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Kyle Rittenhouse had moved to Colorado to see his family for the weekend. Also in violation of his bail conditions, he went out deer hunting and encounters the local woman at her home.
It was the day before thanksgiving. I was driving home along the ocean when I decided to stop and admire the view. I pulled over at the top of a high bluff above the beach. I had my custom built AR-15 rifle with me and had just won a local competition. Easy to conceal it hardly made a sound, an ideal weapon for close work in crowded areas. The 30X telescopic sight with a wide field of view was ideal for me to concentrate on a target without losing sight of what was happening around her so I carried it along. I bought several thirty shot clips to make sure I didn't run dry and cases of cheap untraceable imported ammunition. I’m not sure why I fed a round in the chamber, I didn’t plan to shoot anything. The gun had a built in silencer but the high velocity round still made a loud "crack!"

I was deer hunting several ridges over from my new house. I had taken a position high on a hill up in the tree so I could overlook the whole valley. About 9 Am; I saw movement on the other side of the creek coming down the hill. As I looked through my scope up and down the beach for something interesting to spot. There was nothing except I could see that it was the liberal news host Ana Kasparian and their property had numerous "No Hunting" signs posted. It was over a 300 yard shot and I raised the ‘scope to have a look. If she saw me she might call the game warden and have me arrested so I just sat still thinking about what I should do.

I knew I was lucky. She was the image of tanned beauty and I was captivated with her from the moment I first saw her, I had spent too much time lusting at her long legs and trying to look up her skirt and had almost failed. She always seemed to make it tough on me. But now I had her in my sights as I watched the woman sat down on a large backless bench near the creek and started drawing on an artist sketch pad.

I guessed she couldn’t have been much over thirty-five now, tall and slender with small firm breasts set high on her chest. She was truly beautiful. If she desired, she could have been a very successful model, as she had all the physical features as well as the ‘look’. To spend this night with her was the fulfilment of fantasy, to be able to show her my affection and enjoy her in all of her glory. Appeared to have held up well since I last saw her at a Democratic rally years ago.

The morning had been uneventful until now but a strange thought suddenly entered my mind. I'd like to have a piece of that ass. And that would never ever happen if she was alive. As I pondered whether it would be worth the risk; the devil won out and I raised the rifle again and the crosshairs of my rifle found the vital spot over the young woman's chest. I adjusted the scope elevation for the distance to Mrs. Kasparian and felt my finger slowly tightening on the trigger. The AR-15 jumped in my hands and I became aware of the sound of gunfire echoing up and down the creek. I watched mesmerized at the image in the ‘scope.

I saw my 2 legged "deer" arched her back and both hands clutched the wound in her chest. Blood spurted from between her breasts where my bullet had pierced her heart as her legs buckled and she came crashing down full length on the bench. I could see tiny entry wound weep a mere trickle of a huge red stain on her thick sweater from the exit wound. She tried to get up but fell backward where she lay. Her body motions became erratic then convulse a few times as she gradually relaxed and her hands slid off the wound and fell beside her. I saw bubbles rise from her mouth as her lungs gave out her last breath and gradually filled with water. Climbing down out of the stand; I made my way down the hill and across the creek. Ana Kasparian lay on her back on the bench with her feet on the ground.

I had done it so might as well check her out. I stroked her silky-smooth skin, marveling at its texture. Somehow it reminded me of the finest silk, but with an even softer, more delicate character. I cupped her soft cheek in my hand as I gazed into her precious hazel eyes. The blankly gazing dead eyes stared upward at me accusingly in a glassy death stare. The eyes stared at the sky that could melt your soul, literally radiating desire and sexuality on a subconscious level. Her mouth gaped open and blood ran out. I brushed her soft auburn hair from her forehead and kissed her gently, breathing deep the sensual fragrance of her clean, softly flowing hair. I kissed her again, this time feeling the warm softness of her perfect lips. The way she returned my kiss, I could see it in her eyes, I knew she wanted me to have my way with her, to fulfil my every desire.

I kissed her continuously, feeling her silky skin against my lips as I studied the way her soft skin was drawn over her bones, her contours melted on in perfect proportion. My hands lifted the bloody sweater up above her lacy white bra that was also bloody near the wound. I took my hunting knife and cut the bra and removed the cups from her delicious looking breasts, kissing her throat and now down to her chest. Her ample bosoms sagged to each side. While she was tanned, it was more of a glow, the creamy whiteness of her breasts revealing that it was a natural tan gained while wearing one of her many sexy bikinis. Her breasts rose like pale orbs of the rising moon, perfect in proportion and texture, capped by pink nipples that accented the elegance of her proud form. They were still warm to the touch as I squeezed them with my hands. So soft, so supple they felt in my hands, how excited I felt knowing how she was enjoying my every touch, feeling the passion and excitement that she was building within me. I kissed her nipples, biting them gently in just the way I knew she liked. Yes, I could tell that she was getting excited. I sucked one, then the other, literally sucking as much of her into my mouth as I could. Oh, how I wanted to devour her, to melt with her and become enthralled with her beauty. The smell of her perfume mixed ever so tantalizingly with the slight salty taste of her twin treasures. I paused a moment to caress her breasts once more, now shiny from my saliva, before I resumed my exploitative journey down her exquisite form. I kissed her breastbone, following it down to the ‘v’ made by the transition from her rib cage to the softness of her abdomen. I pulled her top completely away from her, leaving her lying in front of me wearing only jeans. I took a moment to caress her hair and gaze into her eyes, thanking her for sharing this evening, as well as every inch of her perfect female form, with me.

Her shapely legs and exquisite ass told the tale of a young woman who took good care of herself and worked hard to stay in shape. Her mane of auburn hair drifted down just past her shoulder blades, trailing in the wind with the bounce and shine that any shampoo commercial would have given anything to capture. That she would consent to spending the evening with me, allowing me to experience my every fantasy with her filled me with great joy, joy that I wanted to transfer to her with every touch, with every caress.

I laid my head on her belly, feeling the cool softness of her against my face. I reached up with my hands, feeling every nuance of both her sides, from the firmness of her rib cage past the silky soft texture of her abdomen to the hard tips of her hipbone, which lay right at the waistband of her shorts. I sucked briefly on the small pit of her belly button, noting with amusement that there was just a bit of lint captured in there. As I nibbled at the waistband of her jeans, the salty taste of her sweat became more obvious, as it had soaked up some of her fluids released by the exertion of her jog. My hands kneaded the flesh of her belly, totally engrossed by the bouncy texture and the way I could just feel the contours of the entrails that lay hidden beneath. I knew what she wanted, as I slipped my hands under the elastic waistband, sliding them around her waist to feel every inch of her. Slowly I worked them down, my hands brushing against the hair of her pubic patch just under the front of the pissy jeans.

My hardening cock stirred in my pants and I felt a drop of pre-cum leak from the end of it. I gently slid down her smooth stomach and unbuttoned and unzipped. I saw that the crotch had a large wet stain before sliding them down over her shapely hips to her ankles. She was clad in white cotton panties, soiled and dripping with her yellow death urine that I also pulled to her ankles. My hands marvelled with the silken softness of the sides of her buttocks as I slid her coverings down past before pulling them completely off of her over her feet; discarding the jeans and placing the wet panties to my nose to inhale her scent. In a moment, I found myself face to face with her treasure, a treasure she had chosen to share with me on this special day and now Ana Kasparian was as naked as the day she was born; except for the rings on her finger and the pierced earrings. Seeing the lovely icy blue dead flesh lying there so still and available made the lust completely overtake me. The thick lustrous bush of dark brown pubic bush covering her moist cunt drew me like a magnet to the gap between her shapely legs.

At this point; I pulled and panties off over her shoes. Ana had a dark tuft of her partially shaved pubic hair. I buried my face and inserted my tongue as far as I could get into her, getting her completely wet at the same time. Grasping the hands; I pulled the body across the bench so that it was all lying flat on the bench. I removed the rest of her clothes and shoes

Slowly, I kissed my way down her neck, the fragrance of her perfume blending with her own natural scent. Yes, the scent of a pure woman, sensuality and sexual energy all wrapped into a pheromone driven rush that stimulated my senses like none before. I began unbuttoning her blouse

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her into her pussy, pushing into her abdomen between the peaks of her hips. Breathing deep, I was trying to inhale her very essence, her unique scent that radiated from her silken skin. Placing my hands at her waist just above her hips, I caressed the area where her back transitioned to her shapely buttocks, sliding my hands along the soft bouncy flesh as I slid my face downward into her pubis. She had trimmed most of the hair from her bush, leaving a narrow patch just above her sex. I slid my nostrils through the soft tangle of her pubic hair as I spread her legs apart to gain full access to her treasured offering. Oh, how silky was the skin of her inner thighs! I had never felt anything so soft, so smooth, or so supple. Kissing her silken thighs, I moved my attention to the pink hued folds of skin extending beneath her tuft of hair. I parted the folds with my tongue, tasting the musky saltiness of her perfect sex, while my nose was treated to her musky essence mixed with a hint of her urine. Quickly my tongue found the tight, salty, tunnel leading to her steamy interior. After sucking on her labia and her clit, I stuck my tongue as far into her crevice as possible. It still had a lingering tinge of warmth and tasted and smelled slightly sweet, pissy and fishy at the same time. Such good pussy and I hadn't even fucked it yet. But I was definitely ready to. Ana's body was about as lubed as I could get it. I knew she was excited, I knew she was writhing in the troughs of unleashed passion.

My cock was so long and hard, so ready to please her, as I ever remember it as I pulled down my pants and underwear and lowered myself onto my 2 legged "deer". I kissed her soft, pouty lips as I guided my throbbing organ inside of her tight hole until our pubic hairs meshed. I merged with her, I became one with her and her with me as I thrust my rock-hard member into her with an animalistic energy. As I fucked her dead pussy; my eyes surveyed the body beneath me. Her shoulder length dark brown hair smelled good as I sniffed it. Her face was very beautiful and her eye makeup accented her blue eyes perfectly as her cherry red lipstick did the slightly parted lips. Her lovely tits jiggled as I pounded my rod into her. I sucked on her nipples as I fucked her. She definitely had the curves and look that turned me on.

I was as hard as I climbed on top of her and slid into her. We rolled to the side and I licked my index finger and inserted it as far as I could reach into her tight anus, literally feeling myself thrusting just a few layers of skin away.

Her thighs were pale like the rest of her except for a dark brown mole on the inside of her left one. Ana was the perfect lover. I didn't have to make small talk or worry about pleasing her. I only had to please myself and I was doing a pretty good job of it as I continued to screw her passionately. I wondered if her husband realized how beautiful a body his leggy wife still had and when was the last time he made love to this lovely creature for what was really the last time. But enough of that! The head of my cock was feeling so wonderful on each stroke as I completely withdrew from Ana and rammed my cock into her love canal all the way to the cervix. I hugged her, I kissed her, I squeezed her close as I thrust faster and faster until I could not stand it anymore. My balls were going to implode into the tight receptacle for my passionate seed as I felt my load of hot sticky cum shoot into her dead pussy. I ground the base of my cock against her unfeeling clitoris as I filled her pussy full. Oh! That was soooo good! I withdrew and sat back between those long shapely legs. I'll bet they would look really sexy in a pair of nylons.

My cum was starting to drip from the overflowing pussy and down into the crack of her ass. That gave me an idea. I had never fucked a woman's ass before not that I hadn't tried. I turned the corpse over on her stomach and gazed at her curvaceous ass. What sexy hips and buttocks! I stuck my finger inside the sticky pussy and withdrew a glob of my cum that I smeared around her relaxed asshole and slid my finger inside and pumped it a few times. I mounted her lovely dead ass and pumped it until I shot my load into it several minutes later.

Crawling off; I turned Ana Kasparian's corpse onto it's back and kissed her on her cool lips before taking all her clothes downstream and throwing them into the creek. I left the creek on the side her home was on and made tracks up the hill to the pasture where her husband had the cattle. I then returned to the creek by the same tracks and hoisted my 2 legged "deer" over my shoulder and went up the creek about a mile to where a branch intersected before making my way back home. However, I was not done. Taking Ana's corpse into my bathroom; I placed it into the bathtub and washed the blood from the little entrance wound in her chest and the larger exit wound in her back.

Taking my lovely prey from the tub; I lay her on my bed. Her dead body turned me on so very much. She was mine; all mine. The mortician wouldn't get to have his way with this one. I removed my clothes and lay beside her; kissing her lips and taking one of her cold stiffening hands and placing it around my bulging cock for a few minutes as I admired the fine female specimen beside me. I sucked on her cherry red finger nails and toe nails. With my cock rock hard; I mounted Ana's corpse in the 69 position and slid my throbbing rod into her mouth and thrust it into her lovely throat. While I fucked her dead mouth; I caressed her shapely pale thighs and sticky pussy with my fingers and kissed her soft pubic hair and the top of her slit with my lips. On each hard thrust my cock seemed to go further down her throat until it was going all the way in. It felt wonderful!

My cock soon erupted and I shot her throat full of my sticky goo and then crawled off. I had another idea. I went to the kitchen and returned with three large bananas. Turning Ana over on her stomach; I played with her shapely ass and then inserted one of the bananas into her well lubed rectum and pumped it in and out before jamming it almost totally inside. Turning her back over, her pale corpse laying spread eagled on her back; I had to have her one more time with my own fleshy "banana" before I inserted the yellow fruit into her. I slid my cock into the cold, dead, sticky pussy and fucked it until shot it full of my cum again. Mighty fine and very satisfying; I would say. Totally spent, I rested, cuddling close with my improbable lover. I held her body tenderly, telling her how much I loved her and her wonderful she felt. Withdrawing my well used rod; I rammed one of the remaining bananas into her cold distended sticky clam and the other one between the cherry red lips and down the throat.

If I could have crawled inside of her, I would have, but I had to settle for the pure passion of our embrace.

All good things must come to an end, and this was no exception. I dressed and told her it was time for me to go. Scooping my two-legged deer into my arms; I carried her to the basement and placed the body in a chair beside the freezer. I spread a roll of thick, clear plastic sheathing on the floor; placed the sexy corpse on it with arms folded across the stomach; fondled her tits and then packaged Ana Kasparian for the freezer. I placed bungee cords around the neck, stomach, thighs, and ankles to hold the plastic in place. Clearing the rest of the food from the freezer; I hoisted my two-legged "deer" and placed her in the bottom and returned the food to the freezer on top of her. I'd wait for things around here to calm down before thinking about preparing the body. Besides, I needed some instructions and recipes on how to prepare "girl meat" for a feast.

I returned to my deer stand and brought it and the rest of the equipment back to the house; cleaned my rifle and put everything away. A short time later I noticed it had started to rain and was raining heavily. Good. With any luck, it would definitely should cover my tracks, while at the same time I knew I would always remember our special evening together. It was the best I had ever had and made me look forward to the next one even more. A very successful "deer" hunt; don't you think!



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