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Tess's time in the pool with Uncle Charlie is interrupted by bad weather. She wakes up to his roaming hands after seeking shelter with he and Aunt Kat.
This is a work of fantasy. None of it is true. Don’t use it for inspiration. Don’t hurt people you love.

Chapter 4. Thunderstorms (4600 words)

As Tess entered her third week in Arkansas the weather turned nasty. The days became exceptionally hot with heat indexes in the high 100s between 10AM and 2PM. Between that and the bugs the outdoors were nearly unbearable. Then the afternoon thunderstorms would roll in and cast severe downpours that would soak you to the bone in moments. This led to them hanging out indoors much more than they’d like. For a family that chose an outdoor lifestyle it was miserable.

The family still wanted their pool time, so they started laying out almost immediately after breakfast and retreating for lunch. This suited Tess just fine since the UV index was lower, so she could use a lower SFP sunscreen. That allowed to her to develop a nice tan without risk of a severe sunburn.

Tess had become a bit of a night owl that summer, staying up late to watch TV and movies with Donny and Shane. She’d sleep in for while then immediately slip on her suit and go to the pool, eating breakfast afterward.

One morning she walked out to the whole family in the pool, laughing and splashing. It was warm and windy, a sign that bad weather could roll in at any time.

They all wished her good morning. She slipped in and floated on her back. The family all side-eyed her breasts floating just above the water. After a few minutes she jumped into the play after being challenged to a chicken fight. She was paired with her uncle while Kat would be on Shane. Charlie went under and hooked her legs around his head then stood. The action made her bikini bottom sink tightly into her crack leaving her ass cheeks almost completely exposed. Her pubis pushed directly onto the back of Charlie’s neck. Her uncle kept her locked with his hands on her lower thighs.

As she and Kat attempted to push each other over Charlie moved his hands to her ass. His thumbs came together just above her rosebud. He also tried to break her falls by grabbing her torso, where he’d inevitably end up with her breast in his hand.

Kat and Shane won the chicken fight three to two. They were still laughing as Shane, Donny, and Kat pushed themselves out of the pool. They’d been in for a while and were ready to eat. Charlie waved them off when they asked if he’d like anything. Tess was nowhere near ready.

The two chatted about the day and the construction project Charlie was working on a few miles away. Tess loved how he worked with his hands, rather than sitting at a computer all day. As he talked she watched the large muscles his arms, shoulders, and chest flexing beneath his skin. His physique oozed strength.

The sun came out as they swam. Tess flipped to her back and paddled about, basking in the sun before backing into Charlie. He leaned back and subtly hooked her arms in his, locking them together. They were quiet as he slowly pushed them about the pool.

“I’ve really enjoyed having you here,” he said after a while. “It’s nice to have a young lady around rather than just those knuckleheads. We missed you last summer. I’m glad you got to come back. It took some convincing. Have you enjoyed herself?”

Tess pondered the last couple weeks, and especially all the new experiences she’d had. She nodded.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I’d been back a few days,” she said. “It’s so nice here. I miss some of the city stuff, but I really like the freedom of this place.”

“Well, maybe you could stay longer next year. We could come get you…or take you back…however it works. I just know Kat and the boys really like having you here. I do too.”

With that Charlie’s large arms wrapped around her chest, just beneath her breasts. She embraced his arms, squeezing her tits together. As they released each other Tess hooked her hands behind his neck. Charlie moved his hands down to her waist. He slid them up and down her sides, going both higher and lower each time. Eventually his fingers were tracing her bikini bottom straps to the top of her mons, then sweeping up her abdomen until his thumb and fingers were at the perimeter of her breasts. Tess took a deep breath and exhaled, giving no sign of dissent.

Charlie then put one hand on her chest and swept up, taking her neck gently within his grasp. Tess breathed in sharply, her chest rising from the water. He then swept his hand slowly downward, between and over her breasts until he arm was fully extended, his fingers on her pubic mound.

“You are so sexy,” he said quietly. Both hands swept up this time, taking the first inch of her breasts under their touch. He swept downward, this time going beneath her and holding her ass in both hands. He pulled her toward him, the action hooking her head over his shoulder and opening her legs. Tess continued inhaling sharply at her uncle’s action, encouraging him.

He held and kneaded her ass, his fingers at the edge of her labia. He then swept back upward, lowly taking her breasts fully into his hands. Tess moaned in his ear. He massaged them for just a moment before hooking the band and lifting it over her breasts, then over her head. He tossed it lightly on the deck.

He returned his hands to her tits and kneaded them firmly, another moan escaping Tess’s lips. He slowly applied pressure to her nipples until body her body seized, shocks zapping her uterus. He draped one arm across her body, grasping the opposite breast as his other hand reached down and cupped Tess’s entire pussy. “Yeeesssssss,” she moaned out. She was his now.

He pushed into her covered gash, feeling the blunted end of her clit, then applied firm pressure to the entrance to her pussy. Her pelvis gyrating freely in the water. After a moment her body shook.

One of Tess’s hands dropped from his neck and reached below her, grasping her uncle’s hard cock trapped inside his speedo.

“That’s right, girlie. All of that is because of you,” Charlie said in a low growl. She moved along his length, squeezing the head before going the other way and cupping his balls. A smile crossed her lips.

Charlie turned the girl so she was across his body, then slowly worked the bottom of her suit over her hips and down her legs. He tossed it next to the top on the deck. She was completely naked in his arm.

Tess slowly wrapped herself around him, then reached between them and pushed his suit below is balls. She wrapped her hand around and stroked him. She figured it was eight inches long, the shaft two inches thick.

Pushing his cock against his belly, she raised her body and slid her gash along his length. Charlie’s eyes closed and moaned as he felt his niece’s bare pussy on his cock. His hands found her ass and mashed their genitals together. Small waves traveled across the pool as her body bobbed in the water.

Charlie slipped his finger along the groove of her ass, circling his tight rosebud a few times before circling the entrance of her pussy. Tessa gasped at his touch then moaned as manipulated her tender flesh. Slowly, he pushed his finger inside her knuckle before being blocked by her hymen. Tess winced in pleasure and pain.’

“Careful,” she whimpered, “I’m not ready yet.” He retreated slightly knowing that patience would reward him.

Charlie leaned forward and sucked on her nipples as they bobbed near the surface. Tess pulled herself closer to give him better access. Charlie adeptly played with her clit and pussy in sync with his mouth on her nipple. She was writhing on him, desperate to cum.

Just as her orgasm crashed down on her a huge clap of thunder shook the ground. Low gray clouds covered the sun and the wind kicked up. Tess trembled in his arms as her body settled. She was thankful for the reprieve. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to stop herself. Tess knew she wasn’t ready. Not yet.

They heard the sliding glass door open.

“Alright, come on in you two. They’re saying it’s going to get ugly,” Kat said.

In a moment she was at the edge of the pool. She looked down Tess’s suit on the deck, that at her naked body wrapped around her husband.

“You working on your tan?” Kat said, chuckling. Tess nodded bashfully and smiled. “You can do that later. Let’s get you inside.”

Kat looked at Charlie and shook her head, smiling. He shrugged his shoulders and blew her a kiss. They both watched Kat walk away, her wide ass peaking out below her robe.

“Some other time, I guess, Uncle Charlie,” she said.

“Hmmm,” he growled, smiling, “hopefully soon. I’ve gotta have more of you.” Tess backed away smiling and pushed herself out of the pool, giving Charlie an eyeful of ass. She grabbed her discarded suit and walked naked to her towel. She could see Kat looking at her from the kitchen window. She wrapped it around her shoulders and walked away, her bare ass bouncing tightly down the steps.

The family laid about most of the day as thunderstorms continued to roll through. Tess spent most of it reading some magazines she’d brought along. The family watched the Razorbacks lose again, followed by LSU-Alabama. They ate dinner together and played a board game. It was strange, but Tessa liked seeing them in such a boring context.

Shane went out with friends at 5PM. The rest of them watched a movie and went to bed around 10. ,

Tess was shaken awake as a huge thunderstorm rolled through. It felt like it was right on top of them. She’d been through bad storms in Knoxville, but this seemed ten times worse. She hunkered down in her bed as long as she could stand. Then several bright flashes and even more deafening thunder claps made her jump out of her bed and run down the hall to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Kat’s room. She threw open the door and ran to the foot of their bed. Her aunt and uncle both sat up, knowing what the problem was.

“Come on, baby. Hop in,” Kat said. Tess crawled between them and under the covers. Charlie extended his arms and she laid next to him resting her head on his bicep. Charlie was shirtless. Kat seemed to only have on a light slip. He and Kat pulled the covers up over them.

“It’s okay, Tessa,” Charlie said. “I checked the weather and there are no tornados or anything. It’s just a strong cell. It’ll be over soon.”

Tess’s body was still shaking, but she felt better being next to her aunt and uncle. Her body settled as the thunder claps became more distant, and eventually she fell back to sleep.

That night her dreams turned erotic. She was hot and writhing as hands covered her body, touching her tits, pussy, and ass. She came. She could smell her womanhood. She imagined steam rising from it as her body became hotter and hotter. More hands. More touching. She came again.

As her eyes crept open she could feel a hand on the bare skin of her abdomen, moving slowly upward and grasping her breasts, squeezing it tenderly. She was breathing hard, her heart beating quickly in her chest. Her body was on fire. Apparently this had been going on a while. The hand moved back down and cupped her pussy, a finger splitting her lips and touching her clit. She came again, the reality of it setting in.

She could see her aunt sleeping in the darkness. Their bodies were facing each other, her eyes closed. Tess could have called out, but she didn’t. She wanted this. Her body wanted more.

Her uncle’s hand slipped further between her legs and manipulated the pussy, circling the entrance over and over. She came again. Her body shook as she whimpered. His hand pulled Tessa’s small body tight against him. She could feel his huge, covered cock grinding in the cleft of her ass. Only his thin underwear separated them. She arched her back and pressed into him harder. He groaned and tightened the grasp on her vulva and applying more pressure to her folds. She came again, louder moans escaping her. She was losing control. Tess’s pussy was gushing now. She could feel that his fingers were covered in her juices.

Charlie pushed down the blanket with is legs, then grabbed Tess’s inner thigh and hooked it over his legs, giving him better access. He assaulted her pussy again, moving up and down her slit before sinking his finger into her until he felt her barrier. She trusted him, but the fear of him pushing farther heightened the pleasure. He slowly fucked her with his finger while pressing her clit. She came again, and she moaned loudly. Her entire body was tingling.

She looked at Kat again. Tess could see the flash of her eyes in the darkness. With the blanket off Tess could see her wrist slowly gyrating between her legs. Aunt Kat was watching her husband molest her, and masturbating to it. The idea drove her wild.

“Oh…fuck,” she cried.

Charlie slid his finger out, then added a second to firmly circle her opening. Tess’s body began moving on its own, her pelvis started rocking in opposition to his fingers. Their movements increasing in speed. She could hear their slick flesh squishing together. Tess’s breath became shallow as she built to another climax. Pain sliced through her as he pinched her nipple. Then his fingers slipped past her taint and over her exposed asshole. Tess cried out as pleasure exploded through her body. She quivered uncontrollably, her back arched, teeth clenched. He continued circling her rosebud as she rode wave after wave of orgasm.

She couldn’t take anymore. Tess unhooked her leg and rolled away onto her belly, squeezing her hips together. The coolness of the mattress was incredibly refreshing after being against her uncle’s hot skin for so long. She continued trembling for another minute before her body relaxed. She regained her breath, but laid still, relishing the feelings surging through her body.

Tess raised her head and looked at her uncle. He was propped on one elbow looking at her, his other hand rubbing his cock over his underwear. Then she looked at her aunt. She was laying back, one leg up, her hand stroking the lengths of her slit.

Tess slowly raised herself onto her knees, her legs spread. She took several deep breaths, taking in the scene around her. Then she reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving her naked. She reached up and held her breasts. They were already tender from her uncle’s firm touch. Then she reached between her legs and lightly touched her sex. She had never felt it so engorged. All of her vulva was slick. She took one more cleansing breath, then reached for the waistband of her uncle’s underwear.

He raised his body to help her until she finally tossed them to the floor. With one hand she touched her uncle’s hairy, muscular chest. His skin was still hot. She slowly worked her way down his abdomen and around his obliques before moving to his hips and inner thighs, avoiding his erogenous area. She used her short nails on his inner thighs, causing him to shiver. That made her smile. Finally she lightly scratched his scrotum causing a sharp inhale.

She lowered her upper body and rested on her elbows, her face now inches from her uncle’s eight inch cock. Then she walked her knees up the bed, presenting her sex to her aunt’s face. She wiggled her ass, picturing her exposed pussy and asshole. Her body was now diagonal on the bed, connected her aunt’s head to her uncle’s groin.

Tess reached and took hold of her uncle’s shaft. She was sure her second hand would fit and the head would still stand out proudly. Slowly she started jacking it, feeling the smooth skin move over the flesh underneath. Charlie released a satisfied moan. Her hand moved up the shaft and felt around the soft head. She could see pre-cum slowly seeping from the tip and down to the rim. She leaned forward, looking into her uncles eyes as she collected it with her tongue. He moaned again. She stroked him more, letting her hand go over the rim and down again. Her thumb and middle finger could barely touch together.

She moved her head upward and kissed the tip, feeling more pre-cum on her lips. She opened her mouth and swept her tongue around the head, feeling the soft spongey texture. Finally she opened wider and took the head of her uncle’s cock into her mouth. Charlie’s moaned as he laid back on his pillow, releasing his anticipation.

Tess tucked her lips around her teeth and closed her mouth just under the rim, feeling the entirety of her uncle’s cock head in her mouth. She released a small moan as another drop of pre-cum spread on her tongue. His cock felt so big in her mouth. She wouldn’t be able to fit much more. The rim was touching the inside edges of her teeth. She shifted slightly and opened wider, then carefully bobbed her head, feeling her lips glide along his shaft. She used her tongue to apply pressure to the sensitive head. Her other hand grasped lower on his girth and started jacking in time with her mouth.

All at once she felt her aunt’s tongue push into the exposed opening of her pussy. Tess’s back arched. She released a muffled moan that rippled through her uncle’s cock. Kat’s tongue touched her again, deeper this time. Another moan. Then again, sweeping from the tip of her clit into the valley of her inner labia. She felt her aunt’s lips surround her clit and suck before circling it with her tongue. Tess released a muffled squeal while trying to maintain her rhythm.

Tess reached down and cupped her uncle’s balls, gently squeezing the sack and stimulating the skin with her fingers.

“Mmmm…yes, baby. Just like that,” he said in a low tone.

Encouraged, she went just a bit further down his shaft and pushed her hand more firmly into the flesh beneath his scrotum. She could feel him squeezing that muscle, causing his cock to push upward into her mouth.

Tess pulled away and sucked in a deep breath as Kat began firmly lapping at her cunt. She was having a hard time concentrating. Tess pushed uncle’s cock against his belly, then pushed her parted lips to his skin, moving up and down the length of his shaft, then over the head. Her uncle put his hand behind her head, applying even more pressure.

Tess felt her aunt pull away for a moment, only to feel her press her tongue firmly into the girl’s anus. Tess lifted her head, crying out, “Oh…fuck yes…oh my god…” Kat slipped her fingers into Tess’s slit, flicking her clit with one hand while pushing two fingers into the entrance of her pussy with the other. Tess could only moan into her uncle’s cock as her body was overwhelmed with sensation, her body tightening. Charlie began thrusting his cock, sliding along her lips as his other hand founds its way to her breast, kneading it gently before pulling and pinching her nipple. Tess cried out as her body arched and climax erupted inside her. The muscles in her core and legs were trembled uncontrollably. She felt hot liquid rolling down her thighs. She collapsed and fell to the bed, unable to support herself.

Tess continued quivering for several moments, tears rolling down her cheeks. She could feel hands softly rubbing her back, arms, and legs. Kat softly kissed her face, tasting her tears. The southing touch helped her recover.

“Mmm, Tessa. Your body is so sensual and responsive,” Kat whispered into her ear. “I lost count of how many times you came. I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now.” Kat’s hands were slowly moving all over Tess’s moist body, touching every inch of her skin.

“Did you know you’re a squirter?” Kat asked. Tess gently shook her head. “Girl, I tried to do that for years, but my body won’t do it. It’s so exciting to know that you can.” Tess could hear Kat and Charlie talking, but none it was intelligible.

“Okay, darlin’, we’re just going to move you to the edge of the bed,” Kat said. Tess nodded. Then Charlie’s strong hands gently slid her about a foot, leaving her head halfway supported. Kat kneeled beside her.

“You can just relax. Or you can play along with you’d like. It’s your choice.” With that Kat opened her leg and straddled Tess’s face. Tess watched as her aunt’s bald pussy inched closer and closer, until it was just above her nose.

“Spread your legs, baby, and bring your knees up.” Tess followed directions and her aunt hooked her arms around Tess’s legs and firmly grasped her ass cheeks. The girl moaned as her aunt gently touched her clit with her tongue.

Charlie appeared upside down as he approached the ladies, holding his cock in his hand.

“You okay, Tessa?” he asked. Tess just looked up and nodded lightly. He smiled, then leaned down and gently kissed her lips. She liked the feel of his stubble.

“Good. I’m going to take care of your aunt now. You don’t need to do anything. But…if you want…you can lick her right here,” he said, pointing to Kat’s clit. “She loves that.”

Tess looked up as Charlie leaned forward and began licking Kat’s pussy. Tess could see his tongue slipping inside her folds, then focusing his attention where she couldn’t see. Kat moaned loudly into Tess’s pussy, the vibrations reverberating through her body. Tess looked at the pussy above her. She’d never seen another one so up close. Kat’s pussy was blossomed, her lips engorged, clit exposed, and vagina ready to be fucked.

Tess had never thought about doing anything sexual with another girl. That is until her aunt ate her pussy a week earlier. Now curiosity was getting the better of her. Tess leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, barely touching her aunt’s clit. “It’s just flesh,” she told herself, then did it again, circling the clit several times. Kat let out a surprised moan, encouraging more. Tess obliged and reached out and gently pinched it with her lips. More moans.

Over the next minutes Tess explored her aunt’s vulva with her tongue as Charlie licked her asshole. Tess’s arms encircled’ Kat’s waist, bringing it closer, and diving deep into her pussy. Together they brought Kat to orgasm a three times, her nectar covering Tess’s face and going down her throat.

Satisfied of a job well done, Charlie stood up and grasped his cock, jerking it. From this angle Tess though it looked even bigger.

“Mmm, Tessa, open your mouth,” Charlie instructed. She did so, smiling.

Slowly he lowered himself until the head passed her lips. She ran her tongue around the head, tasting her uncle’s pre-cum as it oozed out of his slit.

“Mmm, good girl. You just enjoy the show. I don’t think I’m going too last long though.” He smiled down at her. “Open your mouth when I tell you to.” Tessa nodded.

Tessa watched as he slid his cock up and down her slit, then pushed the head into her aunt’s pussy. Her fleshed stretched tremendously as the head forced it way in. Tess couldn’t imagine it fitting inside of her. Charlie began thrusting his hips, inch after inch of his shaft entering his wife. Kat moaned continuous into Tess’s pussy; she could feel the vibration in her intestines. As he bottomed out Charlie’s balls quietly slapped Kat’s wet labia. He held there a moment, and Tess couldn’t help but to reach out her tongue and push it flat against his scrotum, licking it over and over.

“Mmmm, Tessa, I like that,” Charlie growled.

Her uncle started pumped his hips, his cock disappearing into his wife. Tess took Kat’s clit between her lips, sucking and licking it as Charlies balls mashed against her nose. Kat reciprocated by sucking Tess’s clit, then used her fingers to gently rub her entrance. Tess opened her mouth and cried out, then returned to sucking her aunt’s clit as Charlie fucked her.

They went on this this for minutes. Charlie’s thrusting became more urgent. He braced himself on his wife’s haunches, which push Kat’s clit further into Tess’s mouth. Kat’s muffled moans became louder. Tess could tell it would be over soon. She felt Kat’s hand move from her pussy and slide down between her cheeks to her asshole. Tess made a muffled squeal as more pressure was applied. Charlie started grunting and pounding his wife, the clap of their bodies was loud in Tess’s ears. Kat circled her niece’s rosebud once more, then pushed the tip of her first digit inside while pushing her tongue into the girl’s pussy. More muffled squealing. Tess could feel the finger moving in and out of her, going deeper each time. Tess’s exhausted body came once more, her arched back lifting her aunt slightly. Charlie pumped twice more then slammed himself into his wife. Tess could see his balls raising slightly as he floodded her pussy.

“Open your mouth, Tess,” he said. She released Kat’s clit and opened as he grabbed his cock and withdrew, only to plunge it into her waiting mouth. She moaned as three ropes of cum landed on her tongue and ran down her throat. Then her tongue went to work twirling around the head as more cum oozed from his slit. The salty slickness coated her mouth. Charlie jerked his cock a few more time, pushing the last of his load into his niece, then stepped back from her. Tessa inhaled deeply, the cool air soothing her. She moved the cum around in her mouth and swallowed.

Kat detached herself from Tess and lay on the bed opposite her. She took a few breath and then sat up, looking at her niece. Kat bent down and kissed Tess’s lips, tasting herself and her husband’s cum. Tess kissed back, then opened her mouth slightly allowing her tongue to come forward. Kat sucked her tongue before extending her own. The women’s faces glided over each other, their secretions lubricating their movements.

“Was that okay for you?” Kat asked. Tess nodded. “We didn’t hurt you or scare you, did we?” Tess shook her head.

“Good, baby. I hope it was fun. You are such a sexy young lady. We’re so glad we can do this together.”

Charlie brought them some hot washcloths to clean. Tessa wiped her face, then made her way to her feet and hugged Charlie. He gently cupped her ass as he leaned down to kiss her. The she leaned down to kiss the head of his cock. Soon she was showered and back in her own bed. She couldn’t handle any more of their attention that night.


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Awesome story, I hope there is more to cum.


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Great series so far! Please keep it going!

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