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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age or older.
Visual Stimulation #1:

Visual Stimulation #2:

Visual Stimulation #3:

*Specific references to visual stimuli are bolded and underlined in the text below.


“No….please! Stop…!” Skylar pleaded softly through irregular, heavy breaths. The stimulation occurring underneath her skirt was more intense that anything she had felt before. She felt weak and her legs began to quiver gently as his rough tongue and chapped lips continued to lick and kiss at the soft cloth fibers overlying her pussy. “I can’t handle much more…! You’re going…going…to make me…me…!” Skylar let out an audible moan, involuntarily arching her back and raising her hips high into the air. His lips and tongue followed her movements and did not let up pressure on her most sensitive erogenous area. But it was too late. She buried her face into her pillow, stifling a euphoric scream as her pelvic floor muscles clenched down tight and her vaginal walls contracted, releasing a flood of ejaculatory fluid, and signaling the onset of a powerful orgasm.

Earlier that evening…

“Aw, Mom! Do I have to?” pleaded Skylar. “Yes, dear. Your father and I told you last week we were planning a date night tonight and would need to you watch after your uncle while we are out. You know he can’t be left alone” her mother replied as she continued applying her eye shadow in the mirror. Skylar knew that what her mother was saying was true, however she still made it a point to show her displeasure at having to play babysitter for the evening. She had finished her college homework early and had looked forward to an uninterrupted night of intense internet gaming…plans that she would have to alter somewhat as she would now be required to periodically check in on her uncle who occupied the bedroom across the hall from hers.

A sad story really…her Uncle Sam had suffered a traumatic brain injury as a teenager due to a car accident which left him moderately mentally impaired and dependent on his family for everyday care. He was still able to walk and had no problems moving about, but he required some assistance in basic activities of independent living, such as clothing himself, bathing, eating, and so forth. Therefore, he was not competent enough to maintain a job, much less live by himself. So, he had lived with Skylar’s family ever since her grandparents were no longer able to care for his needs.

Uncle Sam rarely communicated verbally; however, he was known to voice his excitement with short exclamations when something in particular pleased him. He also occasionally addressed everyone in the family by name, which aside from Sam consisted of Skylar, her mom and dad. Other than these specific people and situations, he mostly stayed silent. Unfortunately, his health was not that good either and he required semi-regular visits to the doctor for various health issues concerning his blood pressure and weight. Since he could not enjoy an active lifestyle, he had gained considerable weight as he aged and now fell into the mildly obese category. Coupled with this, Uncle Sam maintained an irregular sleep cycle and suffered occasional bouts of sleepwalking due to his brain injury. This resulted in him waking and sleeping at irregular hours, as well as requiring the occasional escort back to his bedroom if found walking about unconscious. This is why he required at least semi-close observation, just so that he would not hurt himself during one of his nocturnal hikes.

For most of Skylar’s life, she viewed Uncle Sam as sort of a simple older brother. He was, after all, a member of the family. However, as she grew older and matured, particularly in her sexual characteristics, she could not help but notice him exhibiting some pervy tendencies. A few weeks ago, as she was grabbing a midnight snack from the refrigerator dressed only in a t-shirt and thong, she was certain she heard the snap of a camera shutter behind her (See Visual Stimulation #1). She turned around startled and was surprised to find her uncle in the middle of an apparent sleepwalking episode. She quickly forgot her suspicions and escorted him back to his bedroom. While helping him back into bed, she was almost sure his hand glanced her inner thigh and managed a quick squeeze of her soft flesh before his body collapsed back into bed in an apparent deep slumber. It happened so quick. Skylar couldn’t be certain.

Regardless, the other day she was more certain. It happened when she was walking down the hallway into her bedroom, and she again heard the same camera shutter noise behind her. She was wearing a pink top and white pleated miniskirt at the time, with a pair of her favorite pink panties underneath (See Visual Stimulation #2). She turned around to find her uncle’s bedroom door closed, but she could distinctly hear a shuffling noise, and the shadow underneath indicated someone had been near the door only moments earlier. Several months ago, Skylar’s parents had given her uncle an old smartphone with several children’s apps installed to entertain himself during the day. The function allowing it to make calls and texts was disabled of course, but the camera still worked as he would frequently be seen taking pictures of seemingly random objects around the house. Perhaps that was what he was doing now? Was he simply taking pictures of things he was curious about? She decided it was not appropriate to alert her parents just yet, at least not until she had more definitive proof of nefarious intent. She was almost certain it was all innocent. Nevertheless, she had become more guarded around her uncle in recent days.

“Is something wrong, dear?” Skylar’s mother asked with a concerned look on her face. This snapped Skylar back to reality. “No, not at all,” she retorted. “Are you sure, Sky? You looked a little distant there for a second.” Skylar’s father said, peering around the corner from the walk-in closet of her parent’s bedroom, finishing up a Half-Windsor knot in the tie around his neck. She always found her father’s use of her abbreviated nickname endearing. “It’s nothing, really. Just some stuff I have to prepare for school next week”, she responded. “Okay, if you’re sure,” her father answered back sweetly.

Skylar’s eyes lit up suddenly. “Do I have time for a quick run before you head out?” Skylar asked somewhat urgently. “Of course. We won’t be leaving for at least another hour. You know how particular your mother is about her hair,” her father teased. Skylar’s mother gave a playful sneer back at him, before continuing with her makeup. “Great! That’s just enough time!” Skylar half-shouted as she turned and ran out of the bedroom.

Skylar rounded the corner of the neighborhood and sprinted across the threshold of her driveway, breathing heavily and with sweat pouring off her face. She looked at her watch and noted the time and her recorded heartrate. She had run track during high school, and although she was offered a scholarship and could have continued the sport during college, she wanted to focus on her studies, as her grades were her priority. However, this did not stop her from staying in tip-top shape. She could not deny that the benefits of an athletic physique were a major motivation. While not considered tall by most objective standards, her toned and athletic frame highlighted certain aspects of her body more than most. Particularly her slim waist, taut abs, firm yet supple ass, and hypnotically long legs. She felt her bust was not excessive, but better than most girls her size, and certainly impressive given her intense physical conditioning. She was used to getting prolonged looks from the guys in her class, as well as the occasional married man she passed on the sidewalk.

Looking up from her watch and content with her performance, Skylar paced around the driveway a few more times allowing her breathing to calm, before entering through the front door of the house. Once inside, she removed her running shoes and grabbed a towel she had strategically placed inside the front door and dabbed at her face as she headed towards the bathroom down the hall from her bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she started the shower and removed her sweaty socks, running shorts, and sports bra. She took a moment to admire her glistening body in the mirror before stepping in the shower.

Once finished, Skylar stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself, blew dry her hair until it regained its naturally straight form, then added a small amount of mascara and lip gloss. She may not have any major plans tonight, but she still took pride in her appearance. Stepping out of the bathroom into the hallway, she turned towards her bedroom and could not help but notice the door to her uncle’s bedroom shut just as she walked out. She double-checked her towel to ensure nothing sensitive was showing, then proceeded down the hallway and entered her room, ensuring the door closed completely behind her.

Allowing the towel to drop to the floor, Skylar again took a moment to appreciate her trim figure in the full-length mirror across from her bed. Her eyes carefully studied her every curve, from her narrow shoulders upon which her luscious locks of hair laid before plummeting down to the middle of her back. Her perfect breasts, for which she had no complaints, sure that they would please anyone that had the good fortune to play with them. Her firm stomach, strong from many hours of core exercises in the gym, with the faint outline of her abs just visible. Her plump ass, tirelessly achieved from her numerous box-jump and squat drills.

Skylar ran her hands down her smooth, deceptively long legs as she lusted over her favorite part of her anatomy. Above all else, she took immense pride in her legs. Toned from hundreds of miles run over the years, she kept them well-groomed and shaved at least three times a week. She made sure to highlight them in her outfits when she could, as she favored short-shorts and miniskirts when the weather permitted. Running her hands back up towards her abdomen, she marveled at her smooth pubic mound and petite pussy lips, likewise groomed weekly. While she was still a virgin, she was no stranger to the pleasures that area provided, as she had developed a habit of masturbating often. Nothing extreme, for she did not own any toys, she made do with massaging her clit and labia using only her velvety fingers. She would occasionally massage the area with a soft stuffed animal she had kept since a child. This was usually sufficient, as she often did not even have to remove her panties to achieve an orgasm, as her pussy always remained extra sensitive. She was not sure why this was so, but Skylar certainly had no complaints.

Snapped back to reality by a knock at the door, Skylar panicked for a second and looked for a way to conceal herself before realizing that the door remained closed. Still being cautious, she reached for her towel and covered herself before replying, “Yes?” Hearing her mother’s voice, Skylar listened. “Just to let you know, honey. Your dad and I will be leaving in the next five minutes.” “Ok. Just give me a second to get dressed and I’ll see you two off before you go.”, she responded.

Going over to her dresser, Skylar rummaged through the top drawer amongst the pile of delicate undergarments. She could not help but feel like there were less and less in the drawer every time she opened it, despite her having just done laundry. Blocking the thought from her mind, she picked out a sleek black thong and slipped it around her ankles before sliding it up her smooth legs and adjusting the straps around her waist so that the fabric sat flawlessly on her mound and delicately caressed her pussy lips. Skylar had always found the feel of thongs mildly uncomfortable between her ass cheeks but wrote it off as a necessary grievance in order to maintain a stunning behind. Not that anyone would be lucky enough to catch a glimpse today, Skylar always liked the idea of her carnal slit being only one thin piece of soft fabric away from the outside world. She often fantasized how easy it would be for her future lover to penetrate her whilst she wore nothing more than a skirt and thong. The thought made her cheeks flush with warmth as she turned her attention back to the task at hand.

She opened another drawer and withdrew a black pushup bra which she effortlessly donned and clasped into place, followed by a white-and-black pleated tartan miniskirt, which she stepped into and placed around her waist with ease. The hem of the skirt was rather high and showcased most of her mid-to-upper thighs, but was perhaps her most favorite garment to wear, as the summer sun and cool autumn breezes always felt good on her smooth legs. Skylar walked over to the closet and removed an orange V-neck sweater from a hanger, placing her arms through the sleeves, and adjusting the hem until it sat perfectly across her hips and overlapped the waistband of her skirt. She adjusted her boobs slightly through the front of her top so that a modest amount of cleavage was visible. Adjusting her hair by brushing it behind her ears and looking into the mirror across from the foot of her bead once more, Skylar judged her appearance satisfactory. She opened the door to her bedroom and walked towards the front entry way of the house to see her parents off.

“Bye!” Skylar called, waving as her parents exited the house and closed the front door behind them. They said they would be coming home fairly late tonight, likely around midnight, Skylar thought. She glanced at her watch, noting the time was only 6pm. This meant that she had the house mostly to herself for at least the next six hours…mostly. She glanced towards her uncle’s room. Her parents had told her that he had not slept well the last few nights, so would likely be sleeping the entire evening. But they noted that it would still be a good idea to check on him every hour or two, just in case. Amy went to the kitchen and prepared herself a sandwich, a bowl of chips, and a beverage, and then sat on the living room couch watching TV until she finished her dinner. She rinsed her plate in the kitchen sink, then walked towards her uncle’s room for the first check of the evening.

Silently approaching the door, Skylar leaned her head inwards and held her ear close to the door’s surface, straining to hear any noise behind it. All was silent. It appeared the lights were off too, she observed as she looked at the floor near the bottom of the door. As quietly as possible, she turned the doorknob and peered inside the dark room. It took her awhile for her eyes to adjust, but moments later she could see the large form of her uncle sleeping calmly in bed dressed in nothing but a stained t-shirt and dirty cotton briefs. His protuberant belly moved up and down as he breathed steadily, and it did not appear to Skylar that he was in any distress. Looking around the room, she noted the hoarder-level piles of clothes and general debris that were littered everywhere. Her parents made it a point to regularly clean his room, but it looked like they were slacking as of late. Satisfied that her initial surveillance was complete, Skylar calmly closed the door, making sure the latch engaged as silently as possible as she released the knob.

Turning around and entering her room across the hall, she grabbed her laptop on the end table, opened it up, and placed it at the head of the bed. She then plopped down on the bed herself, landing on her stomach and laying prone just in front of her computer, and proceeded to browse her favorite gaming forum. After some time, satisfied that she was caught up on the latest patch notes, she booted up her favorite game. Reaching towards her nightstand, Skylar grabbed the pair of headphones she used exclusively for this purpose and placed them over her ears as she plugged the cable jack into the side port of the laptop. She quickly became completely emersed in a competitive fantasy world of heroes and villains, and her entire focus was on helping her team achieve victory over her opponents.

In a trance-like haze, Sam got up from his bed and approached his bedroom door. Stumbling over unseen piles of junk on the floor, he rambled his way across the room until he reached the doorknob. His mind was usually in a fog most days, as he had always had difficulty concentrating on the simplest of tasks ever since the accident, but his brain seemed extra slow lately. Perhaps that is why he required much more sleep that usual. But was he asleep right now? He could not be sure. Opening the door to the hallway, Sam stepped out into the blinding light of the corridor, which barely registered to him in his current stuporous state. Taking a few steps, his glassy gaze was drawn to the room next door. What he saw amused him (See Visual Stimulation #3). He couldn’t be sure, but it appeared to be a beautiful young woman lounging on a bed. She was lying on her stomach, facing away from him, with her glistening legs pointed in his direction. He couldn’t quite tell who it was. Was she sleeping? She didn’t seem to be moving very much at least. Without much further rationale, Sam decided he would go check and see…

Stumbling forward, he entered the brightly lit room. Now that he had a closer look, he could not take his eyes off the woman’s shimmering legs. They were so long, and smooth. With a clearer view, Sam noticed the female resembled his niece Sky, who had recently started causing an unknown, but pleasant, sensation in his pants whenever he saw her. His damaged mind could not explain it, but he noticed it began when he found a picture of her butt on his phone, which he did not remember taking. Of course, Sam forgot a lot of things, so that was not so unusual. However, the pleasant tingling he felt whenever he saw the picture fascinated him. So much so, that he took another picture up her skirt the other day as she walked by his room. He simply stuck his phone under the door and snapped the picture when he heard she was near. Sure enough, the second picture elicited the same tingling feeling in his pants as the first. He had also recently stolen a few pairs of his niece’s panties from her drawer and would press them to his nose, lusting over their feminine scent, while he flipped through the pictures of her on his phone. He thought about these pictures now, and he could feel the same warm feeling begin to grow between his legs.

Unbeknownst to Sam, and certainly to Skylar who was oblivious to her uncle’s presence, a firm bulge began to form within his underwear. Sam unconsciously grabbed at his crotch and began to fondle himself through his white briefs. The young woman remained still as she appeared concentrated on the computer screen in front of her. Sam continued to stare at the soft, creamy legs displayed before him. His gaze was fixated and moved between the young girl’s succulent thighs and perfect ass, whose cheeks were just barely visible under the hem of the petite miniskirt. His breathing deepened and quickened, and his crude fondling of the increasingly painful bulge in his underwear became more frantic.

His eyes remained glued to the lovely feminine figure before him, as he felt somewhat familiar, yet powerful and primitive urges begin to form in his brain. His contained bulge soon became intolerable, and Sam quickly pulled down his underwear, effortlessly stepping out of them as he let them slide to the floor. While Sam was a hefty man, his girthy form did little in hiding his equally impressive cock, which now stood erect in all its glory behind the unsuspecting lass. It appeared almost fully enlarged and pulsed angrily as blood continued to fill its chambers with each heartbeat. It measured approximately seven inches in length, so although only slightly above average, its girth was what was most impressive. Even if Sam’s cock could be said to lack penetrating depth (as if seven inches was not commendable in itself), it certainly would have no problem filling whatever hole it infiltrated. Skylar would certainly have been impressed, if not intimidated, had she seen such a member on her future boyfriend she frequently fantasized about having.

Sam instinctively grabbed his bulging cock with his left hand and began stroking it slowly, as his right hand began caressing his swollen balls. He had felt his testicles become steadily engorged over the past several weeks, ever since he had begun studying the pictures of Skylar and started experiencing those tingling feelings. They felt heavy, and in desperate need of release. As he continued masturbating behind his young niece, who remained focused on her virtual world thanks to her noise-cancelling headphones, his eyes lingered on his niece’s delicate thighs and plump rear end. He began to lick his dry and cracked lips, and the pace of his breathing quickened even more. His elementary mind was racing! He needed release, and he needed it soon! In one swift motion, Sam dropped to his knees on the foot of the bed and reached his arms out so that he was standing on all fours over the girl with her lower body under him. Before Skylar could even react to the shift in weight on her bed, Sam placed both of his hands on her ass cheeks and buried his face between her inner thighs.

“Oof! What the…?!?!” Skylar exclaimed as she felt a sudden forceful pressure at her back side and shifting weight on the bed behind her. She turned her head to the side and saw in the periphery of her vision what appeared to be her uncle crouching behind her. She quickly tore off her headphones and threw them aside and attempted to roll over. However, she was unable to do so as the weight of her uncle on her legs pinned her down. “Uncle Sam….what….what are you doing?!?” Skylar demanded. She gasped as she felt a rough tongue run up the back of her right thigh. This was followed immediately by several sloppy wet kisses down the back of her left thigh.

“Uncle Sam! No! That’s not right! You shouldn’t be doing that!” Skylar protested. Her objections had no apparent effect as her uncle’s tongue and lips continued to explore the full length of her supple thighs. Skylar tried to reach behind her to push her uncle off, but he was far too large, and she could not generate much force anyhow with the way she was situated. She tried to pull herself forward towards the head of the bed, but her uncle quickly grasped her by the waist to stop her from going anywhere whilst he continued his lingual assault. He was making guttural snorts and slopping sounds as if he were a pig enjoying a feast. The back of her legs quickly became covered in familial slime as her uncle’s frantic tongue and lips ensured that every inch of his niece’s silky flank was covered in saliva.

Skylar began to panic in search of a way out of this unnatural situation. She had looked around the immediate vicinity for something to grab in hopes of knocking her uncle off of her, but other than the pillows on her bed and her laptop, nothing seemed suitable. Just as she was beginning to consider using her laptop anyway, she let out a loud gasp and clasped her hand to her mouth as she felt her uncle’s nose plunge into her panty-clad pussy. His wet tongue continued to worm its way between her inner thighs, but his nose was now in position to rub against her thong as it overlayed her sensitive slit. “Ugh! No…. not there!” Skylar howled. It was not soon after that her uncle began to pay full attention to this delicate area, tonguing and kissing the small piece of fabric that guarded her virginity, and lusting over her scent. The oral assault left her breathless, as the constant stimulation began to have an unwanted effect on the young girl. While she was no stranger to sexual pleasure, as she had masturbated herself to orgasm many times in the past, there was no comparison to the effect of the strong forceful tongue and wet lips of her relative. The warmth between her thighs quickly rose to a fever pitch as her arousal grew exponentially.

“No….please! Stop…!” Skylar pleaded softly through irregular, heavy breaths. The stimulation occurring underneath her skirt was more intense that anything she had felt before. She felt weak and her legs began to quiver gently as his rough tongue and chapped lips continued to lick and kiss at the soft cloth fibers overlying her pussy. “I can’t handle much more…! You’re going…going…to make me…me…!” Skylar let out an audible moan, involuntarily arching her back and raising her hips high into the air. His lips and tongue followed her movements and did not let up pressure on her most sensitive erogenous area. But it was too late. She buried her face into her pillow, stifling a euphoric scream as her pelvic floor muscles clenched down tight and her vaginal walls contracted, releasing a flood of ejaculatory fluid, and signaling the onset of a powerful orgasm.

She kept her face buried deep into her pillow to stifle her moans as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled across her entire body. Her whole frame continued to convulse in rhythm with her vaginal walls as they squeezed and reopened with each successive rush of pleasure. She felt her pussy juices gush into her uncle’s eager mouth, who wasted no time in accepting the delicious nectar. His lips were pressed hard against her soaked thong overlying her vulva, sucking each last drop that her snatch produced. His tongued continued to glide back and forth over her slit, providing more stimulation and prolonging her blissful state. Eventually, the orgasmic tide receded, and Skylar collapsed back down onto her bed, now in a post-orgasmic fog that left her momentarily incapacitated.

Sam enjoyed that experience very much, licking his lips and savoring the tasty remnants of his niece’s creamy ejaculate. He was still unsure if what he was experiencing was real or simply a dream. Overcome with such carnal passion and primitive instinct, it felt like his whole body was running on autopilot. He looked down at the dozing figure beneath him and appreciated how beautiful and innocent she looked. Sam wanted to spend the next few minutes simply admiring her body. However, thoughts concerning the raging fire in his groin persisted, and he knew it was not yet satisfied. He was not sure exactly how to fully satiate his desire, but his instinct told him that the exploration of his niece’s cunt was moving in the right direction. The hulking man-child sat up on his knees at the foot of the bed and took a moment to ponder his next move…

Skylar groaned and lifted her head up from the soft embrace of her pillow. It took her a moment before she was able to recall what had just happened, as the post-orgasmic cloud was still in the process of fading from her mind. Once she regained full composure, she immediately turned her body over and partially sat up, supporting the weight of her upper body on her elbows as she leaned back on her bed, now facing her assaulter. She first noticed the glazed over appearance of her uncle’s eyes that was typical of how they looked during one of his sleepwalking episodes. Her gaze quickly shifted downward as she gasped at the sight of her Uncle Sam’s tumescent penis. Skylar had seen it before when she occasionally assisted her parents in bathing him, but it had never been even slightly erect then. Now, as she was witnessing it fully engorged and intermittently pulsating, she was thankful that he had not tried to have sex with her, as it looked like it would have been quite uncomfortable for her virgin pussy.

Skylar cautiously observed her uncle show no significant activity for a few moments before coming to the conclusion he must have resumed his deep sleeping state. Although she was not sure how he could remain sitting up on his knees like that, she did not think too long on it as he had surely stood and walked around during his previously witnessed sleepwalking episodes, so perhaps kneeling was not unusual. She figured she would coax him back into his room and safely back into his bed while she spent the rest of the night figuring out how she was going to tell her parents about what happened. She looked down between her legs and lifted up her skirt to reveal her soaked panties underneath. She was sure the slimy secretions coating her pussy and thighs likely contained an even mixture of her own vaginal juices with her uncle’s saliva. She had never cum so hard in her life before, after all. Just as she was about to make a move to get off the bed, she was unexpectedly picked up by her uncle, who she had momentarily forgot about during her brief self-examination.

“Wait, what are you doing?!?” Skylar exclaimed as Sam reached one immense arm under her legs and another behind her back, lifting her up off the bed. Sam’s rudimentary rationale had concluded that in order for him to fully satisfy the burning desire in his cock, he needed to explore his niece’s private parts further. Surely the nectar she produced during his tonguing was the key to satisfying his primal urges, he thought. He was unable to gain full access before when she was laying on her stomach. But now that she had turned around, perhaps he would have better luck approaching from the front. He would position her in a way which would give him the best vantage point for further exploration…

“Uncle Sam…please let me down,” pleaded Skylar, who remained cradled in her hulking uncle’s arms. He was not hurting her, but he had stood there motionless for a few moments since picking her up. Skylar was then startled by Sam’s sudden movement as he turned her one-hundred and eighty degrees around and plopped her back down on the bed so that her legs were now pointed towards the head of the bed, and her head towards the foot of the bed. He turned and set her down so suddenly that Skylar let out an involuntary grunt as she made contact with the soft bed once again. This time, however, she was positioned in a way which left her head hanging slightly off the edge of the foot of the bed in an inverted position, so that it dangled somewhat lower than the rest of her body.

Momentarily disoriented from the sudden turn and rush of blood to her brain, Skylar attempted to lift her head up, but was immediately met with the sight of her uncle lowering his body on top of her as he straddled her in a reverse sixty-nine position. She had just enough time to let out a startled gasp and lift her arms up as her uncle’s weight came crashing down on top of her. Regrettably for Skylar, her reactionary exclamation presented the perfect portal of entry for Sam’s filling member as his bulging cock easily penetrated her open lips, instantly filling her mouth with piping hot man-meat. Skylar’s eyes widened at this new development, as moments before she had thought this whole ordeal was over with, and now it appeared her uncle was about to orally violate her. She tried to scream, but the first few inches of Sam’s penis in her mouth ensured that the only things audible were muffled cries.

Sam was experiencing something new. While he had placed his niece this way on the bed to get a better view of her panty-clad pussy, in getting into the position he had unwittingly increased the pleasure to his cock ten-fold. He was not sure how, but whatever he had done, he had placed his dick in a tight, warm, and very wet pocket. This feeling was so much better than before when he had touched himself while looking at his niece’s pictures on his phone. Better yet, he could feel something wet slithering across the tip of his penis, increasing his pleasure even more. Sam was desperate to explore this novel sensation further, and he instinctively began to move his hips in small thrusting movements. He noticed his niece was moving quite a bit underneath him, but not hearing any signs of distress from her, he focused back on the task at hand and continued his pelvic thrusts while steadily increasing his pressure and pace.

Skylar’s head banged repeatedly against the foot of the bed with each thrust of her uncle’s hips as he continued to probe his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. What started off as shallow, slow pushes were now forceful drives that were steadily increasing in tempo. While initially able to breathe with only a few inches of penis in her mouth, it became increasingly difficult as the head of his dick penetrated deeper past her tonsils, stretching her lips wide as they struggled to accommodate the impressive girth of Sam’s rod. Skylar tried in vain to push her uncle off, however her arms were pinned against her body by his weight when she had raised them in an effort to cushion his fall. She tried to plant her feet on the bed and lift her pelvis up, but even that was to no avail as she could barely move at all due to the immense frame pinning her in place. Her uncle’s shaft was now penetrating three-quarters of its length inside her throat, to the point where it repeatedly induced her gag reflex with each thrust. This made her eyes water, smearing her mascara, and causing dark streaks to run down her face. She knew this because a couple of feet from her, she could see her reflection in the full-length mirror that stood a few feet away from the foot of her bed.

Looking at the mirror from her inverted position, she could see her uncle’s hulking legs standing firmly on the floor, running up to his large buttocks that clenched and relaxed in huge muscular spasms in rhythm with each pelvic thrust. Just below this she could see her saliva and mascara-stained forehead, and wide, fearful eyes just below the massive pendulous testicles that hung down from her uncle’s perineum. They smelled musky and dank as they inched ever closer to Skylar’s face as she continued to be ravished and drilled by her uncle’s penetrating member. His scrotum appeared larger than she recalled, and it had a distinct bluish hue. Remembering what one of her classmates had said about “blue balls”, she inferred that this must be what happens when men do not ejaculate for long periods of time. The abundant sperm that is continuously produced builds up in the testicles over time, leading to a superabundant portion of semen that is released the next time they orgasm. This thought sickened her, as the last thing she wanted right now was for her mentally disabled uncle to cum down her throat.

Skylar continued to cry out and protest, however the constant presence of cock buried deep within her windpipe ensured that her uncle would never hear her pleas. His penis had penetrated so deep now that his ball sack began to smack into her nose and forehead with each advance. She persisted in trying to heave her body upwards by using the momentum from her legs and hips, but she was met with immediate resistance. Her mascara-stained tears were now mixed with saliva as it leaked out from the corners of her mouth and nose in an attempt to escape the increasing pressure inside her forcefully penetrated lips. This made it quite difficult for Skylar to see when also considering the incessant beating her face was receiving from her uncle’s swinging balls. With her glossy lips now coming into contact with the base of his cock after each thrust, Skylar’s access to air was fully compromised and she began to feel the symptoms of oxygen deprivation and impending unconsciousness. She was not sure how long she could last in this state and suspected that she might pass out at any moment.

Just then, without any warning, her uncle suddenly withdrew his penis from her throat so that only the first two inches remain embedded inside her mouth. Inhaling and exhaling desperately through her nose, Skyler was rewarded with vital breaths that helped satisfy her burning lungs. After a few moments of inactivity, Skyler began to breathe a little easier, thinking that her uncle must have finally tired out and this whole ordeal would soon be over.

It feels so good….! I can sense it building up! I can’t hold it in any longer…! I….must…release…NOW!!!

In one swift motion, Skylar’s uncle plunged his cock deep into his petite niece’s throat as far as it would go, as a simultaneous strong muscular contraction began at the base of his penis and traveled swiftly along his shaft towards the tip. Skylar was caught completely off guard and, eyes widened in realization and horror, was only able to utter a muffled groan before the pulsatile member unloaded its first torrents of putrid cum down her throat. The deluge was intense, causing her cheeks to bulge as every cavity and recess inside her mouth and throat became instantly overrun with hot, creamy jizz. It poured out of her nose and the corners of her mouth as her uncle continuously pumped more and more seed into the helpless cum dumpster. His testicles twitched and strained as they were repeatedly wrung dry of their rancid sperm. This process was enhanced by the additional milking his cock received from the regularly contracting throat muscles stimulated by Skylar’s gag reflex.

As her uncle continued to pump his seed into her throat with no end in sight, she tried to swallow as much of the foul ejaculate as she could, but she could not keep up. There was simply too much semen. The thick, white sludge poured out of her lips and nose, running down her forehead and into her hair before dropping down into a pool that was starting to collect on the floor at the foot of the bed. Skylar could feel her stomach ache as it quickly became filled with her uncle’s baby batter. After what seemed like an eternity, the floods of cum became less frequent, until her uncle’s pumping movements stopped altogether. Skylar could feel the contractions of his cock cease and his member soften as he slowly removed it from her throat.

As her uncle sat up and back on his heels at the foot of the bed, the swollen head of his cock popped out of his niece’s mouth with an audible “plop”. Once no longer held in place by the girthy member, she immediately turned over on her side and proceeded to vomit large amounts of cum onto to floor below. She coughed and hacked as large sticky dollops of jizz continued to regurgitate its way out of her esophagus. While this was happening, Uncle Sam silently stood up, still with a glassy-eyed look in his face, and slowly walked out of the room and across the hallway back to his bed, where he collapsed onto his worn mattress, already enveloped in a deep slumber.

Skylar spent the next several minutes on her hands and knees at the foot of her bed as she dry-heaved, with occasional remnants of semen dripping out of her mouth. She looked up into the mirror across from her and barely recognized the person staring back at her. She looked exhausted and had thick clumps of pearly-white seminal fluid caked all across her face and hair, with dark stained mascara lines running across her forehead. She looked down and could not help but marvel at the amount of semen there was in the pool that had collected on the floor. She could hardly believe that amount of sperm could exist in a single pair of human testicles…a horse’s maybe, but not a human’s. But Skylar was looking at living proof, and had regrettably experienced it firsthand.

She spent the next hour in the shower, meticulously combing and picking through her matted hair, careful to remove all trace of her unexpected oral breeding. After what seemed like ages, Skylar was finally content with her condition, and freshened herself up in the bathroom mirror as best as she could. Dressing herself in a slightly oversized t-shirt and donning a fresh pair of panties, she spent the remainder of the evening laundering her bedsheets and comforter, as well as cleaning up the pool of ejaculate left on her bedroom floor. It took all the powerful carpet cleaning agents she could find in the house and several passes of the vacuum cleaner, but she was happy with the final result and sure that no trace of their intense rendezvous remained.

Finally able to relax, Skylar laid down on her fresh bedsheets and looked at the clock on the wall, noting the time read almost midnight. Her parents would be back from their date soon. What was she going to tell them? She had analyzed what happened tonight with her uncle numerous times while she was cleaning. She had assessed that she was correct in her identification of him being in a stuporous state after his rather vigorous and sloppy application of cunnilingus. And there was never any indication that he was aware of what was going on, nor had he made any vocalizations of aggression or anger that suggested malevolence. Thus, Skylar believed that she had come to the only logical conclusion; that however uncomfortable and distressing the event had been for her at the time, it was at best…an accident. Skylar got up from the bed and walked slowly towards the closed door across the hallway. After all, an impaired person with a child-like disposition cannot really be held responsible for actions not under their control, can they? She reached for the knob and slowly opened the door, taking one step in and peering inside. Besides, despite everything that happened, she could not deny that a part of her…actually enjoyed it. Skylar observed the form of her hulking uncle sleeping calmly and without distress. As her lips began forming a sly grin on her face, she stepped back into the hallway and silently closed the door.
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