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He lived for the school breaks when he could head home to London and immerse himself in the Muggle life his parents tolerated this obsession
i am not sure if this story warrants more chapters let me know what you think

Muggle studies

Quinton was a little odd even for a magician make no mistake he had talent but his interest didn’t really lean towards magic he was curious about the rest of the world specifically the Muggles

at school he excelled in most of his classes but his passion was Muggle studies the objects the uses the clothing and now that he was almost of age the girls what interested them what drove them to Do the things they did to compete for the interest of the boys

He lived for the school breaks when he could head home to London and immerse himself in the Muggle life his parents tolerated this obsession hoping he could make a career out of it his own goals were a lot more personal on this particular day his obsession was Melanie She was about his age I may be a little shorter in stature but she had developed a lovely pair of Cantaloupe sized tits as he followed her home from the market he could not help but to also be mesmerized by the swish of her skirt as she walked using a little bit of unobtrusive manipulation he blew some wind up her skirt to look at all of her legs And her pert little ass cheeks encased in purple panties She was using both arms to hold her packages so was unable to prevent this from happening and deep down she wasn’t all that bothered by it As it happened the second time her cheeks grew red but nothing more until she got to her front step and put down her packages bending at the waist this time the skirt rode right up her back and stayed there until she straightened up Looking around to see if anybody noticed she caught Quinton’s eye across the lane and blushed a little deeper for his part Quinton merely walked past and gave her a broad smile

Melanie acting impulsively Blurted out would you care for a cup of tea. Not knowing that Quinton put the impulse in her head Having found a quick innocent thoughts were very easy to implant Without detection Once seated in the kitchen he watched Melanie as she unpacked her bags flitting around the kitchen and putting the kettle on To get things started Quinton told her she looked pretty today she ducked her head with a small thank you I especially love your purple panties her head whipped around and she saw him smiling she blushed even deeper and mumbled “that cheeky wind” she then prepared the tea and poured two cups when she turned To grab some biscuits he put a small drop of an infatuation love potion into her tea. They made small talk as they sipped their tea Melanie's breath kept increasing almost to panting by the time she finished her dregs Quinton then asked her if she would be lovely enough to come sit beside him instead of opposite of the table she did so quickly laying her head on his shoulder he put his arm around her holding her in tight as he slowly started to manipulate her right breast in doing so he was asking her if she was a little warm and she might want to remove her blouse with little resistance she un-tucked the blouse out of her skirt and drew it up over her head Quinton was pleased to see that her bra matched her panties As he was complementing her on this lovely set he mentioned that if she lost her skirt he could see the pretty ensemble together blushing once again she stood up to comply Her skirt falling to the floor Quinton turned His chair to the side and Beckoned Melanie to him standing there in her purple set of underwear and some flats he put his arms around her pulling forward her until his Lips were between her breasts Melanie then lifted his chin and started to kiss him Quinton‘s hands went lower and started to massage her satin covered ass cheeks Melanie with the swing of her leg straddled one of Quinton’s and started to slowly grind into him at this point Quinton reached back and undid her bra Exposing those DD’s And dropping his lips to a nipple at this point Melanie started to moan and ground into his leg a little harder Quinton switched to the other nipple and started to lightly bite it Melanie was now in overdrive moaning and rubbing her hands through his hair until with a shudder she climaxed on his knee Quinton held her stable until she came down from this and as she did so she held his face and kissed him once again and then slid to the floor on her knees she attacked his belt buckle and as quick as she could had his pants at his ankles now Quinton knew He could engorge his cock but he hadn’t needed you to this point He had what was called a just right 7 inches long enough girth to fill his partner

Melanie immediately engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth bobbing up and down with an intensity she didn’t even know she using her hands to stroke what her lips could not and making little mewing noises as she put all of her limited skills into impressing Quinton some one she had just met but was unknowingly compelled to impress her new lover Quinton who had been on a low boil since flipping up her skirt did not last long and filled her mouth quite quickly once both their breathing return to normal Quinton asked her if she had any more pretty underwear that she could show him Without an answer she grabbed him by the hand and started to pull him towards some stairs he fumbled a little bit as his pants were still around his ankles once they were pulled high enough they move quickly up the stairs and into a tiny bedroom pinks and purples dominated the room with stuffy’s and posters in every direction A closer inspection Showed makeup shoes an accessory’s More befitting her age Melanie pushed him down on the bed bent over and kissed him and then popped back up through open a closet and started rummaging around shortly thereafter her panties came off quickly and a red pair was pulled on as well as a red bra to match she then threw a garter belt over her hips walked to the edge of the bed and slowly pulled each stocking on with as much fanfare as she could muster As he was reaching for her she ducked down and was running her hands under the bed popping up with a lovely set of heels to match her infatuation still in place from the potion she popped on the heels and started to dance Quinton decided to get more comfortable and started pulling off his pants and shirt as well as knocking his shoes off his eyes never leaving Melanie for a second as she did some bumps and grinds around the tiny space with a final flourish to her knees she proceeded to crawl up the bed until she was hovering over Quinton At this point he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for another make out session on the bed this went on for a little bit until Quinton rolled over and then pulled Melanie down to the bed he started his kisses at her forehead, lips, chin neck, proceeding downwards pushing the cups of the red bra away each breast got the treatment until Both her nipples were Painfully erect He then proceeded lower down to her belly button enticing Melanie to giggle when he stuck his tongue in there from there he went down to her panties his hot breath on them as he pulled them to the side At this point Melanie was spreading her legs anticipating what was to come with one final breath Quinton pushed his nose into her folds Taking in her musk As his tongue started to lap up her juices and flick over her clit she started to toss her head and whip her hair about with her arms High up on the bed Quinton never let up and kept this up until with a squeal she collapsed not moving except for hard breathing after she came down she rolled off the bed and stuck her head in her closet pulling out something a deep purple color she discarded her red set quickly and pulled on what was a body stocking crotch-less then opening a drawer pulled out a body harness on lavender and wiggled into it as well now her body was covered but her ass pussy and tits were all so accessible she turned this way and that looking at Quinton as she did watching his arousal fill his cock to throbbing then turning to the mirror she bent at the waist and wiggled her ass in his face at this Quinton stood and took the steps necessary to place his cock-head to her pussy and grabbed her hips he then slowly pulled her body back until she was impaled on his cock he then asked for her hands and she brought them back he grabbed her wrists and she his in this position he started to fuck her with deep thrusts as the both watched each other in the closet mirror her ecstasy building as was his determination to make her cum on his cock this way the musk and sounds in the small room was absorbed by all the stuffed animals as they also watched the pair rutting Melanie’s eyes opened wide as she made a squealing noise and started to quiver on Quinton's cock this set him off and blasting her pussy with the cum she craved

He let one arm go and grabbed a hip then the other lifted her as he stepped back to sit on the bed his cock never leaving her pussy her now sitting on his lap still impaled and panting as he held her till her breathing came back to normal as she was coming down Quinton put her to sleep went down and magicked her kitchen tidy as if he was never there brought her discarded clothing back to her room and covered her with a blanket as he left he locked the door from outside and walked down the lane whistling off key and to make a mental note to visit again.
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