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Daddy fucks daughter at her sleepover with other people around
2:14 A.M. The girls had finally quieted down and settled in. They'd carried on for so long, my wife resorted to taking a sleeping pill so she'd be rested enough for her 8 A.M. shift. I'd lain awake though, which was normal as of late.

My 19 year old, Callie was home from college for the summer and I couldn't be happier to be reunited with her. It had been hard having her so far away, unable to see her, touch her, kiss her, fuck her. She'd been home a week and a half and my dick should have fallen off, as many times as I'd fucked her with it. But I hadn't yet had my fill.

Instead of 42, I felt 20 again, getting hard just from looking at my girl, coming three or four times a day. And no matter what the day had been like, every night, after my wife fell asleep, I'd sneak out of my own bed and straight into Callie's. Just like the months before she'd gone away to college.

When she'd asked us if some of her old friends from high school could stay over, I'd reluctantly agreed, knowing I'd have to control myself for the night. But laying there, next to my wife, listening to her light snoring, my cock became hard. Muscle memory signaling it was time to go fuck my daughter. I'd even stroked myself while the chorus of female laughter floated up to my bedroom, but things quieted down before I could make myself come. In the silence, all I wanted was Callie. My hand would not do.

2:47 A.M. I gave up arguing with myself. I'd considered taking one of my wife's pills to let unconsciousness maintain my control. My brain's idea, but my brain was never making the decisions when it came to Callie. Those were made by my dick.

I slipped out of bed, leaving my wife undisturbed. Wearing only boxers, I crept from my room and along the hallway to the stairs leading to our basement family room. I descended slowly, trying not to make a sound. I could tell the light of the half bath was on, probably serving as a sort of nightlight for the girls unfamiliar with my home.

From the bottom of the steps, I gazed over the sea of blankets. There were four bodies, including my daughter's. They were arranged like a backwards E and the light from the partially open bathroom door, missed landing directly on all of them.

Callie was in the middle. Her golden curls were unmistakable. It looked like her friends Lauren and Mickie were on either side of her, with Jenna laying above their heads with her feet towards me.

I hadn't done anything wrong at that point. I could turn around and head back upstairs, but even having the thought made me feel like a liar. I was in that basement with a rock hard cock for a reason.

I moved around Mickie and stood at Callie's covered feet. She was laying under one of my old sleeping bags, but not inside it. Other blankets cushioned the floor beneath their bodies.

I sank to my knees and gently lifted the blanket. Callie was in pajamas I'd seen several times. Loose pants with a drawstring waist and a frilly tank top. She was positioned on her side facing Lauren who looked to be on her stomach with her face turned away. Mickie and Jenna were both laying with their sleep blank faces in my direction.

I slid my hands up Callie's legs until my fingers made contact with the waistband of her pants. I pulled until I could verify that she wasn't wearing panties.

I stood and shed my boxers, allowing myself to stand over the sleeping girls for a moment and stroke my cock to all the possibilities. I would love to fuck them all, but I wasn't stupid enough to think they'd be willing. I knew Callie was. She loved my cock and she was more than enough for me.

I crawled over her body and settled some of my weight on her side. She came awake slowly, a smile spreading across her face. All too soon, it vanished and her eyes opened wide with the realization that it was not another night of Daddy sneaking into her bedroom. Three of her friends were present.

I smiled down at her concern and mouthed, "Hi, baby."

I sat up, straddling her hips and touched her in a way that indicated I wanted her on her back. She rolled quietly and looked me up and down, settling her gaze on my cock. I stroked it for her and inched up far enough to run the pre-cum covered tip over her lips. She opened for me and sucked the entire head into her mouth.

Callie was an expert cocksucker. Every time was like a choreographed performance as her mouth and tongue moved over my cock in all the right ways. It would've been so easy to come down her throat and quickly go back to bed, but that's not what I wanted.

I moved my fingers to caress her sucked in cheek and brush stray hairs out of her face. The fact that I hadn't shoved more of my length into her mouth after several moments should've clued her in to my desire to fuck her pussy instead of her face.

Mickie coughed and I jerked away, crouching low at their feet. When she didn't wake up, I tugged at the hems of Callie's pants and she helped me slide them off her body. Immediately, her thighs parted and her bare cunt lips came into view. Even in the shadows, the sight of her made my cock jerk up with a strong spasm of arousal.

Once again, I moved over her, but was able to settle in the cradle of her hips. I flipped the blanket over us as a last line of defense against being discovered.

My dick found its own way to her entrance, having mapped her body over a year earlier. I slid in agonizingly slow, expelling a long breath into Callie's neck. I breathed deep as I pulled out and again, exhaled when I allowed my cock to sink back inside.

I worked her slow like that, whispering, "Baby," into her ear when she finally had all of my cock. I rocked our bodies gently and quietly, barely pulling out in favor of stimulating each of us with grinding movements instead. I knew her little clit was getting rubbed just right by the hitches in her otherwise even breathing.

I kissed her. Again, I made an effort to do so quietly, keeping our lips sealed together and licking her mouth with my tongue. One of my hands pulled the neckline of her top down to expose her pebbled nipple to my touch. I pinched and rolled the rubbery nub, still fucking her gently with my tongue and my cock.

A fine layer of sweat began to form and coat my body so I shook the covers off of us. The cool air hit my back and ass and renewed my sense of urgency. We couldn't afford to be caught like this with her tight pussy swallowing my entire cock and our lips locked together.

I started thrusting then, pulling half of my shaft out of her wet heat and plunging back in as soon as I could. I moved to hold myself up on my elbows and watch her face while I fucked her.

"Daddy," she moaned.

Hearing her call me that in the silence of the room had me clenching my jaw for control and thrusting into her harder. A light slapping sound accompanied my movements, but I couldn't bring myself to care. I wanted the rest of the world to fall away and leave me alone with Callie's sweet cunt.

"So good, baby." So good that I risked letting her know. "Do you love Daddy's cock, Callie?"

She nodded while her breaths came hard and fast. Her hand snaked down between us and found her clit. She rubbed over it with fast swipes of her fingers. The walls of her cunt immediately responded, closing around me.

"Yes, baby. Make that pussy come for Daddy."

I couldn't help slamming my cock into her and fucking her with frenzied need. I let my weight fall onto her again and buried my fingers in her tight curls. I threw my head back and my eyes met Jenna's wide stare. I jerked with surprise, but didn't stop driving my cock in and out of my daughter.

When Jenna didn't scream or run away, I smiled and whispered, "Shhhh," before looking back down at Callie. "Come for me, baby. Come so Daddy can fill your pussy up."

She lifted her head and buried her face in my neck. Small whimpers escaped her as her hips jerked and fucked back against my own. Her pussy practically slammed shut, trying to force my cock out, before releasing a rush of wetness and massaging me with strong contractions.

"Oh fuck, that's it baby. Come for me just like that."

Her thighs shook at the sides of my hips. Her stomach muscles tightened and dipped away from my body. And her teeth sank into my shoulder making me hiss with pain.

I looked back to Jenna, whose cheeks were flushed. Movements under her sleeping bag gave her away. I slid my arm up until my hand eased under the blanket. I found her fingers furiously rubbing her clit. She didn't stop, not even when I sought her entrance. I shoved a finger inside to find her soaking wet. I held her eyes, worked my finger along the front wall of her cunt, and told her, "I'm coming. Fuck! Coming inside."

My cock jerked and Jenna's pussy came on my finger as I released waves of thick cum into my daughter. Both girls milked me for more, Callie getting the reward until less and less came out with each spasm at the base of my dick.

I checked on Lauren and Mickie. Both remained asleep. Only Jenna laid there with her eyes still on father and daughter as my cock shrank and slipped out of Callie's pussy. I pulled my finger out of my daughter's friend and sucked it clean with my mouth.

I placed a quick kiss on my daughter's lips, stood, grabbed my boxers, and left the basement. I slid back into bed with my wife, who hadn't moved. I went to sleep reassuring myself that if anything came of my adventure to the basement, it would be Jenna's word against mine and Callie's. I needn't have worried, though. A few days later, Callie asked us if Jenna could stay over again.


2021-10-13 21:53:27
Oh, yeah.. I was hoping for an ending like this.
Incest is the best!
I've never fucked my daughters, but two sisters know my cock very well and now I have a grown granddaughter who happily shares her cunt with Grandad.

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