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This is a work of fiction. It is meant for entertainment only. The author does condone sexual relationships of any nature with girls or abuse of any kind…well…the Trump family deserves it.

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I had wanted to make love Kai since the day she came into the family, it was taboo, way too risky, so I bided my time and waited. I had to be satisfied with a quick kiss when we would visit and each kiss made my insides churn with lust even more. Each time I hugged her, my dick would become instantly erect and I would have to go set down to hide it.

A couple of times when we were in the room alone and she greeted me with a kiss I took hold of her chin and kissed her on the mouth. She would give a nervous little giggle but I could tell it upset her some.

After a few times of this, she began giving me a quick peck on the lips of her own free will, I think she looked upon it as a game.

Once when she had come in from school I was standing in the kitchen alone and when we hugged and kissed I held her and forced my tongue in her mouth. She tried to pull back but I held her tight as I swabbed her mouth and sucked her tongue. As I let her go she ran from the room and up the stairs. For a while, if I wanted to kiss her I had to sneak up behind her and hold her in my arms and hold her head till I had my mouth over hers.

After a few times she never fought me but allowed me to suck her tongue, she was totally unaware that I was sucking her saliva from her mouth.

All this time she had not said a word to her parents about what was taking place, did she like it, was she afraid to tell, or was she just not sure what to do.

I began squeezing her tits and she would slap me then hurry from the room. By then I had become even more daring and would hold her when no one was around and kiss her tits through her blouse, it was enough to drive a guy crazy, I knew I was losing control.

Then that fatal day, I had stopped and no one was home, there was a note for Kai saying they would be gone overnight and the usual instructions.

I knew it was almost time for her to be coming in from school so I stripped off naked and waited. All the time the vision of her danced around in my head and my dick throbbed between my legs. I heard her come up on the porch and put her key in the lock. I was behind the door when she entered and as she set her books on the table I slipped my arm around her waist.

She squealed but when she heard my voice and looked over her shoulder. "Oh grandpa, you scared me."

"It's ok sweet thing, it's only me," I said, as I kissed her ears and swabbed it with my tongue.

"Don't do that grandpa please," she said, but she never struggled to getaway.

I had pulled her blouse from her skirt and had my hand against her bare belly, the smoothness of her skin sent vibrations throughout my body.

"Stop grandpa, mama will see you."

"No, she won't sweetheart, they're gone, won't be back till tomorrow night," I said, as I kissed her neck, my hand slipping beneath her bra now.

"Stop it, grandpa, I don't want you to do that." She had her hand on mine trying to pull it away but it was no contest, I was much too strong for her.

Still holding her tight with one hand I reach between us and unsnapped her bra, it was one of those stretch types, just a bit more than a training bra.

"Don't grandpa! I mean it now! I'll tell and you will be in a lot of trouble." By now I was massaging her tits and felt them become firm, a sure sign of arousal.

With one arm around her and my hand playing with her tit I used the other to jerk her skirt down.

She tried to hang on to it, to stop me but I gave it a quick jerk and it slipped from her hands. My thumb had hooked the elastic of her panties and they went with the skirt, baring the lovely cheeks of her ass.

"Oh grandpa, please don't, please stop!" It was like talking in the wind, her words meant nothing, I had waited too long for this.

I could easily have slipped my dick in her pussy from the rear but I wanted to see her pretty face while I lay on top of her, so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I loved her nakedness in my arms.

"Grandpa, please! Why are you doing this? If you stop now I promise not to ever say a word to anyone."

"I'm sorry honey, I have waited too long for this, moment, I have to have you, I have loved you from afar for too damn long."

I had her on the bed on her belly, my hand in the small of her back so she could not get up while I worked out of my clothes.

When I rolled her on her back her eyes caught sight of my dick and she gasped.

I'm not one to brag, but I have made many women happy with my fuck stick, and many a man as well, I had been Ac/DC, since I was a boy.

I wanted dearly to eat her fresh virgin pussy and knew I would have to restrain her in some way till I had her sexually subdued, so I tied her wrists to the headboard.

I could handle her legs with no trouble.

"I'm going to scream grandpa, I will."

"Go ahead honey if it will make you feel better, no one is going to hear you, what with the window closed and the nearest house so far away."

I kissed her inner thighs and the softness of her smooth skin was mind-boggling.

I could smell the aroma of her pussy now and kissed my way to her slit, I was delighted to notice the lips were puffy and swollen. She was quite aroused whether she liked it or not.

At the touch of my lips against the lips of her pussy she tensed.

"You shouldn't do that grandpa, it's not right."

"Yes, it is honey, I'll soon have you begging for it, believe me."

"Never, I would never!" She gasped.

I flittered my tongue inside her sit and heard her gasp again as he back arched. The taste of her was intoxicating, to say the least.

"Oh sweetie, you taste just as I always knew you would," I moaned, as my head began to spin. My tongue was in as far as it could go. I could actually taste her pre-cum, even with her disgust her body was reacted lustfully.

As I opened the cheeks of her pretty ass and teased her cute little puckered rosebud her ass jerked at each touch of my tongue. I could hear her sobs but paid them no mind, it was time, time to slip my throbbing dick in that sweet loving pussy. Even the softness of her pubic hair was tantalizing.

She would not open her eyes and look at me, maybe that was just as well as I crawled between her legs and squirted lube inside her pussy. Her breath caught at the cool feeling the KY produced.

My dick was in my hand as I moved closer, all nine inches of the thick throbbing hard meat.

Her eyes blinked and she saw it as I began lowering my body. "NO!" She cried out. "Don't, don't grandpa don't!" But it was more than too late, I had already buried my knob between those beautiful cunt lips.

She began jerking her wrists, trying to free herself as her head rolled from side to side. "Don't grandpa, I'm a virgin, stop please!" She begged, but my ears were deaf to her pleas.

I lowered my ass more, watching as my cock moved deeper, then stopped and I knew what the barrier was. In one thrust I tore her hymen loose and slid in another four inches.

She cried out as she arched her back high. I did not prolong it but slid all nine inches inside her sweet body and began to move my ass up and down slowly.

"You dirty son of a bitch! I hate you, I hate you!" She bellowed.

I stopped her verbal abuse with my mouth and forced my tongue between her sweet lips tasting her sweet saliva. I continued moving my cock in and out slowly as I nursed her nipples, biting them now and then.

She had stopped struggling and lay limp at first, then I felt her hips trying to respond. When I kissed her, she did not try to move her head and she held her mouth open.

The cursing had stopped as well as her sobbing, as I felt her ass moving more I untied her wrist. At first, she lay her arms at her side then she put them around my neck and was actually returning my kiss.

Her hips moved even more as I began to fuck faster, then her ass was raised to me my thrust. It had not been easy to refrain from cumming, what with the tightness and warmth of her virgin pussy.

Kai hugged my neck even tighter as she returned my kisses with passion. Her moans filled my mouth as she hunched her ass wildly, her thighs stiffened beneath mine as she climaxed.

Still, I took deep breaths and held back till I had brought her around once again then I could hold back no longer, and just before my cock exploded I jerked it from her squishing pussy and shot my wad on her belly. I had no intentions of knocking her up, even though I craved to do so.

She lay very still as I slid down and began sucking up my cum, then her juices, cleaning her pussy as well as the crack of her ass.

We kissed some more then I got up, took her hand, and pulled her to her feet. She was confused as I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and sat her on the stool while I ran a tub of water, then placed her in it.

I kissed her once more then left the room, dressed, and left the house.

Kai never told her folks or anyone else but she did avoid me for a couple of weeks, then one day while her folks were at work she walked into my arms on her own and we fucked like crazy. I wanted to tell her she was even a better piece of ass than her mama.

I took Kai often after that day, right up to the day she married some little jerk she had met at school.

We could never seem to have time alone for weeks after that, but in time it worked out. She had been married for three months when I found her alone one afternoon.

We stripped where we stood and I took her on her living room floor, first eating her pussy till she had her first orgasm, then mounted her, humping her hot and heavy till I come, this time I did not remove my dick as it exploded inside her. I wanted to get her pregnant, and just to make sure I shot two more loads in her before the afternoon was over.

Kai had become an avid cock sucker, I loved her pretty mouth around my dick, and the way she sucked my balls drove me nuts.

She was about four months pregnant before we had another session and this time I took her other cherry as I plugged her tight virgin ass hole.

She never yelled but bit her lips and took the nine inches up her love chute like a pro, even her ass was tighter than her mamas. When she got farther along I began fucking her ass regularly, she even grew to enjoy my eating her ass as well, I loved doing that.

It did take some time to talk her into pissing in my mouth and I was soon enjoying her golden stream often after that first time.

If you have never had an overwhelming desire for someone, then you will not be able to understand the things I have done for her. There was not a part of her I did not wish to enjoy and in time she satisfied my every hunger. There was not a bit of her I had not tasted or eaten, I guess one would say I made myself her slave, as well as her personal toilet.

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