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After Nick’s niece welcomed him back to the family home (see part 1), he has the encounter he’s always dreamed of with his older sister Rebecca. Check out the first installment for background and character introduction, and please comment. Caution: incest. Thanks!
Nick woke up on Saturday morning with his head swimming with images from the night before with his niece Anna. The taste of her young, smooth pussy and the feeling of it tightly gripping his cock were enough to drive him crazy. But with his own niece! She promised she wouldn’t tell anyone about their incestuous experience together, but was she being honest? Girls her age always gossip and tell each other secrets. He vowed that it was a one-time thing and wouldn’t let it happen again, even though, deep down, he yearned to have her back in his bed.

Rebecca and Anna spent Saturday at the outlet mall while Nick helped Jake with weatherizing the windows. As usual, Nick and Jake hardly said a word to each other. Noah mostly kept to himself, lifting weights in the gym in the garage and hanging out in his room. Everyone spent Sunday relaxing around the house after a big breakfast, football on the TV from afternoon through the evening. All weekend, Nick tried to keep his eyes off Anna, but when she innocently yet provocatively modeled her new jeans for everyone, he almost busted out of his own pants. She could tell her uncle enjoyed the show.

Monday morning came and Nick was glad he made it through the weekend without incident. As he lay in bed, he picked up his phone, and as his morning wood stirred, he thought, “well, looking isn’t a crime…” and opened Instagram to scroll to his niece’s profile. Immediately he noticed a DM from her, opened it, and was treated to a selfie of Anna, laying on her bed, topless, in her new jeans with the front unzipped, showing a bit of pink panties—the same panties he jerked off into a few weeks earlier. “Have a good day, Uncle Nick” with a heart and winking emoji.

Nick was about to slide his hand into his boxers but was startled when his sister Rebecca knocked on the door.

“Are you ever getting up? I thought I’d make us breakfast.”

Nick sighed heavily. “Yeah, I’ll be out in a bit.” He heard Rebecca walk back down the hall into the bathroom, and after a moment, the shower running.

Monday was one of Rebecca’s off days from her part-time secretarial job at the high school. She appreciated the job’s flexibility because it gave her time to be a mom at home, while also pulling in some extra cash on top of Jake’s modest salary from the machine shop. Having her younger brother back home gave her extra responsibilities and added to her sense of motherliness and duty for the family.

Nick went to the kitchen in his t shirt and boxers, still half hard, poured a cup of coffee, and sat on the couch flipping through the channels.

From the bathroom, Rebecca came down the hall, freshly showered, wrapped in a white bath towel that extended from just the top of her chest down to the upper third of her still-athletic thighs. Nick gulped as he was immediately transported back to when he was young and would check out his sister’s beautiful body when she walked naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. He could just picture her fleshy pink nipples, round athletic hips, and the small patch of dark pubic hair at the top of her vagina. His cock started to fully harden in his boxers.

Rebecca walked into the living room and stood between Nick and the TV.

“Nice you could finally join us among the living. It’s almost 10!”

“I know, I guess this weekend took a lot out of me.”

“You and me both. I like having everyone around, but it can be exhausting. I love these days at home by myself, and it’s even better now that my little brother is here.”

Nick looked up and smiled back at his loving sister. Her hair was still wet and her skin damp and fragrant from her warm shower.

“You did seem pretty quiet this weekend though. Is everything ok? Are you settling in here alright?” Rebecca knew how tough Nick’s life had been lately, and she knew it was humiliating for him to move back home after the opulent life he led in NYC. She just wanted him to be happy.

“Yeah, of course! Everyone has been great. I mean, you’re great, the kids are…amazing.” Anna’s half-naked selfie popped into Nick’s mind. “You know that I just need some time to adjust.”

“I know. I’m just so glad to have you here!” And after a moment, “Speaking of adjusting…” Rebecca eyed her brother’s boxers, tented from his hard cock down his thigh.

His face flushed red. “Oh…uh…sorry, sis…”

Rebecca smiled wide. She knew when they were young that her brother was always stealing glances at her. “It’s ok bro. I know you always liked to look anyway.” She was almost teasing him.

Nick gulped. Did his sister know that he secretly lusted for her?

“It’s ok, I know you were probably just curious when you were young.”

Nick took in the view of his sister in front of him, from her feet up her smooth legs, thighs barely covered in her towel hanging off her chest and wrapped tightly around her torso.

Rebecca had a wild idea and slowly loosened the towel and let it drop to the floor, standing completely naked in front of her brother.

For Nick, it was a glorious sight to behold. His sister’s body was as flawless as it was when she was a teenager. Her breasts were fully developed and hung perfectly from her chest. Her nipples were even puffier than he remembered, or maybe just seemed that way given his proximity to his naked sister. His eyes slowly passed down her fit body, stopping to take in the fullness of her vagina with a perfectly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair at the top.

He almost felt like a teenager again.

Rebecca easily sensed how much he admired her body. “What do you think, still pretty good, huh?”

Nick almost couldn’t process the view in front of him, as words stumbled from his mouth. “Holy fuck, sis, you haven’t changed a bit…”

She blushed. “You know, all the glances that you’ve had of me, not once have I seen you naked bro.”

Nick’s heart pounded. His 8-inch cock was rock hard. Did his own sister really want to see him naked? Or was she just teasing him? He decided to call her bluff and slid his hands in each side of his boxers, pushing them down.

Rebecca bent slightly to pull her brother’s boxers down off his legs. He lost thought, pulled his t shirt off, and settled back on the couch. She slowly dropped to her knees between his legs and reached out for her brother’s thick manhood. It pulsed and throbbed in her hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had such an amazing dick, bro?” She admired it in her hands, stroking it slowly.

Nick gulped again. “Well, it wasn’t this big back then.”

He could hardly believe what happened next.

Rebecca moved forward and, gripping her brother’s hard cock, brought it to her mouth and rolled her tongue around his cock head. Nick moaned deeply as he felt his sister’s wet tongue and warm breath on his throbbing dick. His precum flowed instantly and she lapped it up into her mouth.

Their eyes met and locked. The decades-old lust between them was finally building to expression.

Nick admired and enjoyed his sister’s oral skills. Rebecca was an excellent cock sucker, having perfected her technique on her husband’s hung cock over the years. But now it was her own brother’s dick that she was servicing, and she relished the opportunity to pleasure him in a way that only she could.

He could sense this was no ordinary blowjob. He could feel his sister’s incestuous urge to feed on his cock as she wrapped her lips around it, worked them down his thick shaft, and his cock head past the back of her throat. He reached out and held both sides of his sister’s head, hair still wet, in his hands. As he did, she released his cock, held now only in her throat, and with her right hand played with her brother’s cum-filled balls and with her left hand started to stroke her own tender cunt, which was completely dripping wet between her thighs.

Rebecca parted her fleshy pussy lips, slid two fingers inside her wetness, and hooked them to stimulate her g spot. She groaned deeply, causing her throat to vibrate on Nick’s cock. Holding her head, he pushed his hips up, watching his cock completely disappear in his sister’s mouth. He held it there as her eyes started to water.

Then Nick took over. He pulled and pushed his dick in and out of his sister’s mouth, feeling it pop in and out of her throat. She moaned as a copious amount of her thick drool flowed from her mouth and over his cock and balls. Her brother using her mouth turned her on so much she slipped a third finger into her horny pussy.

Deep, wet, gagging noises filled the room.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, sis, gulp down this cock!”

Nick thought, “little does she know, but she is swallowing the cock that was buried in her own young daughter’s pussy just a few days age.”

“You like this dick in your throat don’t you sis?!” he demanded.

All Rebecca could do was moan intensely. As she furiously worked her pussy with her fingers, she could feel her orgasm close as Nick’s precum slicked up her throat and his cock filled with cum. He became more aggressive and demanding as his dick pulsed deeply in his sister’s throat.

“Oh, fuck yes, suck me like a whore, sis!” Nick held her head tight with both hands, pushing his hips up, fucking her throat, his balls slapping up on her drool-covered chin, the spit splashing onto his thighs.

Rebecca would have screamed if she could, but her brother’s cock hindered any attempt to vocalize. She felt a deep orgasm and her cunt clamped down on her fingers and her womanly cum oozed out onto her hand, covering it.

“Fuck yes, you’re so naughty sis, god you’re loving this dick, aren’t you?!”

Her fingers coated in slick, wet pussy juices, Rebecca brought a finger to her brother’s ass, and lubed with her cum, slid it into his tight ass. Nick’s eyes rolled back in his head.

His sister’s finger in his ass was driving him over the edge. He reached down to her wet pussy, palming it, and collected her juices on his hand, which he brought up to his face and licked off. Her cum was just as sweet as her daughter's.

Nick couldn't contain himself any longer and he pumped his cum load directly down his sister's throat. Her finger pressed against his prostate as ropes of cum shot from his penis, and she gulped down every drop.

He released his grip on Rebecca’s head, and she swallowed the rest of his load and all the spit and drool that had built up in her mouth. As his cock fell from her mouth, “Holy shit, that is the most amazing blowjob I’ve had in my life. Your husband is one lucky man, sis!”

She wiped her face on the towel beside her. “Bro, that was the most delicious cum load I’ve ever tasted. I hope I don’t get addicted…”


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Perfect!! Ch 3 is the threesome?

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