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Three college friends have very different Thanksgiving breaks, two of them are stuck on campus while the third is spending it with her Aunt and Uncle.
Jill saw Amy and Chelsie across the quad and hurried over to them. She was eager to share the bad news with her friends. “You are not going to believe this! My parents said that plane tickets are too expensive so I won’t be going home for Thanksgiving.” The short brunette pouted as she said this.

“Hey, you’ll be in good company, I’m going to be here the whole break and Chelsie will be here for most of it.” Amy was always trying to support Jill. Amy was straight, but Jill was just so cute and perky. Deep down Amy knew that her own tan and toned Asian body would look so beautiful entwined with the pale brunette.

Chelsie chimed in, “Yeah, I’m spreading Thanksgiving with my Aunt and Uncle but will probably be around the rest of the time.” Chelsie wasn’t really looking forward to visiting her Aunt and Uncle, but it was the closest family she had. They continued talking about the break till they got to their Anthropology class. This was their last class before break started and the topic was pretty dry. The one redeeming factor in their eyes was that the professor was a handsome thirty something with a great smile.

After class Jill stayed back to talk to the professor. Amy and Chelsie waited outside for a couple of minutes before Jill joined them. Jill practically skipped over to them, “You’re not going to believe this! You know how I did my midterm paper on Native American use of psychedelics?”

Amy and Chelsie remembered Jill trying to get them to try a variety of drugs with her, but they all chickened out. “Yeah, we remember that.”

“Well, Professor Robinson really liked the paper and offered to be my guide if I wanted to try anything this break.” Amy went pale while Chelsie blushed. Chelsie regularly masturbated to the thought of Professor Robinson and she felt oddly betrayed. She knew that there was no way Jill wasn’t going to fuck him. Amy too felt betrayed, not only for being left out but also she’d love to have a mind opening experience with Jill.

“What? Don’t look so grim Amy, I asked if you could join us and he said that’d be fine.” They all started walking back to their dorm. Amy was getting excited but now Chelsie was dreading being at her Aunt and Uncle’s even more. She’d be off with a couple of fifty year olds while her friends were having a drug fueled romp with one of the hottest professors on campus. When they got to the dorm Chelsie left the other two to go pack.

Jill and Amy

It was Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and Jill and Amy were getting ready to go to Professor Robinson’s house. The three friends had been texting all day about what was going to go down tonight. Jill kept on joking that she should just wear an overcoat and nothing else. When she finally decided on an outfit it was a bit more conservative and much more appropriate for the November weather. She looked great in her turtleneck and long skirt, and she looked even better in the navy blue pantie and bra set she had underneath.

Amy knew Jill would try to steal the show, so she pulled out all the stops. She’d gotten a wax and then went and picked up a tight red leotard that snapped together in the crotch. Since her tits were barely an A, she knew she could wear the cute red number and no underwear. She picked a high grey skirt and matching red leggings. Even with her coat on she was cold, but she knew she looked good.

The girls sent pictures of their outfits to the group chat. Chelsie was envious but impressed with how cute they both looked. There was no way Professor Robinson would be able to contain his lust. As the two girls headed to their professor’s house, Chelsie sat down to dinner with her Aunt and Uncle.

Jill and Amy excitedly stood at the door and rang the bell. Pretty quickly Professor Robinson answered the door and let them in. He took their coats and ushered them into the living room. “I hope you guys don’t mind, I had to cover all the furniture and such before the ceremony. You see, if there are distracting patterns around you’re more likely to latch onto those than travel on your own path.” Jill and Amy nodded as if they understood and walked into the room. The carpet and all the furniture was covered in white sheets, it was oddly calming. The only exposed furniture was three small neutral colored pillows in the center of the floor.

“I am actually writing a paper on these types of experiences, I know this is pretty weird but could I have you two sign releases before we begin. Depending on your journey I might include it in my paper. The girls took the clipboards and signed. Amy had started to read the release but when Jill signed it immediately, Amy stopped reading and followed suit.

“So what I was thinking was that I could have you two try a small dose of a traditional tea that will help open you up to your journey. After that we’d smoke a sacred herb that’ll help you find your inner self. When you’ve come down from that we’ll eat a little and then if you want, smoke a little pot to calm down.” He gestured to the pillows.

The girls nodded along and took their seats. In a couple minutes Professor Robinson returned with two mugs. “Sip these slowly, but you need to make sure you’ve had it all within twenty minutes. We wouldn’t want you to relax too much while holding a hot beverage.”

The two girls took their respective mugs and started drinking. It tasted quite foul. Amy had to pipe up, “Professor, is there anything we can put in this to help it go down.” As she said this she looked to Jill who was sipping away, trying to prove how much more open she was to the situation.

“You can call me Mike, and no, we really want the tea to be the only thing in your stomach.” Amy went back to sipping. Fifteen minutes later Jill was done with hers and talking with Mike as Amy choked down the last of the tea. She’d already started to feel something, her body was relaxed and she felt warmth at the bottom of her stomach. Or maybe it was a little lower, the more Amy focused on the sensation the more she realized how aroused she was. The tight fabric of her leotard tickled her nipples and embarrassed her soft hairless lips.

Jill had been talking but she too started to feel a fire building in her. As she spoke with Mike it took all of her self-control to not ask him to touch her. Twenty minutes after they started drinking both girls were in a relaxed yet horny mood. Mike could see Amy’s nipples poking through her top and Jill looked like she’d suck his cock if he let it out of his pants. “You should start to feel it now, the key at this step is to find the fire within yourself and focus your attention on that.”

Mike took his phone out of his pocket, “Do you girls mind if I take some photos for the paper?”

Neither of the girls was in a state to respond but Amy heard herself say, “Of course, go ahead.” Mike took several shots of the two coeds. He noticed Jill had started to rub her skirt. He took this cue to mean the girls were ready for the next step. “Listen closely to my voice,” both girls dully looked up at him, “many people find that the texture or confinement of some articles of clothing can distract from the experience. If you want you can stand up and remove any articles you don’t need.”

Both girls stood up and Mike started to record a video. Amy watched as Jill removed her turtle neck and unzipped her skirt. In moments she was standing there with her perky and disproportionately large Ds wrapped in an adorable blue bra. Amy felt her hands fumble with her zipper and then her own skirt fall to the ground. Mike couldn’t believe how well this was going, and he couldn’t have lucked out with a cuter set of coeds.

Jill was just standing there when Amy decided that her leotard was too tight on her. What Mike had said about the fabric distracting her was more than true. All she could think about was how her nipples felt stifled. She shifted her legs apart and reached down. It wasn’t the most elegant movement, but soon enough she was pulling the red leotard over her head. Jill stared at her friend’s almost naked body, longing to touch her soft and warm skin.

Jill came back to it and realized she was now wearing clothes while Amy was not. She fumbled with her bra strap and dropped her panties. A part of her regretted getting a landing strip instead of a Brazilian like Amy. Amy’s cunt lips looked so inviting. Mike let the girls stand there for another minute as he stopped the video and got a few more pictures.

“Now that you’ve freed your bodies, where do you feel the fire within yourselves?” Mike was rock hard but knew it’d be more fun to wait a little longer.

Jill piped up, “In my pussy, I feel it in my pussy.” Mike kicked himself for missing that with the video.

“And Amy, where do you feel it?” He started recording again.

“I feel it all over but mostly in my hard nipples and inside my pussy.” Amy lowered her hand to her hairless delicate cunt. She dipped a finger into the wet hole and brought it to her mouth. After licking her finger clean she continued, “I think I need to cum, I think if I just came I’d be able to continue my journey.”

Mike smiled, “That’s a very common experience. As your guide I shouldn’t help you with that, but if you two wanted to go down on each other that’d be acceptable.”

Amy looked at Jill and lowered herself to the floor. She lay on her back and pulled her knees to the sides of her chest. Mike came around to get a nice close-up of the cute little snatch. Jill was hesitating when Mike spoke up, “I know this can be a lot for some people, it’s okay if it’s too much for you.” He knew Jill’s competitive side wouldn’t allow being out done by Amy. Jill quickly dropped to her belly and positioned her face between Amy’s legs.

Mike almost laughed at how sloppy Jill’s head was. Under normal circumstances he knew Amy wouldn’t have cum, but with the drugs coursing through her little body it only took minutes before she was crying out in ecstasy. Jill rolled onto her back and Amy obediently began licking her wet and ready cunt. Jill came even faster than Amy had. Both girls relaxed on their backs on the floor. Mike was ecstatic with his footage. As he looked at the two girls, trying to figure out what to do next, he heard a chime from one of the girl’s purses.

Out of curiosity he went over and retrieved Amy’s phone. He unlocked it with her dazed face and read the text, “Hey sluts, how’s it going? I’m so fucking bored!” Mike recognized Chelsie as these girls’ bigger friend. Not necessarily fat, but just a big girl, with great looking tits, but at 5’ 9” she was a bit taller than Mike would like.

Mike decided it was time to move on to the next part of the experience for these girls. He got up and went to the kitchen again. He returned with two glasses and a pipe. He helped the two girls back onto their pillows. Once they were sitting up he handed them the glasses and told them to drink it all. He set the pipe down and got up again. By the time he came back he noticed both girls seemed much more aware of their surroundings. They still seemed comfortable but their eyes were no longer drowsy.

Mike set a small trash can next to each of the girls. “Okay, so this next part might be unpleasant. You’re each going to smoke from this pipe, the trick sadly is to keep passing it back and forth until you each throw up.” The girls barely acknowledged his statement as he handed the pipe to Amy. What ensued was a lot of coughing and wheezing as each girl took turns on the pipe. Unsurprisingly Amy was the first to vomit, but Jill was right behind her. A couple minutes later Mike finished cleaning them up and removed the trash cans.

Now he knew that they would be pliable, and thanks to the stimulants he’d given them, they’d remember everything. He wanted them to remember how badly they wanted him to fuck them. The room was spinning a little for the girls but their eyes still could focus. Mike handed Amy her phone, “Amy you got a text from Chelsie, how about you respond with a selfie?”

Amy thought that’d be a great idea. She took a picture of her face and was about to send it when Mike stopped her, “Come on, that’s not very fun, your friend is bored and alone, why not send her a nude, and then one of Jill?” Amy complied, standing up she took a full body selfie and hit send. It wasn’t the best shot, but you could see her perky little nipples and just make out her shaved pussy. Jill had sent plenty of sexy pictures before and knew what people liked to see. She stood up and used her flexibility from years of being a cheerleader. Jill was a little wobbly but slowly she got into a standing splits.

Mike was taking his own photos but soon enough Amy had sent a couple pictures of Jill to the group chat. Jill lowered her leg and sat back down, a little tired from the exertion. Mike was ready now. He’d waited long enough and if the girls were willing to send nudes to their friend, they were definitely ready to pleasure him. “Jill, how about you come over here and help me out?” Jill got on her knees and crawled over to Mike. When she got to him she noticed he was naked and his cock was right in her face. Without needing any prompting she began licking his nine inches of flesh.

Amy was a little disappointed she wasn’t a part of this, but decided that Chelsie would like to see this too. Chelsie had been texting back, but Amy couldn’t focus on the words on the screen, instead she just sent out a nice shot of Jill cupping Mike’s balls as she licked his shaft. The shot captured how long his cock was. Amy hit send. Mike was a little worried about being in these photos, but as this tight little thing licked his dick his worries melted away.

Mike knew he wouldn’t last much longer and wanted to cum in Jill’s pussy, not on her face. He effortlessly got her on her back. Replicating what she’d done earlier, Mike worked her legs into a standing splits. He rubbed the head of his cock against her sloppy hole. He was so focused on entering this coed that he didn’t notice Amy was taking a video now. As he pushed into her folds he was filled with ecstasy. It only took a couple pumps before he creamed in her tight hole.

He rolled off of Jill and Amy handed him her phone. Mike was confused but saw it was still recording, he caught on as Amy went down to Jill’s leaking pussy. Amy pulled her hair to the side and smiled to the camera before going down on her friend, cleaning her cunt of Mike’s cum. When she was done, Mike ended the video and sent it to Chelsie.


Chelsie was an odd mix of emotions as she lay on her bed and she scrolled through the group chat on her computer. She was jealous of her friends and felt like she should be the one getting that great looking cock. There was also this welling between her thighs like she hadn’t felt in a long time. Chelsie wasn’t big on masturbation but figured she’d give it a try. She knew her Uncle had left to take the dog on a walk, and her Aunt was watching some sitcom in the living room.

Chelsie pulled down her sweatpants and underwear and began rubbing her clit as she hit replay on the video of Professor Robinson fucking Jill. She’d watched it three times when her door swung open, “Hey dear, I was going to have a glass of wine…” Chelsie’s Aunt stopped mid-sentence. Chelsie was frozen in shame. Aunt Clair stood there in her bathrobe taking in the situation before she took a step back and closed the door. Chelsie’s heart raced as she lay there with her pants still halfway down her thighs. She needed to beg Aunt Clair not to tell her Uncle, cause she knew her Uncle would not only tell her Mom but probably the rest of the family too.

Chelsie had about gathered the courage to get up when her door opened again. Clair stepped in and closed the door behind her. Chelsie started to speak but was interrupted, “Chelsie, I am sorry I interrupted you like that.” Clair kept moving forward until she was at the bed and sat down, Chelsie’s pants were still down, and she felt like she was going to die from embarrassment.

“Masturbation is perfectly natural. In fact I can almost only ever cum from masturbation. It’s something your Uncle and I have worked on for years, but everyone is a little different.” Chelsie couldn’t figure where this was going. Clair continued, “The occasional fingering is fun, but I find that a bullet works wonders.” Clair produced a small vibrator still in its packaging. “I was going to give this to a friend of mine but I think you will get more use out of it.”

As she handed the packaging to the frozen Chelsie another picture popped up on Chelsie’s chat. This was of an attractive Asian girl getting fucked from behind by a thirty something man. Clair was a little caught off guard but knew that she could push through and get what she wanted. “I used to love watching my friend’s get fucked like that.” She took a stab in the dark, “Is that one of your professors?”

Chelsie finally found herself, “Yes, and those are my two best friends.” Chelsie was absentmindedly opening the packaging on the vibrator.

“Your Uncle only knows a fraction of my history, I used to love things like that. Guys love it when you’re masturbating as they fuck your friends. Dale was never really into that scene, I mean I know him and his brothers would share girls, especially your Mom’s friends.” Clair shook her head as another picture popped up. “Here love, how about I help you a little?”

Chelsie didn’t know what she was agreeing to but nodded along. Clair took the half opened toy from Chelsie and finished unwrapping it. She then removed her bathrobe, revealing her toned naked body underneath. For a woman in her fifties Clair kept herself together, even having a clean and crisp landing strip leading to her loose cunt lips. Chelsie was embarrassed by her unkempt bush.

Clair crawled into the bed and got behind Chelsie, spooning her as best she could. Due to Chelsie’s height this was a little awkward. Clair kissed Chelsie on the neck, as another video popped up. “Let’s see what your friends are up to.” Chelsie didn’t move so Clair reached up and hit play. The Asian girl was now riding the professor, and the shot captured her ass popping up and down as her cunt gripped his shaft.

Chelsie was feeling hot as Clair took the vibrator and stuck it into Chelsie’s mouth. “Since you seem to be a little slow right now I’m going to tell you how this is going to go. You’re going to suck on this like the little slut you wish you were and then I’m going to get you off with it.” Chelsie began sucking.

After a couple seconds Clair pulled the vibrator and her fingers out of Chelsie’s mouth. She switched it on and lowered it to Chelsie’s hairy cunt. As the toy hit her clit Chelsie let out a slight chirp. Clair started kissing her neck again as they both watched the video. Chelsie began to move her hips to the rhythm of Amy’s fucking.

Clair watched as the professor began working a finger into the little Asian’s asshole. It was an adorable brown little rosebud, but it had clearly never been used like that. Chelsie let out a slight squeal as she watched the finger enter. Clair worked her free hand down to Chelsie’s ass. Without any warning she began working her middle finger up Chelsie’s asshole. Chelsie bucked away but this wasn’t Clair’s first rodeo. In moments Chelsie was feeling what Amy was going through on the screen. Chelsie couldn’t take it anymore and let out a moan that rang through the house. She continued to cry out as Clair worked her clit and asshole.

When Chelsie finally stopped bucking Clair removed both the toy and her finger. Chelsie was still shaking a little. “What does a little slut say?”

Chelsie, cleared her throat, “Thank you Aunt Clair”

“How about you turn off that device and get some sleep?” Chelsie didn’t say anything but silenced the chat as Clair got up. She put the vibrator on the bedside table, grabbed her bathrobe from the ground, and walked out of the room.

The next morning Chelsie woke up to another two dozen pictures and videos from her friends. Based on the last one having a time stamp of 4 AM they must have just fucked all night. Chelsie grabbed the vibrator and started watching the videos. It didn’t take long for her to climax again. She got up and started the day.

The morning and afternoon was a bit of a blur as she helped her Aunt and Uncle prepare a small Thanksgiving dinner. Nobody said anything about the previous night and Chelsie slowly relaxed. Clair offered Chelsie a glass of wine with dinner and before she knew it the two of them had drained a couple bottles. Once everything was cleaned up and put away the three of them settled in the living room. After some idle chit chat, Chelsie’s Uncle finally broke the seal, he turned to his niece, “So honey, judging from those cries last night Clair still has it, huh?”

Chelsie was tipsy enough this time that she didn’t let it hold her shame hold her up, “Oh come off it, you’re pretty creepy fucking chicks with your brothers.”

Dale laughed, “Oh, those were the good old days. I mean stop and think about that from the girl’s perspective. They knew they were commanding a room of three six foot something guys. It made them feel like the center of the universe. Right honey?”

Clair smiled and turned to Chelsie, “He’s not wrong, all those big guys tossing you around feels amazing. Especially a bear like my love. I’ve even seen him handle girls bigger than you.”

Chelsie blushed at that comment. She’d had plenty of good fucks but she’d never been properly manhandled like she wanted. Dale got up and sat next to Chelsie on the couch, as he settled in her put his arm around her, “There’s nothing to be ashamed or worried about when you’re having safe fun with other adults. When was the last time you came as hard as you did last night?”

Chelsie looked away, “Never, I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that.” Clair smiled and got up, seating herself on the other side of Chelsie. Without saying anything Clair began kissing Chelsie on the lips. Chelsie hesitated but began reciprocating. Clair’s hand moved straight to Chelsie’s fat tits, rubbing and kneading them. Chelsie felt Dale get up from the couch. Her jeans were unbuttoned and pulled from her legs. She realized he’d gotten her underwear too. Clair grabbed Chelsie’s leg and pulled it up and over her lap, “Take off your shirt you little slut.”

Something about being called “little” melted Chelsie a bit. She obediently removed her shirt and bra, noticing in the movement that her Uncle was on his knees in front of her. He lifted her free leg and pushed it back. With Chelsie’s hairy cunt fully exposed Dale spread her lips and began lapping at her well. Chelsie cried out a little as Clair pushed her tongue back into Chelsie’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Chelsie’s cries were escaping the embrace of their lips. As she came, both Dale and Clair stepped back.

They stripped down and Clair situated herself on the chair facing the couch. Chelsie didn’t see where it came from but soon Clair was using a vibrator and a dildo and watching intently as Dale walked back to the couch. Chelsie let Dale grab her and pull her to her feet. He bent her over and unceremoniously entered her pussy. Chelsie hadn’t noticed his cock size but she now felt fuller than she’d ever felt before. He gripped her hips and she felt like she was half the size she was as he started pounding into her. Things were a blur until she heard Clair crying out. Dale quickly pulled out of Chelsie and grabbed her by her hair. He led Chelsie over to Clair, forcing her face between Clair’s legs right as Clair climaxed, drenching Chelsie’s face with her fluids.

Chelsie barely had time to acknowledge what had just happened when she was once again pulled to her feet. Dale spun her around and picked her up, before slowly lowering her back onto his cock. Chelsie had never been in this position before. Dale bounced her up and down on his cock, holding her tight to his body creating an unbelievable sensation in her clitoris. Chelsie felt her orgasm building as she buried her face into her Uncle’s hairy chest. Dale shifted his grip on her so he was holding her by her ass cheeks. In this way he spread her enough that Clair had a clear view. With her phone recording in one hand and her dildo in the other, Clair positioned herself just right. The next time Dale lifted Chelsie up, Clair placed the tip of the dildo against Chelsie’s asshole. Chelsie felt the pressure as she came down and knew what was happening. It was too much for her and she started to cry out in pleasure. Two lifts later the dildo had entered her ass and she started cumming harder than even the previous night. Clair ignored that she’d cum and kept working the dildo into her ass.

Chelsie had effectively gone limp but Dale wasn’t done yet. Clair knew what was coming and got up off the chair. When Dale had seen Clair move he dropped Chelsie down onto the chair. He pinned her legs back as he began aggressively pounding into his niece’s young pussy. It didn’t take long before he was ready to cum. He pulled out of her pussy and dragged her to the ground. She was face to face with his cock. Dale shoved his dick into her mouth and two pumps later released his load down her throat. Dale pulled back and sat down on the couch. Clair still had the camera running as Chelsie collapsed on her side. Clair went up and pulled the dildo from her ass and captured her hole slowly close.

As Chelsie lay in bed that night she debated sharing the videos and pictures her Aunt had sent her. Since Jill and Amy’s crazy night nobody had said anything in the group chat. Chelsie knew that they must be so ashamed, and that by sharing the videos of her and her Uncle she might create a tighter bond with her friends. You couldn’t see her Uncle’s face in the shots so ultimately typed up “I got some gravy after Thanksgiving dinner!”

A minute later her phone was blowing up and she knew she’d made the right choice.
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