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Dad fucks his daughter in the parking lot after her last cheer game

a collection of stories about fathers who fuck their daughters.
"We can't right now, Daddy. Someone will see."

I grabbed my daughter's chin with my left hand while the fingers of my right rubbed at her clit.

"Whose pussy is this, Lucy?"

She swallowed hard and met my eyes. "It's yours, Daddy."

"And when can I use my pussy?"

With a small voice she answered, "Whenever you want."

I reached further and plunged two fingers inside the wet cunt in question. Lucy yelped before sagging against me and accepting the intrusion.

"If I want to march you out to the 50 yard line and shove my dick down your throat, I will. If I want to mount and fuck you in front of City Hall, I will. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Put your foot on the bumper."

She did as she was told, opening the space between her legs wide allowing me to pound her 15 year old cunt with my fingers. Her little boy shorts lay on the ground between us and her cheer skirt offered no other protection from me.

The game was over. Some spectators loitered while others climbed into their cars and filtered out of the lot. Lucy and I stood at the open trunk behind my own vehicle which I'd backed into a spot right up against the chain link fence running behind the cement concession building. We were hidden enough. Most people likely thought we were stowing blankets or her equipment bag into the car's storage before leaving.

I'd watched her cheer all night. Her bare arms and legs. Other girls' hands on her, lifting her up. Her flexible body jumping and spreading her thighs reminding me where my cock belonged.

"Take Daddy's cock out."

She fought through the pleasure at her core and focused instead on undoing my pants. Having worn no underwear, my erection sprang free as soon as she unbuttoned me and pulled down my zipper.

"That's a good girl," I whispered. "Now get it wet."

Her hand went to her lips and waited for her tongue to gather enough spit. She released it onto her fingers and reached for my cock, coating it with her saliva. Her little cunt was already wet enough to fuck, but I liked making her follow orders.

I pulled my fingers free and moved around her until my chest bumped against her back. I grabbed my cock, briefly bent my knees, and felt around for her entrance with the blunt tip. Locating it quickly, I removed my hand and slammed up into her.

"Fuck yes, baby girl. I've wanted to be inside you all night." I pulled back and slammed inside her again. My hands held her at the waist, keeping her steady.

The third time I shoved my cock into her, she moaned and dropped her head forward. I pulled her blonde hair loose from its pony tail and let it curtain her face.

"Just take it, baby. Stand there and take Daddy's cock like a good girl."

I let loose then, my hips working like a piston, driving my dick into her heat over and over. She held on to the raised trunk with one hand and the chain link fence with the other.

"My pussy feels incredible. It's so wet for its daddy's big cock." It was so wet in fact, I could feel her juices escaping and running down her leg.


Trish walked between my car and her own and looked over my daughter's body as it was jarred forward with every shove of my hips against her ass, only to be pulled back in my unforgiving grip.

"What are you doing?"

I laughed. "What does it look like, Trish?" She didn't answer, just glared at my face over Lucy's shoulder. "Tell me."

"It looks like you're fucking your daughter in a parking lot where anyone could see."

"But she looked good tonight, Trish. A testament to your excellent coaching, I'm sure. I just couldn't wait until I got her home."

Her eyes went back to Lucy's body, traveling down, only to pause at her chest and finally stop at her hips. "Well let's go to your place now. I'll follow you."

I'd been fucking my daughter's cheer leading coach for two months. Ever since she'd come to my house to confront me over a startling confession Lucy had made, that her Daddy fucked her sometimes. Lucy always had a reputation for being a liar. That, coupled with a curiosity Trish would later admit to, had her sitting in my living room betraying Lucy's confidence instead of contacting the authorities. I'll never know what Trish came over to accomplish, but all she got for her trouble was seduced. My cock was pounding into her from behind while I told her what an amazing fuck Lucy was. Before long, Trish was calling me 'Daddy' and begging me to fill her up with cum.

In the weeks that followed, she'd seen my depravity for herself, often following me into Lucy's bedroom at night and watching from across the room as I worked my dick in and out of my daughter. As I made her scream in pleasure. As I taunted the coach with words about wishing her own Daddy would have taken her every night.

"Come closer, Trish."

Trish stepped forward until she was mere inches away. Her nipples poked at her shirt and grazed Lucy's chest when she jerked forward from my thrusts.

"Touch her, Trish. Anywhere you want. Touch my baby girl."

To my knowledge, she'd never been inappropriate with Lucy, save for soaking her panties watching us fuck and licking my girl's pussy off my cock after I was done.

Trish looked around the lot. A few stragglers remained. They could be heard laughing and celebrating the team's victory. Then, her hands moved. She brought them up and placed them on Lucy's tits. They rested there for a moment before I saw them squeeze. Lucy's cunt hugged my cock tightly.

"Oh yeah, she likes that, don't you, Luce? You want your coach to help Daddy fuck you?"

The sensation around my moving cock grew even tighter. "Fuck yes, she does. Get on your knees, Trish."

My eyes drifted shut as the sound of displaced gravel signaled Trish's obedience and then my mind was on my cock impaling Lucy's cunt. Her wet, silky walls rubbed my flesh. My tip bumped the entrance to her womb. And then I felt it. The rough surface of a tongue lapped at my shaft where it disappeared inside my daughter's pussy. Lucy groaned, feeling it too.

"She's such a dirty slut, isn't she, baby?" I whispered the words directly into Lucy's ear. "Licking your pussy juice off us."

"Oh, God."

"She loves tasting you on my cock. She sucks me after I fuck you to sleep every night."


Lucy's body tensed. I wrapped both my arms around her waist and hammered my cock into her. My balls slapped against Trish's chin.

"That's it, Lucy. Come all over Daddy's cock so Coach Trish has more to drink."

Lucy's breath suddenly stopped. Her cunt clamped down and pulsed around my cock. Just as I'd hoped, her cum ran out around my shaft, ready to feed Trish. On cue, the coach moaned and slurping noises drifted up from below me.

"Fuck!" I bit out, feeling my own orgasm simmering beneath the surface of my skin. "It was your last game tonight, Lucy. Do you know what that means?"

She continued to shake in my arms, unable to answer.

"You promised Daddy he could have you in every way after cheer leading was done." I had to grit my teeth to fight off my own release. I wanted to remind her of the pact she'd made with me. "No more pills, Luce. Daddy gets to breed his little pussy now."

I heard Trish gasp where she still licked at the cock and pussy in front of her.

"You want Daddy's seed, don't you?"

Lucy cried out and fresh cum rushed out of her cunt, soaking through the pants barely holding on at my hips.

I felt Trish's hot hand caressing my sack, putting pressure against my tightened balls.

"Fuck yes, Trish. Help me."

She squeezed harder and my nuts jerked in her hand.

"I'm coming. Fuck baby, take Daddy's seed. Pump it out for her, Trish!"

The hand not massaging my balls started stroking the exposed inches of my cock, forcing spurt after spurt of sperm filled cum into Lucy's pussy. She wouldn't get pregnant yet, but fuck! It turned me on to think about it.

When I was completely drained and softening, my cock slipped free and Trish's face moved in to replace it. I tucked myself back into my pants and moved away from my daughter. Her skirt stayed flipped up, exposing the working mouth at her cunt as Trish ate my cum out of her. Then I noticed Lucy's hips moving, subtly humping the other woman's face.

"I'll wait in the car," I said, leaving my two sluts alone to finish what I'd started.


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