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Abducted slave girl named "Cunt" finally has sexual interaction with her Master after months of mental conditioning and preparation to become his perfect owned slave pet.
Chapter Seven: The Touch.

I couldn't say how long I had been holding the pee position for. A series of intense shocks from my collar had awakened me some time ago and I immediately got into a low squat on the balls of my feet, back arched, tits thrust out and moist labium spread wide. My muscles no longer ached the way they did when I first started learning the pose and I found that I could hold it for as long as Master required. The recording of my voice echoed in the room and I repeated each mantra in a soft whisper.

Suddenly the television screen came on as it had countless times since that first occasion in which I masturbated for Master seventeen meals and four baths ago. I only had a few seconds to get into position before jolts from the collar would prompt me to take action so I quickly moved on to my rear, spread my trim legs, grabbed my left tit and slid my hand to the pink flesh that begged for attention. At first the videos were fairly mainstream fucking and sucking but they became increasingly more focused on fetish activities over time. At this point images of collars, leashes and chains combined with girls exhibiting themselves in public, kneeling, spanking and caging all while servicing men and women in a variety of different sexual actions stuck in my head long after the television would inevitably shut off, no doubt amplified by the fact that I was masturbating to the edge of orgasm while viewing them.

This time the video was of two slave girls who were in heavy bondage and forced by their Master to put on a lesbian show. They both wore studded leather collars with beautiful gleaming rubber harnesses that accentuated their perfect bodies and I couldn't take my eyes off of the large shining silver rings that pierced the nipples that rested on their particularly large, bouncy plastic tits. Their tongues intertwined and explored each other's bodies in an erotic show of lust that I found myself wishing I could participate in. My body was so responsive, like a sensitive instrument that needed only a few seconds to reach the edge. I quickly backed off, grasping my other tit and squeezing both hard as I fought not to go over the cliff of my own desire. My breathing began to slow and I resumed my masturbation while continuing to repeat the mantras that were playing in the background. This went on for a few more edges until the video shut off right as one of the slaves began licking the puckered bleached anus of the other.

I quickly moved back into pee position and held my squat while continuing to repeat my mantras for some time until Master finally arrived. It was almost Pavlovian the way I felt excited every time I heard Master's footsteps on the stair. My heart would pound, I found myself tingling all over and I'm fairly certain I started producing far more saliva, though that may have been literally Pavlovian given that he was often bringing me food. Master entered the room taking in the sight of me squatting, completely spread and open to his gaze.

He pointed at the floor and said "kneel position" in a firm tone of voice. I quickly scurried on to my knees, my delicate fingers digging into my firm tits as I cupped them in offering and waited in stillness as he evaluated my naked body.

"Are you wet?"

I didn't even need to check. I knew how aroused I was and had been for quite some time. My brain was in a pink fog of desire in which all I could think about was sex. My pussy ached, my clit throbbed and was ultra sensitive and even the small pink nipples that graced the tips of my little tits had become more responsive. "Yes Master," I responded. "The Cunt is very wet, Master."

"What a good animal you are," he said as a smile grew on his face. "I am delighted to hear that. You should feel very proud of yourself for pleasing me in this way. You are doing very well with rule number nine: the Cunt will always be aroused and wet."

My body quivered with pleasure and tingled with joy at my Master's acclaim. "The Cunt thanks its Master for praising it."

"I was curious if you have ever thought of what it might be like for me to touch your body. Is that something you think you might enjoy?"

I nodded my head with enthusiasm. "Yes Master, the Cunt would enjoy the touch of its Master."

His smile grew even wider. I was broken and he knew it. He owned me now. "Beg for it."

I tilted my head with a quizzical look on my face. "Master?"

"I want you to beg for me to touch you. Convince me that you deserve such a reward."

I took a deep breath, trying to think of what I could say that would please him. "The Cunt would love for its Master to touch it."

"That doesn't sound very convincing. You can do better."

I gave it some more thought before the words escaped effortlessly through my ruby lips. "Please touch the Cunt Master, please Master," I begged.

"Where do you think I should touch you?"

"Master should touch the Cunt wherever Master likes. This body belongs to my Master. The Cunt is Master's property." I was definitely starting to sound desperate, a condition that no doubt delighted Master.

"Very well, it is because you begged me so nicely that you have indeed earned your Master's touch."

He took a few steps forward and loomed over me. There could be no doubt as to which of us was strong and powerful and which was small and weak. Who was the superior dominant and who was the inferior submissive. We both had our roles and we both played them to the fullest extent of our being.

He slowly reached out and held his warm hand against the soft skin of my face. I subconsciously pressed my cheek into his hand and I found myself basking in the first time I had been touched by another human in recent memory. "You are a gorgeous pet," he said as he brushed an errant strand of my long raven hair away from my bright blue eyes and tucked it behind my dainty ear.

I slid my tongue across my full lips, enticing him, hoping to feel his lips against mine but instead he pressed his fingers against the soft flesh at the entrance to my mouth, prying them apart. I opened my mouth, my saliva covered tongue sliding out to meet his digit. He ran his finger across my white teeth, feeling my gums, the insides of my cheeks and finally the soft pink tongue that had already begun to flicker against his finger. He pushed deeper into my mouth, testing it and I wrapped my full lips around the fleshy extremity, sucking inward and pushing my head down on it. He enjoyed the show of my wanton lust until he was ready to withdraw the appendage from my warm mouth.

He bent down and his thick saliva coated fingers slid to the bare tits that I had spent months practicing to offer up to him in this position. My breathing became heavier, my skin grew flush and I could feel myself becoming even more aroused as his fingertips pressed into my soft tissue and edged to my pink nipples which stood at strict attention for the man who owned them. As his hands brushed over mine he cupped my udders, lightly pushing them up and down as if he were attempting to judge their weight. I was his prize and he was properly appraising me for the first time since acquiring me.

His hands left my tits, continuing their journey down my sides, feeling the smooth skin against my ribs, rubbing my flat tummy and gliding over my silky slender legs, down my calf muscles to the bottoms of my feet which were pressed into my firm rear. I spread my thighs further, sending a clear signal that I wanted his electric touch on my aching pussy. He gave an acknowledging smile that he was pleased with my initiative and shook his head. My Master wasn't ready to give me the gift of his touch there just yet.

"Do you want to please me?" He asked.

"Yes Master, the Cunt wants to please its Master," I answered as tingles filled my little tummy. I wondered if the time had come in which I would have an opportunity to show my obedience and earn the praise that gave me so much gratification.

"What will you do to please me?"

"The Cunt will do whatever its Master desires."

"Would you enjoy servicing my cock with your mouth?"

My heart fluttered. Was my Master actually going to allow me to pleasure him? I quickly nodded and before I knew it, the words "yes Master, the Cunt would like to pleasure its Master with its mouth" had escaped my pouty crimson lips.

"Do you think you've earned the gift of my cock in your mouth?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt has been a very obedient toy Master. The Cunt just wants to please its Master and earn his praise. Please let the Cunt earn Master's praise. Please."

The room was silent while I waited for his reply. Seconds passed like hours as I knelt there on the green shag rug with my thighs spread and my heart pounding. Thoughts flashed through my mind and for a moment I wondered if my desire to use my mouth on his cock was more about my state of arousal than the need to prove my devotion. Was it possible that my motivations weren't as pure as simply yearning to serve and were instead about my own lust and the greedy need to express myself sexually?

After a lifetime of waiting, he stood and moved until his crotch mere inches from my face. He reached down and gently stroked the soft skin of my cheek. I found myself pressing my face once more against his warm hand before he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his white underwear down to his knees, exposing his penis for the first time. It wasn't an extraordinary organ. Quite the contrary, it was perfectly average as it poked out from behind an overgrown tangle of dark pubic hair. It was already erect when he freed it from his trousers, a good sign that he found me pleasing and my eyes followed it as it bobbed and twitched in front of me. No doubt I had often made him hard during my time as his slave but he somehow possessed the self control to suppress his desires and urges in favor of ensuring that I was properly trained and would only receive the reward of his member at the proper time.

I subconsciously licked my lips. It was a pure biological instinct over which I had no control. I was a female in heat and he was an erect male. The fact that he was my Master and I had been conditioned to please him just made the need all the more intense.

"Do you like my cock?" He asked as he gently brushed the head against my lips.

"Yes Master, the Cunt adores its Master's cock," I said as I fought the urge to slide my pink tongue out to greet it properly with my mouth, my recitation was a quote from one of my many mantras.

"You may give it a kiss."

I pursed my lips and leaned forward, gently placing a kiss on the mushroom shaped head. My bright blue eyes gazed up in search of a sign that he was pleased. He smiled and said "very good. I give you permission to lick it." I no longer held back, allowing my tongue to slither from my mouth until it flickered against the urethra that rested in the center of his cock. I slid my tongue around the head, coating it in my glistening saliva before my mouth moved down to the shaft where I lapped up and down in broad strokes. The more I licked, the more aware I was of the aching hole between my legs and the desperate need to fill it. As much as I wanted that cock in my mouth I wanted it inside me even more.

I returned to the head to lick some more and I felt him push his cock against my lips, forcing it inside my mouth. This was his way of telling me that it was time to suck. I opened my mouth to invite it in, wrapping my lips around it and pushing down, back and forth until it reached my throat. I'd given plenty of blowjobs in my time without complaint, but this time was different. I was different. My head bobbed up and down, sucking and pressing with my lips until I felt it begin to twitch and throb in my mouth.

"I'm going to bless you with the offering of my seed. You will hold it in your mouth without losing a drop until you are given permission to swallow. Nod if you understand."

I looked up at him and nodded slightly as I continued to work his hard member with my mouth and tongue. A few more seconds passed before he began to tense and grunt until finally I felt a warm gooey liquid filling my oral cavity. Master withdrew his glistening cock which was already beginning to soften as a delicate strand of my saliva continued to connect us. I held his gift in my mouth, feeling the viscous fluid mixing with my own sticky sweet spit, taking care not to swallow or allow a drop to pass my lips.

I could tell that he was testing me. He slowly pulled his underwear and jeans back into position before crossing his arms and gazing at me. His eyes traced the contours of my lithe form as he basked in the complete power he had over me. I was his puppet and he controlled every inch of my being.

"You may swallow now," he said as his hand combed through my long raven tresses. I complied, feeling the oozing mixture slide down my throat and into my tummy.

I was well aware of what was expected of me whenever my Master gave me something. "Thank you Master for allowing the Cunt to pleasure Master's cock and taste Master's seed," I said, my voice a bit croaky as the words flowed out of my cum coated mouth.

"I give you permission to thank me properly."

I took my hands off my tits and moved forward, lowering myself down until my head was at his shoes. The heavy silver chain affixed to my collar rattled loudly when I arched my back and raised my ass as I gently kissed his black leather shoes before sliding my slippery cum coated tongue along the material, licking every inch in a show of gratitude.

As I continued to display my gratitude with my tongue, Master gently rubbed my delicate ear. "You have performed extremely well today, I am very pleased. You should feel very proud of yourself." His words sent a fresh wave of tingles through my supple form. I had pleased my Master and earned his praise and nothing could have felt more rewarding than that.

Chapter Eight: More Rewards.

I was trying to recall if it was the eleventh time that Master graced my mouth with his cock and gave me the gift of his semen or the twelfth. I was finding it harder to remember things and my ability to track time through my baths and meals was fading. My existence was consumed by unfulfilled sexual need. My responsive pink pussy constantly ached and my hypersensitive clit throbbed with desire. Despite my obedience and devotion, Master still had not given me the permission to cum that my petite body so desperately needed.

I had come to dread the edging sessions that were required of me. Not only because I had been kept in a constant state of unbearable arousal for what seemed like ages, but also due to the fact that every part of my body was in a heightened state. My flesh was ultrasensitive. It was as if I could feel every nerve ending individually. More than once I found myself almost ready to cum simply from receiving Master's praise with no additional physical stimulation to my moist pink sex organ required. As such, when the video would come on or worse, when Master would command me to assume the masturbate position, I found myself urgently struggling not to cum after only a few delicate touches of my small fingers and I had to grasp my udders so hard I thought I might pull them right off my chest.

The various positions I was forced to hold for hours at a time served as a kind of yoga and my muscles had actually become stronger as a result of my regular routines. After my Master watched me lick every inch of the metal dog bowl with my soft pink tongue, he had me assume pee position so that I could relieve myself into the very bowl that I ate out of. Once my bladder was emptied he ordered me into the display pose which I held ever since. My hands grasped my ankles, pulling my slender legs to my head to provide unhindered access to the holes between my thighs. My abdominal muscles burned slightly as did my arms and legs, but significantly less so than it used to.

My heart fluttered as I heard the welcoming sound of my Master descending the stairs. He stood over me, appreciating every inch of my obedient form. The manner in which the little pink nipples stood rigidly on my firm tits, the way the goose bumps formed on my silky smooth skin and how the sensitive pink labium that decorated the entrance to my cock sleeve glistened with the slippery lube that my body produced on a near constant basis. I felt his hand touch and squeeze the solid flesh of my ass which was lifted slightly off the lime green shag rug. He slid his hand down my inner thigh, coming so close to that special area that I wanted desperately for him to touch before gliding up my torso. He gave my right udder a light slap and watched as it responded, pleased that I held my position without a movement or a sound.

He leaned down to my head and I felt his warm breath while he gently flicked his tongue on my ear, taking my lobe lightly between his teeth. "You have been an extra good little toy for me; I'm very pleased to own you."

I closed my eyes and basked in the warm glow of his praise. Tingles of pleasure and joy flowed through my skin and in a whisper I responded "the Cunt exists to please its Master," one of the many mantras that ran through my brain on a loop even when the recording wasn't playing.

"You have most certainly earned a reward my little pet," he said as his fingers lightly danced back down my torso until they reached my hairless pubic mound. "Should I go lower?" He said in a teasing tone.

I nodded and moaned "yes Master, please touch the Cunt's whore hole Master; please Master?" My breathing quickened with the anticipation the moment had arrived at last when my Master would finally feel the dripping sex that lived between my thighs.

As his fingers brushed my skin on their journey toward my pink flesh, he stared directly into my crystal blue eyes. Watching my mouth part with lust, his touch electrified my moist labium at the moment his thick fingers came into contact with them. He gathered my juices on a finger before sliding it up to my clit which was already swollen and throbbing, peeking out from its protective fleshy hood, desperate for attention.

As soon as he touched it, my legs quivered and my body shook. It took all my energy and every inch of my being to keep myself from accidentally stealing an orgasm from my Master. My struggle was obvious and he mercifully ceased torturing me by removing his finger from my clit, allowing the appendage to explore around the entrance to my wet tunnel instead. His digit pressed inside me, swirling around in my hole and stirring my slippery juices.

"You have an incredibly wet little fuck hole," he said as he removed his finger from me; copious amounts of my gleaming lube dripping off his finger. "Who owns this girl cum of yours?"

"Master owns the girl cum that the Cunt produces," I responded quickly, remembering one of my mantras. "Master owns all of the fluids that the Cunt's body makes. Master owns the Cunt's pee, saliva, pussy juice and if Master desires for the Cunt to lactate, its milk."

"Good girl," he said with a smile. His praise made my tummy quiver with delight as I held my position, keeping myself on display for his enjoyment. "Since this fuck hole and by extension the juices flowing from it belong to me, it's entirely within my rights to have a sample, isn't it?"

"Master owns the Cunt's cock sleeve and can do whatever he chooses with it," I replied in an aroused whispering breath.

He nodded and moved his head away from my ear, advancing between my thighs. He pressed his nose to my needy pussy and inhaled deeply, enjoying the fragrant aroma of my sex. Master reveled in my scent before extending his tongue and pushing it through my sensitive labium to scoop up my moisture. I saw his face light up as he savored my flavor and I felt proud that the fluids my body produced were pleasing to him.

My Master pressed his face once more to my slit and began to lick and suck in earnest. He flicked his tongue against my swollen clit until my legs began to quiver at which point he moved his mouth back down to my labium while simultaneously grabbing and squeezing both of my tits. During masturbation and edging sessions I squeezed my udders with all my power so many times that painfully gripping them with force was now like a handbrake that kept my body from going over the precipice and into the abyss of orgasm.

I don't know how many times he worked his way back to my fleshy little bundle of nerves after backing off, but my flush skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and my moans of pleasure had become raspy. I pulled hard on my ankles as they pressed against my head and my brain was screaming out in a constantly repeating loop "please let me cum, please let me cum, please let me cum."

He looked up at me with a broad smile. "You are absolutely yummy. Have you ever tasted yourself?"

I shook my head. "No Master, the Cunt has never tasted itself."

He dipped one of his chubby digits into my gushing fuck tunnel, and coated it generously with my juices before removing it from that orifice and offering it to my mouth. My lips parted and I extended my tongue until I felt his finger enter my saliva covered hole and for the first time in my life the strong fragrant flavor of my own slick pussy lube filled my nostrils and coated my mouth. I wrapped my lips around his finger as I had done so many times before and licked and sucked it like I was pleasuring his cock.

"Well? What do you think about your own flavor?"

"Master is right as always, the Cunt is delicious," I answered as he withdrew his finger from my obedient mouth before returning his oral attention back to my aching pussy.

In only seconds his tongue had me back on the edge, struggling not to go over; desperate not to steal an orgasm from my Master when the most unexpected and wonderful thing happened. "Would you like to cum my little toy?"

The words were like a siren song of joy in my ears. "Oh god yes Master, the Cunt would love to cum Master." I knew well enough by now that a simple acknowledgement of my desire would never suffice. "Please Master; please let the Cunt cum, please!"

"Why should I allow you to cum?" He asked in a playful manner.

"The Cunt is its Master's obedient toy. The Cunt is completely devoted to its Master and loves its Master."

He seemed pleased by my answer, especially the unexpected part in which I confessed my love for him. Indeed what I felt must have been love, though one might argue it could have just as easily been the mantras and conditioning talking. His tongue flicked on my clit some more, keeping right there at the edge, drawing out the experience and in a way, torturing me. Finally the words came that I had been praying to hear for weeks. "You have my permission to cum."

I stopped fighting, I no longer held back. I was no longer in control of my body as it was evident that my slippery hole had assumed the driver's seat. Master lightly sucked my swollen clit into his mouth, licking and teasing it such that the sensations exploded in my little body. I moaned loudly as muscles tensed and quivered, my breathing turned into panting as if I was a female dog; a bitch in heat until finally the orgasm flowed through my body in a wave that gripped me and for a moment, I almost thought I wouldn't live through the intense climax I had ever experienced in my life. As my body began to settle, all I could hear was the thunderous sound of my own heart beating and my raspy breathing.

"Did you enjoy your reward?"

"Yes Master, the Cunt loved its reward. Thank you Master for allowing the Cunt to cum Master."

"I'll allow you to thank me in the proper position when we're done. You've had your pleasure, now it's time for mine. Do you want to feel my cock inside your fuck hole?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Was I to get the gift of two rewards today? First I received the orgasm and now the joy of feeling my Master's cock inside me?

Master unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to his knees along with the tight white underwear that he always wore. I held my position, grasping my ankles and lifting my rear off the floor as he lined up the tip of his unremarkable member with the entrance to my slippery little cock sleeve. I felt the head push my flesh apart and slide inside of me. His method of fucking me was a little awkward and erratic, but I did my best to grip his cock with my vaginal muscles, milking it as it slid effortlessly in and out of my body. The fat of his bloated hairy belly jiggled against my scant little body each time he plunged deeper inside me. I could feel his hot breath on my skin as he licked my neck and ears in rhythm to each thrust.

Only a couple of minutes had passed before my Master began to grunt, his face twisting up in contortions as he sprayed his semen into my womb. He collapsed on top of my lithe frame in a heap of sweat and heavy breathing. He was crushing me in a way that made it hard to breathe, but I dared not complain. As his cock softened it slid out of my pussy on its own dragging with it a steady stream of cum that dripped out of me to form a sticky white puddle on the rug.

Eventually he got up and ordered me into the greet position so I could properly thank him both for the orgasm he allowed me to have and for gracing my hole with his cock. Naturally I licked his shoes with my soft pink tongue until they glistened with my saliva. It was important after all for me to thank him the proper way for all of the rewards that he had bestowed upon me that day. For there could be no doubt about it now, I was indeed a very lucky cunt.

Continued in Trapped, Trained and Twisted Pt. 05

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2022-03-29 04:39:42
Your portrayal of how easily a submissive can accept her role is quite real, I believe that in true captivity the victim will does accept her captor as someone she can love or develop feelings for, in past submissive relationships I have found I willing look forward to punishment and reward with a strange sense of affection for my mistress or master.

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