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Madison attends a boarding school where standards are high and punishment is deadly.
Madison Greene walked down the hallway of Manor Academy, her shiny black heels echoing down the hall. She walked alongside her best friend, Lena. They were 18 and were in their final semester at the elite boarding school. “I can’t believe he said that to you” Lena gasped as she reacted to Madison’s tale.

“I know” she beamed back.

“Ladies, stop” came a firm direct order. They froze. Principal West stood before them, he was a tall man in his fifties with silver hair. There was a tense silence as he looked at them, inspecting them with his dark eyes. “Miss Greene, what’s this?” he said, stepping to the side of her and pulling at a loose strand of her dark hair which had fallen out of her neat bun.

Madison’s heart sank and she remained silent for a moment. “Please-”

“I think we better have a chat in my office” the principal spoke.

Madison turned to Lena and gazed at her with her sad green eyes.

Lena looked back, there were no words.

Madison followed the principal through the school, she could hear the nylon of her tights rubbing together as she walked down the hall. Madison was a short girl, 5’0, with long dark hair and bright green eyes. She wore her emerald green school blazer, white shirt, green tie, green tartan skirt, black tights and shiny black leather heels. She clutched her brown leather satchel, her mind was racing.

They entered the office and she took a seat opposite the principal at his desk. “Madison, Madison, Madison” he spoke. “You know, I’ve grown fond of you, you have worked so hard at this school but it’s just this last semester your standards have fallen so low. Your hair falling out of a bun, that’s something I’d expect from a new start, you know if that bun was tighter it wouldn’t happen and we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

“Please” she begged, tears beginning to fill her green eyes.

“Madison, this is your own doing” the principal affirmed.

“Just one more chance” she begged.

He reached for her file and opened it. “Madison, this is strike three. On September 13th you were late to class having slept in, on October 24th your shirt was creased” he sighed looking up at her. “You know, if I gave every student another chance when they asked for one, this school wouldn’t have the high standards it holds today. Society is built upon high standards and discipline and you have failed to meet the standards society requires.”

“No, please” she softly begged, tears beginning to role down her face.

“We can’t change the past” he said standing up and walking behind Madison. He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Now I know you’re scared, but my advice would be don’t beg for mercy. Hold your head up high and be proud of how far you’ve come, yes you may have failed, but you should be proud of yourself for making it this far.”

Madison nodded her head, it didn’t changed how she felt.

“Now, shall we head down.”

Madison was trembling as tears rolled down her face. Principal West put his arm around her as he guided her through the school, other students watching, knowing where she was heading. Rumors of Madison’s fate would circulate the school for the next day before it would be officially announced in the school notes.

They headed down to the basement of the academy to an unmarked room at the end of the hallway. Awaiting them in the room was Earl, the school’s elderly janitor who spent much of his time in the depths of the academy. There was a continuous hum in the room from the refrigeration unit which would normally be found in a morgue. Madison could see names on the drawers of people she knew who had recently fallen below standards. One of the drawers was open, the vacant stainless steel tray pulled out.

“Earl, this is Madison” Principal West introduced.

Earl gave a nod.

“She’s a little nervous” the principal advised.

“Principal” Madison said suddenly. “Can I call my dad before I go” she said, further tears falling from her eyes.

Principal West pulled a sympathetic smile. “I’m afraid not” he sighed. “When you started here your father put on the form that should you fail to meet standards, then Manor Academy will retain your body. The Greene family don’t want you back, I’m sorry.”

Madison nodded upon hearing this news.

“Take this” Earl said, handing Madison a small white card.

“So, what will happen to me- to my body?” she wondered.

“Don’t worry about it” Principal West said. “But, there is an anatomy class next week, and I think it will be good for you to support your peers with their education. Now, do as Earl says and we’ll get this over with.”

Madison had a sick feeling in her stomach, she knew there was no avoiding this though. Principal West lingered in the shadow of the room. This was a procedure he had seen thousands of times before.

“Write your name on the card” Earl instructed passing her a pen.

Madison wrote her name ‘Madison Greene’ on the card and passed it back to Earl.

Earl limped over to the open drawer and slid the card onto the drawer door. “Put your satchel down” Earl said, pointing to the steel tray which stuck out.

Madison stepped towards it and placed her brown satchel on the tray which she would shortly be laying on; the fierce cold air and smell of cadavers drifted from the unit. “Sit” Earl ordered, directing her to a recliner in the corner of the room.

She walked over and took a seat on the chair. Earl limped towards her and without warning stuck a needle into her neck, injecting her with toxic solution.

A sudden feeling of panic overwhelmed Madison, she tried to stand but Earl forcefully pushed her back onto the chair. “Just relax, Madison” Principal West calmly spoke from the shadows of the room.

Madison lay back on the chair, the world was spinning, her heart was racing and she didn’t know where to focus her eyes. A warm tightness slithered down from her neck into her chest and then there was agony, her heart done all kinds of kicks and flips. It wasn’t working, she was dying. She dug her nails into the chair as the pain overwhelmed her, white foam erupted from her mouth and she slumped forward, it drooled onto her lap. Earl held Madison, stopping her body from slumping out the chair. Madison let out a few grunting moans as she twitched and then after a few moments there was silence.

Earl pushed Madison back in the seat, the foam still around her agape mouth, her green eyes lifeless but wide open looking off into the distance.

“Alright Earl, I’ll leave you to sort her out.”

Earl grunted, acknowledging the principals remark. He watched Principal West leave the room and he turned looking at Madison. He scooped his arms under her legs and shoulders and carried her over to the metal tray; there was a clatter as her heels hit the metal, he placed the rest of her down gently.

Earl removed Madison’s heels placing them next to her satchel, he then lifted her torso into a seated position and removed her blazer, tie and began to unbutton her shirt. As he unbuttoned the shirt he had a nice stare at Madison’s petite breasts which we held in a white bra. He took her shirt and gently lay her body back onto the cool metal tray. Earl then pulled Madison’s skirt down her legs; he looked at her body resting, her eyes wide open, foam still around her pink lips which were turning a subtle blue.

“Pretty little bitch aren’t you?” Earl spoke as he stared at Madison, she just wore her bra, tights and pink panties. Earl could see Madison’s panties through the nylon of her tights. He stepped forward and pulled the soft tights down her legs so she just remained in her underwear.

Earl couldn’t resist; he stepped forward and placed his hand between Madison’s leg, feeling her vagina through the pink panties she wore. “Tight little cunt you’ve got” Earl grinned, looking at Madison’s lifeless green eyes. He yanked at her panties, pulling them down her legs revealing the clean shaved tight vagina.

He stepped forward and gave one of her breasts a firm squeeze before lifting her up into a seated position; her pussy lips touching the cold steel of the tray. Earl unclipped Madison’s bra and stepped away towards the pile of clothes at the foot of the tray near her satchel. Madison’s torso slammed down onto the stainless steel tray with a loud echoing thud; Earl smirked as he folded her clothes up as best he could.

He walked to the top of the table and pulled the hair ties from Madison’s long dark hair, her bun collapsing. He placed the hair ties into her satchel which already contained her books, glasses, phone, make-up. Earl looked at the cadaver before him, a pretty little lady from a wealthy family who just thirty minutes or so earlier had been walking to her next class.

Earl run his hand from Madison’s ankle, up her leg and squeezed her thigh. He touched her vagina, gently rubbing his hand up and down her pussy lips. He leaned down and began to kiss and lick her cunt. She was still warm and tasted incredible. He let out moans and pushed her legs further apart, his tongue running up and down her dead cunt.

He moved upward kissing her toned stomach and grabbing a handful of tit as he done so. Earl was rock hard now and proceeded to grab a fistful of Madison’s hair and used it to lift her up into a seated position. He pulled her legs from the table and her torso fell forward; her legs dangled from the steel tray, her torso was face down; her breasts pushed against the cold metal. Madison’s lifeless eyes stared at the steel, she didn’t feel the hard cock which Earl rammed into her tight vagina.

“How does that feel?” he grunted. Earl began to fuck Madison slowly, letting out sighs as he done so. She was so warm and comfortable, her snatch was so tight against he throbbing hard dick. The fucking became faster and faster as he felt himself building up; all of a sudden he cummed into Madison. He gasped for a moment before withdrawing his cock from her, cum dripping from her vagina onto the tiled floor.

“How was that?” he yelled out; there was a sudden crack as he slapped Madison’s ass with his hand. “Forever got a piece of me in you” Earl chuckled.

He lifted Madison’s legs back onto the tray laying her on her back. He laughed as he looked at the girl, he couldn’t resist having another play with her tits. He brushed some of her long hair out of her face and smiled at her. “You take care” he chuckled, pushing the tray back into the unit. Earl took one last look at Madison’s body in the dark compartment, cum still leaking from her tight vagina, he them slammed the door with a thud.

Madison spent several days resting within the fridge unit.

The following week Madison and three male cadavers were wheeled on gurneys through the underground tunnels that ran throughout the campus to the science building, Madison had been the only female who had failed to meet standard that week. They were taken in to the lecture hall where there were only two examination tables.

Two naked male corpses were placed on to one; one of the guys had disrespected a teacher, the other had failed to return a book to the library. They lay side by side, haunting expression on their faces.

Madison was then placed on the other table, her eyes were still wide open however had slightly clouded over, her breasts had also sagged a little in the days she had spent in the fridge.

Alongside Madison the lab assistant placed a large overweight student who had been put down for failing one of the school’s fitness tests. There was a strong smell of death, as they placed him alongside Madison his arm flopped outwards, his hand resting just near her vagina. A head rest was placed under the cadavers; Madison’s head was propped up, her clouded over glare looking at the limp long dead dick of the obese boy who rested alongside her.

Various knives, saws and tools were placed alongside the examination table.

Students soon piled in and there was a wondrous excitement in the air as they saw the bodies laid out on the tables. There were giggles as people saw the extended arm of the fat body resting so close to Madison’s vagina.

Lena entered and saw her friend on the table. “Oh Maddie” she sighed looking at her friend’s naked body. Several male students had gone to the front row and were looking over at Madison, pointing and talking about her cadaver. Lena let out a sigh, she missed her friend but they were all aware of the consequences in this highly regarded society. Maddie didn’t look at peace; she looked uncomfortable, scared, desperate. Lena was now about to spend the next three hours watching Maddie and the other bodies be sliced and diced up in front of two hundred students.
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