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My ex's new boyfriend wants to explore his sexuality and I am happy to help.
A few weeks after my threesome with Jill and her new boyfriend, she called and asked me to stop by after work. I was glad she called but surprised it was not him who called. He loved the blowjob I had given him and had me stopping by every few days to suck him off. I was concerned that he had not told her and this was creating a problem. When I arrived, he appeared a little uncomfortable. She quickly got to the point. He wanted anal sex, she did not like anal, and he was hesitant about fucking me.

He said that getting a blowjob was pushing the limits for him, but fucking a guy in the ass seemed gay and he was not comfortable with where that would lead. I told him “getting” fucked in the ass was very gay, just like sucking dick. I said that while Jill had a much more sexy ass, mine was just as fuckable. She smiled and thanked me for the complement, but corrected me and said that her ass was not fuckable because she did not like things being shoved in her ass. When we were together, she tried it a few times but never enjoyed it and decided that it was just not for her.

I suggested that we get naked, and I suck his cock. He can decide to fuck me, or I will just keep sucking. Either way, his cum will end up inside of me. She said that she had not gotten to see a guy getting fucked in a long time and really hoped he would fuck me. As I started sucking his cock, she came around behind me. She rubbed my ass and slipped a finger in my hole. She kept finger fucking my ass while I was sucking his cock. She spit on my ass and began working another finger in me. She was moaning and talking about how hot it was to finger fuck my ass. She said she wanted to see something bigger, like maybe a big hard cock, stretching my ass.

He was getting excited and finally agreed to fuck me. I moved to the center of the room on my hands and knees with my ass up. He began working his cock up and down my ass crack. Each pass, he would gently push at my hole, and then move on. He kept this up until I was so horny I could not take it. I began to push back into him when he pushed at my hole, but he kept moving on. Finally, I began to beg. “Please stop teasing me and shove your cock in my ass, I need to get fucked,” I said. On his next pass, he finally pushed the head of his cock in me. He held it there, enjoying the feeling.

He slowly pushed a little deeper and then slid back. He pushed in again and went a little deeper before pulling back. He kept slowly working his cock in my ass, a little deeper with each thrust. Finally, I could feel his legs against my ass cheeks. He grabbed my hips and held me tight with his cock buried in my ass. He moaned as said my ass was so tight and felt wonderful. He held my hips as he began to fuck me. At first it was long slow strokes, all the way out and then all the way back in.

He began to pick up speed as he began to fuck me hard. “Oh god yes, pound my ass, fuck me hard with your big dick,” I begged. He grunted and fucked me. Jill moved over and stood over me, pushing her tits in his face. She told him how hot it was to see him asserting his dominance over me. She said it was hot to see him fucking my ass and making me his bitch. He was sucking on her tits as he kept fucking me. She began was telling him to abuse the slutty bitch by destroying his ass. She told him he was the master to use us however he wanted.

He grunted and I felt his cock swell in my ass. I could feel him shooting his hot cum deep in my ass. He kept fucking me as he shot squirt after squirt in me. It felt like a creamy enema. When he was completely drained, his cock started to go soft and slipped out of my ass. I reached back and scooped up some of the cum that leaked out and slurped it into my mouth. He moved back and sat on the couch. Jill ordered me to clean up his dick. I crawled over to him and began licking the cum that had leaked down his balls. I licked my way up and then took his soft cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked until he was clean.

Jill then told me to fuck her. She was laying on the floor so I got between her legs and began with eating her pussy. She was dripping wet and I quickly lapped up her juices. I licked down to her ass and tongued her ass and then licked back up. She grabbed me and pulled me up and ordered me to fuck her. I slipped my hard cock in her sopping wet pussy and began fucking her. She grunted and groaned as she kept telling me to fuck her harder. I was pounding into her and sucking on her tits. After a few minutes, I was ready to cum. She could tell I was getting close and told me to fill her pussy with my cum. I shouted as I erupted in her pussy. I emptied my cock in her as she moaned and held me tight.

She pushed my head down and told me to eat her creampie, which I is one of my favorite things to do. She was a big sloppy mess between her cum and mine. Watching me get fucked had her overly excited and that just added to me fucking her. I dove in and began licking and sucking. That was when I felt him getting behind me again. He was hard again and ready for round two, only this time he was not being gentle. He rammed his cock in my ass with one stroke. I yelped. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy and told me to eat.

I licked and sucked on her lips while he began ramming into my ass. It was hard to eat her pussy while he was pounding into me. She told me to clean all of the cum out of her pussy while her boyfriend fucked me. She said I had to make both of them cum because I was there little whore. I started sucking on her clit and lightly nibbling on it. He was pounding into my ass, so I pinched my hole tight to make it feel better for him. I was doing everything I can to make sure they both would cum.

She squeezed her legs tight, holding me in place as she began to shake. She pulled my face so tight against her pussy I could not breath. I kept sucking, knowing that she would push me away and I could breath after I made her cum. She began to scream as her whole body shook. He began to grunt and I could feel him cumming in my ass again. They both kept using me until they finished their orgasm, and then pushed me away.

I fell to the side, exhausted. I had her cum all over my face, and more of his cum leaking out of my ass. This felt wonderful. I think I will like begin their sex toy.
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