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Girly night dare game leaves Jade naked when a cute man arrives
The Exposure that started it all

by Vanessa Evans

Part 1

I’ll start by describing myself. I’m Jade, twenty three, slim, not very tall, small breasts (AA cup), light brown, shoulder length blondish hair and average looks. I have a good job in Banking and have my own, small apartment in the city. I have a boyfriend now but when my story starts I didn’t have one.

I have a great set of girl friends with whom I meet up once per week for a drink and a catch-up. About once per month or so we all go to one of our groups home for snacks, drinks and a more relaxed good time. I suppose that you could call these gathering a party as boyfriends are often there and we sometime play silly party games.

These party games sometimes (always these days) get a little daring and even embarrassing when we play truth or dare or when one of us does silly, playfully, immature thing like lifting another one of our groups skirt to reveal her knickers to the rest of the group or asking intimate truths when playing truth or dare.

So far, whenever any guys have been there none of us have been dared to go any further than showing our underwear.

When it’s just us girls there we play a game we just call ‘Dares’. Each of us writes 2 dares on pieces of paper then fold them up and stick them in a bowl. Someone then deals us all a playing card and the lowest card has to pick one of the dares out of the bowl and do it. If they don’t do it they miss the next time that we all get together.

Over the months the dares got more revealing and it had got to the stage when one girl, Angie, had to strip naked and go outside my apartment door for a whole 2 minutes before we’d let her in. There had been other revealing dares but going out of the apartment was the most daring to date.

Anyway, the games are always done in the spirit of good fun and we always gets a good laugh with the ‘victim’ taking it in the playful sprit that it was intended.

At one girls only gatherings at Eva’s apartment about a year ago, Eva’s cousin, Ethan, arrived just after we’d started to play the dares game. There had only been one round and I had lost and had to take off my top layer of clothes. It was late spring and quite warm and I’d only been wearing a very small G-string and a summer dress so when the doorbell rang I, we, had thought that it was Mary arriving late as usual. So when Eva brought Ethan into the room I was wearing only my G-string.

My immediate reaction was to go into the classic ENF position but as soon as I did Angie said,

“Come on Jade, you know the rules, no covering up.”

My hands slid to my sides on the sofa, I felt my nipples get hard and my face go all red with embarrassment.

“Girls,” Eva said, “this is my cousin Ethan, he just called round to give me some family news.”

“I appear to have interrupted something,” Ethan said looking down at my little tits and the rest of my nearly naked body, “I’ll go and leave you to it.”

“That’s okay Ethan,” Scarlett said, “is there somewhere that you have to be Ethan?”

“No, not really,”

“Good,” Scarlett replied, have a seat next to Jade.”

Ethan looked down at me with my still red face and tingling, hard nipples and said,

“Don’t you want to put some clothes on Jade?”

“She can’t,” Chloe replied for me, “she lost the round and she had to take her dress off. She has to stay like that until the game ends.”

“Can’t we abandon the game now that a man is here?” I asked.

“Why bother,” Eva replied, “Ethan is a man of the world, I’m sure that he’s seen a naked girl before.”

“I’m not naked.” I replied, “I’ve got my G-string on.”

Ethan sat next to me (where Eva had been sitting) but he sat almost sideways so that he could look at me. I felt his leg touch mine and my face went a bit redder.

“Can I get you a drink Ethan?” Eva asked.

Before he could answer I said,

“Can you get me one as well please Eva? I need one, a strong one.”

Eva smiled and went and got the two drinks.

“Right,” Olivia said, “where were we?”

The game got going again with all the dares being quite tame, that is until I lost and opened the piece of paper that I had pulled out of the bowl and saw..

‘Remove your underwear.”

Now that wasn’t the first time that someone had written that dare but it was the first time that we’d played that game with a man present.

I was quite nervous as I read out the dare. Also, my face was getting even redder. I gulped down all the saliva that was in my mouth then said,

“No, this game is fixed just so that you can get me naked, why are you all doing this to me?”

“Relax Jade,” Eva said, “The game isn’t fixed, how can it be? It’s just bad luck Jade.”

“Come on Jade,” Riley said, “Ethan’s already seen just about everything that you’ve got.”

That was true, apart from what was under the tiny little triangle of material he had seen everything, in fact he was still looking at everything right then. I’ve never refused a dare from my friends before and Ethan did look quite cute so with a still red face and a lot of cheers from my friends, I stood up, faced Ethan and pulled my G-string down letting him see my bald pussy with my throbbing clit sticking out between my lips. When the G-string hit the floor I stepped out of it and used one foot to flick it up intending to catch it but instead of it coming to my hand it landed on Ethan’s lap.

As I looked at it, not sure if I should bend over and pick it up I realised that there was quite a bulge in Ethan’s jeans. It was my turn to stare, and start tingling even more. However, I ignored my G-string and quickly sat back down and said,

“There, are you all happy now?”

I got a few complimentary comments and before I had time to think the game got restarted. I have to confess that the rest of the game was a laugh with all the girls doing silly things but none of them had to get naked like I was, and I have to say that I was starting to relax and enjoy being sat next to Ethan whilst I was naked.

At one point when there was a lot of talking Ethan leant over and quietly asked me if he could take me for a drink sometime.

“I’m not going for a drink with anyone like this.” I replied.

“No, I wasn’t expecting that you would, although it would be really nice if you did. How about 8 p.m. at the Read Lion on Tuesday?”

I didn’t get a chance to say that I would be there but I had already made up my mind that I would be there.

The game finally ended and I was able to put my sundress back on, minus the G-string that had been on Ethan’s lap but was nowhere to be seen by then.

The rest of the evening went just about the same as all other girly evenings but the conversations were a little less personal because Ethan was there.


I walked into the Red Lion on the Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. wearing a different summer dress and a different G-string and there he was sat at the bar. As soon as he saw me he jumped up, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the G-string that I had been wearing at the girly night.

“Sorry Jade, it’s just that I wanted to smell you every time that I thought about you.”

“You’ve been carrying that around with you all this time?”

“Yes, is that weird?”

“Maybe a little but I’ll forgive you.”

Feeling a bit naughty, I took the G-string, put it in my little bag and said,

“I’ve got to go to the ladies room, back in a minute.”

“Can I get you a drink whilst you’re away?” Ethan asked.

“Vodka and lime please.”

Three minutes later I walked back to Ethan and as I sat down at the table in a quiet corner I opened my hand above his lap and said,

“Here’s a fresh pair to keep you going.”

I dropped the different coloured G-string that I’d been wearing that evening onto the table and picked up my drink.

“Have you just swapped G-strings?” Ethan asked.

“Sort of.” I replied then asked him where he lived.

I have to say that we got on like a house on fire and at one point I had to go into my bag to get something and Ethan saw the original G-string and he said,

“Is that the G-string that I brought tonight?”


“Does that mean that you haven’t got anything on under that dress?”

“Maybe, I never wear the same pair of knickers twice if they haven’t been washed.”

As I was saying that I realised that he must have seen my poky nipples and realised that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Then before he could ask me anything else about what I was or wasn’t wearing I changed the conversation subject and we continued talking about ourselves and lots of other things.

At the end of the evening Ethan walked me to my apartment and the kiss that he gave me was a long passionate one and I wondered if I should invite him in ‘for a coffee’ but before I could he asked me if he could take me out for the day on the Saturday.

After I’d agreed to our second date he kissed me again, told me that he’d pick me up at 8 a.m. then he turned and walked away.


Well that evening was the start of our romance.


On Saturday I was awake by 6 a.m. and spent the next hour deciding what to wear and then getting ready. Getting ready included a shave of everywhere below my neck, hair washing and putting lotion on my whole body. Since it was June I chose a short, light, cotton summer dress that buttons all the way down the front and has spaghetti straps. Under the dress I wore just a white, see-through G-string just in case Ethan did undress me somewhere. I haven’t mentioned a bra because I didn’t wear one, I rarely do, even though I knew that my nipples would probably be making pokies all day long.

On my feet I chose to wear two inch sandals, white to match my dress. I transferred a few essentials into my white clutch bag and I was ready and waiting long before 8 a.m.

I was debating with myself as to whether or not to go and change when my doorbell rang and I told Ethan that I’d be down in a minute. Not wanting to appear too eager I went and cleaned my teeth again and dabbed a little bit more perfume on my wrists and neck then went down to meet Ethan.

Ethan told me that I looked amazing then he gave me a quick, friendly kiss before walking me to the passenger side of his car. As we walked up to the nice, two-seater sports car I said,

“This is yours?”



I tried to not let him see up my dress as I got into the low seat but I’m not sure that he didn’t see my white G-string. He didn’t say anything.

We’d only been on the road for about 20 minutes when Ethan pulled off the main road into a designer outlet.

“Is this where we are going for the day Ethan?”

“Heavens no, I want to take the top down and there is no way that you have any sunglasses in that tiny bag so we’ll get you some here then I’ll take the top down.”

Ethan again came round to my side of the car and opened my door. Getting into a low sports car and keeping your modesty is difficult enough but getting out is almost impossible and I’m one hundred percent sure that Ethan saw my G-string.

“Like the view?” I asked as we started walking hand in hand.

“Best thing that I’ve seen for years Jade, there’s only two better sights in the world.”

“And what would those be Ethan?”

“I’m looking at one Jade, your face.”

“And the other?”

“The other one would only be visible if you were to take that G-string off.”

“Ethan Hammond you are a naughty man, you can’t expect a girl to go around wearing such a short dress without any knickers on.”

“I don’t expect anything Jade, I can only hope that you will discover the benefits of not wearing knickers before you dump me for some other man.”

“Ethan, I have no intention of dumping you, it’s only our second date and I want to get to know you better.”

“Good, so do I, I mean get to know you better. Do you need to get a scrunchie for your hair whilst we are here, it gets quite a bit draughty with the lid off.”

Not only did Ethan buy be a scrunchie but he bought me a very expensive pair of designer sunglasses.

Whilst we were at the designer outlet I excused myself and went to the rest room. It may only have been our second date but when I came out of the rest room my G-string was in my little bag. I didn’t say anything but when Ethan held my door open for me to get into his car I made sure that he got a good look at my pussy hoping that it would let him know that I wanted him inside it as soon as possible.

“Wow Jade, that’s the second amazing sight but you didn’t have to take the G-string off.”

“I know.”

We settled in the car then Ethan pressed a button and up and back went the roof.

Ethan was right, it was really windy and if it hadn’t been for the scrunchie my hair would have been all over the place just like my short, light-weight, cotton, dress was. At first I held my hands on my thighs but as time went on I moved my hands away and let the wind do its worst. It wasn’t like Ethan was going to see anything that he hadn’t seen before.

It took us about another ninety minutes for us to arrive where Ethan was taking me, a Theme Park. It was big, but not as big as Disney but it did have rides and animals and we went on all the rides and saw all the animals.

We held hands or Ethan had his arm round me for just about all of the day and I cuddled up to him as often as I could. Anyone who looked at us would see two people deeply in love even though neither of us had used the ‘L’ word yet.

A couple of the rides were water rides and we did get wet, my thin, white, cotton dress clinging to every little curve and showing everyone the exact shape of my tits and the colour of my nipples and areolae. But I didn’t care that others were looking at me, only Ethan and as he stared at my hard, dark pokies the expression on his face told me that he liked what he saw. Anyway, the sun was shining and my dress was drying quickly.

On a couple of the rides my dress would blow up and I’m sure that a few people saw my bare butt and pussy but it was the same as for my tits, I didn’t care about the others, only what Ethan saw and, I hoped, liked.

We went on a roller-coaster and as we were going all over the place both the spaghetti straps of my dress fell off my shoulders and the top of my dress fell to my waist leaving both my little tits exposed.

I knew that it had happened but my hands were too busy clinging on to the safety bar to do anything about my dress until the ride was coming to an end where I quickly pulled my dress and straps back to their proper place.

Ethan had also been quite scared on the ride and I thought that I’d got my dress back into it’s proper place before he looked at me and said,

“Wow, that was scary.”

“You’re not kidding.” I replied.

We both stood just outside the exit, Ethan with his arms round me until our hearts got back to pumping at a reasonable rate then Ethan said,

“Let’s see if they took any photos of us, they might have captured your scared look Jade.”

I didn’t think any more of it until we scrolled through the screen and came across a photo of both of us. The thing was, it was taken when the top of my dress was down around my waist and the photo included my bare chest.

“Oh my gawd,” I said, “I didn’t expect there to be a camera on that security bar. Honest Ethan, the straps and dress came down on their own, I wasn’t trying to flash everyone.”

“Relax Jade, I believe you but you do look great, I’m going to get a print of that.”

Whilst Ethan was getting the print I was actually feeling good. Okay, he’d seen my tits before but to have a photograph of them made my pussy tingle a bit.


We got some snacks and sat on the grass eating, drinking, talking and Ethan looking at the photograph. Ethan was sat facing the opposite way to me and we fed chips to each other laughing and giggling like love-struck school kids. Sometimes Ethan’s hand would rest on my thigh or waist and one time he accidentally (probably) put his hand on my bare thigh under my dress. He didn’t remove it and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him to remove it and before I realised it his hand had gone right up to my bare hip.

“Don’t Ethan.” I said, then qualified my statement by adding,”If you leave your hand there for much longer I’ll expect you to make love to me right here and now.”

Ethan gently pushed me back until I was laying on the grass and he leant over and kissed me. His hand that had been on my bare hip moved up my bare torso to beside my tit. I was sure that my bare pussy was on display and I didn’t care, but I was slightly concerned that Ethan was actually going to make love to me right there in public.

He didn’t and when we broke the kiss he removed his hand and straightened my dress for me.

“For one minute Ethan I thought that you were going to make love to me right here in public.”

“Would you have liked that Jade?”

“Yes, no, yes, no. Oh hell, of course I would but the thought of all those people seeing us scares me.”

“But does it turn you on Jade?”

“Hmm, yes it does.

Ethan said nothing for ages and I was thinking,

“Yes Ethan, I’d let you fuck me right here and now, and it would turn me on.”

He didn’t, instead he got to his feet and pulled me up. After dumping our litter in a bin Ethan led me round all the animal enclosures then led me to the exit.

Ethan unavoidably got another look at my bald pussy as I got into the car then he drove us out into the countryside where he parked in a quiet lane then got a blanket out of the back of the car. Over the other side of a large hedge Ethan slowly unfastened all the buttons on my dress then slipped it off me leaving me naked apart from my sandals.

Then he made long, passionate love to me over and over until we were both exhausted and it was starting to get dark.

That day was the happiest day of my life.


After that day it’s fair to say that we were definitely a couple and it was looking like we would be that for ever.

Ethan took me out two night per week and both weekend days for about a month with us often finding places in the countryside to wander into the meadows or forest where we would make love for as long as we could.

Then one Saturday evening when we were sat on the sofa at my place watching some boring movie I compared an idiot in the movie to the star player of his favourite team. Needless to say that Ethan wasn’t best pleased and when I continued slagging off his star player he just grabbed me and pulled me over his lap.

“You wouldn’t dare.” I said.

Within seconds my dress was pulled up, my G-string was pulled down and off, and his swats were raining down on my bare butt. At first I screamed and tried to get off his lap but Ethan is a lot stronger than me and I was going nowhere.

After about ten swats I was starting to realise that the pain wasn’t too bad and I also realised that my pussy was tingling and getting quite wet. It was like the vibrations from the swats were going straight to my clit. Around the twentieth swat I was cumming like never before.

Ethan stopped the swats and when I started coming down from my high I jumped up, pulled my dress off, pulled his trousers off, put my knees either side of his thighs and impaled myself on his cock.

When both our climaxes has subsided Ethan asked,

“What the hell just happened Jade?”

“I’m not sure, I think that you spanking me turned me on so much that I orgasmed and wanted more.”

“Wow, I think that we might have to try that again.


The Sunday was a much more relaxed day for us on a blanket in a nearby woods. It was also the first time that Ethan and I saw some people watching us make love. It was some hikers that had walked along the trail then turned and saw us only a few metres away. We were in the 69 positions enjoying each other when one of the hikers made a sound and both Ethan and I turned and saw them.

That spurred both Ethan and I on and we ate each other with more haste then I got up and rode him reverse cowgirl style whilst I watched the hikers and they watched us. When the show was over and the hikers continued their trek Ethan and I lay next to each other looking up at the sky and telling each other how awesome that experience had been. But Ethan said that I should have got off him when I first saw the hikers and that I was naughty for not doing so.

“So what are you going to do about it?” I said.

I saw Ethan grin and within seconds I was laying over him. Our bodies looking like a cross as his hand came down and spanked my bare butt. Around twenty or so swats later I was cumming like a train, again. When I started to have some control over my body I jumped up and rode him cowgirl style for ages. Having just cum a few minutes before Ethan took a while to cum again but I rode him through my next orgasm and was starting to get close to having another before I felt his warm cum squirting inside me.

We had walked into the woods over half a mile to find a suitable spot so I walked that half mile back to the car wearing only my sandals and I have to say that it was an enormous turn-on for me as well as Ethan. So much so that back at the car I got to my knees and gave him a blowjob before getting dressed.

During the journey home we talked about spanking. Ethan said that he was concerned that he was hurting me but I assured him that although it hurt when he landed the first few swats that soon went away and the vibrations seemed to go straight to my pussy and in particular my clit.

“So you want me to keep on spanking you then Jade?”

“Well, our sex is good, very good without you spanking me but when you do it sort of takes me to another level.”

“So I can take that as a yes then Jade.”

“Yes, yes you can, and you don’t need a reason to do it. The sex afterwards is totally awesome.”

“So every time that I want us to have awesome sex I have to spank you?”

“I’m not saying that sex without the spanking isn’t good, it certainly is, it’s just …..”

“That it’s even better if it’s straight after a spanking.”

“Yes it is.”


It was around that time that I stopped wearing knickers, they just got in the way when I needed Ethan’s cock inside me, and I got really turned on whenever I accidentally flashed anyone and realised that I had, and of course when I deliberately flashed Ethan or he’d told me that I had accidentally flashed him (which was quite often).

Getting in and out of Ethan’s car became a minutes task rather than a seconds task as Ethan stared at my pussy, sometimes asking me to have a quick play with my clit before I finished getting in or out, and we both loved it.

I didn’t realise it at the time but I guess that that was the time when I realised that I was an exhibitionist, something that I’m sure that Ethan realised before I did. Our lovemaking places got nearer and nearer to paces where we could get caught and we did get caught a few times. Thankfully by people who were more interested in watching us than calling the police.

Ethan even took me to some dogging sites and both me on my own, and us together performed for lots of men, and some women. Although we restricted that to us performing for the voyeurs and not letting them join in.


Meanwhile, I was still meeting my friends once a week at a pub, and having our girly nights at one of our places. Of course Eva knew that I’d been going out with her cousin and our romance got talked about. At one of our girly nights (girls only) I got dared to tell everyone what was the kinkiest thing that I’d done with Ethan. They already knew that we were having sex so I couldn’t say that, so, with a little help from the alcohol that I’d drunk, I said,

“A couple of weeks ago Ethan took me out into the countryside and when we were making love in a field he took me over his lap and he spanked me.”

“There’s nothing special about that Jade.” Rose said, “I had a boyfriend who liked to spank me.”

“Well,” I continued, it wasn’t just lifting the back of my skirt and landing a few swats on my knickers, which by the way haven’t left my underwear drawer for a few weeks now, I was totally naked in the middle of nowhere and we were being watched by a group of hikers.”

“My cousin, Ethan, spanked you naked with people watching!?” Eva exclaimed.

“Yes he did, and the kinkiest thing about it was that I loved every second of it and it made me cum.”

“Spanking you made you cum Jade?” Rose asked. “Wow, that never happened to me.”

“That’s not all.” I continued. “It left me so horny that I climbed on him and rode him reverse cowgirl until I’d cum again, with all those people still watching me.”

“Wow,” Eva said, “I knew that you weren’t bothered about people seeing you naked Jade but I never realised that you are a full-blown exhibitionist.”

“Neither did I.” I replied, but that’s not the only time that my girls or my puss has been on display in public.”

“Tell us more Jade.” Rose demanded.

So I did, telling my friends about the Theme Park and all the other times that both Ethan and me have exposed myself. I also told them about our trips to dogging sites. When I was done Eva said,

“Wow Jade, you really will fit in well with Ethan and his family.”

“What do you mean Eva?” I asked.

“Nothing for you to worry about Jade, let’s just say that your attitude to your body will go down well with Ethan’s family.”

“You can’t just say that and not tell me more Eva.”

“All I’m saying is that you’ll get on well with Ethan’s family.”

I didn’t get a chance to push Eva for more information any further because the girls wanted to get on with the game but I was wondering what Eva was on about.


During the times when Ethan and I weren’t looking for more risky places to make love he’d take me shopping to buy me clothes. Sometimes from the chain store shops, sometimes from more upmarket shops where customers got a personal service. The first time that he took me into one of those shops I had to strip naked whilst the sales girl measured me. That didn’t bother me, nor did it bother me that the measuring was done in the main shop.

Of course Ethan was loving it, but the strange thing was that I was enjoying it as well. I was getting turned-on by the situation, not the girl measuring me but the fact that it happened in the main part of the shop with the risk of people coming in or just looking through the shops big windows.

One time when he took me to one of the chain store shops to buy me a summer dress. He already knew that I liked the feeling of cotton dresses, me having told him that they felt so soft and like I had nothing on, and he picked out four dresses that he thought that I’d like, which meant that he liked them as well.

As we walked to the changing rooms for me to try them on he said,

“When you’ve got each one on Jade can you come out and let me have a look?”

“Sure,” I replied, “I intended to do that anyway, especially as you’ve said that you’d buy one for me.”

In the cubicle I took off the dress that I was wearing which meant that I was naked, and slipped the first potential new dress on. I looked in the mirror that was in front of me and I liked it. It wasn’t a tight fit but I could still see my nipples making little pokies and I just knew that once the dress had been washed the fabric would be softer and the pokies would be bigger

I stepped out to where Ethan and another couple of men were waiting and I did a twirl for him.

“Nice.” Ethan said, “Come here.”

I stepped forwards and Ethan’s hands went to my shoulders and the next thing that I realised was that he had pushed the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and the dress had slid off me and was puddled around me feet.

“What the hell are you doing Ethan?” I asked as my hands went to my tits then pussy then down to the dress to pull it back onto me.

“Sorry Jade, I just couldn’t resist doing that.”

As I straightened the straps I looked at the smiling Ethan and smiled back without saying anything. He’d exposed me to two unknown men and I’d enjoyed the experience, and he knew it.

When Ethan did the same thing with the second dress in front of a different man I realised that not only did he want to show my body to other men, he wanted to see how easy it would be to get me out of the dress. From then on nearly all of the new dresses that he or I bought were just as easy to get off as that first one.


A few weeks later it was a mixed gathering at Chloe’s place and as it started to get late I heard Eva tell Emma’s boyfriend,

“Pete, did you know that Jade likes to be spanked?”

“NO!” I shouted, but it was too late, within seconds just about everyone was egging Ethan on to spank me.

“NO, NO.” I shouted as Eva started to lift my dress up, “What are you doing Eva, stop it.”

“Come on Jade,” Eva replied, “everyone knows that girls get spanked on the bare.”

“But I’m not wearing anything under my dress.” I replied as I tried to stop Eva from lifting my dress.”

“So you came here ready to be spanked Jade.”

“No, I told you that I’ve stopped wearing underwear.”

“Well that just makes it easier for us doesn’t it.” Eva replied.

I looked over to Ethan as I resisted Eva but he was just smiling, so were the two guys that he was talking to. It was then that Chloe started helping Eva and before long my dress was going up over my head and I was left standing there totally naked.

“Oh my gawd, you bitches, you can’t strip me like this, all the guys are looking me.” I replied as my hands went to cover my bits.

“Hey, who are you calling a bitch,” Eva replied, “Ethan cousin, tell your girlfriend not to call me names. Better still, spank her butt now, you should have been helping us.”

“I don’t see why I should have been helping you Eva but I will spank her and every one of you can watch if you want.”

“No Ethan, please don’t.” I said but that wasn’t what I was thinking. My nipples and pussy were tingling and I could feel that my vagina was producing a lot of juices. The thing was that Ethan knew that my objection was just a token protest, that I wanted it to happen. I was starting to think that he knew me better than I did.

A chair appeared in the middle of the room and Ethan took hold of my hand that was covering my bald pussy and led me over to the chair. As he sat down and moved me to his side I made another token protest,

“No Ethan, please don’t, this is way too embarrassing.”

Ethan took no notice of me and he pulled me down over his lap, me feeling his hard cock through his jeans on my bare stomach.

“Shall I?” Ethan asked everyone.

To lots of cheering he spread my legs then his right hand came down hard onto my bare butt.

“Ouch, that hurt.” I truthfully said but the two responses that I got were cheers from just about everyone and another swat from Ethan.


Another swat landed and I stopped complaining. As more swats landed I started to get oblivious to the audience as the vibrations went from my butt to my clit. The inevitable seemed to take a smaller number of swats this time and I found myself moaning, then telling everyone, that I was about to, then cumming and I felt my feet rise up from the floor and spread out as wide as they could then my body went rigid for a few seconds before collapsing limply over Ethan’s lap.

As I started to recover I became aware of Ethan’s boner pressing on my stomach again and when I was able I slid off his lap then turned and unzipped his jeans. Like all the other times that Ethan has spanked me, once his cock was usable I got onto my feet, turned my back to him then sat back impaling myself as I went down.

Once I’d bottomed out I started raising and lowering myself over and over until first I orgasmed again, then Ethan did.

As I started to get my wits about me again I became aware of our audience, our cheering audience, some of whom were holding their phones up, obviously photographing and videoing us. For some, strange reason I didn’t feel embarrassed, instead my arousal level increased but Ethan’s cock was already quite soft so I turned my head to face his and kissed him, a long, passionate kiss. After which I whispered,

“Thank you Ethan.” then got to my feet and said,

“Where’s my dress? Could someone get a drink for me?”

The cheers started again, Eva passed me my dress, which I quickly slipped on, then the questions and comments started. Fortunately, all were complimentary, even all my female friends were saying how brave I was.

When I’d realised that I was going to be stripped and spanked I was sure that I was going to be horribly embarrassed in front of all my friends. I hadn’t really had time to think about it when it was happening but afterwards, when I looked all around at all the people who had seen me naked and seen me getting spanked I knew that I should have been embarrassed then but I wasn’t. I looked at each of the men and thought,

“You’ve just seen me naked and getting spanked.” but I wasn’t embarrassed, it made me horny.

A bit later I went to Ethan and asked if he could take me home and he agreed. In his car on the way he asked me if I was okay and if I’d been embarrassed or humiliated. He probably knew the answer but he just wanted to hear me say it. I didn’t answer his question, all I said was,

“I need you to fuck me as soon as possible.”

When we got to my apartment’s car park Ethan came round the car and opened my door. As usual I lifted one leg out and let him look down at my spread, bald, uncovered pussy for a good minute before continuing to get out, but Ethan took both my hands and literally lifted me out of his car. As my feet touched the ground his hands slid right down my sides then went back up just as high but holding the sides of my dress.

He put my dress on top of his car then turned me round and bent me over his car, my bare tits pressing on the cold car and within seconds his cock was entering my pussy from behind. It was dark and late at night but even if it had been daylight and there had been lots of people around I would have been very happy for him to fuck me right there.

When it was over Ethan grabbed my dress and ran into the apartment building leaving me to follow him wearing just my heels and carrying my bag.

We fucked again before going to sleep.

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