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This is my first ever story. I’m still trying to learn. I have more of this family if you all are interested and I’d appreciate any constructive criticism.
Intro: I’m Mike Brewer and my wife is Stacey. I’m 36, 6’1 about 220 with short black hair, a beard and a little bit of a belly. I workout often and it shows but I also like to drink a cold beer after work. Stacey is 5’4 about 130 with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, 36D tits and an ass that won’t quit. She works out often and is a former softball player. We have three kids, our oldest Danny just finished his junior year of high school. He plays football and has a nice muscular build, standing about 5’9 and 190 with medium length dark hair. Our middle daughter Steph is a year younger and a cheerleader, she’s 5’3 weighs about 115 with hair and eyes like her mom. She’s got C cup tits and a perky tight little ass that she shows off as often as she can. Our youngest Sarah is one year younger than Steph and is already turning into a knockout. She has long brown hair with green eyes a thick little ass like her mom and is already sporting a perky full pair of B cup tits. She’s right around 5 feet and 100 pounds. Like her mom she’s very into softball.

It was a typical Saturday morning. I was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee, enjoying the quiet before my three high schoolers woke up. My wife Stacey was in the study enjoying her coffee as well. We have been married for 18 years. We met in high school and got married right after we graduated. Stacey and I have a pretty active sex life, she’s always had a high sex drive and since we’re pretty much the only people we’ve ever been with we believe in keeping things spicy in the bedroom. We have a bunch of toys, love to go to strip clubs and enjoy watching porn together. We openly discuss our fantasies and try to live them out. But after three kids things can get a little slow in the bedroom.

Danny came into the kitchen wearing his usual basketball shorts and nothing else, as he was making himself something to eat Sarah came in gave me a kiss and went to find something to eat as well. Sarah was wearing just a tshirt and as she reached for a bowl I could tell that’s all she had on. After getting a good view of ass cheeks peeking out I quickly averted my gaze back to my coffee. We’ve always been pretty open in our house with respect to what we wear. After all it’s our house and we should all be able to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy especially with three sexy women parading around the house with very little on.

“Where’s Steph?” I asked the other two knowing she was still probably fast asleep.

“She’s still in bed daddy, she was up late last night.” Sarah informed me.

Since it was summer vacation and a weekend I didn’t care too much about when they went to sleep or woke up. Stacey came in to get another cup of coffee wearing a pair of silk shorts that hugged her ass almost like a second skin with her ass cheeks hanging out and a tank top that just covered her tits. As usually she wasn’t wearing a bra, she hardly ever wore one or panties, and at home she never wore either. The sight of her standing next to Steph sent the blood rush to my seven inch cock.

After she poured her coffee she bent over and gave me a kiss, “good morning honey.”

“Good morning baby,” I said as I noticed Danny looking at her ass and a noticeable bulge growing in his shorts. He quickly sat down to hide but I’d already noticed.

“What’s on the agenda today hun?” I asked hoping for a relaxing day.

“I’m going shopping with my sister and Candice in a few hours.”

“Great so that means the rest of us can just relax today. Sitting by the pool with a few beers sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer Saturday.” I said.

“As long as it’s not too many beers, my sister’s gonna stay for dinner.” She informed me.

I was ok with that because her sister was a sexy little thing. She was a little taller than Stacey and her ass wasn’t quite as nice but she had huge tits that she loved showing off especially after a few drinks in the hot tub.

I told the kids to go ahead and do whatever they wanted today and they both wanted to hang out and swim as well so I told them to go upstairs and get changed and I’d meet them out back. As soon as they were gone Stacey leaned in and gave me a more passionate kiss. The bulge in my pants started growing and when she noticed she wrapped her hand around it under my robe and began stroking me.

“I hope you plan on finishing what you started before you head out.” I told her as my cock was now at full attention in her hand.

“Let’s go upstairs and I’ll take care of you before I have to get ready.” And with that we were up and out of the kitchen.

“I just want to check on Steph real quick, I’ll be right behind you.” I told her as she continued to our bedroom at the end of the hall opposite the kids rooms.

I quietly opened Steph’s door and peaked in, and what I saw made my cock harder, if that was even possible. There was my daughter asleep in bed with her shirt pulled over her tits and a dildo still in her pussy. I walked in to cover her up but I couldn’t resist the urge to check out her body before I did. Her tits were perky as any I’d ever seen and her nipples stood up hard and tall. Her little pussy had no hair anywhere and I could just see her clit peeking out begging for attention. I quickly covered her up and shut the door on my way out.

As I entered my bedroom Stacey was on the bed naked and using one of her vibrators on her clit.

“Took you long enough. Is everything ok?” She asked.

“Everything is fine babe. But dammit I need to fuck you right now.” I stripped off my robe and was now naked and rock hard.

I climbed onto the bed and while Stacey was still playing with her clit I brought my throbbing cock to her lips. She let her tongue dart out and circle my head, licking up the pre cum that had already oozed out. As soon as she took my head in her mouth I began face fucking her. She had almost no gag reflex and loved a good hard blow job. After a few minutes I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew I was close to cumming.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began kissing and licking my way down her body. I paid extra attention to her nipples which drives her wild. Once I was in between her legs I moved her vibrator and began sucking her clit for all I was worth. It didn’t take long before she was about to cum so I stopped and started tongue fucking her pussy hole, then I made my way to her tight little asshole. As I lapped at her ass she began moaning loudly and covered her face with a pillow. I licked my way back up to her clit while fingering both her holes. She erupted in my mouth and before her orgasm subsided I rammed my cock inside her pussy. This brought on another intense orgasm and with her pussy clenching my throbbing cock I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. After a few more thrusts I pulled out of her pussy as shoved my cock back into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but my cum started running down her chin and onto her tits. She scooped up all the cum from her body and greedily fed it to herself.

As we lay there trying to catch our breath she looked at me and said, “wow! Not that I’m complaining but what got into you?”

“I think between seeing you in practically nothing this morning, Sarah walking around with her ass hanging out and what I saw in Stephs room I was just extra horny.” I then explained to her what I saw in our middle child’s room.

“It was still inside her?” Stacey asked. “Yup she must have fallen asleep right after she came.” I told her.

“So it wasn’t really me that had you all worked up, it was the young sexy girls we have running around the house?” She knew she turned me on more than any other woman ever could but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need some reassurance sometimes.

“Oh no baby it’s you, I was turned on from the minute I saw you walk into the kitchen this morning. You know anything you wear that shows off that perfect ass gets my cocks attention, and apparently not just mine.” I told her.

“What are you talking about, not just yours?” She asked.

“Well when you bent over to kiss me Danny was right behind you and with the way those shorts ride up I’m sure he got a good view of his moms ass and maybe a little more. The poor kid started getting hard right in the kitchen. I just pretended not to notice.”

She thought for a second and said, “you know the kids are getting older now, do you think we should start covering ourselves up more?”

“Hell no!” I told her. “We’ve always been this way and I don’t think we could convince the kids to be more modest at home. They enjoy the freedom of wearing whatever they want here.”

That’s when I think things changed. Stacey got this devilish look in her eyes and said “good, I don’t want to cover up, in fact I think we should wear even less. It sounds really bad but I like the idea that I can make a good looking young man like Danny hard by just the sight of me, and it clearly turns you on seeing the girls in very little.

I asked her, “does this make us horrible people and parents?”

“No.” She said, “we’ve always been open with our bodies and we’re not doing anything to the kids, this is just another way to keep our sex life interesting.”

After about an hour of laying out by the pool Steph finally emerged wearing a thin wrap over her bathing suit. She eyed me suspiciously but just smiled and said “good morning daddy.”

I raised my beer can to her and took another drink, as she took off her wrap I almost choked on my beer. She was wearing one of the skimpiest bikinis I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were barely covered by two tiny triangle pieces of cloth and her ass was on full display with just a thin string between her firm ass cheeks. I was about to say something when I remembered mine and Stacey’s conversation earlier so I just kept quiet and tried not to get caught staring.

“Not fair!” I heard Sarah shout. “Why does she get to wear that and I’m stuck wearing this bikini that covers up everything? I want one like hers!” “You’re too young for something like this Sarah, and besides I bought this with my own money.” Steph told her giggling slightly at the thought of her little sister in her full coverage bikini. “Well if I can’t buy one I’ll just figure something else out,” Sarah said with a little smirk on her face, and just like that she took her bottoms off and threw them at Steph.

By this time Danny was hypnotized to his sisters and there was no hiding the massive erection he had. As soon as he noticed it he sprinted into the pool. Steph watched him the whole way and I could tell by her sight smile she was enjoying what she was doing to her brother.

I decided to go inside and make some lunch for everyone. When I brought the tray of sandwiches out back I saw Danny sitting in the corner of the pool looking very uncomfortable but I didn’t see the girls. Suddenly I heard them crash through the water and realized why Danny looked the way he did. They were both swimming completely naked. “Lunch is ready!” I yelled hoping they’d cover up while we ate to give Danny a brake. That’s not at all that happened, they both came out of the pool and sat down to eat without even putting a towel on. Danny informed us that he wasn’t hungry and I told him I’d put his food in the fridge for later and gave him a wink to let him know I understood.

“So you girls sure seem comfortable,” I joked hoping to remind them they were both naked as the day they were born. “I know daddy, but what I was wearing wasn’t covering much anyway, and when Sarah took her bottoms off she told me how good it felt to swim naked and she was right. Besides we’re always running around the house is practically nothing all the time, Sarah and I see each other naked a lot and I’ve seen your robe open more than once daddy.”

I turned a little red but had no comeback. “Alright you bring up some valid points, and I guess it’s not a problem as long as it’s only with the family, when we have other guests over everyone needs to be a little more modest. Understood?” The girls squealed and hugged their naked bodies against me in three way hug and my cock almost ripped out of my shorts.

Danny had finally gotten himself calmed down and joined us for lunch, although he never let his eyes stray from his plate. “Come on Danny why don’t you get naked and swim too? It’s so nice and relaxing.” Sarah clearly wanted to see what her big brothers cock looked like when it wasn’t hiding under his shorts.

I told Sarah to leave her brother alone and that if and when he feels comfortable he’ll join in on the fun.

After lunch the kids all went back in the pool and I went back to my beer. I tried enjoying a baseball game on my iPad but I couldn’t stop watching my girls in the pool. I must have been really focused because I didn’t hear Stacey and her sister Ashley come in.

“This is something different!” I heard Ash exclaim.

“Oh shit!” I thought, I forgot she was coming over for dinner. Before I could say anything Stacey chimed in and told her sister about how when we’re at home we want the kids to be as comfortable as possible and if that means swimming naked then so be it.

“Danny doesn’t look too comfortable,” Ash giggled as she said it.

“Well you’d be uncomfortable too if you were in a pool with two naked girls and you had an erection.” Stacey could clearly see through the water enough to see the bulge in her sons shorts. “They’re his sisters though,” Ash was trying to make it seem wrong but I could tell by her rock hard nipples poking through her thin shirt that she was enjoying the scene.

“His cock doesn’t know that sis,” Stacey was also noticeably turned on by the sight.

Ash turned to her big sister and said “maybe we should join in on the fun, it’s been forever since we went skinny dipping.”

“Maybe later, after dinner and the kids are inside for the night, I don’t want to give Danny a heart attack with four naked women.” Stacey chuckled. “Hmm, ya you’re probably right. Are you and your not so little friend gonna join in too Mike?” Ash asked as she patted the bulge in my pants. “Depends on how much I have to drink,” I joked.

“Aunt Ashley!” Steph screamed as she realized her aunt was in the backyard. She ran out of the pool and wrapped a towel around herself before she hugged her aunt, Sarah was close behind only she didn’t bother with the towel.

“Sarah, you got me all wet. And my clothes are damp too.” Ash joked although Sarah didn’t quite understand the pun.

Steph giggled and Stacey just shook her head. “Alright kids 20 more minutes then it’s time to get out and get ready for dinner.” Stacey shouted. The girls jumped back in the pool and I went to get the BBQ ready.

The girls wore nothing but their towels as we ate and Danny wore his shorts and his towel, more to hide his cock than to dry off.

By the end of dinner the three of us adults had a pretty good buzz going. We told the kids to go shower and get ready for bed. The adults wanted some time alone to relax. They knew they didn’t have to go to sleep but they knew that meant to stay inside. After we cleaned up Stacey and Ash got into their bathing suites, or so I thought. They both came out in wraps and I just assumed they had something on underneath. I poured the girls a large glass of wine and grabbed myself another beer before heading to the hot tub. When I got outside I almost dropped the drinks, there was my wife and her sister naked and in the hot tub. “So have you had enough to drink yet?” Ash asked me, eyeing my crotch. “I can see your cock wants to join the fresh air party in here.”

Ash always knew how to tease me without letting it ever cross the line but I was a little worried that between the alcohol and how horny I’ve been all day I might do something I can’t take back. I handed them their drinks and splashed into the hot tub with my shorts still on.

“Prude.” Ash called me as she pouted out her bottom lip and crossed her arms over her enormous naked tits. “Come on hunny, it’s just us adults and it’s not like Ash hasn’t seen you naked before. We used to skinny dip all the time, remember?”

Stacey did have a point, and my cock was starting to hurt from pushing against my shorts practically all day. So I stood up and dropped my pants and made a ridiculous pose for the girls before grabbing my beer and sitting down opposite both of them.

“Steph they’re both naked.” Sarah whispered to her sister. “Oh wow I hope we both have bodies like that when we get older.” Sarah said as she just stared at her naked mother and aunt. “We will. I mean hell we’re already pretty close to that.” Steph knew how good her and her little sister looked, and today has only made that confirmation stronger.

“Oh my god! Mom and Aunt Ashley are kissing.” Sarah was getting excited.

“So what sisters kiss all the time,” Steph informed her.

Sarah shot back “true, but not when they’re both naked, and not usually with their tongues.”

This got Stephs attention as she ran to her bedroom window she was able to catch just the end of what looked to be a pretty steamy make out session between her mom and aunt. As soon as they broke from the kiss they hurried into the hot tub.

“Here comes dad,” Steph whispered, “damn he still had his shorts on.” Steph was a more than a little disappointed. All day she’d been hoping her father would strip down so she could see clearly only what she’s been able to catch glimpses of.

“I bet not for long. I know I’ve already taken all my clothes back off.” Sarah was definitely enjoying her new found freedom from clothes and the wetness in her pussy just made her want to be naked that much more.

“I didn’t even realize you were naked sis.” Steph had been so focused on what was going on in the hot tub that in her dark bedroom she didn’t see her naked little sister.

“I think I’ll join you, my pussy is so wet that I’m soaking through my panties anyway.” And with that Steph took off her thong panties and tank top and was now sitting naked with her little sister watching their parents and aunt. “Dad just took off his shorts! Holy shit it’s about time! I’ve been dying to see his cock all day.” Steph said to her sister.

“Mmm me too.” Was all Sarah could get out before she felt her big sisters hand rubbing her inner thigh.

“You’ve always had an impressive cock Mike. Long and so fucking thick.” Ash was getting more buzzed and more brave. She’d always had a little crush on Mike but never pursued it since for most of her life he’d been with her sister.

“And you’ve always been a knockout Ash, but you already know that.” Mike was borderline drunk by now and was having a hard time not flirting with his sister in law. “I bet you get more attention from guys than you can handle.” I told her.

“Oh I get lots of attention from guys and I never have to spend a night alone if I don’t want to. But most men don’t really get me to cum, and lately I’ve been way more interested in women.” She said like it’s something we all knew and shouldn’t be an issue.

“Really? I didn’t know you were still into women.” Stacey said.

“Ya I’ve been full on bisexual for a couple years now.” Ash said.

In my state of alcohol induced lust I said without thinking, “that is fucking hot!” Both women looked at me and laughed.

“You know I used to be into women also right Mike?” Stacey had just blown my mind.

“No I never knew that! When? Where was I? Why’d you stop?” I had so many questions and my cock was throbbing by now.

“It was just before we started dating and a little during. When we’d travel for softball tournaments some of us girls would explore with each other.”

“So wait, you cheated on me?”

“Technically yes, but never with a other guy, and when I realized how in love with you I was I stopped.”

“How can I be mad at that? I’m just upset I never got to at least watch.”

“Do you miss being with a woman ?” Ash and I both asked at the same time. We looked at each other and started laughing.

Stacey now turning a little red with embarrassment said, “there are times I miss the feel of a woman, and after seeing our daughters playing naked in the pool, my sister sitting here naked right next to me and the wine, I’m definitely missing it tonight.”

That made my cock twitch and I could tell Ash was getting excited as well. “You’ve been getting turned on by your daughters?” Ash asked

“I can’t help it, you saw them both naked. They’re gorgeous. How could they not make my pussy at least little wet?” Stacey answered.

“So you miss being with a woman, and clearly being related doesn’t matter,” Ash said as she started rubbing Stacey’s nipples right in front of me. Stacey let out a soft moan and said “we can’t, I’m married, and you’re my sister,” although her argument was clearly weak.

“Oh I don’t think Mike minds at all right now big sis. Look at him staring at us, I bet his big thick cock is rock hard right now.”

Stacey looked at me and I gave her a lust filled smile. I could see her visibly relax and that’s all Ash needed to see.

Her lips latched on to Stacey’s nipple and her hands went to her pussy. I could see Stacey shaking with pleasure as I watched the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. I began stroking my cock when Stacey told me she wanted me in her mouth. I jumped up and ran around the hot tub to her waiting tongue. She licked and sucked my cock for all she was worth. She was clearly lost in the throes of passion. After a couple more minutes in the hot tub Stacey suggested we take this into our bedroom. We quickly dried off and quietly went upstairs.

Once upstairs Stacey pushed me on the bed and started sucking my cock. With her ass in the air her sister got behind her and began eating her pussy. It only took a couple minutes for Stacey to have her first orgasm and Ash drank as much of her sisters cum as she could, never once pulling away from the convulsing pussy she was licking. Stacey rolled onto her back with her legs spread wide and Ash started eating her sisters pussy again. I flipped over on top of Stacey and fed her my cock while I helped Ash lick her pussy to another orgasm. As she was cumming Ash and I started making out, both of our faces covered in Stacey’s sweet pussy juice. I reached under and shoved a finger up Stacey’s ass which must have excited Ash as she went right to licking around my finger on her sisters asshole.

“My turn” I heard Stacey say in a very slutty and sultry voice.

I got off of her and she practically attacked her sister. She threw her on the bed, forced her legs open and began eating her little sisters pussy like it was her last meal. I sat back and watched as my wife’s thick ass and soaking pussy were spread open in the air and her face was buried in her sisters pussy. I really wanted to have some fun with Ash but wasn’t sure how ok Stacey would be. But I figured since we’ve all gone this far I might as well. I brought my cock to Ash’s lips and she swallowed my whole cock down her throat. She was amazing at giving head and I had to control myself to not cum right away. I needed to fuck both of these gorgeous women before I came.

After a few more minutes of Ash sucking my cock I pulled out and went behind my wife. I rammed my cock in her waiting pussy and she began to cum instantly. As she was cumming I could hear Ash screaming into a pillow having her own orgasm.

“Oh fuck, don’t you dare stop Stacey! Don’t you dare, uhh fuck that is so good. Keep licking my pussy big sis, eat me til I cum again. Fuck!!!” Ash wasn’t even caring anymore how loud she was and neither did I.

Stacey kept on eating her pussy. I could tell from her movements that she was also fingering Ash’s pussy. As I looked down at my wife’s sexy big ass I knew I had to fuck it. I pulled out and began licking her asshole, and rubbing her pussy juice into it. She started to moan into her sisters pussy. I lined up my cock head with her tight puckered little asshole and started to ease my way in.

“Uuhhh! Fuck that’s good! Fuck my ass Mike, fuck my ass while I eat my sisters pussy. Fuck me like the whore I am!”

I started pounding her ass as hard as I could, until she couldn’t concentrate on her sisters pussy anymore. Ash repositioned herself and was now in a 69 position with her sister. As I was fucking Stacey’s ass, Ash was licking her clit and fingering her pussy. Occasionally she’d stroke or lick the underside of my cock. I decided to try something so I quickly pulled my cock out of my wife’s ass and shoved it down her sisters throat. Ash gobbled my cock up like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted.

“Oh fuck Stacey, your ass tastes like fucking heaven on Mikes cock!”

After she licked me clean she helped slide my cock back up her sisters ass and went back to eating her dripping pussy.

“Oh god! Oh fuck!! Fuuuuuck! Uhh uhh uhh I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum! Aaahhhh!!” Stacey had one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever seen, and while she was cumming I kept pounding her asshole. Suddenly I heard Ash gag and cough as Stacey screamed and jumped off my cock, twitching. She was squirting all over me and her sisters face.

Stacey lay down on her stomach still twitching trying to recover when Ash hung her head over the bed and took my cock in her mouth again. From this position I had full access to her beautiful tits and soaking wet pussy. I reached down and started rubbing her swollen clit, she started sucking my cock with more enthusiasm as I did. I then slapped her clit and grabbed her huge tits, squeezing hard for leverage and began face fucking her. She took my whole seven inches like a pro and barely gagged as I hit the back of her throat. By this time Stacey had somewhat recovered and was again eating her little sisters pussy. Ash began to cum with my cock still in her mouth, and it wasn’t until I could feel my orgasm coming on that I pulled out of her mouth to give her some air. Stacey made her way up to Ash’s mouth and began kissing her, tasting a mixture of my cock and her own pussy and ass on her sisters tongue.

“Are you ready to have another fantasy fulfilled sis?” Stacey asked in between kisses.

“What more could there be? This has already been more than I could dream up.” Ash answered back.

I was hoping Stacey was talking about something I’ve always wanted to do since I first met Ash when she was just a teenager.

“I’m gonna let my husband fuck you. And you’re gonna let him have whatever hole he wants aren’t you?”

This made my cock twitch and I almost came right there.

“Oh fuck yes! He can do whatever he wants to me!” Ash was so horny she would have agreed to just about anything.

Ash turned around to lay on her back and she already her legs wide for me. I started teasing her pussy with my cock and looked over to my wife to make sure she was ok with it. Stacey was rubbing her sisters tits, smiled at me and said, “fuck her baby! She’s always wanted your cock so give it to her, and make sure you fuck this little slut hard!”

That’s all I needed, I rammed my cock in my sister in laws dripping pussy and began fucking her as hard as I could, while Stacey played with her tits, and pussy. Stacey muffled Ash’s moans by making out with her again.

Ash broke the kiss to get some air. “Holy shit! Oh fuck Mike, I knew you were thick but fuck you’re stretching my pussy so much! Oohhh aahhh, ouch, slow down please it’s hurting a little. Ow! Please Mike slow down just a little.” Ash begged me to slow down but this only made me fuck harder.

“Come on sis I know you can take his big cock. You just need to get used to it, but until you do you’re making too much noise.” Stacey then straddled Ash’s head and lowered her pussy to her sisters face. Ash began licking and sucking while I continued to stretch her pussy. After a couple minutes Ash’s moans changed to pure pleasure while she had her tongue buried in her sisters pussy. Stacey and I began making out with Ash underneath us. I grabbed a handful of Stacey’s tits and another handful of Ash’s. Almost at the same time both sisters began cumming again. Stacey jumped off her sister and started rubbing Ash’s clit while I kept fucking.

Suddenly I felt Stacey’s hand under my balls, and I realized she was rubbing her sisters pussy juice into her puckered asshole. I knew what this meant but I don’t think Ash did. Stacey winked at me and went back to Ash’s head. She started kissing her again and then straddled her stomach playing with her tits but also holding her down. If she thought my cock was too thick for her pussy she was gonna need some help when I rammed it in her ass.

I pulled out of Ash’s pussy and began slowly, but not stopping, pushing my cock head into her ass. I could feel Ash try to squirm away but Stacey was holding her down.

“You said he can do anything right sis? And what I want to see him to is fuck your little asshole. It’s gonna hurt a lot at first but just try to relax and I promise you’ll be cumming in no time.” Stacey was clearly enjoying being in charge of her little sisters holes. I was about half way in her ass and she was still fighting it. Stacey kept her down and started rubbing both her clit and her sisters. Suddenly I pushed through and hit bottom. My cock was now completely buried in her ass. She began screaming into a pillow and I could tell she was crying just a little. This only excited us more and I began to fuck her ass harder and harder. For the first several minutes Ash screamed and cried, trying to get my cock out of her ass.

“It’s too fucking big! Uuhhh! I feel like he’s ripping me in half. Please uuhhh stop. I can’t take it anymore. Aahhh!” I continued my assault on her ass while Stacey played with her little sister. Eventually her cries of pain turned to moans of pleasure and Stacey got off letting her sister have some room to move. Stacey began licking her sisters pussy while I was fucking her ass. Suddenly Ash let out a loud moan and I could feel her body convulsing with a huge orgasm.

This was all I could take and I knew my own orgasm was now inevitable. I kept fucking her ass until I shouted, “fuck! Im about to cum!” Stacey pulled my cock out of her sisters ass and pulled Ash up to where she was kneeling right in front of me. They both started sucking my cock and within about a minute I was cumming. Stacey held Ash’s head on my cock while I drained my balls down her throat. Ash started gagging as my cum filled her mouth and started running down her chin. Stacey then started licking all the cum off her sister and they shared a cum filled kiss, exchanging everyone’s juices.

We all three fell into bed, still covered in sweat and sex. Not a piece of clothing on any of us and we fell asleep together.

The Bull BhorrReport

2021-10-16 15:08:58
I love that you took care to describe your personas something that I miss in other hot tales only too much. It is a hot tale and I would prefere to read it in third persona-view. Leaves you more possibilities to switch the point of view of your characters and it is less confusing. But this is a very personal matter. In any case - thanks for sharing!

Trib FanReport

2021-10-03 14:07:37
Well, I thought that there were too many details of physical attributes at the beginning of this story. I prefer to conjure up my own thoughts of what they look like while I'm reading.
But this was otherwise a pretty hot read, if it's your first effort...

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