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Ella is just an ordinary 19 year old girl who won't stop taking drugs so her mom punishes her to slavery for the family. But her rules are very meaty.
Ella was at home in her bedroom playing with her vagina masturbating under her skirt. While she was doing this, in the next room was her oldest brother. He was playing his video games in his room and was in the middle of a level when their mom had called them for dinner. So Ella and her brother head downstairs into the kitchen. Their mom then said "Ella, you are to pack your bags as I'm kicking you out, this is because I have smelt drugs coming from your room for the past week. I'm not happy with you at all as drugs are disgusting things that you should never have. This is your last dinner with us unless we can make a deal!" Ella said to her mom " What is the deal? "

Her mom said "The deal is in order to stay with us you must become a slave too the rest of the family. If you refuse to do what they have asked you to complete, you will be punished severely in as many ways there are that we can do to you. You are not allowed to masturbate yourself only if someone wants to masturbate."So her mom thought it would be a great idea to lock her in chasity belt which only she had the key too. Her big brother then said "Mom, please can I fuck her pussy hole." She then tells Ella to lift up her skirt and get in position in front of your brother as he wants to fuck you. Ella knew that if she does not do it she can end up having her pussy whipped hard so it will hurt. She soon lifted her skirt up so her brother can get to her pussy then her brother removes his underwear to reveal is huge cock and shoved it right into her wet pussy. He started to move his hips backwards and forwards. It took him along time to get to the point he can cum in her pussy. When her brother pulled his cock out of her pussy he wiped the extra cum on her Cup C breasts.

Her mom then took the chasity belt and made sure Ella put it on and locked it. Once Ella had got it on she gave the key to her mom. her mom then said "Right so now your under the rest of the family's control of your not careful and don't listen or refuse, you will be punished in this order : 1st punishment is I will add you to the human meat list, 2nd break of rule you will go be tagged and whipped on the pussy by the butchers, 3rd rule break is you will either 2 or 1 limb cut off, and final rule break you will go and be slaughtered into meat. Do you understand? "

Ella nods her head, then her mom speaks again saying "Right, these are the rules that you must follow: 1. Must have chasity belt on at all times, 2. You must follow our orders for 1 month, 3. You are not allowed to go to a sink or bathroom and stay dirty as I want you to piss yourself. 4. Can not refuse punishment, 5. If any of your friends come around they are joining you with same punishment no matter their gender, 6a. Can only wear tights, skirts and bra's, 6b. No shoes, underwear, and any other type of clothing. 7. You must come shopping with us while following rules 6a and 6b unless I'm feeling nice, 8. NO DRUGS. Oh yeah almost forgot that you must also be gagged permanently and every rule except 2 and 3 is permanent."

ELLA then said "What about rule 1?" Her mom just ignores her and shoved the ball gag in her mouth. She knew that it was about to start, then she heard her mom shout for her to come to her. Once Ella got to her she ordered Ella to lick her brother cock. She started to lick his cock when the door bell rang. Her mother got up to go answer the door. It was Ella's friend Lucas so her mother knocked him out and dragged him in and stripped him down of his clothing. Then she tied him up, gagged him and locked his cock in a chastity cage. It was not long till he came around. Her mom then ordered Ella to go and pick him in the stomach 10 times. She knows that she has to listen so she does as she was told and kicked Lucas in the stomach 10 times. He got knocked out again and her mom said "You are to carry him upstairs and then tie him to your bed and shove a skirt, bra and tights onto him."

She grabs him and carries upstairs to her room and ties Lucas to her bed frame. Lucas was begging Ella not to put those items on him. "I have no choice but to do this to you Lucas otherwise I'm pretty much dead if I don't do it "she put on a whiteboard and showed him. Lucas then said fine so Ella went into her closest and got the items out of it. She then approached Lucas with them in her hands and put them on top of his face while she untied his legs. Ella then grabbed the tights and slowly put them onto his legs. Then she grabbed the skirt and put them on him and untied his arms and put the bra onto him and tightened it up. She then bangs the wall and her mom came upstairs to see Lucas ready. Ella then told Lucas the exact same as she was told as she was allowed to take the gag off to say it. She then shoved a gag into Lucas' mouth and gets him up off the bed. Lucas was already pissing himself as he went downstairs.

Ella's Mom then said "Right, whoever fetches the puppy tail in their mouth gets to loose the gag and have a puppy mask and tail instead. You will have the gag in while trying to get it and the one that doesn't get it will be listed on human meat market. 3...2...1... GO AND GET IT" ELLA MOVES AS QUICK AS SHE CAN WHILE LUCAS WAS COMING UP CLOSELY BEHIND HER. THEY BOTH GET TO THE TAIL AT THE SAME TIME SO IT'S WHO PICKS IT UP FIRST. Ella gets it but drops it and so does Lucas but Lucas is very quick to get it again and me of it in and ran back to Ella's Mom and gave it. Ella made her way back squealing at her mom as she lost the game. She said "Right, Ella you lost the game so your not only going to be listed but going to be tagged and whipped as punishment for the drugs." Her mom goes and gets the cage that used for pets. Her mom then shoved her into it and locked it . She said to Lucas as she removed his gag "Do you want to make it fair on Ella by you having it done too or do you want to watch?" Lucas stayed quiet for a few mins before saying "I will... come and...-" Ella's Mom said "GET ON WITH IT LUCAS OTHERWISE I WILL HAVE THE END STEP AFTER ELLA" He continued by saying "First calm down, I will come and watch Ella, sorry Ella please don't hate me"

Ella's Mom was not happy with Lucas as he gave sympathy to Ella and she said to him" DON'T YOU BE SYMPATHETIC AND CUZ OF THAT YOUR GETTING TAGGED TOO YOU CAN CRY ALL YOU LIKE IN FACT STRAIGHT ONTO WARNING 3 FOR YOU BOTH" She then called for Ella's big brother and when he came he was gagged and said "you are joining Lucas and Ella so strip down and get the rest of your siblings gagged and stripped." He did as he was told and went to get them after he had stripped down. They all then got in the car and drive up to the butchers. They were unloaded into the butchers.

The butcher then removed Ella and Lucas chasity belt and cage followed by the skirt bra and tights. They were then washed, tagged and whipped 5 times. Then he cut off both of Lucas' and Ella's Legs then her mom said Just cook them now as well as all the other meat that I bought with me. " He said "Oven or spit roast" She said "all of them spit roasted. " He did as he was told and prepared the spits and lit the flames. He then approached Ella first and turned her onto her stomach and raised her arse into the air at an angle. The sharp point was aimed at her vagina ready to be inserted into her. He quickly told the other butchers to help with the rest of the meat and inserted the spit into her vagina and kept on pushing it further and further into her body. A drop of blood then came out her mouth as the spit was approaching the otherside of her body.

Meanwhile Lucas was at the same stage through his body and was about to be put above the flames. The rest of the meat were being washed down and whipped. Even her mom had joined the meat queue as she knew she would not be able to cope without the family and instantly regrets sending them to slaughter for their meat. Now Ella and Lucas were being placed above their flames. They started being cooked just as her big brother was put into his spit as well as the rest of her siblings and Mom.

About 3 hours Later

Ella, Lucas and her siblings were fully cooked ready for being sold. The Butchers was also a takeaway that do pizzas, burgers and kebabs. Before they went on sale, the butchers had to remove their tags and organs. Once they had done that, Ella and Lucas was meat for the window display. Her big brother was counter meat and the other brothers were kebab meat. The rest were cut into pieces of meat. The family's organs except intestines were put on the counter. Their intestines were hung from the roof of the shop. As it was nearly Halloween, the butchers put Ella and Lucas' legs hanging from the shop roof on the outside meat stands with the blood still on them. It was not long until someone wanted to buy Ella's torso so the butchers took her to the counter and and used a meat clever to behead her and cut her arms off.

The End
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