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Alaina finds out her father is cheating with the live-in babysitter and decides to confront him.
Alaina picked through the clothes and drawers in Miciela’s room. The Brazilian Au Pair was only a couple years older than Alaina, and the fact that her parents had hired her gave Alaina the creeps. How was her mom okay with this thick, tanned, tart prancing around their home? Last weekend Alaina had seen Miciela tanning in the backyard in the smallest swimsuit imaginable. Just this morning Miciela has worn shorts at breakfast that didn’t cover her ass, the shorts were so scrunched up Miciela’s crack that her camel toe was visible to everyone. As much as Alaina disliked Miciela, she had to admit that the little woman could work it.

Alaina knew it was partially on her that her parents had gone this route. She’d just graduated from high school but her younger brother and sister still needed to be watched pretty closely. Alaina picked through Miciela’s shit looking for drugs or some sign that Miciela was up to no good. Next to Miciela’s bed Alaina found a black velvety bag. She opened it up to reveal several toys, including the largest vibrating dildo she’d ever seen. A combination of embarrassment and arousal hit her.

Alaina was no virgin, but she also had never used any sort of toy. The heft of this device filled her with curiosity and a bit of longing. She’d recently dumped her boyfriend since she didn’t want anything holding her back when she got to college. Something like this dildo would probably make her summer a lot more fun.

She was daydreaming when she heard the front door slam shut. Alaina hurriedly put the toy back and covered her tracks. Before she could reach the door there were steps in the hallway. Panicking, she opened up Miciela’s closet and hid inside. Her heart was racing as the door to the room swung open.

Alaina watched through the slats in the closet door as Miciela stepped in. Somebody was with her. The door to the room was closed and almost instantaneously Miciela was pushed to her knees. Alaina heard her father’s voice, “Now not a peep out of you, you little slut. I’m pretty sure Alaina is in her room.”

Alaina muffled her gasp. She had a feeling this was happening and she’d heard suspicious noises in the past, but she never expected to have a show like this. Miciela obediently nodded and undid Rob’s pants. Alaina’s heart was pumping as she watched her dad’s dick get pulled from his pants. Alaina felt a welling up in her stomach as she watched Miciela begin delicately licking the growing shaft. Rob’s erect cock was the largest Alaina had seen in person, she guessed it was a solid nine inches long. It took all of Alaina’s self-control to hold back her desire to touch herself. She quivered as she realized she still had the dildo in hand.

Miciela knew Rob liked to feel dominant but also that she was fully in control. He had one of the better cock’s she’d ridden but it wasn’t the largest. She knew what Rob wanted and was going to give it to him. With his hot shaft fully erect, Miciela began sucking his head and bobbing up and down on it. Some guys liked chicks who would just deep throat by default but Rob wasn’t one of them. He reached down and grabbed a handful of Miciela’s dark brown hair, “You fucking tease, for that weak show you deserve some choking.”

Miciela relaxed her throat and looked up as pitifully as she could. Rob pulled her head towards his crotch as hard as he could, jamming his cock down her waiting throat. It never even crossed Rob’s mind that Miciela was not only ready for this but wanted it from the start. Miciela began making some gagging noises to further arouse Rob.

Alaina was dazed as she slowly rose the seven inches of plastic to her lips. She watched intently and slowly began inserting Miciela’s toy into her mouth. Alaina muffled an initial gag as she realized the toy wasn’t clean, but she pushed through and silently began fucking her own throat in time with her dad’s thrusts. Her free hand drifted down the front of her sweatpants and soon she was lightly playing with her wet and waiting hole.

Miciela rubbed her pussy as Rob began getting into a rhythm of face fucking. From her angle she saw how purposeful Miciela had been, and now, as she watched Miciela rubbed her cunt while Alaina’s dad thrust his cock. Alaina began rubbing her clit. Alaina muffled a cry as she realized what she was doing, but she kept pleasuring herself to her Father’s adultery.

Rob stopped abruptly and pulled Miciela back up onto her feet. The thick Brazilian was easily a foot shorter than Rob. Alaina knew she was going to cum and did her best to stifle a moan. The plastic cock rubbed against the back of her throat as she realized what was going to happen next. Rob ripped off Miciela’s top and bra as he also stripped naked. Miciela purposely took a little time pulling her jeans down, prompting Rob to shove her back onto the bed.

As Rob viciously pulled on Miciela’s pants, Alaina lowered the dildo to her cunt, mixing the saliva on the tip with her own juices. Miciela’s jeans and panties were still wrapped around her ankles as Rob grabbed the wad of clothes and pushed her legs back. Miciela’s chubby little pussy was fully exposed and visibly wet. Alaina began pumping the dildo into her soft folds. Rob held Miciela’s legs back with one hand as he guided his erection into her folds with the other. Alaina came as she watched the Au Pair take his entire cock in one thrust. Miciela had been living with them for four months now and Alaina was curious if she could always handle that much cock.

Alaina was surprised as she came down from her orgasm. Even though her clit was too tender to keep rubbing she couldn’t help but continue fucking herself as her dad plowed into Miciela. Rob stopped fucking the twenty something and pulled his dick out. He took a minute and pulled Miciela’s jeans off. Rob pulled her off the bed and laid down facing up. Without a word Miciela opened her drawer, paused and then grabbed a vibrator and mounted Rob’s cock.

Alaina’s heart was pounding as she realized Miciela must notice the missing toy. Somehow this just made her even horneir and she started to pump the dildo in and out even faster. Miciela’s new position position had her facing the closet, and Alaina could have sworn Miciela was staring right at her. Alaina could see all of the Brazilian as she began bouncing her pussy on Rob’s cock. Alaina couldn’t see her Dad’s face but every now and then he saw his hand raise and come down hard on Miciela’s jiggling ass. Miciela turned on her toy and lowered it to her clit. Alaina began rubbing her own sex, trying to live vicariously through this slut in front of her.

Miciela straightened out and began grinding her pussy against Rob. Alaina watched as Miciela ran the vibrator from her clit down to the base of Rob’s cock. Miciela continued this till Alaina heard Rob start to grunt. Miciela, focused the vibrator on her own pleasure as she felt Rob start to cum. Miciela loved how large Rob’s loads were. Feeling his hot seed fill every nook of her pussy took her over the edge.

Alaina was peaking again and as she watched Miciela raise her dripping pussy from her dad’s cock, Alaina orgasmed harder than she ever had before. She almost drew blood as she bit down on her arm to stifle her moan. In a daze Alaina watched Miciela lick Rob’s cock clean.

Rob quietly left the room leaving Miciela alone with Alaina. Alaina dreaded the confrontation that was coming but she was still in too much of a daze to react as Miciela opened the closet door. Miciela’s toy was still halfway inside of Alaina’s pussy. Miciela made intense eye contact as she reached down and pulled her dildo from Alaina. Without saying a word she left the closet door open and walked to her bathroom.

A few days had passed Alaina felt the need to confront her Dad. She didn’t know what good would come from it but she felt it needed to be done. She waited till Saturday morning when her mom, Miciela, and her younger siblings would be out of the house. Her dad had spent the morning doing yard work and had just returned to the house. Alaina went to intercept him but he brushed her off saying he needed a shower and then he could talk.

Rob had taken a beer with him to the shower and was sipping that as he washed the sweat from his body. He briefly thought about what Alaina could want but quickly got sidetracked. She looked pretty cute this morning. She had on a little pair of pajama shorts and just a tank top. Rob figured her mother would have to have a talk with her about wearing bras in the house, since Alaina’s perky Cs had been on full display. Blood was rushing to his cock as he wondered what his eighteen year old daughter tasted like. He loved fucking Miciela’s thick body but Alaina’s skinny athletic build would probably fit like a vice on his cock. He gave himself a couple strokes but knew he wanted to save his load for a real pussy.

As Alaina waited her mind kept going back to her Dad’s cock. She reached down her shorts and started rubbing herself to the thought of having that rammed into her tight little hole. She wasn’t even sure she’d be able to handle something that size, and that fact just got her hotter. She leaned against the hallway outside her parents room as she started to rub harder and harder. Her breath was quickening when she heard the shower stop. She waited a minute and opened the door to her parent’s room.

The bathroom door was still closed, so Alaina gathered up her nerve and stood tall as she mustered the courage to confront her dad. The door opened and Rob stepped out in a towel. Alaina was thrown a little and Rob was completely caught off guard. Before either of them processed the situation Alaina blurted out, “I know you’re fucking Miciela and if you don’t stop I’m going to tell mom!”

Rob was furious and closed the space between the two of them. Alaina only then realized that he was fully erect under his towel and she could see a clear outline of his cock. Rob grabbed his daughter by the shoulders, “Why the fuck would you do that?”

Alaina was panicking, “I was in Miciela’s room and saw you fuck her, like really fuck her”

Rob felt a weird mixture of horniness and anger. He’d never really wanted to fuck his daughter before but as he looked at her trembling form his cock just got harder. “I’m sure you loved watching that, you little slut. I bet you wish that was you, getting fucked.”

Alaina froze a little, a part of her did wish that her dad would just pin her to the bed and fucked her little brains out. “I, I, I mean, that’s, that’s just wrong”

Rob saw behind his daughter’s weak protest, “Ask me to fuck you.”

“Daddy no.” Alaina’s pussy was dripping wet.

Rob adjusted his grip on her arms, “Ask Daddy to fuck you.”

Alaina looked down, trying to avoid eye contact but instead saw that her Dad’s towel had slipped and now his cock was out and was practically touching her.

“I told you to ask me to fuck you”

Alaina mumbled something. Rob pushed her onto his bed. “what did you say?”

Alaina knew it was too late, this was happening. She cleared her throat, “Daddy can you fuck me?”

In a flash he was on her, pulling her shorts and panties off her shapely legs. Alaina more or less went limp as her legs were spread and she felt Rob’s cock brush against her swollen lips. He thrusted slowly, his cock missing it’s mark and running up her slit. Alaina moaned as the cock spread her fluids. Rob pulled back and tried again, this time hitting his mark. ”Daddy’s little whore would be ready to go, I should have guessed that you were more than just a tease.”

Alaina gasped as the first couple inches entered her. She realized in that moment that she’d never had sex without a condom before. Each of Rob’s slow thrusts elicited a chirp from his daughter. He slowly worked the first six inches of his cock into her. Every inch filled Alaina with more and more lust. She hadn’t realized it before but having a rock hard cock stretch her tight pussy was her favorite sensation in the world. She wanted to live in this moment.

Rob wasn’t surprised when he seemed to hit resistance. Alaina’s mother had taken months till she could handle his cock. He was happy his daughter could take as much as she had. Miciela on the other hand could take all of his dick and then some from day one. Rob was brought back to the moment as he bottomed out in his daughter's tight pussy again. Alaina groaned in pleasure, it hurt a little and was a little uncomfortable but it was also amazing.

Rob had pinned Alaina’s legs back, and now Alaina carefully worked her knees behind her shoulders. It wasn’t exactly comfortable but Rob was ecstatic to see how flexible his fuck meat of a daughter could be. With his hands freed, Rob bent forward and started to kneed Alaina’s tits through her tank top.

Rob pulled his cock most of the way out and then began to give his daughter shallow thrusts, not challenging the depth of her pussy, but still stretching her out with his girth. He leaned in and put more of his weight on her Cs. Alaina had never cum from vaginal stimulation but between the hot cock stretching her precious walls and her dad’s hard grip on her tender tits, Alaina started to feel her orgasm building.

Rob felt it before he heard it. The already tight pussy seemed to flex a little in rhythm with his thrusts. In another minute Alaina was giving out little moans with each thrust. He squeezed her tits harder and fucked her faster, trying not to cum before she did. He’d fucked Miciela the night before so he was actually able to control himself pretty well. Alaina on the other hand couldn’t control what was happening with her body at all. She thought back to her orgasm the day before and that pales in comparison to what she was feeling now. Her whole body began to shake as Rob continued to pummel her insides.

Alaina cried out in ecstasy and she tensed up her entire body. She was so used to holding back her orgasms it was amazingly liberating to be able to fully release. A second later she went limp. Rob paused in his fucking. He helped pull his daughter's legs back from behind her shoulders and lay down on the bed. He moved his daughter up onto his lap facing away from him. Rob’s erection rubbed against Alaina’s quivering lips.

Alaina had seen Miciela ride her dad and now it was Alaina’s turn. She refocused on the task at hand and lifted her hips up off her dad. She took hold of Rob’s cock and guided it into her slightly gaping hole. Rob had to control himself as his little blonde daughter began riding his cock. She didn’t have the moves of the Brazilian but she made up for it in her cute determination.

Rob reached up and put his hand on Alaina’s lower stomach, resting his fingers on her clit. He didn’t apply any real pressure but gave Alaina something to rub against as she tried to work more of his dick into her. She began groaning again and as her pussy squeezed tighter and tighter on Rob's cock he finally started to lose it. He spoke for the first time since they started, “Come on you little slut, get daddy off.”

Alaina felt so dirty but so hot, she quickened her pace, but was trying to hold back her own orgasm till her daddy came. She cried out as Rob grabbed one of her tits with his free hand, “Ask for me to cum in you, you little slut.”

Alaina was at her edge and barely registered what she was saying, “Cum in me daddy, please, cum in me.” Rob couldn’t hold back any longer and released. As his cock began to squirt his seed into Alaina’s pussy, Alaina also peaked, squeezing hard onto his shaft. Alaina collapsed on him and didn’t move for a minute.

When she refocused she knew she needed to try to measure up to that Brazilian whore. Alaina carefully dismounted and began licking her father’s cock. She didn’t care for the taste, but she wasn’t doing this for herself, she was doing this so every time that chubby bitch was licking his cock, Rob would be thinking about this. In a fit of one-upmanship, Alaina reached down to her pussy and squeezed out her dad’s cum. She made sure Rob saw as she licked her fingers clean and swallowed.

Alaina grabbed her clothes and walked out. She didn’t know where to go from here. Rob lay on the bed for a few minutes and wondered what it’d take to get Miciela and Alaina to fuck.
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