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A true switching of roles is the only satisfactory outcome for Shea…
Shea opened the door to her slave. It was their first rendezvous since his surgery and she was almost as hungry to ravish him as his hole always was for her strap. Almost. His was a very hungry hole after all. Burt stood there with his arms folded and back slightly hunched. It was the stance of shyness that had marked the beginning of this journey. Most likely come back due to the surgery. If only he knew this cute shyness increased her hunger. Drove her lust to hear those small cries of pain and moans of delight.


"Slave, take off your clothes and fix your posture." Shea demanded after ushering him into her dungeon. Not letting her desire overtake their strict dynamic. Once her orders were followed she smiled devilishly at her creation.


When Shea and Burt first met it was not Shea who was meant to be the dominant. Burt had been slim and chiseled with a large penis. He would come by and take his stressful job out on Shea and all of her holes. Cumming wherever and as many times as he wanted. But as time went on Burt decided he wanted to explore his submissive side. For Shea that just wouldn't do-domming a man. She needed a woman. And so over the past few months Shea had created one out of Burt.


First they had taken care of that body of his. A woman pleasing to Shea was not all abs and hardness but a soft flat belly and jiggly butt. So they altered his fitness regime and Burt paid for the fat he gained to be transferred to his backside. He spent his healing time on his belly eating Shea out whenever the fancy took her.

And after Burt healed from the surgery, Shea gave him his most vigorous pegging yet. Watching as his cheeks jiggle in time with her thrusts. Pulling her strap almost entirely out to slam into his hole. Watching the movement and hearing Burt’s pathetic sounds egged her on. Once Burt was weeping and in sub space Shea laid back and let Burt play cowgirl on her strap.

She kept him the entire weekend after he healed. Tied up, wrist to ankle, and presented in her new favorite position. Shea was so enamored with the view that her strap filled his hole more often than not during those two days. She’d walk by and slide into his gape. Sometimes out of habit and other times because Burt shook his new ass at her. And this pleased Shea but only for so long.


Wigs were introduced next. They rotated between Burt being blonde and a red head. His job was the only thing keeping Shea from ordering him to grow out his own. But something still felt off. It wasn't just her hairstyles that she had maintained when the roles were reversed but body hair as well. Shaving was tedious but not painful enough to show his devotion for her. Waxing everything was the logical choice. She would never forget the noises Burt made at his first waxing. Shea had been in the room under the guise of emotional support but had been secretly recording it. She played the video of it as she slowly pegged his tender and freshly waxed hole not ten minutes later. Still it wasn't quite enough.


Shea tasked him with learning make up next. She gave no pointers; only punishment when it wasn't done to her liking. For every time he couldn't find a lipstick that would somewhat survive a facesitting session he'd take her strap with only spit. No rimming or fingering to relax his hole. No lube. The first two times this punishment was imposed there was merely a stiffness of Burt’s entire body at the beginning. But by the end he would be moaning and backing into Shea’s strap like the practiced whore he was. The next time Shea took him in missionary without any spit. This brought Burt to tears which Shea would lick away on her slow strokes. Then go back to jackhammering his tight and unwelcoming hole. That night Shea kept going until he used his safe word. Thankfully for Burt that only happened three times.

Bad eye makeup resulted in 30 lashes from a belt. Impact play didn’t interest Burt and he quickly fixed it the next day.

Nonmatching foundation and Shea called in a trusted friend to creampie Burt and put in a butt plug afterwards. So he could sit with his mistake. After the ninth time of this Shea realized Burt saw this as a reward. This was quickly corrected when he got fisted using only the creampie for lube.

And so on until he became an artist. Burt had become a very beautiful woman when in her presence. But something else began bothering Shea.


Sometimes Shea would relax and let Burt ride her strap. And as Burt rode her his large cock would get rock hard. It would leak precum and often cum from the stimulation of his prostate. Burt still being able to cum wherever and as often as he liked did not sit well with Shea. And so she got him a chastity device. Watching Burt bounce on her strap with his soft dick in the bejewelled device was most pleasing. Watching him orgasm with no semen was very ladylike. Almost every aspect of Burt was to her liking. Almost. Which is what his most recent surgery was for.


"Present yourself." Shea ordered. Burt got on the bed with his face down and behind up in the air. Shea lowered her face to his hole and began licking and sucking it.


"Thank you mistress for eating my pink pussy." Burt had been trained to say this and in a voice that was more feminine than his own.


After thoroughly bathing Burt's backside Shea slid her strap in. 12 inches to the hilt and girthy. Burt did not move once. A few more strokes and Shea rested against Burt's back. Letting him feel the entire length and stretch of her strap. In that position she reached around and felt his new tiny tits. Twisting his nipples until he cried out in pain.
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