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Everyone’s at the island
The next day everyone showed up to the island. There were probably around two hundred people of all ages. Most wore either nothing at all or very very little. It was an erotic scene with tons of sexual energy. Everywhere you looked people were engaged in some sort of sex. The kids were off with Janice, Alice and Brian. They’ve become almost inseparable fuck buddies since the first day. Amber and Hank were at one of the bars talking with a coworkers daughter who seemed to be entranced by Hanks huge cock. She was lightly stroking it as they were all talking. Suddenly a young man approached Amber who was leaning over the bar wearing nothing but some high wedge shoes. He tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around she noticed his erection.

“I’m sorry to interrupt ma’am but I saw you from over there and I had to ask if I could fuck you. Even you say no I still had to at least ask.” The young man was shy but the island could bring out another side of people.

Amber reached down and grabbed his hard cock. “Just because you had the balls to walk right up and ask I’ll let you have me.” Amber turned around and bent back over the bar to continue her conversation with her husband and the girl who still had Hanks cock in her hand.

He knelt down and spread Ambers ass cheeks apart and began licking her pussy, making sure it was nice and wet. Amber let out a small groan, a little surprised by how well he was eating her. He stood up and gently eased his throbbing cock into her now wet pussy. He fucked her slow and steady. Amber was enjoying him but was still caught up in her conversation.

“Honey you can suck his cock if you want. I don’t mind. In fact I enjoy watching my husband being pleasured by a young hot slut.” Amber was getting more turned on by the teenage boy fucking her.

The girl got on her knees and took Hank in her mouth. She was too small and Hank was too big for her to get much of his cock in her mouth but she tried her best.

Amber turned her head to the young man behind her, “You’re not gonna hurt me. Fuck my pussy like you mean it boy!” Amber needed a good pounding while watching this little slut blow her husband. The young man began fucking as hard as he could. Ambers ass bouncing and waving with each thrust.

“Baby you need to fuck her. She’s not gonna get you off with her little mouth.”

Hank smiled at his wife and scooped up the small teen and layed her on a table. She was wearing a skimpy bikini that Hank ripped off exposing her small perky tits and hairless pussy. Hank spread her legs wide and hungrily ate her pussy until her juices were soaking his face.

Hank stood up and put the tip of his cock to her warm entrance. “Are you a virgin baby girl?”

“No. But I’ve never had a penis as big as yours before.” She answered nervously.

“I’ll be gentle enough.” Hank said and then he winked at her. He slid his cock in her tight little pussy a little more and she jumped back. He grabbed the tops of her thighs to hold her in place as he buried his monster cock into her little pussy. She screamed in pain but Hank kept fucking. She had tears running down her face but she never told him to stop. Hank knew she couldn’t take too much more but he felt his orgasm rising so he kept going.

Amber was still being fucked while watching her husband split this girl open and she knew her orgasm was going to be huge. She turned back again to the young man with his cock inside her and said, “Don’t cum yet, and don’t cum in me. I’ll let you know where I want you to cum ok?”

“Ok” was all he said as he continued to fuck her.

Suddenly the young teen began cumming hard on Hanks cock. Her body was convulsing and her pussy clamped tight around Hanks cock.

This was enough to put Amber over the edge and she had a huge orgasm, soaking the young man’s cock causing him to slip out.

Hank pumped into her a few more time and then pulled out and ran to her face.

“Now you can cum. Hurry and join my husband in cumming all over her face.” Amber instructed him. He ran over and almost immediately began cumming on her face and little tits. Hank brought her face to his cock and as soon as she clamped her mouth around him he exploded. Cum hit the back of her throat and flowed out of her mouth back on to Hanks cock and all over her face and tits.

“Wow!” Both kids said at the same time.

“That was great Hank thank you so much. I hope we can do this again soon.” The girl said as Hank helped her up.

“I’m sure we will.” Hank said and then he turned to his wife. “Let’s go for a walk babe.” And they headed off.

As they walked they took in the sites around the island. There was an older lady, a little heavyset, with three young men. Two of them were fucking her pussy while the third was fucking her ass. Judging by her screams and moans she was really enjoying it.

As they came back to the rooms there was a line of men and some women outside one of the bungalows. When they peeked inside they saw Alice on her back with her legs spread and men all around her. She was sucking one cock while stroking two more. Another two men had each nipple in their mouth while another was fucking her pussy. He came inside her and stepped away and another cock immediately filled her pussy. She had cum flowing out of her, apparently most of the men who had been inside her during this gang bang had cum inside her.

Next to Alice there was another girl probably slightly younger than Alice on all fours getting similar treatment only they were fucking her ass. Hank and Amber saw a man cum in her ass and as he pulled out they noticed her asshole had a huge gape that cum from multiple men was leaking out of.

They were both getting horny again and decided to go find the kids. They walked past their bungalow and noticed the lights were on. They walked inside and found Jason and Jen inside with a small group of people. A few guys and girls their age a few younger girls and a few couples around Hank and Ambers age. Of course Brian and Janice were there too.

Jen was riding a teenage boys cock when an older man with a beer belly but an impressive cock got behind her. Without a word he rammed his cock into her ass. Jen didn’t flinch, she pushed back against both cocks inside her while she moaned loudly. Another older man walked up to her front and began face fucking her while a woman roughly massaged and sucked her tits. It didn’t take long for Jen to cum on the two thrusting cocks inside her, and even as she was cumming the three men never let up. She was there for their pleasure and they weren’t done yet. Finally the man in her mouth came and Jen swallowed as much as she could. A few minutes later the other two came filling both her holes with their seed. As the two men got up they were quickly replaced with two more cocks and Jen was full again. When Hank looked next to Jen he saw Janice getting what he thought was the same thing until he noticed she still had a butt plug in. She was screaming in a mix of pure ecstasy and a bit of pain as the two men fucked her pussy. Her little cunt was being stretched and with the butt plug she was extra full. Despite the obvious pain she began cumming hard on the two cocks. This brought on their own orgasms and they flooded her pussy. With her pussy being so full already the cum began pouring out of her. One of the older women began sucking the cum out of Janice as a man lined up his cock with her spread asshole and began fucking her while she cleaned up Janice’s used pussy. After a minute two more men approached Janice. One pulled out her plug and rammed his cock into her ass hard while the other began easing his entire fist up her stretched pussy. It didn’t take him long after her having two cocks in there and soon he was furiously fucking her with his entire hand up to just past his wrist. Soon Janice was cumming again which only spurred on the assault on her holes.

By now Hank was rock hard again and Amber was so wet she was dripping down her thighs. They walked in further looking for a place to let off some steam when they saw Jason and Brian with an older and very sexy woman. As they got closer they saw that Brian was fucking the woman while Jason was fucking Brian. When Jason noticed his parents he started to panic. Hank put a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry son. That’s what this islands for. You’re not the only guy here to have fun with other guys. No judgement remember?”

“Thanks dad.” Was all Jason said before he returned to his new friends ass. They left their son to his fun and walked around the room a little more.

As Jason fucked Brian the woman jumped off Brian’s cock and began sucking it. She pulled Jason’s cock of out Brian’s ass and began sucking them both at the same time. She put both cocks in her mouth and lapped at them with her tongue. She then put Jason back inside Brian and walked off to find more young men to fuck.

When Hank and Amber saw the woman walk away they decided to go have some fun with their son and his friend. Amber began kissing Jason and lightly rubbed a finger on his asshole. Hank walked up to Brian and put his cock to Brian’s lips. Brian grabbed the huge cock and began sucking it while Hank stroked the young man. Amber soon had three fingers in her son while he had two in each of her holes and his cock buried in his friend. Hank and Brian were both blowing each other now. They were approached by a couple about their age along with their daughter who was probably around Jen’s age.

“There seems to be a shortage of pussy over here.” The man joked. Hank looked up and saw his old friend Chris along with his wife Samantha.

“Chris, Sam. How are you?” Hank asked as he pulled his cock out of Brian’s mouth and embraced his friends. Hank immediately noticed their daughter Lauren. She was the same petite girl he had fucked this morning.

“I didn’t know this was your daughter. Man she is fun.” Hank knew there would be no problem with him having fucked her, especially since Chris has probably already fucked his daughter.

“Ya she told me about this big guy with a huge cock that made her cum like crazy this morning and I figured it was you.” Chris responded. “But like I was saying I only see one pussy and three cocks over here. Maybe we can help even things out a little. And you know I don’t mind having fun with everyone either.” Chris said letting the two young men know that he was on board with what they we’re doing as well.

“The more the merrier.” Hank said as he walked up to Lauren.

Lauren layed down by Brian and Hank began eating her pussy. Jason was still fucking Brian while also stroking his cock. Samantha removed Jason’s hand and put it on her small firm tit. As Jason kneaded her tits she bent down and began sucking Brian’s cock. Chris fucked his wife from behind, switching back and forth between her wet pussy and tight ass. After a couple minutes he walked to Brian’s head and pushed his cock into his mouth. Brian sucked it hungrily, the taste of Samantha’s pussy and ass on her husbands cock was driving Brian crazy.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon,” Brian said to the group.

“Oh no you don’t. Not without me feeling that young cock in my pussy first.” Samantha said.

As Jason pulled his hard cock out of Brian Samantha quickly got on top and guided Jason inside her.

Chris walked over to Amber and Jason and began squeezing Amber’s tits. Jason was watching his dad with Lauren when Chris grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

“I see my little girls caught your eye.” Chris grinned slowly stroking Jason’s young cock.

“She certainly has. She’s gorgeous.” Jason said.

“Why don’t you go have some fun with her? I’m sure your dad will share.” Chris said letting go of Jason and turning his attention to Amber.

Amber knelt down and took the familiar cock into her mouth. She gagged and slobbered on it making sure it was nice and wet. Meanwhile Jason was feeding his cock to Lauren who was trying her hardest to swallow his big cock. Hank was sucking her nipples while finger fucking her pussy and ass.

“You’ve gotta taste her pussy son. It’s delicious.” Hank said as he back away a little. Jason climbed on top of her and began licking her little pussy. Suddenly Jason felt a hand on his cock. Hank was stroking his son while Lauren teased Jason’s cock head with her tongue. He then felt pressure on his asshole and felt fingers enter him.

Amber joined her son with Lauren, licking her tight young asshole while he ate her pussy. Jason felt something warm being poured onto his asshole and then felt a lot of pressure. He looked back and saw Chris behind him slowly easing his cock into his virgin ass. Jason winced in pain but between his dad stroking his cock and Lauren sucking him it began feeling better.

When Chris had his entire cock in Jason he left it buried for a minute so his ass could get used to being stretched. Chris slowly pulled out until just the tip of his cock was still inside and then pushed himself back in a little faster. By now Jason had stopped eating Lauren and was focusing on the overwhelming sensations he was experiencing. When Hank noticed that it was just Amber pleasuring Lauren he let go of his sons cock and walked over to his wife and friend’s daughter.

“Is she wet enough for me?” Hank asked his wife.

“Oh I think she’s plenty wet. Why don’t you see for yourself?” Amber responded as she moved over to allow Hank to take her place.

Hank pushed three fingers into the young girls pussy. “I think this will do,” Hank joked, “Why don’t you go help out our son? I have a feeling this one’s not gonna be able to concentrate in a minute.”

Amber gave her husband a kiss and lightly slapped Lauren’s clit causing her to jump and moan. Hank didn’t say a word as he eased his huge cock into Lauren’s hairless little pussy. She gasped and pushed herself into Hank. Hank picked up the pace and she moaned into Jason’s cock. Amber was stroking Jason and caressing his balls while Chris continued to work his ass.

Hank reached up and grabbed Lauren’s small tits hard, roughly pulling at her nipples. Lauren let out a moan of pure pleasure. Lauren took Jason’s cock out of her mouth, “Fuck me Hank! Do whatever you want just make me cum again on your big dick.” Lauren went back to Jason and Hank began furiously fucking her. He grabbed a hold of both tits and squeezed them hard in his big hands. Lauren was screaming into Jason’s cock but by the way she was bucking back against Hank he knew she was loving the rough fuck. As Hank slammed his cock into Lauren he slapped her tit hard. This caused Lauren to whimper, however she didn’t complain. As her orgasm began to get closer she stopped sucking Jason’s cock.

“Oh fuck Hank! Do that again. Slap my little titties. Fuck me like a little whore. I love the way you hurt me.” Lauren was discovering new things about herself and she was liking it a lot.

Hank began fucking Lauren hard, burying his huge cock in her little pussy with each stroke. He was pinching her nipples hard causing her eyes to tear up. Every time he slapped one of her tits she’d moan loudly and her tiny body would shiver.

Lauren was no longer paying attention to Jason so Amber took over sucking her sons cock, taking him all they way down her throat while he was being fucked by Chris.

As Hank pumped furiously into Lauren he pinched and twisted both of her nipples hard and Lauren began cumming violently.

Everything was just too much for Jason. “I’m gonna cum!” He moaned.

Amber quickly pulled her sons cock out of her mouth and shoved it into the still convulsing Lauren. As soon as her lips touched his cock he emptied his balls into her mouth. Lauren drank up as much as she could but a good amount had escaped onto her chin and nose, a little even getting in her eyes. Chris was the next to reach orgasm as he filled Jason’s bowels with his cum. When he pulled out he fed his cock to his little girl and she licked him clean.

Hank and Amber still hadn’t cum, although they had a lot of fun just now, but they we’re hornier than ever. They made their way back to Jen. Another two men had just cum in their daughter when Hank approached and shoved his cock up his daughters ass. This got a loud squeal from Jen who hadn’t had anyone as big as her dad in her ass today. Another man approached and asked if he could get in on the action. They repositioned, Jen on top of the new man with him in her pussy and her dad behind her in her ass. It didn’t take long before she was cumming again.

Amber had found a small group of men and a couple women to worship and fuck her. She had a cock in each hole and the women were playing with her tits. Within a matter of minutes Amber was cumming hard.

Between seeing his wife being stuffed air tight and double penetrating his daughter Hank exploded into his daughters ass. Hank and Amber went back to the pool to relax and left the kids to their sex party.
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