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Jack is finally afforded the opportunity he has dreamed about for years. Now, with the unkknowing aid of his boss he is finally going to go places.
L.I.S.S.A. C. Chapter 6 Stick it to them and twist

Jack wasted no time in the sim lab. With the medical teams attending to the unconscious seals, Jack headed for his office. Time was really of the essence now. If all of this was going to work, Linn was going to have to instruct Sam of the things she would need, and Sam would have to get it all keyed in before they arrived back at Langley. This gave Jack just under an hour to get his shit raked into one pile.

As soon as his office door closed behind him it immediately reopened with a young MIT grad hustling in toting his lap top. “Eric,” Dr. Daniels stated as he walked around his desk only to begin typing on his own lap top at a feverish pace. “I need an immediate set of instructions for ‘Linn’ to give to Sam so he can enter her security clearance and allow her access to his office.” As he spoke the young man took up one of the seats and opened his lap top on his knees. “Hack the NSC database and find out just who in the fuck Linn might be.”

“Yes sir,” the young man responded as he began typing at the speed of light.

“This has no priority level,” Jack stated as his own fingers blurred across his keyboard. “I need solutions in the next five minutes or we are all going to be spending a lot of time together chopping rocks with sledge hammers in Kansas.”

His last statement really put a fire under the ass of his young MIT grad, and it showed in the speed and vigor that he attacked the project at hand. Jack was referring to the Military Penal institution in Northern Kansas known as Leavenworth. If they could not successfully upload a program to Linn before they reached the main gate at Langley, not only would this whole thing blow up in their faces, but the black SUVs with the guys in black suits would finish all of them off before they could go to the bathroom and take a piss. The clock was ticking.

“How deep do I need to go with her history,” Eric asked as he typed at a rate that would set several world records.

“Don’t worry about the depth of the history right now,” Jack responded as he set up the sequence of commands for Linn. “We absolutely have to have her full name and reason for security clearance so Sam can enter it and let us have access to his office’s database. Leave open doors for additional protocols and multi angled approach.”

For just a split second the MIT grad stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at Dr. Daniels. “You do realize how illegal this is, right?” he stated as a worried look crossed his face.

Jack stopped typing and looked the MIT grad squarely in the face. “Do you think you are still immune? I picked you for your particular skill set. Now is the time to impress me.”

His statement only took a microsecond to sink in with the young man. Almost instantly his fingers began dancing on his keyboard as he continued the task he was assigned. Within a minute the young man blurted out, “GOT IT!” he stated loudly as he made a few last key strokes before turning his keyboard around for Jack to see. “Linn Okimura.” He stated as he pressed the enter button to display his find. “She was the daughter to the Japanese ambassador in Vietnam in ’69. Jack had taken a liking to her when he was stationed there in 1969 to 71. Though young at the time, Jack pulled some strings to get them out as well as his present wife. He has visited them over the years and though nothing special has transpired for either of their careers, Jack has managed to see them regularly ever since.”

“Not bad,” Jack responded as he paused for a moment to think about the intelligence he had just been given.

“Ghost reports indicate that he has had…numerous intimate ‘evenings’ with the young lady ever since.” Eric continued as he paused to see what the response was from his boss.

Jack thought about the whole sordid mess for only a few moments. This whole ordeal was going to play into his hands better than he had anticipated! The wicked grin that came across his face pressed all of the right buttons for the young MIT man. “Perfect,” Jack responded as he began typing again at a feverish pace. “Initiate command priority Beta2-271, ensure that asset is fully covered with cloak and maintains cover protocol till mission termination.”

“Yes sir,” the young man responded before re-assaulting his keyboard like a prize fighter.

Everything had fallen in to place better than Jack had ever imagined. If all of the programming ‘bites’, Jack would have a “live wire” into the office of his boss, and his finger on the control of his own program. Things could not get any better for him.

About the time that Jack and Eric were finishing up, Lissa came striding in through his office door, still wearing only the lab coat and sneakers with the two buttons at the waist fastened. “Thanks Eric,” Dr. Daniels stated as Lissa walked up to his desk only to stop and stand motionless.

“Need help with this one?” Eric asked as he stood up and picked up his lap top.

“No,” Dr. Daniels responded as he looked up at the blonde beauty standing directly in front of his desk. “I got this. Get your assignments done and let me know when we are ready.”

Without a second of hesitation Eric scooped up his lap top and headed for the office door. It was only when Jack took his eyes off Lissa that he noticed Eric scoping Lissa from head to toe. It really did make sense. He had found Eric in a windowless cubical in the NSC basement 5 years prior. It would only make sense that he might be attracted to Lissa. After all, it was through his help, and the unknowing help of his sister, that Lissa’s sensuality programming came to a reality. When the door closed behind Eric, Jack addressed Lissa.

“Give me the tactical report from last evening.” Jack stated as he made his hands at the ready at his keyboard.

“All files have been downloaded,” Lissa quietly responded as she remained motionless in front of Jacks desk.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Jack responded as his fingers scrolled over the mass of files. “But what I want is to hear your situational report about the team you observed last night.”

Without missing a beat Lissa began giving a detailed account of the events of the previous evening when she had interacted so closely with Jack’s son David and all of his friends. “Analysis indicates top 2 percent leadership characteristics with David Daniels. While displaying concern for his teammates, it is not out of his ability to order someone into a situation with high probability of death.” Dr. Daniels raised an eyebrow and stopped typing as he listened very carefully to Lissa’s report. “His ability to analyze a situation and come up with tactical advantages for himself and his team almost has no equal. Comparable to General George S. Patton in tactical ability, David Daniels leads by example and inspires his team to excel.”

A small smack of pride washed over him as Lissa’s last statement sunk in. ‘My boy is as tactically smart as Patton’ he thought to himself as he let his thoughts momentarily drift away from the task at hand.

Lissa continued her report as Jacks attention returned to her. “The remainder of the team all display exceptional abilities and execute their rolls within the whole with exceptional efficiency. All have adopted roles and positions indicative to their personality and abilities, and they all execute their jobs with vigor, enthusiasm, and at times a genuine display of ruthlessness.”

“In other words,” Dr. Daniels stated as he started typing on his computer again, “They all really love blowing the shit out of stuff.”

The tiniest of smiles came across Lissa’s face before she responded to Jack’s last statement. “Yes,” she responded simply before returning to the stone cold expression she had donned earlier. “But they also display the abilities of ruthless warfare, void of rules of engagement. Their abilities, within the afforded simulations last night, indicate a degree of effectiveness equivalent to seal team 7.”

Jack thought for a moment before he asked his next question. “Analysis, how would this group perform in real life combat if afforded some real training?”

Lissa remained silent for just a second before she replied. The calculations for the whole team caused only a momentary delay, making her response seem more natural to Jack. “Probability of success would be around ninety six percent, plus or minus two percent.”

“Only ninety six percent?” Jack asked as he stopped typing to look back up at Lissa.

“Physical attributes of the team indicate varying degrees of physical preparedness,” Lissa stated without any emotion of any kind. “While a few of the males displayed excellent levels of stamina…” Lissa was referring to the marathon fuck David had given her the night before. “Other members of the team show signs of inactivity and lack much of the physical abilities required to participate in an actual combat theatre where they might be engaged in activities similar to the scenarios simulated last night.”

Jack thought for a moment before he began typing on his lap top again. “Report to the lab for sample download and system service,” Jack stated as his focus moved down to the screen of his lap top while he continued typing.

With the kind of report he had just received about his son and his friends, Jack new he had a winning combination on his hands. The commands he was typing included labeling and cryo storage of all the samples obtained from the previous evening. A complete sterilization of all of Lissa’s bodily cavities, and the purge of the stored food from the previous evenings snacks. What Jack did not see was Lissa’s hand come up to the pit of her stomach after she turned around. Resting on the surface of her skin above her internal cryo unit, the first indication of personal loss raced through her circuity. Moments later she was out the door and on her way to the lab. Tasks were at hand, and the programming she was receiving guided her to the lab for the servicing Jack had ordered.

In the car, Linn sat very close to Sam, maintaining a slight hum as they left the parking lot of the research facility. Sam just stared blankly forward into empty space as the car made the few turns necessary to leave the facility and head back toward river city. It was only about 10 minutes into the trip before Linn spoke to Sam.

“Sam, I need you to enter my security clearance into the system and my position as your assistant,” she stated as she set the old man’s lap top down in his lap. “I need full security clearance for all projects you are involved with and access to your main data base, and I need it now.”

Sam did not hesitate in the slightest. Without missing a beat he opened his lap top and began typing. Linn watched intently at every key stoke, making a recording of his username and password. As the car rolled up the interstate Sam entered all of the data necessary for Linn to access almost every last file in the NSC database. With all of the protocols in place Sam closed the lap top and leaned back in his seat.

“That’s a good boy,” Linn said as she removed the lap top before swinging her right leg over Sam only to take up a position facing him while sitting directly on his lap. “Now,” she said as she hiked her skirt up and out of the way. “Why don’t you tell me how much you have missed me since you hired me?” As she completed this statement she unzipped the old man’s pants and pulled out his raging boner.

“Damn Linn,” Sam groaned as he felt his length slide up into his new assistant. “I don’t have the time for this,” he stated with just a slight bit of agitation. “I’ve got a security council meeting as soon as I get back to the office. I can’t go in there smelling like your pussy!”

“Don’t you worry sweet daddy,” Linn soothed as she began riding up and down his shaft. “I’ll make sure you’re all nice and clean before you get out of the car.”

The grin that came across Sam’s face said it all. Instantly he was pulling down on her hips as he thrust up into her. In his mind he was back inside the young woman he had screwed so many times back in Vietnam and in Japan after her father’s tour was over. Thankfully, for both Jack and Linn, the tragic memory of her death in a particularly gory car/bus accident caused him to block out her demise. With only a few simple protocols in the harmony routine activated, Sam’s memory began recreating her life, and memory with the complete omission of the accident. If she were actually still alive, she would not be a young Asian girl of 20, she would be an older Asian woman of 69. With the hypno sequences fully firing it was as if she had never left his side. With only a mile or two to go on the trip Linn suddenly dismounted from Sam’s shaft only to replace the warm confines of her pussy with the talents of her mouth. Within a second Sam was firing his load down her throat. As the car turned into the lane for his office building and the guard booth approached, Linn rose up and took a seated position on the opposite side of the car. “See sweetie,” she said as she crossed her legs at the ankles, “Good as new.”

“Good morning,” the guard stated to the driver once the vehicle stopped. “Your identification please.”

Sam rolled down his window and called the guard. “I’m General Whitmore,” he said as he handed him his badge. “My assistant here is listed under my command security clearance. Check for Linn Okimura and issue her a temporary badge please.”

The middle aged Sargent looked at the Generals credentials before stooping a bit lower to look across the car at Linn. Linn had the Generals lap top open on her lap and was typing feverishly as the guard scoped her from head to toe. “Yes General,” the guard stated before handing the former Generals ID badge back in through the open window.

“I’m sorry this is taking so long,” Sam said as he turned to look at the busy Linn typing. “It should only take him a few seconds to get your badge for you.”

“That’s ok,” Linn responded as she continued typing at a feverish pace. “You just make sure I get my regular badge before the end of the day.”

“Yes ma’am!” the former General responded mockingly while giving her an abbreviated salute.

It was right then that the guard returned to the car with the temporary badge for Linn. “Sir,” the younger man responded as he handed the badge in through the still open window. “Protocol states she will have to be searched when you reach the main building since this is her first time entering.”

“Understood,” Same responded as he pressed the button for the power window to close. “Sorry sweetie,” Sam stated as the car began to move forward past the guard booth. “There is nothing I can do about this, you have to be searched.”

“That’s perfectly fine,” Linn responded as she closed the main CIA file for the A63 Recon program before setting the lap top on the seat next to the general. “They won’t find a thing.”

The lab really was not what one would consider a lab to be. Granted it was in the middle of the large R&D facility, but it was not filled with beakers of bubbling concoctions, or numerous students working on their projects for their master’s degrees, it was just a simple white room with no furnishings and only one visible piece of electrical hardware, a palm scanner near the wall on the right side.

Once inside with the door closed Lissa stepped up to the scanner and placed her right palm squarely on the glass surface. Instantly a white bar of light scanned her palm from fingertips to heel before going out. A small green light came on in the upper left hand corner followed by her serial number and name. A-63-1 Lissa C. No sooner had the light come on and her named displayed when it suddenly turned off and the device retracted into the floor. As the floor closed up Lissa removed her lab coat, leaving her naked except for her socks and tennis shoes she still had on from the live fire exercise.

Everything about the room shouted out ‘Automation’ from the instant the palm reader retracted through the floor. A small set of coat hooks quickly appeared via a small rotating panel, allowing Lissa to hang the only garment she had on the hook. As the sound of machinery revving up became prevalent, Lissa quickly removed her shoes and socks, leaving her completely naked. After setting them on a small pad at the base of the wall, the shoes quickly disappeared through a small opening that closed once the pad was fully inside. Nothing was said as Lissa stepped into the middle of the room and stood motionless. Within a second a small hatch opened in the floor between Lissa’s feet, allowing a long cylinder to extend upward. Stopping just below her groin, a tapered device extended out of the tube and pushed straight up into Lissa’s pussy. A small ping could be heard echoing through the room as the tapered end extended, then expanded inside Lissa. Immediately steam blasted out of the tube, scouring the inside of Lissa’s fuck box while the metal petals of the tapered end rotated around inside her. With her sensory input deactivated for the decontamination and cleaning procedures, Lissa stood motionless while her pussy was thoroughly flushed out.

At the same time another hole opened up in the floor. The diameter of this tube was considerably smaller. Extending up to her waist before stopping, a smaller flexible tube snaked out of the end only to plug into Lissa’s belly button. Lissa knew exactly what this was for. Without a sound the device began extracting the semen sample pellets Lissa had collected the night before. One by one her cryo storage was emptied. When the last sample was removed the small tube retracted back into the larger tube before it withdrew back into the floor. Lissa felt empty inside as she brought one hand up to the pit of her stomach and gently caressed her skin above her now empty cryo unit.

The last few procedures were simple enough, considering the automation. As the device inside her pussy finished the task of sterilizing her, a second device extended up and into her ass. This removed all of the stored food inside Lissa from the previous evening. The last device appeared on the wall after a panel slid out of the way. It was a set of small probes sticking out at neck height. With the last tube retracted from her body, Lissa stepped over to the wall before turning around and leaning back against the two probes. At the base of her skull, just above her hair line the two probes entered the receptacles. Immediately Lissa’s system began to recharge. Lissa let her eyes close while her body coursed full with the energy she would need for the next several days, but her demeanor became singularly focused. She was thinking of David.

“Please step this way,” the guard at the entrance of the Langley office building said to Linn as she walked in with the former General.

“I will be in a meeting when you get done here,” Sam said to Linn as he took possession of his lap top and satchel. “Just wait for me in my office when you are done.”

“Yes sir,” Linn responded as she followed the young guard to a door behind the receiving area. Considering the location she was attempting to enter, this search was going to be thorough.

Once inside the small room the guard closed the door behind them. “Strip,” he stated with no real inflection to his voice. It took Linn only a few seconds before she was standing completely naked in the room with her arms extended out to her sides and her feet spread apart. “Wow,” replied the young man as he pulled the surgical glove on to his right hand, “That was quick.”

“I have a lot of things to do today,” Linn replied as she looked over her shoulder at the young man just before she began humming very quietly.

“You do realize I have to do a complete search of you,” the young man stated as he looked at the lean young Asian beauty standing before him with all of her wares completely exposed.

“I know,” Linn replied as she bent over at the waist. With one of her hands on each of her ass cheeks she pulled them apart, causing her labia to part and expose the pink lining that led up into her. “Please,” she said in a harmonious tone of frequencies that made the young man’s boner press out hard against the zipper of his pants, “take your time.”

My morning absolutely sucked. I thought it had been difficult for me before I met Lissa, but now? I woke up alone in my bed with a raging hard on for my blonde fuck girl and no one to stick it in. The mere thought of masturbation to my magazines in my bathroom brought about a cringe that even I did not know I was capable of. Let’s face it, I missed Lissa. And not just a little bit, but a LOT!

As I mulled around the house for something to eat, my mind kept returning to the previous evening’s events. I clearly remembered blasting the fuck out of some rag heads and leading my team deeper into any simulation that we had ever entered before. It was like I had actually lived it in the time I was there. Everyone pulled their share of the load and we laid waste to a bunch of do-bads that really needed rocket powered enemas. But, even though I had thoroughly enjoyed the previous evening with my friends, my mind kept settling back onto Lissa and her delicious body. There was no doubt about it; she had her meat hooks into me. With a quick meal down my throat, I barely had time to finish my shower before my phone was ringing.

“Yo Blaster,” I said as I walked down the hall toward the den, “what up?”

“Dude, man, last night was off the hook!” He sounded really pumped about the whole evening and the war simulation we had all played in. “Thank your old man for the playage. That was really cool.”

“Yea it was,” I responded as I stepped back into the den to see everything just as it had been left from the night before except for a few new headsets with goggles lying on the coffee table.

“So ah… where’s your new girlfriend?” he asked with a bit of a sarcastic tone. “I figured you would still be waist deep in her.”

“Wishful thinking,” I replied as I flopped down on the couch and picked up one of the headsets so I could have a good look. “She had to go to work today so I am here by myself again.” With only a single press of a button on the side the video sprang back to life. “Hey, call the crew and come over,” I said as I set the game for a single player. “Everything is still here so we might as well have some more fun!”

“You got it bro,” Blaster enthusiastically replied before the line abruptly went silent.

“Now let’s have some fun,” I said while rubbing may hands together in preparation of the slaughter I was about to dish out.

The head set was fitted with just a simple set of goggles. Combined with the images on the giant TV screens, the goggles were fitted with complete heads up displays and tactical information. Not to mention that they enhanced the images on the screens to renderings very close to actual 3d. To the casual eye one would never know the difference. And even for me with all of my gaming experience, the “real” look appeared to be authentic.

In a single person simulation, I set the game parameters for espionage and stealth. I wanted to see just how good this game was, and how good I was. Arming up I ***********ed the M18 9x19 NATO pistol, a Mk 17 Mod 0 in 7.62x51fitted with an under barrel M203 40mm grenade launcher, and a few hand grenades along with as much ammo the game would let me carry. I ***********ed Baghdad as the theater of operation with me going head to head with Iraqi hard liners and some of the republican guard.

Mission brief: Locate captured American asset, Ambassador K. Knight, and extract. Insertion will be HALO from C130 operating in commercial airspace at three zero thousand. Locate objective in 2nd floor apartment near the former Imperial palace at 1112 Hussain Blvd. Once objective is in pocket, proceed south east to extraction point x-ray Charlie and laze by 04:30 hours.

Simple enough for me. With one more click I was jumping out of the C130 at 30,000 feet and descending into hell at 22:30 hours local time. The graphics must have been pulled from a real jump because the city rushing up at me appeared to be real. The graphics in the goggles were so clear I could easily see as if I were actually jumping out of an airplane! At 800 feet I popped my chute and landed hard in between two buildings almost a mile away from my objective. Thankfully no one had seen me. I knew this because no one was shooting at me and no one was shouting. With a quick stuff job my parachute was safely tucked away into someone’s garbage can. Now I had to be on my game.

Under the cover of darkness I slipped from one alley way to the next while maintaining my general direction of travel. A few of the streets were a bit harrowing to cross due to the odd random late night car or just the abundance of street lights. But my progress was amazingly quick until 1 block away from my objective. As I rounded the corner of a building to duck into a darkened alley way, I tripped over the foot of a lightly snoozing Haji and face planted into a batch of garbage cans directly across from him. Instantly he was awake and shouting at me as he scrambled to his feet. There was no time to waste and definitely no need for a firefight this close to my objective as I quickly scrambled to my feet. As I spun around to face my now standing adversary I drew my combat knife and charged him before he could really get set. With my left hand going to cover his mouth I swung my knife laterally and plunged the blade through his chest cavity from just below his left arm pit. My blade penetrated both upper lobes of his lungs while severing the aortic artery just above his heart. With a quick twist of my knife he immediately fell to the ground as soon as I pulled my blade free. Quick and quiet, that is how I needed the rest of this mission to be.

With the faint sounds of the man gasping and gurgling while he died, I bolted toward my objective at the far end of the alley. The building was 6 stories tall and carried the battle scars of a decade’s worth of shelling and close proximity combat. Parked directly in front of the main entrance was the remanence of a Ford F-250 pick-up with a 50 cal. heavy machine gun in its bed. Surrounding it were 8 Haji and a few Republican guards smoking cigarettes and just chewing the fat. Getting in this way was completely out of the question.

Fortunately, in the programming provided by my father’s company, I was able to pull up an aerial view of the building on a small note pad. It looked like I could gain entrance around the right side of the building if I could just make it across the street. At that second inspiration struck. With a quick back track I was quickly removing the jacket and Haji gear from my now dead opponent. I was not exactly worried about the garments fitting correctly; I just needed a bit of cover to make it across the street one block down. That intersection, however, was going to be a real trick.

One thing about Baghdad, there’s not a whole lot of street lights. But, in the places where they do have them, it’s like walking in broad daylight. This intersection was one of those cases. The convergence of five major roads led to not only a well-lit intersection, but 40 yards of clear open ground to cross with zero cover. As I looked at the open ground I had to cover, even though it was just a game, I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. This was going to be a make or break. I was just about to break cover when a box truck came into the intersection from the right and turned up the street toward the primary target. My one and only chance was right now. As soon as the driver was passed me I broke cover and dashed across the street behind the truck that was now heading away to my left. I would know in a matter of seconds if I was successful or not.

The shadows on the opposite side of the intersection were welcomed as I quickly ducked into cover. No sounds other than a few crickets could be heard as I peered up the street toward the truck and armed men. They were all still in the same positions as the truck rolled past them and turned left down another street. I was in the clear. Now I was on target for the primary objective.

The back of the building was lit by only one street light that looked like it had seen better days. The occasional flicker here and there brought about a degree of randomness that was going to be extremely difficult to navigate. But the addition of the Haji garb was going to make all the difference with the single guard at the rear door. It was time to tempt fate. After first lighting a cigarette behind a garbage can, boldly I stepped out of the alley and proceeded toward the rear entrance of the building. The guard was talking into his cell phone as I approached, but hung up when I was just over half way there.

“Shalom brother,” he said as I approached to within just a few feet of him.

“Shalom,” I replied before quickly swinging my knife upward. The blade entered through the soft tissue behind his chin and proceeded upward till the tip came out right in the center of his skull. With one quick twist he dropped like a sack of potatoes, not making a sound other than the rustling of his body hitting the ground. I scoped the area quickly for any other signs of life. Fortunately I was now alone. With a tug here and a bit of a heft there, I carried the dead guard over to the dumpster before discarding him along with the rest of the trash. I didn’t have long to think about things because my guess is that he had just checked in before I checked him out. I was now racing the clock.

Pulling my MK 17, I entered the back entrance ready to rock and roll. This was my first real experience at CQB and my heart was racing. (CQB = Close Quarters Battle) A few steps down the hall and I was at a stairway leading up. With only a momentary pause I pulled the suppressor from my right thigh pocket and secured it on my weapon. This was going to make all the difference in my mission’s success. At the top of the stairs I was ready for anything. Fully locked and loaded, I peeked my head out around the corner. At the far end of the hall were two guards in front of a doorway to the left. One was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette while the other stood a few feet away with his back turned to me. He appeared to be looking out the window at the men down below. This was going to be ground zero. I was just about to step out when I heard a cell phone ring. Then man leaning against the wall pulled his cell phone from his shirt pocket and answered it. He was checking in! Here we go!

As soon as he finished speaking into the phone he stuck it back into his shirt pocket and said something to the man with his back turned. He didn’t even bother to turn around before he replied something in Kurdish and made a scoffing sound. Neither one of them had a chance. Stepping into the clear with my weapon already drawn, the two shots closed out any further thoughts these two might have had. The most noise came from my shell casings hitting the floor before I was heading up the hallway at a very fast pace. When I was about three steps away from the door way, the door swung open and a Haji stepped out right in the middle of a sentence. He never knew what hit him. The round I fired entered his head just above his right ear and exited just behind and above his left ear. The man dropped to the ground straightway without a sound. As soon as I rounded the corner of the door post I was faced with 4 more Haji’s who were just starting to stand up.

“Hello,” I said just before my MK17 let out a whole spray of bullets. Brains flew in all directions as the 7.62 NATO rounds hammered home my intent with the four Haji’s that were preparing to end my day. Their bodies fell in all directions as I rushed into the room to begin a quick search for Ambassador Knight. I didn’t hit pay dirt till I opened the one and only other door in the room. What I found made me stop dead in my tracks. The door led into the one and only bedroom of the apartment. On the bed was a Haji clearly involved in a serious case of rape as he hammered his groin down in between the first pair of white legs I had seen in any of these simulations. As soon as the light from the outer room showered across him, he lifted his head and looked back into the eyes of his killer.

I amazed myself with the quickness of my shot. From the position of having the barrel down and the butt against my shoulder, the microsecond it took for me to properly shoulder my weapon was all the time necessary to send a round through his head, entering directly in between his eyes and just above the bridge of his nose. Immediately his body went ridged before the woman below him threw him off to her side. It was at that moment that my heart stopped. Ambassador K. Knight was not only a woman, but she looked EXACTLY like Lissa!

“Thank God you’re here,” she cried out as she scrambled up from the bed and began looking for her clothes. “They’ve been raping me for days!” she cried as she pulled on a pair of kakis pants that did not belong to her.

“Lissa,” I said as I stepped over to her with my hand out. “What are you doing here?”

“Lissa?” she blurted out as she covered herself with whatever she could find. “Who the fuck is Lissa?! I’m Ambassador Kay Knight. Are you going to get me the fuck out of here or what?!”

Holy shit was I fucked up. I never imagined seeing Lissa in the sim, let alone as the primary target. It enraged me to know that my “girlfriend” was in the sim as a rape toy for the bad guys, but it also fueled my disdain for the bag guys in the sim. Sparks started flying in my head as I looked blankly around the room.

“Hey!” the Ambassador said as she punched me in the arm. “Are you gonna fuckin’ help me or not?!”

“Calm down,” I stated in a hushed voice as I stepped over to the window to look down on the guards out front. They were all still clustered near the truck, but spread out too far for a single hand grenade to do the job. I turned my head to look back at the ambassador. She was just finishing the last of about 10 kicks to the dead Haji’s balls when she looked at me. “Are you able to move?” I asked as I quickly replaced my mag with a fresh one.

“You mean we haven’t left yet?” she stated as she quickly turned her head so she could spit in the face of her now dead rapist.

“Ok,” I said as I reached down and picked up the AK47 that was now ownerless at the foot of the bed. “You stick close to me,” I said as I jacked a round into the chamber before handing it to her. “You do not fire unless I tell you. This weapon has no suppressor, mine does.”

“You mean I can’t kill those motherfuckers who have been raping me?” she stated as she looked down at the weapon in her hands.

“I already did that,” I said as I traversed across the bedroom toward the door that led into the living area. “Just stick close and be quiet.”

There still was no one alive in the living room. The 4 dead Haji’s I had already killed got their balls smashed flat under the Ambassadors foot. For just a moment, right in the thick of it, I had a slight moment of amusement as I watched the ambassador try to kick their balls up through their stomachs. ‘It’s too bad they aren’t alive,’ I thought as I watched her go from man to man only to assault their dead bodies in the most savage of attacks a woman could dish out.

With the last groin breaking kick to the last of the dead men she looked up at me. “Are you satisfied?” I asked as I readied my weapon.

“No,” she replied as she wiped the sweat from her forehead, “but I guess that’s as good as it gets.”

“Ok,” I said as I gave a quick peek out the doorway and down the hall in the direction I had come from. “Stay close to me. No sound.”

As quietly as possible we proceeded back up the hallway toward the stairs that led down. I was actually surprised as to how well this was going when we reached the bottom of the stairs only to find two new Haji’s at the back entrance looking for their missing man. “Back up the stairs!” I whispered as loudly as I could while taking the Ambassadors arm in my hand. “We’ve got company.”

We barely made it half way up the stairs before the first man shouted at me from down below. Hollering in Iraqi, I made no attempt to try and figure out what he was saying by using the translator in my goggles. Turning I pulled the trigger and sprayed bullets in all directions toward my attacker. The short burst knocked him down but it didn’t kill him. Instantly he started shouting as he fell to the ground while covering his wounds with his hands. Falling back to a technique I had seen flack use multiple times, I pulled and threw two hand grenades before turning to run up the last few stairs.

“Come on!” I shouted as I grasped the ambassador by the arm before pulling her along with me as I ran up the hallway.

The two grenades blasted all of the opposition, in that area, into the next life while the ambassador and I approached the end of the hallway. I could hear the men outside shouting, and a few of them were missing as I took a look out the window. Just as I started to shoulder my weapon, the man in the bed of the truck looked up and saw me.

“Party time!” I stated as I aimed my weapon at the vehicle below.

The man in the bed of the truck reached for the heavy machine gun in an attempt to swing it around in our direction as he began shouting to alert the few remaining men. Fortunately, I talked him out of his intent when I pulled the trigger and sent a grenade down to his front porch. The blast ripped him into about three pieces while the shrapnel took out the 3 others in the immediate vicinity. It was right then that the sound of an AK47 tap dancing to my left caused me to spin around. The ambassador was firing from the hip while she mowed down several Iraqis that were emerging from the stairway at the end of the hall. Screaming at the top of her lungs while the weapon cycled through its available food, she did not stop firing until the mag was empty and the second weapon in our party was now useless.

“We have to move, NOW!” I stated as my gaze left the panting ambassador only to look out on the still somewhat deserted street in front of us.

“Those motherfuckers…” I heard the almost sobbing ambassador say as the now empty AK47 she had “borrowed” fell to the floor with a heavy thunk.

“Look,” I said as I grasped her by the shoulders and turned her to face me while the sirens began to blare outside. “If we don’t move now we are both going to be tonight’s dinner!”

It was at that moment that a bullet went whizzing in between our faces followed by the distinctive crack of a rifle from across the street. To see the expression on the ambassador’s face was enough to let me know that she was back in there here and now. Instantly we were both running back down the hallway. The next few moments were going to tell us exactly where we stood.

With my weapon shouldered, the stairway took four large steps before I reached the bottom. It did not surprise me to see the walls and floor covered with a fresh coat of blood from the Iraqis I had sent into the afterlife with the grenades. In my books it was a fair price to pay considering that they were definitely on the wrong side of good. But the body parts and spray did make for a bit of treacherous going when the ambassador slid on some entrails and face planted directly into the middle of my service pack. Stopping suddenly, I spun around to see the ambassador covering her face with a small trickle of blood coming from under her hand.

“Stick with me but give me a little space,” I stated as I quickly surveyed the damage. A bloody nose, she’ll live. A quick survey of the rear parking lot shone it to be deserted. But just how long it would stay that way was anyone’s guess. I turned my head a looked at the Ambassador. “We’re moving,” I stated as I jacked a round into the chamber from the fresh clip I had just inserted into my weapon.

“What if they come?” she stated nervously as she looked back and forth at the presently vacant rear lot.

“Well we’re not going to wait for them are we?” I said as I readied my weapon and looked across the open expanse we had to traverse. “You keep up!” I stated just before I broke cover and took off at a full run across the parking area. The sirens wailing off in the distance made it a little tricky to hear what the ambassador was doing. But as soon as I reached the cover of the alley way and stopped I had no need to look. The ambassador suddenly crashed into my back again. It was ok this time because I did stop. But it was going to be the last time.

Checking high and low we worked our way to the end of the alley. In the near distance we could hear light trucks or jeeps approaching over the wail of the sirens.

“When the vehicles come,” I said as I peered around the corner. “I’m going to cap the driver of the last one. As soon as I fire, we move, got it?”

“Why don’t we just head for the bunker at the air base?” the ambassador whined as I made for the ready.

“We don’t have the time for that,” I retorted as the first car came screeching around the corner from the far side of the intersection. “Besides, those aren’t my orders.”

“Well fuck your orders grunt boy!” she hollered out as she prepared to stand up and leave the small amount of cover we had. “I’m heading to the bunker.”

This is not how things are supposed to go, especially since our getaway had been comparatively easy. This ambassador was on the brink of getting us both killed and I was not going to just sit back and passively let it happen. “Look”, I said as I grasped her arm and yanked her back into position behind me. “We have one direction that we are going to go and that is MY direction.” I could see the anger building in her eyes as I told her exactly how this was going to go down. “Now you keep your mouth shut and do exactly as I tell you.” The whole time I was speaking, car after car of armed Haji’s screeched around the corner heading in the direction of the carnage we had just left behind. Just as the last words left my mouth the sound of another vehicle coming toward the corner got louder and louder. “Here we go,” I said as I set up for my shot.

From the far side of the intersection a Ford F250 suddenly emerged with a M2 swinging wildly on a tripod in the bed. Apparently the driver had slung his gunner off somewhere in that the truck appeared to have only one occupant. Drawing a bead at the speeding truck, as soon as the wheels turned and the tires started to sing, I capped off 2 rounds. One of them hit pay dirt because the truck immediately began to slow as it careened off its intended path and headed toward a large pile of trash that had been stacked against two palm trees.

“Uber, party of one,” I said quickly over my shoulder just before I broke cover and ran to the now stopped truck.

I was actually surprised when I looked at the driver and saw his wounds. One of my shots had hit him in the chest just to the right of his sternum and exited through his right shoulder. The other shot hit right in the middle of his left cheek and exited out the back of his head 2 or 3 inches behind his right ear.

“Can you drive!” I shouted as I pulled the dead driver from behind the wheel.

“Yes!” the ambassador replied as she slid into the driver’s seat. Throwing the truck into reverse to get it off the curb and back into the road, I began to position myself on the seat so I could climb through the back window and man the .50 that was just begging for action. As soon as we were off the sidewalk the ambassador stomped on the gas almost immediately. “Where are we going?” she asked as the tires screeched as she rounded the corner at the traffic light.

Pulling back on the leaver on the side of the M2 that was hard mounted in the bed of the truck, I did not mince any words with her. “Head east toward the southern end of the airport!” I shouted back as we sped off into the darkness.

“No!” she shouted back in reply as she abruptly took a left turn and changed our course toward an area I knew to be teeming with bad guys. “We need to go to the air base!”

“No!” I shouted back as I dropped to one knee to stick my head through the rear window of the truck. “Head to the south end of the airport! Or extraction is there!”

“No!” she replied again as she turned to look at me. “We need to get to the airbase!”

That was the last straw. It now did not matter to me that she looked exactly like Lissa or not, she had ignored my orders and put us both at risk and I just was not going to have any more. “LOOK OUT!” I suddenly shouted as I quickly braced myself against the bed of the truck. As expected the ambassador slammed on the brakes, bringing the truck to an immediate halt.

“What the fuck was that!” she screamed as she quickly looked around.

It was quick, quiet, but dead on the mark. The right hook I threw hit pay dirt as the ambassador’s jaw was pushed backwards into the nerve root just in front of her ear. Immediately she slumped forward against the steering wheel, ending our ‘joy ride’ into the abyss. “Sorry honey,” I said as I pushed her limp body into the passenger’s seat only to take up her spot at the wheel. I really did hate having to do it, but I was not going to let her jeopardize our safety because she thought she knew better. Not tonight.

With a quick spin of the wheel we were back on track and at our destination with minutes to spare. With the ambassador slowly starting to come too, I hit the switch on my portable laser and sent the signal skyward. As soon as I did the sim ended.

“What the fuck?!” I blurted out in exasperation as I pulled the headset off and gazed at the start menu on the giant screens. I had seen scenarios that ended in, what I would call, an ‘abrupt fashion’, but this one set a new high. I would have at least liked to have gone through the extraction.

With the ringing of the doorbell I left the game behind. Maybe my crew would have better luck when we start this bitch up again. But I had some serious questions that needed to be answered. Hopefully, when Lissa came back home, I would get them.

The End CH6
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