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This story is a continuation of a previous story I have written. Please see Part 1 on my profile to get the whole story.
I awoke on the floor, with a blanket we had pulled off the couch lazily draped over my body. I looked over towards the hallway and just caught Kris’ beautiful ass turning the corner. It seems she had just woken up as well, and I could see she was headed to the front hall washroom. I threw the blanket off and sat up, looking down at my spent dick in the process. My mind immediately ran wild with memories of the night before, and I could feel myself grinning from ear to ear. Realizing I was parched and slightly starving, I got to my feet and headed for the kitchen, stopping to grab my underwear out of my pants in the hall on the way by.

I quickly put on a pot of coffee to brew and stood at the sink, staring out the window where the morning sun flooded the backyard and beamed into the kitchen as well. Still thinking over the events of last night, I found myself pleasantly surprised and even a bit proud. A part of me couldn’t believe I had so willingly and easily given myself to this stunning transgender goddess. It was never something I had really considered in my life, and I was happy to have had the opportunity, and proud that I escaped my inhibitions and just gone for it. And if I was being completely honest with myself, I knew that I had fallen in love with her perfect, thick, juicy meat the second I saw it. I didn’t know how she felt about the situation since she had just left me there asleep, but if nothing else was to come of this, I was pleased to have had the experience, and now I’ve got this amazing memory to enjoy forever.

As I was blankly staring out the window my contemplation was broken when Kris said “Ohh, I love that smell in the morning.”

I turned around to find she’d entered the kitchen behind me. By now she had dressed in her panties and it seems she grabbed my shirt from the hall and put that on as well. Still braless, and still stunning, her beautiful fake Ds looked so delicious in my shirt. I looked her up and down with a sheepish grin on my face, and just leaned against the counter.

“Can’t beat a nice hot coffee in the morning, can you?” She said.

“Yeah.” I agreed. “Though there’s other things I love to do in the morning too.” I added, still grinning.

“Yeah, sorry I tried not to wake you there. I had to go freshen up. A little bit of your cum had dried on my cheek.” She said with a giggle. “Also, I found some mouthwash in there, and used a bit. I hope that’s okay.”

“Of course, yeah.” I replied. “I should go too actually. Be right back. If the pot finishes feel free to pour yourself a mug.” I explained as I grazed past her heading towards the bathroom. She smiled and nodded.

I got to the bathroom and thought I’d better brush my teeth. While I was doing that, I looked in the mirror and saw a bit of crusty cum on my own chin as well. I laughed to myself, and made sure to wash my face when I was done with my teeth. Flicking the light off, I walked back to the kitchen.

As I approached, I saw Kris’ beautiful, slim, perfect silhouetted figure standing by the counter in front of the window, facing me. She glowed with a radiant outline as the sun bathed her backside and poured into the kitchen all around her. She had removed my shirt, and was just propping herself against the counter enjoying the sun on her back. My jaw dropped, and she smiled.

“Hot in here with the sun, huh?” she said, explaining why she had removed the shirt.

“It’s hot in here now. That’s for sure.” I replied cheesily.

Seeing her standing there in that light, with those beautiful breasts and trim, sexy body, my lust overcame me in no time at all. I walked towards her and immediately planted a long, passionate kiss on her lips. She responded by hugging me around the shoulders and falling into me. My hands once again surfed her body, feeling all her smooth skin and squeezing her big tits. My cock was stirring inside my boxers and I pressed myself against her entirely. I broke our lovely kiss and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. My right hand found its way to her panties, where I kneaded what was inside with my fingers. I looked down to it, and then back up again into her eyes and said “I want you. I want to know what you feel like… inside me.” Her mouth dropped open, and she grabbed my head pulling me in for another kiss. As our tongues mingled yet again, I found myself thinking about what I just said. I had even surprised myself with that, but like I said, my lust had overcome me.

As we continued to kiss fervently Kris grabbed at my boxers and threw them down, exposing my semi-stiff dick. Then she did the same of her own panties, releasing her swinging beauty. She gripped my cock and started pumping it, cueing me to do the same to her. Still never breaking our passionate kiss, we stroked each other until I could feel both of us were completely hard. I let go of her lips with my mouth and immediately crouched down without a word, placing it on her cock instead. I took the lessons from the night before and expertly slid her impossibly thick member in and out of my hungry mouth. I kept looking up at her meeting her gaze from time to time as I worked her girthy dick deep in my throat with each thrust. By now she had propped her bum up on the counter and I was pulling and rolling her balls with my left hand, while stroking myself with my right, down near the floor. I was purposefully slobbering this time, giving her a nice wet, sloppy blowjob, and making sure it was slick by gliding my hand over her shaft every now and then. After a few minutes of fucking her dick with my throat, I pulled my mouth off and looked up again.

“I want you inside me.” I said with puppy dog eyes.

She stared down at me, still with a stunned look on her face. Her cock was now dripping with saliva, and just as amazingly hard as it had been the night before. In my fever pitch of lust, I had pumped myself to the edge as well, and knew I needed to stop and make this happen now, because I wanted her in my ass so badly. I hadn’t realized it until this point really, but it was all I could think about now. Feeling that rock solid shaft penetrating me, stretching my ass to the max. I needed it. Now!

I stood up to my feet and my hard dick was already oozing a bit of precum. She ran her finger over the tip wiping the bit of juice off, and quickly shoved her finger in her mouth. I smiled and backed up to the kitchen table, where I propped my butt up on top. This is how I wanted it. I didn’t want to bend over and take her from behind because I wanted to see the look on her beautiful face when she penetrates my virgin ass. She followed me over to the table still stunned, but now smiling big. As she reached me, she ran her hands over my legs and then grasped under my thighs and tugged them upwards. I helped the motion, willingly lifting and spreading my legs, exposing my anus to her.

First, she bent down into a crouch and licked at my ball sac. She rolled my balls in her mouth, and then ran her tongue under them. As she licked further down towards my asshole I felt her finger lightly brushing it. She started to circle the hole and then gently press her fingertip onto it. The sensations were incredible, and I could hear myself moaning. I lifted my head and I had a great view of everything she was doing. Her tongue began to work on my hole and it felt so warm and wet. I knew now that she was lubing me up, along with all my saliva that was surely still dripping off her stiff cock. It was at this point that I blurted out “I’ve never done anything like this before.” She stopped what she was doing momentarily to look at me and said “That’s… incredible.” Then she pushed her finger for the first time through my opening. It was like nothing I ever felt before. What a sensation!

“Just stay relaxed, and you’ll enjoy it. I promise.” She said in a caring tone. She continued to probe in my ass with her index finger, slowly removing it and then pushing in again. “That’s it.” She said softly. Then she probed again with her middle finger and I watched her push inside again, this time putting her index finger together with the middle finger. As the second finger breached my anus, I did what she said and relaxed. Both her fingers pushed in easily. “Thaaaaaat’s it.” She said again. I felt her curl her fingers inside and an amazing shudder came over me. I let out an involuntary moan, and my eyes widened, looking directly at her. “Mmmm” she said “That’s your prostate. Good right?”

“Oh my god. So good.” I replied.

I felt her rubbing in circles on my prostate and started to lose myself in the ecstasy, tilting my head back and shutting my eyes. I felt her other hand lift my dick off my stomach and begin to stroke it. It was literally just a few strokes and I could feel my orgasm building. I snapped back to reality and opened my eyes again, finding her with a massive grin on her face. “No!” I pleaded. “Stop… stop.. I’m going to…”. She immediately stopped all movement and gave me a coy smile.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” She said letting go of my penis, and retracting her fingers.

“No, that was amazing. I just. I don’t want to cum yet. I want to feel you in there.” I explained.

Again, a smile came across her face from ear to ear as she stood to her feet. Her glistening dick was still insanely stiff, and I could still see my spit running down it over her balls. My now wet asshole was ready to receive her and the anticipation was killing me.

“Mmmm. Put it in me. I want to feel you so bad.” I begged again, staring directly at her solid cock. Without any more hesitation, she pushed the tip of her standing cock down towards my anus. She circled it around a little bit and then ever so slowly pushed forward. I pulled my own balls out of the way and locked my eyes on her dick head. I watched intently as she pressed hard, and the tip breached my opening. I felt the pain of my hole stretching, as her lovely head began to disappear inside me. She held up for a moment to make sure I was okay. I looked at her and nodded. She pushed forward again, and suddenly a sharp pain hit me as the head popped in entirely. I must have winced in pain because she stopped again and looked in my eyes. Still without words, I nodded and moved my free hand to her hip, giving her a slight tug to encourage her to continue. Now that the head was in, I knew I had to relax completely or the rest would hurt. I released my balls and laid back a bit, reaching both my hands to her thighs now, again giving her encouraging pulls to continue. She pressed again, and I could feel my asshole stretching even more. She was so thick I knew it would be hard, but as she continued to push I was surprised by how much it hurt. She withdrew a little bit and then pushed again, working our improvised saliva lube to make it smoother. As she pushed in again I knew my ass was stretched to its max. I stared up at her, gasping for air a little bit. She was intensely concentrating on my ass and didn’t notice me looking at her. Again she withdrew and then pushed again. This time didn’t hurt as much, but I knew I was still stretched. As she pushed on this thrust, I suddenly felt that same feeling from before. Her solid cock must have grazed my prostate going in. Just as before I involuntarily let out a moan and she looked up at me. I smiled, and so did she. She looked down again and slowly slid her cock back out. When she pressed in again she looked directly in my eyes and as I felt her wondrous dick graze my prostate again and I groaned. She smiled and looked back down. She pushed my legs further up with lifted my bum a bit, and slid out again. She positioned herself a little differently and then shoved her cock back in me. This time I felt firm contact with my prostate and let out a louder groan, as I realized all 5 inches of her glorious dick was strongly planted in my ass. She grinned again and we looked in each others eyes, while she pulled out. Sliding back again, now so much easier than before she had the right angle to start fucking me.

I was relaxing completely and revelling in the sensations. She began to penetrate me with rhythm now, and I couldn’t believe her impossibly thick cock was just gliding into my ass with ease. Each thrust hit my prostate, over and over. I looked in her eyes and saw that wondrous look on her face that I’d been hoping to see, as she fucked me. As she slid in and out of my ass repeatedly, I began to fall into ecstasy again with every thrust on my prostate. My asshole was burning in delight as her girth strained it. My head fell back again and my eyes closed as I lay there on the table getting pounded into a stupor. Again I felt her hand lift my cock of my stomach and begin to rub it. It had unhardened a little, but she stroked it back to solid again in no time. Soon I was loudly groaning in pleasure, almost to the point of screaming. Her pace was faster now and I could tell she was getting close too. As she furiously pounded my meat with her hand and hammered my ass with her cock, I lost all control. I bellowed out in ecstasy as my eyes shot open and I lifted my head to look down at our connecting bodies. Her fist was a blur on my big dick as it suddenly erupted with a rope of hot cum that hit me in my own face. She immediately slowed her hand and held my dick firmly while I unleashed a tide of juice onto myself. She had slowed her pace, but still had her cock planted inside me, rubbing my prostate as I came. I shuddered and squirmed beneath her as I emptied stream after stream of cum in the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced. By now I was panting and still moaning, looking down at my cum-soaked body.

Suddenly, Kris pulled her thick dick out of me and simply held it against my balls. To my surprise, it began to convulse without her even stroking it, and I was quickly being covered in more cum. It flowed out of her beautiful cock like a hose, unlike mine that was shot after shot, hers seemed continuous. I placed my hand on it top of it and pressed it against mine, moving slightly to rub them together. As her orgasm subsided, only then did it pulse a few last times with ropes of cum. I gripped her dick now and lifted it, milking out the last few oozes of juice, dripping them on my own dick.

I laid back in a heap, exhausted and only now feeling how sore my ass was. She leaned forward with her huge, heavy tits touching my chest, smearing cum in the process, and kissed my lips softly. Then she licked a bit of my cum off my face, and began to kiss a trail down my body. She licked and slurped our warm, mixed juices all the way down, finally settling on my dick. It was now mostly limp, but glazed in thick cum. She lifted it and licked it all over like an ice cream cone, swallowing every drop she could get off it. She then gulped my soft dick down into her mouth and worked the remaining remnants off it with her tongue. With a satisfying “Ahhh”, she stood back up. I sat up and scooted my but forward off the table. Noticing our cum on her nipples, I leaned in and sucked them clean. Then I sat back and looked down at myself, cum still smeared and dripping all over me.

“I’d better grab a shower.” I said with a smile.

“Probably a good idea.” She replied with a grin. “Perhaps I could join you?”

"Of course." I answered

After we'd made our way upstairs and I'd led her to the full bathroom, we were both standing in the tub under the water in no time. It felt so nice. It'd been a long time since I'd showered with a partner. It was warm and tender and soft. She was soft. My hand were gliding across her with ease as I lathered her arms, shoulders, tummy, breasts. She was doing the same to me, and of course it came as no surprise when she reached for my cock to clean it and I felt the familiar sensations of an erection brewing. Obviously I could do nothing else but return the favour, so I softly gripped her dick as well and began to caress it. She moved her gaze from my chest up to my eyes and gave me one of those coy smiles again. All I could think was "Damn, this girl is insatiable. Are we really going to have sex again? Twice in like 30 minutes?"

I think my own cock answered my question when it began to rise as she soaped it. I looked down to see her big fake tits almost touching me, and her happy dick below them through the perfect gap created by their roundness. I couldn't forget what I was supposed to be doing with it too, so I matched her movements, and as a reward it began to stiffen as well.

She still had that coy smile on her face, and suddenly she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and then whipered in my ear "Time for me to return the favour."

With that, she quickly spun around on the spot, forcing her dick out of my hand in the process, but she still had a grip on mine. She stepped forward out of the water, pulling me by the dick with her. She turned her head to the side and leaned forward, pressing her big tits against the wall and presenting her nice round ass to me as she bent.

"Your turn." She said lustfully. I couldn't even dream up a response. I was just ready to take her.

My soapy hands surfed her back quickly, and then settled on her hips. I inched closer to her, as she guided my dick to it's goal. I felt the tip touch her anus and she held it there and moaned encouragement. I pressed forward. My cock head slowly opened her waiting hole, and I watched it disappear with ease. I heard another moan. I pressed again. Another inch of me vanished inside her. "Don't stop." I heard her moan in panted breath. I kept going. Another inch. Then another. I just kept pressing without stopping. I slid into her completely with ease. Her eyes were shut but her mouth was gaping. She was used to this, and it was clear that she loved it. I held my self deep inside her for a moment and just took in the sight of it. Her wet hair sticking to her face and shoulders in a wild pattern. Her slim body glistening under my hands. Her tight round ass, with my hard dick firmly implanted in it. What a morning!

I slowly withdrew my dick, watching it appear infront of me, like a magic trick. Then when I saw the edge of my head appear, I slowly pressed forward again. I sunk into her completely again, with ease. "Ohhhh yessss." She said softly. I pulled back again. Then pushed more quickly this time. "Yesssss. Just like that." She moaned. I repeated again, a harder thrust this time. "Yes!" I heard. I started giving her long firm thrusts now, and she was rewarding me by whimpering "YES!" with each and every one. I was picking up the pace and started fucking her like I would any other pussy. Her cries became louder and more frantic. I was making sure to pull out almost all the way with each thrust. I giving it to her hard now. Long, firm, hard thrusts. Over and over I pounded her heavily. Her words changed from "Yes" to "Fuck." I kept giving it to her. "Oh my god!" She yelled. Long deep thrusts. "Holy fuck!" She cried. Harder and harder. "Cum baby!" She squealed. I pounded more. "Fucking cum for me." she begged. I was definitely getting close now. She turned her head more and tried to lock eyes with me. "I've seen how much you cum" she said. "I want you to fucking cum inside me." Her dirty words were like honey in my mind. They dripped through my brain and I lost all control. My body was on autopilot as I continued to drill her. "OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD!" She wailed. "CUM WITH ME! CUM WITH ME! CUM WITH ME!" She begged again, with each of my last few thrusts. And as she begged for my seed, I complied and buried my cock in her completely to the hilt, while I spasmed in ecstasy. My eyes blurred and my mind swam while I emptied my cum into her hot hole. I was pulling hard on her hips as I pumped pulse after pulse of semen into her, just as she'd asked. I realized as it was happening that her legs were shaking uncontrollably and she too was grunting as I was. Then I noticed her elbow moving, and it was only then that I remembered, this remarkable woman isn't JUST a woman. I quickly reached my hand around to her front but found only her hand there, instead of the dick I was looking for. I was too late. She was already splashing her own cum on the shower wall and she was too out of it to let me take over.

As my orgasm subsided, I felt her legs stop shaking, and her panting evening out. We were both coming down, but I didn't want to pull out of her. She was so warm and smooth. She stood up off the wall and reached her hand back to my head, while she twisted her neck and our mouths met. I ran my hands around front of her and lifted her big tits while we kissed. My hands left her breasts and surfed over her body some more, eventually finding her softening dick. She moaned in my mouth and then ended the kiss. My own dick was softening too now, so I finally let it slip out of her asshole. A gush of white sticky cum followed it and she giggled as it ran down her leg.

She turned around to face me and our cocks touched, gliding over each other gracefully.

"You are really something." I said sheepishly, as I looked over her glorious tits and thick juicy dick once more.

"Ditto babe." She replied. "Ditto."
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