered. “I’m going to fill you up with my cum pretty soon. Your tight pussy feels so good around my cock, Steph.”

“Uh, uh, uh, oh, I’m there. Oh, shit I’m going to cum so hard,” Stephanie cried out. And then she exploded in orgasm. “Fuucccck. So good. So good,” Stephanie kept chanting.

“Get ready little sister. I’m about to fill you with my cum,” Brian called out. And he started pumping for all he was worth and making a grunt as each jet of cum shot into his sister’s pussy. Brian finally collapsed down onto Stephanie as they both came down from their orgasms.

“Oh, Brian. Thank you. That was so wonderful. And mom and Beth, you made it so special for me, too. Thank all of you for loving me so much,” Stephanie said.

I saw Brian was about to lift off of Stephanie so I made room for him to lay down between me and Steph. I was about to go down on Stephanie to suck Brian’s cum out of her when she asked, “Beth, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I looked over and, sure enough, there were tears streaking down Beth’s face.

“Steph, watching the two of you was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You got to make love with the one man who you know loves you before he ever touched you. I’ll never have that. I’ll never be with a guy who will truly be able to tell me he loves me before we’ve ever had sex. That’s just the way it is these days. I think it’s the cause of so many divorces. The relationships are based on sex first instead of love and if the sex fades after time, there isn’t enough love left to keep the marriage going. I’m crying because I’ll never experience what you just did and I’m also crying out of happiness for you.”

The two girls were now hugging and Stephanie appeared to now be crying as well. I continued on down between Stephanie’s legs and began licking the cum that was oozing out of her newly christened pussy. When I saw that the girls had unclenched, I paused in my pussy licking to say, “You know, Beth. I think Brian’s cock needs some cleaning as well. It’s not going to lick itself, you know.” I went back to licking pussy while Beth came around the bed and got between Brian’s legs and took his cock into her mouth and started licking it clean.

When I was done, I laid next to Steph where Beth had been before and asked, “So, how are you doing? Any regrets?”

“Regrets, are you kidding,” she responded? “That was better than anything I had ever imagined it could be. If it had just been Brian and me it would have been wonderful. But with you and Beth loving me as well, it was an out of this world experience that I will never forget.” Then she turned to Brian.

“Big brother, thank you again not only for making love to me, but for loving me. I want you to know, that I want this new sexual relationship of ours to continue for the rest of our lives. This pussy, hell, this body is yours to use for your pleasure and, hopefully, mine whenever you want. I promise you, that before I agree to marry any guy, he will have to know and accept our relationship or I won’t marry him. You should also know, that at least one of the children that I bear someday, will be yours. I had an overwhelming desire for you to breed me tonight. It’s not the right time in our lives for that now, but someday I will be thrilled to carry your child. I love you so very much.”

“Wow,” Brian said. “I’m not really sure how to respond to that. I hope that I find someone to marry who will allow us to continue our relationship. That may be difficult to find, but I’ll do my best. But to hear you say you want to have my child is mind-blowing. I don’t think there is anything more loving you can say to a man than that. I love you, too, sis. Receiving the gift of your virginity is an honor I will always cherish.”

Beth’s work on Brian’s cock got the result she desired so she straddled him and sank down onto his cock and sat there enjoying the feel of being full. She looked from Steph and then back at Brian and said, “Not to put the cart before the horse or anything, but if Brian and I get married, not only would I allow you guys to continue, I would insist on it and usually want to join in. I’m just saying.”

That brought a laugh from all of us. Wouldn’t that be something if they did get married?
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