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Scanning through the clientele at my regular establishment, I see a new face.
I see you sitting there. You seem shy. You seem... new. Like you've never even been to a place like this before. Like you've never been with a guy before. Like it's making you nervous, and maybe a bit scared.

I take another sip of my drink and decide I need something tastier. I decide I'm going to help you feel comfortable here. Or maybe somewhere else, somewhere much more comfortable. So I approach.

"Hey man." I start. "You alone tonight?"

A quick nod. Okay, that's what I was looking for. Let's do this. I take another sip of my drink.

"Hmm, but you don't want to be alone do you?" I ask.

I see your ever-so-slight head shake. That brings a smile to my face. "Listen," I continue, "you seem pretty shy, and I don't want to scare you off or anything, but I feel like if I don't just come out with this it'll be a waste of both our time." Your eyebrows raise slightly. It's cute.

"This drink isn't really cutting it for me right now. And well... I was hoping for something a little more... fun, to swallow." Your reaction tells me you're listening. "Do you uhh... think you can help me with that?"

I can see the answer in your eyes. And as I scan your body with a little obvious flirtation I think I can see the answer in your pants too. I check over my shoulder to make sure my room is free, it is, so I put my now empty glass down and lightly take your hand.

"Come on." I say. "I'm going to take your nerves away." As I stand up, I can see those nerves in your eyes, but they don't stop you from coming with me. Good decision. The best you'll make all night in fact.

As we enter the room, you'll notice the couch first. I know it's big and gaudy, but it's the best sort of couch for what I'm about to do to you. You want to be comfortable. There's a 65" TV that the couch is facing, which already has some porn playing on it. It's always showing porn, 24/7. I catch you watching it after checking out the room. There's two men in the middle of a 69, both slobbering all over each others hard cocks. It's a bit sloppy for my taste, but I'll never turn down some beautiful cock on TV. You seem transfixed on it at the moment, like it's some sort of taboo art you shouldn't be watching, but can't look away. This really must be your first time. Oh this is going to be fun.

As I close the door behind us and flip the lock, I turn to face you. You're still looking at the TV.

"Never seen something like that before?" I ask. You just keep staring at it. "Hmm." I mumble as I step closer to you and place my hand on your arm. "It seems like this could be your first time. Do I have that right?"

No response, but you finally break your stare at the TV and look into my eyes. Yes, I must have that right.

"Listen, I'm going to be perfectly transparent with you because I want you to be comfortable and enjoy your first experience." I explain. I see that you're listening to me now, so I continue. "I love cum. I love to taste it. I love to drink it. As much as possible. It's my candy. It's the only reason I come to this place. You understand?" I ask, as I gently graze the outside of your jeans, feeling for an answer.

I can see that you do. You're trying to comprehend just how exactly you ended up in this room with me, but at the same time you're not really questioning it.

"I want you to give me your cum." I state plainly. "As much as you've got." I press my palm against your crotch firmly now, feeling that you do indeed have a response. I don't know if it's to me, or what you're seeing on the screen right now, but there's certainly a reaction inside your pants.

"Would that be okay with you?" I ask, almost in a begging tone. Finally a definitive nod of approval.

I don't waste any time grabbing for your belt, and flinging it open. Then the button of your pants, then the zipper. My hands work masterfully and your jeans are suddenly down around your ankles in seconds. Now your underwear is bulging and I can see I've relieved your thickening cock from its cage. I look up to see some shock on your face, but also want and desire. I push your hips slightly, directing you to sit down on the plush sofa. I hold your pants as you lift your feet slightly, and yank them off. Now for the good part. I reach up your legs again and slide my fingers above the waistband of your underwear, teasing a little with a smile as I do. I slowly pull them down and watch in awe as your thick, juicy dick is revealed inch by inch. It's already harder than I thought it was, and as the jockeys slide down it, it seems to strain under the act. The elastic finally reaches the head and I see the lovely mushroom shape reveal itself, then suddenly it pops loose and springs into an upward position, smacking against your stomach, pointing directly at your belly button. I yank the underwear down the rest of the way off your legs and toss them aside quickly.

As I examine your cock, it seems to twitch on its own briefly, before I even touch it. You must really be anticipating this. Well so am I. It's beautiful. So thick and already rigid, like it's been waiting for me all night. I've been waiting for it all night. And I'm not going to wait any more.

I lightly graze my fingers up your shaft, to the tip. Then as my hand slides back down, I flatten my palm against it, feeling all its grooves and veins. It's so perfect. I want it in my mouth, but I need to admire it a little longer with my eyes. With my other hand I squeeze your balls together and lift them while I wrap my fingers around your glorious shaft. It's rock solid now, already, and I'm surprised, but pleased. In fact I'm almost giddy at just how much it seems you're enjoying this, and I've barely gotten started. I grip you firmly and pull your dick so it sticks up like a joystick, rolling your balls slightly with my other hand, as I do. My god I'm in love with this piece. Just look at how ready it is for me.

I look up to make contact with you, and when I see your wide eyes looking back down at me I can't help but go in. I reach out for the tip of your dick with my tongue, and as soon as I taste that tiny bit of precum, I just immediately engulf your head with my mouth. I moan as if I'd just eaten a delicious bite of food. I slide my hand down to the base of your shaft to make room for my mouth as it follows. I can feel all the silky smooth skin on my tongue as it slides slowly down the underside of your manhood. I like to think I'm pretty good at this, and manage to get most of your big hard cock in my throat, but I can't quite go all the way. I widen my mouth and fish for your balls with my tongue, but I know I'm not reaching them. So I pull off, and ready my mouth for another pass. I swallow hard and then open up again, ready for this delicious cock to touch the back of my throat. Thrusting my head down faster this time, I force it farther. I can feel the hairs on my nose now, and breathe in their scent. I know I've got you all the way down because... oh.. was that a moan I heard? I think so. That makes me happy. I press my hands against your crotch to make sure your big shaft if firmly in my throat. That was fairly easy actually. Just two good passes and your cock is mine. Now I start the the real head.

I keep looking up at you periodically because who doesn't like to watch right? It seems you do, and I enjoy that you enjoy it. I wink as I glide my hot mouth up off your dick, and then back down, devouring it again. And again. And again. I'm in a good rhythm now, with your lovely cock stabbing my throat repeatedly. Every time I pull it out I see how it glistens, and taste your precum on the back of my tongue. It just makes me want it more and more. I'm hungry for it. I can't get enough of this amazing meat. I'm loving this. Working this dick like I always do, like a pro. I glance over at the TV and see the two men finishing on each others chests. Has it been that long already? That must be at least 10 minutes now. I am lost in this cock.

But I have a slight problem of my own right now. All this action is getting me really hot, and I wasn't really planning on anything other than drinking your juice, but my pants are bursting right now, and I can't really ignore it. I stop what I'm doing, noticing your disappointed reaction, I try to act quickly so I can get back to it.

I stand up and fumble at my waist to undo my pants. I can't believe I'm a little bit flustered and sloppy, but I get the belt open, and unbutton all the buttons quickly. As I throw my pants and underwear down to the ground in one swift motion, my own dick bounces out forward. There's so much precum on my tip that it actually flings a little but out at you. Sorry about that!

Thank god. Now that that's free, I immediately drop back down to my knees and lift your cock again. I put my mouth over the plump mushroom head again and I can taste a big drop of your nectar. Mmmmm, this is going to be so tasty.

I begin again to plunge my head down on your delectable dick, but this time I'm using one hand on myself. I can't resist. Your cock is so hard and so mouthwatering, it's making me hard and, well... dickwatering. As I stoke your shaft with one hand, in sync with my wet mouth bobbing up and down, I'm also stroking my own solid shaft at the same time. I'm licking and slurping and just enjoying every taste and feeling in my mouth, while my own dick is getting ready to burst. Wait. Ready to burst? What is happening right now? How have you gotten me to the point of orgasm already? Just from your piece in my mouth? Normally I need to get fucked for this kind of intensity. But it is... happening. Oh my god your dick feels so good. It's filling my throat, and I can't stop jerking my cock. What is happening to me? I feel like... like I'm high. I'm high on your cock. I'm cock drunk. That must be it.

I don't care any more. I've reached the point of no return. This is coming now and I have to just accept it. I pull my head off your dick with a gasp and stand up on my knees, my cock directly above yours. I see that look on your face, but I can't quite tell what it means. I don't care. I can't stop stroking my dick. I grip your solid member hard and then it hits me. Wave after wave of intense orgasm. I see colours and spots for a moment. I hear nothing but my own grunts. I look down at my erupting manhood, watching the blasts of hot cum fly out of it. It's covering your crotch, landing on and around your beautiful dick. I gain my senses enough to try to aim the last few bursts right onto your quivering balls, and as my climax subsides I breathe a sign of relief.

I look down at you, probably with a stupid grin in my face. I think it's confusion I see on yours. "Sorry." I say, panting. "That doesn't normally happen that way." I explain. "But... like I said... I love cum." With another grin, I lean down and lift your shaft towards my mouth again. This time I lick up the entirety of the length of it, gathering all my cum that landed there. I flick my tongue off the tip as it gets there and look in your eyes as I swallow it down and smile. "Mmmmm." I moan. "Now give me yours." I plead.

This is the moment I know you must have enjoyed what just happened because suddenly your dick reaches a whole new level of firm. It's swelling as if it's going to burst at the seams. And I can't wait! I'm still licking all my own cum off it, moving my head around to either side, bending your cock down as much as I can, but it's straining against me. I can feel your vigor right now. I can feel your tenseness. you are ready to unleash that hot load that's been building up. I want it. I want to taste it. I want to drink it down. I have your exquisite cock in both hands now, and I pull it into my waiting, watering, sticky, hot mouth. I devour it down inch by inch, all the way until the tip hits me in the back of the throat. My hands now stretching down the skin, pulling your balls. I hold my head deep down on your dick and rock up and down just an inch or so. Repeating, faster and faster now. It's so deep. It's so full. It's so swollen. It's so ready.

your body spasms and I know it's coming. Yes. Here it comes. I need it. I want you to know I need it. I pull my head back off your shaft, gliding my tongue firmly the whole way, continuing to hold your balls and tightening the shaft with my hands. As my lips pass your bulging head I blurt out "Mmm YES! Come on." I go down one more time and pull out again quickly. "Give it to me!" I beg.

Now is when the first shot blows out of your gorgeous dick, straight up into the air. I'm startled for a split second, but react in time to catch some of it on my tongue and chin. I pull your cumming cock towards me and close my lips around it. The rest of this delicious cum is mine. All mine. I close my eyes as I enjoy the warm, gooey juice spurting into my mouth. It's forceful, hitting my throat, and coating my entire tongue. I love it. It's tangy and thick. I don't want you to be disappointed in your orgasm, so I'm taking care of your lovely dick, working it with my hand as it unloads in me. I can feel the pulses under your shaft with my tongue. What a feeling! There's so much cum I'm starting to think I might lose some out of my lips, but it seems to be subsiding now. I'm keeping your spent dick in my mouth while it empties. I want to make sure I get it all.

Once I'm sure you're completely done giving me your full load, I ever so slowly withdraw you from my mouth. I'm careful not to let any of this tasty nectar slip as I do. I see you looking down at me and I figure why not show off how amazing your load is. I tilt my head back and open my mouth so you can see all your white man juice you just unleashed for me. I close my lips and gulp it down in two big swallows. That's how much there is, it took two gulps to clear my throat. God that felt good. And tasted even better.

"Mmmmmm" I moan at length, wiping a bit of your cum off my chin and licking my finger. "Thank you, that was delicious." I say with a smile.
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