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Susan has her first experience with another female and learns about Esme’s life.
Susan was rather nervous as Esme led her by the hand up the stairs. She had never done it before with a member of her own sex, not even with her best friend in school when they would spend hours in her bedroom, listening to music and discussing boys.

“Are you nervous?” Esme said as they reached the top of the stairs, “l can feel you trembling, don’t be afraid, l’m not going to eat you,” she giggled, “well l am but only the nice bits.”

“These last couple of days have been like living in a whirlwind,” Susan said, “l’ve done so many things l never even dreamt of before.”

“But have you enjoyed them darling?” Esme replied, turning to her as they entered the bedroom.

The first thing Susan saw was the bed, she couldn’t miss it, it was huge and circular.

Esme saw the look on her face. “Yes it’s beautiful isn’t it,” she said, “my Sidney bought it, had it imported, we were finding that when we had parties we couldn’t get everyone on the bed.”

Susan was lost for words, so many things had happened to her in the last two days, so many wonderful things. Now here she was, being led to bed by a woman in her seventies, both of them naked.

“You get on the bed,” Esme said, “l’ll just get my vibrator.”

Susan saw her go over to a large cupboard but she couldn’t see what was inside. Esme returned carrying something that Susan thought resembled a microphone with a long lead that Esme plugged in beside the bed.

“What is that for?” Susan asked.

“It’s my vibrator,” Esme replied, “haven’t you got one, they’re marvellous.”

“I thought vibrators were shaped like cocks and battery operated.”

“Oh l have some like that if you prefer,” Esme replied, “but this one is much better, this is my second, Sidney bought us one when he got fed up with the battery ones, he liked to torment me for over an hour till l was begging him to make me cum, sometimes the battery would run out and it spoiled everything, we saw one of these being used on a porn site and he bought me one for my birthday, we spent the next two hours playing with it, he nearly drove me crazy, we only used the battery ones in the car after that.”

“It sounds like you had a very exciting life with Sidney,” Susan said, sitting up on the bed.

“Oh he was wonderful,” Esme said, “l was shattered when he died, l didn’t have sex for six months, Steve tried to help me but he’s not the greatest lover in the world, he cums far too quickly. If Paul hadn’t come along l think l would have gone mad.”

“How did you end up living with your brother?”

Esme climbed onto the bed, sitting beside Susan, turned towards her so that she could fondle her breasts. “These are so beautiful,” she said, stroking her breasts gently, tracing her fingers around her nipples. “Sidney and l were always destined to be together l suppose,” she said. “I was born and raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere in the Lake District. It was beautiful but we were isolated, the nearest house was two miles away. I had three older brothers, Ben and Jack were twins, six years older than me, Col was two years older than them. We only had a small three bedroomed house, the older boys bunked in one room, l had a small room to myself until Sidney arrived then we shared. At the start we both had cots but there came a time when we had to move into a bed. There was only room for a single bed so we slept top to tail.”

“Was it a happy childhood?” Susan asked.

“Extremely,” Esme replied, “we had acres of county side as our playground, my older brothers were very protective of me and Mummy and Daddy were such kind and gentle people. Because of how our birthdays fell, Sidney and l both ended up starting school at the same time, it was a small country school, there were only twenty children in the school with two teachers. We really had little contact with the bigger world but we were very happy.”

“Every Saturday evening we would all sit around the table playing board games, then Sidney and l would go to bed.”

“Did you ever….you know?”

“Oh no, there was nothing like that,” Esme said. Obviously, when my periods started there were times when l needed a bit more privacy but Mummy explained all that to Sidney and there was never a problem.”

“It sounds like you had a good life,” Susan said.

“Oh we did,” Esme replied, stooping and kissing Susan’s nipples. “We didn’t have much money but we had everything we needed. Things started to change a bit when l was fifteen.”

“In what way,” Susan said lying back against the headboard, the way Esme was continually caressing her breasts was causing her whole body to relax.

“Well l remember one night, we were in bed, l was asleep and l was woken by the bed shaking. It was pitch dark but when l looked down the bed l could just make out the shadowy figure of Sidney, he seemed to be shaking. I asked him if he was alright and he said he was playing with himself the way Ben had shown him. I didn’t know what he meant so asked him to show me. We didn’t have a bedside light but we had a torch, l switched the torch on and Sidney turned back the quilt. I had never seen his cock like that before, it was always soft and floppy when l’d seen it but this time it was hard and standing straight out. He started stroking it the way Ben had told him, then he took hold of it and pulled back the foreskin. I was fascinated, l’d never seen anything like it. I watched as he started pumping his hand up and down, soon he started breathing harder then, suddenly, lots of white stuff shot out of the end and landed on his tummy, it kept on shooting out as he kept pumping his hand.”

“When it finally stopped, Sidney just collapsed on the bed, l asked him if he was okay and he said it was the best feeling ever. I asked him what the white stuff was and he said Ben had called it spunk and that if you put it inside a girl she would have a baby.”

Susan laughed.

“I know it sounds silly,” Esme said, “but don’t forget this was the mid nineteen sixties and we were not really connected with the modern world, we had tv but only one channel, the highlight of my week was watching Top of the Pops and seeing all those boys and girls living what looked like a totally different life.”

“So you’d seen him wanking,” Susan said, “did it move on from there?”

“Well l was always asking him to do it again, then one evening l asked if l could hold him and see if l could make the spunk shoot out, it was good fun. My breasts were fairly well developed by then and although Sidney saw them when we bathed, he’d never touched them. He asked if he could and it felt nice, especially when he touched my nipples so we started a routine, he would feel my boobs while l wanked him off. Of course it wasn’t long before he wanted to get a closer look at my pussy then he started touching it and it felt so good. It never went any further than that for quite a while. Every Saturday, after our board games, Sidney and l would go up to bed, we would both strip off and play with each other till he came.”

“You never got tempted to take it further?”

“No, we didn’t really know what else to do,” Esme replied, “there were times when he touched my pussy in a certain place that made me shudder and liked that but he never actually made me cum. Then, one Saturday everything changed, l was just past my sixteenth birthday and Col had come home and said he wanted to join the Navy, he had never been that interested in the farm, unlike Ben and Jack, Sidney wasn’t interested in the farm but was always tinkering with machinery to find out how it worked..”

“Sidney and me had gone up to our room and were just taking our clothes off. Our curtains were open and as l went to pull them shut l saw Mummy and Daddy going into the barn with my three older brothers. We both wondered what they were doing and after a while when they hadn’t come out we decided to sneak down and seen what was going on. I put my nightie on and Sidney put his pyjama bottoms on.”

“When we got there, the door was shut but there was a window and we could see there was a light on. We looked through the window and l nearly cried out in shock. Mummy was on her back on a straw bale, she was naked, Col was kneeling between her legs and he had her legs resting on his shoulders, we could just see that his cock was sliding in and out of her. Ben was kneeling beside her head and Mummy had his cock in her mouth, Jack was stood the other side, Mummy was holding his cock, wanking it like l had been doing with Sidney.”

“That must have been some sight?” Susan said, reaching for Esme’s breasts and tweaking her nipples gently, Esme sighed in response.

“It was,” Esme replied, “we didn’t know about fucking then, but it looked like Mummy was enjoying what they were doing to her. Then we saw Daddy, he was naked too, he was sat on another bale watching, he was playing with his cock, pumping it like l had done with Sidney. Suddenly Col stopped moving in and out of Mummy, he pushed his cock right into her and stayed there, after a few moments he pulled out and swapped places with Frank. As Frank put his cock into Mummy, Mummy stopped sucking Ben’s cock and turned to take Col’s in her mouth.”

“I bet you and Sidney were turned on,” Susan said.

“Sidney took hold of my hand and l realised he had his cock out, l took hold of it as we watched.”

“This is so sexy,” Susan said, “my pussy is so wet just hearing about it.”

“Let me feel,” Esme said, putting her hand between Susan’s outstretched thighs and sliding one finger into her cunt. “Oh you are wet,” she said.

“Tell me more,” Susan said, putting her hand between Esme’s thighs and sliding two fingers into her cunt.

“It was amazing, we watched each of my brothers fucking her, each of them giving her their cocks to suck after. Mummy was obviously enjoying it, then Daddy stood over her, he was pumping his cock and when he came Mummy tried to catch it in her mouth but a lot of it went on her face. Just then Sidney came, l was so excited l kept pumping him, making him shoot loads of spunk.”

“Did it happen again?”

“Oh yes, every Saturday evening,” Esme laughed. “Sidney and me would pretend to be going to bed then peek round the curtain, as soon as we saw them going into the barn we would go down and watch through the window.”

“Did you wank Sidney every time?” Susan worked her fingers deeper into Esme’s cunt, feeling Esme doing the same to her.

“For the next few times yes,” Esme replied, “then Sidney wanted to stand behind me, he lifted my nightie and pressed his cock against my bum, then he felt my tits while he rubbed himself against me until he came all up my back. That was what found us out.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mummy told me she wanted to speak to me, l thought it was something l’d done wrong but she told me she had found stains on my nightie and she wanted to know what was going on, she asked me if Sidney was putting his penis inside me, l told her he wasn’t but l had to admit that l was making him cum with my hand, l thought she would be cross but she wasn’t, she said that what we were doing was perfectly natural but that l wasn’t to allow him to put it in my pussy.”

“I made a mistake then when l asked if Sidney could put it in my mouth like she did. She wanted to know what l meant and l had to tell her that we had watched her in the barn. We talked about it and she asked me what l thought about it, l just said that it looked like she was having fun and she asked if l would like to join in, actually she laughed and said it would be good to be able to do it in the comfort of the house again as they had only started doing it in the barn to make sure they didn’t disturb us.”

“So what?” Susan said, “did you start having sex with all of them?”

“Not having proper sex no,” Esme replied, “although Sidney was allowed to fuck Mummy, one thing though, it put an end to the board games,” she laughed, “we quickly ended up being all naked together every Saturday evening, sometimes l would sit on Daddy’s knee while we watched my brothers fuck Mummy, Daddy would play with my tits and pussy, he was the one who taught me how to suck his cock.”

“Did you swallow?”

“Oh yes,” Esme giggled, “l’d seen Mummy do it so l didn’t think twice. Mind you although we didn’t play every evening we were usually naked in the house and if one of my brothers had an erection either Mummy or me would take care of it.”

“Didn’t your brothers want to fuck you, l’m sure they did?”

“Oh they wanted to but Daddy wouldn’t allow it, he said they had to wait until l was eighteen. Oh that was some birthday party l can tell you,” she laughed.

“Tell,” Susan said, squirming on Esme’s fingers.

“Well the build up started about two months before,” Esme said, “Mummy had told me how it would feel when l had a cock up my pussy, l’d asked if my brothers or Daddy would be making babies in me. I know it makes me sound very naïve but l knew very little about how things were in the wide world, it was nineteen sixty eight, l know now about the permissive society but l didn’t then, l had heard on the radio about the birth control pill and asked Mummy if l would need to take one, l didn’t even know you had to take one every day.”

“Mummy said l would have to see the doctor to get the pill so she took me to see the dirty bugger,” she giggled.

“What do you mean?”

“Well he told me he would have to examine me and that l had to take all my clothes off. Mummy was there and she told me it was okay, she said that he always examined her like that. So l stripped off and he started feeling my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples, it was making me feel funny and then he put his hand between my legs and put a finger inside me. I hadn’t told Mummy that Sidney had started doing that to me.”

“Anyway, then the doctor took his cock out and asked me where it was supposed to go, l said in my pussy and he asked if it could go anywhere else. I said in my mouth and he told me to show him. I looked at Mummy but she said it was okay, that she did it whenever she went to the doctor so l knelt in front of him just like l did at home with Daddy and my brothers and l sucked him off. He said l was a good girl for swallowing his cum, l was quite proud of myself, then he told Mummy that he would put me on the list to get the pill.”

“Didn’t you feel as if you were being used?” Susan asked.

“Of course l did sweetie,” Esme replied, “but l was using them as well, l used to look forward to those Saturday evenings, l even asked Mummy if we could do it more often but she said Daddy insisted on it being only one day a week. Still Mummy did allow me to carry on sharing a bed with Sidney even after Col left, she knew what we were doing and how much l enjoyed it. Sidney and l played every evening, it was wonderful I either sucked him off or he would sit on top of me with his cock between my boobs, they were getting bigger then, l would squeeze them together round his cock and he would fuck them, it was so much fun, especially when he came, l would try to catch it in my mouth but more often it went all over my face.”

“Mmmmm,” Susan moaned as Esme’s fingers probed deeper.

“I know sweetie,” Esme said, “why don’t l finish the story later.”

“Mmmm,” Susan replied, spreading her legs wide as Esme moved down the bed.

She kissed Susan briefly on her lips then travelled down to her breasts, kissing her nipples and gently sucking them.

Esme was bending over her and Susan saw her breasts hanging down, she reached out to fondle them.

“Later,” Esme whispered. “Just lie back and enjoy.”

Susan did just that as Esme circled her nipples with the tip of her tongue the bit them softly. Susan sighed deeply as the heat travelled through her body.

Esme’s lips continued down, tracing over her tummy, her tongue teasing her belly button making Susan giggle. As she reached her pubic mound, Susan raised herself in anticipation. “Oh yes!” She sighed as Esme’s lips finally reached her labia.

Esme parted Susan’s labia with her tongue, flicking it against the hard bud of her clitoris. Susan shivered from head to foot in response.

Listening to Esme’s story and having her fingers in her cunt had already brought Susan close to orgasm. One gentle bite on her clitoris took her over the top, the dam burst inside her and her juices flowed into Esme’s eager mouth.

Susan didn’t see Esme reach for the vibrator but she heard the low hum as she switched it on.

Esme had the vibrator on it’s lowest setting as she gently ran it along Susan’s labia, hearing Susan’s sharp intake of breath as it touched her clitoris.

“Try to relax sweetie,” Esme said, “just let it build again slowly.”

Susan tried to relax but as the pressure built her stomach went into spasm, she knew another orgasm was close. She groaned as the vibrator was taken away, her body relaxed and sank back onto the bed.

Esme waited for Susan to calm, then applied the vibrator again, this time turning it up a notch.

Susan groaned as her clitoris was stimulated again, this time the spasms came quicker and harder but once again, just as she was about to cum Esme took it away.

“Oh please,” Susan begged, “don’t stop.”

“Relax baby,” Esme smiled down at her. “My Sidney used to do this to me for over an hour, relax and enjoy.”

Three more times Esme took her to the edge, each time Susan reacting more and more violently, her body thrashing from side to side. Each time Esme took the vibrator away Susan was left panting, tears of frustration streaming down her face as she begged to be finished. Her own hands went between her legs in an attempt to take herself over that threshold but Esme was stronger than she looked and forced her hands away. Each time that vibrator returned it was more powerful than before until Susan’s body was out of control even when the vibrator wasn’t tormenting her.

Finally Esme turned the vibrator to full power and thrusted it hard into Susan’s cunt.

Susan screamed, her back arching up off the bed, her own hands going to her breasts, her fingers digging into the soft flesh. It felt like everything inside her was erupting from her cunt.

Esme kept the vibrator deep inside Susan’s cunt as her fountain of juices sprayed out, she tried to catch it in her mouth but there was so much, it sprayed all over her face and tits.

Susan was thrashing from side to side, fireworks were going off in her brain, her eyes couldn’t focus they were filled with tears, her tummy was heaving, even her back passage was in spasm, she had to squeeze her buttocks together to prevent to embarrassment of soiling herself but still her orgasm showed no sign of passing.

Esme finally took the vibrator out of Susan’s cunt, replacing it with her mouth, drinking the last of her juices as her body slowly calmed.

Susan felt totally drained, she had no energy left. Slowly her vision began to clear. She looked up to see Esme smiling down at her, she also saw Paul’s face behind her.

Esme felt a movement on the bed behind her, hands gripping her hips and Paul’s cock sliding easily into her cunt. “Oh hello,” she giggled, pushing back to take him fully in one movement.

“You were great Mum,” Paul said, looking over Esme, down at his mother as he began fucking Esme. “Look at her it’s swinging Mum,” he said, “pinch her nipples, pinch them hard and twist them.”

Susan felt driven to obey, she reached for Esme’s swinging tits, pinching her nipples, hearing Esme sigh in response.

“Harder Mum,” Paul said, pumping Esme’s cunt with his cock. “As hard as you can, do it Mum.”

“Oh you bastard!” Esme cried as Susan crushed her nipples.

“Now twist them Mum,” he said.

Susan could see Esme grimacing with the pain.

Esme had her first orgasm, crying out as Paul’s huge cock rammed up her cunt. “Do it you bastard!” She cried out. “Do it, do it now.”

“You dirty cunt,” Paul said, driving into her as his orgasm built.

“Yes, do it,” Esme cried, “you know you will…do it.”

Susan was still pulling and twisting Esme’s nipples, she was completely lost in the supercharged situation.

‘You’re a dirty old cunt,” Paul said, giving her bottom a firm slap.

“Yes, do it you bastard,” Esme screamed again.

In one movement Paul pulled his cock out of her cunt and drove it into her arsehole.

Esme screamed louder than ever as she collapsed on top of Susan, her body heaving and pulsating with her orgasm as she felt Paul’s cock pumping his cum deep into her bowels.

“Oh god,” she panted, kissing Susan, “oh god you bastard Paul, you beautiful bastard.”

Paul pulled his cock out of Esme’s arsehole, leaving her gaping wide, cum trickling out. He moved around to the edge of the bed next to his mother, holding his cock above her face, cum dripping onto her.

Susan knew what he wanted her to do, she felt compelled as he lowered his cock into her mouth. She took the head into her mouth sucking the residue of his cum, then moved down his shaft, licking the spunk from it.

When he finally moved away, he looked down at Esme, lying on her tummy, her legs parted her arsehole still gaping wide, cum running out and down over her cunt. He turned to his mother. “Now clean her,” he said.

Susan just stared at him, unbelieving that he should want her to do what he was demanding but then realising how easy it had been to take his cock into her mouth. She got up onto her hands and knees, moving between Esme’s spread thighs. She lowered her mouth to Esme’s bum hole, licking the cum from her.

“Inside,” Paul demanded, “put your tongue inside her, search for my spunk.” As he said the words, he pushed her face hard against Esme’s bottom, pressing her mouth against her gaping hole.

Esme groaned as she felt Susan’s tongue invade her, she lifted herself, pushing back as Susan was being forced against her.

Susan felt totally humiliated but still couldn’t stop herself from reaching between her legs and fingering her own cunt. As she did, she felt Paul’s finger pressing against her own anus. She groaned as it entered her. She didn’t think she could take any more, her cunt began pulsating, she forced her tongue deeper into Esme’s arsehole, she rubbed harder at her clitoris until finally she came just as Paul added a second finger inside her bum. She collapsed onto the bed, rolling away and onto her back, looking up at her son through glazed eyes.

Paul looked down at her, smiling. “You’re such a slut Mum,” he said, “what do you think Esme, is she a proper slut.”

“Oh yes my darling,” Esme replied, “she’s absolutely perfect.” She rolled over next to Susan, kissing her deeply then looking down at her. “We are going to have such fun sweetheart,” she said, “you rest there now while Paul and l go and shower.”

Susan watched them leave the bedroom, she heard Esme giggling as Paul smacked her bottom. She sank back onto the bed, her body still trembling when she thought of everything that had happened. She felt a warm glow inside as she drifted into a deep sleep.

When Susan came back into the world, it was dark, she felt around her but she was alone. She could feel the dried spunk on her face and she was wet and sticky between her legs, she could see the door to the en-suite open. Slowly she managed to stand on unsteady legs and make her way into the shower. The warm water cascading over her invigorated her, she soaped herself, gently massaging her breasts and down between her legs. She leaned back against the wall allowing the water to flow over her as she thought of how her life had turned upside down in just a couple of days. She had done things she would never have dreamt possible and all with her son. She knew she would go to hell for what she had done but that didn’t stop the warm glow inside her and she knew she had committed herself to this life, to a life based only on pleasure.

She finished showering and dried off, using some of Esme’s perfume. She found a clock by the bed, it was three o’clock in the morning, there was a faint glow outside the bedroom door. She went out onto the landing, the glow was coming from a door along the corridor. When she reached it it was another bedroom. Susan pushed the door open, the room was as big as the room she had left, there was another circular bed, on it were Paul and Esme, fast asleep, their bodies entwined it was obvious that Paul’s cock was still inside her.

Esme must have sensed a presence, she turned towards the door, Paul’s cock slipping from her cunt. She saw Susan standing there. She smiled, reaching out her hand.

Susan walked over, bending to kiss her.

“Come,” Esme said, drawing Susan down onto the bed. She put her arm around her, holding her close, Susan’s head resting on her breast.

They laid there in silence, Susan hearing Esme’s breathing slowing, feeling her heart beating. Soon all three were fast asleep.

Susan was the first to wake, she stayed still listening to the gentle breathing of Esme and Paul, thinking about what had happened the evening before. She could still feel the effects of what that vibrator had done to her and the memory brought a warm glow in the pit of her stomach.

What worried her was the ferocity with which Paul had fucked Esme’s bottom, she wondered if he would want to do that to her someday and whether she would be able to take it. She wanted to be there for Paul when he wanted her, she trusted that he would prepare her.

Suddenly a shadow passed by the open door. Susan let out a cry and Esme woke beside her.

“What’s wrong sweetie,” Esme said, coming round.

“I think there’s someone in the house,” Susan whispered.

“Oh that will be Eva my housekeeper,” Esme said, “she has been with us for years, she lives in the annex at the back of the house. Eva!” She called.

“Yes Madam,” a voice answered, followed by the appearance of a slim, blonde woman in her late thirties, dressed in t-shirt and jeans which showed off her trim figure. “I have stripped and remade the other bed Madam,” she said, “shall l go down and prepare breakfast, will it be for three?”

Susan noticed that Eva did not seem to be surprised by the fact that there were three naked people on the bad although Susan did see her eyes focussing on Paul’s limp cock lying across the top of his thigh.

“Thank you Eva,” Esme said, “just two of us to start l think Paul here will sleep on after his exertions last night, this is Susan, Paul’s mother.”

“How do you do,” Eva said, making a small curtsey before leaving.

Susan burst out laughing then stifled it for fear of waking Paul. “Did she just curtsey to me?” She giggled.

“Oh l know,” Esme said, “she’s so sweet, she insists on calling me Madam, l have tried to get her to call me Esme but she says that would not be proper. Sidney discovered her working as a cleaner in his factory, she wasn’t earning much money and was thinking she would have to return to Poland, Sidney offered her the job here as housekeeper, twice the wages plus she could live in the annex she was so appreciative, she is marvellous.”

“She doesn’t seem surprised to see us all naked,” Susan whispered.

“Oh no,” Esme laughed, “she is used to it now, it shocked her at first when Sidney and l were walking around naked and openly fucking. She was upset, thinking that we expected her to join us but we assured her that it was not a requirement but that she would have to get used to seeing us having sex, both with each other and with guests. She doesn’t bat an eyelid now, l’ve seen her looking at Paul’s cock, l would love her to join us but never suggested it, she is too good at her job to lose.”

Esme loaned Susan a chiffon robe and wore one herself, although both robes were so light that they barely disguised their nakedness. They both went downstairs for breakfast to where Eva had prepared a plate of pancakes and maple syrup.

“This is very American,” Susan laughed.

“And very naughty,” Esme replied as they both helped themselves to a stack of pancakes, pouring the hot syrup over them.

“I think Madam needed an energy boost with Mr Paul here,” Eva said.

Susan looked at Esme and smiled. “Looks like there are no secrets here,” she said.

“Oh Eva knows what goes on,” Esme replied, “there was a time when l wondered if Sidney was giving her one but he assured me he wasn’t.”

“Why, did he have other women?” Susan asked.

“Oh yes,” Esme replied, “just like l had other men, and women, we had no secrets from each other. Nothing we could do would shock the other, even when l came home and found him in bed with two men.”

“Really?” Susan almost choked on her pancakes. “What were they doing?”

“What do you think darling,” Esme laughed, “Sidney had one in his bum and one in his mouth, oh l’d seen Jack fucking him when we lived at home so l knew he liked it. After that though l bought a big strap on and pegged him with it when he felt the urge.”

“Wow!” Susan said, “l’ve never seen two men together.”

“Oh it’s so sexy darling, sometimes when we had a foursome l would lie under Sidney, sucking his cock while he was being fucked, he used to cum so much l couldn’t swallow it all.”

“It sounds like you had an exciting life with him.”

“Oh l did,” Esme replied, “he was a wonderful man, and clever too. When he left home to work as an engineer, he hadn’t been there long and he invented some new process that saved the firm thousands, but he was clever and took out the patent so that when he decided to start his own business he took the patent with him and that gave the business the boost he required. He was very successful, he had three factories in five years.”

“Did you leave home with him?”

“Yes, we were never separated all our lives, l was devastated when he died.”

“Sorry,” Susan said, seeing the tears in Esme’s face.

“Oh that’s alright,” Esme said, reaching for a tissue, “it was the way he died that was tragic and very embarrassing.”

“Really?” Susan said.

“I was pegging him, really giving it to him the way he liked it, suddenly he clutched his chest and collapsed, l unstrapped and tried to revive him but when the ambulance came l had forgotten to take the dildo out of his bum.”

“Oh fuck!” Susan had to stifle a laugh.

“Oh l laugh about it now,” Esme said, “and the Paramedic was wonderful. He literally died with a smile on his face. I was in a terrible state for months after, if Eva hadn’t been here l don’t know how l would have survived. Meeting Paul was my saviour.”


“Well the lack of decent sex was driving me crazy,” she said. “Steve had started fucking me again as he had done for a couple of years but he is very traditional, it’s just straight fucking with him, then l met Paul and once l saw his cock l knew that he would be able to give me what l need. And he has been wonderful, l didn’t expect him to be attracted to a woman of my age, l actually thought that the first time he fucked me it was out of sympathy but then he came back for more and it was wonderful, he made me feel like a woman again.”

“But what he did to you last night,” Susan said, “is that how it always is?”

“Oh good lord no,” Esme laughed, “no, he would kill me if he did that to me every time, no. I mean, that wasn’t the first time like that but it’s never boring with Paul, l never know what he is going to do to me, he can be very gentle and loving one minute and cruel the next.”

“He has become very dominant with me,” Susan said, “he calls me his cum slut.”

“And what do you think of that?” Esme asked.

“Well l know l shouldn’t but l quite enjoy it,” Susan said, “l had sort of lost all my self confidence, l didn’t believe any man could find me sexually attractive, Paul has changed that. Of course l have to deal with the fact that he is my son.”

“Oh l shouldn’t let that bother you,” Esme said, “it’s not that unusual for boys to have fantasies about their mothers, he loves you and that is the important thing, just open your legs and enjoy it darling. I know there will come a time when he gets bored with me so for the time being l just let him use me any way he wants, enjoy it while it lasts sweetheart.”

“Enjoy what?” Paul said as he entered the room. He was naked and playing with his semi hard cock. He went to Esme, bending to kiss her, putting his hand inside her robe and squeezing her breast, then went to his mother and did the same to her.”

“Your mother was just telling me that you call her your cum slut,” Esme said.

“Well you are aren’t you Mum,” he chuckled, standing behind his mother and rubbing his cock against the side of his face.

Eva entered the room carrying another plate of pancakes.

“And good morning to you Eva,” Paul said, stepping over to her and placing his hand on her breast.

“Stop it please Mr. Paul,” Eva said, blushing bright red. She bent over to place the plate on the table.

“Oh you know you have the hots for me Eva,” Paul laughed, placing his hand on her bottom, “why don’t we go out the back for a quickie.”

“You are very naughty,” Eva said, standing up and pushing his hand away.

Susan noticed that although Eva was pushing him away, her eyes were fixed on his erection which was now fully hard, curving up from his groin.

Paul gave Eva a snack on her bottom as she turned to leave. The fact that she gave a little squeal and turned with a smile on her face was not lost on Susan.

“You shouldn’t tease her,” Esme said as Paul sat down and tucked in to his plate of pancakes.

“Oh you know she likes it,” Paul said, “she’ll give in and let me fuck her one day.”

Esme looked at Susan. “Paul is quite annoyed but won’t admit it,” she said, “he can’t believe that Eva can resist him.”

“Oh come on Esme,” Paul said, “did you see her nipples sticking out through that t-shirt, she’s probably out in the kitchen now fucking herself with a cucumber, she’ll give in eventually.”

Eva entered the room again, making sure she didn’t make eye contact with Paul. “Excuse me Madam,” she said, “Steve is at the back door, he wishes to speak with you.”

“Oh let him in Eva,” Esme said.

Eva left to fetch Steve.

“Eva doesn’t approve of Steve fucking me,” Esme said to Susan, “she insists that they are servants and that they should know their place.”

“Yes we’ll in that case Eva’s place should be under me with my cock up her cunt,” Paul laughed.

“Leave her alone Paul,” Esme said, “you’ll frighten her away and where would l get anyone half as good as her.”

Eva came back into the room, Steve following her.

“Excuse me Esme,” Steve said.

“You should call her Madam,” Eva told him sternly, “l have told you that before.’

“Yes you should,” Paul said, standing up and walking round to pour a glass of fruit juice. He deliberately made sure he was standing in profile to Steve, giving him the best view of his erection. “Just because the old tart lets you fuck her now and then doesn’t give you any privileges.”

“Paul!” Susan shouted at him, shocked to hear him talking about Esme like that.

“Oh don’t worry darling,” Esme laughed, “he only does it to wind Steve up, what is it you want Steve, as if l didn’t know,” she said, making a point of staring at the bulge in the front of Steve’s trousers.

“I just need you to come out into the garden some time this morning and discuss some planting,” Steve said, unable to tear his eyes away from Paul’s cock.

“Yes l will be out later,” Esme said.

With that, Eva quickly packed Steve off and they both left the room.

“That means he wants to fuck me in the potting shed,” Esme laughed, turning to Susan. “And as for you,” she turned to Paul, “you should leave the poor man alone, it doesn’t do his self confidence any good seeing that monster of yours.”

“Just a bit of fun,” Paul said, stepping beside Esme and holding his cock for her to kiss.

The whole situation was having an effect on Susan and she fidgeted on her chair.

“Are you randy Mum?” Paul smiled, seeing his mother’s face bright red. He walked round the table towards her. “Stand up and take your robe off,” he said.

It was as if he was remotely controlling her. There was no thought of refusing him as she stood, dropping her robe to the floor.

“Bend over the table and spread your legs,” he said.

Susan did as he demanded. Paul stepping behind her, his hands on her hips, the tip of his cock nestled between her labia.

“Your cunt is dripping Mum,” Paul laughed and he pulled her back, his cock sliding effortlessly into her.

Susan let out a deep sigh as his cock filled her.

Paul reached under her, grabbing her breasts and using them to pull her back onto his cock.

She felt as if she had a rid of red hot iron inside her, she could feel him pulsating. She shivered as he pinched her nipples. She looked across the table, seeing Esme eating her pancakes as if it were perfectly normal to have someone being fucked over the breakfast table. Esme just smiled at her.

Paul began fucking his mother with long smooth strokes, he was close to orgasm himself so deliberately slowed down to delay the moment. He saw Eva enter and start clearing plates away, he saw her glance in his direction as he continued to fuck his mother, he saw Eva blush bright red.

“Just say the word Eva and you can have it, you know you want it,” he said, smiling at her.

Eva didn’t respond, she just gathered the plates and scuttled back to the kitchen.

“Don’t mind me,” Susan laughed, “l’m the one with your cock up her cunt.”

“Oh Mummy, you’re so crude,” Paul laughed, humping into her with more powerful thrusts and feeling the warmth of her juices bathing his cock in response.

It wasn’t a powerful orgasm, but it was a flow of warmth travelling down her body. She pushed back as he humped into her again.

“I’ll leave you two to play,” Esme said, standing up, “l’ll just go down the potting shed with Steve before he wastes his spunk wanking.” She sailed off through the door, her robe billowing behind her.

Susan groaned as Paul began fucking her with more urgency. His thrust were long and hard and she pushed back to meet each one. She could hear his cock churning her juices in her cunt. She shivered again as she came a second time. “Oh god yes,” she hissed.

“Love you Mum!” Paul cried out as her drove deep into her.

Susan felt the heat of his eruption, felt the powerful pulsations in his cock as he pumped his seed into her. “Make a baby in me,” she sighed “oh please god make a baby in me.”

Paul was pressed hard against her as he pumped his seed into her, her words just spurred him on, the thought of what he could be doing powering his balls to fill her cunt with sperm.

He stayed inside her long after the pulsations had ceased. He felt the muscles in her cunt contracting, trying to milk the last drop of spunk out of him.

When he did withdraw. Susan immediately fell to her knees, kissing his cock and thanking him. She licked the mixture of their juices from his cock and balls. Pressing her face against him as she thanked him, fully convinced that the process of reproduction had started within her.

She looked up at him. “A woman knows baby,” she said, “believe me, a woman knows when it happens and you just made sure of it, l so want your baby me darling l want your son growing inside me.”

“I love you Mum,” he said, bending to kiss her, lifting her to her feet and kissing her again. He led her by her hand upstairs to the shower.

They embraced each other under the cascade of warm water as if they were afraid to let each other go for fear that the dream would be shattered. He washed her tenderly and she did the same to him, constantly stopping to kiss and embrace like young lovers.

At one point she stopped him, holding his face inches from her own, looking directly into his eyes.

“I don’t care any more,” she said, “l don’t care what we do, what you do, l know you love me, you know l love you. I want this to last forever, l’m yours completely, do what you wish with me.”

He kissed her deeply, she clung to him, her arms round his neck, her legs round his waist. She felt the tip of his cock brush against her vagina.

She smiled at him. “You’re amazing, you know that?” Feeling his cock pressing against her labia. “You’re a fucking machine.” She felt him enter her, relaxing she allowed herself to slide down onto him. “Just hold him in me,” she kissed him, “just leave him there, let me feel how wonderful this is.”

They stayed locked together for a few minutes before he felt her muscles contract. He smiled at her.

“I can’t help it,” she said.

He moved inside her.

“No,” she stopped him, “don’t move, let me see if l can do it.”

She began squeezing his cock, setting up a rhythm. Soon she was able to time her contractions with his pulsations.

“I think l’m empty,” he laughed.

“Oh l think l can draw something out of him,” she giggled, holding him tighter.

She felt him growing inside her, felt him throbbing. “This is so good,” she said.

Paul held her, pushing her back against the wall. The heat in her cunt was burning him. He groaned as he finally came.

Susan giggled again. “I knew l could do it,” she said, “aren’t you proud of me.” She relaxed, feeling his hot seed leaking into her. “No-one else will ever fuck me like this,” she said, kissing him, “this is our special fuck.”


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