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Tess spends gets naked with her cousins at the pond. Then nighttime knocking leads to a new experience and understanding.
This is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love.

Chapter 2. Watching from the Closet (3000 words)

Sunlight streamed into Tess’s room the next morning. She stretched and dozed for 30 more minutes before finally getting up. She walked into the kitchen wearing only a black tank top and khaki shorts; she’d left the undergarments behind. Tess savored the feeling of not wearing a bra.

Aunt Kat’s singing could be heard throughout the house, so Tess wasn’t surprised to find her at the stove cooking breakfast. Kat was wearing a short green robe that went just beneath the cleft of her ass. Tess loved her thick, shapely legs.

“Hey, girl, good morning!” her aunt greeted her. Kat’s breasts swayed under the robe as she walked over and gave Tess a hug. “Can I get you some coffee? Oh, wait, you don’t drink coffee yet. How about some orange juice?”

Tess agree and sat behind the island watching Kat dance around the kitchen. As she reached for a plate her robe rose up, exposing half of her butt. “Apparently she’s going full commando too,” Tess joked to herself. After a few minutes Kat served up some scrambled eggs, potatoes, and grits with butter. Tess made short work of it. She’d grown tired of her mom’s daily ration of oatmeal.

As she swept up the last morsels of food Shane walked in, giving Tess a warm “good morning.” They side-hugged and quietly chatted as Shane put his arm around her waist. Tess watched as it slowly slipped to her thigh, then to her ass.

“Boy, you better watch that smart mouth of yours,” Kat smiled as she pushed her son away. She swatted him with the spatula as he turned toward Tess.

“Alright, city girl, what are we doing today?” Shane asked.

“I’m ready to walk the whole property. All I see are buildings all the time. I’m ready to get lost out there.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll get some stuff together and we’ll head out. We can show you the new diving spot we put in at the pond. Gimme a few minutes.”

Shane smacked his mom’s ass in revenge on his way out, but he ran straight into his dad. Uncle Charlie caught him in a headlock and the two playfully struggled.

“Should we feed him to the hogs, Ma?” Charlie joked.

“They wouldn’t eat his filthy ass,” Kat responded. Shane got away, posturing with his fists as be backed away. Tess laughed along with them.

“Hey there, Tessie,” Charlie said as he walked behind his wife. Tess’s dream suddenly flooded her brain and she felt herself getting wet. Her uncle embraced his wife firmly, leaning down to kiss her neck. Tess could tell he was moving his hands under her robe. Suddenly Kat’s knees buckled slightly and she released a barely audible moan. Tess squirmed in she seat.

“Okay, Tess, you ready?” Shane was back. Tess had to break her mind from thinking about her aunt and uncle. Charlie released his wife and playfully chased after his son.

Tess went to give her aunt another hug. Tess could see that her robe was open down the middle. Most of her large breasts and all of her hairless mons were in view before Kat retied it. Tess thought she looked so sexy. She enjoyed the feeling of their unsupported breasts pushing together.

“Have fun out there, Tessie-Bear!” Her aunt shouted as Tess, Shane and Donny walked out.

The O’Connell’s property was beautiful. It was covered in large section of forest interrupted by grassy meadows. On the east side was a stream that led to a shallow 50-yard wide pond. There was enough water flow to keep algae from forming, so the water was relatively clear, particularly in the hot summer.

Donny and Shane knew every inch of the property. Tess only slightly less so. Still, being out in nature made her feel more free than anywhere else in the world. They could do anything they wanted. The sounds of wildlife reminded her that deep down she was just an animal as well.

The three took the clockwise loop, walking and chatting for an hour before they came to the pond. All three were shining with sweat in the mid-morning sun. Tess’s moist shirt adhered to her breasts and abdomen.

“You guys want to take a dip?,” Donny asked as he took off his shirt, then reached for his belt. His hairless arms and chest looked bigger in this light. Tess watched from the corner of her eye as he lowered his pants, then his boxer briefs. His four-inch flaccid penis came into view. Tess got an eyeful and turned away, smiling. Her cheeks flushed. It was definitely bigger than the last time she’d seen it. Donny was smiling back at her. He made a loud whooping sound as he did a forward flip off the bank.

Shane shrugged, then copied his brother. He was slower and more confident in his movement. It was justified by his body. Her heart was beating in her chest as he started taking off his pants. Tess again turned away, only to look back as he cannonballed himself.

“Come on, Tess,” Donny yelled. Tess demurred.

“You two go ahead. I wasn’t thinking and I forgot my suit. I’ll just put my feet in.”

“Tessa,” Donny said, “we’ve seen all your bits, girl. It’s fine. We’ll turn our backs. Come on, let’s swim.”

After another minute of hemming and hawing, she agreed. They had seen her naked plenty of times, and she was eager to see more of them.

“Alright, turn around!” she yelled. She pulled off her shoes and socks before reaching for the hem of her shirt and peeling it over her head. She looked over her shoulder and she unbuttoned her shorts. The boys turned quickly away, caught. Tess bent over as she stepped out them. It gave her a thrill knowing they were getting a look at her naked ass, and possibly more. She had light auburn hair on his pubis that she trimmed short, hating the amazon look. She ran to the water and yelled as she cannonballed, the boys turning to watch.

They swam for an hour. Within 15 minutes her inhibitions were gone. They splashed and swam like kids, the boys treated to several views of her bolting upward out of the water as it cascading down her breasts. They played Marco Polo a few times, but Donny was a fast hunter and captured Tess as she swam away. His hands ended up full of her ass. They took turns jumping off the new makeshift platform that sat five feet above the water. She saw both of the boys’ erections. She wasn’t the best judge of size, but they looked about 6-7 inches as they bounded in front of their bodies. They watched Tess as she stood dripping naked. The sexual exhibitionism was exhilarating and freeing. She trusted them as she trusted their parents. They’ would never hurt her, but they’d have some devious fun along the way.

Tess fell asleep quickly that night. Between hiking, skinny dipping, and more pool time she was wiped out. She slipped on her sleep shirt before getting ready for bed, then came out to give everyone a hug good night. Charlie pulled her lower body close to his as he towered over her. She could feel his bulge pushing into her lower belly. His hand rubbed her outer thigh before slowly sweeping up over her naked ass. He leaned down and kissed her neck, his stubble giving her shivers. “Sleep well, little darlin’” he said as she watched her walk away. As she drifted to sleep Tess was slowly circling her clit thinking about her uncles’s hands on her, and her cousin’s bodies, and especially their hard cocks. Knowing that she made them that way helped her reach orgasm a second time in as many days. She fell asleep smiling.

Tess awoke as a distant long moan saturated her room. She listened to the knocking and Kat’s muffled words, impressed that her aunt and uncle were at it again. She wasn’t sure her parents even had sex anymore. She held her breath and listened, her brain desperate for more details. She had to get closer. Slowly, she got out of bed and crept down the hall toward Kat and Charlie’s room. The door was closed, but the sounds were louder.

Tess could clearly hear Aunt Kat call out, “yes…yes…fuck me…(muffled moan)…(muffled moan)…oh my God…yes,” as the pounding continued. Tess desperately wanted to know what was happening in that room. She figured they’d be too involved to see the door crack open. Just as she touched the door knob she heard “psst, psst” from behind her. She freaked out until she saw that it was Donny. He put a finger to his lips and beckoned her quietly into his room.

Slowly they went into his closet and he directed her to a hole in the wall. She looked through and immediately recognized her aunt’s closet. The hole was just below the length of her clothes and had a view to the bed. It was dark, but she could clearly see Uncle Charlie laying on the bed. His manhood –her uncle’s hard cock – was almost completely inside his wife’s mouth as her body was on all fours at the foot of the bed. Kats large breasts flapped erotically as someone had sex with her from behind. Everything below her abdomen was obscured, including the man doing it. Tess had only seen timid softcore porn at a friend’s sleepover, so the scene in front of her felt overwhelming.

Tess could hear Charlie encouraging their swinging partner. “Mmmm, yeah…fuck her hard…fuck that pussy…mmm…I need you to cum in this whore…teach her a lesson…” Tess couldn’t believe what she was hearing and seeing. Kat continued moaning, though it was sometimes muffled by the cock in her mouth. Tess could feel the heat building in her sex.

Donny gently tapped her, wanting a turn. She quietly moved aside as he took her place. Tess could see his grin, even in the low light. She thought it strange that he was so excited to watch his parents have sex. But given her own body’s reaction she could understand. She closed her eyes and listened. Her hand slipped under her sleep dress and slipped into the top of her gash. Her fingers massaged her clit before reaching back and circling her delicate wet entrance. She wanted to watch more.

Tess looked back at Donny expecting to switch places again. She was startled to see him stroking himself as he looked through the hole, his cock pulled through the gusset of his boxer briefs. Watching a boy masturbate was another first for her. Tess watched for a moment, then started stroking herself more. She never expected to be masturbating next to her hot cousin, but at that moment it felt right. She sat on the ground and spread her legs, her pussy exposed to Donny. She watched him jacking with one hand as the other reached under and cupped his balls. Hearing her soft squishing, Donny looked over at her, then down to her exposed pussy. They masturbated themselves, watching the other for a few minutes. Things were elevating next door.

Tess sat up and playfully pushed Donny aside to look through the hole. She was shocked at what she saw. Kat had moved up the bed. On one side, Charlie was roughly thrusting his cock in and out of his wife’s mouth. His hand was on her head, his powerful hips relentlessly pushing himself into her face, his balls slapping her chin each time. The man behind her was just as ruthlessly slamming his cock into her. Kat’s body was pushed forward with each thrust onto her husband’s cock. As she looked at the man’s face she saw the chiseled profile of her cousin Shane. Tess was flabbergasted. Aunt Kat was fucking her son, and his father was participating.

She watched as their bodies moved together, their skin shining in the ambient light. Shane move his hands forward and grasp of his mother’s swinging breasts, never stopping the motion of his hips. He pinched her nipples and Kat’s back arched as a muffled squeal came from her throat. Tess’s fingers found her clit again and circled it aggressively. The incestuous hedonism she was witnessing was affecting her deeply. She braced her other hand against the wall and inhaled sharply as her body shuddered, orgasm ripping through her.

As she settled she looked at Donny, who was on his knees two feet from her, stroking himself. All of his attention was on her. She bit her lip, then locked eyes with him. Something had unlocked inside of her. Slowly, she reached for the hem of her shirt and slipped it off, now nude in the dark closet.

Tess moved closer to Donny. She gently too his cock in her hand as she reached forward and kissed him for the first time. After so many years together it was like kissing her brother. Her body didn’t care.

“Stand up,” she said quietly. He did. Tess reached for the hem of his boxers and slid them off his body. She ran her hands of his soft inner thighs and then over his cock. He released a long soft moan. She wrapped her hand around it, feeling the soft skin on the shaft and head.

“Can you show me?” she asked. Donny nodded, then placed his hand over hers and slowly jacked himself. Once she had the rhythm he let go, watching his hot cousin stroke his cock. It was pointed right at her face. Tess was mesmerized as it slid inside her hand. Drops of pre-cum oozed down the tip before dropping to the floor. She leaned forward and licked the bottom of his head. Donny moaned again. The salty slickness dissipated on her tongue. “It tastes like sex,” she thought. She liked it.

She licked her hand and returned it to his cock, the other going between her legs. She stroked him slowly, feeling the rim of his head sliding under her thumb and index finger. She kept time with Kat and Shane, envisioning her cousin’s cock sliding into his mother over and over. Each time Tess saw pre-cum she leaned forward and slowly lap it up. The taste made her moan and she circled her clit more firmly. Eventually her tongue simply swirled around the head and she jacked him. She moaned into his cock and her fingers and the taste of cum pushed her higher. She could feel Donny getting bigger in her hand, the head firmer against her lips.

Aunt Kat moaned loudly next door, the body claps becoming slow and hard. Donny moaned himself and put his hand on the back of Tess’s head, his fingers weaving into her hair. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hand, pre-cum flowing freely onto her tongue. She wanted it. Two fingers dipped between her inner labia and circled her entrance, then pushed inside.

Shane growled next door, his body clapping loudly against his mother’s flesh. Tess pictured his cum flooding her pussy. Donny’s cock jerked in her hand, a rope of cum landing on her tongue. The taste and feeling sent her over the edge, her eyes closing as climax consumed her. The muscles in her back and legs flexed, the hand around his cock tightening and pulling him closer. His head slid past her lips as another rope erupted into her mouth. Her pussy tightened against her fingers as she pumped in time with the hand on his cock. She closed her lips around his shaft as it flexed again and again. As Tess’s orgasm steadied she swallowed hard and pressed her tongue against his the base of his head. The pulses of his cock slowed and she swept the last bead of his loads into her mouth and swallowed once more.

She opened her eyes and looked up at her cousin as he opened his and looked down at her. She opened her mouth and retracted slightly, one last bead of pearly cum hooking on her lip. She swept with her tongue as he watched. Tess slowly got to her feet. She could feel the fatigue in her back and hands. Both of them were breathing hard. They stood together and she embraced him, her bare breasts pushing against his strong chest. His arms enveloped her, one hand resting on her lower back. She reached back and moved it to her ass. “It’s okay,” she whispered, smiling. He squeezed her firmly and pulled her lower body against his, then hooked his chin over her shoulder. The feel of his skin on hers was so sensual.

After a moment she raised her head and they looked at each other.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“Mmm, you’re welcome. I liked it too.” She bashfully smiled as she stepped away, his hands dragging on her skin for one last touch. Tess looked through the hole again once more.

Kat was laying on the bed, propped on one elbow bobbing on Shane’s cock as he kneeled by her head, cleaning their sexual secretions from his skin. He was slowly petting her hair.

Tess could make out her uncle’s head between Kat’s legs, moving just slightly. She realized he was licking Shane’s cum from her used pussy. Subtle moans emanated from Kat’s throat. “Fuck, that’s hot,” Tess thought to herself.

She wanted to watch more, but now seemed like a good time to escape. Her body was aching for sleep. She slipped her shirt on and tip toed down the hall. Her mind was overwhelmed by everything she’d just seen and felt.

Back in the room, Charlie and Kat could hear the slight creak of the floorboards. They gave each other a knowing glance and smiled.
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